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BGE2 – A Space Adventure Like No Other

Journey to System 3 for the prequel to one of Ubisoft’s most beloved games! Like the diverse cast of characters in this E3 trailer, we want Beyond Good and Evil 2 to mirror the diversity of human culture and experience, exported to the stars.

Let’s Talk About the Trailer!  We want to get your impressions on your first glimpse at the universe of Beyond Good and Evil 2. Tell us below in the comments or on the forums.

98 thoughts on “BGE2 – A Space Adventure Like No Other

  1. Beautiful guys :)
    1. Jarred Blaauw
      I think that you give you character some characteristics like in Sims 4 when you can give your certain attributes when making them like greedy,romantic,lazy which will effect what and how they do things
    2. This game issuper wonderful. Ho visto il trailer i Beyond Good and Evil 2 , a dire la verità credevo che fosse il continuo della storia di Jade e il suo amico Peij, sarei stata felice se fosse cosi ma a quanto vedo è tutta una altra storia. Mi sono informata e mi sembra anche più bello di prima. Wowowoowo. This is fantastic. Michael Ancel ti prego non FERMARTI. Continua cosi perché sei unico e NOI vogliamo BGE.
      1. Parlando del Trailer , posso dire : è vero che è più scurrile ed è molto diverso dal primo gioco, ma non fa niente , voglio tuffarmi in questa nuova avventura e questo nuovo mondo anche perché la cosa principale è LA STORIA che Michael ci vuole raccontare, i mezzi con il quale vuole raccontarcelo viene in secondo piano. In ogni caso credo che ambientazione e personaggi siano Perfetti considerando che è svolto in un tempo molto futuro al nostro. E come sappiamo l'attualità del nostro mondo è molto scurrile e molto degradante. Sarebbe assurdo se Michael Ancel avrebbe creato un futuro al nostro , perfetto dove tutti parlano pacificamente tra loro. Ragazzi vi prego , era un assurdità. Detto questo per me il gioco è perfetto , e Michael deve continuare per questa strada
    3. Two words for thought... Cowboy Bebop. Not just a pirate, but a gun for hire, cargo jobs, passenger missions. Just a guy, his ship and crew that are out to do anything to make a buck.
  2. Richard Oakes
    Loved it,only criticism was the overuse of bad language, I don't mind it now and again but it was 90% of the dialogue. I would have loved to have played this game with my kids lol.
    1. Mazetin-_-PR1
      this game will be for mature people :)
    2. they're fucking pirates man and not just any pirates, fucking space pirates. What do you expect??
      1. HairyRockhead
        Shouldn't mature people have the sense not to swear like that? :) If the Pirates of the Caribbean movies contained swearing like that they would never have gotten anywhere. In game swearing just doesn't work!
        1. It does but ah well GTA just spawned all that money in. People want bad and swearing now. Plus it's pirates so ye. Just sayin
        2. To be fair the monkey doesn't look like he's the most mature of Hybrids... And the pig is a gangster so i think they'd both be a bit sweary
  3. Looks great! I remember playing the first game in 2005 (late-comer, but not as late as a lot of others) and replaying in 2013 on PS3. It is truly one of my favorite games, and I can't wait until this game comes out. (Going a little hard for that "M" rating though, aren't you? The first game had some language, but nothing major, and gained its "T" rating for the themes, but this? M for cursing and cleavage.)
    1. how old were you when you played the first game? How old are you now? it's growing with the fans. Going for M rated makes the game feel more realistic and emotionally deep. It's hard to express every feeling or just the characteristics of a character when you have to censor yourself.
    2. I agree. The vulgarity and sexualized women are not necessary and destroy the harmony the original game had.
  4. I thought it was very exciting. But the monkey was a little too foul mouthed for me.. Lol! But I have been following ANY kind of news regarding your title for 9+ years and are eagerly awaiting more!!!
