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Concept Art: Zhou Yuzhu and Li Daiyu, Ganesha City

Cityscapes: Into the depths of Ganesha city

Recognize Zhou and Li Daiyu? This the original artwork that inspired the E3 announce trailer’s bar sequence in Ganesha City’s underworld!

Fugitive slaves, pirate crews, traders, charlatans and criminals alike flock to the city’s dark underbelly in hopes of making a living… or their fortune!

Why do you think they come to the city for? What kind of activities do you think they might do there, whether legit or illegal?

Give us your answer and discuss in the comments below or on the forums!

The Face of K.Bups

127 thoughts on “Cityscapes: Into the depths of Ganesha city

  1. CulturalLemur
    Some of the more virtuous visitors of this underworld could aim to free the hybrid slaves. Less virtuous ones could try to track down hybrid escapees for cash. There could be some awful gangs roaming around that oppress the hybrids. It's hard for me to imagine any underworld without some undercover cops trying to put crime bosses like Zhou in their place.
    1. I think i would be on of the few virtuous Visitors, who would try to free the hybrid Slaves :D . But how would one do it, i would be cool if there where different ways to do it.
    2. I find interest in the idea that the underbelly is mostly populated by pirates, gangs and other criminals, making government presence low, therefore forcing the police to send their officers undercover.
      1. I love the idea of undercovers
    3. Anything from illegal gun trade to to illegal gambling rings to brothels, or small time robbery to full bank heists, illegal human or hybrid trafficking. The thoughts are endless!! Illegal experimentations to alter ones physical capabilities all for one to become stronger or faster. Chop shops to buy and sell illegal acquired ships and vehicles. Drug trade and manufacturing or order of a hit man or a tracker for escaped hybrids.
    4. Buttsamurai2099
      They might do illegal racing or maybe underground fight club or maybe to start a restaurant to make a living. Maybe to become famous as a singer or actor/actress.
    5. DillyDilly89346
      I like the concept of dirty cops, you can pay them to look the other way if you need to off someone. Also it’s the underbelly it should be one of the more dangerous places to be. More hot headed hybrids and illegal immigrant smuggling from other planets in the underbelly. Exotic black market gear, weapons, and rare crew mates should also be viewed as an idea in this, wonderful and amazing potential of this concept!!!
  2. Some could come to do some illegal things like robing some banks, stealing, or even to build an entire underworld for criminals and hybrids. There could be some people who wants justice for their murdered families, some who comes to build something new because they lost everything because of a war in their previous planet. I'm also thinking about some sellers who wants to become leaders of black market. There are a lot possibilities, more than we ever saw in a game before.
    1. Drag0nslayr016
      I think it would be awesome if there were gang wars where you got to make allegiances and stuff
  3. Gambling, definitely a lot of gambling going on in these parts, both as high-end casinos (legal) and street gambling (illegal). Maybe it would be a utopia for the black market, a place where the rarest artifacts, illegal weapons, chemicals, information and maps would be of access, not in a safe way of course! The underbelly would probably have the smallest amount of government presence, where pirates, mafia and gang factions rule, a "safe" space. Perhaps there would be a slave market, where factions or mob bosses would trade other hybrids as slaves, even though they themselves are hybrids in the same kinds of conditions on other ends? It could lead to question the morality of the hybrids, and perhaps certain factions are 100% against hybrid slave markets, while others embrace it as it makes their economy flow? From the BGE2 trailer, there's obviously a lot of prejudice even between hybrids, so it'd be very interesting to hear more about.
  4. A large city is a great hiding place. Because they're huge and heavily populated. Slaves would choose to come to Ganesha City, because they could disappear into the crowds, as well as a sign of protection from Ganesha. Pirates would come to a city, because with thousands of people, there's lots of money to be stolen vs a small village.
  5. They could have of course, illegal drug and weapons activities, which the player could buy for his own use, for example he could buy cigars for smoking purposes, or buy a type of alchool which was banned in the system, because a pirate smokes and drinks, that must be in the game, like a bar and some other side activities that you could do with your friends just for fun! Other thing could be, illegal implants which were banned also because it would give a huge improvement to humans, therefore, the hybrids wouldn't be needed, and those implants would work on hybrids also, and those implants would give improvements in speed, strength, accuracy... There could be legal and illegal gamble games, for example poker could be legal but in that kind of zones, the pot could get much higher and there could be confusion and violence in the end of the play, a thug could get mad because the player won and other illegal game could be the five finger game or Russian Roulette, which you could also play with your friends There is some much illegal and legal activities that could be putted in the game, and I will end up by saying that I would like to see a strip club where you could see ugly pig stripers and beuatifull deer stripers for example, the contrast would make in funny as hell!
    1. I love the idea that the hybrid could illegally buy items reserved to the human. Of course there would be some counterfeits !
  6. I think zhou and liu come to do illegal artefact trafic like we saw on E3 trailer and maybe some hybrid trafic. Their legal cover is to run a chinese restaurant where they can stock illegal stuff. For the other pirate they can come to the city for many things. Legal stuff like gambling, take bounty, sell new creatures species to study. they can take a break also to buy some materials, fuel for spaceship. Or more probably they come to do illegal stuff like thief, trafic of stolen object, illegal run (with spaceship or small one). Other possibility is they come to find information for their quest or to deliver some slave (is they are goodguy) or to revenge for one of us.
  7. Belgarathmaster
    Salut à tous ! Et bien la contrebande de produits divers (drogue, alcools, blanchiment d'argent, revente de trésors issus de vols, etc.). J'imagine assez bien un trafic d'esclaves hybrides, cela collerait bien au sujet... Le business autours des courses (illégales ?) de vaisseaux pourrait être un sujet interressant.
