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BGE2: Character Line-up 1

BGE2 Character Line-Up 01

Hey Space Monkeys!

Can you picture yourself shaking up the new solar system as one of these pirates or working alongside them as a member of your crew? (Number 5 looks suspiciously familiar…)
This is the first of many ‘Who’s your favorite?’ Character Line-Ups that we would love to discuss with you and get feedback on.

Pick your favorite character and tell us what you think about them in the comments below – and feel free to give this band of pirates a name while you’re at it!

Inspire us! What kind of original characters–Hybrid or Human–would you like to encounter or play as in BGE2? Tell us in the comments!

519 thoughts on “BGE2 Character Line-Up 01

  1. Moi j'aurais bien joué le 5, mais après en online je pense comme le 5 est déjà très apprécié par la communauté bas tout le monde vas le prendre et du coup il y auras que des Knox. Mais d'un autre coté si on joue au coté de ses personnage c'est cool on pourras parler avec eux etc, mais alors on aura nos personnages a créer mais qui auront tous un format un peut standard de départ. Mais en tout cas vous personnages sons magnifiques et j'ai hâte de jouer à la première béta, voir les premières alphas du jeux.
    1. Would you mind writing in English so that everybody can understand you?
      1. Pull up Google translate. People concerned will understand. Si tu ne comprends pas, le message n'est peut-être pas pour toi.
      2. Not everybody speaks English, there are other languages in the world, a point that I hope the developers touch on. Where people on different planets in the background and such will be solely speaking Chinese or Hindi, as they said that the major superpowers China and India were big colonizers of the galaxy. That'd be pretty cool. But for people who don't understand French(it took literally 5 seconds to drop into google translate): "I would have played well on the 5th but after in online I think like the 5 is already very appreciated by the community down everyone will take it and so there will be Knox. But on the other hand if we play alongside his character it's cool we'll be able to talk with them etc but then we will have our characters to create but all will have a standard format can start. But in any case you sounds beautiful characters and I can not wait to play the first beta, see the first alphas of the game"
      3. guest-Ne3Bv87t
        You Can try to use Google translate Just like EVERY Person in non english speaking countries does (several bilions) <3. I'm not french too.
      4. Maybe he only speak french. His feedback is important for the developpers, who are...french. He said that : "I would love to play "Knox" (5) online but unfortuatly Knox is very appreciated by the community and everybody will play Knox. On the other hand it's interresting to communicate with the same character, we coul also create a differente one who at the beginning is the same for everybody (customisation). By the way the characters are wonderful and i really can't wait to play the fisrt beta, even the first alpha of the game." I try my best. Hope you will understand my english. Don't blame other people that don't know another language if you, you don't speak another one too.
        1. I am German and do understand (some) French. I just find it hindering for discussion if it is happening in several different languages. Especially since the starting post is in English here. The forums for Witcher 3 aren't filled with polish posts either. And Google Translate is often inaccurate.
      5. bruner_james
        Heres a quick and dirty google translate of what he said. Ricardo "I would have played well on the 5th but after in online I think like the 5 is already very appreciated by the bottom community everyone will take it and so there will be Knox. But on the other hand if we play alongside his character it's cool we'll be able to talk with them etc but then we will have our characters to create but all will have a standard format can start. But in any case you sounds beautiful characters and I can not wait to play the first beta, see the first alphas of the game."
      6. the studio of BG&2 is in French (Montpellier) and the team is french also. So he can write in french if he wants ;)
      7. I'm French so I could translate but I didn't even get the whole thing XD He(She ?) more or less said that the n°5, given that the whole community largely appreciates Knox, will be used by everybody online. (I didn't get the 2nd paragraph) And finally it is said "anyway your characters are wonderful and I can't wait to play to the first beta, even alpha of the game"
      8. X_MIghtyMax10
        It's coming out in 2019 or 2020
      9. X_MIghtyMax10
        I like the mechanic and looking forward to creating your own character
      10. You could just translate it... He said this: I would have played well on the 5th, but after online, I think the 5 is already very appreciated by the community down everyone will take it and so there will be Knox. But on the other hand if we play alongside his character it's cool we'll be able to talk with them etc, but then we will have our characters to create but that will all have a standard format can start. But in any case, the characters are magnificent and I can not wait to play the first beta, see the first alphas of the game
    2. Le numéro 3 est mon personnage préféré, Hybride, imposant, forte tête, il inspire le respect et la sagesse. J'aime beaucoup les hybrides et les humains augmentés avec une prothèse, qui ont l'air d'avoir vécu plusieurs vie, par contre je trouve que sur l'image, les humains ont l'air plus faible que les hybrides. L'ajout de tatouage sur le visage, bijoux, coiffure, éléments vestimentaires tribal mélangé a la piraterie serait intéressent. NOM: 5: Smartey 4: bowl 3: Mane 2: Arc 1: Seven
      1. 487/5000 Number 3 is my favorite character, Hybrid, imposing, strong head, it inspires respect and wisdom. I love hybrids and humans enhanced with a prosthesis, which seem to have lived several lives, but I find that on the picture, humans look weaker than hybrids. The addition of tattoo on the face, jewelry, hairstyle, tribal dress items mixed with piracy would be interesting. NAME: 5: Smartey 4: bowl 3: Mane 2: Arc 1: Seven
        1. I think number 4 would be interesting, because everybody In BGE2 is already animals, a disabled human man would be interesting. 3 is pretty obvious. I think a badass lynx on the game can be really cool, the black badass sheep of the cat family, bit with an emphasis personality. Another one I thought about, is a gentleman sunbird. Tiny, clever, but not a sucker. Kinda like a detective from stories/ James Bon-ish like. Can be really cool, and a nice extra for the gane
    3. Ouais mais je suis pas ur qu'on verra tous le meme perso
    4. Il n'y a pas d'online, c'est un jeu en coop
      1. DeliriousPlayer
        Si c'est online regarde les posts. Tu peux choisir d'ouvrir ta partie solo en multi et jouer avec/contre des amis
    5. Moi le personnage qui m'intéresse le plus ce serait le numéro 2.
    6. Bonjour, Moi, j'aime bien le 3e, il à l'air cérébral et charismatique.
  2. I am a woman so I always play female character if it's possible. I like to create my own character but I like your nr 2. I dream about asian female character with sniper rifle and mechanical eye or eye device and maybe mechanical never shaking arm :). She would be very sexy and badass. She could be a hybryd but I don't know is it possible to create sexy fimale hybryd :) she also could have some ninja skills.
    1. I'm a man, but I always play women on games..
      1. that's a only way to play :D
      2. Everyone has his way of playing,, this is freedom. Everyone has his own way for immersion.
      3. Im a male and i only play as males or i skip the game.
    2. Can wholeheartedly agree with this. I'm a big fan of customizable skillsets. As for the choice, I have to go with #3 here.
    3. "She could be a hybryd but I don’t know is it possible to create sexy fimale hybryd" Have you ever heard the word hentai?
    4. VerticalPants
      That looks pretty sick, hopefully I can make my character look like me and possibly put me in the game, but maybe I will be a animal who knows?
  3. There is something very compelling about character #3. He seems like this tough lion hybrid who has seen a lot in his life. He could also have a loyal side who cares about his fellow pirates. I could see him balancing his ferocity with his kindness. I love being a Khajit in ESO and Elder Scrolls Games, so for me he would be an easy pick!
    1. You get a sense of 2 sides of that character when you look at him, can imagine him being a great 'Rinehart' type tank character in missions
  4. I love number 3 and 5! I feel like the name Kaizer might suit number 3, just cause he looks like those gang leaders haha! I would definitely like to see a Lion Hybrid, it'll be interesting to see some mythical creatures!
    1. I think that #3 and #5 look great too. I think the name Kaizer also suits him well.
  5. RestInPieces057
    #3 for sure. I love that lion hybrid. Reminds me of King from Tekken.
  6. I like them all. ;) They're awesome especially 1, 3 and 5. :D
  7. character 3 looks amazing but the others look very good too . I really cant wait to play this game
  8. My favorite is the woman in the number 2 spot. I love everything about her; her style, her gun, even her stance. I always like playing as a woman because I am one and there's too many man main characters. I'd love to be able to create my own character but, if not, I can DEFINITLEY see myself having hella fun tearing up the solar system as her. I also REALLY like the tiger/man in the 3rd spot. I'd love to see more animal/human crossbreeds, but exotic ones, like a zebra or a panther, and now that I think about it, an elephant-man. That would be so amazing!
    1. exactly what i thought the first time i saw the characters! We don't need to say the same thing twice ;)
    2. VerticalPants
      Too many man main characters? What about Laura Croft, Sunset Overdrive, every elder scrolls game, Uncharted the lost legacy? Just to name a few.
  9. Number 3. He is "Tiger from the Woods", born on a Forest-Planet and was working as a lumberjack but never gets anykind of Name, so he was always called "Wood" after he was joining the Space-Monkeys.
  10. Flamehero6106
    All characters look amazing! If I have to choose, my favorite are no. 5 and 2; least favorite are no. 1 and 4. It would be even better if we could use characters or specific species that showed up in the first game, like rhino people or shark people! Alpha team and the IRIS network could be delightful as well! It would also be super cool if you include easter eggs of characters from different video games, like Assassin's Creed series, etc. Thank you for making a sequel for this beautiful game! Thank you Ubisoft and BGE2 team!
    1. All look amazing great detail. I would like to see and play as a more human looking hybrid a mix human with tail ears claws teeth of a species, or even a hybrid mix of 2 animal species.
  11. J'aime beaucoup le singe. Son design me plait beaucoup et bizarrement me rappel Shaka Ponk. Après les autres je les aime bien sauf le n°1, je trouve que sa tête ne va pas avec son corps, il y a quelquechose qui dérange.
  12. Darkside13190
    Le numéro 3 est vraiment super au niveau du design, même si l'ajout de fourure par rapport à BGE1 a un effet surprenant sur moi! ^^ Sinon, le numéro 2 est également très bon, et le 5 aussi (mais il ne faudrait pas tomber dans l'abus de Knoxis-like). En revanche, ma seul crainte et demande est d'éviter de tomber trop facilement dans le stéréotype (ce que je ne pense pas :) ), car la force de BGE1 était que les protagonistes et civiles était tous habillé de manières "simples" avec quelques excentricités et donc parraissait réaliste et beaucoup plus naturel que les autres univers fantastiques. Mais tout de même, bravo au chara designer pour leur incroyable boulot et merci encore d'être aussi à l'écoute de la communauté!
  13. La numéro 2, j'aime bien joué une femme en général et j'aime son Design.
  14. I love character 3, quite badass :) but they are all good ! Just a shame that on the 5 first charaters, only 1 is a woman. I'd love to see a Hippo with really big guns ! Male or female.
  15. I like the number 2.I love the name Amanda and I think it combines with her. A cool hybrid would be with dogs,Like This:
  16. La ou vous êtes quand même très balèze, c'est que je me vois parfaitement bourlinguer dans l'univers avec les 5. Ils transpirent tous un truc unique, en restant dans le ton. Un hybride semblable a Mei serait surement très apprécié. Dans l'esprit, j'adorerais jouer quelqu'un de proche de Peepers, dans le style et la mentalité. Encore merci, vous êtes sur le bon chemin.
  17. Numéro 2 sans aucune hésitation! Etant une fille je suis forcément plus attirée par les personnages féminins (badasses), et j'aime vraiment son look! Ravie de pouvoir suivre l'évolution de BGE 2, un vrai bonheur, merci de nous faire partager tout ça!
  18. I will choose number 3 because he looks very "badass" and also the number 5, i think it must be funny to play with him. Futhermore, i see the number 4 like the deputy chief of the crew :)
  19. I'm torn between 2 and 3. I'm always up for a female character in games, and this one looks confident, maybe even a bit cocky, but can handle herself. Would be nice to see that not her only skill is with firearms, but also some form of martial arts. Nr. 3 is big, menacing, has a nice touch of danger around him, maybe a leader type. I'm thinking he can really pack a punch and have some awesome strength. Definitely two characters I would have on my side.
  20. En se remémorant un peu le premier jeu, pouvoir jouer un personnage ressemblant à un rhinocéros (Mamago ), ou même avec des vêtements tels que les sections alphas ou style double H !
  21. They look super cool! My favourite is no. 2, I am female and typically prefer playing female characters, but she also seems the most hero like to me if that makes sense. The pose, the weapon as well, and just her over all look My second favourite is no. 3 because he looks super badass and like a cool take on a feline hybrid. People always make them look cute and pristine instead of badass and weathered, so this is a cool change. No. 5 is cool too, also because he already has a bit of an established personality but the pose, clothing etc makes him look unique. I wouldn't play 1 or 4 I think but I appreciate that they're not super pretty looking, I think games could use some normal looking people too. What I would change- perhaps more different ethnicities because the BGE world really champions those. Also some women that don't look super pretty like the men do would be cool, or female animal hybrids. I'd also give them all more jackets like no. 3 because that looks awesome. They all look really cool and have their own strong suits, awesome to see.
  22. 2 and 5 are easily my favorites, they look more fun and agile compared to the others.
  23. I love the tiger one ! But I like the monkey too. Hybrids are really my stuff in BGE, I remember Meï and I found her so beautiful and class. I think that I would love to play an hybrid character more than a human one, cause that is one of your very original feature in this game for chara design. Also, what about more female playable characters ? There just one for five... I would like to play a badass hybrid female character, with some muscles and big guns. (sexy characters are ok, but not all of them, and please think about diversity of morphology ^^) That would be cool to have some bird-hybrids too, or does the game just go around mammals ? (I remeber sharks in the first one so I think not). But yeah, more female hybrids would be really really great ! Make them badass plz !! ;)
    1. Yeah I was also kind of shocked to see that in the cinematic that all female characters had kind of the same morphotype (in short : thin, young, "sexy"). I'd like to have characters of all sizes, ages, and shapes, just for the game to feel more lively and not be too artifical or cliché (avoid the trope male : big, muscular and female : thin and sexy). And have a 50/50 balance of female and male characters of course.
  24. Le 3eme, en terme de background, a l'air plus intéressant. Il a aussi l'air d'avoir un gameplay un peu plus brutal et complémentaire avec un personnage principal un peu moins fort (un peu comme Double H avec Jade) La 2eme aussi est semble intéressante !
  25. number 1 seems like fun fellow, handy could build anything, but if i had my own hybrid i think stealthy fox for me..
  26. I really like number 3, because he looks like a grumpy old character with alot of experience and maybe a interesting backstory. It's something i would love to see in the game, characters with a in depth character and background. Also i really love his design overall. It's also a species i would love to see in the game! I wonder from what kind of culture he originates from :O
  27. Since I'm a woman, and since there aren't many female protagonist around, my vote is for the female character! Plus, she is great! I'd love to play a female hybrid. Better if feline or red panda like.
  28. Vinayak Sharma
    #3. Ironhide 1.Tough lion form outside but soft hearted from inside. 2. Experience with Heavy weapons (close combat) but can shoot average as well. 3.He is a team player but would not lead the team. 4 Add a story about his past that made him tough towards world but kind to unprivileged people. 5. Should have his own slang or a pharse(mantra) 6. Open to take side missions and side contract. 7. My Favourite would be " ironhide fights with monkeyFace all the time because monkey is waggish. I can write about them all night but I don't think someone will notice.....
  29. guest-qT1jVOEF
    Hi ! I really really like these, though i would love them even more if you can exaggerate them a bit more ( proportionally). My favorite character is the dwarf, although as i said i would love to see something like an angrier/ grumppier version of him (probably named Red bearded Fairy) since other crewmates would usually make fun of him with height jokes and red hair stereotype jokes, and that would reflect onto the character design a bit more ! Keep up the awesome work, i cant wait for this game to finish!
  30. 2 , 5 , 1 , 4 , 5 :D thats my line up :D ^^ butt nice work !!
    1. You mised 3 there. Was that on purpose?
  31. Je pense qu'il faudrait un personnage Type mi-homme m-chat. Un peu comme un Blacksad. Quelqu'un de plus mesuré que le reste de la team loufoque et qui permet de toujours retombé sur ses pattes ^^. Plus sérieusement, si c'est un personnage non jouable, je le verrais bien dans un rôle de bras droit du capitaine. Toujours le mot juste et pouvant garder son sérieux dans les moments cruciaux avec un humour très subtil. ça permettrait de contraster avec les brutes et les extravertis.
  32. Avant de me prononcer entièrement et définitivement bien sûr il faut que je connaisse le caractère des personnages et voir leur gameplay différents si ils en ont, mais à voir comme ça au jugé je penche pour le numéro 2, le 4 et le 3 ont l'air sympa aussi.
  33. As I enjoy myself playing as the lightweight, agile classes of any genre, I'm gonna go with number 3. Something to counter my play style with a guy who looks like he can take a few hits (and give them back twice as hard ;) ) I'm also enjoying the cockiness of number 2. Looks like more of a loudmouth that Nox. Great Variety of characters so far! I'm excited if there will be a robust customer character creator for the final game. Keep it up with the progress and news Space Monkey Captain and Crew :)
  34. MagicalPaladin
    Well the second seams to be awesome but i love Knoxx !
  35. Définitivement le 2ème design, c'est la badasserie incarnée ! :D Et pis elle me rappel un peu Jade, alors c'est possiblement la nostalgie qui parle x)
  36. Well the nr. 2 caught my eye because she reminds me of a girl I tried to date. She seem clever and powerfull and wisecracking - the kind that if under pressure will became angry, sarcastic, she will shout at you and curse you and all of your kin. But in the end she remains the same as at the beginning, she won't break down for anything. I think nr. 2 is a mechanical genius who wasn't educated by anybody than himself - he either makes thinks work or makes them explode. He is also very moody and aggresive and speak an accent nobody can realy understand... Not even himself. Also my opinion is, it would be way cool to have a character like goar-man samurai or warrior monk or something like that. Crawling inaccesible mountain tops with sword by his side and wise-cracking eastern philosophical quotes.
  37. I really like number 4. This kind of shabby aesthetic combined with the prothesis make him look quite sympathetic even though he also has a sense of danger surrounding him. I bet he has a lot of stories to tell and I would love to listen to them - playing him not so much. If I had to chose my player character from one of these It'd probably be No. 1. Not just does he kinda look like me (not exactly but the height seems right ^^) but he also looks pretty smart, tactical and appears to be a bit more grumpy and silent. No. 2 looks a bit too cliche to me - the face paint and the glasses make her look like a typical "tough female". Removing said accessoires would make her look more adult in my opinion. Regarding the monkey hybrid: He looks like old Knox... I wish we could see some more diversity in hybrid looks - e.g. (as a pirate crew member:) a come down banker with ripped suit and a grumpy attitude. Please make hybrids as diverse as humans! The tiger looks awesome. Period.
  38. Character 1 speaks to me, with being the shortest and most Dwarf like he seems like a very interesting character to be, all look amazing and with all there own personalities, I think the first character though seems like a a jolly type of character with how he looks and would be quite adept with technology, he could possibly of been not exactly a hybrid but a character that had gone though a number of gruelling experiments, is love to see great depth in all these characters that we can discover whether it's through playing as them or along side them, I am so very excited for this game and happy to be part of the Space Monkey Program to help with development of this great game! I hope my input will help
  39. Number 3 looks like your tough-as-nails, go to guy for battle strategy and combat advice XD Hopefully we'll be able to make awesome feline characters like him :)
  40. Orig SpaceMonkey
    Ummmm, what else do we know about these characters... besides what they look like and what little we saw of #5? We're suppose to tell you who our favourite is when we don't know if they all play/control the same? If they are different in control and play the same (which is a safe assumption), what are their specialties? What are their personalities? I realize this was suppose to be fun, but based on the questions asked from whoever posted this, I see there's a bit of a focus group thing going on. Which also tells me this game is FAR from done. Based on assumptions from the image, I like the gun on #2, so I'll choose her.
  41. character 5 looks badass and quirky and also character 3 is also badass in a serious way the two characters when team up I think is fantastic
  42. prendsunechips
    Je choisirais la 2eme, par nostalgie pour Jade. Beyond Good & Evil c'est typiquement le genre de jeu qui se doit de mettre en valeur des héros féminins, et au-delà du côté badass y'aurait moyen de développer sa personnalité de manière à la rentre attachante et complexe. J'hésiterais aussi avec le 3, mais l'hybride avec un tigre me bloque un peu, je verrais un autre animal à la place. Le 4eme est celui que j'aime le moins, j'ai l'impression que mis à part l'aspect bourru/alcoolique on pourra pas trop lui prêter beaucoup d'intérêt. Ca reste intéressant toutefois de nuancer un peu le côté héroïque des protagonistes et leur prêter quelques névroses, quand bien même les personnages étaient relativement enfantins dans le premier. Merci à vous en tout cas !
  43. I'm caught between fascination with 2 and 3. As a male gamer, I play with the confidence and ferocity of a tiger in shooters, but I'll gladly switch roles to adapt to changing game situations. If 2 plays anywhere as cool, independent, and fearless as Jade, I'll gladly adopt her as my new favorite.
  44. My favourite is nr 4. My second favourite is 2, then 3, 5, and 1. It's a bit of a close one for me between 2 and 4. 2 is very sexy and cool looking, but in the end it has to be 4. He looks alot like Michael Madsen in Kill Bill. Really love his rundown look, and that leg looks like there's alot of history to him.
  45. la 2 ou le 3 ou 5 mais un de ses trois la qui me paraisse plus fun pouvoir jouer les 3 un peu comme GTA 5 serait génial
  46. therealevilbill
    I'm particularly in love with number 2 and number 4. I love that both of these designs are somewhat imperfect. The characters are asymmetric and their outfits reflect their lifestyle - clearly being a space pirate is a hard life. The modern take on the peg-leg for number 4 is awesome and number 2 whilst beautiful is clearly not to be trifled with. Both of these characters look like they could be heroes OR villains and this is something I loved in the original Beyond Good & Evil - it suggests we should not judge people on their appearances. A hint of moral ambiguity lends itself to the tone of the game as well as stops the characters ever approaching cliché, predictable territory.
  47. #1 is my absolute favorite. I love the way you mixed the classic biker look with the one of a norse mythoogy dwarf. I'd picture him as being impulsive and rugged, with no fear of using violence to solve his problems. At the same time he would have conflicting and somewhat conservative opinions compared to the other characters and a gigantic ego. He'd be the silent type, while from time to time showing elements of out-of-fashion yet useful wisdom.
