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Hey Space Monkeys,
Welcome on board! The whole team is excited to share the development experience with you–thank you to all those who have already joined the conversation!

We want you, the Space Monkey community, to be among the first to see the game in its earliest development phases. So here’s a very special delivery from the BGE2 dev team: Michel playing & commenting our first in-engine demo shown behind closed doors at E3 2017. It’s a work in progress (not super polished – so bear with us), but please have a look and give us your first impressions below or in the forums.

Space Monkey Team out.


895 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK AT BGE2 E3 2017 IN-ENGINE DEMO

    1. Le seul truc qui vient à l'esprit là c'est Chris Roberts prends garde ! Superbe démo. Ça promet pour la suite. Je serais curieux de connaitre la puissance de calcul requise pour obtenir un tel résultat. Les photographes amateurs vont s'en donner à coeur joie. De ce que je comprends c'est du procédural généré à partir des assets. Du coup j'imagine que la base des villes est aussi générée procéduralement et est ensuite ajustée à la main par les dev'. C'est dantesque, ça fait rêver. Merci à l'équipe et merci Michel pour tes explications. Bon courage
    2. This looks really great and i love how you have taken the different aspects of physics into account. I am a bit sceptical though regarding how lively the planets and cities will be. It's a very ambitious project and I'd hate it to see it turn out like no mans sky. I'd prefer a more limited amount of planets which are in turn full of life and with a lot attention to detail.
      1. I hope we get some soundtracks from the first game
    3. Beyond Good and Evil 2: Demo Глянул я закрытую демку... зачем такие размеры? такие технические затраты... звучит, круто! выглядит, плохо! Я думаю, НЕ надо делать объекты реалистичными по размеру, а лучше проработать сценарный сюжет, побочные квесты и увлекательный игровой процесс. Что бы игроку было приятно находится в этой игровой вселенной. Как то попытаться сделать ее реалистично-живой, пример - TESV. Дайте интересные квесты... загадки... головоломки... место, где надо подумать. И, конечно же, харизматичных персонажей... п.с. - все-таки, я бы хотел окунутся в сказочный мирок, причудливый дизайн - оттенок зеленого, как в первой части. В ту мрачно-уютную вселенную. у меня все! :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beyond Good and Evil 2: Demo I glanced at a closed demo... why these dimensions? such engineering costs... sounds cool! looks bad! I think, NO need to make the objects realistic in size, and it is better to work through the scenario story, side quests and fun gameplay. What would the player was pleased to be in this game universe. As it is to try to make it realistic-a lively, example - TESV. Give interesting quests... riddles... puzzles... a place where you have to think about it. And, of course, charismatic characters... PS - still, I'd love to plunge into the magic world, fanciful design is a shade of green, as in the first part. In the darkly exciting universe. I have everything! :)
    4. abracamaga2410
      Wonderful! Really wonderful! I hope to see more about gameplay and graphic accuracy Post soon Continue like this
    5. This looks beautiful.. Keep on the good work, it's a great concept but hope it won't take too long to be released.!
    6. WrightGamer415
      Looks cool but No Mans Sky Looked cool hopefully theres an actual game in there somewhere
    7. yousufnadeem123
      Can't wait for this game❤❤❤
      Thanks for showing us a preview at such an early stage in the development. I'm really seduced by the idea of being able to go from one planet to another. Other games promised to do that but failed, other games did it, but badly. Are you are planning to generate the cities procedurally (automatically following pieces of building, like... no man sky did), because unless you decide to allow the community to build the universe (who said minecraft ?) That could be the only option you'll have ? I mean GTA5 cost so much... So, could space monkeys like us settle somewhere in your galaxy, during the development of BGE2, and start building the cities ?
      1. Thunderdog5000
        Yeah, I really wonder how they're going to fill the planets. I understand that this is still an early stage of development but being able to fly over a planet with only a couple of set places on it where you can actually do anything doesn't really engage you in the world. So I hope they try to have some procedurally generated events on the planets, or what you said, to make them feel more alive. I always prefer quality over quantity myself so I hope that they're going to go down that road with these planets.
    9. richmahogany2
      Nintendo Switch... Please....
    10. marri bonnema
      i have to say im impressed by the details of the mothership it would not hurt to make some of the painting look a bit sharper so they would be a little more primiairy like the logo other than that good job
    11. franklintheMUSE
      Is this DEMO running on an Xbox One X?
    12. It looks awesome. I just hope that the planets and especially the charakters will be interesting.
    13. Rockets-rocket
      Is it an mmo?
  1. The game looks incredible already! Love the interactivity and dynamic world modification. Can't wait to play!
  2. This was so impressive to see! What a amazing piece of tech, something you all should be really proud of! I got a quick question regarding the feedback and ideas you all want from the community for different cultures etc. I would love to make a little pitch for a certain culture, with a few piece of concept art etc. Would the team be interested in that kind of approach and if so were should i post/place/share it :D? I would really love to help in any way and be part of this amazing journey! Anyway, keep the amazing work up and i seriously cannot wait to see where this is headed!
