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110 thoughts on “Beyond Good & Evil: Easter Eggs, Anyone?

  1. Mamago Garage!
  2. I couldn't see any through my tears, i'll make sure to look at the details of the trailer when i can see again. Thanks guys. <3
    1. Ahahahah yeah, first time watching it I could hardly pay attention to any details or even conversations.
      1. maurinogigageni
        Same! I had to watch it like four times to let the brain go over the heart and actually understand something
      2. Exactly it for me too. Just too many emotions going through me to be able to pay attention.
    2. Omg same!!!
  3. The Mammago rhinos!
  4. In one of the last scenes, in the spaceship, you can see an hybrid made of a rhinoceros and a man. He is like the ones that, in the first Beyond Good and Evil, used to fix our hovercraft. I also recognized the same jetpack that Pey'j used to use (often without success) in the first chapter. I think that the police vehicles are the ones used in the first chapter too. I think i saw a whale in the space too. Similar to the one that you could see by traveling in space with the spaceship in the first chapter.
  5. 0:05- Spotted a poster of a piglet-hybrid similar to the one in the concept art we saw not too long ago. 0:36- "Pey'J-ie" ? 1:06- Advertisement for Mammago Garage 2:15- Wilhelm Scream 2:58 - Mammago Rhino (you know!) with a BARRANCO D-53 EQUIPPED WITH CUTTING HAMMER! 3:14 - Green eyes, call back to Jade. Jade's mother? 3:16- Original BGE theme.
    1. Don't forget about the M-disk that Knox "acquired".
      1. Janosik123123
        and starkos and K-Bups :D
        1. A box of kbubs completely restores your health
        2. On the M-Disk we can read "hyllis"
          1. coolguy195400
            Omg I love kbups!
          2. I don't see it?
  6. The Mammago sign when the ape is on the restaurant's roof ;)
  7. One of the rhinos who worked at Mammago's garage and the poster as well when Knoxie is breaking out of the window to escape, the idol mentions something about Pey'j which could be a key on what happen in the future, the Chinese restaurant is similar to the little Chinese shop in Hilys city, Radio Cafteta under the bridge building is the name of the bar in Beyond Good and Evil, the desert is the same one used from the 2008 trailer
  8. DAKINI has jade colored eyes, maybe she is a family member
    1. coolguy195400
      Maybe her daughter!
      1. Most probably her mom? don't think? it's a prequel
  9. Mamago add when Nox jumps through the window!
  10. found one, this one was easy doe, the wrench that pey'j use "browcow d-53 equipped with cutting-hammer ". it is shown at 1min.07sec after Knox jumps out of the sealing, where a character is holding the wrench in a sign. this was the easter egg that i was most confident about. I think I saw some other ester eggs, but i have to play the original again to freshen up my memory ;P
  11. found another easy one a box of k-bups at 3.00min. This is fun :D thank u guys for developing a new beyond good and evil game. keep up with the good work :)
    1. guest-DBhfN2cs
      Oh my god i didnt notice that xD
    2. Awwwww yeah! Love me some K-Bups.
  12. I found one! It's on the minute 1:05 It's an advertesiment from Mamago Workshop. And another thing I found in minute 2:56 is the shark and rhino guy, 2 artworks from last year.
  13. In the Ship at the end of the trailer there is a very Rastafarian looking Rhino hybrid. Mammago!
  14. Two things I instantly noticed were what seemed to be an Mdisc and a Mammago rhino
  15. 0:06 - Baby Pey'j artwork on the right, that we haven't seen I don't think but it very much resembles the others. 0:10 - was curious if the wrecked car/cart might've been the one in the original trailer, but it definitely is not. 1:09 - Mammago poster 1:33 - Poster on the right? but I can't tell what it is. They're stealing an m-disk (though it has a casing like UMD disks lol - (didn't have that in the original) 1:56 - devil character hologram? 2:07 - Radio Cheeta? No idea what that is. 2:29 - Hologram of k-bups? Can't really tell, but they're pointy here instead of round. 3:00 - Mammago Rhino and Shark, and actual box of k-bups 3:03 - Took me a while because of so much motion blur, but M-Disk says "(?) hyllis" on it - which ends up being a map. 3:10 - The dead guy guy represents danger, as stated by Ancel in the interview video. 3:14 - Possible space whale next to ship? I wish I could translate the various text and signs throughout.
    1. maurinogigageni
      I didn't read the hyllis thing, that's really amazing!
    2. Chandler-Bing
      3:01 - M-Disk labelled "SYSTEM 4"?
      1. space_organism
        3:01 : Im not sure if it's "SYSTEM 4" or "SYSTEM 9". But my heart want to believe it's labelled SYSTEM 4.
      2. It's labelled "System 3"
  16. CapturedGenie
    Is a box of k-bups on the ship the easter egg ?
    1. LOL YES, it totally is! :D
  17. when you mama wont go, lets go to mammago!