    1. KingOfDwarfs
      YES!! Another person that like #1 most comments ive seen are about #2 or #4, i love the Dwarf looking character he seems like he will be a very interesting character to play or play along side with
  48. I like them all, but the idea of a character creation to be a cadet on the ships / work your way through the ranks speaks to me. It would be cool if the characters above were archetypes, that you could align yourself with for a particular specialization. I think number 3 and 2 are my favorite though :)
  49. Le 3 excellent , l'homme animale !!!!!
  50. Personally I love character #2. She looks like a strong and badass female character and even though I'm a male, it's great to see some strong female characters in the game. As for her name I think Valerie is quite fitting since the name represents strength and health.
  51. For me numbers 2 and 4 looks too garbage-style. I mean if its future of our world (even of different version of it) and past of BGE1, how can it be so bad that u cant even buy a normal clothes? Even for pirates. And what happened to the colores? In the first game each place, each character had it's own color. Here i can see only orange, brown and yellow. A color combo that makes everything looks brown. Don't do it pls. Add more colors. Thx.
  52. I personally would like to play a character which has similar attributes or a similar feeling to Jade from the original first BG&E. I really like last character though. It would be cool if every pirate character had it's own special ability.
  53. Moi perso je jouerais le 2 elle a l'aire bien cool et barré, je n'en connais rien encore mais je l'adore déjà ;-)
  54. It is hard to even start comparing when the characters are so different. Number 1 looks very generic. A steampunk version of a dwarf, just that. #2 is very neat, the outfit is practical and seems comfy, it also seems to be something she could make by herself. However, I don't think the bulky arms fit the character, I mean you sure need some strength at battle but those guns are huge. #3 almost roars with the good backstory, like he's this big guy everyone distrusts and tells made-up stories about, but turns out to have a big heart. #4 is probably the funniest with the bottle and this expression. Cpt Jack Sparrow of scavengers, perhaps? I also like the prosthetic leg and it would be so cool if we could upgrade it. #5...well, I'm not really a fan of Knox so far, so I don't have much to say about this one. In terms of character design, #3 wins. Still, I think I'd play as #2.
  55. Why there are no woman hybrids? I don't remember seeing any since the trailer, we need that. Also more ethnicities, BGE was always good about that. For my main character, I would like to be a deer or otter, or another water mammal, hybrid! Please, don't just do cis men hybrids, that would be terrible.
  56. I like #2 she looks badass and i deff want to join her on the team
  57. Personally I would choose n°2 or 5. We feel a strong personality and at the same time a form of lack of experience in piracy, which would match to the start of the game. Just my feeling ;-)
  58. Number 5 is my favorite, but if i were to rank them, he would probably be followed by 2, 3, 1 and lastly 4. I think our dear monkey is a cool character and i really want to know more about him, but in general, i am more for the characters personalities and story so i don't really care how they look. The only one i am not too fond of is nr.4 cause he looks like he's on stuff, but in general, i dont really mind any of the characters ^^
  59. Number 1 for me, he looks fun I don't like number 4 hairstyle though
  60. Si c'est pour vous donner un favori, j'aimerais avant tout essayer de leur donner un nom à chacun : 1. Jarvis, ou communément appelé Dead Shot car il ne rate jamais sa cible ! Bien que petit, il peut s'infiltrer facilement dans les endroits étroits et est un très bon pilote de chasse. Proficient avec un jetpack, il peut tirer facilement sur plusieurs cibles en mouvements du haut des airs ! 2. Clara, principale mécano du vaisseau, elle sait très bien se défendre et ne perd jamais la chance de donner son opinion au capitaine du vaisseau. 3. Kai, appelé aussi Griffe Ardente. Autrefois mercenaire, il est devenu membre à part entière de l'équipage après avoir été redevable au capitaine pendant une certaine mission. Son passé est quand même assez flou et il ne parle pas beaucoup. 4. Karl, ou l'As du volant. Pilote principal du vaisseau, il aime bien décompresser après une dure journée de travail à jouer au jeu de palettes avec les autres membres de l'équipage. A un sérieux problème d'Alcool, mais suit une détox tous les jeudis. Sa botte secrète se cache effectivement dans sa botte, puisque sa jambe est en fait un fusil à plasma, au cas où les choses tourneraient au vinaigre ! 5. Je l'appellerais Jax, sauvé par le capitaine à un très jeune âge d'une famille qui ne cessait de le maltraiter (c'est aussi là qu'il a hérité de son language particulier), il est celui qui amène la bonne humeur au sein de l'équipe. Tacticien aux idées tordues, il n'a pas peur de se lancer dans des missions dangereuses tout en échafaudant des plans originaux. Si j'avais à voter, je voterais pour le numéro 3, puisque son design laisse présager un personnage agressif, communiquant plutôt avec ses actions que ses mots, mais qui pourrait cacher un passé et une histoire intéressante qu'on pourrait découvrir tout au long de l'aventure.
  61. Le personnage "numéro 2" sans aucune hésitation ! Le côté nostalgique surement ! Mais le look est parfais et puis BGE c'est avant tout "Une" héroïne... et de géniaux personnages qu'elle rencontre ou l'accompagne dans la quête de la vérité.
  62. J'aimerais beaucoup un hybride humain-Grenouille. Ca manque de grenouille le monde de BGE :)
  63. The 1 Dwarf is cool but i would like to play a Walrus like the merchant of BGE 1 or a Rasta Rhino from Mamago . And to help for the sex parity beetween characters i think a female Gazelle can be really cool.
  64. Number 1 seems to be a bit to generic for my taste number 2 looks cool and is my fav from the bunch and the one i would play atm. number 3 is the runner up for me, seems like an old washed up military dude and look cool. number 4 seems to be a bit boring except the missing foot. number 5 looks okey :) hope that helps , keep up the good work
  65. #2 looks good, as looks #3, but I feel #2 falls a bit into the cliche "strong female protagonist" category so I feel she would only work with a strong original backstory. #3 I think could be great in a sort of mentor role but if he wouldbe an action hero he'd be fairly boring.
  66. 5! But it's cheating because he got super characterized in the E3 video. I like the cybernetic leg on 4, but otherwise he looks a little too present-day / stands out too much from the others. Maybe it's the jeans and tank top? But if that same outfit were on a hybrid I'm not sure I'd notice. I'd be super hyped to see rhinos or any hybrids that were in the lighthouse in BG&E. (Goat comes to mind as one. I can't remember any of the other orphans off the top of my head.)
  67. 2, 3 and of course 5 all appeal to me design-wise. As far as characters I'd love to see the return of the shark-people from the first game. It would be really interesting to see them rendered in a more details way. I'd also love to have a capra-sapien character around, always thought their design was very cool.
  68. Number 4 looks too realistic, in a weird way did you post a real picture for his face?! Or is the engine THAT good?? Anywho, number 4 is the obvious choice! Go Knoxi :D
  69. Number 1 and 4 look like they would be funny characters. Number looks to be the serious type, but ends up in funny situations due to his height. Number 4 is just your funny drunk who keeps tripping over his peg-leg. They all look like good characters and I can't wait to see how they grow and form relationships with us and the other crew members.
  70. James Alan Wilhelm
    Number 3. Looks like a bad hombre who's seen some stuff and been through even more stuff. Had to grow up living hard but deep down he's just a soft gentle giant pussy cat. So his personality is a guy who does some harsh gruff things because he knows how to survive and doesn't really like a lot of people but if he does warm up to you and is your friend he'll go the extra mile for you always. Number 2 is a runner up after number 3. A rebel who lived life on edge and got comfortable with the life style. After that number 1. What I think Peter Dinklage would be in beyond good and evil 2. Cool adventure seeking dwarf that will pop you in the face with his single handed shotgun if you tick him off too much.
  71. La jambe bionique peut donner un avantage au 4ème, mais le 3ème est vraiment le plus classe d'après moi! Pour le déplacement le singe est le meilleur si les autres n'ont pas le gant et le jetpack. SInon la 2ème est sympa et le premier me fait penser à Tyrion Lannister. Du coup, il me faut au moins 5 parties pour tout tester :) The bionic leg on number 4 can give him an edge, but the third one is really the coolest looking! Movement-wise the monkey's the best if the other ones don't have the gauntlet and jetpack. Otherwise: 2nd one looks nice and the first reminds me of Tyrion Lannister... Sooo I'd need 5 games to try them all out :)
  72. From what I've seen now the game allows you to play different kind of styles. I think I would prefer to play a stealthy/sniper kind of style so I think the 2nd character would fit that best judging by looks.
  73. J'adore les personnages 3 et 4.. Le 3ème me rappelle le lion du Magicien d'Oz mais piqué au stéroïdes hahaha. J'ai hâte de découvrir son histoire. Le 4ème semble tout droit sorti de Mad Max !!! Son côté Bad Boy tournant au whisky me plaît beaucoup ;)
  74. I'm undecided between numbers 2 and 5, I like both of them. The face of number 2 seems to have an aggressive and provocative character, typical of the pirates. Number 5, Knox, I see him as the classic pirate who expresses his folly while keeping an amusing profile, tackling everything with enthusiasm and sarcasm, and being a monkey, he tends to exalt better these two aspects because the apes Are very curious beings and thanks to this curiosity they approach anything with a spirit of entrepreneurship and excitement. I think number 2 and number 5 are key characters, only to look at them, they express two fundamental sides that can not be missed in piracy. Number one does not like much, while the 3rd has the air to be the wicked pirate of the crew and I do not know if it's a good thing, such a bad face could make that person an outcast because it would be scared too much. But it is also true that the appearance deceives, but certainly with a similar face it is difficult to become friends, you can only receive respect but as friendship and unification I see it tough and this would be a disadvantage for a group of pirates because The pirates worked team and he could be cut off and risk being dry in a critical situation. On the other hand, the 4th reminds me of one of those hypocritical pirates who spend time getting drunk and joking, focusing on minimal levels of relationship with the rest of the crew and such an individual does not enjoy a good reputation in a pirate crew. Returning to number 1, I will be short, he is the personification of the will. People with nanism are seen as weak elements of society and unable to get used to it, but in this case, a pirated dwarf would show the opposite and see that even this kind of people, if they want, can get ahead in society and get heard . I conclude the discussion by saying that I like the numbers 2 and 5 very much. Byeeee! :D
  75. Dyssidia.Skadi
    I love the number 2 and 3. The 2nd because I love have female characters in a game and she looks like a girl with a lot of character and a fighter. The 3rd it looks like a tiger and looks really amazing, shows strength and I feel like is loyal to the group. I don't know about the names, but the one of the girl could be Blair (i know it's unisex) or maybe Thyra. I'm a norse warrior lover so I always put those kind of names xD
  76. Michael Bauer
    My favorite, of the ones shown, is definitely number 4 because of his missing foot. When you look it it begs the question "well what happened to his foot?" in which there is most likely a story to that and things like that, those small details that have grandiose stories are my reason for playing games. I personally am a fan of creating ones own character, though I was a tad shocked when that was stated to be the case for BGE2, but I could see number 4 being either a contact for missions, that guy who sits at the back of the pub with a bottle of whiskey, or a second in command for the players crew. Great job guys!
  77. Number two Lady should be named Ceelah and act like a little childish in attitude but brutal in fights, professional assasin like in the use of many weapons but at the same time use them as they were child toys. The Tiger man looks like a brute but he should be a smart engineer also or something like that. Tigers are wild but soft heartness would be a good match with it. Hi should be named Raa'R.
  78. i like alot the number 3 !
  79. What about the awesome cool black woman in the E3 trailer? I say make her the main character and call it a day. Or Number 2 from this lineup. But definitely should be female. Or create-your-own-character.
  80. Just love the 3rd one, looks a lot like a leader of the team
  81. deathpedestrian
    2 and 3 look the most interesting in personality, assumed gameplay, and general looks!
  82. I'd definitely go for number 2. We need more badass female characters in gaming, and Beyond is definitely the right IP to give us more.
  83. Je pense que tous les personnages peuvent être intéressants. En fait tout dépend du comportement et du caractère du personnage, ce qui le défini vraiment plus que son physique. C'est l'attitude et l'histoire du personnage qui fait tout son charme.
  84. #2 looks badass! We saw #5 in the trailer and I really loved how carefree he is. They all look rad. Can't wait to see them in action!
  85. #3 looks like my kind of character. He's feline and huge, at least compared to those around him (I like to feel tall). All of the designs look great, 2 seems to be a crowd favorite and I can see why. Maybe more of a variety of body types for female characters, though? All the ones I've seen have been a little short and thin, but the prosthetics are nice!
  86. 3-4-2-5-1 apres a voir si il y a des spécificités sur chaque perso ou pas. Et pour du multi faire des perso entierement personnalisable serait vraiment cool !!!
  87. Number 5 obviously but after that: Number 3 looks incredibly cool. The combination of the tiger face with the leather jacket just matches so well and he might actually be one of the most badas looking videogame characters i've ever seen! I must be honest I don't really like the other ones too much, they feel "forced" to look edgy/different. I hope not all characters will be this extraordinary looking, if all of them look special, none of them look special. Don't forget some normal characters (like double H and single H from BGE1) can be awesome as well.
  88. All of them have great design. also I like seeing hybrids and non-humans in games, but I always prefer to play as human and have contact with other races! so from this list with this in my mind I pick No.2, about her name i think of Ashley maybe ... My second pick would be No.5, Knox, as I know his characteristics from the trailer, he looks fun and that voice acting was perfect! The third one would be No.3, He looks so angry and tanky, and the way he is looking is cool! No.4 looks fun and also psycho, Drunk lord maybe :D and the last one from this list No.1 . He looks cool, but not as the others for me! maybe a bit more dwarf style for him would be better! longer beard and some muscle. and is it possible to see some characters from the past? like medieval setting?! it would be cool if they are some with those period style!
  89. I usually don't play as female character but I love the design of #2. I especially love how her clothes looks, with the ragged trousers and the jacket. I wonder if there are gonna be characters among those we can recruit (or play as) who will give a less "piratey" vibe though. What I'm saying is I hope we will see some unconventional character-design for the pirates, character who looks like Ming-Tzu in BG&E1, who seemed really nice and innocent but who still worked with the IRIS network. And I also hope we will see the return of the Walrus Sapiens. Also, I see a lot of comment written in french. Can we safely post our comments in French and be sure they'll be read? Of course the dev team is french but I prefer to ask just to be sure. Thank You anyway.
  90. 3 defintely looks the best, not a fan of 1 and 4 though, theyre a little too plain.
  91. i like number 1 and 5. For the number 5 it's obvious but the number one remind me the Dwarf of the diferent fantasy world like The lord of the ring and I love dwarf and i find it funny to play someone like in the lord of the ring in a futurist universe.
  92. 2 3 4 seems cool and freaking badass !!! we already know 5 of course, i'm not a big fan of 1, but that's just me. I love to play female characters so 2 is my favourite, but 3 would be a favourite too.
  93. A great team - they feel very balanced... Number 1 could have a bit more of a belly on him though, perhaps some longer hair to accompany the beard length too. Love number 2's makeup. It would be great to see some more variations of it - it adds a dash of style to quite a tough persona. Number 3 is clearly the Captain - are there any other pirate motifs that could be used other than skull and bones? What about an alien skull (and bones)? Love number 4's expression, reminds me of Mickey Rourke - tough guy but heart of gold maybe? Love the techno peg leg. Not sure about too many pairs of blue jeans though. It feels too grounded in 21st century earth. I'm sure there are other fashion staples that will reach the future generations. What about some stripy (subtle/faded) pirate trousers? And number 5 is already turning into a classic - perhaps a different pair of trousers and a bolder t-shirt. Is there any thought to introducing some asian influence in the clothing? The clothes still feel stuck in the 20th/21st century west. The environments echo India and other parts of asia, so why not the apparel too? Pirates used to wear all sorts of clothing that they picked up on their travels across the East. They dressed like they didn't give a damn about the social norms/conventions they left behind. I think these characters should reflect the diversity of Earth and perhaps be a bit more daring visually. Anarchy with a touch of style! Keep up the great work guys! x
    1. #4 also made me think about Bill's brother in the Kill Bill movies.
  94. So, because I'm always pro female characters, I'd like to give my thoughts on Nr 2. From her stance and the way she tilts her head up to basically look down on us, I imagine her to be the kind of person who doesn't want anybody to underestimate her just because she's a woman. With the goggles and her clothes she could be an engineer, and when she goes out with her hoverbike to buy some parts and tools she needs, she would be like: "I need this, this, oh, and that over there. And don't even think about scamming me with the price, otherwise you'll see that this gun isn't just for showing off!" But other than being tough, she would always have some good advice for the other crewmembers if they needed it.
  95. 5 or 1 as a female, if at all possible! Really though, it depends a lot on if they are bound to certain fighting styles. I prefer either casters or high damage physical characters. If the ethnicity of each character locks in a certain fighting style, then I'm more likely to pick a certain character for that rather than its race.
  96. I love number 2!! More women please!! And number 3 looks awesome too, love those 2 the most.
  97. 3 & 4 c'est les Chewie et Han Solo de l'univers BGE ^^ Sinon, je serai trop content de revoir les Rasta-Rhinos de chez Mammago X) Après dans BG&E1, j'ai adoré les hybrides Requins (Rufus et Françis), vache (Mo), chat (Mei), ... Tous en fait donc ramenez-les !!! Après, je serais curieux de voir un hybride élephant :o
    1. Je dis oui ! On veut revoir les rhinos !
  98. Number 1. He strikes me as a genuinely trustworthy guy to hang out with, a true friend. Plus there's not a lot of dwarf characters in video games. 2 and 3 are tied for second because they both evoke hardened, thuggish qualities of a pirate. They get the job done, one way or another. Original characters I would like to see in BGE2: Well if there is no character customization, I would love to play as a space cowboy kind of character, with one or two cybernetics. He would be a gun slinging type of pirate, complete with a cutlass at his side. And for a character to encounter, I'd like to see kangarooo hybrid outlaw, a real wild gunslinger.
  99. Jade Domingos
  100. Well just as everyone else, i really like number 3. If i have to choose another one, it would be number 4. He looks like a guy who gets the job done eventhough he is drunk all the time. That's the vibe i get from him. Number 5 is a must have, since we saw his temperament. He is quite the funny guy. For the players who want to go through the game without multiplayer, he will be a good companion. And if we want to play him, that's even better, considering his potential gameplay, with his "super-hand". Number 1 and 2 seem like cool characters. I would like to see what they can do :D En français : Bah comme tout le monde, j'aime vraiment bien le numéro 3. Si je dois en choisir un autre, je dirais le numéro 4. Il a l'air d'un mec qui fait le taff même si il a constamment 3 grammes d'alcool par litre de sang. C'est l'impression que j'ai en le voyant. Le numéro 5 me semble capital pour le jeu, surtout depuis qu'on a vu son caractère. Il y a moyen de le rendre franchement divertissant. Pour les joueurs qui veulent faire le jeu en solo, il fera un super compagnon. Si on veut le jouer, c'est encore mieux, étant donné le gameplay potentiel qui va avec sa super main-grapin. Les numéros 1 et 2 ont l'air intéressant. J'aimerai bien voir ce dont ils sont capables :D
  101. Bon, bah comme le numéro 2 est une humaine, ça me plait bien, maintenant je dois avouer que le numéro 3 a beaucoup de charisme je trouve ! En ce qui concerne de les avoir dans mon crew : je les accepte tous !
  102. 3 for sure, the design is fantastic, and well balanced :)
  103. I like 'em. favourites in order (most-least): 3, 5, 2, 4, 1 3 - gruff no-nonsense Siberian tiger... names: maybe Mikhail? Alexander? 5 - liked Knox in the trailer 2 - games need more cool female characters 4 & 1 - seem a little generic maybe but with a cool story & personality could be good Would prefer 3, 5, 4 and 1 as NPC secondary characters, not avatars. As an avatar I would prefer 2.
  104. I really like the Design, but I would prefer if the colors would be more individual on each character, like it have been with Jade.. Also the guns are too much because this is not beyond good and evil anymore
  105. I have to say that I think they ALL look fantastic and intriguing. Obviously the tiger-hybrid seems the most interesting and the fact that he seems to have a good backstory. Him being an ex-slave fighter and all. Personally I would love to have a black panther hybrid, or a cheetah or even a wolf-hybrid but, I also believe in the logical sense of the hybrids. You mentioned that they were created because they could withstand harsh environments so, for the sake of "realism", I would say having animals that already deal with harsh environments. Once group of animals that already come to mind are the insanely alien-like animals that already dwell within the depths of Earth's oceans. Giant Spider Crab. ... Atlantic Wolffish Pair. ... Fangtooth Fish. ... Six-Gill Shark. ... Giant Tube Worms. ... Vampire Squid. ... Pacific Viperfish. These animals already prove how their could be life in the most extreme environments. Also Desert animals like camels and certain lizards would be a great choice. Personally I would also love to see a chameleon hybrid that maybe can change it's color as well to camouflage and express it's emotions. I own a pitbull terrior so, again for me personally, maybe something as simple as a dog or cat hybrid *cough cough* (BGE1). Thats all I can think of for now but I'll think of more =) p.s. everyday builds up more excitement about this game because of your interactions with fans. GOOD LUCK AND GREAT JOB GUYS!
  106. Aussi, je trouve que croiser des hybrides en fonction des lieux pourrait être une bonne idée. Bon je sais très bien qu'on rencontrera des hybrides là où se trouvent les déchets d'astéroïdes et j'attaque certainement quelque chose que vous avez déjà calculé et prévu. Mais on pourrait aussi en trouver "par thèmes". Par exemple, ça a déjà été fait dans d'autres jeux, mais il serait possible de croiser des hybrides panda au niveau des temples dans lesquels vivent les moines. On pourrait trouver des hybrides loups dans les montagnes ou dans la toundra. Ce genre de choses pourrait également s'imaginer avec des ours dans les forêts, des fenecs dans le déserts, etc... Et les villes s'étaient un genre de mélange cosmopolite du fait des commerces qu'elles entretiennent.
