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BGE2: Ganesha City

Cityscapes: Ganesha Inspirations

The Beyond Good & Evil 2 E3 trailer begins in the city of Ganesha. This is one of the first cities in System 3 founded by early colonists from the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, who largely influenced the city’s art, architecture and culture. They named their city after Ganesha, the hybrid deity and wise ‘Remover of Obstacles,’ who watches over its inhabitants.

Tell us what Ganesha means to you – we’d love to hear from you!

If you’re not familiar with Ganesha, are there other ‘Hybrid gods’ (part animal-part human deities) who inspire you?


Eventually, all of the outposts and cities in System 3 will reflect the cultures of ‘Old Earth.’

Tell us about the unique cities and places on Earth, which could inspire a great new setting. Share your photos and ideas and let’s discuss!

EDIT: Gab here! Still at E3, reading all your comments on this post… so psyched to discover all the great ideas! Thanks for sharing and keep them coming!

181 thoughts on “Cityscapes: Ganesha Inspirations

  1. Really excited for the game, it looks super cool! My one real gripe at the moment is the way these cultures seem to be used as a bit of an accessory. I feel like that if you're going to borrow from all these different cultures it should be done in a meaningful way, and pasting random Chinese characters on buildings because they look cool doesn't really do that. Something I really liked about the first game was how all the text was in English, and it still felt like a completely different world. Everything was a little bit goofy, too. Maybe different writing systems could be used in a more humorous way? As for Ganesha, really cool! I don't know a lot about Ganesha but elephants are awesome.
    1. I don't mean to be picky but not all the text was in english, there were text in alien languages and music that was pulled from different cultures. This is what makes the game special. The diversity.
      1. First of all, no offense please, it's not an alien language, it's Hindi (Indian language). I really loved the music, it's like fusion of Indian music and some culture.
      2. Diversity <--This! Its one of the things i loved about firefly. Besides it might not be just "random Chinese characters", it might actually say something and don't forget languages evolve, ESPECIALLY when they are exposed other cultures.
    2. Sanskrit was meaningful , don't know about mandarin.
    3. Rockets-rocket
      Is it an MMO? I would like it to be single player but be able to play with friends if I want to.
    4. Buttsamurai2099
      I think you guys should take some Europeans countries or maybe some from south America would really put some exotic charm to this games also check up shows like rick and morty,Futrama for inspiration
    5. South africa has a great landscape and one great city to inspire the team would be Cape town
    6. Will there be many activties to do in the an will they effect the character. Like if there a gym and the character goes there a lot then they will of time become but if go to the fast food restaurant they will sart to gain weight
    7. Considering these places have such cultural elements because they were literally founded by people from those cultures.... Like, the whole idea is that India and China basically win the outer space race and become the first countries to travel beyond the solar system and colonize other planets..
    8. Bonjour, Comme inspiration de ville je propose Barcelone pour son style singulier art nouveau, son brassement culturel et social et son attractivité pour les touristes et travailleurs du monde entier. Aussi pour sa culture méditerranéenne, sa place géopolitique et son histoire. Mais aussi pour son club sportif le plus connu, le FC Barcelone.
  2. It's beautiful! Reminds me of India
    1. Actually, there are VERY deep references in the trailer to Hinduism primarily. I was awestruck to hear the female boss (Jade?) say... "Moksha! its just as Yama described. true freedom lies beyond..." This is from a well known text called Katha-upanishad. In general the rendition is amazing. Apart from Ganesha, there were also some five headed deity, presumably Shiva. I am looking forward to this!
      1. Edit: The "female boss" is Dakini
      2. <3 thank you for noticing. I have no Indian ancestry, but I have been falling in love with your unbelievably rich culture and discussing with colleagues at Ubisoft in Pune as I dive into research for the world. We will take care to treat all cultures with the respect they deserve. And can count on you all now to enrich us further! - Gab (Narrative Director)
      3. That's AWESOME! I was thinking "Dakini" sounded like an Indian name too. If this game is set during the period of Old Earth colonising System 3, it'd be great to see a character embody obscure beliefs and backgrounds like that. Here's hoping Shani does the same for Somalia! (Learning about different cultures is always super interesting~)
        1. Honestly this the best name so far after a few research I found that Dakini is a type of spirit in buddhism which mean something like sky goer for the captain ship as she may have a filiation to Jade it's amazing in the way it's certainly a hint for what is Shauni (For people who may not understand go play now to the first BGE)
        2. Dakini is infact from Indian mythology.
    2. Yes indeed! I just love it
    3. I love the reference to India's culture - I am from Himachel Pradesh, India myself. Hybrid deities such as Hanuman (monkey) and Narasimha (lion) would be interesting to incorporate. There would have to be a sensitive attempt to recognise the regional variety of the Hindu religion and its vast mythology. Also, a large proportion of India's population is Muslim, would there be any reference to this? By just referencing Indian and Chinese religion and culture could come across as shallow and taking these cultures just on their visual exotic nature. By including Islam and more cultural variety it would emphasise the open and loving the message the game is trying to achieve. Had such good memories playing the first one as a kid, can't wait!
  3. Hello from Germany ☺ it's mind blowing. Unbelievable love and atmosphere. Is was like a ride on an epic emotion super rocket . I watch it now for the 10 time in 4k . And yes I'm a Man in 27 years old and I got years in my eyes. Beautiful. The mixed art of human and the animal is amazing the characteristic parts of the nature from animal and human being together in an absolute artful and living world with other worlds to explore (*.*) I love the futuristic city atmosphere mixed all living creatures together. It's authentic. It's full of love. Can't wait to be a part of this dream . Sorry for my bad English and all the best to the team from Ubisoft they build the dream of every gamer . Greats Pitt from Duesseldorf
  4. A Cernunnos inspired city could kick ass.
    1. Noted! The 'horned' god looks wicked! Tell us more...
    2. That's certain !
    3. A Venice inspired one with like vertical aquatic environment going deeper under-water would and new experience and would be super cool.
  5. The city looks beautiful! I'd be curious to see futuristic cities built over unconventional foundations, like Mesoamerican ruins or an iceberg.
  6. I love the vibe of the city. The mix between past and future, whether its in the city or outskirts, seems to fit the times Jade lives in. The balance of tech and nature was always made clear in the first BGE game. Whether it was taking photos for fun, or fighting off the inhabited creatures, you saw the connection between the balance and how it effected her story. Hope it still rings true for the part two.
  7. Albert Chessa
    I have always loved anthropomorphic animals in mythology, folklore and legend, and Hindu Gods are among my favourite - I would also look at Indonesian, Egyptian and African Deity Hybrids!
    1. Its Completly Indian...!
  8. Lamassu is an interesting mythological creature in the way it protects shrines or treasures. Plus it reminds me the mythical scene in the movie Never ending story which is really impressive. As an old culture I would say that the dolmens have always been for me something really mysterious, you can find it on many places and there are megalithic arts. Love this game, love your work !
    1. EmperorTobias
      I second Lamassu. They are often my go-to idea of a hybrid deity. Plus they are meant to be protectors of cities, so they would fit perfectly with what I've seen of this game so far.
  9. I think a "Hyprid God" that inspire's a lot of people and even can be found in real life as HUGE statue's are "Sphinx". They've got the body of a lion and a Head of a Human. For me it symbolises "Power, Divinity & mystery".
  10. I'd love to see vast variety of cultures in the game! Indian, Zen, and Rastafarian vibes are awesome, but I would also enjoy seeing something more. Maybe from steppe cultures? I always found their kurgans incredibly inspiring. Also Polynesian and Easter Island cultures would be interesting and might be even more suitable for your concept of the game. Even so, thanks for the sole will of mixing various world cultures into your product.
  11. Random_Argonian
    Ganesha looks great, Im really looking forward to Beyyond Good & Evil 2! I'm not sure if you guys have looked at this Indian state already, but Nagaland, India would be a cool location to base a city off of in my opinion. Maybe a place from Sakha Republic in Russia?
    1. It reminds me of other hybrids such as the egypt gods like Horus or Anubis! I bet an egypt inspired setting with those hybrids would be awesome to explore and with all the treasures hidden in the tombs it would make a perfect place for pirates ;)
      1. Yeah! Feels exciting...
  12. I, as a natural admirer of the ocean and sharks as guardians of marine wildlife. I really admire the Polynesian and Hawaiian culture as one of the only ones that have a strong link to the ocean and see sharks as sacred divinities and spiritual protectors, rather than murderous monsters as our modern society has invented. It would be a wonderful opportunity if this game were to be completely creative and escape the "Jaws" cliches by building a culture inspired by the Hawaiian and Polynesian oceanic peoples where hybrid sharks of various species are seen as guardians and important for issues such as ecological balance and fishing. You could do research on the hybrid-shark deities called Dakuwaqa, Kamahoalii and Ukupanipo, which is especially known for helping fishermen and also known for adopting an abandoned child and teaching her to become strong as a shark in order to be independent. Another interesting knowledge is the Aumakua, which are spirits of loved ones who incarnated in sharks after their death and the families care for and venerate these sharks. There is much more information, but google is rather scarce when it comes to finding sharks in human history in a positive way. I have personal projects of fantasy stories to improve the image of sharks and reveal a new and more creative and positive paradigm for the representativeness of these animals, to captivate people to protect them from the threat of extinction and understand their importance to the ocean. And Beyond: Good & Evil has been one of my biggest inspirations to forge this story that I can reveal in the future. A hint of hybrid-shark character design, not all species of sharks have teeth and gums so overly apparent, many sharks just have a soft, simple mouth that hides their teeth. Another tip, remember the white shark does not have black empty eyes, they have a sapphire-colored iris with a deep blue, other species have eyes with golden irises and vertical pupil like a feline. Interesting information you may know, sharks like to scratch their snouts, give a good feeling, and even fall asleep, this is because of the lorenzini ampoules, electric pulses pores. No media around the world made reference to this phenomenon, it would be very funny and positive if this were taken into account in the universe of B:G&E. Sorry, I am a Brazilian and I have difficulty learning English, I made this text with help from Google Translator, if there are any anomalies, I apologize. I am extremely anxious for this wonderful and inspiring game! Especially with your spiritual connection with ecological issues. Thanks a lot!
    1. Great idea! I love the idea of positive imagery for sharks that isn't executed in a campy way. Linking it with a rich Polynesian culture sounds like an excellent way to add both a unique environment as well as unique characters to the game.