    1. You thought this monkey was to vulgar! ... Shit! ..You should hear the mouth on the ones I hang around with!!
      1. I say "NO" Absolutley ... Let KNOX be who he is: a down to earth cool as heck foul mouthed monkey. I personally love the fact they are developing personalities to these chatacters.
    2. HairyRockhead
      I was so excited and couldn't wait to see the trailer. So glad my kids weren't in the room at the time. How very, very disappointing! Don't get me wrong, it looks and probably will be amazing but, COME ON.. That monkey has to be the worst computer character of all time! Why the needless and forced swearing in every scene? It feels so wrong! PLEASE UBISOFT, stick with the original family friendly BGE world. If you cut out the vile swearing not only will it retain it's magic but you'll get more interest. Just think about it, do you think Star Wars would have been as popular as it was today if it had swearing like that?
  5. <3 Thank you !
  6. Can't wait!
  7. It looks incredible! I've waited over a decade to play this! But please, calm down with the excessive swearing. Having played the original, it's really off-putting. :(
  8. I was so excited to see this trailer at E3, thank you really. Since the day my mom brought me this game I din't know anything about and was transported into a beutiful story with many details I hoped for a new game and there it is <3 I thank all the people working on this, making this dream many of us had come true and I hope for a good continuation. I'll be there supporting you all, helping you if I can! Many love to you all!
  9. The trailer was beautifully crafted and fantastically detailed. It seems to me that stylistically you are going the right way, although the original game was not aiming to look realistic I personally think that you are taking the right direction. Now about the swearing.... I am sure that over the last 24 hours you have gathered enough of evidence that no one is really happy with the tone of the trailer. I have to agree (well placed f**** can create an intriguing dark character, but this was like walking through south-east London and not the whole world can get that feeling). The truest fans will never forget the original's opening scene with Jade meditating in the "about to be raptured" peaceful world. I will say it this way...yes the fans has all grown up by now and yes it's a great idea to make this game more mature, but this has to nail the dialogue and have an epic plot that in the future could be tied to the original's ending. Peyj and Jade has to come back to this universe at some point and this has to continue were the first left off. In the meantime with the prequel you must bring back the atmosphere that you have had while making the first (even if the team developing has changed since then!) Unfortunately, over the years since Ubisoft has grown less "French" and more "American" in the character, I have grown worried that the pressure from investors has taken a great toll on your talent guys....Prevail, sleep it through, wake up fresh and continue development with a blend of old ways of making your games and a bit of new, but do not let the money dictate how this game will end up, please. I'm sure all the fans will help, if you execute things right! Last thing....the british accent
    1. Revy-Two-Hand
      That was well said completely agree.
    2. Couldn't agree more. The swearing is very distasteful. I could do without the sexualized women as well. Give us more of the first game, please.
    3. I didn't even notice the swearing until I read these comments and re-watched the video to listen for it. I guess different people are used to different forms of communication and some people are sensitive to such words. For me, it fit perfectly with the style of the characters, so it didn't stand out at all. To each their own I suppose. Maybe they can have a "Mature Audience" and "General Audience" dialogue setting in the game so you can pick which one you prefer. Also, what do you mean by your comment about "the british accent?" What's your concern? Their voices sound perfectly fine to me.
    4. guest-UCi8OHq0
      I feel that an actual video game company doesn't need info on how to craft a world when they probably don't read these often. Plus their job is to make world's I think they know how.
  10. Literally brought a year to my eye, so happy!
  11. This is looking fantastic! My favorite part of BGE was its diverse characters from different cultures! Thankyou so much! Can't wait to see more!
  12. The Trailer was perfect!! Excelleeeeent!!!! Hâte d'explorer cet univers. Hm, I'm just a bit confused with the "online" thing
    1. I just hope the multiplayer mode doesn't ruin the singleplayer in terms of story and gameplay.
  13. Can't sign up for Space monkey?
  14. Antoine Corbeil
    One of the most beautiful trailer in a long time!
