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BGE2 SMP Hybrid Panda (Hsing-Hsing)

Character Focus: Hsing-Hsing (Hybrid Panda)

Hey Space Monkeys!

We came up with this hybrid panda’s backstory, but maybe he inspires something else for you? Share with us how you see this character’s life story in the comments below!



Many religious pilgrims to System 3 used the hybrid descendants of the sacred giant panda to help build and maintain their temples and gardens.

Hsing-Hsing (pronounced shing-shing) just didn’t fit in…  More Yin than Yang, more Yang than Yin? Hsing-Hsing wasn’t sure, but he would never find out if he stayed put…

One night, Hsing snuck out of the sacred gardens to wander the planet in search of his destiny, only to be captured by scavengers and sold for scraps at some Corporate recycling center. Lucky for Hsing, a temperamental Scottish pirate with no love for scavengers, and even less for the Corpses and their slaver acolytes, came along and saved Hsing’s hide.

Hsing joined Captain Kerr’s crew and proved to be a pretty good cook, and an even better partier. He was loved by all for his wicked sense of humor, and his ability to keep the peace on a ship of rowdy pirates.

Eventually, Hsing accumulated enough loot to open up a tea shop in the Ganesha underground, specializing in Scottish smoked white tea (the “Best in the Milky Way”) and the hardest rockin’ karaoke in town. If you go round the YinYang Tea House after hours, you can catch Hsing-Hsing belting out his favorite Kiss single: “I was made for loving you.”

So, more Yang than Yin? You’ll have to ask Hsing yourself.


89 thoughts on “Character Focus: Hsing-Hsing (Hybrid Panda)