  13. I don't really know anything about "Hybrid Gods" but I like the idea of taking Ganesha to represent the city. Otherwise the city looks awesome and I can't wait to see more of it. For the cities we could see I don't know but I wonder what could have happened to cities with great buildings and skyscrapers. It would be nice also to see a rich city, putting the emphasis between the rich and the poor in this era.
  14. Since you have gone with "British" accent theme "to some point" then perhaps having your version of London as one of the cities would make more sense as that could potentially explain were some of the characters came from. Also going really forward, if the lady with green eyes in the trailer is suppose to be Jade's mother than she could be a citizen of that London while her father could come somewhere more American or even Caribbean so that could explain why Jade's accent was American in the original (and please if you ever bring Jade and Peyj back, try to get the same voice actors if possible!)
  15. Antoine Corbeil
    I dear say a good contrast between cities would be nice, like Ganesha is Indian and reflects the architecture and culture, put aside a city like the style of Venice in Italy and another one something like Tokyo or cities of mix cultures and even new ones (cultures that have emerged from the hybrids). I say just have fun creating a good environment for the game. If the rest is like what we all saw in the E3 trailer, I have a complete trust in your creative team. I am someone that play games on what I see, the design had a good part on it if I will play the game or not, ''THIS TOTALLY DOES IT'', but the greatest thing and the ''FOREMOST IMPORTANT ONES'' is the storytelling/characters/duration of the game, if the story is good and the main storyline cam be played for over fifty hours of gameplay like games of Final Fantasy that will does it. I can say that I'm glad to see protagonists for a game that are not occidental white male for a change!
  16. Johnny Jordan
    I am extremely happy to see this game return and gives me a sense of nostalgia. I played the original on xbox and spent many hours playing this wonderful and humorous game. I remember laughing with my children who are grown now and gamers themselves. Thank you so much for this it will surely bring tons of joy as it had in the past and I must say amazing work on the keeping things quiet til now. Thank you all of you for your hard work and cant wait to sink hours into this game .
  17. Lovely Trailer ! Level of detailing is very amazing, . I am just guessing the story : City of Ganesha was very awesome sudden then some evils came and capture the powerful weapon as described by Yama (God of Death) . Now we as a Player need to fight with those evils and get that weapon back to bring back the happiness in the city.
  18. I love it! I hope we see architecture from other areas of the world. Even a steampunk inspired city.
  19. I think this is a great idea, and building on Earth's different cultures and beliefs allows for an interesting play on how our societies could evolve, and how important our beliefs are to us regardless of time and place - they can transcend into different realms and become something entirely new, much the same way as Japanese religious beliefs and rituals have evolved over time to include and work with different deities. Speaking of, I think using Japanese religious references in a city would be totally amazing. Not only does Japan exercise a composite approach to religion (Buddhism and Shintoism, for example, are sometimes equally observed in differing circumstances and are not mutually exclusive), but it also has a plethora of gods or kami to draw from who embody a whole range of different things. One of the most interesting kami are the ones who have animal companions or messengers like Inari and his fox or Fukurokuji and his cranes/ turtles/ or black deer. Even though they aren't necessarily hybrid gods, there are obvious human/animal connections to be made. I believe Shintoism ultimately supports a belief of wonder in nature and the world around us, and a more sociological belief in working together which is prevalent in Japan today. These ideas could play out interestingly on a new world.
  20. SuperBiscotCOT
    Hello :) What you showed us at E3 with GANESHA is really promising, can't wait to see what you have more ! This city immediatly reflets the indian culture spirit. In the trailer we already saw temples looking buildings () and that's awesome. Maybe adding a main building of the city, reproduction of the Taj Mahal : But I would also like to see, just outside of the city of Ganesha, some lonely building taking inspiration from tibetan culture : This could be achieved by looking at all the archives and documentations that has been done for Far Cry 4. If I needed to give some more inspiration ideas I would take example on ... the first Beyond Good and Evil. Each shop, each district had it's own personnality and it would make a perfect city of each one. With that in mind it would be intresting to see in the System 3 planet : - SHANGO-City From the name of an african god of thunder, drum and dance : What made me think about it, is Mammago's Garage garage. I would like to feel the same atmospher as it was when entering in the garage but now at a scale of a city. Here it could also take inspiration form temples and their particular architecture : (Tombouctou's mosquee) Or even taking example of traditional villages' habitations : That could be adapted in somle sorts of bigger and taller buildings. - YUHUNAG From the chinese divinity's name of the Jade Emperor, direct reference to Jade from Beyong Good and Evil. This city would take inspiration from chinese culture and of the shop in Beyond Good and Evil (I forgot his name, I just remember the vendor was a Walrus Sapiens :p ) The first part of the BGE2 trailer completly describe this environment. Big red buildings, neons, lanterns, dark streets, black markets, ... And Iconic places : (Tian'anmen) In it's population we could find gangs like triads in the same universe as Zhou Yuzhu and Li Daiyu characters of the trailer. - LOS-HUITACA From the name of the Goddess of Happiness, Pleasure and Drunkenness : This city in middle of the desert would have cultural aspects from the South American culture. It would be a city of celebrations and traditions. It could have references to to "Day of the Dead" or "Santa Muerte" The city would be surrounded by massive jungles and agricultural plantations, like in actual Brazil : Temples would, again, be great examples of architecture : And in general cities would be really colorful. Like the actual cultural traditions : It would be intresting to take advantage of what researches Ubisoft Paris has already done for Ghost Recon Wildlands' Bolivia. - VITRUS It would be a city taking inspiration from actual modern cities, with only massive glass buldings at it's core and very poor suburbs. This would have a very rich population inside and very poor outside. Like an exageration of actual modern cities : That's jut few of the many ideas I have :) Can't wait to see more of the game and give my opinions on it ! When playing, make us dream as much as we dreamed during 15 years. Thank you
    1. SuperBiscotCOT
      Looks like the logging issue is no more a problem ! I will complete my post then with my Ubi account that got recognized :) - NURRE-ONA MACHI From the Japanese's culture legendary creature : This city could be inspired of a mix of modern Japanese architecure : But also from traditional architecture : Inspired by the actual Japan cultural different aspects, this city could have a high density population, including variety of robots and humanoïds. - GAMAYUN Inspired from the the slavic legends, symbol of wisdom and knowledge : This would be found in a very cold region. As a symbol of it's name it would be set in the sky, some sort of floating city. This would give variety in the differnt types of city maybe offering new types of gameplay with it. In it's design it could take example on Russian bunkers : And massive buildings, inspired by the communist architecture :,c_limit/russia-01.jpg And iconic places : Like the Kremlin and it's red buildings. That's some other ideas I got ! I'm sure I will add some more on this one or an other subject ;) Until then, have a good evening.
      1. Woah! Let's hope that staff will notice it.
  21. CulturalLemur
    Caño Cristales, colored dunes of Mauritius, Sanqingshan and Pamukkale could be a very good inspirations!
  22. Ohm mani padme hum
    Ganesha city look adorable. Thanks for making us feel the atmosphere of such a spiritual yet technologic and cosmopolitan planets. Just like dream :) Hope we can see more of it. For inspiration i would recommend MYKONOS .Also this place reminds me of the Hillys a lot. I was living in a city near the Mykonos when i played BG&E for the first time. There was a little light house on the small island. Here is a view from island (Guvercinada) This place became special for me after playing BGE.
  23. The city on the trailer looks awesome, it reminds me the city of "The Fifth Element". Anyway I liked a lot the city of the first BGE, with the cars flying above the river. and when I played it made me think with my city and the houses next the river. (Girona, but there are no flying cars actually :( ) I think a place like this could be great, but of course it's my natal city so maybe i'm the only who thinks that it could be great xDD And talking about hybrid gods, I think that some roads could have the shape of animals, similar to the Nazca Lines on Perú, but of course adapted to hybrid species.
    1. Oh yes, Girona is really a good idea. I totally fell in love with that beautiful city. Actually, there is a picture on my desk next to me from my last trip.
  24. I'm curious if the game expands the plot about war against the DomZ. Maybe we could see more DomZ architecture in Beyond Good and Evil 2, that would be cool. The art of Genesha also looks outstanding, perhaps the style of the city will be based on some ancient ruins, Can't wait to see more!
  25. I think it would be a good ideea to have each planet stick to a certain theme and have arhitecture to match for example make one planet with an egypthian arhitecture ( desert planet) there are plenty of interesting buildings and it is a culture with hybrid gods and the original BG&E had an eagle hybrid species ( the egyptian god Ra), they might even add cat Hybrids. Another planet could be covered by water and have underwater cityes like Atlantida for shark and walrus hybrids. Asian arhitecture is also beautifull ( wishing for some form of dragon/reptile hybrid race)
  26. Impatient d'en savoir plus sur cette civilisation et ses doctrines. :)
  27. So many great inspirations! Trying to keep up! Thank you:)
  28. Richard Oakes
    Traditional Japanese temples mixed with Tokyo would be amazing. Maybe to keep the rustic thing going but western have like American junkyard trailer trash vibe. I also love the colours of the himilayan cultures in the mountains. I don't like the idea of london, maybe because I live there, it just seems way too boring for beyond good and evil.
    1. Yes I loved how, lived in and dense everything looked, hopefully they can transfer the CGI atmosphere to the game world sucessfully.
  29. Stephen Carroll
    Would love to see a city similar to Tokyo. Some bustling metropolis packed with neon signs.
  30. This is the only ubisoft game that excites me after prince of persia . BG&E2 city design is really different even from indian perspective , its really cool ,modern and refreshing . Ganesha is the son of lord shiva and shiva is one of the three most powerful gods in hinduism : ) ,together they are called as trimurti ,tridev [depends on the langauge we talk] , the three gods in hinduism are Brahma [creator] , Vishnu [avatara purush ,the karmic god ] ,Shiva [destroyer]. Shiva has many names maheshwara.,mahadev. What you must add :- ------------------------ You should also include "Hanuman" [devotee of rama - rama is incarnation of vishnu] its a must , next you must add nandi [he is a devotee of shiva , his form is cow ] Next you should include "Garuda" eagle god . hanumna pic : - nandi pic :- garuda pic :- Note : - " Please tone down the language as we dont want harsh language paired with deity stuff " . Because the game is about GOOD & EVIL you must definitely add evil gods [ ASURA"S ] who fight for power with gods : ) Unique Places :- ---------------- Have you heard of the padmanabhaswamy temple where indians found trillions worth of gold hidden in vaults chambers. There was one door which they never opened afraid of the curse. Just imagine if those legends about opening that door was real . see thie pic :- Ubisoft can definitely expand on this concept. we can add other people villains searching for that treasure in this complex maze like building having many vertical levels stretching miles , each level has some thing unique , multiple such location in the universe . we gain unique powers in that process etc etc All aimed towards our final goal !!! Thats all thank you for reading , you can contact me in prince of persia forum :) bye bye Thats All !!!