  18. Masterprocess
    There was a Mammago Garage billboard on the right when Knox jumped out of the glass. The chocolate idol that Knox places down in front of Zhou Yuzhu is referred to as "Pey'jie" so there's a fairly obvious link there (Could be a plot point? Pey'j seems to be named after a god...). One of the rasta rhinos (I want to say Hal, but I'm not 100%) was hanging out in the Gada, and I think I might've spotted the Beluga in the hologram that Dakini projects with that disk Knox stole. Did I miss anything?
  19. Noticed a couple things in the trailer! First off I saw a cool Mammago sign at 01:09, including the beloved wrench used by Pey'J used in the original. The landscape at 02:31 looked very similar to the landscape from the BGE2 trailer from 2008. At around 03:00 you can see some K-Bups lying around! Guess everyone needs some healing power now and then. There are other obvious nods of course, from the pig hybrid in the beginning who looks a lot like Pey'J to the lady in the ship at the end who seems to have the same eye color as Jade. The musical cue at the end also filled my heart with a whole lot of joy. Thanks Michel and the team!
  20. A box of Kbups wil resrtore your energy,
  21. It would be nice to play the original Beyond Good and Evil on PS4 before Beyond Good and Evil 2 is released!
  22. LE bon vieux garage Mammago et ses rinhos 1:08. Sans doute le plus facile ;)
  23. In the beginning of the trailer right to the Ubisoft logo, i think i see young Pey'j!
  24. I noticed at least a few of them, it was nice to see tribute paid to the original.
  25. I found Barranco D53 (or a tool that looks like), a box of k-bups, a poster from taller mammago and thats all,
  26. The Pig called the Golden Statue "Pey'ji" wich is a reference to the Original "Pey'j" Character in the first game who was Jade's Uncle. Also the Women next to the Pig handed the Monkey an "MDisc". At the end of the Trailer before the "MDisc" get's hand over to the women, you can see at the bottom right of the screen a rhino that reminded a lot of the Mammago Broher's. Also at the very end of the Trailer the Original Music form the Original Game "Shauni" played.
  27. whitetiger_773
    I've spotted Hal in the ship in the end but other than that I didn't look closely so I guess there are plenty more !
  28. the pig says peyj and the girls eyes are jade green cant wait for this game
  29. I found Mammago! —
  30. The figurine was called Pey'J that was the first thing, i noticed
  31. A poster of Mammago's Garage appears when Knox runs away with the disk
  32. 01:07 - Poster of "Mamago"
    1. 01:10 - I'm not sure, but it can be gas cylinders, which were behind Alpha's backs (sorry for my english, i'm from Russia :D )
  33. There is a poster of Mammago's Garage when Knox runs away after stealing the disk There are vehicles similar to the original BGE game I think Selene is shown when Knox and Shani are in the stolen police vehicle A member of Mammago's Garage is in the big ship when Knox and Shani arrive
    1. Also in the minute 2:37 there is a building in the background that is very similar to the slaughterhouse of the original BGE game
  34. Mamago's poster on the wall ;)
  35. At minute 1:06 when Knox jumps out of the restaurant you can see a sign from mammago garage in the right corner. And at the end of the trailer (around 2:57) there is a rhino looking like the guy from mammagos holding a tool which is pretty similar to the Barranco D53 and there is a tasty looking K-Bups on the table :D
  36. TheCazapartner
  37. guest-EbiSvjAX
    Pas l'impression qu'il y ait le post sur le forum. Pour l'instant il y en a 3 les vaisseaux de police similaire a BGE, l'idol qui s'appelle pey'jin nom très similaire a notre ami pey'j et le dernier c'est un des frères mammago service qui est dans le vaisseau après que knox ait ramené la disquette.
  38. A Mamago garage poster @ 1:09 a Hinosapiens holding a Barranco D53 !
  39. Hope to find out about them soom
  40. Jose Caballero
    K-Bups in the trailer, when the monkey enter, on a table, so awesome!!!
  41. There's a box of K-Bups next to the Rhino at the end of the trailer! And he reminds me of the Mammago's Garage rhinos. (A box of K-Bups completely restores your energy.)
  42. Woo woot! green eyes! Jades activist mother? I like the cocky- monkey too. Knox, a bit annoying first but then he looked kinda cool. Li Daiyu's boobs were too bouncy though xD
  43. Great interpretation of the 5th element chase music and feeling :)
  44. really nice !
  45. At 2:55 you see some quiet guy in the background of the ship putting his arms crossed, just like 'Peepers' did in the original Beyond Good & Evil on the first floor in the Akuda Bar. Maybe there is a resemblance between Peepers and this guy!
  46. Victim_0f_Lag
    One of the Rhinos from Mammago's, the MDisk, the lady's green eyes, and Jade's theme at the end were the ones I noticed initially. I didn't realize the big pig said "Pey'j" until the video with Ancel mentioned it.
  47. J'ai adoré le Rhino rasta a la fin, en référence au garage mamago xD
  48. Aramis pearl at 2:57! On the right! next to the guy with the bionic eye.
    1. good find, I didnt catch that
  49. 3:11 Dakini seems to be the artwork character teased in a previous E3 (2015 or 2016 can't remember) and could be the Jade lookalike from the 2008 gameplay and screenshots of a asian themed town.