  8. Illegal hybrid and men combat arena, illegal betting.
  9. I think they came to the city for selling drugs as an operation, then moved up the food chain: stronger drugs, guns, prostitution. They won over their competitors and took over them, thus becoming masters of Ganesha city's underworld. But all that money had to go somewhere, so they bought places in town, to expand their grip on the city piece by piece. With so much power and improtance, a new business comes to their attention: information. They proceed to harvest information from their clients, the people who live in buildings they own, everyone they can use. And their influence spreads fast, to the point that they have the police in their pocket.
    1. But there must be more, we know that Zhou Yuzu is into artifacts, perhaps is he religious himself. But maybe he knows that there is more to those artifacts than meets the eye, they may be involved in a prophecy of some kind, or be part of a collection that is said to be the key of a hidden shrine, full of treasure. Also, Zhou thinks he is above other "domesticated hybrids", I don't think he was freed, he wouldn't pretend to be above other hybrids if that was the case. He must have freed himself, or perhaps he was never a slave. That must have something to do with why he came to Ganesha city. That or he just knows its bad for business to deal with domesticateds and prefers dealing with the bosses themselves.
      1. Excellent idea ! Either he's not free and can still be the boss of the underground because he's allowed to (and he could be aware of that, or not) or he's under the direct control of a higher power !
    2. As for Liu, we know less about her than about Zhou yuzu. She's "rejuvenated" and "runs Zhou's backstore". Rejuvenated must mean she's older than she looks, probably literaly made herself younger. Assuming hybrids age like humans do, they may be the same age and their backstories could be one and the same. Acording to the trailer, she seems to obey Zhou, and if she "runs his backstore" she must be his N°2. I'm guessing Zhou trusts her and kinda depends on her. He must be driving their enterprise forward while she's keeping it in check.
      1. Yeah, I wonder how she was rejuvenated... through a procedure similar to "print" hybrids? Through advance surgery? Through xenotransplantation of organs from hybrids?
  10. He's a Kingping of course. A metropolis is always a great target for criminals and organized crime. He obvsiously has the cops under his command for what we saw from the trailer, so he's either one of the generals for a big mafia cartel in Ganesha City or he's the main assistant of the very big boss... Since a big boss wouldn't just meet up with a monkey dealing with relics (Moxie in the trailer) he's not the very top boss of the mafia, but he is important and very well known... Perhaps the most exotic. This mafia is hybrid mainly, humans are secondary, just like the trailer shows and that is great. In the criminal world, the most skilled would rule over the weak ones and humans don't have any of the hybrid's enhanced or animalesque abilities. He could be the guy to go to when looking for jobs in the underworld, or to hear about the lastest news, plans, black market, hitmans, heists, to drop police heat, bounty hunting, falsification of papers, etc. A middle man. He seems more aligned to the Triads than the Yakuza, so I would say there are tons of fronts for illegal activities passing as legal shops like ramen shops, small video game arcades, massages, auto parts etc that are actually illegal bussinesses. Drug traffiquing, weapons, illegal modifications for vehicles, false id's , dropping materials or resources illegal to that zone or without the proper inspection, stolen items and vehicles, etc. Ganesha city seems pretty corrupt and spiritual folkloric at the same time. Like a haven for criminals and pintoresque characters of all cultures to mix and fight to be at the top of the pyramid.
  11. stuvakronakivik
    - Ilegal fights to the death; - Trading valuable items; - Ploting to: overthrown the government, hits, robber banks and highjacking spaceships...; - Police and bounty hunters undercover; - Sell and trade slaves; - A heroe or a group of heroes trying to free the slaves and kill the slavers; - A legendary weapon can be found there. As well as incredibly dangerous assassins that can work as body guards; - A hybrid orphanage where the kids are mistreated and abused. There they're raised to become assassins, cage fighters, robbers, etc. It could be a great mission to rescue and free them or making them part of our crew; - A black market of weapons, blades, drugs (like slo-mo from the movie DREDD), slaves, spaceships, etc..
  12. igorstrong2011
    I believe that fugitive slaves are seeking shelter from the tyranny of people
  13. igorstrong2011
    still there is the thought that some people appear there to trade on the black market (something like liberators from the chip "slavery" for hybrids)
  14. Pirates could enlist hybrids in their crew and hybrids go there to find a crew ; pirates crews could ally with each other to complete missions, find treasures, defeat enemies or board space ships and steal treasure/food/information; someone could hide from enemies; hybrids could conspire against human to take control of the city and enslave human and inferior hybrids; hybrids could work for the boss of the city in exchange for favors; someone could enlist mercenaries; inferior hybrids could work illegally...
  15. AlexandaBleak
    a lot of people talking about the illegal or immoral stuff you could do, but i think there's a whole other side to it, the city's underworld may be dangerous but it's the perfect place to find friends and allies that you can trust especially if your an outcast, best place to find friends as an outcast is among the other outcasts, i'm guessing that it would also be a more free place than the upper city meaning people would be more able to enjoy and express themselves than they would in the upper city, what with having less social rules that you need to follow.