  107. Number 2 is the best one by far for me. The character really gives an adventurous atmosphere, an ability to go anywhere, whenever. And in these 5, she's also the sole female model ! As a male player, I often play the female models because I think the male models are too much on the muscular sterotype, like a GoW Kratos. This model does not feel 'light' or 'weak' in the slightest yet feels relatable. My other pick would be number 3 which is a bit on the overbuff that I described just before but it's a tiger so that's fine ! :D
  108. Character number 2 for sure !
  109. All except number 2, who is too generic
  110. Isabelle Lokker
    Loving the line-up, yet I would love another female character. The female character in this line-up is really toyboy'ish and I would love to see more feminine pirates (that's possible, yes!) I vote for more female!
  111. PaganButterfly8
    #2 reminds me of the actress Fairuza Balk. She's got that punk rock "don't give a $h*t" kind of attitude to her. I would for sure play as her!
  112. I hope there will be Furries and Cat/Neko Girls :D
  113. isabelleantonia
    More female characters!
  114. guest-DBhfN2cs
    I love the 2, that female badass character is awesome and the clothe style is perfect to me.
  115. snakecharme69
    Number 3 looks cool. I would take him to my team as a brawler or a way to intimidate others (if that would be an option). Number 5 i would take on some more stealthy heist or something. Also it would be nice to see chameleon hybrid for stealthy approach or rhino hybrid as a tank :P I like to play differently and on some missions i like stealthy approach, on others i like to go guns blazing and i also like sniping. I really enjoy precise and effective shooting. C:
  116. snakecharme69
    Also yeah, more female characters :P And I'm interested how you'll handle female hybrids c:
  117. I like the design of 2 but she look like a snob so my choice will go for 3, as for his name. Tiger is considered as the kind of the jungle in india and china so it will make sense if his name is something close to it, r you can name it after Shive a indhu divinity who is associated to the tigers. Then again you could always choose to just give him a surname B.B ( blue blood ) or something like that. In any case when i will play the game i must make 2 playtrough one as a human and one as an hybrid and when i will take an hyrbid i will choose this guy.
    1. AGREED! First play through will probably be human. Second will by hybrid.
  118. 1 seems a little boring...the standard dwarf with some modern clothes. The beard, hat over his eyes a bit, attitude. Seems stereotypical in a sense for a dwarf but what else can you do? Actually, a thought. What if he were using cybernetic/prostetic legs, arms, or a frame to stretch certain dimensions while maintaining an overall dwarf body? Could be interesting. 2: Clearly rough and tumble, coveralls, looks like a good engineer or pilot perhaps. Toned and no-nonsense attitude. A good character on appearance. If she had a good personality too she could be iconic. 3: Clearly the outlier, lots of character, begging to tell a story. Would stand out in any crowd. 4: an interesting fellow with the obvious "Stiletto" prosthetic. Lackadaisical while the others are more severe. But the bloodied knuckles and entirely comfortable stance with a weapon rigged seems like a man who would make great friends but the worst kind of enemy. 5: Of course our protagonist thus far. A good design that I feel the dwarf fellow could take some notes from. The cybernetic fist clashes with the rest of the low-tech looking almost western gunslinger belt, on more neutral even kinda hobo-clothes. What I'd like to see: Exotic species maybe. A hybrid of a Maned wolf with elegant, overly long limbs and confidence akin to 2 or 4. Someone who mixes the grace of a deer with the cunning of a fox and the ferocity when roused of a wolf. Maybe more designs that appear someone had a profession before they became a pirate. Worn mercenary, overly excited medic, a cunning businessman who negotiates deals for the crew with his two peice suit looking a little worse for wear, but a predatory grin and space-monocle. Hulking hybrid woman who might make 3 appear normal sized when standing next to him.
  119. I Realy like the third guy. He looks like an old piriate who always pass his life on ship. He always talk about he's past life and be easy to be angry. I see him in the crew, to lead a little group in the mechanic section of the ship. But i think, a playable character like him can be intersting. A big old hybrid guy who compare the situation with is past life, a guy who prefer the old technology beacause he don't trust the new generation. I know it was already done but it's a sure value. They are all seems good, we can say that game gonna be awesome!
  120. Real_Isabellone
    I always liked the animal hybrids so my favorite pick is number 3! Looks like a furious pirate crew member and it's nice to see a "predator" hybrid since most of the characters before were only pigs, goats or other rather "harmless" animals. Name...hmm...i'd go for something like "Andrius" or "Adrastos" or "Tharin" or "Thenebos" maybe. Keep it up,those look awesome!
  121. tythedesigner
    I personally could care less about the human characters. Playing as a customizable hybrid is what I'm looking forward to in this game. That being said, Knox is still my favorite between the two. But that's mostly because I prefer monkeys/apes over tigers, lions, etc. An elephant hybrid would be my first choice for sure though.
  122. 3 looks awesome! Think he'd be a cool tank sort of character to have as part of the crew. I can imagine 1 would get very cranky when you mention his height... 4 could be a fantastic character to do games on the ship like coconut shy! 2 looks cool, she'd need more personality to make her as interesting as everybody else to be honest. Knoxy looking cool as usual - viva la hybrid revolution! Brilliant work, keep it up guys, enjoying the dialogue :P
  123. #1 because it reminds me the most about he first game #2 because i could imagine she would be a badass like jade
  124. RadikalPikmin
    All the characters look pretty good but I really like the first one (n1).
  125. The third one looks amazing to me. I see him as a grumpy old dude waiting for a bottle of jack and staying alone in a corner of a old bar ( like the shark dude in akuda bar, from the first episode ). I want to know his story !
  126. Jacob Neessen
    I like them all, but particularly number 2 and 3. I could see them as my trusted crewmates. The human characters look very cool, but for my own character I'm much more interested in the hybrids. My personal top 5 wishlist for animals to make hybrid characters with would be; 1. Racoon. In pretty much any game where you can make your own character, I like to make comic book inspired heroes. So in a game about animal hybrid space pirates, not being able to make an homage to Rocket Racoon would seem like a wasted opportunity :) 2. Elephant. Seeing the huge Ganesha statue, gave me an idea for a character I'd like to play. A really smart elephant hybrid. Kinda following the trope of the big imposing character, who prefers to use intellect to solve problems, rather than brute force. I feel like that would be a really fun character to roleplay. 3. Shark or Orca. The shark guy from the trailer and concept art, just looks really good. I could see myself playing as something like that. 4. Buffalo or Ram. Basically a large mammel with horns. Something minotaur-esque would make for a badass space pirate. 5. Iguana. Or any kind of lizard really, I just find iguanas to be the most visually pleasing lizard.
  127. All of them look amazing but my favorites are number 2 and number 3. Abou the names i was thinking Abe for number 3, a simplistic name, and Kivumbi , which means Dust in suaíli, cuz she looks like she is able to dust anyone who messes with her. And i would like to play with both hybrid and Human characters
  128. I really like #3, although I normally play the more quick and agile characters. I just think his design is really unique! I like a lot of what I've seen in the videos you've been posting as well. A lot of hybrids that I would never have thought of. Are there any larger hybrids? Something like a dragon or whale? thoughts. Hoping to play this when it comes out, but that'll depend on the platforms availability. Thanks for all of the hard work and I love this SM idea, it's great to be involved.
  129. I love playing with female character! 2 is what im expecting, but Knox got me so amazed by his personality!! I'd love to see everyone of bge1 but I dont know who to expect, in fact bge2 will be a prologue But everything till now look awesome, keep up with the good work
  130. The 3 is really cool he shows very well the force of lions and the 5 very funny and 2is cool to but 1 have'nt lot of details that he is not pretty and the 4 hasn't lots of details to but it is a good idea this one.
  131. The design of the hybrids are awesome! I like that they still look so much like humans, just some characteristics of the animal that they are mixed with. Cool stuff! I love 2, 3 and 5 :)
  132. Number 3 is really badass, and i would like to have it in my crew. He look like an old warrior who have seen everything. I also like number 2 : punky woman and 5 : similar to knox and i really like knox.. The design of all character is different and it's good none look like another one. Someone are normal, another show scare and have some prothesis to replace what they lost. All give different history just by looking how they are and this is great. When i look at all this guys i think the number 3 is the boss, the 4 the pilote and mechanic, number 2 the hacker, number 1 the shooter and the 5 the joker ^^ all in the Twilight tigers crew.
  133. steve.macqueen
    ranked vote: 2, 1, 3, 5, 4
  134. Great artworks so far, I'm loving the style ! Each of them have a character that gets out of the picture, a personality... but honestly, the number 2 and 3 are those that captive all my attention on the screen. The girl have this look on her face that just tell me "who's next ?", she seems to be the kind of character that love to bring some chaos... and, I don't know why, but I see her playing with all that makes a big "BOOM". As for the number three, not only is he a new species for the universe of "Beyond Good and Evil", but what's more captivating, is that he imposes respect, and a feeling of dread... An old captain ( 60 years old, maybe younger ? ) that have seen and surely done bad stuff, lost a lot during his life, like his left forearm ( seems mechanical, can't be sure )... I see him as someone who care for his crew as his family, his children and brothers / sisters ; someone that you don't want to face frontally, or unprepared... don't know yet if he's an antagonist or protagonist, but having him in our collimator would be bad. As for potencial characters to discover in the future, I would love to see the return of the "Goat Hybrids" or "Cat Hybrids" ( Meï from Iris Network, I didn't forget her ^^ ), as well as other human like that orphan girl, with a pale blue skin, Yoa... Oh ! And that might be a little tricky, but... bah, let's post the idea anyway : I wonder what would look like a bunny Hybrid. Anyway, thank you guys for all this work during all these years ! Can't wait to see the next news. d\^^/b
  135. The second character shows a lot of promise and style. She appears to have more of a futuristic design, and the key added props create a backstory which can be explored.
  136. Je trouve la numéro deux super intéressante. J'aime bien le mélange futuriste et préhistorique et son coté Vagabonde de l'espace. Je trouve que ça colle bien avec le coté bordélique et multiculturel du trailer. Le choix à été très dur à faire car clairement ils ont tous un truc à proposer sauf peut-être le premier dont je ne suis pas fan ! En tout cas bon boulot et bon courage ! Space Monkeys au rapport, Carlson et Peter !!!!!!
  137. They are all good, my order of preference from best to least favorite is: 2,5,3,1,4
    1. For me its 3,2,5,1,4
  138. violentblack76
    I love the designs and the roughness of all the characters. I'm going to go with number one as my choice. I really like the idea of big things in small packages, the under dog in the fight. I would have to steal the handy dandy hand from the monkey, the hat, goggles and gun from number 2, I would punch number 3 in the nuts, and make a bomb out of number 4 leg! Names 1) Ranger Rick 2) Rouge 2 3) Tony the Tigerman 4) Uncle Steve 5) Monkey Man Randy Savage I'm excited about Beyond Good and Evil 2, looks great and cant wait to try it out.
  139. Delta_storm13
    can I make my own character?
  140. guest-Ne3Bv87t
    I'd love a hip-hop coloured style half-peacock young boy. Id you could do it i would love It. <3
  141. redevilsforever
    I like so much all o this badass...but god the 3 is My man. Maybe for the 4 i leave all,or maybe reduce,the tattoo's,for this badass you expect a lot of tattoo's,without them you give more armony to the character ihmo. Good stuff,i can't wait, and Michel thank's a lot,this game is a dream come true,and the tears of joy in the conference donated to US a great emotion moment.
  142. Personally I prefer nr. 2. I love female protagonists, so I can see her as my character or my captain. The concept of nr. 3 is very good, but I see him more as the right arm of the character of my choise, who have seen a lot in his life and knows a lot about the world, but still prefer to follow a strong leader, don't know why. I also really like nr. 5 of course :D
  143. I like 4 and 5 the best. I'm proud to be a Space Monkey.
  144. They all look cool and i would play them all personaly...5 and 3 are my favorites tho. 4 look also fun...some drunk guy who's underestimated and then he kicks ass! I think a centaur woud be cool too.
  145. MattxFusionzZ
    Number 2 and 5 are the best
  146. I love your number 2. It's the only female and she is not stereotypical, it's really good to see you stay out of the box like Jade. Others are really plaisant, especially the feline one. For the name of the crew I'm not really imaginative, I would say the Hakers
  147. Hi, my favorite characters are 2 and 5. But I will play BGE2 anyway! So happy that it will come ... finally.
  148. Numero 2 oui j'aime bien les perso féminin :)
  149. CulturalLemur
    1) This guy looks great, I really get some very strong "adventurous dwarf" vibes from him. 2) She's easily my second favorite character shown here. I love all the different colors of her attire, warpaint(?) on her face and her googles. Put her into the game, I beg you. 3) If I were to imagine a grizzled tiger hybrid I think I would think of the exact same design. He's pure awesome. 4) He's definitely my least favorite character out of all five, but he's still appealing in an unique way. Any pirate crew could use someone like him. 5) He's Knox, so he's instantly the best character in here in my opinion. Please don't change a single thing about him or his language. I think that above all else I would like to see more pirates with very distinct sets of attire and warpaints just like the second one.
  150. The best playable character is sure the #2, I like also the dwarf and the tigerman. The last two doesn't convince me for two different reason: the man is "vague" (he looks more like an NPC in my humble opinion) and the monkey resembles so much Knoxie that I think I would not be interested to play a character that is already definited in my mind...
  151. Korppikiusaus
    Although I'm usually biased towards hybrids (as the hybrid npcs were visually much more interesting, memorable and original in the first game) but my favorite is number 1 - he looks like a cool character who could have an interesting backstory. How did he join the pirate gang? How does the society filled with large hybrids react to a little person? Those were some of the questions that this character made me ask, and I love it!
  152. muh_toxic_babes
    I want to play as that Shark dude from the trailer
  153. 2 and 3 are my faves. The girl looks spunky as hell, which is my favorite kind of character to play. The tiger looks like a bruiser and it's always a blast to just fuck shit up. Can't wait to see what else you guys come up with!
  154. I'm really liking the look of these characters. My favorite has to be #3 the Lion.
  155. I will only speak about the first four character cause I think everybody already love le 5 one. For the first char, I'm not sure that a lot of people will pick him. I'm not even sure it can be a good second char. Or he will have to be very charismatic, like Gimly the Dwarf in Lord of the ring. I don't really see what type of super power he can have. Or perhaps put him some Jet-Boots ancester/prototype, make an heavy link with Peyj and it will work. For the second, it will be play of course. Make her an heavy rebel, lot of tatoos, synical sense of humor and you'll have it. Some shotgun can work with her too. For the third, of course it will be played. But I think you've got to develop a particular type of gameplay with him, like a beast mode where he is walking/running on his 4 feet. In this mode I think he have to hit with his hands (claws). I think he can have a calm attitude when he is talking, it will work too, because of the difference betwin his species and the attitude he have (tiger / calm). For the 4, I think you have to develop his drinking side, make him a little bit (a lot ! :D ) crazy, make that sometimes nobody can understand what he is talking about, make him talk on his beard. Perhaps you can make him very clever, but nobody understand him? And I think you really have to work on his prostetics. Make it a weapon, a gadget or something like that. Some idea for the names: 1: No idea, 2: Suzy, 3: Claw, 4: Hector, 5: Knox (Wow I've got a really good idea for the last one ! :D ) Name of the team: The lonely narcotic wolves or an Anagram of the name of a precious stone (like J.A.D.E, or E.M.E.R.A.L.D to stay in the green color...). What type of hybrid I want to see? Some wolves, birds (like turkey, crows,...) What type of human? I think we've got to see who increase the hybridation, put a face on the things he did, so I would love to see some scientist, perhaps some human slaves to, to show that this is not only hybrid that are slaves. Thank you very much to share this art with us ! And thanks you to read me ! :) //Merci beaucoup de partager ce dessein avec nous ! Et merci de m'avoir lu ! :)
  156. Character number 1,2,3 and 5 should definitely be in the game I'm not feeling number 4 at all. There should be a gentleman like character who's not dirty, has good physique not too muscular, should be on the quiet side and easily underestimated but very deadly and agile in a battle. As for the characters here I would rather play the "Chidi D'Chimp" (no5) he most definitely looks the part of a pirate/rebel. And yes I'm proposing the name Chidi D' Chimp or Chidi The Ape to Ubisoft, and everything should be pronounced just like "A Pimp Named Slick Back" you have to say everything or he won't respond. Second best would be the girl.
  157. I'd go with #1 because he has the "cleanest" look of this gang.
  158. Out of this five, I'd like to know more about #3. He looks like (the character pose, the low shoulders, the arms that are just there (not holding or using anything)) he had some bad days and survived but they left a mark on him. The others are not bad, it's just that they are your standard characters. #1 is a soldier mechanic, #2 is an agile soldier, #4 is your heavily drunken rogue or bard, #5 is a very agile assassin (we know about his grappling hook). None of them look like they have as much depth as #3. He feels like he's the captain (looking old and he's at the center of the picture) but you can't really tell what he has in store. And that makes him intriguing.
    1. As for names... #1 - Frank #2 - Jesse #3 - Has two options. If he's the captain, I'd name him Captain Grmraw. But if he's a bruiser that is on the team, his name would be Hank. It's not his real name but in reality, no one knows his real name. He just calls himself Hank. It's easier. #4 - Jackson #5 - Caesar
  159. Only number 5 has a grappling hook arm, doesn't that change everything in terms of gameplay? (It be hilarious if #4 couldn't walk up stairs because of his pegleg). And because you asked, I usually play female characters unless the game was specifically designed with male protags in mind (Pokemon, Mass Effect, etc)
  160. While I am all for the casual-yet-confident swagger of a laid back protagonist, number four has more the appearance of a drunk bum, not someone you want in a firefight. I mean... he lost his foot on the way to a photoshoot. All the mechanisms are there to have a full foot, but he's too lazy to bother. Or is that it in his holster? Is the name of his pistol 'The Rabbit's Foot'? Either way, I like the direction of the character, but he's too casual-friday for me to want around when trouble hits. I'd take number three any day. He's seen some stuff and won't take any gruff from anybody. Number two is fantastic, we need more strong, capable, and smart women in video games. Number one needs a little more than the t-shirt and jeans, though. Even just a bandolier would make him less Warcraft cute and more pirate badass. Probably going with less than the full beard would have helped, too.
  161. I am female gamer so I usually play female characters if possible. So I like number 2. But I also like number 5. I liked his personality in the trailer.
  162. I really like how 3 looks. I think a crocodile or alligator character would be interesting to have.
  163. Oh. Anthros. I might be biased on this. About number 3 and hybrids in general : All in all I thoroughly enjoy the aspect we had from BGE1 of how an hybrid like Pey'j wields an industrial tool, yet uses it in more practical ways -a weapon. I think that BGE2 could somewhat become a furry game, with how number 3 kept some pronounced human traits instead of bluntly attaching a tiger face like a character from Altered Beast ; but yet number 3 looks very disgraceful while number 5 looks really well-put together, and i would totally like it better with an actual animal face like Customisable animal traits would be absolutely awesome, allowing to choose the amount/color of fur/scales, and the development of animal traits, from a deformed snout like number 3 to an actual muzzle like Zhou Yuzhu in the 2017 trailer. What I'm trying to say about hybrid's design in general, is that while realistic-looking characters in an design obligation, graceful animal faces should be an option for the player. I don't know how long will be the species list, but if we can choose the members of our crew, the idea of playing as the captain of an entire space pirate team of werewolves, or weretigers, or monkeys, or Crocodiles, elephants, hyena, foxes, minotaur, sharks (and even more) sounds freakishly awesome. About having a definitive playable character : Designing a character creation system with sliders for each and every part of the face and body might be too much time-consuming. Perhaps an interesting alternative would be to give the player the chance to unlock new playable characters, some with unique traits ; for example, in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, once the main story is completed, the player unlocks the option to change it's main character by choosing any crew member as captain of the team. You also had the possibility to fight again the previous bosses/legendary pokemons and to then make them captain of your team and play as them. In BGE2, if we are going to fight other pirates, we could have the possibility to resolve the conflict in a peaceful manner, wich could offer the possibility to acquire it's crew, as well as it's bad-ass captain, as yours, giving access to unique playable characters with unique abilities while keeping the ability to customize it's gear. Or resolve said conflict with fire and dominate the other crew before integrating them, for similar end. Theses are my toughs, I hope any of it helps you guys in some way. Beyond Good & Evil was a fantastic game that I still look up to -and play- and I could not be more thankful of everyone at Ubisoft Montpelier for making BG&E2 more than a long-lost dream. Thank you Michel, thank you to the team.
  164. Firas Hanafi
    3 & 5 are my favorites Since the game is based on "Hybrids Revolution", playing as a hybrid makes more sense to me...
  165. I really like that tiger-man...
    1. it's like tiger clock for teenage mutant ninja turtles
  166. omg I love them all, but I'll say n.2, more female badass space pirates please!
  167. Just like a lot of people here, i REALLY like the #3 Feline Hybrid i love the fact that he actually looks more feral than other hybrids and it also seems like the guy got a really tough life. I also love the #2, an actual girl that looks like she can kick some asses. #5 of course, Knox is a cool character. #1 and #4 feels kinda bland comparison, especially the dwarf, at least #4 have a nice smug smile that gives him some personnality.
  168. wassimokhtar
    Number 2's character design is something that I really like; Very east-Asian based mixed in with a grease monkey appearance. I wonder if the game will include a Japanese-inspired world..... Hmmmmm...... :)
  169. All these characters are so unique. I really like the number 2 and 3, that tiger hybrid look so badass and his clothes look very cool. The girl is particular, I love her style and in a crew, we need diversity of hybrid/human and man/girl. Great jobs team, I hope you give more informations and ask the players, it's very cool ! Ps : Not a native English speaker. Les messages sont lus par l'équipe en français et en anglais ou bien juste en anglais ?
  170. rochelais1981
    Je choisis les personnages 2 et 5 pour la parité mais aussi car ce sont les deux personnages les plus originaux. Dommage qu'il n'y ait qu'une seule femme dans le choix à moins que le sexe soit personnalisable, ce qui serait encore mieux.
  171. Personally, I'm really liking the tiger dude (#3). He really seems like he's seen some shit. Sabre seems like a good name for him. He would make an amazing pirate captain. Typically, I prefer playing as human characters, but I find number 4 to be a little too weird for my taste. This lineup does make me curious about the character customization though. How detailed can we make our characters? Can we decide everything down to the types of jewelry/ symbols they carry with them? How much can we do in terms of facial customization with hybrids? I know the game is early on in development, but it would be nice to see a little bit of an idea of stuff like this.