    1. Why is my comment under moderation :O Did i say or ask something wrong?
  3. That's really really really cool, I was going to ask why there aren't many roads but there everybody flies xD. (Will there be land vehicles?)
    1. Roads? Where we're going we don't need 'roads'.
    2. And will there be underwater vehicles?
    3. I hope so. If they're going to deliver the level of detail they're promising, I'd like to enjoy it slowly riding a good ol' motorbike! It'd also be a great additive to their general concept of "detail in the small things while having bast planets and solar systems all over the place".
  4. I really hope everything goes as planned with this project. I see just so much potential in your ideas.
  5. I have a bit of a confession. I am a grown boy. You know. In my 20's. And I kid you not, I shed a tear watching the CG trailer. For the past 9 or so years, each E3, when Ubisoft was building up for their final game, I would always pray "Let it be BGE2 this year." And always I would be disappointed. And seeing it on stage now, finally, after so many years... I was awestruck, and very emotional. So kudos to you, development team, for sticking with it, and going on stage and showing the product of years and years of blood, sweat and tears. And if this demo is anything to go by, you are developing something that will finally give us what games like No Man's Sky and others have been trying to sell us on. The tech you have put on display is stunning, and definitely worthy of years of toil. I can't say anything about anyone else, but you have at least one guy sold. Best of luck.
  6. Incroyable, on retrouve cette liberté d'aller où l'on souhaite sans limite comme dans BG&E! Hâte de voire la suite et le cours du développement du jeu :)
  7. Thanks, Michel, for the fantastic look at an exciting engine. The vision for this game is impressive, and I look forward to seeing additional updates as you keep up the good work.
  8. GucciMane1991
    My body is ready
    Beyond Good and Evil 2 should just be called BEYOND GOOD because that little preview was BEYOND my expectations. Thank you for creating such a massive, awesome, beautifully creative game..soo please take my money. Can't wait to get my hands on this game. Keep up the good work.
  10. Looks AMAZING! :D What Mass Effect Andromeda and No Man's Sky should have been :)
  11. OMFG!!!! simply amazing!! That hole concept of scale and how you developed it is wonderfull. Love the freedom you are giving us players and how the planet transforms and adapts to its enviroment
  12. TheForeman117
    This is honestly incredible. Now does it mean that we can fly around the planet and land anywhere? Or are there like cities that we can land in or villages the we can land in etc. Also, the Planet with th rings, can we fly to that one and explore it the same way? What about other systems? This all looks incredible and honestly too good to believe haha. Keep up the great work!
  13. Sixfiguredice
    How open it looks is amazing, I can't wait to play it. Loving the exploration and scale.
  14. YourBlueFlame
    This better come out by Christmas!
  15. This looks awesome but so different from the original BGE. Are the world's procedurally generated or all built by hand?
  16. from the looks of it all the freedom is very nice to have in a game like this. Scaling so far looks amazing. Good job BGE team.
  17. WinterSoldierAM
    Those gameplay elements are absolutely fantastic, and even as early footage the game looks incredible. That comment on building and filling in the world inspires confidence that this game can avoid some of the pitfalls associated with the space/sim genre like barren worlds. I can't wait to continue diving into the game and learning more about everything from the characters, missions, and story, to the cities crafted by the team. It will be interesting to see how this game optimizes for consoles though, as its ambition and scope go far beyond what I would think is possible for the current generation. That game engine must be extremely well-designed.
  18. This is EFFIN great i love this if it wasn't clear already i will said it SOLD SOLD AND SOLD, now the next step for the team is continue development and then show us some on foot gameplay.
  19. NICE, JUST NICE Can't wait to play it, even a bit of it and thank you so much for sharing this video <3
  20. Whoa, je suis juste impressionner par la vidéo. La sensation de vol est juste fou. Même la cité, j'ai hâte de la parcourir de A à Z quand on aura toutes cette vie autours de la planète. C'est bluffant, franchement pas déçus depuis le temps que je voulais revoir la licence BGE. Les mouvement du singe sont énormes. Je me demande si chaque espèce aura son propre style de marche. En tous cas ça donne l'eau à la bouche et pareil pour le crash de la météorite...
  21. Thanks for sharing! Shows a lot of promise. Love the idea of a pizza delivery side quest haha. Hope there's underwater gameplay, as seen in concept art for bge1 ⊂((・⊥・))⊃
  22. That looks all kinds of incredible!
  23. Nice, Just NICE Can't wait to play this game, even a bit of it. and thank you for sharing it, I mean thank you so much <3
  24. Multishadowmew
    Amazing work! I can't wait!
  25. I love this first look of Beyond Good & Evil 2 <3 This ambitious project make me dream and i'm exciting to explore these planetes :D
  26. BraveFencerZan
    Wow. Wow. Wow. It's coming along beautifully for an early engine demo. Absolutely spectacular work folks, great way to launch the dirst Space Monkey update, proud to be part of the crew!