    1. Yes, I thought only to the dark side of the city, but I'm agree with you...inferior hybrid species maybe can't go freely in the upper city and who live in this part of the city have no interest in a inferior friend, so the outcast can find friend in the city underworld
  16. Legally you could likely buy from stores that sell licensed gear? Maybe just regular clothing, entertainment Mdisks, legitimate cargo hauling for those who don't want to run the risk of getting security checked while trading illegal goods. Could even just have nice places to hang out, relax or perhaps a shooting range or going to the racing track? Illegal well... pirating has never been better than in the seedy underbelly of a corrupt city I'm sure. Illegal weapons, weapon mods, ammunition, trade goods. Slavery has already been already made out to be legal so I doubt that. But hybrid blood sports matches? More violent racing tracks with little concern over lives lost? Perhaps as we saw in the trailer making deals for artifacts with crime bosses and being able to trick them or do fair business with them. Tricking them obviously painting a nice big target on your face. I see plenty of stuff to do. Even perhaps recruiting hybrids and humans off the streets or that you bond with in maybe a bar brawl. Many many possibilities I haven't even listed.
  17. guest-PFFDaifL
    Brokering deals. Slave deals. Hybrid ones, but human slave deals as well. You'd need to break in the restaurant to eavesdrop, then make the biggest slave rescue in centuries. BTW, why is my username this weird Guest one? I'm not a simpele guest!
  18. SeraphicFrenzy
    Right, I am not sure how many of these really fit the “underbelly” as such. Having had a sudden realisation that I probably belong to the posh, flamboyant type of pirate rather than the seedy mangy cur type. But to each their own as they say. However, I would love to add to the suggestion posted further up (about being able to partake in cigars or booze at bars and whatnot) that it would be nice to be able to enjoy a nice cup of tea at Hsing-Hsing’s Tea Shop, or meditate at a temple garden or a public park. I’d also love for there to be, seeing religion is a big part of the cultural aspect, like a list in your character sheet where you can list all the gods your character believes in, if any, and also pick one to be your character’s personal patron deity. The one they invoke in times of need or when muttering a curse under their breath. And if the temples in the high town don’t openly allow hybrids to worship there, maybe they have small shrines throughout the underbelly or even personal ones in your quarters? Giving you the ability to light a candle or some incense, offer up a prayer or simply enjoy a moments peace? Something that might add a sense of humanity even to the hardiest pirate. I think it would add to the immersion and roleplay elements of it all. As for the underbelly, maybe we could have animal races, like betting on which slug or frog or turtle reaches the finish line first? Or a juju-shop for all the superstitious pirates that need their good luck charms to safely cross the street without suffering a mental breakdown? A workshop for the pirates with synthetic limbs, offering all sorts of fancy peg-legs or whatever, coupled with a tattoo parlour and an eye-patch maker, and some much needed gossip? #piratesarghpeopletoo? And finally, artefact collecting? Or…hoarding more like. You know, give your pirate a hobby, something to do when you’re not out pillaging, smuggling, gambling, boozing, flying over the speed limit, taunting the police, and all those other things pirates are fond of doing. Or maybe tending a personal bonsai tree more your thing? Well that’s my chestfull of spacedubloons for now. I think the underbelly would eat me alive…oh well, a pirate’s life for me, I suppose.
  19. Жду с нетерпением попробовать! Я Фанат Этой Игры!
  20. Seeking friendly elders for help
  21. little_messi04
    I would say they would be trading guns they got from the corrupt police, also they trade hybrids and ancient artifacts, that have mystical powers. Here they also can hire hitmen and bounty hunter which you can partake in. It would morally be wrong but money would be gained from it.
  22. Tactical-Weasel
    Hey developers, love the game, looks awesome, but i have a question/idea, will there be a high powered sniper rifle, you know an anti material rifle, like a barrett m107, or the heavy sniper from gta 5 or srs99 from halo, like a big bulky sniper rifle with a big scope, that can hit targets at 3km. so that you can be a cool sniper pirate, oh and cat hybrids, i want to be a sniper space cat pirate! and one last thing, it would be cool to have a kind off RV space ship, it would be pretty small, maby 50 meters long at the most, and maby have 2 storys idk but you could fly it into space, but there are also private quarters, so yeah its like a space rv, a little mobile base
  23. Fencing stolen goods, or finding work, like private hire or haulage of shall we say not law abiding cargo. Even picking up new crew from freshly liberated slaves. I can think of hundreds.
  24. devilmeetsvamp
    People would obviously come to streets for all the efficient illegal work. Making Fake IDs for some planet/city/temple entrances. If the street technology is efficient then can the fugitives change their face/bodies and go out to have a new life?(Can we get temporary tattoos from streets?) While walking down from their narrow pathways/tall buildings what do these street people think when they look up at giant stars and planets? Do they ever visit it? Do the streets already have illegal tourist/transportation services? If people from vast different backgrounds reside here, some of them must be using their past science knowledge on herbs, metal.. to make new medicines, machine parts and etc. Some old aged explorers who now reside in Ganesha city and are the best known locksmiths in the universe. You either bring the treasure to their shop or you either take them to the treasure zone. Also if i'm rescuing hybrids, i don't want everyone to be joyful. Maybe some of them don't want to be rescued. Some of them only fly solo. I don't want a random quest to pop up saying "he wants you to do this task before recruiting him" The tasks should really hold a value in both of our stories. If i'm rescuing really efficient characters, i want it to really earn it. Remember, gameplay is the queen of the game but the story is always the king.
  25. devilmeetsvamp
    Also anyone else not receiving any notifications? My status said and still says "PC (waiting list)" on the Participating button. And i still don't get any email or any notification.
  26. Rabbitzman832
    Even though they run most of their bussiness on a ship docked right outside the city, Zhou insists on going to the city at least three times a week to eat in his Nǎinai noodle-shop. She´s an old woman who raised him when he was nothing but a little piglet and turned him into the man he is today. Despite being one of Ganesha's City main brokers, he still won't do anything illegal for fear of his Nana's reaction. Then, halfway through his storyline, someone hurts her as payback to him, and he immediately focuses on revenge and sets off a gang war.