  172. I really like #3 but he seems heavy and maybe he will not be easy to move but at first sight he's my choice
  173. 2,3 or 5 . Can u create a character with a cape and robe (Assassin's Creed anyone ?) and give him a cool name like Qaisar (yeah, I know . not that cool . Its just my name ;) ) . If u can't have Jade in this game please at least add Jade's costume as an outfit . Give it some other name if neccessary . Its not like Jade would be the only person wearing that outfit in the whole world . That would be silly . Thanks for reading this and all the best to Michel, Gabrielle and the whole team of BGE2 . That one tear on the E3 stage made me weep . :)
  174. guest-8A4wRFQa
    Le 3 est celui qui m'inspire le plus, mais les autres sont également plein de bonnes idées. J'aime bien notamment l'idée des prothèses robotiques du 4 que j'aimerais bien voir développée sur d'autres personnages. Bien sûr, j'espère qu'il y aura plus de femmes dans les choix ultérieurs en proposant par exemple une version féminine de chaque "race", et j'aimerais beaucoup retrouver les hybrides du précédent BGE! Personnellement je n'attends que de pouvoir jouer un hybride cochon, requin ou rhinocéros! Mais il peut aussi être intéressant de revoir les hybrides plus discrets comme les hybrides morses, chèvres ou bovidés. J'adorerais l'idée d'hybrides reptiles tels que des crocodiles, des tortues ou des lézards. :D Pour les humains pure souche, j'aimerais bien également voir un peu de diversité d'origines avec des types asiatiques, indiens, hispaniques, arabiques, africains... voire des métisses!
  175. I'd hire 1, 3 and 5 I'd like to see hybrids based on a Killer Whale or Armadillo.
  176. Character 2 is my favorite. She looks totally badass and could have an interresting story. I think her name is "K"...yes, just the letter. But her real name is "Alice de Beauregard". She comes from a rich family and was tired with her beautiful, superficial life. She wanted to change the world and to become a pirate. First she operated in solo, she began by stealing a ship and having fun chasing protected species. She got caught, obviously, and spend 3 years in some kind of prison...not of great time. His father managed to break her free (he is rich, reminder) but she still hated him for being okay with the slavery system (oh yeah, he is rich because he runs a business of hybrids creation and "recycling"...what a dick!) In piracy, she make called herslef "K" because she Kick-ass! Character 1 should be called "Bob" and this guy is too small to be completly honest...just saying. Character 3 looks really bad. Guess he was forced to fight other hybrids and manage to gain his freedom sort of? Maybe he killed everybody in the room... Charatcer 4 is always drunk (to forget he misses a leg and the bastards who explode his legs also killed "Pop", his favorite pet).
    1. VvColdKillervV
      Idea for character 4 that you can add on to. He has 2 side missions in the game. An easy one that involves finding some collectible alcohol bottles that he lost around the city and another one that involves tracking down the person that killed his favorite pet and made him start drinking (maybe even have him stop drinking when you complete his quests).
  177. David Kilchenmann
    The Tiger is my favorite Animal. Number 3 pleace! :)
  178. Character 1 looks like Gimli from The Lord of the Rings Character 2 looks cool because only she holding a rifle gun Character 3 looks like boss Character 4 looks like alcoholic Character 5 looks great too and will probably be my choice
  179. La numéro 2 est vraiment classe, c'est ma préféré dans le groupe. Après je les trouves tous assez stylé, le numéro 3 est très badass, tandis que le numéro me fais penser à un Rocket raccoon humain, un petit personnage qui voudrais tout faire exploser.
  180. Number 3. Although I hope all these characters don't have the same personality. They all look rough, not to mess with, people.
  181. Number 2 and 3 !! (I mean, besides 5 ...) We need more cool female characters so Im always gonna vote for them! Number 2 seems to really strong and efficent person, but please do not forget to make them flaws too! And number 3 seems like your strong and imposing guy who is really caring on the inside :)
  182. What about a bird hybrid? they could have been used as spies! Personally i'd love a crow, but that's just me being greedy :V
  183. My prefer is 5 (aha knoxy),then 1-3-2-4. Number 1 is crazy,like Gimli from the lord of the rings,He doesn't want to be in dangerous situations and place but if He has already in this Kind of situations He fights without fear and He is very impulsive. Number 3 seems the boss of the crew with a difficult past,very serious and strong but sometimes when He isn't angry the members of the crew like number 2 or 5 tease him or jokes whit him. Number 2 seems a strong girl,i don't know if She has lots thing to learn
  184. I don't like the design of number 4...maybe He is the crew's mechanic
    1. VvColdKillervV
      The character design for him is fine in my opinion. Not the most outstanding or original compared to others though. Him being a mechanic or something would be best.
  185. VvColdKillervV
    All of these character designs look sick! Can't wait to see more! One that I would love to see in the game is a badass looking polar bear dude! Sort of like character design #3. Maybe give him a bottle or something like character design #4 has but more coke like. He could be someone in a bar/building or outside at a playable game that you can challenge him at or maybe someone you can sell stuff to. Maybe even have his own side mission involving global warming that you can do later on in the game. Just an idea. :P
  186. Num.2.Her name Tana.And we need BIG BULL HYBRID!
  187. guest-L9piJXQD
    I love the no.3 hybrid he looks like he means business. I can imagine a variant of his race that is the opposite and rather monk-like or very religious. All designs look amazing of course, i'd be interested in seeing the goat hybrid from the first game they seemed quite a common form. The other more exotic forms seemed to be rarer in that society, I wonder if there will be a similar dispersal. In terms of ideas for hybrids how about turtle hybrid as a religious cast or a crocodile as pirate class.
  188. Number 4 reminds me of the Pirates of the Caribbean ! Love it ! I hope that we can choose from several tattoos when creating our own character.
  189. Love them all! Personally I love the Dwarf one
  190. 5 car c'est le plus marrant et c'est le meilleur ;) aha
  191. My favourites are 2, 4 and 5. I don't like the 1 (It looks like a small version of 4). For the names (exept 5), I think of : 2 - Enrika 4 - Johnny
  192. TBIB-N00bNinja
    3 is best. faaaking Tigerman
  193. Characters–Hybrid human-cat please! And number 2 very nice.
  194. I love most the number 5, because it's obviously Knox! Then it is number 3 (looks like Shere Khan, Jungle Book, a rogue tiger) and 2, the two others doesn't feel that much... I don't know it's not like they have great interesting backstories, number 4 just seem like an drunken ex-solidier. I think, that for me, you don't have to over do it on the pirate thing and put every character as bad-ass that haven't take a shower for too long. Like Shani (which I would like to play beside Knox!) and Daikini too, they doesn't seem that much crass as the characters above! The look doesn't get the character to work! It's more about the complexity of the persona and the backstory, plus the look helps but I think that the crew doesn't need to look all like pirates, vary on the styles of clothes. I personally think that for hybrids characters that would seem nice there is: a stag (pissed off every one with his antlers), raccoon, snow leopard, dormouse (tiny but clever and can get everywhere without notice, spy), a FOX (would be the nicest), bear and if you can figure it out a bird (raven, eagle or even a parrot). If Shani could have brother it would be nice too! Just as fun with it the creative team and don't go with the stereotype that we see too much often in the industrie!
  195. 5, 2 and 3. In that very order.
    1. We saw one Cathybrid in BGE1 so I would love to see that. Well I simply would name them LEGION xD Or "Spire" as they reach for the top. Maybe I come up with sometzhing more creative while playing.
      1. I would start using older nicknames of myself for these characters. WhitePaw, Serena(Sun), Sayo(Night) and Kazuya.
  196. SentryDefiant91
    The ability to make a defining age and facial hair always seem lack luster in most character creation. I really like that you all have made the height so varied. It does seem like there's not much variation to the fabrics they're wearing but that'd make sense if theyre all a part of the same crew. Look wise I love 2 and 3. And 4 seems like the mechanic type. I typically play a human character when I get the chance (I like being me in a story). Love the look of 1's gun though. The prosthetics are a nice touch and would like the ability to make a character that has just gone completely cybernetic. I do ask that if possible we could continuously edit such things as face paint and even prosthetics or scars. I never want my character starting off with war paint and it seems silly during serious cuteness or scenes of normal everyday life having war paint on. So typically I avoid it if I can't change it. I like the character to evolve with the events. The more battles, the more scars...etc. Hope this helps.
    1. SentryDefiant91
      *cutscenes not cutness
  197. 1. Seems like a comic relief character. Funny to look at, little to offer. 2. Seems like your typical survivor female character. Rough childhood made her into a force to be recknoned with. (Very cliche but shows more of a story than 1) 3. Seems like a wise trader who happens also to be some sort of grandpa sharing wise combat information. 4. This character tells the most. Lost his leg, drinks alcohol. Tries to make the best of this shitty situation but ends up being too depressing for Beyond Good and Evil. 5. The monkey nailed it in the trailer if you ask me. Gungho baboon doing crazy shit without thinking first. I would go for 2, 3 or 5.
  198. Portugaiiise
    Character 2 seems so cool, and as in BGE1 playing a girl/woman is so good because there are only a few games where there are female characters. And I love the fifth character he reminds me of the band "shaka ponk" and also to the planet of apes and playing an animal seems cool too. The outfits are crazy too by the way !
  199. 3>2>5>4>1 Tiger is really cool, because he can be soft until he looklike hard! I hope to a fox, turtle and a bat! Oh, and some species of this list:
  200. Blue-Jade846222
    I really do like No.3!!! But I hope for No. 1-5 become playing Characters. The name I thought of for No. 3 is Zigger!!!
  201. 3,2 and 5 are cool. I vote for a cockatoo kid character though as part of the crew!
    1. As for names from the top of my head: 1 - Riff / 2 - Pearl / 3 - Targre / 4 - Bundo / 5 - Knox
  202. guest-9zUs99EH
    Diversity has a very important role in today's social structure. It can be seen and supported in a vast majority of media styles and art styles. We have it in movies, music, theather, photography and videogames. It would be very nice to see that in the game! To have the full sprectrum of reality. It may be more inmersive that way. I really love how #2 looks. I like that vibes! Waiting eagerly for more ways to help you guys. Beyond good and evil shaped my future and carreer when I was a child. It gave me the love and curiosity for cameras. Today, i am a filmaking student and photographer. Thanks to you guys. I appreciate it a lot. Best of wishes to the team.
  203. Pour moi ça sera 2 3 et 5 biensur
  204. freedomfighta
    un nain avec un canon scié ! forcément je choisis le 1 en premier ! Comme beaucoup je pense que le 3 ferait un très bon perso très profond avec une histoire sale et dramatique; il a clairement un charisme de malade ! je passe sur le 2 et le 5 qui font plus conventionnel (ce qui ne les rend pas inintéressante pour autant ils ont clairement beaucoup de potentiel et plairont a beaucoup de monde). Je trouve le 4 à quelque chose de plus : la bouteille, le poing ensanglanté et la jambe mécanique me donne l'impression d'un combattant utilisant le zui quan (boxe de l'homme saoul) et transforme un perso au premier regard tristement banal (un paumé que l'on croise coucher a terre en train de cuver sa bouteille au détour d'une ruelle crasseuse) en un homme au passé probablement très chargé, une jambe remplacée (pourquoi!?), une technique de combat oubliée( par qui et dans quel but lui a t'elle été enseignée)... le genre de trucs qui me font kiffer ! au final 1(pour le kiff),4,3,2,5 ! Merci de nous faire vivre ce jeu avant d'y jouer!
  205. I'm going to sound typical but #3 is my favorite so far
  206. I like 5's personality but 3 has a better design !
  207. My preference would go to 2 and 3(5 is cool as well). As for the name hmm.. I'll start with the easiest one:: For 3, I'd suggest amongst one of those "Kotor", Astrom", "Dartak", 'Shentax","Shentak". [[I'm French so I don't know exactly how English people will read it]] A name that sounds arsch fits him the most. He has to have a dark past, something like he killed and betrayed people,friends, who trusted him so as to survive/achieve his goal. (i'll come back on this later) For the girl,hm, "Faen/Fay/Fey/Feï", "Xian"(avec un english accente eheh), "Leindra"(same here), Lindra,Lyndra,Lyndraé, Lyndreï Now, this is quite long, and probably useless^^as it is likely to be off subject.This just a possibility, and which would need work to be better/less clichee. [[Not very precise, because the resolution of the picture is not good enough to clearly see the souls inside the bodies. Not well done guys! ]] Kotor/Number 3's story: Hybrids like him have been made to fight, and used for any job the leaders ordered, no matter how filthy.There, in this kind of world he grew, therefore becoming himself peverted, fighting over his fellow men, stealing... As his unit was executing an operation he crossed path with the pirates whom he first tried to kill, and then all his unit but him was killed/ran away letting him alone. However, this didn't happen without tragedies, "Kotor/Astrom/Number 3" killed some of the pirates, hurting them with violence and way more than needed just for pleasure. For revenge and with tears of sadness and anger, they all came at him and started, well, doing things related to the situation and their charachters, when someone like a captain said "STOOP!" with a calm and stern voice, even though she had some tears. "This is pointless, won't bring our fellows back...He's an elite soldier, he could be useful/blablabla Aaaaand they take him in the crew, and it's the beginning of a new reborn for him. there he'll live complicated relations with the other ones.Indeed, they don't forgive easily...hatred from both sides..He will nonetheless try to get a redemption while discovering another side of the life in his sails amongst the pirates. He will always act with pride and roughness. However, not everything can go well...One day in the story, he will find out that he has something in him that every member of his squad have placed in them,something that will transform him into something and...They'll have no choice but to kill him, as they can find no way to save him...Yah,sad event. This can be made in two different way, either the crew liked him in the end and understood him, and they are sad. Or this can be only sad for the player, like we are the only one to understand him with little things we are the only one to see which make us understand who is inside, I don't know, there could be only a member of the crew who had gotten close to 3 ...SO MANY POSSIBILITIES EVERYWHERE! Hm, I wanted to do the girl as well but I really have to go to bed...Maybe tomorrow or another days! Bonne nuit Space Monkeys!!
    1. OH, the thing was only to tell our favourite character? Oopsiiiiee, mihihi~~
    2. Love your ideas for names, they sound very intergalactic.
      1. I'm glad you like those names ^^
  208. The concept art looks amazing, but I personally like 2, 3, and 4. These three just stands out more to me. Keep it up!
  209. I like number 2 and number 5 most. I think I would pick number 2 because I am a woman and prefer to play a female character (more than one to choose from would be cool by the way ;)) She looks badass and strong and I think her name could be Valentina or Jenna.
  210. platernitycs
    It seems like there will be a tremendous amount of possible characters as you intend to create a character creation tool, and your artist are so eager to create diversity. I'd love to see as many animal and insect hybrids as possible (snake, turtle, dog, spider, cockroach, ... ) hard to pick a favorite, but 4th would be my choice, as he represents perfectly your concept of a crazy mature pirate game.
  211. I really love the 5th and the 2nd they look really fast people and they are the most detailed I think
  212. I wouldlike to have number 3 in my team ! He looks Strong ! He's name would be Baylor or something like that.
  213. Definitely like #2 the most. It's great seeing badass women rather than background women. As for names? #1 - Hodge #2 - Izzy #3 - Theon #4 - Kaile #5 - That Bastard (AKA Freddy) I'm curious about something, though. We're going to, potentially, be able to create our own characters. Are we only able to make humans, or are we able to create one of these hybrid slave species, too? I think it'd be pretty cool to be able to do some uprising/revolution type stuff as one of the subjugated races. Assuming that's what we'd actually be doing. Also the caprine people from the first game were adorable and I want to see them in HD. ...Although they may not be so cutesy with a more realistic/abused model.
  214. The second number for me. Make More Costumes for Her plz.
  215. I'm really warming to number 3. I think it's the blending of the human and the tiger hybrid together which makes it much more compelling to look at compared to the vanilla human people and even the more monkey oriented character... The way 3 is designed sort of reminds me of Pey'j and that universe in the first Beyond Good and Evil.
    1. 3 also sort of reminds me of Old Hobb from Ninja Turtles... But I'll be honest... I love the Ninja Turtles and I reckon a turtle based hybrid would be amazing. I also like the idea of a Bear hybrid too!
  216. 4 men for 1 woman... Feel like a little bit inequal ;) It would be great to have more women as first or second character in a game for once! Then, I would take n°2 to play or encounter. =) And for some hybrids suggestions, it could be nice to associate some animals known as forever ennemies, like a cat-dog or a lion-zebra? Sorry, I don't have so much inspiration ^^'
  217. Defiantly 3 & 5, they are awesome looking. Definitely should include a bear, turtle and my favourite a wolf hybrid in the list what would be so sick. Love the idea of different gadgets for your character, would be cool to have a wide variety of them to chose from for different play styles and that. Also a strong hand to hand combat system like assassins creed, just so you have the options to Fight without weapons! Imagine being a bad ass space pirate just being able to walk into a enemy hideout unarmed and taking them all out with awesome fighting moves! Would be so good! Well that's my opinion, can't wait for this game! XD
  218. Hi everyone ! The 1st character look like an engineer, funny, but associal. This name could be Barry ! The second one look like very badass, and prefer shoot before talk ! Barry like to joking her action. She don't. Her name : Maiy'a 3rd : the Lyon is the Captain ! Captain Rolland ! xD He is a good captain, look like bad to terrify his ennemy, but he is Severe but just, never gives a sign of gratitude or encouragement. The drunkard is one of the best pilot of the universe ! He's captain's right arms, totally funny and always with his best friend : wish the wiskey ! And the last one, we know who he is ! Yeah forme the first one look like a good man, i like his style ! It can be a good crew, with their stories and blow of mouth. Just one things : if you can let the space of writting in top on comment that could be great ! I'm on phone and i need to scroll all commentary to write ! X)
  219. I am really interested in Kanjo, nr.4. He looks like a rough guy with a background, I'm already interested about the story of his leg. But this background can create possibilities for a soft spot within the character, a reason why he is not just a badass, but has a motivation to do good for the pirate crew.
  220. I definitely want to play a predator hybrid. So in this case it would be number 3 - this badass looking tiger ^_^ I would love to see hyena hybrids ! They all look like I want them to be part of my crew. Well done so far :)
  221. #4 as he reminds me of Captain Haddock
    1. guest-Hil6aCUB
      I had exactly the same thought. He really looks like a pirate/captain, with his bottle, his missing leg and not so pretty face. I like the number 4.
  222. I like the N°4, he looks like some kind of Long John Silver from Treasure Island to me. I like the fact that you can play with some experienced or "old" characters, i'm kind of bored with games that only gives a young hero to play with.
  223. Design No.3 feels the most interesting to me, he seems haggard and a 'rough-and-ready' type who would be a perfect fit for a pirate crew. That being said, I don't know if he would make for a perfect player avatar as he seems to have an already present history and story of his own. If you are aiming to make a fleshed out character to serve as the protagonist (something I whole-heatedly recommend), then he would be a great starting point, but if you want more of a faceless avatar the players can project themselves onto (something I myself am far less interested in) then perhaps a visually less experienced/developed character would be better. Also, Design No. 1 & 2 are really boring, far too bland for such an amazing world you have conceptualised. I'd recommend your design team find a way to tie these characters much closer to the cultures they derive from and have that reflect in the way they dress. That and thin out the amount of guns available, rifles and such are so incredibly boring and stale to me now in video games, I'd much rather see them replaced by more inventive means of combat traversing an environment. Again, keep these things specific to the characters you create; If the character is young, inexperienced and impatient, give him a semi-auto pistol, if they're a bruiser with a lot of raw power, give them a minigun, if they are a veteran who knows how to outwit anyone given the time, give them a sniper rifle or a revolver, all adorned with all the little accessories, colours and materials that make those items unique to those people. I know these are pretty lofty ambitions for a process as hectic and scatterbrained as game development, but not only do I totally believe you be one of the few teams that can achieve these levels of detail and personality, but these little things that others would toss aside as 'unnecessary' are immeasurably valuable to both making a fictional world and it's inhabitants feel real and the game itself selling itself on it's personality, which, to me at least is just as important as any other major element of a game. P.S. If there was any hybrid species I'd want to see, It would be more birds, any kind would be great! Also, more mammals, wolfs, bears, cats, foxes would all be fine choices. I like that you've attempted to use fish species for hybrids, but I believe there are only so many options you have available to you before you hit a wall of impractically weird species that simply wouldn't look good on a human frame.
  224. ViperSniper777
    I would like to play as a member of the Felis sapien species (the cat-race), like Mei. I would like to pillage and plunder as a pink hyperbolic space-kitty. In addition I would like to see snake people (Viper,mamba,cobra people like the Vipers from XCOM 2) and crocodile men that look like Leatherhead from TMNT.
  225. 1, 2 and 4 reminds me a lot of characters already existing in borderlands and left for dead. The voice will be key to give them their own personality. I like 3 a lot. You can play the experienced but sad veteran character or make him a surprinsigly joyfull, lighthearted and strong character besides the slave plot issue. 5 is very good, but please no trash talk. It not needed and not aesthetic for this universe. Everytime i heard him saying @#@#@#3ker, i feel like i'm watching MTV... :(
  226. Clairement mon préféré est le second personnage ! Cuir usé, regard inquisiteur. Avec le n° 3 ce sont ceux qui ont le meilleur potentiel de devenir de sombres héros de l'amer. Les autres pour moi feraient de très bons membres d'équipages. Pour ce qui est du nom de leur bande... pourquoi pas les Tigres Volants. Ensuite, vu que les humains ont crées les hybrides pour accomplir des tâches qu'ils ne voulaient pas réaliser eux-mêmes, j'adorerais voir : - Des geckos nettoyeurs de vitre - Des Crevettes mentes lors de combats illégaux. - Des dromadaires/scarabée du namib pour des colonies désertiques. Et à contrario des bœufs musqués ou des caribous dans des zones froides. - Et pourquoi pas un caméléon double zéro... Eng. Trad. Clearly my favorite is the second character! Leather worn, look inquisitor. With n° 3 these are the ones who have the best potential to become dark heroes like Harlock. The others for me will make very good crew members. As for the name of their band ... why not the Flying Tigers. Then, since humans created hybrids to accomplish tasks that they didn't want to make themselves, I would love to see: - Geckos glass cleaners - Mentis Shrimps in illegal fighting. - Dromedaries / Namib scarab for desert colonies. And muskox or caribou in cold areas. - And why not a chameleon double zero ...