    1. sorry for the typos in above comment , btw if this game can be like prequel come sequel together that would be great :) im trying to signin for the monkey program but it is showing me error :( :( :(
      1. There will be lot of comparisons regarding the scale of the game so you guys should immediately check no man's sky , mass effect andromeda's mistakes and should build over that. Please don't compromise with this game in any aspect and please don't downgrade in anyway .
  31. OrTheOtherWay
    This is so artistically inspired gives me so much hope for the final product. But, yeah, we all know what trailers are made for. To instil curiosity. Let's just hope this curiosity will result in a really well-polished allaround fun experience. I do have faith.
  32. rainflowers2016
    The city looks fantastic! The city sparkles so much curiosity because of the narrow streets and the busy traffic everywhere, there is so much going on! The way past/current technology and futuristic/advanced technology are combined in the city’s architecture and overall look is very fitting and creative, for example the statues which are partly made of material and partly made by holograms or the vehicles which partly belong to the present but have the ability to fly. The balance between past, present and future is perfect. This also goes for the buildings and rooftops which have a touch of sci-fi, but still have floral growing. I am very interested to see more of these cities inspired by earthly cultures like this one. A city inspired by Egyptian culture and architecture would be exciting to visit. Can't wait to see more of the game.
  33. I am a Hindu and am more than pumped to finally see the return of beyond good and evil,the game is basically my childhood,the old culture really adds a depth to this world like no other.
  34. Asssasssinsss7
    I think a good setting isnpiration could be Mount Athos. ( Mount Athos is a region located in Greece, but almost independent from Greece and from the EU. The cool thing is that it's a Monk Nation! It is inhabited and run by 2200 male ortodoxian monks and only men can get to enter there, no women is allowed. Architectonically is also a stunning place ( and I think it would bring some neat contrast with the more eastern influences that already exist within the universe of BG&E. I hope you find this interesting. Some more images:,
  35. Perhaps for something a bit different and less well known internationally. The Dream Time or Australian Aboriginal mythology has a lot of animal deities, often snake/serpent, frog, or lizard based. Also many other interesting figures from fertility godesses, to spirits, and odd creatures like the Bunyip. Plus there are all the wacky animals we have here like Kangaroos, Crocodiles, Wombats, Platypus, Tasmanian Devils, and previously Tasmanian Tigers which look pretty amazing when they 'yawn' (have a Google).
    1. dinnerpartydan
      This is an awesome idea! Haven't seen much media exploring Australian Aboriginal culture and would love to see some representation in BG&E2. It also opens up some possibilities for traditional Aboriginal music. Didgeridoo, anyone?
  36. In my opinion, even if India and China became a superpowers instead of USA, Europe and Russia, that still doesn't mean that people from that places didn't go to space, right? So it would be very nice to see some "glass" cities, wich would be more usual to USA or Europe.
  37. I am a big fan of hellenistic culture and the period before this. Ancient Greece has told us many tales and is the foundation of (western) civilization. I would love to see somewhat of a tribute in the full game. The rebirth of the colossus of Rhodes comes to mind.
  38. i am from India & i love Beyond Good and Evil. Thanks for bringing back. The ganesha theme city and the statue is magnificent, i too have few ideas, but bet most of them you already have done it i guess. Here a few Gods of India 1) Vishnu Avatars (5 Avatars) - Fish, Tortoise, Boar, Half-Man/Half-Lion & White Horse. 2) Hanuman (i no need to say who he is) The Vishnu avatars appear in Hindu mythology whenever the cosmos is in crisis, typically because the evil has grown stronger and has thrown the cosmos out of its balance. The avatar then appears in a material form, to destroy evil and its sources, and restore the cosmic balance between the everpresent forces of "good and evil".
  39. what happened to my suggestion :3
  40. As a huge fan of Zelda-type games, the first BG&E and anything Michel Ancel does in general, I'm obviously very excited by this announcement. The one thing I would say though that feels jarring though is the adult tone and heavy (possibly even gratuituous) use of profanities in the dialogue. They just don't seem in keeping with the comic, family tone of the original. Anyway, trust in Ancel - he clearly has a different direction and tone in mind for this one but I'm sure he'll deliver again when this eventually comes out.
  41. The art and design in the trailer was amazing, very inspired. Please keep it crazy! :)
    1. forgot to throw a suggestion of different cultural references, take a look at African Mythology, they have a large pantheon of deities and some beautiful colorful patterns that may inspire some great designs. As a Brazilian I may also suggest something local, a trip to Amazon, is like visiting a different planet. Cheers.
  42. Nagas semi-divine snake-like beings
  43. Just an inspiration idea but why not also look at the side of Russian architecture? I would like to see what this type of architecture can give in the game, it would really mix with your first bases. Especially since the architecture of the Moscow Cathedral is colorful and surprising. Concerning the hybrids I do not have the worry of having seen hybrid cow in the first game. It would be really cool to have also this type of hybrid. Invent a "cow god" inspiring the birth and protecting orphaned children for example.
    1. Hathor is a cow godess, who represent birth and maternity, so you were not that far away.
  44. Can't wait to play Beyond Good and Evil 2!
  45. ok. typing on xb1 no keyboard, I love what you showed very. eclectic imhop, I would say the fusion. of China and. Indian. culture is awesome, I see. the. world going towards a more multicultural direction as we become. more. connected, kind. of blending the. beauty. of. all. as. faras chimeras. will there. be bird crosses, etc. lm imagining. the city's zoo, or. museum. of chimera development.
  46. It looks awesome! Maybe add other system styles such as a dark industrial one, inspired by the slaughterhouses in the first game...
  47. A lot of people are recommending phenomenal cultures to explore in the game world and I would love to see them in game. However, I want to present a fusion city that exists today that has vastly different cultures and architectures mixed and that is my hometown of Sarajevo. It is a city that is part Ottoman Empire architecture from the 15th to 18th Century to 19th Century Austro-Hungarian architecture with sprinkles of Gothic architecture as well and to top it off we also have a strong influence from mid 20th century Stalinist architecture, which were parts of the pre-war era. All those styles mixed gives the city a very different unusual look, but one that is very unique, to Europe.Fast forward to today and the city has moved forward into a modern twits of combining both Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungarian architecture into one creating a completely new unique style. Obviously there are also more traditional modern architectural styles spread across the city from small walk way bridges to skyscrapers. Best way to describe it is the east meeting the west. Also there were some great monuments from Yugoslavia.
  48. J'adore l'ambiance Ganesha, avec un style de vie en hauteur à la Guild Wars Nightfall. La hauteur s’allie à merveilles avec de la profondeur. Des endroits éclairés uniquement à l'électricité car aucun rayon lumineux n'y parviens avec une ambiance un peu plus malsaine, avec d'une part des industries où les hybrides travaillent dans des conditions épouvantables, et d'autre part les activités illégales. J'ai adoré apprendre pourquoi mes personnages favoris du premier volet sont tel qu'ils sont. Cela change beaucoup de la vision classique de la robotique dans la plupart des œuvres de science fiction, qui est normalement le choix le plus adapté à l'exploration spatiale et autres travaux. J'aimerai beaucoup apprendre durant le jeu des raisons qui expliquent pourquoi des créatures hybrides furent mieux adaptés (par exemple pour raisons de coûts; ce qui aurais permis a la chine et a l'inde de produire bien plus que les états unis ou la Russie ayant privilégié la robotique, et par leur déclin ont donné l'image négative de la robotique). J'ai dernièrement joué à No Mans Sky, et même si j'ai adoré le principe, il y avais un seul défaut qui m'a empêcher de vraiment rentrer dans le jeu. Le fait que chaque planète avais un seul biome. Bien sûr presque toutes les planètes n'ont qu'un seul biome, mais celles qui sont habitables elles en ont une multitude tel que la Terre. Un univers deviens palpitant à explorer si on peux y trouver des planètes palpitantes à explorer avec elles mêmes des biomes/endroits palpitants à explorer. Je préfère avoir très peu de planètes à explorer qu'une multitude de planètes vides. Il est fort probable que vous penchiez aussi sur le sujet de la génération procédurale, qui jusqu’à maintenant n'arrive pas vraiment à rester palpitant sur le long terme alors que c'est son rôle d'offrir du contenu illimité. Mais théoriquement c'est possible et une option viable pour un univers étendu. Pour ce qui est des choses dont vous pourriez vous inspirer pour de nouveaux endroits, il serait intéressant de voir des planètes invivables rendues vivables: une planète avec de la vie souterraine comme dans Matrix 2 et 3, une planète habitée mais sans oxygène à l’extérieur des habitations (sur la lune par exemple si le système solaire existe), une planète d'eau avec des villes comme celle de Jar Jar Bings Pour des endroits iconiques, la statue Ganesha offre à la ville son unicité, avec une âme de "merveille du monde", il serais intéressant d'avoir une petite dizaine de merveilles toutes différentes mais toutes aussi impressionnantes, parsemé dans l'univers. Peux être même une statue géante flottant dans l'espace ou servant de satellite à une planète. Et sinon dans le premier volet, tous les hybrides avaient l'air d'avoir trouvé leur place dans la société, mais serais ce possible que certains hybrides furent des expériences ratés, dont L’ADN de l'animal utilisé (ou des insectes) rendirent l'hybride moins efficace et que certains, même si peux nombreux, continuent d'exister, rendant leur rencontre unique. Ces personnages auraient des capacités physique réduites, mais compenseraient avec des qualités non requise à la labeur manuelle où à l'action.
  49. Will be posting my idea very soon!
  50. OMG, is this comment going to help? Oh I for sure do hope so! Okay, Native American culture. I mean, it is vast with so many different tribes and upbringing. But looking at the Totem poles with the different animal effigies on them, head dressing with the dancing, commune with nature but also cause of some trippy tales like with the Yee Naaldlooshii, the skin walker. Moving away from the creepy, the original Americans had some great construction efforts within their realm, like here: I would add in more but it is a late night.