  27. Can't wait to see the final product ! Please take your time and make the best game ever made after BGE 1.
  28. It looks amazing already! I am so proud you guys can finally make your vision a reality. Now what is the most important part in my opinion is, don't give in to the easy procedural, do as much actual art as you can please, we wouldnt want a no man's sky repeat... Flying looks really fluid, although the stop in the air looks a bit too stationary. like you just paused the ship. Maybe add a small swaying animation? Just a thought... Sense of scale looks AWESOME btw, keep up with the development, cant wait to see more! :))
  29. Itza Gonzalez
    i think this game is going to be awesome.
  30. This looks fantastic !!! <3_<3 But how are you going to fill this massive universe and those huge planets ?? I'm scared that it will jus be empty places ; I fear a "No Man's Sky Effect" ... :( But I do trust King Ancel <3
  31. ExponentRoock
    No man's sky but well done
  32. can't wait to play that game !!
  33. This is amazing!
  34. C'est vraiment très impressionnant pour une démonstration technique. J'aurai aimé voir les villes plus en profondeur. J’espère que vous allez pouvoir réaliser vos ambitions! Bon courage :)
    1. Les idées sont là et les débuts du gameplay, des graphismes et de l'environnement ont l'air prommetteurss.
    2. Je pense que les villes sont pas encore très travaillées, ils ont mis le focus sur le global en premier. Donc je suppose que les villes viendront plus tard. Mais c'est vrai qu'un regard de ce qu'ils ont déjà effectué sur les villes aurait été sympathique ^^
    3. Je suis d'accord, ça serait super que la prochaine vidéo de gameplay soit centrée dans le cœur des villes :)
    4. J'ai entendu dire que ça serai un préquel et donc qu'on aurai pas les personnages centraux de l'histoire de bge 1. Mais étant un fan absolut de ce jeu depuis tout petit (et maintenant âgé de 20 ans avec une bonne vingtaine de partie à mon actif) j’espère vraiment que l'histoire du jeux sera dans la continuité du premier :D J'ai un petit espoirs que le probleme avec les autorités décrit par pey'j dans son Mdisck qui l'as obligé à se réfugier sur hyllis pour élever jade est en rapport avec la piraterie, et que la femme aux yeux vert du teaser est la mère de jade ^^ En tout cas en réalisant ce jeux vous faite renaître l espoir d'un gosse qui s’était éteint il y a longtemps, celui de voir une nouvelle aventure dans ce fabuleux univers qu'est celui de beyond good and evil !!
  35. Great and good job, I liked this that I saw. I'm exciting to know more about the engine and character edition. Moreover when I saw the black girl in cinematic I thought, very nice introduction. Yes more introduction of black folk in games, on everithing... there are few games that bring this for us. Keeping this amazing work.
  36. That looked pretty good for being so early in development. I'm hyped, but I do wonder how you'll fill up the large empty space between cities, like, now it's just plain rock or mountains and stuff for great distances, will it have random events or the like that could happen? Or will you add more wildlife and normal animals, or NPC's? I do hope there'll be something, no matter what to make it feel alive outside of towns.
  37. I'm getting some No Mans Sky flashbacks watching this, but hopefully with this more experienced team the execution will be much better. definitely looks good so far though I'm pretty excited to see where this game goes.
  38. Loved the first game, this one is definitely different, but I'm excited to see more, things look really good so far
  39. ArcadiaSprings
    I absolutely loved the first in-engine demo! Thank you for sharing this with your space monkeys and can't wait for more videos! I have always wanted a world of this scope and all my best to the team to pull this off. Taking pictures in the first BG&E was a lot of fun and I'm glad it's back. Knox is my favorite so far and love the jetpack. I want a lot of wow moments like this where you can get to a highest point in the game and take in everything. Space flight looks like crazy fun!
    This game is going to be crazy good I'm so hyped!
  41. Really interesting, the engine seems solid; but they are currently not a lot of thing on the planet, i'm a little bit worried about the clipping distance... Nevermind....You take the good way to create the universe. its really important to take integrate the localisation of a city in that planet/universe to create something consistant. Are you not worried to put a monkey into a main char ? i'm good with that, but i'm not sure mass player will greatly welcome to play a monkey...even if you can create your char, your teasers and communications will be based on this. But i'm full in trust of you and your team, i'm sure that you can do it. So much love to you and your team, K
  42. CaribbeanCLANK
    That was amazing
  43. i think this game is going to be awesome.
  44. I am very impressed, even WOWED, by what you are working on. Amazing stuff. Cannot wait to experience this for myself in the game!!
  45. Trance-Former
    This is incredible. The scale, the speed, and transitioning from city to sky to space. Keep it up, guys!
  46. JohnnyOmegatron
    Where do I get a Space Monkey shirt? I Really want one
  47. Very impressive ! Even if this is only a technical demo, we can already feel the specificity in the design. I love the design of spaceships. Make more videos :D. It's really interesting. (Please give us also some concept arts . I need a new wallpaper :) )
  48. Please concentrate on just a bunch of planets ( 3 or 4 max ) and give them the treatment they deserve, i'm having no man's sky flashbacks By the way can we go into the water and if it's possible wil it be an submarine hybrid species with a town dedicated to them that would be awesome.
    1. I agree. Only focus on a few planets at first to give them great detail but then they should add new ones as time goes on. That way it keeps us interested and gives them more time to focus on the details. Also, underwater city YEEESSSSS!!!!