  227. Following the dream of Beyond since the first game 13 years ago, when there was this universe of hybrids in the game was very good and should explore this side well, I vote in number 3, the number 5 already have one in the game. Brasil, São Paulo.
  228. WhitecladGoth
    They look like five different disasters waiting to happen, which is probably appropriate for a rag-tag armada / bunch of pirates. 1: That many tattoos has never been a good sign, and the fact he's holding a 35mm grenade launcher and has no other weapon suggests a really unhealthy attitude to fights. 2: She's probably alright as long as she doesn't start taking a whole series of escalating challenges personally, and she's got her hardware sorted. 3: Does not play well with others. Probably has 5 histories of violence waiting to catch up with him. 4: Hell no. Drunk in charge of a firearm and looking at me like that? I'd rather shoot him here as a precaution than hire him. 5: Probably psychotic. May have fleas. Having seen him in the videos, definitely annoying. I hope we'll get as much freedom of design as City of Heroes gave us, with multi-species starting points in male, female and huge. It's nice to be able to make a character your own. On that note, I'd also like to be able to get at the UV meshes and make my own texture files for costume pieces. I've done it before for a Second Life clone and for a while couldn't log in to test one new design without seeing someone wearing one of my designs. Please don't do the sexual pigeonholing thing where all scouts are female and all tanks are male. Please. Please don't do that. Some requests from other people: let us play offline, and include a wildlife photography mini-game or hobby.
  229. All look reallly nice i 'll choose #3 tho :)
  230. Number 3!!! He's awesome!
    1. vincentsomme
      Same page ! Number 3 and 5 ! Animals characters are so cools. I'd like to see some others animals like donkey, turtle etc.
  231. I'd say number 2, but more than one female would be nice.
  232. Names are not my foray, but #3 and then #2 are the best of this lot imo. New types of hybrids will be some of the more interesting and BG&E defining character types. Most other games aren't doing this type of thing - play to that strength. Strong female characters are an important part of BG&E as well, which is part of why I think #2 is one of the better choices in the lot, she looks spunky and might have more of an attitude than Jade or Dakini. Strong male characters are going to be needed as well, but I'm not a huge fan of any from this lot, #1 looks too much like a stereotypical dwarf and #4 just seems a little bland. Hybrid females (and normal females) that don't fit the video game girl appearance would be nice as well. I think it would be interesting to bring some so culture specific animals as hybrids to the relevant planets/cities as well. For Ganesha, it seems like a mixture of Indian/Asian culture so perhaps bring in Elephant (Ganesha specific ties? More important or some special influence there?), Cobra, Yak, or Pangolin hybrids. Another way to approach it would be to have broad species of hybrids, such as deer, and adjust their appearance based on the exact species available in that region - in the case of deer, change their antler appearance, fur pattern, coat color, etc.
  233. I totally love the third character! He's looking like somebody who made a lots of experience in his life and who is extremely self confident. For the name I was thinking a lot about what would fit the best to him on his appearance. I came to the name 'Shaku' because it is a chinese unit of measurement. In my opinion he symbolizes a typical warrior who builds a 'unity' among the brave. So you could say that 'Shaku' shows an extraordinary great strength of character. He fits to the other fighters but also shows an unusual significance and self confidence, such as a 'bigger unity'. I think he is the most interesting of these five.
  234. pasqua_du_68
    Adorant les Singes dans la vraie vie, c'est évidemment le 5 qui me plait le plus, déja dans le trailer j'avais adoré Knox j'aime aussi beaucoup le design de la fille en 2, on voit directement qu'elle sait se battre et qu'elle en a vécu, tout comme le 4, lui par contre je le vois plus comme un perso secondaire à la Belle-Mirettes plutôt qu'en personnage jouable. Le Tigre est incroyable aussi, quoique il a l'air un peu vieux, mais un homme tigre, bon sang ça fait plaisir ! (D'ailleurs j'adorerais voire des hommes crocodiles ou d'autres types de singes comme des Gorilles) enfin le personnage numéro 1 lui par contre ne m'inspire rien, il a un look vraiment étrange, limite on dirait qu'il vient d'un autre univers...
  235. Ils sont tous super ! Mais le 3 est vraiment super classe faut avouer ! En revanche, s'il y a des Hybrids absolument à mettre dans BG&E 2, c'est un Lama et une autruche ! Pleaseeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!
  236. I would name them the Corkscrew Freelancers because they like to dirnk and especially whine which their big thefts were. the stole huge ammounts of whine and became infamous pirates for their silly thefts. i like the 3rd the most because he is a bad ass looking tiger hybrid. and i looove the hybrids in bge2 especially like my fav zhou yuzhu the pig hybrids. but the tiger one named Claw is the captain of this pack of chaotic but succsessfull new-pirates. they started to rob because they needed the money and hat the connections to the black markets due to their childhood in a ghetto and they met each other in their childhood except for the dwarf. hes also known as BoomBoom because he was the explosives guy in every sigle theft. the 2nd Lyla is the best support gunner in the team and holds the back of everyone. the 3rd my fav of this one Claw is a typical captain. smokes a big cigar while dual wielding his trusty (sci-fi-customized) Colt Defender-Like Laser Pistols. the 4th called deadeye is the Marksman. and the one with the gadgets. he is drinking all the time but it doesnt affects his shooting skills. he is a good marksman. (not the best but dont tell him). he has all the things like little tractor-beam-guns and glass cutters or climbing gear. for his leg he lost while a theft being interrupted by a rival mafia crew by a shotgun he has sworn revenge to the triads (wich is the mafia xd) but he can perform a stomp with his metal leg whis causes him to boost up about 2 metres or in wich direction he is stomping. the 5th is the Tox the brother of Knox maybe? his little brother who is inspired by the work of his older brother causing him to copy his chain hand and clothes style xd. he is the one who is causing the most trouble may it be by leaving his soda on a camera pannel to alert the smoke detectors because the technical shit began to burn or by accidentally shoot someting to get attention from the guards of the warehouse. all in all they are still succsessfull in what they do and believe to grow and get new gang members.
  237. ****** As much as I like that gritty "rebel" look I'd like variance where some of the character's style also resembles Jades or many of the iris network members style which I hope they have in BGE2. It still had an early 2000s feel but also felt cyber punk. One of my favorite characters from BGE1 was Double H because of his loyalty and quirks and he only wore guard armor the whole game. I know this is only 5 of many characters but more variation in terms of outfits would be nice. Some characters can look refined and still be "badass" like Hahn and his orange turtleneck, But that's just my opinion. As for the characters as they are though, I like number 4 because he looks like he has an intriguing background story. The metal leg gives him that piratey look but on the top he has casual sunglasses which just even each other out nicely :)
  238. Hi guys, Here is my opinion. Number 1 is ok. That could be a funny character using big guns, driving spaceships like hell. Number 2 is ok. Including 50% female characters is of interest I think, with important roles and not only georgeous girls doing nothing like in rap videos. Number 3 looks great. This is definitely something that works with me. I can imagine special powers with this one, such as claws, or teeth,... The tiger being a lonely killer with a large territory, like in nature, would be interesting. Like if for instance animals would have kept a deep an ancient instinct. Now the question is why would someone have created this kind of hybrids. To protect themselves with a powerful creature ? Would that be an error ? A mad scientist ? Number 4 is ok - I like the fact that he has lost a leg. Having some blood on the hand (if it is) let me think this will be a pretty mature game. Number 5 is great. The way he acts in the video is really linked to the funny and agile way I see monkeys. The fact they have been used and sent to space in the past is pretty coherent as well. I woumd have expected something a bit more "super deformed" and more colorful as we see on the trailer. Maybe half humans half hybrids too. This band could be named the Bounty Tigers. Or the Gan Ning Gang (Gan Ning was a Chinese pirate, "His party carried bells as their trademark to frighten the commoners"cf. wikipedia.)
  239. pikachu57135
    J'aime les perso numéro 2 sont maquillage aborigène est assez sympa et correspond bien à l'esprit pirate je trouve. Dans l'univers du jeux j'aimerais bien rencontré une kitsune vous savez ces femmes renard qu'on retrouve souvent dans le folklore asiatique certain des ces personnage sont vraiment charismatique bienveillant ou non. Il y a beaucoup de légende les concernant des d'histoire, des mangas et des'animé qui en parle. Je pense que c'est un personnage qui pourra parfaitement d'intégrer dans l'univers que vous avez créée.
  240. #5 mby not rly original, Monkey D. Luffy cus he allready is a pirat ^^ Not sure about #1, would love to see some other hybrids or just a guy with something like metal arm cheers
  241. Stegosauro90
    Having played the first chapter again and being thrilled with the atmospheres that permeated that I find the most suitable concepts are 1 and 2, the game has always been very "funky" especially in the early stages as well as the trailer of BGE2 presentation, although in my opinion the 3rd is the most original one is also too serious for the idea that gave me the game, while I excluded the 5 because i've seen in the trailer his personality and to put it to the same level of the others in the choice I decided not to calculate that aspect but only the idea that gave me the esthetic, and number 4 is too much a pirate! (sorry if my english is quite bad, i'm italian!)
  242. 5 is my favourite, for obvious reasons..I love monkeys and with his robotic fist up I get some resistance vibes from him, fits the theme of the game 1 is close secound, withe monkey in the trailer sound like he was from England I feel like this dude could be Scottish, Irish or even an american gear head I love the look of 2, she's seems very "tomboy'esq" if that makes any sense, her arms are little defined, reminds me tank girl
  243. I would like to see a hybrid of a man and a deer. I represent her in the form of a rich, majestic woman who can have the same husband. They have some disagreements about the work, because the wife and husband work together. They give a place to rent. She suggests giving the premises an unreliable and strange hybrid, but he does not want to take risks. Of course, everything can be changed) I presented only the idea. I hope that my dream will come true. I also came up with the idea of a frog hybrid. I already imagine an emotionless face with eyes in different directions.
    1. So I vote for 3 :)
  244. Jenkins Ferbank
    Number 3 ! but why didn't you put mamagos's creatures you talked about at the E3
  245. I love the #2 and #3. #2 : it's the point of a video game to put a young woman on the line while it looks fragile IRL. these characters bring with them mostly a very good DA, style. as a man, it's nice to play a woman ;) in games. #3 : his design is great. he's got a look a little bit too threatening to feel close to him as a player. I'd like him more with a mysterious but hard look like albator for example. it just looks dangerous for me, i can't see a personnal history. #1 : I personally don't like this one. if it can be identified as dwarf class, it doesn't fit with space opera to my taste. maybe with mechanic tools or explosives it appears more truthfull. but here with this gun, gap etc... not convicing for me. again, i can't feel any history behind his design. if I could choose another design, i'd love to see a character making me believe, just looking at him, that he konws how to fight without any weapon. not the kungfu master cliché but maybe something like a handy badass that learned how to fight on the streets or in illegal tournaments (= Ryo Narushima sci fi version!!). that would be cool.
  246. Besides Knox (5) having a kick ass design, love the bandana and grappling arm, I like 3 and 2 the most. 3 looks like the tiger-hybrid version of an old rocker, having lived through much hardship and maybe violence on the streets but still faithful to his creed and ready to defend it and himself. 2 looks like a strong (physically, which is nice to see in my oppinion) female character whith just the right bit of a "get off me" attitude but also a lot of humor with friends. I hope we'll see more hybrid designs but i also like the futuristic/augmented human characters a lot! Keep it up guys!
  247. I am so hyped for this game! It has so much potential and will without a doubt be the game im going to be playing for a long time. I really hope that the character customization will be deep and rich. I would love to be able to make more variations in the character creations, like tattoos, scars, clothing and equipments. Not just skins so that everyone looks the same. Like if me and my friends pick the same character and run around like twins, could get a bit boring. But hopefully there will be some freedom when it comes to creating your pirate character. I love these hybrids and it makes me think of the Star Wars univers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If i could make a space pirate turtle, that would be so amazing! Or like Killer Croc from the DC univers. I love nr. 3 from these characters. And would name him Ma'ol, mysterious and infamous smuggler. I hope to see other hybrids like those i mentioned (turtle and crok), rats, elephants, bears or even a duck pirate could be cool. Good luck team. Can't wait.
  248. J'aime beaucoup tous ces personnages, car ils semblent tous avoir une histoire, et un caractère bien à eux. Je pense que ça peut être intéressant concernant les rencontres dans le jeu. Les personnages importants, leur apparence, leur nom devraient refléter ce qu'il sont, leur vécue. Par exemple, le type d'hybride pourrait être lié à la culture (ex : rhinocéros = rasta). On pourrait peut-être aussi avoir la possibilité de donner une petite histoire à notre personnage pendant la création, Pour lui donner des origines (pas forcément de l'expérience dans la piraterie). J'aimerais aussi savoir si la création sera uniquement visuelle ou si nos choix influenceront sur le gameplay, les capacités, l'histoire ou le jeu en général.
  249. Pretty like number 4 , sounds fun , not correct , like a real pirate !
  250. 3 is my favourite, he's so cool. I'd also love to see lion and lioness hybrids as well as eagle and other birds of prey. Characters like sci-fi Egyptian gods would be awesome! And a stag hybrid as well! So excited to see all of the awesome hybrids that might be in the game!
  251. SirKayTheKnight
    Has to be number 5, playing as a space chimp is just way too cool to pass off. Number 3's desgin is pretty neat to be honest aswell, a tiger with a space biker look is pretty unique. Have to admit Knox at number 5 is by far the best though.
  252. treestandland
    These look like great designs, I'm most into 2: The Badass Heroine, and 3. The Grizzled Tigerman. Third would be the hero of the trailer, Knox. I liked Knox's character and hope he will appear in the game if you don't choose him as playable character. I'm very unlikely to play as a white human lead, but I do like the inclusion of dwarf characters as well as one legged drunk Mickey Rourke. One troubling thing I have noticed amongst both the trailer and all the concept art is the complete lack of female animal hybrids. Is this part of the BGAE lore I'm unaware of or just a weird exclusion? I'm happy that your game seems like it will be full of hot badass female roles, but you need to add some weird animal hybrids and non-hot women in there too. Don't fall into that gender gap where all males are gross and all women are hot as fuck. But at the same time, let there be some hot women and men as well.
    1. nah they were some female hybrids in BGE
  253. I think a ferret character would be cool like he's cocky but likeable and really agile with a dark background he jokes about
  254. Belgarathmaster
    Pour ma part j'aime beaucoup la 2, elle a l'air forte et déterminée. Le 3 e soutient (un genre ''tank'' et le 4 de le rôle du ''sidekik rigolo'' :-)
  255. rainflowers2016
    Number 3 looks the most interesting! It's difficult to think of a good name based only on their appearance and not their personalities or backstories as well. But looking at their stance and facial expressions, I think: Number 1 seems both serious and fun; a hard-working and friendly personality. Ready to assist you in battle.. Number 2 seems cool and sassy, maybe a bit cold or even withdrawn at first, but trustworthy and proud. Number 3 seems a true warrior, head-strong and stoic, perhaps even intimidating, but he's also calm and level-headed, able to offer both strength and wisdom. Number 4 seems like a relaxed, easy-going guy, probably joking a lot with a smug grin on his face. However, he is very brave and attentive in the face of danger. Number 5 is obviously Knox, or at least an earlier concept of him. I think those might be the personalities/characteristics of these characters based on their expressions, stance, outfits and gear. As for their names: Number 1 - Jai (Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil Variant transcription of Jay and a Tamil masculine form. Derived from Sanskrit जय (jaya) meaning "victory". Levi לֵוִי (Hebrew, English, Dutch, Biblical, Biblical Latin) possibly means "joined, attached" in Hebrew. Nuallán (Ancient Irish) derived from Irish nuall "noble, famous" combined with a diminutive suffix. Number 2 - Chandra, meaning: "moon" in Sanskrit, derived from चन्द (chand) meaning "to shine". This is a transcription of the masculine form चण्ड (a name of the moon in Hindu texts which is often personified as a deity) as well as the feminine form चण्डा.. Boudicca (Ancient Celtic) derived from Brythonic boud meaning "victory". Geula (Hebrew) means redemption. I think those sound good for her. Number 3 - Agni, meaning "fire" in Sanskrit. This is the name of the ancient Hindu fire god, usually depicted as red-skinned with three legs, seven arms, and two faces. A few other suggestions for number 3 which could be made into a name using the Chinese language: 火山 ( huŏshān = volcano ), 火星 ( huŏxīng = Mars (planet), 火灾 ( huŏzāi = fire ). Azhar (Arabic, Urdu) means "shining, bright" in Arabic. Babur (Urdu) from a Persian word meaning "tiger". But I think something 'fire' or 'flame' related fits the most with this character. Number 4 - Danyal (Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Turkish) Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Turkish form of Daniel. Elijah אֱלִיָּהוּ (English, Hebrew, Biblical) from the Hebrew name אֱלִיָּהוּ ('Eliyyahu). Drust (Ancient Celtic) Pictish name probably derived from Celtic drest meaning "riot" or "tumult". This name was borne by several kings of the Picts, including their last king Drust X, who ruled in the 9th century. Number 5 - Knox stays Knox ;-) I found these names/words by searching on various websites, I hope the names and the descriptions attachted to them are correct. I always like looking at various languages to find names for characters. Again, I can't wait for this game!
  256. The first one is my favorite.
  257. The great characters you have on top of the of the main page of this site (consisting of Shani, Knox and unknown man) should be the main ones for this game, the others should be add up has team members throughout the game. You should add at least four others, a woman hybrid, another woman or man hybrid and two humans (man and woman or two woman), could be nice being Shani's brother and Daikini.
  258. These prototypes are all really interesting, and I feel a bit indecisive wheter to pick up number one or two. The thrid one, which I assume is a hybrid between human and tiger also seems really really interesting. I might as well put on a name for them, Shier-kah, to remind about the tiger Sher Kahn from the Jungle Book, and I picture him being possibly the wisest and at the same time the most ferocious of this line when it comes to attack. The girl, I can picture her being named Lio, really hits the spot like a badass with that beautiful gun and I can picture her working with number one, which is a really curious character too. Maybe you could give him a Scottish Vibe, that would be cool! Monkey guy and number four... Mmh, that's really indecisive. Number Five is the same that we saw in the trailer, right? So I'm going to think that 4 maybe is some kind of comic relief and extremely capable guy when it comes to machinery and weapons. Maybe he could be the one who cares about the technical stuff. Man, I can't wait for this game to be released and it's so good that you guys put up this project to let the fan participate in the development. Really, it's the dream of many people out here (I'm one of them), and I really thank you so much for all your work! This means a lot to us. Keep up the good stuff!
  259. The tiger hybrid (3) is my favorite. As a woman who prefers female characters, I'd love to play a female version of him. I imagine his name as Sascha, a grizzled veteran. I hope that none of the playable hybrids are genderlocked.
  260. KaanCaliskan
    N°3 Is my fav! He's like an old veterean ho has been through a lot... He's wise but sometimes agressive (due to his backstory). He could'be someone who doesn't talk a lot but does everything to protect his equipage. N°1 seems like the little but agressive type, like dwarfs (Lord of the rings reference). He should have a friend with him that always makes fun of him and his length, then he always gets angry and doesn't show his friendship but is very glad to have him as his friend N°2 Is the girl who could be having a lot of arcenary, she could find you everything you need. N°4 I don't know about him :P N°5 Like you said, he's familiar... So he could be the funny guy from the crew. EXTRA: I would like a wolf-human hybrid (bad-ass (muscular, agressive...)) in the game! Otherwise, keep up the good work guys!
  261. Love the second character. She looks confident and independent. A strong character with attitude and the type that don't run from a fight. She looks serious and want to see the job get done!. I would like to call her Razzie.
  262. Wulfnstein3rd
    2 would be the coolest, if 5 is Knox then he wins the jackpot for attitude, but that opinion is based on the video and not on this concept art. Nr 3 would make for a great pirate captain. He has that "Don't mess with me" look all over him. 4 and 1 seem a bit too side character for me. In order of appearence I got names like 1: Binkly, 2: Sam, 3: Roc-sha, 4: Mark, 5: Knox (I can't name the space monkey anything else after seeing Knox in action)
  263. J'aime bien le deuxième personnage, le personnage féminin (le seul dommage ^^) J'aime bien son look un peu rock/rebelle au niveau des personnages un peu plus de personnage féminin, et un hybrid poisson avec une combinaison serait assez cool :)
  264. yungblacktrain
    What I would really love to see is a hyena hybrid in the bunch... it would fit the pirate theme perfectly
  265. Yoh ! Le deuxième personnage et le troisième retiennent également mon attention. (Je pense qu'on a tous adopté Knox) Un personnage féminin fait toujours plaisir à voir/incarner et ça peut être intéressant à travailler au niveau du tempérament. Sorte de "garçon manqué" au caractère fort qui n'hésite pas à s'imposer au milieu d'un équipage massivement masculin par exemple. Le troisième personnage est très imposant, peut être même trop, je me demande s'il a l'apparence du coéquipier amical ou plutôt du capitaine bien badass qui s'énerve au moindre problème... J'ai vraiment du mal à l'imaginer "fun" sur cet artwork. On voit bien qu'il est marqué par un passé lourd, symbolisé par la chaîne brisée autours de son coup. Il sera difficile de s'imposer en tant que capitaine face à ce genre de personnage... Il faudra faire très attention à ce qu'on lui dit et le caresser dans le sens du poil ^^ ahah Il est intéressant de jouer sur la variation de taille des personnages également, certain pourront se faufiler là ou d'autre ne peuvent. Ce qui peut offrir des variations de gameplay/infiltration. Aussi, j'aurai bien imaginé un personnage robot android mécano, sorte de compagnon double à l'un des coéquipiers, ou personnage à part entière. Voilà, en tout cas bon boulot et bonne continuation !
  266. IMHO, they all look "meh". The monkey's the only one who stands out and it's because it's a monkey! Then why not tiger you ask me? – He doesn't look like a tiger, ,ore like a hobo from a train station. Others are sp generic.