  51. I'm really interested in what's outside this city - in the tralier when Shani and Knox fly away from the police ship they cross a desert with a canyon. But when they reach their base (?) in a temple (?) with Dakini it seems like they're flying over a sort of rainforest. I would love to see a fully explorable rainforest environment, full of animals to photograph, trees to climb and look out from, rivers to row or sail on, that sort of thing.
  52. i see Ganesha like a big calm mother that teach me to think before acting. (i'm sorry my english level is a bit MEH, i'll try my best) a god that constantly look at you and reminds you to be patient, be calm. in that way every action you do is successfull. for me, to explain that messagge trought the city, we could add somewhere some little Ganesha's statue like maneki-neko's one, that hold a little sign: "patience" , as a Lucky charm. I live in Firenze, so is not hard for me go outside and see some nice but simple architecture in art nouveau style. i think that the way that my city tell me that art is important in life. i dont know how to change art nouveau in Ganesha style but is important to not be ossessive, to create a realistic sensation of art in a city. be patience then, may Ganesha show you the way
  53. Vinayak Sharma
    My name is Vinayak(means Lord Ganesh). I didn't knew about beyond good and evil till E3 this year. When i first hear the indian music in cinematic it really amazed me. And then a sneak peek of Ganesh City blew up my mind. Indian flavour in the game makes it look ancient and rich in culture.(FC4,UC lost legacy) I want to contribute in this game development in any way possible. I'm also a part of Ubisoft. Please let me know if i could help.
  54. Let's put a Lion as a hybrid
  55. I've travelled a lot myself so I have many locations I would love to see inspired by real world locations in BG&E2. It would be amazing to see a Venice-like city in the game with water canals floating in air or like "space gondolas" roaming about while hearing a hybrid sing in Italian. A Japanese inspired location would also be incredible; imagine a city inspired by feudal Japan injected with the sci-fi twist this game has done with the Indian inspired city (which makes me insanely happy being Indian myself). Even having a city like New York be an inspiration could be great, a nice contrast between old "old earth' and more modern old earth. A city of excess, tight spaces heavily influenced by commerce and highlighted with culture and ideas. One VERY cool location could be inspired by heavy grid like, low slung buildings like Paris which highlight art, and culture. Could be a representation of a higher, richer city. Here are some images to get a visual of what I'm thinking: Venice: Japanese inspiration: New York: Paris: Some cultures that I would love to see could be inspired by Egyptian design (shout out to AC: Origins!) but one that would stand out among everything, would be Constantinople (now known as Istanbul), a beacon of Byzantine culture, a city which was historically seen as a melting point of many different cultures. Just a few ideas about some beautiful, inspiring locations. I'm so excited to see what comes next from your amazing team!
  56. Agentcooper90
    It seems great so far. Please don't make it TOO big and MMO-ey.
  57. It's beautiful! Reminds me of going to India. I'll say. That reminds me when Jade was running down at the streets of India in the teaser trailer.
  58. Darkside13190
    Ravi de voir que les demandes d'informations arrive de si tôt! Ça fais bien plaisir une équipe aussi passionnée et ouverte à la communauté. Surtout pour un jeu comme la suite de Beyond Good & Evil! Pour répondre à la question, l'ambiance dégagée de la ville me rappelle énormément celle de la boutique de Ming-Tzu dans Beyond Good and Evil 1, mais dans un registre moins chinois et plus hindou. De surcroît, on voit clairement que cette ville à été soit créer POUR, soit créer PAR les hybrides avec les nombreuses statues de divinités qui parsèment la ville. Les messages électroniques qui tournent autour de ces même statues me font penser aussi qu'il y aurait comme pour Hillys un message vocale (de propagande ou non) sans interruption dans toute la ville, qui communiquerait des informations aux héros/joueurs. Sinon, pour donner d'autres idées de planètes/villes, je pense qu'en créer une totalement industrielle et un peu sale comme dans le passage des Abattoirs peux n'être qu'une bonne idée car la sensation de labyrinthe et de crasse, mélangée à quelque chose de caché en son sein créait un véritable charme au lieu. Justement, j'espère que ce côté "caché" de BGE qui m'avais tant plû sera présent dans la suite, car l'inaccessibilité des zones n'était non pas vu comme des blocages (à la Zelda où on a besoin de tel objet pour progresser) mais comme des obstacles qui ne faisait qu'atiser toujours plus la curiosité! On ne peut pas y accéder mais on peux déjà visualiser ce qui nous attend (d'où le passage dans la zone Tranzit du quartier piéton me fût un moment mémorable). Pour conclure, je pense que le film Titan AE serait une très bonne source d'inspiration pour Beyond Good & Evil 2 car on y retrouve bien (ce qui me captiva dans BGE premier du nom) ce côté fantastique et aventure au premier plan mais conspiration et manigence derrière cette beauté. En plus du fais que les extraterrestres hostiles du film font énormément pensés aux DomZ (qui doivent absolument à minima je vous en suplie être nommer dans BGE2). Bref j'espère que tous les messages de ce post serviront à l'équipe car je ne doute pas qu'ils sont intéressant les uns des autres et souhaite une bonne continuation et un bon travail à toute l'équipe!
  59. dinnerpartydan
    I love the human/animal hybrid gods theme! Since this is a prequel hopefully we'll get some background on how the different species of human hybrids came about. For suggestions, there are a lot of hybrid gods in the ancient Egyptian pantheon ( Also, the ancient Chinese gods Fuxi ( and Nüwa ( might be interesting to include. In Hawaiian mythology, Aumakua ( were family gods that took the form of animals, and Maori ( gods have a deep connection with animals as well. Finally, the monkey god Hanuman ( might be a good choice, considering Knox is a monkey and all! ;)
  60. Wow, this is really happening, after so many years :) Really inspiring city design! I immediately got excited to visit it, I usually love this real-world inspired sci-fi settings, and this stands out. I really like the suggestions of the others as well, there are real beauty in this world :) I also have a suggestion, my home town Szentendre in Hungary. This little 25k town is the epitome of a diverse history. In the past it was a cultural hotpot for Hungarians, Serbians, Dalmatians, Germans, and lots more, now it’s the city of artists, so it’s still a leading place for artistic expression. The old town is full of remnants of the different religious groups and beliefs, the old-town is almost fully authentic and historic with lots of Asian tourists, while at night in contrast to that it usually becomes a great hangout spot for the local young people, going into to old city to hang out and have fun is a ritual almost every local kid goes through, it really provides a contrast of old and new, historic and forward thinking, I think it would really suit the style of BGaE’s universe combining high sci-fi with historical and cultural flavours. I always imagined how Szentendre would look in a sci-fi setting. Here are some pics of the town: A look at old-town at winter from across the Danube River, I can so imagine this with a Beluga or some small run-down spaceship instead of a boat: The main square of Szentendre at winter with a Serbian plague cross looking up to Church-hill with a modern bank at the center: The old town and the Danube from the air: We also have history going even further back and different kinds of sculpture parks I can so imagine this even as part of some bigger place, combining it with some ultramodern sci-fi, hope somebody reads this, but nevertheless, I’m looking forward to the game with all my heart :)
  61. About cities the brazilian favelas can be a good idea,maybe also caribbean colorful houses mixed with oriental style. It is good a city like that was in a old trailer of gamplay (if it isn't ganesha) About landscapes will be amazing a sort of amazon rainforest and mongolian lands or australian desert(but maybe you already have used it on trailer) ...OMG the tresure in the volcano is real ahahah
  62. Ganesha is a nice choice--definitely a protector god and with a rather sad backstory to boot so it seems to parallel the "slave hybrids" direction this game is going. Other ideas for hybrid gods: * Egyptian-based. Personally, I LOVE Egypt mythology and think it could make for some very memorable locations or hybrids. Like Anubis the jackal: or Horus the hawk: There are plenty of other Egyptian gods to choose from as well, like Bast (cat, and we already know BGE 1 had cat-hybrids), Thoth (an Ibis), and etc. The only difficulty with this option is that another world of orange might feel "too similar" to the Hindu-inspired world we've already seen. So some care would need to be taken to make sure that they feel distinct enough, but a good way to do that could be a detail focus on water--in Egypt the river Nile is EVERYTHING and makes up a large base portion of the religion, when the creator god "stirred the waters" and so forth. * Native-American culture: Now I'm not as familiar with what gods the different tribes have (though there are definitely animals among them), but there are possibilities of some interesting hybrids here as well like a buffalo, horse, bear, or otter hybrid. It would be best to focus on the gods first, of course, but unfortunately I'm not familiar with them. * Greek culture seems like another obvious option, with memorable hybrids such as the Minotaur (Bull), Medusa (Snakes), Harpy (bird), and Siren ( * I also loved the Hawaiian/polynasian suggestion Delguian made. There are some fantastic ideas to accompany the already existing Shark hybrids from BGE 1.
    1. Oh, just thought of two more: * Incan/Mayan. The mix of green rainforest with a focus on gold detailing could be REALLY beautiful, and there are a ton of animal gods to work with in these cultures, especially considering that the entire Mayan alphabet was based on animal images. Probably the largest animal-god would be Quetzalcoatl (feathered serpent) * Japanese: Tsuki no usagi (Rabbit goddess), Byakko (white tiger. There are already tigers in BGE 2's concept art), Tanuki (not a god, specifically, but racoon trickers are very popular in Japanese lore), etc.
  63. There is a place in Beijing, called The Forbidden City it's an important historical site, where royal families resided and the common folk were forbidden from entering, i would love to see something like that, a gorgeous, mythical environment, inspired by chinese architecture with elusive residents which calls for you to be explored but at the same time you would be an unwelcome guest there.