  15. Looks amazing. Dakini of course gives me that Jade feel. Would love to see more of her.
  16. Beyond good and evil was one of those games that caught my imagination as a kid and stuck with me for so long. My first memory of the game was watching my older cousin play the game while he babysat me. The game has been ingrained in my mind ever since. This trailer that I have been waiting so long for exceeded my expectations immensely! I am so incredibly excited to join my fellow dedicated fans in shaping this monumental adventure. Congratulations to Michel and the rest of the Ubi family who have been working so hard on keeping BGE 2 alive!
  17. Antoine Corbeil
    Beautiful trailer and I wish that there will be cinematics like that throughout the game, ''THAT WOULD BE AWSOME'', I like games that have cinematics, it feel like playing the universe and watching a movie at the same time!
    1. Richard Oakes
      I agree, cinematic scenes seem to be used less and less these days, replaced by in engine scenes. Which is a real shame as it never captures the grandeur they intend.
  18. I think the trailer was amazing. Fantastic job. Utterly tremendous. The movements of the characters the details in the skin texture and buildings was amazing. I hadn't heard of this game before until this morning and am now really looking forward to it. Thank you!
  19. Vous m'avez tellement vendu du rêve... Première fois que je pleur pendant un trailer. Impossible de m’arrêter pendant une bonne 20aine de minutes :D Il faut bien avouer que BGE1 restera gravé à tout jamais dans mon âme! D’ailleurs après la conf je suis vite parti relancer le jeu. Je ne compte pas le nombre de fois que j'ai fini le jeu! :O J'ai confiance en vous et surtout entre votre passion. Vous allez nous sortir un beau bébé. Prenez votre temps, nous ne sommes plus à quelques années prêt :p
  20. Stephen Carroll
    Please don't limit the cussing. Knox is awesome as is. People are being way too sensitive about this.
  21. Revy-Two-Hand
    It looks good, but has lost the look of the original BGE. While they may be to keep up with modern times I liked the look of the original BGE compared this gritter version. Plus I don't mind Cussing in a game if it fits. In this trailer they (for the most part) seem to be cussing for just cussing sake. Like "Look how Edgy we are! Look Look!" BGE didn't need that and neither does it's sequel. And I hope there is someone from the first game in this sequel-prequel to tie the two together other than Miss Green Eyed Girl Daikini. Which I'm guessing the reason why y'all focused on her green eyes first was to "Wink Wink Nudge Nudge" about her being Jades mom. And while Daikini is not from the first game it would be a cool connection and meeting a young Pey'j would be nice to as that would be a direct connection. Just PLEASE don't make this some horrible Multi-player EVE or MMO mess. I don't get why EVERYTHING HAS to be or have a Multi-player component. Horizon: Zero Dawn didn't have or need one and look how incredible it is doing. So Just keep making great characters that cuss for a reason, Incredible story that fits with the original game. And remember making a one player adventure is still good okay? Revy-Two-Hand out.
  22. You got me since the first second I saw a humanoid pig again, loved the first game, in fact is my favorite game. Just one thing, I've seen a lot of comments about the online stuff, don't make this game some kind of MMO please. I don't really like the idea of creating my character but I can live with that, just don't make a MMO. Besides that all the love and support for the team, make the awesome game we have been waiting for!
  23. I was surprised by the richly detailed world you've managed to create in the video. And as I understand it's more about giving an impression, it would be great If you can capture this feeling in the final game as well. The problem with these kinds of Worlds is that players get sidetracked easily by all kinds of interesting missions, letting them loose sight of the main objective. This result in never finishing the game. Please make a clear storyline that is easy to follow for people that are interested in the story. Thanks for making me excited about a game again. :)
    1. Richard Oakes
      Amen to this, please don't fill this universe with fetch quests, I'd rather a shorter game with a great story!!