  267. So: 1: looks good, simple, dwarf-like character. We'll need simplicity too in this huge complex world! Crook sounds like a good name. 2: A rebel? assault rifle specialist, i guess. A bit more detailed than 1, but not too much, and that's good too. Diversity is key! I'd say Kayle for her. 3: Aaah, and tiger/lion hybrid :D. Bulky, massive, seems to have lived centuries of battles. Would call him Grims. 4: Hum. I'm not sure about this one. One one side, there's the leg that looks very much like a weapon. And on the other hand, there's that whine bottle and... that face. But hey, diversity XD. And that means some humans lost part of themselves too, as hybrids lost their freedom. Name: Claude, Claudius maybe? 5: Well, hi there. Now i still don't know if those are hybrids or evolved monkeys. Anyways: gadgets. Another aspect of the game i guess. Not much to say about this one, it's another proof of diversity, and rebellion? (the hand raised as a contestation). I really have no other idea than Knox for the name, it fits so well. Well we have ourselves a very fine crew there. Hope we'll see shark and rhino hybrids later on. And why not goats like in the first opus, or even bears. Great work anyways!
  268. Kritop-Aleksei
    Le deuxième et troisième me conviendrait le plus. J'adore le style un peu steampunk de la deuxième, le fait que se soit une femme joue un peu aussi, j’espère qu'il y aura un nombre consequent de femmes ayant un style particulier comme elle. Je la vois bien s'appeler Clara. Quand au 3ème, il me rappelle ma classe préférée des elder scrolls, les Khajiits, donc je le jouerais plus pour cette raison. Quand a son nom, Theradus, un réorganisation du nom scientifique de la panthère.
  269. I like Knox (5) the most, being a monkey and having a grappling-hook. He would give some interesting style of movement and other mechanics. Followed up by Gemma (2) , because she looks badass and really confident. And lastly i could also see myself play as Sabre (3), he seems to have been through a lot.
  270. I personally really like 2 and 3. They look interesting, would love to meet them!
  271. Looks good but I think we need a badass human...and are we able to create our own character? Now that would be downright amazing.
  272. Out of all the designs I say 3 and 5 definitely stick out the most. The hybrid characters definitely appeal to me more personally than the human ones.
  273. me personally, i`d take either 2 or 5 since i am partial to female based chars, since i ever started gaming however, if her emotions/background/actions are not to my liking, i`d go for the space monkey ... that's just me though ...
  274. I really like the characters, but are we also able to create our own? I think character creation fits really well in this game with all the races, would love to see that.
    1. Yes, it's been said that you'll be able to play as a charachter you've made yourself and follow your own path :)
  275. SeraphicCreed
    1, Gaz 2. Mirne / Myrna 3. Tamra 4. Berny 'Toolfoot' 5. Knox is good :) I think all of them would be memorable given the right context. I think I'm more drawn to 2 and 3.
  276. SuperBiscotCOT
    Hey ! I will try to quickly recap my though on these awesome looking characters ! :D 1 : Love him for his rude look. Could be compared to fantasy dwarfs with all their behaviors. 2 : Awesome looking charcaters. However I feel like people will go more towards "non-classic" playable characters. By that I mean that most of players would like to play types of charcaters that they wouldn't be able to play in other games (Hybrids, ...). But at the same time I'm sure that some players would love to play as human, "calssic" characters, for more immersion. 3: Maybe the most Iconic charcters of all. We can feel his power and wise just by looking at him. Certainly my favorite charcter of this list. 4 : The good side of this charcater in this look is the feeling he is giving of having a story behind him : how he lost his leg, ... He would do a very good secondary character. But some players may like to invent their own story behind him. We don't see that often wounded playable characters, it could give some variety in terms of choices. 5 : Knox, we already almost all know him, but we still got a lot to learn from him ! I think the concerns the community rised about him are valid but he is perfect to reflect the space pirate crew he is in. Except if he comes from a Disney Pirate Crew but I don't think so ! :D That's all for me today ! Have a Good day, Biscot
  277. 2 is probably my favorite because she reminds me of Jade. Well, that and I tend to always pick the female avatar (it's not too often I get to do awesome action adventure stuff as my actual gender. XD ) But I definitely like the idea of being able to be some of the hybrid characters as well. 3 would be my next favorite in that regard. Hopefully we'll get some nice female options as hybrid characters, too. =)
  278. If I had to pick a favorite character out of these five, i'd have to go with 2. I choose her because she looks like she has the most characterization out of all of these characters. And what I mean by "characterization" is this: A character who has a fully developed and intriguing backstory (history); as well as a dynamic personality, and a major role in the overall plot (story). I mean, just by looking at 2's picture, I can already imagine her ENTIRE life's story. Here's what I got so far (and btw, for the sake of this story, I will refer to this character as "2").... "Born in the slums, without so much as a penny to her name, 2 has always had to struggle to survive. And after loosing her parents at a very young age, 2 has nearly spent all of her life being alone. Her only joy in this world was taking care of her younger brother and sister, but in time, even they were taken from her. (Gang related turf war in the slums. Her brother and sister were killed in the crossfire) 2, having lost any and all meaning in her life, resorted to joining a space pirate crew; in the hopes that making loads of money would help ease the pain of her loss. And now, as one of the most deadly space pirates to ever exist, 2 struggles with both internal, and external demons. She struggles and fights, all the while being torn between pictures of herself. Between the loving and caring person she wants to be (and knows deep down that she is), and the cold and cruel killer she's become. In 2's unique case, her life's question is this: can a smile here and a kind gesture there, overcome the years of hate and bloodshed, that have been perpetuated by my hands?" --End Story. So yeah, all of that, and more, is what I see and think when I look at 2. She's a deadly pirate, with a loving and compassionate side, that sometimes sneaks out from behind her cold and cruel demeanor. And now that i've said all that, let's get to naming the other pirates, shall we? I've named all five, and have even given a name to the group as a whole. So without further a-do, here they are... 1- Stump. (Because he's short) 2- Aisha (EYE-EE-SHA) (Because she looks like an Aisha) 3- Chomp-A-Kahn (AKA "Chomp") (Because he looks like he'll kill and eat anyone he doesn't like. Also because he looks like a strong king. hence "kahn.") 4- Booze Meister (AKA Booze) (Because it looks like there's never a time of day where he isn't drinking) 5- Knocks (Because it looks like he'll 'knock' on your skull a few times, with that giant robot fist of his, if you try to push him around) Group Name- The Derelicts (Because together, they look like a band of lovable misfits, that are most definitely up to no good.)
    1. Love the backstory you came up with for 2! Number 3 makes me think that he has a very deep routed sad backstory from a long life of slavery.
  279. philou666999
    sa serai sympa qui rajoute dans ce jeu les hybride chimère de deux ou plusieurs animaux, un hybride requin léopard et qu'ils aurait des deux aptitudes de ces animaux ou même de penser de créé une planète ou monde qui soit en avance par rapport au hybride et qu'il ont arrivé a voir des hybride de deux animaux ou plusieurs et peut-être il pourrai devenir abus d'eux même car il se croirait supérieur au autres et des dieux et divinité voir même légende et légende pirates hybride ou humaine sa pourrais être cool en parlant des personnages qui sont présenté : le 1er : simple, efficace se démarque des 5 par sa morphologie, je l'imagine bien en tireur d'élite sniper, Canon, bazooka, couteau, petites ou grosse arme blanche ou a feu, il pourrai être pilote d'avion. le 2ème : j'adore le style du personnage, il ressemble un peu a celui de shani, punk, pirate rebelle, qui s'habillerai et créerai leur armure, armes, véhicules avec de la récupération d'epave et des ressources, elle pourrait faire partie d'un clan, gang ou groupes du même style qu'elle. elle pourrai être pilote véhicule terrestre. suggestions : sa serai bien que quand on crea notre personnage ou pourra aller voir et devenir membre de d'un ou de chaque groupes ou de simplement faire chemin tout seul 3ème : badass, du même style que la deuxième pirate, rebelle, punk, autant voir plus que l'hybride porc qui sont déjà montré, il fait très chef, meneur de clan ou chef d'une division de flotte de pirates. 4ème : il me fait rappeler un personnage complètement dingue et qui aime bien l'alcool mais qui est aussi malin, avec plein de compétences, je le vois bien en temps que pilote réputé, pourrait faire partie d'un groupe de punk, rebelle, pirate ou simplement un solitaire vendeur de pièces de vaisseaux spatiaux et pilotes réputé et pilotes a ces heures perdu (anciens pilotes légendaire) 5ème : il me fait penser a knox un hybride singe, simple mais j'aime bien le côté gadget ptetr une arme qui se porte comme un gand ou une main bionique a cause d'un avant bras arracher ou ce l'ai auto mutilé pour avoir ce bras bionique a la place, ce bras pourrait être équipé de plusieurs armes et avoir de différentes compétences. j'en reviens au personnage, il pourrai être compétent au combat corps a corps, avec des compétences hybride singe, agile et pourrait tiré avec ses mains et pieds.
  280. HungryGremlins
    #2 Is by far my fav, from the stance to the warpaint to the musculature. That's a woman who ain't gonna take no shit (ALSO, THE ONLY WOMAN). The Tiger hybrid really gives off a great vibe as well. As to what I'd like to see added, perhaps lizard-based hybrids. Not just because DRAGON, but it'd make sense lore-wise to expand beyond just mammalian hybrids.
  281. Bellesmirettes
    Space Monkey au rapport ! C'est vraiment super de nous impliquer dans la conception des personnages merci beaucoup ! Mon personnage préféré des 5 est Knox le cinquième personnage sûrement à cause de la bande-annonce où l'on voit l'étendue de son charisme et j'aime bien sa manière atypique de se déplacer comme on l'a vu dans le gameplay en utilisant ses mains. Sinon j'aime bien les personnages 1, 2 et 3. Le 1 est assez cool avec sa petite taille, sa barbe et son gros pistolet. Le 2 a l'air plutôt badass avec sa grosse arme et son style. Et le fait que le 3 est un tigre le rend vraiment cool avec une barbe blanche en plus ça le rend vraiment génial. Par rapport aux types d'hybrides qui seraient sympas de croiser dans le jeu je pensais entre autres à plusieurs animaux : - Crocodiles - Renards - Ours - Girafes - Chiens Voilà, merci beaucoup au fait pour ne pas avoir abandonné l'idée de faire une suite j'avais vraiment adorer le premier jeu et j'espérais une suite je suis super content. Le fait que vous impliquiez les fans dans les choix de conception du jeu est très bien par ailleurs car je pense que la majorité ont vraiment aimé l'univers du 1er avec les personnages et l'histoire et en les impliquant ça rendra à tous les coups le jeu meilleur j'en suis persuadé ! J'y pense j'ai beaucoup aimé le personnage de Secundo dans le 1er épisode si vous pouviez remettre des personnages virtuels qui s'occupent des affaires des personnages comme ça ce serait cool ou juste faire un clin d'oeil avec une apparition de Secundo et son fameux accent espagnol ^^ J'attends avec impatience les nouveaux messages ! Belles-Mirettes ;)
  282. SmileParadise
    emmmmmmm...... it's difficult to chose for a selective phobia When I play games, I prefer to control a female character,,just for beautiful. so i think i love the second character best. BUT I want to create a name for the fifth character as "monk"or other words meaning similar as monkey.XD
  283. So many people already on here!! Awesome, but can't imagine going through everything here.
  284. Badass 3 psycho 2 and of course the best :D VODKAMAN 4 :D WHERES THE DOMZ?! :(
  285. I would choose 3 as my main character and 1 and 5 to be my crew, this would be my favorite crew. To have a tiger hybrid is an awesome look for a main character. Personally i would prefer to play as a female lion hybrid. I really like the idea that the male lion is the king of the jungle, but the ones doing all the hunting and nurcuting are actually female. I picture a strong but elegant female lion hybrid, who works alongside shady criminals, doing illegal jobs to work her way up to a better life, while still being fair and treating her crew like her own family, maybe even being a mother herself, nurturing a baby she saved from criminals. And just like the female lions standing strong at the side of the king, her goal isn't to be the famous and get all the recognition she deserves, but being loyal and keeping her crew out of troubl and save, even if it costs her own life. For her it is enough to know that her family is save, in freedom and living a good life. I would name that character: Samar. It means "the darkness of night" in arabic.
  286. De aspecto me gustan mucho los pirmeros 3 pero el quinto lo vi en el trailer y me encanto su actitud, que no la tranmite este artwork. 1,3 y 5 son muy originales y tienen mucha actitud, 2 y 4 los veo muy repetidos en muchas series o juegos. De elegir uno creo que me quedo con el 2. Los nombres 1. Wilbur McGillis 2. Malena 3. Italo 4. Joshua 5. ZipZap
  287. Hello, 3 and 5 for me. The 2nd is good too but reminds me the work of Massimiliano Frezzato (just the detail of the painting on the face)
  288. BraveFencerZan
    I gotta go with #1, was always a fan of dwarf-like characters. Would be fun to see wolverine and sugar glider hybrids :p As for the pirate band, how about The Jackknife Raiders.
  289. I would play with 2 or 3. For crew member 3 or 4. Names 2 Shane 3 Dorg 4 Tipsy For tigerman his personality might be a mild, leisure, indifference. Like you are piloting and chatting with you with a monotone tune cuz he is chatty and with the same tune says"Turn left or we will die!" So he keeps his calm in most dangerous situations. maybe not the fastest with reactions but without shaky hands. 2nd dont like to put herself near dangers, rather solve problems without being shoot at, otherwise complains and curses a lot(rather after action) but manage cuz prepared, have hots for guys and maybe even joking about getting together with hybrids guys whose animal parts famous for ...doing well? trapmaker ranger hacker(?) 4 might be a engineer? lost limb cuz was drunk while tinkering stuff. doesnt remember it. but what he made turn out to be awesome. lol? and in bge i remember the blue haired blue skin girl was she a hybrid hybrid human? quarter animal. need one too. or two.
  290. Having played the first game, i remember no tiger hybrids on hyllis, but now that it has been explaned that different planets were inhabited by different terrian cultures it makes sense to find different hybrids according to these cultures lands's fauna, i guess. When i create a charachter i eather go and makes the closest match to me physically and slylishly( so in that case i'd go with 2, but male. I imagine that would be doable according to what we've been tolt about charachter personnalisation), or i create the bulkiest badassest MAN i cant, tall and big and muscular and hairy as hell, and call him Du in brezhonneg ( so i'd go with 3, or create a buffalo hybrid like the barman of the akuda bar, or something else if it is avalable in the game) J'aime beaucoup la forme que prend le jeu, j'ai hâte d'avoir plus d'infos, merci ubisoft !
  291. Tout d'abord merci à l'équipe de m'avoir de nouveau hypé après 14 ans et j'aime beaucoup les hybrides que vous intégrez dans cet univers. Je pensais à une chose, si dakini est de la même famille que jade ( je pense ), vous pourriez introduire les ascendants des enfants dont s'occupe jade, comme si le crew avait été obligé de les déplacer sur la planète de jade pour éviter un danger... voilà mon idée :) encor merci
  292. in the first game the rastas were rhinos, the mailman was an eagle ( i'm thinking traveling avian animal-hybrid), now that i think about it i imagine more african animals hybrids as rastas, more birds hybrids made to travel, maybe reptiles in hot environments & amphibians, crocos and fishes near water. I would'nt like any hybrids to be seen doing the same things in the game tho, but after all it's been said they've been created to feature the best traits of they're animal-half, and each colonisation cultures from earth could bring different hybrids for one same task according to what they're associated with on earth. j'aimerais surement ça dans le jeu, merci ubisoft de le faire (le jeu, je l'attend depuis 10 ans) !
  293. GuillaumeBGE2
    Le tigre est beau et j'aimerai bien retrouve la vache du bar et les rhino vous savez tous pourquoi :)
    1. je vais avoir l'air bête mais pourquoi ?
  294. I love the hybrid characters! This is a great selection of characters. I am drawn to #2 because I like to play as a female, though 3 and 5 also appeal to me because they are hybrid characters. 3 looks so fierce! I'd like to see them all have their own abilities, which would give you different advantages depending on what character you picked. Or if you could customize your own character, you would have different abilities depending on what features you have, such as why type of animal hybrid you are or if you are human etc. I feel like to give them a name as a band of pirates it should be something that isn't obvious that reflects what they are doing. Something like the resistance but I feel like there could be a better name. I'll come back if I think of something!
  295. My favorite character is the 2 and i think the name Isis, little Isis or Crazy Isis would be cool because her face look like Some representations of Isis Goddess of love. After that, like the majority i like Knox. Then i like the character 3, i could name it Tigerish or Enioh. For other character i would like to see a lot of Female character ( human and hybrid) and for a specific character i think a female hybrid between an human and a gazelle or an antelope would be cool! Ps: Sorry for my english
    1. Since 3 and 5 are already developed characters, i'll go for number 2. She give me the idea of a crazy girl that think everything can be solved with a gun and she need nothing else, but during the journey she develop relationships with the player and the crew and she discover the importance of bonds. Also i can't wait to see some well developed female hybrid characters.
  296. KayDoggTheFox
    My fav is number 3. I love the monkey as comic relief, but for me as a playable character that I create, I am a huge fan of games like StarFox or the old short lived Cartoon Bucky O Hare. My ideal hybrid would be a tough looking two legged Hon Solo like Wolf/Fox/Tiger or another predator animal. They just look more likely to pull the trigger. Personal opinion of course
  297. xXiWiebeXxNl
    Looks like Hancock lost a leg there #4
  298. As a fellow ginger bearded small man, I like 1 very much. Would probably just be named Greg. I like 2 a lot as well. In fact, I think they all look great!
  299. PacificAsp60161
    я хотел бы поиграть либо за льва, либо за пантеру, либо за быка (но скорее всего за него если он будет выглядеть как в хрониках нарнии)
  300. I like 2, 3 and 5 because the woman and the tiger are very cool. I'm not fan to the first but in hybrid is better, similar at rocket racoon in the guardians of the galaxy. The 4 is fun. (more female characters pls) Thank you for allowing us to participate a little. Ubisoft and the BGE2 team > all
  301. My favourite character is number 1 because this is unusual to see dwarfs in space games and it's always funny to play an angry and aggressive dwarf . For sure, the number 5 also attract me but everyone already know him so i prefer the first one. I could also play the character number 3 for his badass attitude but something is missing for me like a mechanic eye or something like this.
  302. I love them all, I would play any of these characters, but my favorite is 2. This is because I think a strong female lead is very appealing. I always play a female character if available, unless it feels it's unfit for the story, Like Prey 2 for example I feel is best played as the male version of the main character. Most games I notice that the same lines, and actions feel stronger coming from a female character, and most games with the option are better represented with the female, Like Fallout 4 for example, the scene where she finally see's Shaun for the first time since leaving cryo, it is much more impactful as the female character. This and there's nothing like a strong woman that looks like she has all the answers, and how to get things done, and that's what 2 looks like to me. All the other character's however look like they would be important side character's to this main character 2, all with their own very unique personalities, and emotions, they also look Very fun!
  303. I noticed that all the characters have a gun (or something similar) as weapon and this makes me think that we fight mainly with guns as an arcade third person shooter. Personally I prefer fight whit swords or stron stick like the first episode because it is more fun and rewarding and I think that a gameplay based on guns is not the best for the type of game that was Beyond Good and Evil
    1. Yeah but for now all we could see of fights in this game were a car chase/gun fight. I agree the Dai Jo should be a weapon in the game, maybe the section alpha's hammers & shiels too, even peyje's wrench. But it would be nice to be able to have balanced melee AND medium range fight and interactions ( i'm thinking pushing buttons by throwing an MDisk kinda thing) wouldn't it ?
      1. Yes it would be nice a balanced combat system with melee and medium-hig distance weapons,but not too focused on guns (hig distance wapon)
  304. They all look like dope interesting characters!!, cant really say one is better than the other because they all probably have their own unique background an creation and hopefully upbringing which would be a facinating aspect to bring to the game; along with the customizable ability to choose from from species of mix breed to race. Im really looking forward to this game and the different faces your see and come across when you play the game !!.
    1. Bunch of typos smh lol but you get my point and what im trying to say hoepfully.
  305. Number 2 et 3 are my favorites. I think that it would be nice to have more female characters. Those characters are great but they all look "dirty". It could be nice to have cleaner characters too.
  306. They all look amazing! I really like 2,3 and 5 though; and I would really love to see some female hybrids (more female characters in general) whose looks & personalities are really diverse -not solely focused on the young & sexy/pixie-punk-badass aspect, but also fat, old, rugged...- Use the full spectrum of human characters :) I'd also love to see some melee weapons for the space pirates in addition to the guns. Keep up the good work!
  307. assassinsly76
    Hi ! After a long reflexion, I think I would choose number 3. Indeed, in my opinion, when I look at him, I can see a very charismatic character because it is an hybrid and he adopts a pose which shows his combativeness and his determination. Moreover, he looks to have strength but he is not lacking intelligence. It doesn't bother me that he have a gun given that is a pirate, but i would like to know if he can use an another type of weapon like swords for example. Finally, his scars and what looks like a beard can inquire us about his age, and that he's not quite young, Furthermore, these elements added to his way of dressing himself can tell us that he is very experienced and that, perhaps, he is a war veteran or that he is a reconverted mercenary. All this to conclude on the fact that he seems to have a very interesting background, and that he have lived exciting stories. So, I want to know more about this character and really discover who he is.
  308. NinjabredKid
    Really liking the female grease-monkey no-bull taking type. Also a fan of the everyday prosthetics ala Furiosa's arm and the female villain in kingsman's leg blades. After thousands of years would they be using names of ancient products and job roles? Kola or W'rnch etc...
  309. Buddhaformike
    It would be amazing to create, incarnate and discover wolves among hybrids, with complex background, specific hierarchy, evolving as bounty hunters, smugglers, depending on wich pack they belong ... Your game has so much potential. I don't get hyped often, but this time I'm so enthusiastic.
    1. Ubi tells us hybrids were created by humans for colonisation purposes, wanting workers with strong traits only animals had to be able to attend to difficult tasks or ones that humans wouldn't be fit to do. I wonder why wolf hybrids would be made, and since thay explaned i wonder why pig hybrids were made too. I guess rhinos were ment to do tasks that require strength, maybe cow hybrids too ( but it's nice to see thay can transcend theire predispositions, seeing how they run mammago/ tend to the akuda bar) Monkey hybrids, or at least apes like knox, may fit complex manufacturing work.Small diging animals couls work underground or in confined spaces. Shark hybrids for underwater work, maybe ? No idea why the walrus hybrids were made tho.
      1. Wolf hybrids might be special units, they are great predators, but also can cooperate. They can also cause great impact on environment, stabilize popullation of herbivorous, so might be send as keeper of balance to some place or new collonies.