  64. This is nothing short of amazing. I love how the team designed a futuristic city that retains the extremely old Hindu culture so beautifully. As a practitioner of Hinduism myself, Ganesha is a Deity I pray to. The story behind Him having the head of an elephant is quite interesting. Keeping things short, the Goddess Parvati (Durga as some know her by) got lonely when Shiva left for a long period of time, and so She sculpts an idol of a boy from her grime and breathes life into it, who becomes her obedient son Ganesha. When the time came for Shiva's return, Parvati asked Ganesha to guard the door while She makes preparations, and being the obedient son that Ganesha is, He would not let anyone in, not even Shiva when He eventually arrived, although to be fair, He did not know then who Shiva was. After countless failed attempts to reason with the increasingly stubborn, egoistic, and even insolent Ganesha, Shiva had no choice but to behead Him. This does not bode well with Parvati, who after asking Shiva to revive takes on a quite scary and destructive (final?) form. After much requests from all the other Deities, Shiva agreed to revive Him but unfortunately He wouldn't be able to bring him back in his animal form, and requested any animal to willingly sacrifice its head before dawn. And as such, this very wise elephant (can't remember his name) who wanted to be a disciple of Shiva for life willing takes the opportunity. Hence, Ganesha became the Hybrid Deity. Just felt like sharing this story even though my knowledge of Hindu myths and legends is quite rusty. And also, I should tell you that I am one of those people who has been waiting 13 years for a follow up to one of my favourite games of all time. I got super emotional during the announcement, and you guys will have my wholehearted support for this project, regardless of when I actually get to experience it. I believe in you all, and then some.
  65. I wonder if there will be a kind of temple-like exploring for quests (like it was done in Far Cry 4). The ennemies can be various : undead warriors , alien bests , etc Still no idea which places on Earth can help you to design these levels .... Anyone does have one ?
  66. Antoine Corbeil
    I think that cities, like today, that emphasize what we can actually see the contrast between rich and poor, but human and hybrids, something like a huge city with scrapers and just aside on the banks (assuming the big city is like New-York on a big island) a small district of the city built on stilts (pilotis) (Belen district, in the province of Maynas, Peru, as a image to figure it out), or the other way around in the scrapers the poor or hybrids all backed up and on the banks of the water the fancy houses of rich and wealthy. Having a fish god as the symbol of the city, Dagon, an ancient Mesopotamian deity, he is like a merman, and considered a god of fertility... or Tiamat a sea serpent goddess. I think that old gods from the Mesopotamian and Levant would be great. A city like Damascus from Syria, a city renowned for it's roses, the oil and water, a city of flower would be great, one beautiful like the painting of Lawrence Lma Tadema ''The Roses of Heliogabalus'', go see the painting, having a deity of fertility and love as a figure of the city, which one is for you to tell! I can't wait for that game to come alive!
  67. In the city of Ganesha I picture so great cultural diversity that one could meet people meditating/doing spiritual things and a little further totaly different kind of people, in a much more underground spirit. And what would be great is that the verticality of the games plays with this aspect (the more you climb, the more spiritual the environment, the more you descend, the more you arrive in dubious / underground environments ...). And why not reverse this system on anther planet. (A rebel / pirate planet that reverses the codes of a system).
  68. Marvelskyblu93
    Dear Michel Ancel e all team of BG&E2, The idea of BG&E2 is to follow a path: from being nobody to becoming a legend of space. And I like a lot. DO IT! It would be nice if the statue of Ganasha also had an inside structure that could be visited
  69. Marvelskyblu93
    Dear Michel Ancel and all team of BG&E2, The idea of BG&E2 is to follow a path: from being nobody to becoming a legend of space. And I like a lot. DO IT! It would be nice if the statue of Ganesha also had an inside structure that could be visited
  70. je connais et je trouve sa excellent sa serai cool que vous utilisez et que vous faite apparaître la svastika dans des ruines souterraine de la ville comme un symbole ancestrale puis y a les dieux ou créature animal dans ces mythologie égyptien, nordique, maya, amérindien, grecque sa serait cool ou même sans parler de dieux de faire une ville avec les constellation mi homme mi animal après il pourrait avoir une ville ou planète mythologie nordique, égyptienne, amérindien, maya, grecque, japonaise etc..
  71. Antoine Corbeil
    Just to get deep in the conflict and showing multiple facets upon the matter, there could be city divided in districts and factions, human for the slavery of hybrids, some against and friendly towards them, some against slavery and hybrids (like cult maniacs), that sees the hybrids as a depravation of nature, and hybrids against humans or with them to stop slavery and fight for their freedom. I think the game should show these conflicts of morality and even in the protagonist of the game, just to show that not everyone has set their minds. Loki is a great god to depict the humans in the matter, a fiend with multiple faces showing compassion and hatred, it could be used by the hybrids as a propaganda against the slavers.
  72. Il existe tant de divinités aux allures anthropomorphiques qu’il serait bien difficile d’en faire une sélection mais une petite idée m’a traversé l’esprit à votre appel. Thoth, divinité de l’Egypte antique pourrait être intéressant à exploiter. Son rapport avec les sciences, la connaissance et l’écriture en font un sujet dont les interprétations peuvent être nombreuses. Il incarne la parole divine, est maître des arts, de la parole, des nombres et des signes. Si une ville devait le représenter, celle-ci pourrait tout-à-fait être un lieu d’expression et de culture, de tolérance et de raffinement. Les structures se voudraient très ouvertes ou à minima, joueraient beaucoup sur l’exploitation de la lumière par de grandes surfaces vitrées et disposées de manière harmonieuses. On pourrait y trouver des organismes de presse libre, des lieux d’exposition publique, des universités et centres de recherche, mais également de nombreuses archives en tout genre, en faisant un lieu idéal pour la recherche d’informations. En résumé, un temple de la connaissance. Il n’empêche qu’un lieu aussi idyllique pourrait tout aussi bien abriter des groupuscules spécialisés dans le trafic de l’information (brevets en tout genre, informations compromettantes, fichiers personnels et bien d’autres). Les forces de l’ordre locales pourraient arborer l’Oudjat pour rappeler la victoire de l’ordre sur le chaos. C’est bien entendu très basique mais il serait bien possible de développer l’idée si vous le souhaitez.
  73. Watching the trailer again I just noticed Dakini has a strong Indian accent and references Hindu scriptures, which is awesome! It's rare to see Asian influences in a Western game :) (And since Jade was already of ambiguous ethnicity, Dakini could very easily be connected to her in some way~) I'm glad to see you build on the idea of hybrids by using hybrid gods and religions too! Have you looked at Egyptian and Norse mythologies? They both have a lot of part human/ part animal deities - Sobek (crocodile), Anubis (jackal) and Khepri (scarab beetle) spring to mind, but even in Hinduism there's still Hanuman (part monkey) and Narasimha (part lion). If the hybrids in this game will also all be herbivorous mammals a la BGE1, I'm sure Hanuman will at least be relevant right? He's pretty important in Hinduism, from what I can tell. Anyway, it's so awesome that you guys are taking fan input into account! Best of luck with everything and it's so WONDERFUL to see BGE back!
  74. I always felt a little weird about Ganesha. I never really learned about her story but a Godess who looks part like an animal always felt weird but magical at the same time to me! Personally speaking, I find Horus and Anubis are really interesting Gods from the egyptian mythology. When I was a kid I often wondered how it would have been like to actually live with those two. Would it be scary to look into their eyes and interact with them because they are different? Would they be able to perfectly speak the egyptian language or would they have an accent, etc? Overall those two mythical creatures are very interesting to me! Picture of Horus & Anubis :
    1. Yeah, egyptian gods are majestic :)
    2. The God ganesha is 'he' and he is a god from Hindu culture i m very fond of Hindu gods and i have read about him
    3. Ganesh is most awesome and Ubisoft Nailed It!!
  75. I think some ancient Egyptian characters have some cool hybrids. Anubis, Thoth... I don't known anymore
  76. Ganesha is the most intelligent entity in the current universe. He is considered as the "God of Wisdom." There is a Goddess called Lakshmi - "Goddess of Prosperity" who declared if she was ever to be worshiped then Ganesha should also be worshiped along with her. However, in this case only Ganesha is shown which make the things right. Also, Since Ganesha is witty, I would love to see the behavior of the people of this System. Other powerful Gods in Sanatan Dharm (Hindu religion) are: Narsimha (The most dangerous, but the rightful and the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu to protect his worshiper Prahlaad), Hanuman, Garuda, Angad, Jambavan etc. Most of them appears in the great epic "Ramayan." More intense hybrids are found the next epic called "Mahabharat." The only best one I can think of is "Gahtotkacha." Also, I would love to see the eternal form of the "Lord Vishnu/Krishna" shown to "Arjun" in "Mahabharat." This would look incredibly huge. Now coming to "Moksh": I believe there is no one who can explain it better than "Shiva-Shankar." Also, Vishnu's incarnation of "Narsimha" is best to explain about "Moksh." Coming to Architecture: I would like to the city of Shri-Krishna called "Dwarka" come to life. It's greatness is explained in "Mahabharat." In early 2000s, I also saw a documentary about this city, but I could only remember of a huge door/gate submerged in the depths of Arabian Sea. Would love to see that as well just like the "Christ of Abyss." About the soundtrack in the game, I suggest listening to "Shiv-Tandav Strotam," one of the most energetic song which is in Sanskrit language. Below is its URL: In Conclusion, I would love to see Vishnu/Krishna's Viraatroop (the eternal form), Narsimha, Hanuman, Eklavya (he is from Mahabharat, a great archer who sacrifice his talent for his teacher Drona), Dwarka city. There's a lot more but I am not sure if that would be possible to portray in the Game. Thanks.
    1. Correction Line number 5: Narsimha is Hyrbid form of Human and Lion.
    2. Awesome brother! You gave sufficient information about Hinduism.
  77. It took me a while to make mine, but some city ideas from me and others are here:
  78. As a Chinese and a Buddhist,I must say something about this culture.The first and most important thing is Buddhism not like Christianity,we are Atheist.It sounds very difficult to identify.But it's ture! So there are two kind of people in China.Ordinary human think the God of Buddhism can determines everything,so they prey for good things.And the Buddhist not prey for good things,they are students.We just did as Shakya Mani,a man lived in 565 B.C.We try to know What We Come From,Where We Are Going,and What We Are.We think Shakya Mani was successed. As the Buddhist Scripture and Eminent monk in the history of China,one way to find truth is KEEP QUIET.Just seem as Taoism and Confucianism. So you will find INSIDE QUIET has important role in the Culture of China.The first is music,GUQIN and XIAO are very representative. GUQIN: XIAO: GUQIN WITH XIAO: And,the words around the image of Buddha should be “南無阿彌陀佛”or“嗡嘛呢叭咩吽” I’m not good at English,so just talking here.