    2. Please just listen to this guy!
    3. Michel Ancel said there would be submarines if i'm not mistaking. For the hybrids they didn't say anything, but i think they was a shark hybrid (like the ones from BGE 1) in the trailer too. So that's entirely possible.
    4. I totally agree ;)
    5. guest-qUsmorou
      They clearly said that they're going to do a whole system so 3 and 4 planets do not seems to be on the table :P
    6. Completely agree. I think you should always have in mind No Man's Sky to learn from their mistakes and know what not to follow. Quality over quantity please.
    7. guest-qUsmorou
      It's great, for the moment. Very unpolished but as you said it's work in progress! I'm looking forward to more video to be able to suggest something. my only gripe for the moment is the LOD, the far away land from the city seems empty and ugly at the same time.
    8. Kebab_Is_Love
      I totally agree with you, no man's sky was a disaster and other devs should have learned from it. And I really hope they see your comment because the hybrid stuff sounds amazing!
    9. Levy_desu_kun
      Oh god. I hope they dont add like 20 planets and sacrifice graphics just so they can say there is a whole galaxy that you can explore. I trust them though...
    10. You're right. I think Ancel is going to be very careful about that, he said they will focuse more on quality than content. Yeah to be able to go under water with your ship would be awesome !
    11. I have the same worry. It looks fan-fricking-tastic, but I worry it would be bland like no mans sky... As for underwater, I think that sounds amazing! I loved the boating of the first game and would like to see more reason to get close to the planet, such as boating.
    12. He said in a French interview that there will be submarine exploration, so I guess submarine cities/hybrids are very likely to happen.
    13. I also think that the dev team should focus on few planets instead of entire galaxy. Also it would be nice if those planets have diverse climate like Earth. And they defenetly need to throw in submerged city.
    14. Submarines have already been announced
      1. Je suis vraiment d'accord avec ce message. Pas besoin de se perdre avec trop de planètes. Faites juste ce que vous pensez capable de faire bien et en profondeur .La quantité n'est rien si la qualité n'y est pas ! Et je sais Mr Ancel que vous débordez d'imagination et j'ai également une confiance quasi aveugle en votre passion. Mais n'essayez pas d'en faire trop, faites juste bien :) Sinon c'est super impressionnant BRAVO !
        1. HeartOfTheFire
          This is SO Cool! Suggestion for what I'd like to see though (details guy) : when you go into hyperdrive, the ships should like retract some of their wings or reduce their drag profile some way so that it seems even more realistic. Also question: will we have to unlock these faster and faster drives the same way we had to unlock the big engine to go to space with the beluga in the first game? (some ships would already come with the upgrade yada)? thought that would be cool: putting some capitalist bargaining in there haha. Love this so much!! very excited!
      2. Where and when? I've been following the news very closely and seen nothing of the sort.
        1. On a French interview if I remember well. So yeah, they already announced it.
          1. Was it this one? I'd like to be sure where that comes from. Sadly my french isn't as good as it used to be.
    15. gaiaeverliving
      Way better looking then no man's sky :) love the under the sea idea; but have to agree on your previous remark, let's first make the topsite look realy realy pretty :)
    16. I fully agree here. I would prefer that you just can roam inside a single solar system with a few planets to explore. This way they can concentrate on creating interesting and exclusive content for every planet. Even that is a huge task to complete. These features they want to put in that game sound insane, I hope they will take themselves a lot of time to complete these tasks. I have no problem with waiting another 5 years for that game.
  49. Really impressive engine ! This asteroid belt on the big planet seems interesting as well. Will there be planets inhabited really near or away from the sun or that have different rotation speeds ? If so it will be a great experience to experiment traveling between each and adapt to each condition.
  50. Bonjour! :) Vidéo plus qu'hallucinante! Si le jeu tient toutes ses promesses on tient là le renouveau non pas d'un genre mais du média en lui même! Maintenant la question qui me turlupine: combien de planète? ^^ Apparemment vous avez créé tout un système planétaire viable (rotations des planètes, l'étoile, les satellites etc..) sera t-il possible de visiter l'entièreté de ce système? En ce qui concerne les météorites qui s'écrabouillent sur la planète (d'ailleurs a t-elle un nom la planète de la démo technique?) cela veut il dire qu'en tant que joueur on pourrait se les ramasser sur la tête? (Ouille) Et développez vous ce jeu pour cette génération de console? Sincèrement ce qu'on voit là c'est clairement le futur... Je pense que j'aurai environ 1 milliards de question à poser mais je vais m’arrêter là en vous souhaitant bon courage pour le travail gargantuesque qui vous attends, dans une tempête qui s'annonce houleuse... PS: j'ai rejoué au premier cette semaine par pur nostalgie suite à votre annonce du 2, toujours autant un plaisir ;) Et oui sinon mon commentaire est en français - vaut mieux vu mon niveau d'anglais - j'espère que cela ne pose pas de problème... Merci pour cette vidéo qui fait rêver et une fois de plus BON COURAGE ! :)
    1. Bonjour! Vidéo plus qu’hallucinante! Si le jeu tient toutes ses promesses on tient là le renouveau non pas d’un genre mais du média en lui même! Maintenant la question qui me turlupine: combien de planète? ^^ Apparemment vous avez créé tout un système planétaire viable (rotations des planètes, l’étoile, les satellites etc..) sera t-il possible de visiter l’entièreté de ce système? En ce qui concerne les météorites qui s’écrabouillent sur la planète (d’ailleurs a t-elle un nom la planète de la démo technique?) cela veut il dire qu’en tant que joueur on pourrait se les ramasser sur la tête? (Ouille) Et développez vous ce jeu pour cette génération de console? Sincèrement ce qu’on voit là c’est clairement le futur… Je pense que j’aurai environ 1 milliards de question à poser mais je vais m’arrêter là en vous souhaitant bon courage pour le travail gargantuesque qui vous attends. PS: j’ai rejoué au premier cette semaine par pur nostalgie suite à votre annonce du 2, toujours autant un plaisir Et oui sinon mon commentaire est en français – vaut mieux vu mon niveau d’anglais – j’espère que cela ne pose pas de problème… Merci pour cette vidéo qui fait rêver et une fois de plus BON COURAGE !