  1. Lol like if I hear Shing-Shing I think of some cute small animal xD Notice me Senpai! :D Is he holding Tea or Coffee?
    1. I seem to be retarded. It has to be tea. Even thi that is one small cup for tea.
    2. When I think of Shing Shing, I think about the super max prison.
  2. Love his pink ponytail in combination wit kilt. I am curious as to how his wicked humor manifests?
    1. Yes! And he loves to party. So he's like a punk rock bag-pipe playing party animal. I'm loving this.
  3. Kiss - “I was made for loving you.” What does the Ying and Yang in this case represent in this case ?
  4. BraveFencerZan
    Great character spotlight. In reading his upbringing, I imagined a more grungy looking outfit like combat boots and pants. Those nips are kind of nightmarish though :p
    1. This is the kind of characters that are interesting. The side ones (seems to be, wasn't on the trailer), that have really complicated personality. I hope that this panda will develop as a whole important character in the story and the plot for the game
      1. It would be cool if they could develop different characters differently depending on how you play. That could really add to the continued playability. The first BGE drew me through the characters.
  5. Awesome design and awesome story! I like to have someone bring some peace to the overall place and a Panda just seems perfect. I really don't know why but his rule just fits...a peaceful cook with humor and yet something that tells you "you can trust him in any point of your life". I'd keep him like that,i love it! Give him a slight asia inspired accent and a rather deep calm voice and he'll be perfect.
  6. VvColdKillervV
    Another awesome character design and story! Usually I would be a little scared with big games/projects like this, but after seeing some of your work and videos, I have full faith in you guys! Been waiting 10 years for a sequel and the wait is definitely worth what you're making! Keep up the great work! <3
  7. CulturalLemur
    I love everything about him so far! After Michel Ancel put this exact image on Instagram I kept wondering why Hsing-Hsing is wearing a kilt, but now I think I know why :P
  8. VvColdKillervV
    Another awesome character design and story! Usually I would be a little scared with big games/projects like this, but after seeing some of your work and videos, I have full faith in you guys! Been waiting 10 years for a sequel and the wait is definitely worth it with what you’re making! Keep up the great work! <3
  9. Very good design and story !!! It's very funny to see a panda with irish clothes and custom but that give a really interesting characters with a profound story. Furthermore its history makes me want to go get a tea in his store.
  10. Really cool new character! And his story is as inpirating than his design. We will wait until the next (yet amazing) new character presentation. Thank you! ^^ Vraiment un nouveau personnage cool! Et son histoire est aussi classe que son design. On attendra jusqu'à la prochaine (mais génial) proposition de nouveau protagoniste. Merci! ^^
  11. I would totally pre order to have Hsing-Hsing on my crew
  12. Originally "employed" as a construction slave, pirates raided his site one day and captured him. Due to his stature, he was sold and forced to participate in underground hybrid sumo fights. He was quite good at it, actually. He earned more and more priviliges, but still remained a prisoner. While he learned to enjoy the fighting, he remained docile outside the ring. As he rose to fame in the "coliseum", he also got more and more recognition from the outside, even being supported by a wealthy benefactor. This made him become a bit more eccentric, for example he supplied the other prisoners with goods from his benefactors outside, like tea. However, he started thinking more and more of the life outside, as a free hybrid. A group of escaped hybrid pirates, participating in the uprising of the hybrids in System 3, was on a campaign to destroy the underground fighting rings. Inspired by William Wallace's fight for Scotland's independence, they all wore kilts as a sign of equality. As they freed all prisoners of Hsing-Hsing's coliseum, he was at first reluctant - after all, his life had become quite comfortable. Having witnessed how poorly his less popular fellow inmates have been treated when they lost, he quickly changed his mind, and asked the crew if he could join them. And so, Hsing-Hsing became the close-combat specialist and tea inventory curator of the Scotsman Pirates. He aids in freeing more hybrids from enslavement. He hasn't met his benefactor from his days in the coliseum yet, and he is still unsure how he would act if he did. Would he be angry about him supporting the barbary of the fights? Or be thankful for making it as comfortable as the circumstances allowed? He hopes he doesn't have to make up his mind too soon.
  13. Character Focus: Tang Niang (Hybrid Rhinoceros) In System 3, there are pilgrims. There are police officers. There are criminals. And there are some despicable beings. Tang Niang had a blighted childhood because of the religious hunters that came after her family. To them, horned creatures are the spawn of evil and though they weren't direct in their intent, they certainly were malicious. One day, those hunters decided to act. In one ill-fated night, Tang's life became tainted. They murdered and desecrated her family and burned their house down. Tang Niang survived with scars on her face and back. Then, her life on the streets began. Though Tang was hunted almost every day, she always found ways to hide, disappear and sometimes, eliminate. In years she became a jack of all trades with an affinity for blades. She trusted no one, until an old monk saved her from a band of mercenaries. The monk gave her she needed whenever she asked and Tang started to like him. He