        1. Yeaaah like some kind of task force or state police !
  310. 3 , definitively classy
  311. Looks like the 3rd's left hand is in bad shape, wound caused by a fight ? accident while doing ship reparations ( unless the pods are already a thing, even if they're nex in BGE1 that may only be true in system 4) ? Malformation during hybrid genesis ? Speaking of hybrid genesis, are there rejects, like failed fusion in the DNA chains causing result individuals to be malformed or deadborn ? are they even born ? can they reproduce ? if so, how ?
  312. I really need wolf hybrid in this game, as the sea dog in my native language is translated to Wilk morski (sea wolf) and refers to experienced sailors, so i can't imagine pirates' group without one. I love wolf for their loyalty, strong family bonds, but also great impact they perform on environment.
  313. The band of looks great. I think they should be collectively known as 'Mercer' or have that incorporated in to part of the groups name. A fitting name for the Tiger could be Ernie Mcsporran. Which comes from and old character name my friend used for a 7ft tiger hybrid character he created when we used play teenage muntant ninja turtles the roleplay game back in the 80s. The trailer is fantastic too, it reminds me of the 5th Element, while also being something standalone. I am really excited by this project and look forward to getting involved and the release of the game.
  314. RecklessAthena
    Numbers 2 and 3 are definitely my favourites. I'm really digging the whole aesthetic. Something I'm really hoping for a really deep character creation tool, with further options within the game. So not just race and skin colour, but a wide diversity in body type, scars, tattoos, and naturally, clothing will be a huge part of adventuring. Maybe have the option to have prosthetic limbs as well? While the characters all seem really vibrant and wonderful, what I'd be looking forward to the most is having a rag tag crew of my closest friends, built exactly as we'd imagine ourselves in this universe. So options to have both lithe and heavy set body types for the same kind of chimera, different shades of fur. Also, killing someone because they have a nice hat is DEFINITELY something that players will do, so if enemies are defeatable at any time, and if they're wearng nice clothing, making those items droppable would make the huge amounts of police tailing my reckless ass worth it. Soooo looking forward to this though
  315. Nils Erlandsson
    2 Is the best in my eyes, 3 being second but the other's don't do much for me, didn't like the...behaviour of 5 in the vid but that's my little problem.
  316. Hi, please give us: a cyborg, a 1/2 snake/lizard character, and a 1/2 wolf character.
  317. ENJoying those designs at the top! Mine has to be octopus with the skills to wield multiple small type guns but at the cost of accuracy. And of course high expressive capabilities with 'em tentacles :D emoting FOR THE WIN!
  318. Slackjaw6996
    I like the looks of them as a group... a kind of "rag-tag" group, using old (not meant in a bad way) clothes and weapons! the artstyle is great! it really enhances the sense of realism in body features. As for the line up #3 is definitely my favorite! Now that we're speaking of hybrids, then i've come to wonder which animals will be able to "mix" with... Will there be options like snake, bee, wolf, tiger, lion, hyena, shark, rhino, dog, pig, horse and perhaps exotic choices? (when saying exotic i mean things that can be difficult to make, like an octopus hybrid and other animals) Or will there only be a few "normal" hybrid choices?
  319. Tough to chose a favorite, but I think I would go with N°2. I really like that mixture in her style between something Punk and the Kabuki style face paint, which strangely enough kind of gives this impression that she's part of some tribe or something. I could really see her as a sort of really tough character, kind of rough with her teammates and always ready to tackle pretty much any hard job. One the same time however I'd see her giving a lot of importance to her traditions as well, giving away her more sensitive side as well, partly because those traditions would probably help her find motivation and meaning for her actions. As for her name... what about something like Miya?
  320. outlawAware110
    Hello everyone my name is Nicolas and I am from Argentina. I will comment on the characters and what they represent for me. nº 1 - honestly does not represent me much. I think the concept art fails to reflect a clear personality. nº 2- I find it interesting, I think it describes a determined personality and strong character. nº 3 - This hybrid, it reminds me an animal in captivity, forced to perform tasks against his will. Now, at liberty, he can not finish forgetting the ill-treatment suffered in the past. Brave / Decided / Strong, are some of the adjectives that describe them. I would play with this character. nº 4- For me, the most interesting of all. An experienced human with scars from past battles. His Asian features, the Japanese style tattoo describe him as a character: Intelligent / vivacious / determined. A good captain, if you ask me. I would definitely play with him. nº 5 - Knox, who let see all his charm and personality in the trailer. I would play with him. Well, that's all, I hope this description helps. Thank you very much. Greetings.
  321. Rhinoceros
    1. Rhinoceros wolf
  323. I'm loving the look of the second character, i'm always for badass ladies. And i got to say that i also like the third guy, he looks like he's seen some things. I can really see him being the quickly angered but caring type of the crew, the kind that you know you can get close to once you learn he won't bite. However i can see myself love all the characters with a personality and backstory. Whenever i start up a new game i can dislike the way a character looks, but with a well worked out personality any character can be likeable. I'm not sure how far hybrids can go but what i'd love to see are some deep-sea hybrids like angler fishes.
  324. Kecak_Inogat
    Favorite character is number 3 : A good name I guess would be Malow, because he has a very intimidating presence but he is a cat; and in french a cat is a chat; so chamalow; which is funny, because he is intimidating but he is a cat so it makes sense. Also I do hope there is an option to have an hybrid with a tail :D This may seem trivial but IT IS NOT OK !
  325. VvColdKillervV
    Love all of these character designs so far!
  326. VvColdKillervV
    One suggestion/idea for a character. An awesome polar bear dude! He can be a bit similar to character 3's design and have something like a coca cola looking tattoo on him. He could be at a playable mini game you can challenge him at or a booth where you can sell junk to him.
  327. Zadok aspinall
    Well i personally really like number 3 cause he simply looks interesting i beleive he would have a name that does him justice in his profession he seems to be the old soldier who has seen too much and is just trying to further his cause while ensuring the younglings dont get themselves killed
  328. Zadok aspinall
    Also a chatecter suggestion a hyena that was either tested on or simply tortured leading to the present a abnormally large anubis that has little to no reasoning capabilities that loves the sensation of bone cracking beneath his club but he would either have some one he imprints on or one he trusts that keeps him from a rampage leading to his rediscovery by the one who wronged him perhaps he would slowly get better? Any way i just want a very diverse group of charecters and many customization options
  329. I love character no. 2, she looks badass. Like the look of all the characters as crew members too though, they have that pirate ragged look which is awesome. I would definetely welcome an option to create/ customize my character in some way (hair, clothes,...) but if not, I'd be very happy with no 2 nonetheless. It would be nice to have more female character options as well and maybe some tattoos and/ or piercings/ colorful hair to make it interesting :) Looking forward to seeing more, great work, guys!
  330. Léo Bougerolles
    I really like the character number 2 :) She looks really badass ! I think i'll could really enjoy the game if i find a hybrid-bird, like human falcon or human peacock ^^
  331. Les designs sont soignés mais je trouve qu'il y a que le tigre et le singe qui se démarquent du lot. Il y en a qu'un qui est vraiment raté c'est le nain, rien ne le démarque du tout venant. L'ivrogne à la jambe mécanique est pas mal cool, il manque un petit quelque chose au niveau du visage, je n'arrive pas à mettre le doigt dessus. Pour le personnage féminin, je trouve que la black avec sa coupe afro du trailer était bien plus classe en l'était ça passe. C'est un jeu avec une ambiance cyberpunk, il manque le badass en imper. Allez au hasard un mix entre Snake Plissken et Deckard.
  332. I saw the trailer on YouTube last month and was like "I need this game when it comes out!". The characters we have seen so far are so cool looking and I can wait to see more in the future. I will be saving money to get the game and a console to play
  333. 3 - grumpy tiger who is tired of all the shit 5 - don't mess with his arm 2 - hates humans 1 - decended from the irish. Wants to steal the drink from number 4 4 -Is so tipsy he wants to spend the night with number 1
  334. BobGloomwalker
    Definitely 3rd and 5th right after. These animal-human hybrids are for sure something I would be interested in playing way more than any human character.
  335. I called for a dwarf and now there will be one. You guys can really read into minds and that's why I love you.
  336. J ai eu vraiment du mal a choisir. Car ils sont tous intéressants donc apres un long moment je choisi 2-(je lui donne le nom d' Elise) 3-Je lui donne le nom de Johnny 5-je crois que c est knox 1- Cest frank 4_ ce nommera Cedric et prochain commentaire sera en anglais
  337. Characters 2, 3, and 5 would all be awesome to see as inspiration for the playable characters in their designs and where you could go into background and customization. they would all be fun to play as well. However, I would love all the characters here to be available as characters we could recruit into our squad. this so that we can get to experience the game as our own unique characters who fit into each players mindset, while still having the option to encounter these characters society considers misfits and bring them into our cause. here is some names I thought of and a little backstory to each character. enjoy (: 1- Brayan Dunmore (a rascal that was sent to system 3 by a corp. to pay his debts by mining crashed meteors as a slave, but was able to escape in crate on a ship. Now he hangs out at ports, working as a hired gun.) 2-Allison "Alice" Wetherby (A rebellious Teen who is the daughter of a Corp official, she knows all the dirty work that these companies do on the down low, but still knows how to defend herself. ) 3-Vadim Ranovich (have a background as a bodyguard for a kingpin type with a russian/eastern european background. ,around a year before the game, his boss died from a undercover poisoning, causing Vad to flee the main city due to a sense of lost honor and knowing society will not accept him. The main character could find him either out in the mountains or in the slums searching for a new purpose in life) 4- Howie (that's all I could really think of for him. he could be a alcoholic ex-soldier or something like that. love the robotic leg though, would love to see in character creation.) 5- I think that Knox would be quite fitting :) (honestly, what could be quite cool is adding in a family member that Knox has a feud with, either as another pirate or as another faction in knox's storyline.) I never got a chance to plat the first game, but this new game seems to have a bunch of promise. Once again, love these character designs and can't wait to see them in action one day. Keep up the good work and hope to more content soon.
    1. Sorry, I forgot to add a french version of the text- Caractères, 2, 3 et 5 tout ce serait génial de voir comme source d’inspiration pour les personnages jouables dans leurs conceptions et où vous pouvez aller dans le fond et la personnalisation. ils seraient tous être amusant à jouer aussi bien. Cependant, j’aimerais ici tous les personnages soient disponibles en tant que caractères que nous pourrions recruter dans notre équipe. Ceci afin que nous puissions faire l’expérience de jeu comme nos propres personnages uniques qui intègrent chaque mentalité de joueurs, tout en ayant la possibilité de rencontrer ces société caractères considère inadaptés et mettez-les en notre cause. Voici quelques noms que j’ai pensé et trame de fond un peu à chaque caractère. profiter ( : 1 - Brayan Dunmore (un coquin qui a été envoyé au système 3 par un Corp. pour payer ses dettes par l’exploitation minière s’est écrasé météores comme un esclave, mais réussit à s’échapper dans la caisse sur un navire. Maintenant il traîne dans les ports, travaillant comme un mercenaire.) 2-Allison "Alice" Wetherby (une adolescente rebelle qui est la fille d’un Corp officiel, elle sait tout le sale boulot que ces entreprises font sur le down low, mais sait toujours comment se défendre). 3-Vadim Ranovich (avoir un fond comme un garde du corps pour un type de cheville ouvrière avec un fond européen russe/eastern., environ un an avant le match, son patron est décédé d’un empoisonnement undercover, causant Vad de fuir la ville principale en raison d’un sens de l’honneur perdu et sachant la société n’acceptera pas lui. Le personnage principal pourrait trouver lui soit dans les montagnes ou dans les bidonvilles à la recherche d’un nouveau but dans la vie) 4 - Howie (c’est tout je pouvais penser vraiment pour lui. il pourrait être un ex-soldat alcoolique ou quelque chose comme ça. amour les jambes robotisées, j’adorerais voir dans la création de personnage.) 5 - je pense que Knox serait assez bon (honnêtement, ce qui pourrait être assez cool ajoute dans un membre de la famille que Knox a une rivalité avec, soit comme un autre pirate ou comme une autre faction dans la storyline de knox.) J’ai jamais eu la chance de plat du premier match, mais ce nouveau jeu semble avoir un tas de promesse. Amour encore une fois, ces dessins de caractères et ne peut pas attendre de les voir en action un jour. Continuez votre bon travail et espérons bientôt plus de contenu.
  338. What about some sort of wolf hybrid? I think that would be so incredible! I myself love wolves and would ABSOLUTELY love to be able to play as one in this promising open-universe. I hope I'm not the only one that feels this way! CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS GAME!!!
  339. no. 3 is the best imo. then then no.2...
  340. Je viens d'avoir une illumination un frère et une soeur hybride en cygne la classe de cette animal la soeur pourrait être une personne de la haute société qui pourrait les moins fortunée contre l'avis de ces parents qui règne sur une cité d'un blanc immaculé et son petit frère pour être un de ces cygne encore gris qui aurait pas trop confiance en lui mais qui finit par avoir de l’assurance par la suite. Sa fait un jolie petit clin d’œil au vilain petit canard et une histoire frère soeur c'est toujours assez sympa.
    1. Comme les hybrides ont étés créés par les humain pour la terraformation en vue de colonisation humaine et ont eu le status d'esclaves, ca me surprendrai qu'on en croise dans la haute société ou dirigeant une cité dans le jeu. Et comme les hybrides sont faits à partir d’espèces utiles à la colonisation, je sais pas si il y aura des hybrides cygnes :/
      1. Je pense au contraire que l'idée d'un hybride peut être intéressante car il introduirait une notion de complexité utile à la cohérence d'une société futuriste forcement sophistiqué. Par ailleurs me vient en tête un exemple parlant, celui de la caste des intouchable en Inde: "« Intouchable » désigne, par définition, celui qu’on ne peut pas toucher, c’est-à-dire celui qui est si indigne et si impur qu’il risque de souiller autrui par la vue ou par le contact physique. Tous les intouchables sont l’objet de sanctions dégradantes. Ils doivent vivre à l’écart des villages. Ils ne peuvent posséder d’autres biens que des animaux domestiques. Ils ne peuvent porter que les vêtements pris sur des cadavres. Circuler la nuit en ville leur est strictement interdit. Ils sont exclus des puits du village, car ils pourraient corrompre l’eau." Même si la société a évoluée depuis L’époque de cette extrait, les intouchables sont toujours considérés comme inférieurs aux autres et n’ont pas les même droits. Or Kocheril Raman Narayanan, issu de la caste des intouchables, a été élu à 75 ans président. Ce poste bien qu'honorifique est une place dans la haute société indienne et démontre que des exceptions non représentative des rapports entre les forts et les faibles peuvent avoir lieu. Pour ce qui est du cygne, c'est l'oiseau volant le plus gros et l'un des plus grand ( On a trouvé en Angleterre, un cygne mâle d’une envergure de 3,66 mètres, cette dimension correspond à l’albatros migrateur qui est le plus grand oiseau, en vol du monde) Il n'a pas de prédateur, est très agressif, se déplace très bien dans l'eau et peut voler plusieurs centaines de kilomètres d’affilé. Donc en ce qui concerne les espèce utile a la colonisation je ne suis pas sur qu'elle soit moins utile qu'un rhinocéros ou un porc ;)
        1. me voilà convaincu :) Je suis bien d'accord que les hybrides pourront apporter à l'univers, à l'histoire et au gameplay une variété de possibilité trés agréable ! (à prendre au premier degré, sans sarcasme ni rien)
  341. English: what would be quite cool is a bipedal hybrid praying mantis creature that used as a stealthy scout species. they could have cybernetics implanted into their arms so they can pilot spacecraft and attach weaponry onto their claws. with their insectoid eyesight, this could allow the species to have both great scouts, snipers, and pilots. they could operate in jungle ecosystems, where they can fully use natural camoflage inspiration on color schemes and different appendages for the in-game hybrids could come from these sub-species of mantis- Hestiasula major (Cape Mantis) Phyllocrania paradoxa (Ghost Mantis) Hemiempusa capensis Idolomantis diabolica (Devils Flower Mantis) could be kinda similar to this image a blogger created- French: Ce qui serait plutôt cool, c'est une créature bipede hybride qui a utilisé une espèce de chercheur furtif. Ils pourraient avoir des cybernétiques implantés dans leurs bras afin qu'ils puissent piloter des engins spatiaux et attacher des armes sur leurs griffes. Avec leur vision insectoïde, cela pourrait permettre aux espèces d'avoir des grands scouts, des snipers et des pilotes. Ils pourraient opérer dans les écosystèmes de la jungle, où ils peuvent utiliser pleinement le camouflage naturel inspiration sur jeux de couleurs et de différents appendices chez les hybrides dans le jeu pourrait provenir de ces sous-espèces de mante- Hestiasula majeur (Cap Mantis) Phyllocrania paradoxa (Ghost Mantis) Hemiempusa capensis Idolomantis diabolica (Devils fleur Mantis) pourrait être un peu semblable à cette image un blogueur créé-
  342. I really like 3 and 5, others are good too :D
  343. I dig all of 'em honestly, but i'd probably play something closer to home, like a Human or Dwarf (i'm assuming #1 is inspired by fantasy-style dwarves), but I want to encounter all manner of hybrids or full-blooded alien races. That's half the reason I tend to keep it vanilla in fantasy games if i'm able, I find it more intriguing to play as something I am in reality, I can better identify with the character and pseudo-experience what they experience in a huge galaxy of uniquely designed players and NPCs. Were I given free reign, i'd likely play a 30-something human male with most of the right/left side of his body replaced with bionics, and decked out in worn-out, outdated military attire and equipment/weapons. Possible names for the lineup; 1: Saxtus 2: Ruth 3: Savahn 4: "Popeye" Haku 5: Abel
  344. My ideal character to have in the game (especially playable) would be a human character, but who doesn't like the idea that he's a human. He wants so badly to be one of the animal characters that he keeps modding himself to have cybernetic enhancements that make him more animal-like (Big gorilla arms, clawed fingers, night vision cat eyes, etc) and despite the fact that he's obviously a really nice guy all of the animals feel uncomfortable around him much like African-american people do around white people who only like them because they think that they can dance well, or are naturally athletic or even the well-endowed thing. They don't really understand all the bad things that these individuals have had to go through in order to survive and they only see glamour in it. Over this persons journey though, he actually sees what these animals have gone through and begins to see how he fetishized them and didn't see them as individuals. I don't know, I just think that would be a really cool character to see and to have that story told (that we see all the time in the real world) but told in a completely different way than we've seen before. The character would be big, moderately attractive, Male, shy, Samoan in nationality. His name would be Papu.
  345. I would play something like the number 3. Some big badass looking Hybrid. That would be awesome. Or the Chick Nr. 2 just to look at something pretty.
    1. Ahhh. A litte dwarf is awesome too. F*** I can't decide ALREADY!! #!?&%$§#
  346. Hi, looking at the 5 characters.. I'm thinking.. hmm.. just one female character there? obviously I would play her. I always playe female characters, not because I'm a feminist. I'm not! - far far from it, -but as in movies I do get more attached to the characters if one can see oneselves in the character. In games I am more into protecting the character if I can relate to her in any ways. (or simply liking the character). So if there were customizable features one could do, like hair colour, make up, styles and colour choises in clothing, that would be fantastic. I have played many rpgmmo's, and its all about customisation. I'm not saying I wouldn't be playing this game if there were no customization, but trying to emphasize that that this feature/option is wanted and appreciated. I spend hours in customization- which ever game I may do that. -and loving it. I really really hope to be able to customize ones characters in this game,-it's fun, personal and one feel free and that it makes me happy.
  347. AnActualpanda
    3 shows a lot of power that is also very in control mentally. kind of a calm being that can flip the swicth to aggersion only when needed.
    1. AnActualpanda
      Switch* and Aggression* sorry for the spelling errors.
  348. #3 & #5 3 - because she looks like she would add a lot of wit and cheekiness to the group. 5 - imposing wisdom and looks like he has badass backstory
    1. Haha oops I got my numbers all mixed. DISREGARD OTHER COMMENT REVOTE! #2 & #3
  349. Personally, I'd my character would be a shark hybrid, because I can't think of many things more badass that a space pirate shark man... also with a giant robot suit, but that might be pushing it a bit. My other big idea for a character would be someone similar to Fry from Futurama, where he's just this average guy (with below average intelligence) who ends up getting thrust into the most insane shit. Speaking of Futurama- SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!
  350. I guess the number two is my favorite, one inch above the number three. For the moment i have no name to call her so in this mail she will be « Two ». From my point of view Two is one of the most detailed character in this list and that gives us a lot of intels to guess who she could be and what she could think. For me Two is a tought woman we can see it thanks to her posture, face up while she 's looking at us straight down, she seems very comfortable with the very big riffle she has in her left hand, and of course the war prints she is wearing increase the impresion that she's a warrior who has been throught a lot of things. Two is wearing a very strange outfit, it seems made of a lots of differents clothes put togethers in a giant patchwork and that's quite cool. For me this and her tatoo shows Two as a character who really belives in what she is doing (for me she is a space punk in the noble way of the punk wave, the free spirit, no judgment on what the others believes and thirsty of freedom) it's freedom that drives her beeing a space pirate, and she is proud of it as her tatoo on her right shoulder shows it. But as I have said in the first place she is very tought, quite Reckless and not the kind of person that let the others deals with her personal problems. But in the other hand I think she is the kind of person who is really close to is crew, despite her attitude Two is ready to do annything for her « brothers ». I guess it could be nice to explore a new solar systeme with her and the others pirates because she could be a very nice character with a deep personality and lore, she don't seems to be another meaningless AI with no other purpose than beeing around in the ship saying nothing interesting. For ending this answer i have to tell you that every characters on this list are really interesting The others are really great number three, the old pirate who has been a slave (he wear pieces of brocken chains) he is now the leader of this small band or at least the wiser of them all. Number four could have been an ex soldier, he lost his legs and went in a depression drinking too much he finally found himself a place in this world beeing a pirate, in this crew he could be the more educated of them, a doctor ? Maybe he was an army doctor or surgent. And of course number five Knox his a Jackass the one that talk too much and too loud a pretty good liar usefull in a lots of situations and an exellent thieve. And i have not so many things to tell about number one, a dwarf with a shotgun why not .