  27. I think you should have the choice to do things illegal or legal that way it could make your character feel more unique if some are criminals and some make a honest living
  28. A_Regular_Wolf
    Obscurity, It's easy to hide in a crowd, no matter what your crime (or perceived crime) is. The city provides that, it's a natural place to disappear. From there, the possibilities are endless (as long as it's off the books). Run weapons, illegal tech, maybe an underground railroad for escaped hybrid slaves, whatever pays the bills.
  29. I Tim’s or refugees might be looking to keep a low profile and get lost from the laws sight. Bounty hunters could be gaining intel on their next bounty. Someone said there would be undercover law enforcement which is a good idea. Maybe some rich hybrid slavers enjoy some hybrid fights. Or something even more sinister, like pitting a helpless human against a strong hybrid fighter.
  30. The city's underworld would be the place to gamble, purchase contraband or illegal and exotics items and be a safe haven for those on the run. However, it could also be home to those with nowhere else to go (such as runaways or refugees) who have come to Ganesha in hopes of having a better life but struggle to move up the social hierarchy. Considering it's at the bottom of the city it could feature historical buildings or ruins which are explored by treasure hunters, archaeologists and urban explorers. There could be tales or monuments of legendary pirates who first formed their crew in this underworld.
    1. The phrase from Mirrors Edge: 'Dirty and dangerous, but alive and wonderful' comes to mind.
  31. Ganesha city seems to be a religious city & it's underground is the hiding or covering or disguising place for them who want to go out of the chart or identity. The whole thing is like a big camouflage Underground seems a city underneath the surface city Ganesha. One can get lost in this city easily. Of course, illegal acts will be there as well as many uncharted/unexpected stories. It's a money hub for money makers. For some it's a new chapter, identity, off the track record etc.
  32. 1.- A powerful clan fallen in disgrace in the old Earth, comes to system 3 in order to avoid total extinction and seek revenge against their foes. 2.- Assassin(s) contracted by other criminal faction has arrived to eliminate the competition aka Zhou Yuzhu & Cia. 3.- Refugees from old Earth that arrive from time to time, hoping to get a better life than there, even when that means die trying, since there space ships are so improvised/old similar to refugees pateras. *Talking about this, there are plans to depict our solar system in the game (system 1?) and watch how are the things in original Earth? Its a crumbled world? A world bordering the extinction? A paradise? An utopia? A high tech world? Something else? Or it just disappear in a previous war or against the DomZ?* 4.- Depending on answers in previous point, there could be reporters and people who come to know if its true that exists hybrids in outer worlds. Since we don't know the situation in Earth, hybrids could be forbidden or part of everyday life. They could be slaves or mascots. Or both, same situation with our animals in our time. So there could be groups that try to liberate them, try to abolish slavery... even there could be a war for that reason or partisan warfare. 5.- Hunters that come to kill hybrids similar to all that rich, stupid people do in african safaris...
  33. make it relatble with todays society! iligal drug dealing weapons or simply businesses! ALSO!!! Give us what are DOMZ and possibly by discoverings hybrids or people conspiring with DOMZ! GOOD LUCK!
  34. dragonegglord
    Buy guns, buy slaves, buy illegal drugs, everything what people do on the dark web.
    1. I think like some kind of heists or bank robberies with your crew/team what are high risk but worth to try.
  35. zippingdock2185
    becoming the owner of a business involved with distribution of goods on the black market would be an interesting feature of ganesh city underworld. Running drug dealing organisations like in gta ceo dlc and recruiting body guards in the city would be cool. Lots of fun stuff to buy so theres an insentive to keep playing
  36. Rockets-rocket
    Maybe something like fallout New Vegas, where you have casinos and you can gamble and earn different amounts of money or have some of the games from BG&E.
  37. I would say mostly gambling. Betting on Hybrid fights, ( like in our world rooster and dog figts) . Havibg some good times if you know what I mean~.....I mean like.....brothels.... Maybe having yor own side business. And it's up to you if you gets stuff legaly or illegaly.
  38. There could be some corrupt cops making money by turning a blind eye on people
  39. I would definitely travel to cities for information gathering and networking. I think information stalking would be cool; tracking down leads completely analog. Using NPCs and environment clues to track targets. We know on earth that the poorest among us are often the most creative and ingenious. So finding the coolest, rarest, and most creative fashion, ship parts/designs, clothes, tattoos and cyber mods would draw me to a city underbelly. I really want to gamble, also. An original game that Ubisoft designs would be appreciated. I most of all want Go to be playable. Potentially a 3 dimensional version of Go? To fit with the futuristic aesthetic?
  40. If it were me and my crew, we'd most likely come to relax. Take a load off-hide out. What authority would even consider checking up on a gang of petty thieves when the city is full of bigger fish to fry! And by bigger fish I mean bigger bribes of course. ;p Point me toward a mid-range love hotel where I can get cleaned up, drop off my gear without it getting stolen, and recharge my batteries before the next big score. -Even if that next big score comes from the intel I gather from the cleaning lady.
  41. All activities that're illegal it the "upper world", here in the underworld are thriving. Buying and selling all kinds of illegal stuff, such as weapons, drugs, slaves; hiring people/hybrids to steal something, rob someone, beat or kill someone. In a world where everything is bought and sold, only two things will have real value: money or information. So people would come to the underworld in search for one of that, or even for both. Because no matter what you're planning to do, enslave some small planet or liberate all the hybrids in the world - you'll need information to do it most successfully, and money to buy all that legit or illegal stuf to do it.