taught her herbology, biology and some technology until he died of old age. After his death, Tang started on her journey to find out what her destiny is. On many nights, she sang the lullaby her mother sang to her... (Kari Rueslatten - Rapunsel) "My beloved, I have waited so long. How can it be daylight keeps us apart? Make me assured it is you and that no-one sees us. Oh my princess your eyes shine so bright. For your love I will give up my life. Make me assured it is you and that no-one sees us. Be aware of my father the king, if he sees us he will surely lock me in the tower. Make me assured it is you and that no-one sees us. Come to me at night, whistle our tune at the feet of the tower. Make me assured it is you and that no-one sees us. Then I shall let out my hair it will light up the night so you'll find your way. Make me assured it is you and that no-one sees us. He stayed with his princess all through the night at dawn came the king. Make me assured it is you and that no-one sees us. Evil tongues came from far their minds filled with envy. Their princess with the golden hair shall not see her beloved again. Evil tongues came from far their minds filled with envy. Their princess with the golden hair shall not see her beloved again. The king sentenced the young knight to death blind for his daughter's prayers. Make me assured it is you and that no-one sees us. Rapunsel cried tears in silence alone as she was in the tower. Make me assured it is you and that no-one sees us. Evil tongues came from far their minds filled with envy. Their princess with the golden hair shall not see her beloved again. Evil tongues came from far their minds filled with envy. Their princess with the golden hair shall not see her beloved again. When the third day came to an end she stabbed a sword through her ancient heart. Make me assured it is you and that no-one sees us. Make me assured it is you and that no-one sees us."
  14. I'm lovin' this character so far, though like the others, I was confused as to why this panda was wearing a kilt. xD Now I know. I enjoy this aspect of breaking down stereotypes to rebuild something truly unique; though of asian descent, Hsing-Hsing chose to be more than what society wanted him to be. I really love that! I absolutely can't WAIT to hear more about the other characters, too!
  15. If there isn't going to be any daschund hybrid then I'm gonna riot.
    1. dachshund* sorry. :)
  16. justgettingwarmedup
    I have an idea about another hybrid... How about a CROCODILE-HUMAN hybrid? He could be an underground arms seller, smuggler, drug dealer; the first new weapon created comes to his stock for selling. He has lots of business going on around him. Has a pirate like eye patch( like Nick Fury of Avengers). Doesn't accept negotiations. And a PURE CHEATER., cannot be trusted with. Has a wicked smile (sure to show in a crocodile-like face). Likes rock music. Spends most of his time underground in his den, never shows up to just anybody. He actually worked as a side-kick or assistant to another hybrid but later killed him in a plot and become the boss himself. Has a rather short stature. And a favorite knife which he keeps with him all the time. A genius schemer, planner. Is wanted by the police with a large price on his head.When anyone needs weapons he is the one.
  17. Badass hair, badass "ear"ing aaaaaaand.... cool teacup. Love him already!
  18. He looks too cute for his own good
  19. Character design looks similar to Pig. A little bit different look would be better.
  20. I really like this design ! ^_^
  21. This looks amazing, Well its a bear, so like every cliché bear, he could have had an addiction to something. Not honey but tea sounds pretty solid. The only problem is, that's not enough trigger for him wanting to get out and risking his life, There must be an event where the bear did some illegal stuff and gets into real trouble, like smuggling some special drug into his group of slaves or stealing something of value from the guards, One other slave that pretended to be a friend, betrays him and he will get transported for execution. where the event of the pirates that release him come in. Maybe fit him into a more innocent looking smuggler kind of type, compensating the rest of the characters that look pretty heroic, if he is also a cook and a bit weighty, he is the kind of guy that would empty the cookie jar behind moms back. Don`t make him less powerful, just go for an unexpected element like surprisingly fast, ninja reflex, kind hearted when push comes to shove but with a thin line
    1. i'd rather like if BGE2 hybrids would follow less clichés about their animal part than biological abilities and maybe traits from myths & lore .
  22. first of all: space Nomi then again very nice character design. Its nice to know there'll be a tea shop in ganesha to chill (hope there'll be a lot more tho). points that get my attention: it seems more likely post after post that animal-hybrid species are used for speci-specific activities. It would be cool for events like the arival of pirates to mess with a hybrid-slave workspace would happen from time to time in the actual game. Its good to know its a dynamic universe with different opinions about what's up everywhere but it's best to witness it. And are there still "scottish" people in system 3 in the 24th century ? Do people have ID cards that tells which country from earth they're from or are they all just people (cityzens ?) of system 3 but claim to belong to whichever place on earth they genealogicaly come from ?
  23. How do you think about a Tortoise ? can you also make a tortoise that smoke ? :) raggea tortoise :D
  24. SentryDefiant91
    I always loved the idea of an orc that wanted to be a part of high society but in combat was still an absolute monster. I kinda get that from this character. Especially with the yin and yang.