  24. SirKayTheKnight
    I absolutely love the design of the city, I haven't seen such a unique one in a game since rapture in the original bioshock. The direction of the trailer was well done aswell, and the transition from high speed action to the quieter more subued wonder filled momment of that starship rising above the clouds gave me chills. The music couldn'nt have fit better aswell. Its hard to come up with any criticism to be honest, I know the swearing bothers some people but Im perfectly alright with it. I guess if nit-picking Shani could have ad a little more dialogue to show her off to the degree Knox and Zhou were, but honestly thats just nitpicking. Wonderful trailer, and it was really touching to see at E3 when the developers all came onstage. Its awesome to see such passion from such a talented group of people that truely care about their work.
  25. Where is my hype-train ticket?
  26. The trailer was amazing, and if the game is anywhere half as close to that then I believe the game will be too. Something I would like to see added is some iconography from Native American religions like the Hopi, and other North, Central, and South American Native religions.
  27. Best game from E3, looks amazing. Worried that the game play is going to be too much like Destiny though, I'm seriously hoping for a single player campaign that can be done without online. If it's just online I'll be put off the whole game but don't want to because it looks incredible. Love the characters, the style and would be really excited if the narrative aswell as gameplay is amazing.
  28. This looks so so good and congrats on both an amazing trailer and finally being able to show this off!! My only complaint is the excessive swearing - it really pulled me out of the experience and I hope it isn't indicative of the dialogue in the final game. Best of luck to you all! exactly do I vote for my favourite character so far? Neither "Vote" nor "Results" appear to be working :/
  29. Marvelskyblu93
    It would be nice to be able to control not only our main character but also some crew members like Knox and Dakini. Above all, Dakini (or even make her the main character...maybe?)
  30. cannot wait looks awesome
  31. voodoooman1971
    Great cinematic ,hope you keep the swearing,more real..
  32. Surprise me with a beautiful history like the first B:G&E
  33. I really loved the games atmosphere. It felt really immersive even though it was just a cinematic. I also didn't feel like the swearing felt out of place or anything like that. I think maybe in the next trailer you could emphasize the exploration side of the game.
  34. Awesome guys looking forward to the adventure!
  35. This is exciting! I was surprised to see so much swearing. I hope the end product has a filter so I can play it with my family or just doesn't include the swearing at all. I recognized the music at the end, and it put chills in my spine!
  36. I don't mind the swearing in the trailer at all - it really doesn't bother me. However, that said, some of the appeal in the original was the innocence and naivity of it all. I think that was likely a reflection of playing as a younger lead character. Based on the feel of this trailer, the world is going to be very different to the one we had previously, where you could happily coast around just taking photos of animals for days on end if you wanted to - this looks like an edgier, rougher world, and for me the dialogue blends in with that. It's just a case of balancing it out, in my opinion. One of the main things for me is to continue with the 'Jade-type' main character. Ancel himself said that he set out to create a character that felt like a real person rather than a sexy action woman, and I want to see that continue here.
  37. The spaceships looked really cool. I really hope that flying and jetpacking is as fun as the trailer makes it look. Maybe you could make the flying more arcade-like than realistic, it just really needs to be fun.
  38. Loved every second of the Trailer. Love the whole space pirate thing. With this setting the swearing and sexy outfits others are complaining about is perfectly logical and clicks right into place.
  39. Trailer looks so amazing! The Piano Theme at the end brought tears in my eyes. Finally bg&e 2 <3
  40. I just realised that the concept also resembles my favourite animation of all time.....another excellent piece of work, that only very few people have appreciated...Treasure Planet.
  41. The only question I have is...why the excessive and incessant swearing?
  43. The trailer is awesome: very funny,full of action,the trailer's direction is perfect and the graphics and art style are amazing. Also the music is fantastic in the first part,very rhythmic and full of energy,perfect for what is happening in the trailer. The second part is so beautiful and emotional with the main theme of BG&E...incredible I hope that all the emotions we fell watching the trailer we will feel playing the game I'm worried only for the customizable character,I'm not sure is a good idea,I wait some new informations about these Good work team;)
  44. Xx theRAM xX76
    I never played the first game and this was still my favorite game of E3, the scope and scale of this game along with some of the ideas that the devs have for it sound so amazing, so willing to wait for this game, but hoping to get to try it out in some of these tests.