  42. I can see a lot of people coming to the big city with high hopes. Whether it's a person who thinks they can make it big or another who just seeks refuge and hopes for a bit of normality and a better life there, but these expectations often remain unmet. They trust the wrong people who get them into shady businesses or they just overestimated their own capacities and the only way to get a little bit to survive is by joining criminal or abusive organisations. However I can also see some people going there exactly because of it. In hopes of getting a piece of the pie and making it big in the underground. I could see some naive young humans/hybrids coming to the city, lured by the stories of outlaws, drugs, money and sex only to learn how tough it can really be, becoming little drug dealers or being killed because they took their mouths too full. Then there's the ones who know exactly what they get themselves into. Some tough with nobody messing with them who fight their way to the top Some smart, calm and charming who know their way around, which places and people to go to and which to avoid. I think there's so many stories with people's motivations, pasts and little anecodes that don't really matter in the greater scheme but give so much character to the individual and I'm really looking forward to the ones that we will discover in the game. Cheers
    1. Yes ! Yes ! I want that hard truth where rookies' dreams get crushed by the greed of the more experienced one.... And I hope we could be one of those experienced one *evil laugh*
    2. Well said. Completely agree. Cities are luring places of destruction. Unless you're prepared...
  43. It reamind's me the Kowloon City, also known as "the city of darkness" in Hong Kong. The big part of actual chinease mafia was born there. The economic essor of Hong Kong was do to illegual industries of Kowllown. What was interesting in this city is that during the day, the big part of the city was dedicate to "legal" things like education for the childrens who were born there. During the day, the city totally changed ! Place dedicated to school were replaced by illegal traffic. The city of darkness is no more but there still plenty of documentation and interviews about her story and her habitant ! You should take look ! I made some reaserch about the subject for a school project, the atmosphere of Kowloon City is pretty inspiring for conceptart ! I'm sure that Kowloon city will fit on the BGE2 world ! ( PS Bring the Shakaponk band in the project ! )
  44. dunno if I can add any other great ideas to why crooks are in a city. What I would like though is tattoo parlors where you can get a tattoo or body mod etc. Rather than using some tired old menu system you have to find one and different shops provide different mods/designs.
    1. The driving game Forza Horizon had a cool decal designer where you took predetermined shapes to make your own designs. I think it would be cool to see that feature implemented in some way.
  45. Like in our world today, the city is the hub for many different types of personalities. In this case, different species and and personalities. I think a fugitive slave would flock to the city to find a person to help him, her or it disappear and find a new life. A pirate would go to the city to fish for information about a big score or to find a tavern to crash and get drunk. Or regular 9-5 city dwellers looking to enjoy a little guilty pleasurable night life (strip clubs, poker games, sex houses). The point is there is something for everyone and everything in and under the city.
  46. I would emphasize the context of commerce. Everything could be sold/bought with the right amount of cash OR with informations/robbed item etc. But I think the trade of informations would be the best thing : hear about a big space-ship and its cargo, hear about rumors (e.g. new genetic therapy available for hybrids to make them fertile (already broached in "Hybrid exploitation in system 3"), be aware of the not-so-legal contracts of the moment, learn about the currents mafia leaders or other people of importance and their habits (WE COULD BLACKMAIL PEOPLE ! :) ) etc.
    1. and a lot of street food !!
      1. Yes! The thing I loved in games like Sid Meier's Pirates! (My favourite game of all time) or Freelancer was the economy. How you could be an honest trader and making little money or go the risky illegal goods route that would pay a lot more. Or how you could buy information and treasure maps from strangers in bars. I hope BGE 2 will have a dynamic economy, nothing too complex, but constabtly changing and believable and influenced by the player. Also yes to the food. Give me mouth watering levels of food ala ffxv just maybe more alien :)
  47. Silverback1907
    Perhaps some came in search of religion, like underground churches to help with the poor, and whom will contract you to spread and grow their influence. Some of these groups can also be shady and actually be a front for a drug syndicate or other organization. Or maybe you can have one of these religious types join you on your ship to support your crew and even have a chapel or religious space on the ship, whom you can go to to get a blessing or buff before you go on a mission or to go on mighty quests. Also, maybe large weapons smuggling rings that you can work for by smuggling guns for. You can ether do as they say of take them for yourself to ether arm your crew or sell to your own people, maybe some rebels or rival organization. Possibly food markets that you you can own and thus the shopkeepers pay up to you. Also, maybe spaceship or speeder dealerships that you can buy vehicles from and sell stolen vehicles to. Maybe customize your own as some sort of body shop for speeder cars or ships. Also strip clubs, poker games, sex houses, and fighting arenas would be a nice touch to the grimy night life.
    1. The religion should be present, that's right. It's definitly part of that asian culture we are promised
  48. a crazy thought but help inspire, look and traffic in the city with some kind of medicine that gives you much more strength something like the potion of asterix and obelix, crazy but interesting ...
  49. The first few that escaped joined together to create different rebellions; some hidden within the city, and some far away from it. The dream of a new escapee is to get to the far away places - the save havens for animal-hybrids. But many of them fail to ever do so, so they stay in the city. The undergrounds are overflowing with hybrids, whom most of have become criminals, as they are surrounded with the vibes of illegalness. Now, everyone thinks of hybrids as scary, and intimidating creatures. Also, because of their intimidation and superhuman abilities, the first few forced some humans to work for them, and now some humans and hybrids are working together as criminals.
    1. This should mean that city hybrids act different than the ones from the safe havens, as they have different cultures (like farmers vs city workers, or rural vs urban).
  50. People might come to fence (sell) stolen goods, maybe through a shady pawnshop. Realistically prostitution and drugs would be present, both buyers and sellers.