    It was found that the cause of death was toxoplasmosis, a disease caused by Toxoplasma gondii . Microbes in panda waste are being investigated for their use in creating biofuels from bamboo and other plant materials.. both in the wild and in captivity.
  26. UltimaChaos1990
    He is amazing! I love it! I hope he is in the final game :D
  27. YAYYYYY early looks into early easter egg concepts!
  28. He reminds me of Steve of Shaka Ponk !!! :D
  29. guest-1aVVvjJJ
    I hope we will get to open up our own shops in game and online would love to see shing shing himself next door to my jerk chicken restaurant
  30. Yes godlike, Yang "sun and fire". I imagine waitresses zebra/hybrid as in the clip of caravan palace C'est divin, comme le personnage est masculin je pense plutot yang. Je vois bien des serveuses hybride zebre comme dans le clip du groupe caravan palace.
  31. I love the design of this character but i don't want reade :( too much informations or backstory is "spoiler" Make your game will be incredible. #TeamFrance (Sory for the bad english xD) j'adore ton accent Michel
  32. Great design! I love how organic the panda looks and the whole history behind him. The Simmons mark is a plus, wonder if he modified it himself or was born like this. The captain tell him how he remember to an old metal band and thanks to this, becoming fan of the old good glam metal. So this one is going to be a NPC, or at least this is what it looks like by now. I will love to come around his store and buying some good old fashioned tea. [Expecting to see more female hybrids too, btw. I have faith that the team will not make them very different as they male counterparts.]
  33. Very cool design and backstory. Hope the voice cast will be just as diverse as these characters.
  34. nice art ,will they be shoppkeeper ?
  35. We can do karaoke on B: G&E 2? Cool :D
  36. Rockets-rocket
    what other hybrids are there? I would love to see other bear hybrids and see reptile hybrids. I love HSING-HSING and his backstory.
  37. I really lije this character~ He has a good choice in music too xd I would totaly sing karaoke with him.
  38. I would pay to have a cofee master in the game hahaha But a Cute little giant scary panda is good too hahaha I can't wait to find missions in his tea shop =)
  39. Super design un Panda pour symboliser le Ying et le Yang c'est vraiment une super idée, Sa pourrait être un personnage qui pourrait nous donner des info sur certains personnage ou nous donner des indices pour réaliser certaine mission. Il pourrait aussi aider d'autres Hybrides en les cachant pour qu'ils ne finissent pas esclave et vivent dans la misère comme lui par le passé.
  40. If there is going to be some sort of main villan, Yous should made him and Hsing- Hsing meet in the pirate ship so they become very good and close frinds, but as time passes by the both grow and at some point they go diferent way, Hsing-Hsing mantaining peace and taking care of his tea shop while the bad guy doing what ever he is going to do. In the future one becomes good friend with Hsing-Hsing while looking for what ever we are looking for or fighting the bad guy and eventually come the day where not us, but Hsing-Hsing has to make a decition of helping us, his old friend or maybe none and keeping himself as the midle ground. Sorry the bad spelling if there is any and im sure there is.
  41. Laughing at the juxtaposition between this huge panda and that tiny-ass teacup. I love the idea of this character already.
  42. rainflowers2016
    Cool character and a very fitting story-line! Sounds awesome to see him in the game. I am curious how many more characters like Hsing-Hsing we will see and what their (back)stories are.
  43. I'd love to see some wise old Panda with the character traits of uncle iroh of the last airbender!! Maybe not hsing hsing though (I think it doesnt fit with the kilt and the irokese-haircut). Question: are hybrid pandas endangered too cause they have to tiny peckers to procreate?
  44. I LOVE this character so much. Like any punk, I can fully imagine people being full on intimidated by this big boy when really he's a massive softy with an extensive high tea and dainty tea set collection.
  45. dragonegglord
    He looks to me a punk style wrestler who loves to drink tea. Maybe, give him a Scottish or a British accent. That be pretty cool I think.
  46. The classic story of finding where you belong, always inspiring!
  47. You should ask him about all the special kind of "teas" that he has in the back room
  48. Would be sooooo good if we could have more of these kinds of character back stories appear throughout the game. If love these backgrounds, they really make the characters come to life!
    1. assassinsly76
      I totally agree with you ! That is one of the reasons you can have great games !
  49. Unlike the panda's in this universe, he seems like he's a very suave and cheeky ladies man. I feel like being on a pirateship for most his life made him miss the attention of the fair ladyfolk. Also I freaking love his pink mohawk, he doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks of him. It seems like he's a character you would either hate (but secretly love anyway) or totally love because he has this bad boy kind of attitude.
  50. Wow! Looks like a fat version of Kung Fu Panda! :D
  51. It looks awesome. I imagine Hsing-Hsing to be a great friend who provide precious information about the wayferers.
  52. Синг-синг это имя ассоциацируется со страхом, ужасом и безжалостностью. Самый разыскиваемый, жестокий и песпощадный главарь пиратской банды ПАНДЗЕ в системе. Еще в подростковом возрасте он собрал банду и совершил налёт на местный банк, но понастоящем прославился за налёт на имперский конвой размером в маленькую армию перевозивший главную реликвию системы, тогда в живых не осталось никого, только знак банды на обломках имперских кораблей. Синг-синг характеризует непредсказуемость, расчетлевость, целеустремленность, хладнокровие, жестокость и бестрашие. Единственной его слабостью ёще с детства является невероятная любовь к зеленому чаю!