  50. - 1:09: Mamago Logo :D - 1:27: Tagg "Starkos" ! - 3:01: Une boite de "K-Bup" régénère toute votre énergie x) !
  51. got a feeling about the girl, shani... shauni ? speaking of that, what about the doms ??????????????
    1. and i forgot, isn't the chinese looking symbol knox shatters the same as in the walrus's one in town back on Hillys ?
  52. LinkGameradio
    Hey guys, I dont know if people have pointed this out but I think that the first part of the E3 trailer is pretty similar than one of the trailer we got for BGE2 in 2008 where we see Jade (or is it Dakini?) escaping a city, so I tought it may be some kind of easter egg. I think they are similar because we see someone escaping a city in both of them.
  53. In the Mdisc there is written the word Hyllis? (Min. 3:01)
  54. i think Shauni or shani was jades nickname when you become part of IRIS
    1. I noticed this! very strange....
  55. space_organism
    The fact that the badass biker is called Shani obviously remind me of Shauni and i cant imagine Jade and Shani not being linked by some ways.
  56. As they enter the room in the space ship around 3min, isnt there a Pearl in the bottom left corner? It is a rounded object that has markings that reminds me of the markings in the original game. What do you Think?
    1. It could definitely be a pearl!
  57. I can `t believe my eyes! How many years I've been waiting for this... I watched the trailer through tears.
  58. Although i am a teen, i have very fond memories playing and beating beyond good and evil multiple times on the ps2, can't wait to see what michel ancel does to make the sequel/prequel feel like a next evolution for the franchise,SO HYPED RIGHT NOW!!!.
  59. From moment 01:08 - 01:11 we can see someone like Alpha Section's soldier.
  60. I might be speculating but in the very first seconds, the "Montpellier" sign flickers revealing the name "Tellier" which is the last name of Celine Tellier who is the CEO of "wild sheep studio" who work closely with Michel Ancel
  61. 1:41 replica of the Beluga on the right ;)
  62. i cant wait for this omg
  63. guest-u74n1OwI
    I'm pretty sure Shani is the name Jade picks to be her code name in BG&E. Makes me think the name had some significance to her... Seeing that the biker girl is named Shani is interesting, and suggests a connection between the green eyed girl we saw on the ship and Jade. To what extent there is a connection is yet to be seen.
  64. 3:01 Box of K-bups spotted!
  65. Too blown away by the Trailer so much to process ^_^
  66. On the presentation on the screen, where were new characters shown. There was an old pirate baron lady from "Pirates of the Caribbean".
  67. Great call using 'Lee Nelson' (UK standup comedian) for the voice of 'knox'. If he also voices 'knox' in the game then it is gonna be Legend for real :) Fyi: Also spotted Mamago & ther rhinos... Still trying to get over hearing 'Lee Nelson' tbh...
  68. The game will be about Jade's parents for sure (it might be her mother at the end). The poster at the beggining reveals little Pey'j's artwork where we saw him with a man, probably Jade's father. And the little chocolate statue is the statue of the god Pey'jin, and I remember Michel Ancel telling that the children where given gods name, so I'm thinking Jade's parents adopted litte Pey'j and gave him that name. Also in BGE 1, Pey'j told Jade he had to move to Hellys Planet because he and her parents had troubles with the autorities (as we can see in this trailer). I guess the mother and the father haven't met yet at the beggining of the game but they'll met later so the father + Pey'j can join the crew. And as stated before, Jade's nickname is Shauni so she might have grew up with Shani.
  69. I think the iconic mdisk said system 4, I could be wrong however I think that's the monkey constatation from the original that can be found looking to the sky with the camera just up and left from the front of the slaughter house
  70. I only recently realized that BGE was set in 'system 4' and BGE2 will be in 'system 3'! How interesting!
  71. the name of the girl friend of the monkey, she is called Shani, a bit like "Shauni" ?
  72. Trailer looked so good, there was no way anyone would be paying attention to the Easter Egg, but will look out for it
  73. Real_Isabellone
    At 2:59,bottom right corner,next to the Rhino you can find K-Bups!!! Omg please let the main game have those!
  74. The scar on the pig's shoulder looks a lot like the marks left by the reaper. Of course the MDisk, the poster of Mamago, with rhino and Barranco D53. Near the end, the pot of K-Bubs as well as the green eyes and the music from BGE.
  75. meaning of characters names are pretty interesting... Dakini - "sky dancer" Daiyu - "Black coloured jade" ( :0 ) knox - "from the hills" (Hillys?) Shani - Refers to saturn
    1. All easter eggs are really funny and bring back old memories, but the presence of the dai-jo i think its really sospicious.
  76. Zhou Yuzhu:"Pey'j!!!"
  77. easter eggs? idk. Cheat engine window on side character's desktop. As average player's last resort to be able to finish game (those damn mini-games)

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