  51. Les gens pourraient venir pour revendre des biens volés, vendre des produits illégaux comme la drogue (les k-bups en ferait partie puisqu'elle boosterait la vie de celui qui en prend?). Il y aurait je pense aussi la vente d'esclaves. Zhou et Li Daiyu serait arrivés là à la recherche d'une substance ou d'un objet rare qui se trouve uniquement en ce lieux. Cette objet pourrait avoir une certaine valeur, contenir un certain pouvoir ou une certaine connaissance. Pour l'ambiance du lieux je pense à une place plutôt sombre avec seulement quelques lueurs de lumières qui traversent les bâtiments. People could come to sell stolen goods, sell illegal products such as drugs (k-bups would be part of it because it boosts the life of the person who takes it?). There would be I think also the sale of slaves. Zhou and Li Daiyu would have arrived there in search of a rare substance or object that is only there. This object could have some value, contain some power or some knowledge. For the atmosphere of the place I think of a rather dark place with only a few lights gleaming through the buildings.
  52. They might come there to hide from the law, plan their next Big Heist, sell stolen goods, gamble their money away, pick up potential job details, at the last but most importantly... DRINK!
  53. I'd go to the city to pick up some smokes mostly. Gotta keep a good supply of smokes most importantly. But also I'd go to show off my loot, and hopefully attract a few gankers looking for an easy score so I can show them they thought wrong. To pick fights essentially, but not in the traditional "are you lookin at me?" way.
  54. I imagine this would be the place that any revolution would slowly begin. It would be interesting to watch this revolution begin to take root over time, and how the corrupt would react. Theres also the possibility of gangs and slavers hunt the streets to take advantage of the lack of rights of hybrids.
  55. - Dirty pubs, restaurants, workshops, inns (meeting points)... - Prostitution - Drugs smuggling - Slavery (of course) - Headquarters of big criminal organizations - Place where a bunch of small-time criminals can organize assaults and other criminal acts - Mercenaries and killers - Just mad men walking around - Religious sects (I think religion should be very important) - Corrupted cops and judges - Weapons and passports smuggling - Kiddnaping - Most of the above and below caused by "Racial" discrimination - Organ transplant - Ghettos - Just poor families trying to survive working in shitty jobs - Fight clubs - Diseases - Lots of people flooding the streets and alleys - ... The important thing is to implement all this things on the gameplay. Not just use it as a background. We need to live it through the story, missions and events. I hope you can do it. Good luck.
    1. I like your vision of the underworld. All that stuff sounds really interesting! Especially religious sects, in places so dark and hopeles they could be really widespreaded. I mean, if life in the underworld as hard and desperate as it can be in such places, then people will hold onto anything that can give them a little hope and light their way, even if it's the wrong way.
  56. McFinkleberry12
    I think Street racing would be an excellent activity and maybe a poker activity. Other options would be robbing banks or stores to get new clothes and money.
  57. I’d love a big emphasis on bars as a social area for the player to interact with NPC’s. A little like Skyrim’s taverns but more fleshed out. For example you could rest, eat or get drunk with your crew there, you can play board games or darts with Hybrids and learn of rumours and side quests to go out on, you could purchase from a merchant that has also stopped by for a drink, and maybe if conversations don’t go well then a huge pirate style bar fight breaks out! Would be super cool to have these style bars all around the galaxy, each one diffirent depending on the location’s history in which the bar stands. Just an idea! Keep doing what you’re doing team, I’m as eager as ever for more!
    1. I love the idea of different style bars. Seedy bars with frequent brawls you could participate in, or more social bars with high class social givers, faction related bars, etc.
  58. Ils pourraient venir pour se faire de l'argent en faisant différent jeux de hasard ou de paris illégal comme du poker ou des course d'animaux ou alors faire des partie de cartes (style hearts stone ou gwent). Certain pourrait venir en groupe et attaquer des planque d'armes ou de drogues. Des sectes pour venir kidnapper des membres pour leurs groupe. Certain rebelle y viendrais pour chercher des info sensible ou secrète qui ne circule nulle part ailleurs.
  59. Prostitution for hybrids black market, brosel, strip club... It could be an interesting matter if handled seriously of course. Some species may be very appreciated in the galaxy for their specific skills. Pimp could search for those rare hybrids in the galaxy because of their high price in the sex black market. They could be 'use' for escort, VIP club in the upper world. Less attractive species could work for the mainstream and more poor clients. We can even imagine a character of this species who rebels against his or her condition.
    1. I totally agree with use the more feminine/beautiful hybrids as "tools" for pleasure and similar business like many other space-opera games or movies, more rare/unique/ a hybrid is much higher the price must be so many crime lords might be involved in this activities.
  60. Gang wars with strong influance on districts! :D
  61. I view Zhou in black market business like stealing and trading artifacts and other stuff or gathering useful informations, while Li Daiyu in business like human or hybrid prostitution, assassination this kind of stuff. For people visiting the city i think everybody look for some way to obtain money and power running what seems legal activities like a restaurant but in the backrooms there are illegal sports and games.
  62. There has been a LOT of discussion about hybrid slave markets... But if Hybrids would become so powerful like Zhou seems to have become, can it not be an even deeper underground illegal market of hybrids selling human slaves? Those will need to be extremely hidden because it goes against the human rights..... (well... you get the irony). And those might only be imaginable through a secondary business like entertainment centres or a restaurant chain, whatever to cover it up. By the way, the latter mentioned idea might end up in very Gore and bloody imagination. Hoping the K-Bups factory would not be filled with rebelled disobedient human slaves...