  51. i'm really happy that we're seeing some gameplay mechanics! i know that some people who are skeptical about this game, thinking that it'll be too different from BG&E1, really need to look beyond the new paint job and new characters. this is still very much like BG&E1, just a bigger scale! the first game always felt like it wanted to be an open-world game but was probably limited by the technology available. anyway, i'm really excited :D
  52. Really ? That will be the real in game graphics ? Because in less than a minute and just by moving the camera around the ship it blew my mind ! It's amazing how beautiful this game looks like ! So we will be able to play the main characters as well as making our and switch between characters during gameplay or between missions ? And there will be side quests like delivering pizzas ? It could be very funny to deliver pizzas from one planet to the other because one alien prefer the taste of human's pizzas instead of pizzas from his planet for instance ^^ Will the game have a photo system like in The Last of Us Remastered to take selfies with the character and with in-game filters ? It would be amazing to modify the pictures with in-game tools. I can't wait to see life on planets and if there will be unexpected side quests like in Red Dead Redemption when we ride in the desert and we find NPCs who need help.. I can't wait to see more !
  53. That looks really cool! I could watch Michel playing this for hours =D I'm looking forward to see the inside of this mothership Good job, keep feeding us with videos like that
  54. guest-DBhfN2cs
    It looks really nice, ill be waiting for more ^^
  55. I'm blown away guys, this is awesome !
  56. Oooooo yosh
  57. It's amazing. I love everything you're doing with BGE. This "open development" will help you a lot to listen to the community and improve the game with our comments. I love the first BGE, and I hope this new game continues with the essence of the original. I really liked this first demo. The concept of freedom and of being able to go to other planets ... Amazing. I look forward to watching combat gameplay and everything you want to show us!
    1. Essence! That is the word I have been looking for! That is what I want to feel in this game. Like it is truly the same "universe" as the first game. I also loved the open "world" vibe!
    2. I agree. Freedom, Options, Exploration, and filling everything with things to do are all very important. I can already see some of these things in this engine demo, and call me impressed. Especially the scope and scale, which is very impressive. I do also agree with another user on fact that those things I mentioned above are needed, if not required to be kept in focus throughout the development process. Then and only then will this spectacular team be able to release the absolute best gaming experience that they can. Looking forward to more from BGE(2)
  58. This looks beautiful, the level of detail is so thoughtful, and the UI is sleek and elegant. I love the effects of friction being shown on your ship visually, and the concept of meteorites actively affecting the terrain looks very promising.
  59. Looks really good and if u guys can have a seamless gameing experience as well as keep the game full of content from day one, then we will have an amazing game to play in the coming future. Keep up the good work and thank you for the demo showing.
  60. serotonintuna
    It all looks and sounds fantastic. Seamless transitions, modifiable terrain, actual hand-crafted bits to planets as opposed to being entirely procedural. The sense of scale is grand, doubly so thanks to the Matryoshka Doll design for multiple ships/character control. I love the idea of sharing your camera shots with NPCs to get quests, or possibly teaming up with other players to break some slaves out of a prison barge.. Looking forward to seeing the options available for character creation. My one and only possible concern is the hardware you guys have to develop for. I really hope the impressive scope of this game won't be overly hindered by old technology/console restraints, buuut it seems like y'all know what you're doing, so I shan't be too worried.
  61. Seems truly unique, special, grand, and a touch overwhelming! OCD gamers like myself that enjoy the Platinum trophy hunt may get lost in this one forever!!
  62. Impressionnant, je ne pensais pas voir ce type de technologie débarquer avant des années ! Y'aura-t'il de la faune, des animaux sauvages vivants dans les régions reculées ? Attention à ne pas tomber dans l'écueil d'un No Man Sky qui proposait de vastes espaces bien trop vides.... J'espère avant toute chose que les villes seront bien vivantes, avec énormément d'animations de toutes parts et des personnages dynamiques et loufoques ! Surtout prenez votre temps, n'essayez pas de sortir ce jeu trop tôt, soyez fier du jeu que vous nous proposerez ! :)
  63. Merci pour les news :) c'est super d'avoir enfin un petit quelque chose a se mettre sous la dent. Sinon c'est très beau , mais ne tombez pas dans le piège de faire quelque chose de trop grand et trop fournis, la force du premier BGE reste surtout son histoire. Continuez a nous faire rever.