  79. solouncapitano
    Looks awesome! I'd love to see a city inspired by Venice. The masks they wear during carnival etc. Your Ganesha city strongly reminded me of Paolo Bacigalupi's 'The Wind-Up Girl'. Might be some inspiration in there as well as the same author's 'Shipbreaker' trilogy for potential inspiration on lots of things especially including hybrids - some really interesting ideas that would translate well to gaming.
  80. Belgarathmaster
    Bonsoir la Communauté BG&E! Je pense qu'inclure des planètes ou au moins des zones imprégnées de différentes cultures est une très bonnes idée. On peut tout à fait imaginer une planète ou une zone (ville et environ) colonisée par une dominante japonaise, indienne, amérindienne, polynésienne, maghrébine, etc. et que par conséquent son architecture, son ambiance, sa cuisine, sa musique en soit reflétée. J'ai l'impression que c'est ce qui ressort beaucoup des commentaires ci-dessus. Un monde cosmopolite, un monde idéale en somme :-)
  81. Ganesha looks really interesting. A nice mix of the very urban, underground with the magic spirituality and Indian influences. So, here we go, some places that I would love to go to on holiday (or in a game): Saxon Switzerland rock formation: This restaurant at the foot of a waterfall in the Philippines: Aj-Petri mountain with these bridges above the clouds: The well of the Quinta da Regaleira: The Phraya Nakhon cave in Thailand: And something very different, but the Hosier Lane (Graffiti City) in Melbourne is very cool:
  82. Florida USA Everglades. Swamps and backwater bayous. Or Full volcanic regions with flowing magma rivers and creatures indigenous to it. Underwater cities along the lines of the Lost City of Atlantis. A portion of space dedicated to large asteroid fields full of hidden biomes.
  83. The game would be good and if you are showing the god ganesha than let him show as God only because this game will be mostly played by Indians and they will love it if you show their country and God in a good way
  84. A snake hybrid would be a great character (or something else with snakes) in this city wich is clearly inspired by India and of course, Hinduism ... In Hinduism snake are considered sacred : In Hindu ritual and spiritual tradition, a snake is not an evil creature but a divinity. It represents eternity, materiality, life, death, and time as well as timelessness. It symbolizes the three processes of creation, namely creation, preservation and destruction. Maybe it is only a small curlturelle / religious touch, but this kind of detail that can make a game rich and remains engraved in our memories ... it's just an idea .. Stay motivated, take all the time you need. BGE1 was such an awesome experience for me ... So this time, get us the best game ever released ! Bon Appétitoo !!
  85. Swinigara. It may be very close to what you guys have now, but it looks really nice!
  86. IratusPiscatori
    I think that a really good place to look is Egyptian Mythology, more specifically 'Bastet.' She's cat-human hybrid god that is depicted as a goddess of protection, joy, dance, music, family, and of course, cats. I can just see a statue of her standing over a a city filled with music and lively festivities. Another goddess to look at would be 'Nut,' who was goddess of the Sky and Heavens, while not a hybrid god she was sometimes depicted as a cow, and also as a star-covered nude woman, so mixing the iconography could be a good way to incorporate her, the city she stands over could be the home of a space port of some kind.
  87. Hybrid-gods... Europe didn't really have any to my knowledge. (going off of what I know well) There were some with animalistic traits though. Like antlers and whatnot. Though most of the gods that had a history of being with animals would be shapeshifters, like Zeus, who created all mythological hybrids by breeding with random critters after taking their forms. Or just gods of a forest, or of hunting and whatnot. There could be a Greek inspired city called Zeus, where it is said that he watches over his "children" or something. Not in his nature though, the greek pantheon is full of assholes. Not many good people except maybe Hera and Hestia. Other potential deities... Egypt could be cool. Now let's see... Thoth? The god of magic and the moon? Or maybe somebody else... overall I don't have any good ideas. Other than please stop shoving politics into the game! Take a lesson from Marvel, their sales dropped as soon as they started marketing with "diversity" and "social justice", so please please please, don't do it... I want this game to be great. I want this to be a thing that will still be played in 20 years. I'll still buy it even if you don't change course but... you know. I want many many more to buy it, play it, and love it. And I doubt people will when the only thing they remember from the marketing is "multiculturalism and anti-capitalist fear/hatemongering." Also please stop spoiling the story in your marketing, this is Beyond Good and Evil, not Zelda or Far Cry. The story matters here. Have a nice day/night!
  88. It's beautiful city of india i liked it can't wait play it.
  89. It's beautiful city of india i liked it and can't wait play it.
  90. From the top of my head I am thinking of the Egyptien as well as the aztec pantheon that were full of hybrid gods. Also the Aztec sort of jungle pyramid setting would really intrigue me, whereas the egyptian would of course be in the dessert. What I also thought of when Michael showed the first gameplay impression, was a mytic monk culture full of secrets to find out and to evolve sort of "spiritually" to maybe transcend that slave being that is imposed in the culture of BGE2 on the charakters and develop new skills. Thinking hinduist and buddhist here. Thanks for sharing the process with us. I hope we all will be helpful in creating this amazing game! Greetz!
  91. Thank you so much! for bringing out this game. I don't know about love at first sight but when I saw the trailer for the first time, I literally fell in love with BGE2. First impression started right from the beginning with Ubisoft logo and Knox was incredible. Of course Ganesha was the centre of attraction. You named the city after Ganesha, this is amazing. Lord Ganesha is known as Vigna Vinaashaka which means destroyer of all obstacles in your way. I hope your team will be blessed by Lord Ganesha. The game features Hindi writings, it is so amazing. I understand that everybody can not read Hindi. "Hanuman" (who is also a hybrid-human) was written on Knox's vehicle, which is very much related to him as he is a monkey. I was very much impressed with this and also not to forget the Shloka (holy chant) revolving around Lord Ganesha's helmet. These concepts are very much appealing. The word Shani caught my attention because in Hinduism Shani is Planet Saturn. I was surprised to see it was named to a female in the game while Shani is male. Coming to the hybrid human topic, you guys are very brilliant and innovative to choose this concept. There are many such characters in Mythological stories from all over the world. I feel that Mythology is never a myth. The setting, I'm sure one can get plenty of mysterious historical places from Ancient Aliens show. You must watch this if you have not already. I hope you'll get many more ideas about the plot. All the best Team BGE2. Love and peace (and educating the world beyond science with Beyond Good and Evil 2 ) I am Thilak.
    1. Oh I forgot to mention Dakini. According to Hinduism, Dakini is a demon in the train of Goddess Kali who feeds on human flesh. Man she is scary! More information at
  92. I don't know if it is allowed to mention other game, I'm apologizing for that. But I need to mention Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is an awesome game which is highly influenced by Hinduism. There is a need for the whole world to know about Spirituality and beyond-now-known-science which only Hinduism can teach. I hope both BGE and Uncharted come out successful. Warm regards.
  93. I am from India. I am a Hindu... Lord Ganash is an very important diety/God In India. so if you are gonna use Indian Gods and mythology in this game, just make sure you do this with utmost respect... Keep doing the awesome work. Also in the latest video, the text around the statue of Lord Ganesh is moving counter clockwise, it should ALWAYS BE CLOCKWISE...
  94. J'adore comment l'équipe BG&E a prêté attention aux détails dans cette interprétation de Ganesh! Juste une petite remarque: trop souvent on est confronté dans les médias européens ou américains à des formes d'appropriations culturelles d'éléments religieux non-occidentaux, réduisant ces traditions à une esthétique "exotique" ou à des clichés/des stéréotypes qui sont perpétués, sans vraiment chercher à comprendre le patrimoine et les traditions spirituelles qui sont exprimés à travers ces éléments (l'exemple le plus banal est l'usage des bandeaux de plumes des tribus amérindiennes en tant que costume d'Halloween aux USA). Cela devient surtout problématique quand il s'agit de peuples indigènes ou d'anciennes colonies dont les cultures ont été historiquement déformées pendant des siècles. J'ai confiance en l'équipe de BG&E d'éviter de tels stéréotypes ou d'appropriations négatives, d'après mon expérience du premier jeu qui était sublime, et vu la façon dont vous cherchez activement à développer des interactions multiculturelles avec les internautes. Simplement, le deuxième jeu serait encore plus réussi s'il évitait les "melting-pots" de cultures faits à l'arrache pour créer une "esthétique" de Tiers Monde que l'on retrouve souvent dans les jeux vidéos occidentaux, et s'il cherchait de manière sérieuse à faire des recherches sur et à reconnaître les traditions et pensées spirituelles des éléments/divinités qu'il intègre. Puisque que vous voulez représenter une société "multi-ethnique" avec des êtres hybrides demi-humains demi-animaux qui sont traités comme des "races" inférieures et comme des esclaves, les enjeux post-coloniaux que j'ai mentionné seront encore plus présents dans ce projet. Juste quelques notions auxquelles il faut faire attention... En tout cas, je trouve que l'idée de ce projet ambitieux est absolument fascinant, et j'ai très hâte de pouvoir contribuer au produit final en tant que Space Monkey! Je suis sûr que le résultat sera magnifique! :)
  95. Another really interesting and powerful "Hybrid God" is the Egyptian deity Sekhmet. She is a half human half feline goddess. She represents or is the goddess of Strength and Force, she is "the most powerful" and "the most horrific (or terrible)". I remember seeing sculptures of her in Italy and just being in complete awe of them. She is a very forceful and intriguing character and I think she can actually fit in quite nicely in the universe of BGE2. Check it out! Also congrats on the game and the new engine! They look fantastic!! Can't wait for this game to come out.
  96. First of all the work the team is doing looks beyond anything, I think I or anyone really, could have thought possible even with today's technology. I love the immersive aspects to the worlds and character's (npc's and/or players). I know that most of the cultural influences are deriving from Asian backgrounds (which I totally LOVE!) but, as for myself being hispanic :) I would love to see some of a maybe ancient aztec/mayan influence somewhere. TOTALLY not trying to take away from other cultures or your direction of ideas. Just saying that it would be cool. I must say that I am extremely excited with this game and love the passion that Michele and the team have for this game. I have always loved the mixing of things like cultures and the timelines. Futuristic mixed with ancient history, with all different types of cultural music as well as multi ethnic beings?!?!~?!?. It is very reminiscent of films such as "The Fifth Element" and the new film coming out titled, "Valerian". I just cant say enough about how inspirational this game is and I truly wish everyone at Ubisoft Montpellier much luck and just....super excited for this project. BRAVO!