  45. Wow, I wait BGE2 for ages, thanks guys for making this game a reality! This trailer give my some thrills, I really like the the DA (artistic direction) and BO (soundtrack?). Especially the Choral and the piano solo at the end of the trailer. There's no DomZ or Alpha people in the trailer, I hope we'll have their origin in this prequel even if it's just in side storyline :). I stay tuned for more info about this game, I wish good luck and a lot of success to Montpellier Studio and all peoples who works on this game !
  46. James Alan Wilhelm
    Just curious, did anyone else notice that the date 9/06/17 is constantly stamped on every post?! Just saying.
  47. LOVING THE CHARACTER DIVERSITY! A large appeal of the first game to me was being able to play as a mixed race woman. Just wondering if the main player character will be customisable in terms of gender, race, animal hybrid? Or even better - the ability to switch between multiple characters and crew.
  48. Ubisoft: I am totally blow away with this trailer!!!! You guys are amazing, so much talent in that company. If the final game resembles even a third of what is on this trailer ....WOW! Here are my 2 cents and a half. This game seems it could have such a cinematic feeling to it. Hopefully that will be the direction it takes. Take a look at what is being done with the new SPIDER-MAN GAME or what Avlanch Studios did with MAD MAX. try and give it that SOFT look ..dept of field , light scatter, dust particles every where, cinema pallete, and not to mention lighting effects with flares and bloom. ATMOSPHERIC efects as you know are soooooo important to the look. I can't accentuate that SOFT look enough.. Camera control and slow mow would be awesome too. JUST LIKE MAD MAX!
    1. WhitecladGoth
      Let's keep the atmospheric effects for in-atmosphere only, though, eh? Space doesn't really do "hazy" and "soft."
  49. I'm so HAPPY ! BGE 1 was the first game my dad actually bought me, and was my favorite game ever ! ( Still is ) When I saw the trailer I've recognised it immediately, it looks amazing, but I hope that you have keep the infiltration part... So glad that you are finally able to do what you ever wanted to ! Je t'aime Michel Ancel !
  50. I really liked the trailer (I loved BGE that I got from a friend because it wouldn't run on his computer). Really looking forward to play this. I hope we can have moment like in the first one when we are not too pressured to do the main quest (like the world is getting destroyed or something) and can chill out in the city looking for pearls and animals or doing races and minigames at the bar. That helped me feel more immersed in the world and it was fun.
  51. The trailer makes me weep every time i watch it !
  52. Belgarathmaster
    Je n'ai pas remarqué d'interface informatique intelligente comme ''Secundo'' de BG&E premier du nom ni le S.A.C. Est-ce que ce genre d'interface et de personnage est prévu? Une sorte d'assistant et de guide, lors des phases de tirs, d'infiltration avec l’apparition de la map en 3D devant soit... Ça pourrait être sympa avec un assistant virtuel vraiment ''vivant'' à l'image de Secundo.
    1. Belgarathmaster
      Et sinon le trailer m'a scotché, j'avais 15 ans quand j'ai découvert BG&E, cela fait près de 15 années que j'attends son retour. Il reste mon jeu préféré malgré toutes ces années... J'ai été bluffé par cette bande annonce, que d'émotion, d'énergie, une dimension tellement Épique quand le vaisseau s'envole! Les armes à feu m'on un peu rebutées les 1ères secondes (tranchant assez brutalement avec le 1er opus) mais finalement elles semblent plutôt cohérentes avec l'univers. Grand hâte d'en voir plus. Merci encore d'avoir donné la possibilité à Beyond Good & Evil de continuer à vivre.
  53. Blue-Jade846222
    Excellent!!! Such a masterful piece of art for a Game Trailer. If this is just the Tip of the iceberg of this game, hope the rest would be just as masterful!!!