  64. OMG! looks awesome! thanks for a video that long!
  65. I am so excited for this game. Everything in this demo made me even more excited. I cannot wait to play this game. Good job!
  66. Looks absolutely amazing MIchel! Well done everyone! I hope there will be lots of things on the planets! Looking great so far!
  67. Déjà une belle claque ce moteur graphique. Hâte de voir les limites dans l'exploration!!
  68. Hooooly moly, this project is ambitious, I really hope Michel can accomplish what he set out to do with this game.
  69. Hi!I want to play this game! I have a powerful computer)
  70. It's awesome! If more and the planets contain a lot of content, then in general it is a masterpiece.
  71. great video! ;)
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    The game looks great even in it's current unpolished state. Super ambitious. Love that you are trying to simulate everything realistically, but that seems like a huge task, not only to populate everything with interesting locations, but also there must need to be so many calculations going on in the background to keep everything alive. I hope it all works out! Loving it so far!
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  79. Well, I miss Jade, Pey'j and all the other characters from the first episode. And I also HATE prequels, because I (like most of us) like to continue watching (and playing) the lives of the characters we already know and love. BUT After watching the trailer many times, and watching this great sneak peek, I still can't wait to get my hands on the game. Bipolar feeling, I know. But hell, I need this in my hands. love the scale!
  80. StarSheepBlue
    Merci pour cette video Michel ! Pour une Première démo technique c'est reussi ! Pour les prochaines un petit aperçu d'une ville à pieds serait cool Et également si vous faites un nombre de planète assez important comme on peut se poser la question quand voit la taille de l'univers d'apres ce que l'on vient d'observer dans cette video , prenez le temps de bien faire chaque planète , pas à la No Man's Sky ! Sur ce , j'ai hate d'en voir et d'en apprendre Plus ! Let's go Space Monkeys !
  81. Looks good. But i hope we will see some DomZ in the later game and hopefully a young Pey’j.
  82. Impressive tech and particularly the effects when flying. Iam curious how close and detailed you will be able to get to cities, hubs, when that part is complete. If or not thats something that have to be loaded in to the game each time you visit. The deformation of the comets hiting the planets is something I think can be huge, something we really have never seen in game engines before. Its easy to get concerned from the side when you don't have all the cards, you don't know whats planned for the future but as of now I'm terribly excited to hear more. 5/5 for the presentation. 0/5 because I feel like I have to wait an eternity for this to get complete.
    1. HeartOfTheFire
      It'll be worth it I'm sure :D
    2. HeartOfTheFire
      This is SO Cool! Suggestion for what I'd like to see though (details guy) : when you go into hyperdrive, the ships should like retract some of their wings or reduce their drag profile some way so that it seems even more realistic. Also question: will we have to unlock these faster and faster drives the same way we had to unlock the big engine to go to space with the beluga in the first game? (some ships would already come with the upgrade yada)? thought that would be cool: putting some capitalist bargaining in there haha. Love this so much!! very excited!
    3. On comets hitting planets - would there be a noticeable impact on ship behaviour if you're close enough i.e. Blasted back / sideways? Could you be killed by meteor strike?
  83. Ok, technology levels are insane, but what about loading times? I mean how long game gonna load, especially on consoles? Flying looks super cool. . I hope next time we can have a glimpse of cities As of now game looks like gta and no man sky combo with BGE style
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  87. It looks like the second game, (years before the first game) is technically further that the first. Like the spaceships, like taking pictures and the jetpack. Is it because the planet jade lived on wasnt that Technically advanced or what is it. I only hope, just hope that we see pey'j and the firehouse in the ending when they will leave jade with Pey'j. And backstory why jade was there with pey'j and that kind of stuff. Is there gonna be domz or alpha guys. What is your currency money or pearls again. SSOOO MANY QUESTIONSSS But for the most part im super excited. And cant wait to see more.
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    A few thoughts based on this video:: BGE is a very small scale and focused, so its a big leap to go from one specific area of one planet to full on galaxy trotting. I hope that you don't let ambition get the better of you. Attention to detail is far more important than just making huge sandbox.. One thing that does pique my interest is that there is create a character, which is pretty out of left field. Jade was a such a compelling character and really brought the whole experience of BGE together, so I really don't want to lose that emotional connection. Photography is such key aspect of the first game, I'm glad its still in. I hope that you focus on that mechanic and make it just as integral to the game.
  90. GÉNIAL ! Un des détail qui me dérange le plus pourtant est le fait que les mouvement du dockfighter sont trop rapide pour la vitesse et donc que la direction de la traînée du frottement de l'air ne s'adapte pas avec la direction dans la quelle le dockfighter se déplace mais toujours dans le sens avant/arrière du vaisseau , je pense que ce détails va être régler dans les prochaines version et j'attend les prochains briefing avec impatience
  91. Looking amazing. Like the scaling affects that help to put everything into perspective and gives a more realistic look to the game. Can't wait to see more stuff and when the game is finished and released.