  97. Search "HANUMAN" and "GANESHA" for more information , and to understand references.
  98. Gaurav Sharma
    This is the most Awesome concept! man no other culture is damn as awesome as the Hindu one! that to story of Ganesha is adopted by Uncharted the Lost legacy!! Its really Awesome!!! UBI You guys nailed it!
  99. In Mesoamerican culture, particularly during the Aztec period, the god of Tezcatlipoca (the archenemy of Quetzacoatl, the famous serpent-god in Aztec mythology) manifested as Tepeyollotl, the Jaguar God living in the center of the Earth's mountain. He is considered the God of earthquakes, echoes, and jaguars. The spots on his coat symbolise the constellations and stars of the night sky. He is often represented as a man dressed as a jaguar leaping towards the sun. There are a few depictions of him taken from colonial codexes on this site: And a link to grasp the basics of the Aztec belief system:
  100. GenerlDaemoniac
    I would love to see an Egyptian inspired city based around either Ra or Anubis, maybe even the sphinx as it is also a prominent Egyptian figure. That would be awesome, and to see pyramid buildings and and a lot of gold incorporated in the design would also be really cool
  101. I believe nobody mentioned Kowloon Walled City so far? Would be very cool if the towering blocks could move independently from each other. Imagine high speed chases through a continuously changing environment. Imagine an anarchistic community hiding in the bowels of these structures, constantly following the pulse of the building! Make me a monkey already, I'm good to go.
  102. Hey from Australia! Loving the idea of the game and city so far! Personally I'd love to see a pirate space trading station/dock that's a little lawless teaming with other factions and crews. Kind of black market place where normal travelers wouldn't go, a place where You can get into a crew vs crew fighting match. That would be so sick!. Even a city where the galactic police have a higher presence than normal and that's where the elite live . Side quests like bank/cargo Robberies and kidnapping corporation executives for a randsom money would be cool. Just my 2 cents haha XD
  103. I think a cyberpunk makeover/inspiration of Cuba would be interesting, since they call it "the country that time forgot". It might make for good inspiration from earth since Cuba's culture is well preserved.
  104. I really love the ancient earth sci-fi space pirate theme. This is the dream, to fly around in space as a pirate bountyhunter, exploring every corner of the inner and outer rim, smuggling and being a pirate bountyhunter. Searching for treasures in different environments and planets. And the possibilities are so so vast. Im imagening frozen underwater planets, poisonous gas planets, moons, ancient jungles and forrests, big metropolitan cities, spacestations and mabye even cloud cities. Can't wait to explore! But for other ancient religious themes, there's the whole ancient egyptian realm with alot of human/animal hybrid gods. And you also have the ancient greek mythology realm with many hybrid gods. Could be a cool idea. I'm from Norway but there aren't so many hybrid gods in our ancient mytology i think, but we have ogres and trolls.. Haha no we don't. But I would love to see some ancient nordic mountaintop temples. Keep up the good work and ill hopefully see you somewhere in the outer rim!
  105. MarcusofMenace
    What could be cool would being able to corrupt the police force from the inside by getting a few of your men to join the police force and pushing everything in your favour, such as: Arresting rivals, the police is less likely to go after you, stealing vehicles from the police or getting the police off you when being chased.
  106. Zoroastrianism
  107. I think could be interesting a game scenario inspired by the Strait of Messina (south Italy), where two cities (Reggio Calabria and Messina) are facing each other. They are also dominated by the volcano Etna: ; ; . In the last picture there are the ruins of Sant'Aniceto castle, a byzantine fortification located on the Reggio Calabria south hills.
  108. an planet of ice not friendly, and somehow wild but where live a rude and practical people (with northern lights of course)
  109. CammyBalFell28
    Heya, Speaking from Cape town South Africa. The world you the BGE team showed at E3 was amazingly designed. But as someone who lives near and works in the Big Concrete City of Cape Town, As cliche as it may sound, it's always nice to get away from it all. And I believe for a game world populated with Humans with the same thoughts and Hybrids... who have definitely came from those types of environments. A city or a World Engulfed in Nature, where the houses are solely from wood that make them CAbin like and civilized life is high up, above MASSIVE trees, bathed and hidden in Leaves that span the spectrum of the colours we see everyday. And the ground below it is a lush forest of activity by people and Hybrids alike. Seeing this in a game world would be a beautiful and honestly, mesmerizing site, especially with the graphics we saw with the gameplay trailer (and since that was alpha it has to get better). So that's my idea for one of the areas within this gameworld.
  110. How about the 'hybrid god' Horus who is also half-eagle. He is pretty badass. Maybe make a city in his name that has really tall structures or that has really advanced technology that allows them to be able to make their land masses float. and maybe beneath it all is some sort of death zone where you can die very easily or sth. Or maybe the land masses up above r for the rich and the stuff beneath, whatever it is, is for the poor. Like that might be the place for the hobos of bge2 where all the 'bad/unlawful things' happen. And then we can have some really deep side quest that reveals the deep plot and explanation on how this city was made.
  111. Анубис. Он мог быть идеалом закрытого подземного города, населенного одной из древнейших цивилизаций системы. Попасть в город из обычного мира, можно только через несколько порталов и то только после их активации. О нём ходилоб множество легенда, но почти никто невидим его сам. Там можно было бы поговорить с товарищями павшим в бою, спросить у них совета, достать самые сильные лекарства и ядовитые поеприпасы, а так же нанять уникальных существ в образе шакалов и собак в свою команду!
  112. I like the story of Elissa/Dido and her founding of Carthago and I imagine a similar tale would do well in the BGE setting. And seeing a futuristic city inspired by Phoenician culture would be really cool.
  113. My only hope is that the swearing - if there is any in the final outcome - isn't as gratuitous as it was in the trailer. It was so forced it felt unnatural.
  114. PixelatedGeek
    I'd like to see a glowworm cave like the one in New Zealand: Or bioluminescent bays or beaches like there: a hanging temple at the side of a mountain: a village on a very high steep rice terrace mountain: a wide place full of Wysteria trees: City lights at night like in these photos of Tokyo: weird unique item shops like the one in the Gremlin movie: and cultural big district mass festivals fully scripted like for example the one in Ghost in The Shell 2, that take place on it's own independently from the player and the main story: vivid market alleys and places: high tech districts like Akihabara: Sorry, I could go on like forever.
    1. PixelatedGeek
      Here some lantern festivals and lantern places: Thailand: Japan: Taiwan: China: Some Cyberpunk images that would perfectly fit in and I'd like to see:
      1. Shame they kill wild life and are a pain for the poor farmers
  115. devilmeetsvampi
    I was actually waiting for someone to make a game with Hindu gods(being Indian myself) because they have so much significance in everyday lifestyle. In Ganesha- Ga means Buddhi(brains/intellect) and Na means Vijnana (wisdom). Hence he is the master of intellect and wisdom. I'm glad the detailing of the God is correct as seen in the gameplay with the broken tusk. Ganesha has a mouse as his vehicle. I hope you can add the mouse as some form of character too. The mouse is creature of the underground, and moves below the ground where no one can reach. It's a symbol of ignorance that fears knowledge and light. So it teaches us to to be self aware. There's one mythological creature which i find visually fascinating is Narasimha. He is also known as the great protector. And one of the five faces of Lord Hanuman(who name was written on the spaceship) SIDE NOTE: The wordings on gods(like- स्वागत है) We Hindus write sanskrit and not hindi transcript on god scriptures and monuments. So it would be (स्वागतम्) Just a little and important detail. If it doesn't affect the work that much.
  116. EroticSqurrel22
    There should be a viking /norse themed city it would be awesome. The music the culture the drinking an fighting all of the things that make these kind of cultures so great Maybe also a jungel themd area with tribes an stuff like that i can alredy see the fire pits with tribemen dancing around with that fun jubgel music.
  117. You could look at this as well : I
  118. NORWAY. Alesund, Norway or Lofoten, Norway. Gorgeous views, mountains, fjordes (lakes), lake communities, villages.
    1. I think its important to have different laws & rules on planets...On one planet the penalty might be more or less strict for the same infraction.
  119. StormForce101
    I really would want to see like cities blended into biomes such as a jungle city with treehouses and vines to travel around etc or an overly frozen city with a massive citadel and icy structures. Maybe you guys could consider floating islands as well. Sounds like some ideas to ponder on.
    1. guest-Srivz5Wp
      I really like the idea of floating islands and have a planet where everything is a floating island or a meteor like city with houses on flying disc-like rocks
  120. Hope each species has a related theme city and statue.
  121. DemonKELTHAR7
    I love the concept and scale of the city so far but we are talking about multiple full scale cities on multiple fully inhabited planets, I’m truly hoping they put a city in this game that is similar to corresant from Star Wars or new your city from fifth element with the massively tall buildings that you have to maneuver around or through. I’m a huge fan of bushwhacking so high speed and tight maneuvering that test my piloting make me happy personally
  122. BGE2: PLEASE tell me what you think of these images,there are cities,towns,incredible creatures ,spiritual aspects and just some awesome images. I thought that some images could be places for side quest missions also i think you could add a spirit world in the game learn from monks etc.. i have also added some cool pictures around the world of what i think you should add to the game as you fly around and see a cool cave like this: (please tell me if you can access the link i think you should be able to thou) thanks for getting this far in my text the rest of the pictures are below, OOOHHH!!! almost forgot go on google slides (if you can) after you press the link you will be able to see the image better that way
  123. numberedcloth88
    what do you think all of my ideas are here:
  124. Would love to see a world or city influenced heavily by Egyptian gods and architecture. It should be immensely modern (like the Blade Runner world). Futuristic looking pyramids, Anubis statues, etc. And given where it could be located, it should have occasional different coloured dust storms depending on their solar calender (in the sense that colour of the sky and sands changes. Like the colours of the aurora) etc.
  125. I would love to see Egyptian's gods in a futuristic city, also not near a desert landscape. Also native american's culture has animal references and Aztec's culture too.
  126. The game looks awesome! And I love the idea of making the cities inspired in historical civilizations. In my opinion it would be cool to have a city inspired in the tibetan culture, like a small city in a remote mountainous area. And maybe a city like Capadocia with a lot of caves instead of many big buildings, it could be a relatively small city compared to other metropolis in the game, a homeland to some kind of tribe or to some of the slaves that are on the run. Ps: Maybe this one is to much, but an underwater city would be interesting as well and quite different too. Not sure if you’re gonna be able to make something like that, but since this game is about hybrids maybe it could have amphibious characters and it would make sense for them to live in a submerged city.