  351. Either the Tiger or the Monkey \m/ can't wait!
  352. So hello ^^ As many before me said, I really like number 2's design. As being a girl myself, it's good to see female characters in games that are more than just a prize. I would imagine her as the silent type who dosen't open so easily to anyone but if she does let somebody close to herself she would protect them with all her might. Also I like number 4. He is looks like tthat typical mechanic of the group. Based on the bottle he does love drinking. I would say he is more open, make friends easily, and try to keep the moral up, but sometimes he maybe too laid back when it comes to more serious stuff I hope I could help in some way. Oh! Yes. Here are names for the characters. 1 - Darthurm , Harmus , Drumram , Karogarn , Ragadus , Tharkahm , Gruffydd 2 - Shisiara, Briara , Ashina , Nami , Ayaka, Kanae 3 - Thakkar , Sanghrajka, Dharan, Kamasamudram, Achari, Kabiraj 4 - Hawk , Boomer , Chester , Sedgwick , Thorndike, Bentley 5 - Parupalli, Mokkapati, Bachal, Oberoi, Chakyar, Gurunath
  353. Personally I always prefer to create my own character but lately Ubi games have had a very limited creation system and leveling system so not sure if that's the way to go. I do like the idea behind #3, a hybrid seems interesting depending on background story and any advantages/disadvantages to playing them. #2 seems like another choice I would play as an Armalite Rifle style or SMG style play is another of my likes and again depends on background story and advantages/disadvantages to playing them. Knox...I'm just not a fan of monkey characters and if there is a pvp part to the game, from the video seems like his abilities would be abused and exploited. I'd prefer Li Daiyu to the monkey, and make her like a ninja/monk style character mostly hand to hand. I would work with a tradition pirate style clothing crossbreeding it with Tribal, American Indian, Norse, and Asian styles of days past giving them a flare of Pirate mixed with a culture that has a rich background with identifiable clothing patterns, of course matching them to the backgrounds of the characters. If given an option for a character creation I would also give the option for a historic background giving you access to costume (appearance only) items that are either traditional to the pirate crossbreeds and even traditional pirate style. 1. Shorty, Big Man 2. Sylva, Geisha 3. Fang, Grimm, Drake 4. Stumpy, Peg-Leg 5. Not a fan so whatever.
  354. Two main choices for me... Choice #3 is not only an intimidating presence (feline DNA, imposing stature, etc.) but there's also a lot of story suggested in his appearance. His left leg seems to have a broken chain, which perhaps he keeps as reminder of his days as a slave. His left hand appears to be missing or replaced, again hearkening to an interesting origin story (did he chew off his own paw to escape?) and his jacket seems ex-military... or maybe that's one of his trophies that he took as he escaped for a life of raw freedom. Choice #2 has a lot of character and attitude; there's defiance in her very stance, The red makeup reminds me of war paint, and the yellow glove makes me think of Jade's gyrodisk glove. My impression is that this character is both a capable fighter and a capable mechanic. Choice #5 is an obvious choice -- he's the character that really shines from the trailer.
  355. №5 cool! I would like to play for a hybrid reptile
    1. I want to add:) A hybrid reptile can be dexterous, flexible, inconspicuous. He can be both a hired killer, and the owner of a colony of slaves! Attribute may be a masking suit that merges with the acrylic.
  356. In addition to my comments above, I'll add two things. I'd like to see a wide variety of hybrids in the locales we'll visit, beyond the ones we saw in the original BG&E to include zebramen, snakemen, elephantmen, etc. Also, it might be cool to see transgenic who are not modeled on human scaffolding. I can envision alien environments that make it more efficient for hybrids to have multiple legs, wings, fins, and more.
  357. wW_CORBEAU_Ww
    Salut ! J'ai remarqué qu'il y a des hybrides d'êtres humains avec des animaux mais, ça peut être cool de faire des mélanges de 2 types d'animaux du genre une araignée avec un singe, un renard avec un cerf. Ce qui donnerait une expérience totalement différente avec chaque hybride puisque chaque joueur sera différent en fonction de ce qu'il a créé. Ce qui peut donner un style différent grandement puisqu'il y a tellement d'animaux qu'il y a un nombre de possibilités énormes donc, ça va être rare de tomber sur un joueur avec le même hybride que nous. On pourrait changer le torse, tête, bras, jambes, au lieu d'avoir un personnage déjà créer. Ça pourrait être bien car le personnage tu las créer toi-même donc, il est unique à toi personne va vraiment faire le même que toi et ça peut donner du style vraiment bien aux jeux de voir des animaux vraiment costauds, ou même des animaux pas costauds mais, intelligent. Ce qui peut changer le style du jeu en fonction de ce que tu as créer comme animal... Du genre tu aurais des points du style, intelligence, force, charisme, discrétions ou autres ! ( enfin j'espère que vous voyez ce message et que ça va vous aider j'attend le jeu avec impatience j'ai trop hâte ! désoler d'avoir poster sa dans cette sections ses juste que j'ai pas trouver d'endroit ou les gens peuvent proposer des nouveaux trucs pour le jeux donc , je le post ici dans la catégories avec les 5 personnages principale du jeux. Un gros merci si vous lisez se messages Ubisoft )
  358. I'm sorry my English is not so good. My favorites are number 1 and 5. If I could create a character then that would be a short-lived person with a gorilla is crossed. A hybrid with the characteristics of a dwarf
  359. I like number 3 and 2. But I would be pleased to see smaller creatures. Like cats? Everybody love cats. I can't see a future with hybrids without cat hybrids. Maybe in some similar design as Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy?
  360. Hybrid of cat hybrid <3 (sorry for my english i'm from polish)
  361. A nonchalant relaxed sloth hybrid, or a timid armadillo hybrid
  362. Like them all great work. Would also like to see and play as human with hybrid traits, such as tails ears claws teeth of one animal species. Or a hybrid mix of two or more animal.
  363. All of them are great, but I think my favourite one is 5, looks like it'll be the best one. And what about a kind of old "human-frog" in shaolin style, with his moustache and that stuff,
  364. BroquilFregitt
    All characters look amazing! I can see them all as a member of my space pirate crew but if I have to take one it would be definitely 3 (Thu Dango) or 5 (knoxy). Thanks for making this game real!
  365. BG&E is my favorite game of all time (until 2 comes out I'm sure). Fox are my favorite animal. I so want to be a fox in BG&E2. ♥
  366. my favourite is number 2. and i really would like to see a fox hybrid
  367. having a really small cute girl character who is secretly badass!
    1. Having a cool girly character for all the girl gamers out there
  368. 3 is the best. But I would like to play with female character - not this 2 one. I don’t like her. Please, create another human women! Could be hybrid to. 1 women : 4 men – this proportion is weak!
  369. salutlesamis
    A. Les personnages les plus réussis sont les n°3 et n°5. Les humains (à part la fille badass type Borderlands) ne donnent pas très envie d'être joués. B. Des noms? De gauche à droite : Mobidic (pour le contraste), Lana, Jean (parce que les noms français vont bien aux têtes de méchants, genre Twin Peaks, ou 5è élément par exemple), Caps (jeu de mot entre capitaine et le jeu à boire...puisqu'il l'air d'avoir la main lourde) et bon enfin on réinvente pas Knox. C. J'adore les ours mais j'ai l'impression qu'il y a plus un groupe d'animaux précis dans BG&E, plus tropicaux...l'ours ferait un peu tâche (même si j'adorerais pouvoir en jouer un). Un lézard vicelard (type Léon dans monstre et compagnie...hum les références...), au déplacement assez rapide et furtif ce serait chouette. D. Vous prenez vraiment le temps de lire et de vous intéresser à tout ce qu'on dit? E. Bon courage pour la suite!
  370. JH-Animations
    I would LOVE to see wolf hybrids in the game!
  371. So, I read somewhere in this that the game isn't projected to release until 2019-2020. It's crazy to think that I'm getting psyched about a game that isn't going to release for another 2-3 years. I really hope it doesn't take that long for this game but at the same time I want them to take their time on it to ensure it's gonna be the best that it can be. I'll wait for a game that is gonna be guaranteed to be a damn good play!
  372. I would like to play personnage 2 in bge 2 because this appearence is cool and she look likes space pirate and she look likes strong with her rifle. And if I want creating a new character it would be an android with gun (this arms transform to doing guns) and he is very clever.
  373. These 5 characters are rly great, but I would add "Trix" let's give him name like that. He would be hybrid of human and hippo. Great deff and some powerfull attacks base on strenght. Assume that he is from some desert planet, he was a smuggler, but because of something that had happend in his past, he can't do it now. Some say that he lost a bet, but no one know it for 100%.. He's not telling anything about his past, only sentence from him about this, is "Life doesn't get any better than that.". He suffer from lost, but he love people around, sometimes he see ghost that show him solution for current situation "ammo box, secrets, ect"
  374. I would love to play a personalized fox hybrid alongside these people! Like, some sort of techie character who's very agile and upbeat. A ex-slave character is always awesome for story. My favorite character in the list is Kim Hyun-Jun and for number 2, a cool fitting name i thought of could be something like Yuri or Kira?
  375. Got to say No# 3 looks pretty cool but I would love to see like a Komodo Dragon Hybrid for a character :)
  376. I really liked the 2nd one, maybe because I mainly pick female characters in video games and she seems like she could handle any situation with ease. As for what type of hybrids I want to encounter, I think my obsession with sly cooper is telling me a raccoon hybrid, whom is just as goofy and mischievous as real life raccoons.
  377. J'aime beaucoup tous les personnages, ils sont tous très charismatiques même si j'aime moins le 1er et le 4ème. Les hybrides sont vraiment une bonne idée, ils ont le potentiel de rajouter une profondeur et une diversité au jeu, ce serait vraiment génial si il y avait plein de races d'hybrides jouables et personnalisables. I really like all the characters they're all very charismatics even if the 1rst and the 4th aren't my favorite ones. hybrid species are a very good idea, indeed I think that they could add much depth and diversity to the game, it would be awesome if we could choose to play and personalize a lot of various hybrid species.
  378. #5 and #3 are my favorite. A rat-human hybrid would be a good addition to this team. One that reminds the dude you'd play air hockey with at the Akuda bar on the original BGE, perhaps with the stereotypical eyepatch and a bitter smile.
  379. Hi, sorry for my english but i'm french I think the second character is top; He looks BADASS... my favourite And thanks to UBI again!!!
  380. i like that cool badass girl but i like the third one too
  381. bugzinyapudding
    I really like 1,3, & 5. These three all feel like they have backstories. I'm not too crazy about 2 and 4 because it feels like they can easily be faded into the background. But they all have special charms about them but I really do prefer the three.
  382. ... [Trackback] [...] Read More Infos here: [...]
  383. dragonegglord
    I like the hybrid tiger the most, the second is the woman and the third the midget with the red beard the 2nd I would name her Fox The 3rd I would name him King The 1st one I would name him Firebeard I don't know I just came with those names out of my head. :)
  384. CosmicOfficer
    On how far the development is going in the game I'm loving so far, especially on how we are seeing hybrid mythical creatures in the game that reminds me of skyrim. But on the side comment i would love for us to have any wolf, dog, or raccoon hybrids. As of us seeing a lot of other creatures in the trailer it would be cool to see an option to make a character like them as well. ☺
  385. Love that #2 looks suspiciously like someone snuck Shane from the L Word onboard and up to System 3 xD Please give me a red panda :3 <3 They make very good characters (NOT sidekicks! They take up all the limelight ;D)
  386. PixelatedGeek
    I would play with nr. 1 and 2 maybe also 3. But every character looks terrific.
  387. j’espère que la personnalité du nain serra bien travaillée. Aussi je vois bien sur lui un signe de stigmatisation dû à des moqueries qui sont allé trop loin. Pour les autres Personnages, je vous fait confiance ^^
  388. Personally I'd pick #2 because I usually always play as a female but I'd prefer to costumize my character so it'd fit me
  389. Finding the Star Fox team (At least in a "easter egg" joke) can be nice !
  390. I love them all! They each have so much character. Would love to learn more about their stories. I really love the idea of exploring hybrids as a secondary class in society
  391. blackout12345
    I really like no.3, I think if I had the choice I like to play as some kind of bear hybrid a large tank type character. no.5 design is great but I really hate the cockney accent they gave him..just my opinion :/
  392. Моей любимой игрой на ps one была Tai Fu, мне бы очень хотелось увидеть играбильного персонажа в точности похожего на главного героя игры Тая!
  393. Hi, I like not too conventional character :) Also , my gold one is #4, for his "loser" look : old and scrapy leg augmentation, alcholic, ... and not-intelligent looking ... Silver is #1 : it seems strong, and a little used And bronze is the #2 : it's the only woman, with some bad-assitude
  394. I'd probably pick 2, or 1 just because it would be amusing tearing through space as this guy. Hopefully there will be more female characters to choose from! Keen to see what kinds of female hybrids there will be. I have some idea of what the names could be, but they're the first things that just came to mind. Names: 1 = Titan 2 = Ashmena 3 = Richmond 4 = Krunk (maybe goes by a nickname like Stumps) 5 = Westfield (or Westy for short) Since there's 5 of them... Maybe their group name should be like Pentagon or Pentagonia?
  395. Absolute Android
    Number 3 looks like a good person to have with you in a space bar/bar fight.
  396. Felix Müller
    Evereryone but number 1 looks unique and interesting in a way. The human characters are beside of gender and size pretty similar. They look cool but to mix it up i'd like to have some contrary characters like a posh guy for example to keep the relationships interesting.
  397. An interesting selection for sure though I'd personally rather play as Jade or a Jade-like character. I'm here for the nostalgia as much as I'm here for the novelty and innovation.
  398. It seems like you are going for a classic fantasy with G&E twist, Orc, Dwarf aso. I LIKE IT! Hybrid elven features Android Cyborg/Human/Animal hybrids. Alien Something cute but deadly, thinking Rocket Raccoon but cuter.
  399. Whisper_zero_1
    The characters all look great, really looking forward to this. I'll pick number 3, tracking is an aweosme skill! I'd like to see some sort of Bull character - a mercenary style character.
  400. Number 4 looks like a tormented soul! Love the way you're teasing us! ;) Thx!
  401. tempestuousskye
    More strong female characters please! So my fav would be #2 out of the bunch and I'd call her "Midnight". Would be really interesting to know each of the character's background. It's always awesome to get personally attached to a character, it makes experiencing the game and the story line a whole lot more fulfilling!
  402. I am so going to play as a hybrid frog >O<
  403. I would really like to see a big spectrum of animal hybrids. Starting from insect-hybrids for example a grasshopper as well as small animals such as hamster, rabbits, slugs, fish and frogs. I am most looking forward to the bigger hybrids such as (water) buffalos, crocodiles, hippos, giraffes, rhinos, sharks and elephants
  405. SerialGamer95
    Je serais parti sur le 2, même si le 5 m'intéresse beaucoup (fan de shaka ponk oblige ^^) Je pense que c'est parce que je pourrais retrouver la féerie de Jade dans BGE premier du nom. Pourquoi ne pas avoir sa propre escouade de différents personnages et changer en cours de jeu ?
  406. There would be cool hybrid characters that have the same abilities as the animal they are; for example a gecko hybrid that could climb walls or a chameleon hybrid that could change color depending on where they are. These changes are probably very difficult to implement and I get that but it would be awesome.
    1. I love this idea.
  407. Un lezard hybride serait cool comme personnage jouable
  408. I know this is an older article but I was thinking on this. I think the ultimate hybrid to play as would be a Human/Donkey When you think about the complexities of having hybrids and using them for slave labor. Combining that with a literal beast of burden. To me it kinda imposes some deep thoughts of that kinda dynamic and the horrids of slavery and such. To have used a beast like that for thousands of years, then to doom some hybrids to the same fate when they share parts of both worlds.
  409. EroticSqurrel22
    All of them look very good but i would really love it if you would make a himan sloth hybrid playable i think it would cool and open a door to another way of playing maybe?
  410. There are obviously already canine hybrids, and appear to be some breed distinctions. I would love to see a hybrid that favors the traits of a Dachshund both in look and attitude. Dachshunds were bread for hunting animals larger than them and going into tight tunnels; this makes for a very over confident scrappy attitude and a desire to always be in a claustrophobic environment. I could see myself being really entertained by a long skinny engineer type character with over-sized ears, who is always diving headfirst INTO the engines of the ship to go fix or tweak something while constantly trying to pick fights with whoever the biggest character in the vicinity happens to be.
  411. It's going to be end of mine day, but before end I am reading this impressive piece of writing too improve my experience.
  412. I would love to see a big variety on creating your character, making it more personal. Bear, rat, a lot of dog breeds, snake, are some animals that would make great hybrids as well. Im loving what you guys are doing with this game, and a great and complex character creation would fit the game perfectly!!
  413. Because of the preference for hybrids. I like the 3 and 5 characters and look forward to shark hybrids.
  414. wow 我来留下中文评论。我是女生会喜欢2号角色。 actually for chinese characters pls refer to the chinese perspective not the western perspective. I don't like the Li Daiyu bc she looks too stereotype. would love a asian male character. anyway good job. put it on ps store and take my money.
  415. Think my favourites are 2 & 3, especially 3 since he looks like a right brawler (like an aged Jayne from firefly)
  416. I like number 4. He probably has an interesting storyline. Lots of unjuries, metall multifunctional pirate leg. he drinks rom, like true pirate! He looks like the only true human left. And number 2 is probably his daughter. I'd like to suggest hybrid of Possum (i think they are creepy and could be really impressive bad guys, that scratches it's wooden furniture and other characters' eyes), short giraffe hybrid (I think it's ironic cuz you know...giraffe and short....too much detail, I think), and maybe mole hybrid (he has really good feeling of environment and sence of entities). If you liked my ideas I can design some more.
  417. I really think that the characters look exceptionally amazing in this game. The hybrid ideia is great and the looks that developers are giving to this characters... I love it. I think it would be so much fun if it was possible to make amphibious charaters or at least bird hybrids that have their own wings and don’t need a jet pack to fly in the lower layers of the atmosphere. I’m really looking forward to playing this game, a big thumbs up to the developers keep it up! We are Ubisoft
  418. McFinkleberry12
    I love the looks of the characters but I’m wondering if you can customize the main character from any animal. Can you make an elephant hybrid to showcase to. I would love that.
  419. I would like to see a leopard hybrid, he (or she) would be very agile, not so muscular and be an assassin or something like that. I’m not so muscular myself and I would like to play as a skinny but skillful male.
  420. Is the customization going to be something like in Skyrim?
  421. I would love to see a blending system where you create a character and based on the creation, you get a mini backstory. If I made a Human lion mix, i would want my backstory to be based on the spirit animal theme. I may not look like a lion but my tendencies are that of a lion.
  422. ritikmohapatra
    But one thing is the expression of each and every character of a game which makes it real and the difference in looks of different people and there should also be meaningful dialogue and conversation between the non main cha
    1. ritikmohapatra
      But one thing is the expression of each and every character of a game which makes it real and the difference in looks of different people and there should also be meaningful dialogue and conversation between the non main characters which makes it real
  423. Please make a werewolf
  424. There is many hybrids I could think of. Obvious would be fox/tiger. But non intrigue me as much as an owl hybrid. There is just something about an owl with perhaps long black hair that just appeals to me. Another thing I would not mind to see is some colors, perhaps a specific hydrid race that loves coloring their hairs neon pink or green. This bring me also to the problem of flying and underwater. I personally love to explore the depts on the sea. And atlantis of the ocean on a planet. Occupied by hybrids of the sea, fish people. Slimy scaly salamander hybrids. Perhaps a race of mermaids that transform the moment they go into water, or water is thrown over them ofcourse the animation of this merger/unmerger of legs/fins would have to be done very smoothly. But I could see a lot of interesting ideas with that. Obviously it's guarded by squid/octopus hybrids as city guards. And perhaps a planet thorn by gravity, ruptures but still hanging together in lush vegetation, where flying hybrids have made their homes. Able to traverse the small villages. A yak or bull/cow hydrid would be nice to see also.
  425. Tactical-Weasel
    Hey developers, love the game, looks awesome, but i have a question/idea, will there be a high powered sniper rifle, you know an anti material rifle, like a barrett m107, or the heavy sniper from gta 5 or srs99 from halo, like a big bulky sniper rifle with a big scope, that can hit targets at 3km. so that you can be a cool sniper pirate, oh and cat hybrids, i want to be a sniper space cat pirate! and one last thing, it would be cool to have a kind off RV space ship, it would be pretty small, maby 50 meters long at the most, and maby have 2 storys idk but you could fly it into space, but there are also private quarters, so yeah its like a space rv, a little mobile base
  426. #3 all the way. Blood sport fighter and an amazing hunter.
  427. 3 and 5. I could see myself going to a bar on the moon with those 3 and 5.. They seem like they know how to have a good time. I would name 3 Boris and 5 Fin
  428. Beyond the characters we already know i really hope to see many well developed female hybrids like Mei in BGE1, until now we haven't see any female hybrids apart two concept art in the live stream in december. I know its not easy to portrait them but the artists at Ubisoft Montpellier are very talented. I can't wait to see the results.
  429. TheKoloradoKid
    1 looks like a happy go lucky Irishman who goes along with the flow. 2 looks like a sassy flirtatious vibrant young woman with an attitude who doesn't take shit from no one. 3 looks like the protective father figure who'll smash you for disrespecting any of the crew. 4 looks like the alcoholic pirate that doesn't care about anyone and doesn't let anyone get close to him cause he's lost everyone he loves in life. 5, well 5 is just an awesome dude. I love the versatility in character creation. I've created many characters in my life using custom creation software within games. I always try to make the character look just like me so I can live vicariously through them. I look at these characters and can see their background and personalities run through my mind. It's almost overwhelming. I love the back story of characters and why they behave and think the way they do. It's so much fun and it really puts everything into context. I might have to write down back stories for some characters, and who knows, you may just like them and use them. That would be a dream come true for sure. Thank you!
  430. Thedarkbobunk
    Alright! to me, the character creator to me is the MAKE IT OR BREAK IT of the game! , to me, it is very important to have the ability to Customize the character and I mean Face! , nose! eyes! eyebrows!...etc...... maybe it would still be nice to have a specific name for the characters so that the dialog would workout. but I think that a robust character creator is important. that being said I like # 2 could lose white face make up. Names : 1) Darius Longshanks AKA Crank ( longshanks can work its way as a comic-ironic name in the dialog) 2) Valkyrie Orian AKA Val. 3) Alfred Carlton AKA Al 4) Slade 5) Dibz

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