  53. When I saw this character I immediately thought of Just Dance! Haha. Maybe Hsing is pretty good at busting out some sweet moves to his favourite tunes? Sounds like a fun person to have at parties.
  54. Definitely more Yang than Yin, and is it bad that his design kind of reminds me of Tintin during The Black Isle adventure? Well, Kilt and quiff are there! XD By the way, love this character and love his background too! Waiting for others to discover!
  55. this guy could be a drug dealer XD or a completly chillout dude ... in your house you can heal your charakter or buy healing items or anything like that XD i dont know many things about BGE2 but i thinks thats a pretty nice idea ...
  56. He looks like the direct oppose of the pig from the BGE trailer, cleaner and more organized and might probably be unexpectedly the most dangerous hybrid who just prefers partying
  57. I'm loving the characters so far. And what do you think about hybrid chameleon(s) with notorious background(s). If more than one , like being brothers with a storyline of them being for or against each other.
  58. Don't like it! Does every character in this has to be badass? It is just a mishmash of a panda, the group Kiss (for the eye) and a Scottish for the kilt! Its not because your on the marge of society as a pirate that you have to look bad and crass! Start developing characters with stories instead of just being cool.
  59. Ce serait cool une hiene hybride chef d une mafia
  60. I can picture this guy playing Thunderstruck on the pipes
  61. devilmeetsvampi
    I can see Hsing Hsing as a character who's resolving a lot of fights underground. Since he was a peacemaker in the pirate group too. I can see him rescuing a lot of underground side characters(by helping them) who also later offer some gears or some help in the open game storyline. I can see him meeting or rescuing a mouse character who is the known transport system of Ganesha. And later this mouse character offers some gears for vehicles or some means of transport or something. In an open world we can also see these side characters sometimes closing their shops/houses(for a certain time) and going to Hsing Hsing famous YinYang Tea House to join him for his famous song time and drinking his tea,
  62. rainflowers2016
    Loving the backstories of the characters shown so far, curious to see more. Awesome!
  63. guest-PFFDaifL
  64. IAmNumberJake
    Personality: I imagine Hsing-Hsing as being loyal and devoted, he would go with his crew to the furthest corners of the galaxy and beyond. If the ship were to be boarded by enemy pirates I imagine he would be one of the first to fight and stall to give others enough time to escape. I see him using his time to calm the worries of others and give them wise advice before leaving the ship to go on missions, he is fair, partial and not quick to judge. I imagine he is very cultural, believes in Ying and Yang and that everybody has a higher place in the universe.
  65. Tyler Cummings
    I like the idea of having a heavier focus on charecters and their backstory, I think this has been lacking heavily in games in recent years. I would also like to see these backstorys be very unapperent at first glance in the main game. Rather than forcing several charecters on the players and demanding they be loved, I would recommend that the backstorys and true personalities of the charecters evolve as you get to know them better, through dialogue side quests etc., I belive this would add a more personal touch to all the charecters you choose to care for while leaving the ones that individuals disagree with or dislike by the wayside.
  66. ThePr3dator97
    the best is a mix:
  67. Is he wearing a kilt there or are they trousers and he's going for a punk look with the lil mohawk? Either way loving the design
  68. Is he looking for a best friend, cause I think I just found mine! XD
  69. oh my god, this character just looks so cool, I sincerely hope to see him in the game and have a real interaction with this character
  70. Something that I think would be funny is if Hsing-Hsing gives useful advice to people with the stereotypical calm, collectedness that we see with any character that has spent time with Monks, but uses Scottish folklore, tales, proverbs instead of the stereotypical Buddhist ones.
  71. I love the background that you guys gave Hsing-Hsing! When I saw him for the first time I thought he would be the peace keeping kind who loves tea. One thing I would have liked though is to have Hsing-Hsing interact with like Hybrid kids that are rowdy, calming them and giving them some tea. With Hsing-Hsing being a hybrid, his backstory is cool but it is like when he went venturing out to find himself in the world he is already a full grown adult. As a kid or teen did he have any sort of interaction with scavengers? Is his little tuff of red hair some sort of rebellion or is it like his expression of his internal raging fire waiting to take on the world with a pirate captain?
  72. incubuslave90
    Its Space, Make a character with an iconic epic helmet and an unknown back story, like boba fett or master chief!
  73. Maybe we could add, that he did not completely forget about his religion? But rather started approaching it from a different perspective, and believing in his own unique way? And maybe through this way, his tea shop, and night parties could promote his religion in a way?
  74. I love the back story.
  75. I love hsing-hsing backstory, maybe in BGE2 he give us quests to find new ingredients and other things for him so he may create new types of tea or food.
  76. TheKoloradoKid