  54. easypeasybruv
    I want to know about Pey'J. Will he be in this game or not? It would be really cool to see him as a teenager here :D
  55. It gave me that 5th element feel, which is a good thing. Love it a lot !!! :)) Keep it going
  56. creo que una de las cosas que mas me gusta de este vídeo, es el que nos deja con deseos de saber mas, hace volar nuestra imaginación haciendo una buena impresión. viendo solo el vídeo, estoy seguro de que muchos dijeron ¨wow, este juego tiene potencial¨ y no es solo por la cinemática, también los diálogos, los diseños de los personajes y la música tan original te dejan atónitos y perdonen mi entusiasmo, pero ya quiero ver como queda el beta!!!, con toda la comunidad ayudando y dando consejos, este juego sera genial.
  57. The_Bundy_Bear
    Fantastic, well done crew, can't wait for the release
  58. guest-cEzRhaTu
    For me, all this obnoxious swearing and the excessive attention to womanly body 'physics' ruined my pure memory of the original game. I think most people who played the original game would agree with me
    1. WhitecladGoth
      Perhaps we could have sliders for those things in character creation, from "sports bra" to "no support" as well as size, and as the graphics will presumably be client-side even putting limits on how other people's characters are displayed on our screens.
  59. I just want to say that this is a game with an obvious view of passion, dedication, and love. Multi-culture/ethnic characters. Pirates with unbiased acceptance. Space exploration, and the whole notion of what really is,"beyond good and evil." I mean... WOW! The duality of it all and comedy and excitement and just... the whole experience looks like a dream come true, in what I think, people across the globe would like a future to look like. Minus the slavery and trafficking, but then what is good without the bad right? This title just begs you to ask the question. Just because you are doing something in which other people might disagree on, doesn't mean it's not justified. I mean who know what one had to do or why they had to do it. I can rant forever but, the in-game demo, so far looks Awesome. I didn't hear too much about how you can interact with the cities themselves. But I know there are side quests and I just hope that you guys think of everything so as to not make the side quests too "recycled". Like other titles (AC) All in all I really hope I can join the space monkeys and even one day work for a company with such passion and insight to work on a game of this caliber. Good job guys, this looks like a dream come true and we are rooting for you!
  60. This is a great idea guys. Im very excited :)
  61. WhitecladGoth
    I really hope there's a way to turn off the rap soundtrack. Can we select soundtracks? Have baroque / classical / romantic / early-C20 / country / jazz / blues / guitar pop / lyrical metal / enya / trance / grunge / two kids in their parents' garage / rap options and, of course, a silent option. Some of us would rather have [url=]"Run for your lives! She's getting closer. Run for your lives!"[/url] than some guy reading out fanmail from his imaginary friend in the chase scene, ... or [url=]"You'd better stand; there's no turning back!"[/url] for a crazy, brave attack, [url=]"Run, live to fly; fly to live!"[/url] for a scramble, ... or [url=]the Light Cavalry Overture[/url] for an Ocean's Eleven heist, [url=]the 1812 Overture[/url] for turning the tables (on Napoleon, and how!), [url=]Dvorak's 9th[/url] for the peaeful times and [url=]Beethoven's 5th[/url] for the Star Destroyer reveal, [url=]O, Fortuna![/url] for the time we take down the big guy, [url=]Hymn to the Fallen[/url] for the fallen and, of course, [url=]Mercury[/url], [url=]Venus[/url], [url=]Mars[/url], [url=]Jupiter[/url], [url=]Saturn[/url], [url=]Uranus[/url], [url=]Neptune[/url] and [url=]The Blue Danube[/url] (sorry, Pluto) ... or [url=]Miao Wine Country[/url] for when we're visiting a Chinese-colonised planet's vineyard regions ... or [url=]The song they named the rocket for[/url] wherever that's appropriate ... or [url=]Black Planet[/url] if we ever turn on, tune and burn out in the acid rain and [url=]Lucretia, My Reflection[/url] for when "We don't doubt; we don't take direction" sounds appropriate and [url=]Temple of Love[/url] for when we're a bad memory come back to wreck someone's marriage "with a gun for a lover and a shot for the pain inside" and [url=]Alice[/url] for when ... er ... when ... huh. For when the safest way is the straight and narrow, I guess. Actually, the Sisters of Mercy described some really messed-up scenarios. I know you can't get permission to use [url=]the only thing that can ever follow the 21st Century Fox fanfare[/url], or [url=]the theme we may just want for our customised salvaged wreck of a spaceship[/url] no matter how crassly sexist it may be, or [url=]the less offensive alternative[/url], or [url=]something for the sneakier kind of crew[/url], or [url=]May It Be[/url] or [url=]The Good, The Bad and the Ugly[/url] and its [url=]duel theme[/url] or [url=]High Plains Drifter[/url]'s opening theme or [url=]the Luftwaffe March[/url] or [url=]Battle of Britain closing titles[/url], but if you lump Slim Shady on me I'm shooting that damn monkey in the back, at least twice.