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  108. bloodysneaker
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    Looks really good! I especially like the speed modifiers on the ship so that we can traverse the planets as quickly (or slowly) as necessary. I'm very interested to see what a good dogfight looks like in this engine. I would love to see upgrades that enhance the movement options for characters (i.e., upgrades for the jetpacks and hover bikes--like the one showcased in the E3 BG&E2 trailer). This was a very strong first look at the development, technology, and core tenants of the game.
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  131. Comment est ce qu'un moteur graphique peut réussir ça ? Mon dieu quel optimisations ^^.Et pour les cratères interactifs c'est basé sur une heigtmap customizable ou c'est un terrain voxel ? Déjà j'hallucinais sur la taille de la map de AC Origins mais alors la .. c'est les ambitions de BGE 1 x 100.Du coup, vu le travail fait sur le moteur , vous allez le mettre en open source hein :).En plus, on ressent le PBR travaillé sur le jetpack ou le mothership ; ça fait plaisir a voir surtout sur un monde aussi grand.. Merci Michel merci l'équipe de dev : faites nous rêver et bonne chance !
  132. Excellent tout simplement. Ca fait plaisir de voir ce genre de jeu pointer le bout de leur nez. Merci à vous !
  133. Le jeu a l'air absolument génial, le système de jeu a l'air très bien fait et dosé. Et même si cette présentation n'était qu'une version prototype de ce jeu, il n'en a pas moins l'air impressionnant. Une question cependant, le jeu sortira-t-il sur la Nintendo Switch ? Ce serait super d'avoir un monde aussi grand dans la paume de notre main, et serait une prouesse technique... Encore une fois bravo pour cette impressionnante démo et bonne chance pour la suite !
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    1. Well in Mass Effect you could created your own character and it work pretty well ! But the story was the same. They announced something more bigger whit their Character creation, but we are still in lake of information.
    2. WrightGamer415
      I agree they should make the characters and story they want to tell
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  140. Avant tout, felicitation et je suis vraiment fier de participer a ce programme, c'est presque surealiste pour moi comme situation apres m'etre battu avec mes amis de pendant plus de 15 ans pour concretiser BGE2, ca me fait plaisir de participer a ma maniere au developpement du jeu pendant les quelques annees qui nous separent de la sortie. Que dire sur cette video, impressionnant de bout en bout, ca laisse reveur, allez au bout de vos idees, c'est juste genial ! Bon, j'ai quand meme du mal a croire que ca sortira sur cette generation de console, mais qu'importe ! N'ayez aucune limite, carlson et peeters chapitre 03 !
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  147. Visuals and scale look extremely good. I wonder how it would look if you crash with 20,000 km/h on a building or the ground
  148. I love the idea of this game and was wondering if there were going to be t-shirts available for those of us who signed up in the beginning of the space program or just for people who want to buy it, hats, backpacks etc...
  149. Vraiment impressionnant, très détaillé et surtout très joli ! Cela ne peut que donner du rêve :D
  150. C'est super impressionnant je trouve. On a déjà vu ce genre de moteur, mais uniquement pour des mondes statiques et jamais avec ce niveau de détail et avec des mécanismes de jeux complexes ! On retrouve aussi cette volonté de pouvoir créer du contenu plus aisément. J'avais vu pour l'Ubi art framework la simplicité avec laquel on pouvait modeler son niveau. Et là, la démonstration avec les cratères, ça m'y a fait penser. Et esthétiquement, bowdel c'est beau ! On a hâte de voir la suite (que ce soit d'un point de vue technique, gameplay et artistique) ! Ça faisait longtemps qu'un projet ne m'avait pas hypé comme ça !!!
  151. MalinaMarshal
    Очень круто, не терпится увидеть уже своими глазами! Очень хотелось бы еще увидеть как будет построена работа редактора персонажей: можно будет ли создавать только человека или гибридов тоже можно будет делать?
  152. It's great to have this kind of interaction with the development. What you are doing looks incredible. Open world is what is expected now if not demanded but most gamers and this takes that to the next level.
  153. This looked awesome but could you guys show us some combat or parkour next time so we can see how the combat and everything is by the way try to focus on one or two planets to start with so you can fully develop the planets the move on and please dont leave us with another no mans sky.
  154. WOW C'est magnifique, mais j'attend de voir quand vous aurez peuplez toutes ces planète avec de la vie, et des vaisseaux qui volent de partout dans une ville. J'ai hâte et bon courage pour la suite du développement.
  155. Very nice engine ... It looks like LyN : a proprietary Ubisoft game engine. Even in demo mode, the graphics are incredible ...
    1. Maybe Lyn; but Lyn is very old so I think its a new graphic engine ...
  156. Looks awesome. The engine is very versatile. Hope to lave lots of DLC story missions that can be added on to this huge universe.