    A Scottish panda bear! I love it! The pink mohawk, tiny tea cup, and the kilt. Great combo! When I first saw the pic I thought of a punk rock panda that likes Flogging Molly. The back story is very simple and explains a lot. He knows spirituality because he was building temples, which explains why he was able to keep peace on the pirate ship. He was a pirate because he experienced violence as a captive. But all he really wants in life is peace. Hence why he saved his loot to open his own tea shop that also has karaoke. at night. Technically he is retired but enjoys trading in the best tea in the milky way while making that tea for the lovely people of Genesha City. No longer a pirate or a criminal, he just wants to slang tea and sing! But if you get rambunctious in his tea shop he's not afraid to return to his violent pirate past and kick your ass. I see him as a side character that plays a vital role in providing your crew with herbs and teas for healing and calming effects. This kind of character background and stories is what I really love to help create. Origin stories give a character depth and give the player a connection. I do see Hsing-Hsing as an NPC that plays as an ally to the crew. Possibly even as some one with intel for the crew. He does own a tea house where people talk.
  77. I would like to have character customization and a wide variety of hybrids to chose from, a lion hybrid and even a bear hybrid would be awesome. Another great character as npc There are 2 kinds of characters i’d like to see that come in the game, and maybe join my crew. Lets start with Leonidas the Lion, he goes by the name Leo. Leo is a lion hybrid but not of any slave, his DNA is altered by scientists and specifically made to be the best his DNA was also chosen for a reason, a lion had all attributes needed; bravery, a good heart, courageous, smart, a good instinct and of course super human strength. Leo is not any ordinary hybrid that was made in a mass production lab he was made in a private neat lab and was forced to grow fully aged. This means he is a very muscular guy. Leo is around his 20s. Leo had a youth he was privately made for a very rich couple that wanted to have a playmate for their only daughter and in exchange he could be a strong personal bodyguard in the future. For the best results the couple had real fresh DNA that means a surrogate to grow it into a baby that could be altered later in a vat, before he was born he was ripped out the surrogate and she was never found again. While growing up Leo had some difficulties fitting in and not because of his appearance but because he was righteous and nothing seemed right what his “parents” did. They were top of the chain slave manufacturers and owned a big slaving company. While growing up he never felt like a brother to Esther (the only daughter) but more like a friend who showed her the better, because of Leo she was nothing like her parents and she often defended him from them. Because they both had the best education (Leo wanted to be a police detective) and the best of everything Leo was always made clear that he was a lesser being and everybody judged the parents for even have him in the house. But when with Esther Leo felt at home and felt loved they eventually fell in love and had a secret romance, she made him even more of a good person after their teen years passed they were planning to make a escape because they couldn’t live likes this anymore with all these secrets. But when her father found out he flipped, so he faked Esther’s death and blamed Leo, he then fled to the city trying to figure out what to do next, when the Heartbroken Leo found out how dire the situation for hybrids is his heart cried and in name of his loving Esther who always saw the good in people made him want to help the cause (Leo is a great leader, but had no interest in leading) so Leo became what he always wanted a police detective and after a few years he saw how crooked the system was (he took orders from a pig from the trailer) after he saw the headquarters blow up because of a pig he knew he had to do something, that is when he found out that he was not alone more were ambitious like him for sake he was not even the only lion hybrid there was a whole community he was quickly accepted in and from this community he leads the revolution against the slavers ( not the humans specific) Leo has a vast army of different hybrids and also a lot of humans because he has both sides of these races he will do his best for both parties. Leo has golden fur and a big mane he also stands totally right and has a muscular body he also has hands but with small claws coming out and same goes for his feet, he also has a big sword and some re-used police armor. The ressistance can be named just that or The Pack or whatever you like. What I also have in mind is a genius mad but loving scientist he used to be a doctor and patch up fugitive slaves but when he started researching the hybrids he started to make some experiments and actually made them stronger he can join your crew and that gives you the ingame abilty to get stronger and maybe even mutate you.
  78. guest-TDB17S4e
    we got the panda we need the polar bear
  79. guest-TDB17S4e
    how about a crocodile hybrid
  80. I am seeing thoughts about a crocodile or a lizard hybrid over the internet, and I totally agree in wanting to see them. But an idea that I thought could be interesting, would be an electric eel hybrid. Also, I love the backstory of Hsing-Hsing. I love characters that have an action-packed and intense history but end up trying to choose a normal (ish ) life.
  81. I would imagine this story for him: He is one of those Hybrid Animals which are made to entertain people by looking so sweet. But he got rid of it and started to flee. He then does whatever he wants to until he crashed into the crew of the pirate ship.

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