    1. WhitecladGoth
      No preview button. No edit button. No hints what kind of mark-up does and doesn't work. I hope the first version of the game's better than the first version of this discussion page! Let's see whether html works. ”Run for your lives! She’s getting closer. Run for your lives!” " rel="nofollow">”You’d better stand; there’s no turning back!” ”Run, live to fly; fly to live!” the Light Cavalry Overture the 1812 Overture Dvorak’s 9th Beethoven’s 5th
      1. WhitecladGoth
        Right. That did work. Now I can make fancy posts! Can I? Let's see! Context tune Taking down someone who thought he was invulnerable O Fortuna Heavy losses " rel="nofollow">Hymn to the Fallen Combat Mars, the Bringer of War Fleet reveal Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity Docking a ship in orbit Auf Der Schöne Blaue Donau Visiting Chinese-colonised world's wine regions Miao Wine Country Russian world Katyusha Post-nuclear wasteland Black Planet Bringing back bad memories Temple of Love Rebellion Lucretia, My Reflection Sneaking around, running dark Das Boot main title Happy times Morning Happy times Beethoven's 6th Trouble Night on Bare Mountain Trouble Sabre Dance Some sort of palace Toccata and Fugue ... on a harp Peaceful minutes Fur Elise In the nightclub, not looking for a new arsehole Too Hot To Handle Cutting loose Youth Gone Wild
  62. Wow, finally after walking through BGE 1 what feels like over 1000 times you come up with this awsome trailer. I really can see how they are now able to create the game they were actually trying to make back then with BGE 1. There is just so much more life in this world now (although i loved Hillys) and its awsome that you can explore even more than just one city and its surroundings. I've literally never been this excited about a gametrailer, can't wait to see the result.
  63. Really cool. That bring me back to the atmosphere of the first game, with his lore of humanoids animals. I can't wait to discover more about the universe, I hope you will succeed to make it as rich as you want. Travel across the world aboard this ship sound like an amazing odyssey. The reference to the Arcadia is obvious, I would have preferred a design more original, but that's cool. It give desire to follow you more, keep it up :)
  64. EroticSqurrel22
    I want it
    1. EroticSqurrel22
      The trailer looks great and is buliding my expectations for the gama it looks fluid and beautiful i cant wait to see whats in store for us in the prequal to one of the best games i have played
  65. Please try to make the game content purposeful. Almost everything you did in Beyond Good and Evil was somehow tied to the main story somehow. Don't go all out with quests and places to raid and complete with no meaning to the story and instead make all of it part of it or necessary to complete the Story. I don't want to complete every Task on the planet just to get 100 % completion but to further help me progress with the story
  66. PlanetMoore65
    It looks absolutely amazing and I am so excited to create a unique character and to get started on this game! I will definitely be getting this game. It is a different game and I cannot wait until it is released.
  67. LeslieMyrick23
    Worth the wait!