  63. Lana_McAwesome
    Anyone who's ever lived outside a city may agree that there is one main reason that you leave the comfort of your little town (or ship) and take on the dangers of the large city: resources. This always seems like a simple thing; go to the city and get more fuel, food, etc. But how many stories, myths, and folklore begin this way only to have our simple main character faced with choices that set them down winding and dangerous paths. Tempted by greed and debauchery, forced to choose between right and wrong, they venture into the city to gain only to lose everything in the process. The reasons to head into the city are always simple, however, what happens there never is.
    1. Couldn't agree more. Cities are a place of brutal survival.
  64. PsychicPencil
    1.) An Underground fighting ring where you can compete for money. You have the option to either kill your opponent or let them live which will earn you good reputation points that will either earn you more crew members or increase the number of people who will help cover your tracks after you get in trouble and turn the heat down on you. 2.) A Casino: I want a place where we can go and gamble to earn extra money against other players or big crime bosses and potentially get bounties placed on our heads if we are caught cheating 3.) Pleasure districts of course: Strictly for getting any information from working girls we can find. 4.) Apartments: I want to buy my own appartments in the city and use it as a base of operations on the planets I go to and invite my friends over to see. I also want to decorate it with memorabilia that I collect on my adventures. 5.) Chruches: Since the game draws a lot of inspiration from religion I want a variety churches I can visit and possibly convert to. 6.) Black Market: I want an underground balck-market where I can buy rare loot to craft with and special guns and SWORDS to fight with.
  65. igorstrong2011
    will there be anything for the vr? (a tour of the mother Ship can be arranged in the body of your hero)
  66. What could be interesting is setting a higher reason for why this place is colonized. Reasons that governements want to get there and bring people. And this reasons could be involve with important field of this universe such as technologies in transport (fuel for ship), weapons, hybrids. Complexe and mysterious molecules only available in specific planets because of the biotop with different properties for each one for exemple. All illegal or legal activities could flow from all the money, power involve with thoses resources.
  67. I can sell him stolen goods - stolen vehicles, weapons, slaves, anything that could have a "registered" ownership - but its also difficult and dangerous to visit. Not easy to bring stolen vehicles to his place, very dense markets hard to enter with vehicles with police patrolling outside the market. He can also provide me with expensive yet rewarding "illegal" enhancements - cyborg strength/vision/ illegal/military grade weapons or illegal attachments for my ships. At which point I need to play very calmly around police to not draw attention to my illegal weapons until outside of city boundaries or in my mothership.
  68. Drag0nslayr016
    I think it would be awesome to go treasure hunting in a city. You could go setal a secret orginizations stash of gold and there would be super crazy traps that throw you out of the building or onto the roof. Or something like from the movie national treasure. It would also be cool if the city was super hard to get into and you have to fly throught mountains inside fog or something to get there. Or sneak past cops to get stolen goods into the city. You could also seek out fences to sell your illegal goods.
  69. Today i had an idea, why not to divide Ganesha City into different districts like many asian cities like Tokyo for example. There would be the red lights district full of entertainment locations with bunny-girl hybrids and other feminine hybrids and the player can obtain underworld information from them or spend the time with the girls, then we could have many other districts for buying weapons, ships, equipment and other things. This give us the feeling of a true living city.
    1. Hey, this is actually a great idea! It could also be divided into rich and poor districts where trespassing could be harshly punished for example. I can really see the society in the future to be a vivid hierarchy. Maybe this could implemented into the game :)
      1. Yeah, that's a good idea too. In one of the videos the developers of Ubisoft Montpellier mentioned that hybrids cannot be part of upper levels of society in the city, so will be interesting to have the poor districts of the city full of hybrids, fugitives, crime lords, pirates, bounty hunters, illegal activities, street wars and other dangerous characters and locations, while the rich districts will be clean and organized with members of the aristocracy giving us quests like capture escaped hybrid slaves and we can choose if free them or capture them or they can ask us to eliminate another aristocrat or to find some relics.
        1. Yeah It's plausable to have these kind of srtucture in multiple cities across the planets.
    2. I would prefer a segregation about the level of illegal activities (and the danger level): you could buy some small legal (if it is legal) weapons or cyborg enhancement, bet on clean fights and watch them, buy food and clothes, and regular prostitution/strip club. But the more darker are your needs (fights to the death, illegal weapons, robbed military cyborg enhancement, particular prostitution (human slaves, violence needed etc)) the more deeper you have to go in the city layers or other districts. --> like in books of Maxime Chattam, David Gunn or Richard Morgan.
  70. IM_A_BEAST_951
    They would come here to cash in on all there treasures/gain new quests, kill some time by gambling getting a private room in a strip club or hiring a prostitute for the night, maybe they come to get on the arena(blood sport) or fight in the arena themselves for extra money/credits, they could come here to start wars between 2 enemy gangs/factions they could come here to purchase gear and upgrades; they could come here to street race or to get on them, they could coordinate meetings here, they could use this as the central hub for criminal activity, a lawless city/the city of sin
  71. maybe a lot of them just live there because is the only option, I mean, they are practically slaves, if they get payd is probbable the small amount legally possible, so they can barely survive, that overpoblation of slaves could result in this kind of overpoblated poor cities.