  127. lucifergamer6
    Hi all, very excited to be part of this group. Coming to the character Ganesha, as you said he is the remover of Obstacles and also much more back story for him. People in India treat him not only as the remover of Obstacles but also the god who blesses his devotees with good IQ. Many students in India pray to him for their good career and believe in it. Coming to the back story, Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Parvati and he is the brother of Karthikeya (or Subrahmanya), the god of war. He was created by his mother using earth which she moulded into the shape of a boy(feels similiar to the origins of Wonder Woman right!). As Shiva was away on his meditative wanderings, Parvati set her new son as guard while she bathed. Unexpectedly, Shiva returned home and, on finding the boy, and outraged at his impudence in claiming he was Parvati’s son, Shiva called for his gang of demons, the bhutaganas, who fought ferociously with the boy. However, the youngster easily held his own against such fearsome adversaries and Vishnu was forced to intervene in the form of Maya and, whilst the boy was distracted by her beauty, the demons, or Shiva himself, lopped off his head. At the commotion, Parvati ran from her bath and remonstrated with Shiva for so summarily killing their son. Repentant, Shiva ordered a new head to be found for the boy and, as the first animal available was an elephant, so Ganesha gained a new head and became the most distinctive of the Hindu gods. As a reward for his great courage in fighting the demons, Shiva made Ganesha the leader of the bhutaganas, hence his name. If there is any hybrid character similiar to him in the game please don't frame the character's appearance(his physical appearance or his body language) in any way that it can attract any unwanted attention. I love Ubisoft and it's games a lot. They always try to come up with new ideas and innovative story lines.
  128. 1) xitang - water vilage - china 2) The Meenakshi Temple 3) Replica of Rosalila Temple 4) when it comes to china, most people know the obvious places, but I suggest research the city of Chengde It's where the emperors used to spend their summers, 5) Reed Flute Cave 6) lake toba, and the housing which are supposedly upside down ships when they arrived there in ancient past. 7) Nan Madol - india jones dream 8) while prolly know I figured I just add it, the brothel in thief: 9) temple complex in datong china: 10) granada nicaragua: 11) hong kong game 12) bangkoks night market 13) rainbow village indonesia Kampung Pelangi: 14) chichicastenango grayard 15) isla bastimento (panama) in bocas del toro: 16) this has always been an image I wasn enamoured with: "> 17) be interesting to see something like this within a canyon, with sky bridges and multiple layers: add this on top to the gritty mafia ally: 18) I cannot exclude the forbidden city, though it really needs a tech vibe for bge" with="756px"> 19) this huge sandsculpture castle: and combine that with Djenne, Mali 20) Bagan- myanmar 21) Bukhara Kalan Complex Oezbekistan 22) bukhara stone bazar 23) lost temples 24)katas raj temple" with="756px"> 25) Temple of All Religions There is a ton of other places I could name I visited, but these were all very memorable and most likely not very known. Ofcourse I omitted all the obvious places, in italy, greece, egypt, marrakech, turkey, mostly all of europe, kremlin, and other famous places in the world.
    1. just delete the above and this comment! and please give us better formatting options!
  129. There really ought to be some better formatting options on this site! 1) xitang - water vilage - china 2) The Meenakshi Temple 3) Replica of Rosalila Temple 4) when it comes to china, most people know the obvious places, but I suggest research the city of Chengde It's where the emperors used to spend their summers, 5) Reed Flute Cave 6) lake toba, and the housing which are supposedly upside down ships when they arrived there in ancient past. 7) Nan Madol - india jones dream 8) while prolly know I figured I just add it, the brothel in thief: 9) temple complex in datong china: 10) granada nicaragua 11) hong kong game 12) bangkoks night market 13) rainbow village indonesia Kampung Pelangi: 14) chichicastenango grayard 15) isla bastimento (panama) in bocas del toro 16) this has always been an image I wasn enamoured with: 17) be interesting to see something like this within a canyon, with sky bridges and multiple layers: add this on top to the gritty mafia ally: 18) I cannot exclude the forbidden city, though it really needs a tech vibe for bge 19) this huge sandsculpture castle,116,2000,694 and combine that with Djenne, Mali 20) Bagan- myanmar 21) Bukhara Kalan Complex Oezbekistan 22) bukhara stone bazar 23) lost temples 24)katas raj temple 25) Temple of All Religions There is a ton of other places I could name I visited, but these were all very memorable and most likely not very known. Ofcourse I omitted all the obvious places, in italy, greece, egypt, marrakech, turkey, mostly all of europe, kremlin, and other famous places in the world.
  130. TheKoloradoKid
    So many things come to mind when you guys asked about ancient deities and old Earth architecture. First I'd like to touch on architecture as I've always been intrigued by architecture and design. I don't have any pics to share however I do have ideas. India and China will no doubt have a huge influence on the design as they are the dominating cultures in the game that created the slave hybrids. I'm sure you have plenty of ideas on that front. So I'd like to see a mid evil culture with castles down to the lower class of mud and straw roof huts. Hinduism pertaining to India and atheism pertaining to Chinese culture should be prevalent. However the ancient religion of Christianity and Catholicism in the castles would be a nice touch. A smaller yet still active religion on a planet. Also, the Norse religion of Asatru with the log cabins and architecture up in the high mountains and forest would be amazing. Though this religion isn't very big in our day and age maybe it can be making a come back in the 24th century. A small tribe of nomadic people who constantly travel the prairies in their tee-pees would be a cool reflection of Native American tribes. Interacting with these people would be unique as the player will never really know where they set up camp and random run ins would bring a fun spontaneity to the game. Russian Architecture is also very vibrant and colorful. I have also mentioned in another post that a steampunk city would be really cool to explore and live in. It's not in our world but would be amazing to experience in a game. Another old Earth architecture idea would be to have South American pyramids akin to the Aztecs tucked away in the jungle. As well as the South Asian spires found in Vietnam. There are so many different and unique designs of architecture throughout our human history and the fact that you are trying to reflect that in the game is very exciting. There are many ancient deities in our history that can be touched on. Horas of Egypt with the head of an eagle. Most Egyptian gods had the head of a cat or dog etc. There are thousands of Hindu gods mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita. Our history is rich and I'm looking forward to seeing that reflected in the game. Thank you so much for bringing this game to reality!
  131. Don't believe anyone has mentioned the Moorish architecture of North Africa/Southern Spain, but that could provide the grounds for some phenomenal cityscapes. The Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba, Spain is a good example: Another interesting aspect of this style is the use of small "canals" that allowed water to run throughout the buildings, which in addition to obvious uses, also helped to cool the surrounding air. The Alhambra Palace in Andalucia, Spain: Bukhara, Uzbekistan is another example of Islamic architecture that could be particularly compelling, although it has a number of distinctions from the Moorish style: I wonder if the concept of "floating villages" could be used. Rather than floating on water, they could float through space. Old space stations or large ships that have lost the ability to travel, but can still support the unfortunate people stranded there. This village on Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia for example: Turkey's Cappadocia region is famous for it's "fairy chimneys"; cave houses carved into natural sandstone towers that cover the region. A lot of folks mentioned European cultures and architecture, but noted the lack of hybrid gods etc. It might be worth looking to the Catholic Saints for inspiration and building cities around them (or future versions of them). This could work well with the concept of worlds built from the old world, where customs/cultures/religions have been diversified/globalized and have evolved with society. Slaves from Africa for example, found parallels between their animist gods - outlawed in the colonial era - and the Catholic saints they were expected to worship instead which facilitated the adoption of Catholicism amongst these groups (even though they were really worshipping their old gods under new names). I recommend looking at religions like Haiti's Vodou, Brazil's Candomble and Cuba's Santeria. Finally, check out Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. This has to be one of, if not, the weirdest city on the planet today. Having just been there I describe it to people as, "North Korea meets Las Vegas". If you drive there, there is nothing along the way except desert, camels and more desert. Arriving at night you emerge from the desert before a gleaming city of actual white marble (imported from Italy!) illuminated by street lights and enough neon to make you think you walked into Tron. Stranger still, is that nobody is on the massive 5 lane roads except for police, who watch you diligently as you drive around the apparently empty city, making sure you don't take pictures of government buildings. I'll spare you more detail as I could go on and on, but I think Ashgabat could be an interesting model for some sort of pariah city-state within the game universe. The Darvaza Gas Crater aka "Gates of Hell" north of the city are also spectacular, though I can't really say how you'd incorporate them:
  132. Ganesha symbols great wisdom, therefore the place could have many spiritual people and temples and also have like a library with condensed knowledge on hard drives etc. I personally like Ra as the god of sun in Egyptian believed, He has the head of a falcon and the body of a man. There could be a place in System 3 near a sun in space where its very hostile and dangerous but also light inspired beautiful. Iceland is a very beautiful place where nature shows many facettes with its vulcanos, lakes etc. A planet in System 3 can reflect these aspects as a place to discover.
  133. I read this article when it first came out and I haven't been able to shake this idea that I have had since first reading the article! Sooo, I imagine that Christianity might receive a very low volume interest for whatever reason. Possibly because it is not inclusive for the most part when it comes to other deities. But it would be pretty neat to have a more nuanced and complicated representation of the Christian mindset in a popular form of media such as this video game. Here is the connection when it comes to this article in both the Old and New Testaments their are "four living creatures," that seem to be very close to Yahweh (the personal name of the Christian deity commonly translated as "I am" or "LORD"). The four living creatures consist of something sort of like BGE's hybrids. One has the appearance of an ox, another like a lion, one like a man, and one like an eagle. There are actually different nuances with the creatures in different books of the Bible. In revelation these creatures are said to have six wings and many eyes. All this to say that Christianity certainly has an "unseen" deity in terms of his appearance apart from what he has revealed in Jesus Christ about his character and personality, BUT there is a ton of stuff within Christian theology that makes a certain connection with this "hybrid" idea found in BGE. Maybe Western developers are tired of old western theology and architecture, but I wouldn't mind seeing at least one sci-fi/fantasy world set in the future of our own world take one of the biggest movements within all of history as somehow staying relevant beyond and into the future.

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