  68. TheKoloradoKid
    I am surprised that the first time I have seen this trailer was just a couple of days ago. After I first saw it I was hooting and hollering. Very excited about the characters. People need to understand that this is a new game built with the thought in mind that anyone can start playing it without having played the first. Also, mature gamers need an rpg/fantasy game that was made for mature people. People complain about the swearing saying that it is out of place. As some one who has lived in the underworld in his teens and early twenties, trust when I say that the swearing is not out of place nor is it excessive. I've heard way worse and criminals don't really care how they sound. They are very vulgar. About the sexualized character, as it is on our earth it's not just men who sexualize women but also women who love to express their sexual side. So there will be exploitation by others in the game as well as individuals who sexualize themselves, as both men and women do in many cultures around the world. Different cultures have different rules regarding sex. Some women in the world who have been oppressed come to America and are now free to express themselves. Whether that be dressing modestly or very revealing. I believe the creation of characters and language will be unique amongst different cultures and how other cultures react to the vulgarity and sex will differ depending on that particular culture/religion. One group may exalt it while another condemn it. As far as what I think about the trailer, it was gorgeous! Knox is without a doubt the most unique character I have seen in a game in a long time. I love his attitude! The characters and hustle bustle of the city is very unique. Flying on different vehicles and being able to take over another vehicle such as the police scout looked fun. Hopefully we'll be able to do that in actual gameplay. I also agree with what others said in the matter of cinematic cut scenes. These have been missing in games for a long time and bringing this back I believe will really engage players into to story of the game, making us feel like we are a member of the crew, connected. I'd like to be able to fly around all the flying traffic. Not only that but being able to jump onto those ships and jump from ship to ship say if I don't have the jet pack. In order to traverse the city in a new way. Climbing walls and jumping around similar to Assassins Creed to explore the city while utilizing these vehicles brings a new travel method in a sci-fi setting. Seeing the dialogue in the beginning to the chase scene to the calming flight to the ship and the ship taking off gives a real sense of the different energies you'll experience throughout the game. Sometimes you'll be relaxed, others very intense. All around this trailer gave me chills and this game is all I can think about. Others raised concerns about the online play. I agree that this shouldn't focus on mmo play. However, being able to play with your friends through the story in a co-op mode is something missing from the best games. They have online play, but you can't play the story with friends. This is a shame. Online co-op with four friends would be awesome, with a separate online mode for 30-50 players to play together or against each other in my opinion gives players the freedom to choose how to play the game. That being said, I think the main focus needs to be on single player story. A very strong story separates the good games from the bad. There's a reason why Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved games is because of it's epic story telling. I love telling stories and creating backgrounds for characters and how events in their life shape their attitude and beliefs. For example, a young shark boy being trained to be a security guard by a company. All the other sharks love to fight and be predators. This shark boy is shy and just wants to dance! He is always being bullied by all the other sharks in training. While going through the city his peers abandon him and he's scared in an alleyway behind a jazz club. The music comes on and he starts to dance. Inside the club is Daikini and after an argument with some one she goes out back for some fresh air and sees this young shark dancing, completely out of character for the sharks she's used to seeing. So she starts dancing, and the shark is nervous at first but keeps dancing. After finding out he was abandoned she takes him back ;to the ship. Because she is the first person to be nice to him and his first friend ever made, he loves her and protects her very closely. Like a guard dog. Just one of many ideas I look forward to sharing. Lastly, please do not shy away from the controversial because of some negative criticism. This galaxy, the worlds and cultures with in it are going to be very diverse and just as there are atrocities in our world so there will be in this one. Shining a light on slavery, human trafficking, drugs, violence and racism will bring to peoples minds what really happens in our own world. To others who are sensitive, tough shit. Thank you for not being afraid of making a game that exposes people and behaviors that exist in our world. Thank you!
    1. TheKoloradoKid
      Correction: I meant the character Shani, not Daikini would meet and dance with the shark boy. That's what I saw in my head.
  69. TotallyNotADomZ
    Can´t fucking wait!!! The only complain i have is the way knox talks, a little bit excessive. But man, the BGaE melody at the end almost had me crying I swear to god

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