  72. Beautifully portrayed.
  73. I think there is only one true reason to come to the city - to gain wealth. Cities are major places of opportunity where civilization accumulates. They are exotic places where nothing but personal benefits are valued. I think it is impossible to live in the city, because you can only survive there, and after all, only the strongest survive. For some reason I see the city as a place of organized chaos. Everyone knows and understands the fact that nothing is clean there (clean as in democratic) but rather filled with extreme dangers. Yet people still go there, if not to obtain wealth, then at least to experience it through their senses. I have a lot on mind regarding futuristic cities, so here are my summed up ideas: Cities are places where civilization accumulates, a place where there is lots of everything. When there is a lot of everything, everyone wants at least a small taste of it all. Then, more is wanted. But if you want more, more work has to be done, and everyone wants a shortcut to get to the end. This results in the aggressive ways of getting what you want (because it's usually fastest, but not always safest or plausible ways), and survival of the strongest is then developed. Although, I am sure that every city has some good force in it...
  74. I feel like there's a lot of espionage here, aside from the regular work one might see in a shipyard or myriad of flea market vendors dotting the streets. Behind the scenes, one might expect numerous counts of illegal gambling and underground brawling arenas and other less-savory past-times, such as prostitution at a brothel or night club, maybe an illegal organ salesman or two or a mad doctor? Granted, there should be numerous different districts, where there are different social hierarchies and such, which should allow the player access to them when they're wealthy enough to, "get in." In these upper hierarchies, I imagine lots of night clubs and bars of a fancier make and lots of well-dressed or well-off people with the finest mechanical and biological enhancements one could buy. I imagine much cleaner streets with minimal crime, yet loads of law enforcement and soldiers hired out to protect the district by one Pirate-Lord or another. I imagine that this, "Upper-class," region would be divided between different Pirate factions vying for power with more of an emphasis on political struggle than on the baser acts found in the, "lower-class," districts. Here, there would be more upstanding businesses with actual brick and mortar shops, maybe even office buildings for mining companies and inter-planetary mail and parcel delivery firms. I can also imagine this district to have a very, "upscale," restaurants and other facilities that would be somewhat questionable if found elsewhere.
  75. Well Fugitive slaves, pirate crews, traders, charlatans and criminals all come to the city for similar reasons Fugitive slaves are there to find work and lay-low cause cities are very populated with people from all backgrounds. pirate crews to trade off booties from their plundering and to enjoy the night life before they embark on another journey traders are there for business charlatans belong in the city, I don't see them surviving anywhere else they need the population in the city Cities are full of different people from all cultures and religion so it makes sense that all the above mentioned will definitely be in the cities to hustle their way to riches and fame.
  76. darkfiercedeity
    oh how i hope to find experimental technology that can be used against me enemys in this game from stealing it from them lol.
  77. darkfiercedeity
    oh how i hope to find experimental technology that can be used against (personal mistake) my enemys in this game from stealing it from them lol
  78. Looking at the E3 trailer, they could probably be running the hub for the trafficking ring that smuggles whatever, slaves, weapons, contraband. Considering they were also keeping that disk (with whatever on it) pretty close until Knox scammed them with an idol they thought was of value. They can traffic valuable items for profit, hybrid slaves, illegal substances (that you can use for crafting certain ship components or something), weapons and gadgets that allow you to create more criminal mayhem!
  79. YoupiYouplala
    What I really want to see is a harbor where I could search for new ships to "buy", opportunities for activities like hijacking a slave transport, a cargo ship, even working with rogue smugglers. For me, the beating heart of a space civilization is the place where the ships are found as everything turn around them. Every city should have some form of a harbor and a city like Ganesha would have a big one, even multiple ones, like some small illegal docking piers in the underbelly of the city, only accessible through a network of giant sewers or caves. As space pirates ships are our homes so I think it's important to put an emphasis on it in the architecture of the city. If Ganesha is the most important city in the system then it must have representations of a majority of factions from the systems, not all but most of them anyway. And most importantly I think we all agree on the fact that we need a Mammago's Garage, even though she only take pearls!
  80. They do the illegal things and some cop from city is his man and they hunt you for cheating him and at some point we have to kill him but something appear we both became team and we don't trust each other and we have his army with us to kill other species/fraction and conqueror their land became the no.1 criminal in the system 3 for cops but a hero for the people of system 3.If you do that ubisoft that would be so awsome and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  81. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  82. Slave market ! Slaves that can escape with you or you can buy them, choose for them freedom or slavery... an easy way to find new crew members, good or bad !
  83. Возможно для скрытого сбыта украденного .
  84. I would like if hybrid have different feeling and attitude human, player and other hybrid.
  85. FrodoSwaginns
    I'd love to see a feature where people (good and bad pirates) with different skills congregate at these different city underbellies. It would give the player another reason to keep coming back to a specific place. Maybe one place is known for having the best thieves or mechanics come to their establishment for recruitment. Also, the player could tell the barkeep or someone what skill they wanted in a crew member (cooking, mechanic, vehicle customization?) and they could get alerts when someone was found. A giant, solar system wide black market would be awesome with a constant rotation of goods and services for sale with prices that fluctuate frequently.
  86. Korppikiusaus
    Gambling, trade with illicit 'substances', or simply disappear (It is a sprawling city after all, where many who have a dark past could start anew). Maybe the hybrids have, in some cities, a strict caste order where the 'lesser' hybrids are being used? Maybe the player gets a chance to help these unfortunate souls (which would imho fit nicely with the core messages of Beyond Good and Evil).
  87. I'd like to see a cavernous underworld / city like ARK Aberration a beautiful underworld map of mutated mushrooms and creatures. Maybe in Spacemonkey terms and under city on a planet a lil too close to a star for surface life. (great place for a pirate sanctuary)
  88. We’re all slaves treated equal? What would happen if slaves realize other owners treat their slaves better? If you give your crew freedoms that they never had, would they ever leave the ship? I think a read up on the Jim Crow laws would be a good idea!

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