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Fan Creation Spotlight #1

Yo, Space Monkeys!

We’re super proud to share the first of many blogposts featuring fan artists inspired by BGE2. We also thought it was really cool to see a mix between the first BGE game and the new one that you’re helping us to develop!


If you’re interested in seeing more from these artists:

Max Gibson



Rémi Borowczyk


Keep your fan art coming and be sure to share more with us on our Beyond Good and Evil 2 channels and #BGE2.

20 thoughts on “Fan Creation Spotlight #1

  1. I wish i knew how to draw... does stick figures count ?
    1. Yes stick figures count.
  2. I like the fan art, but these two characters (At least Nox) will never give me the emotional feelings I had with Jade or Pey'j. I'm kicking Nox off my ship, because he will get pissed at me for not killing hundreds of innocent people. Bye Nox!
    1. Telemanus, i aslo felt THE FEELS when i saw jade and Peyje, they were really attaching charachters, but i wouldn't toss Knox and Shani just yet. For all we know, those people in the cop ships could've been section alpha of the past, and they were summoned by Zhou Yuzhu who doen't seem like a goof guy eather. What i mean to say is that they may turn out to be good charachters in the game, or not, since its been said that you'll be playing your own charachter and follow your own path & you may not meet Dakini's crew.
      1. guest-PFFDaifL
        Well, those cops better have those mutated DomZ virus faces then!
      2. Eu sou um grande fã de Beyond Good and Evil, este é o jogo que mais amo na vida e admiro muito o Michel Ancel, a história do Beyond Good and Evil original é sensacional e muito linda. Eu queria que a Jade fosse a protagonista do 2, mas eu li que a história se passa antes do nascimento dela e então compreendi. Só acho que Beyond Good and Evil 2 deveria ser o mais próximo possível do original.
    2. Você disse a verdade, concordo com você.
  3. Thank you for sharing and keeping us Fans updated.. can't for more videos on the game and what the team are up to!
  4. Max Gibson's one gave me the feely feels, the feeling feely ones.
  5. I love the mix of the two games in the art! It gives me all the feels <3
  6. SuperBiscotCOT
    Hey ! Really cool fanarts ! Can't wait to see more of them. I may also continue mine, started few days ago, but I can't promise I will finish it one day XD
  7. Very amazing! Looking forward to seeing more of this stuff!
  8. Wow ! this look amazink really hop they will be a lot of other stuff like that in the future !
  9. SmileParadise
    I hope I can draw soooo great,, But I can just click "save"to save these nice paintings
  10. Made an edit of some concept art of a hybrid I would like to see. Check it out here: Let me know what your think!
    1. I dunno, iget a real shellfish vibe from him. He seems like a bottom feeder to me.
  11. Ces fanarts sont vraiment cool ! J'aimerais beaucoup vous en envoyer un vu que je sais dessiner, mais comme be suis en support papier, ça serait peut-être dérangeant pour vous de publier un format palier.. Anyway, continuez comme ça !
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