  157. Really nice to see the development of the game and that you have are so open with everything, this early! Please focus on making each planet special and well-crafted, instead of halving tons of boring similar looking ones without soul (I'm' looking at you No Mans Sky)!
  158. I like technology, but i am afraid behind technology game will be boring as many games with open world, especially from ubisoft -_-. Flying is cool but fist several ours, after that this will take your time for traveling to right point, like in andromeda then you can't to skip travel animation
  159. Cette première démonstration est géniale !! Cependant, y aura-t-il des chargements pour entrer dans les villes, comme par exemple, si tu avais laissé tomber le singe du ciel jusque dans la ville, es ce qu'il y serait atterrit sans chargement en ayant directement la possibilité d'allez ou il veut. De plus, les planètes seront-elles dotées de leur propre biodiversité ? ( faune et flore) Continuer comme ça, votre projet est tout simplement ouf. Je suis sur que ce sera un très bon jeu. Ne vous précipitez p
  160. Looks like Star Citizen with monkeys. I love it! I just hope it will be released sooner than later.
  161. It looks great!
  162. Halens Adrien
    Bonjour , je m'appelle Halens Adrien , j'ai 17 ans et je vu le nouveau Beyond Good and Evil 2. Je le trouve vraiment extraordinaire et à l'air très chouette à jouer. J'ai pus voir aussi que vous recherchiez des personnes pour prendre part au processus créatif à vos côtés , à vous aidez et à tester. Et j'ai justement pleins d'idées pour vous. J'adorais et ça serait un grand honneur de faire partie de ces personnes et de faire partie de la famille BGE2J'aimerais vous être utile et rejoindre le mouvement ! Merci d'avance
  163. DenilsonMarinho
    Very Good! Emocionado! Parabéns Pelo Trabalho Michel! Sou Muito Apaixonado Por BGE!
  164. Rhodos_Ubisoft
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  165. C'est juste magnifique cette impression de grandeur et d'immensité, ça donne vraiment envie de prendre son vaisseaux et d'explorer les moindre recoins inédit et prendre de magnifiques photos. Est-ce qu'il y aura des véhicules terrestres ou seulement des véhicules aériens? à part des des villes/villages qui représente la vie, y aura-t-il aussi une faune et une flore propre à chaque planète . je me dit que c'est quasiment impossible mais de voir ce travaille d'échelle faramineux, ça laisse songeur sur ce qui pourrait se faire en plus. en tout cas je suivrais ce travaille de titan En tant que développeur j'aurai aimé participer à un projet de cette ampleur. Bon courage pour la suite, j'ai hâte d'en découvrir plus. Bravo et merci
  166. That's it, I've got a tech boner that won't go off, thanks. XD
  167. guest-eEB50SMB
    Juste impressionnant, continuez comme ça et pofinnez à volonté. Une chose est sûr ça donne envie d'y jouer :)
  168. crazyLoudmouth
    Looks awesome, I talked about it in the forum. You all rule guys <3 and thanks Michel!
  169. Really awesome! BGE2 was the game that interested me more at the E3 so I'm really excited to follow its development. This first demo is really interesting, the scale factor that really gives you the idea of how little you are and how the universe is big is awesome, and the return of the camera with all its implications that you mentioned looks really really cool and I'm pretty hyped at the moment. Even all the universe fenomenons that have consequences on the game events looks innovative and a very cool factor. Actually nothing looks wrong to me right now, but the only thing that gives me doubts is the fact that an universe this big and completely explorable risks to be ripetitive, let me explain in a better way, I would be really sorry to find out that there are a lot of planets but with ripetitive locations, empty spaces and a few of interesting locations (I don't like to mention other titles, but it's pretty obvious that I'm talking about No Man's Sky). So, i would prefere to have less planets with a lot of suggestive and different location instead of an hundred of empty planets identical beetween them. Except for this, the rest of the game looks really good, and I can't wait to see the stuff you're going to add, I hope you'll make this as amazing as the first game, or even better! P.S. Sorry for my bad english, but I'm italian so it's not my mother language :)
  170. Thanks for this demo ! The technology used to enter, leave and explore planets is incredible. I don't know if, with the development of the cities, this feedback will be the same, but for a first "in-engine demo" that's very good ! Thanks a lot to create BGE2 !
  171. I love the characters and the new, more mature world. BUT this looks nothing like the stuff that made BGE1 so cool to play. A fascinating singleplayer story and fleshed out world, even it it was quite small. All I see at the moment is No Man's Sky, which showed how fast procedural generation of EVERYTHING gets boring and transparent. I want interesting planets with "handmade" places and cities (even though that might be too late). I would love to be surprised and hyped for this game but first you need to show how this is going to be anything else than "No mans sky with more content". Consumers are skeptic and so far they have no reason not to be.
  172. Tout cela m'a l'air magnifique et impressionnant j'aimerai juste dire qu'il vaut mieux se concentrer sur un petit système planétaire pour pouvoir réellement donner une identité aux planète et aux villes mais j'ai confiance en vous et ce que j'ai déjà pu voir dans cette présentation me plaît vraiment !
  173. Its fucking Awesome !! :D
  174. That's looks quite amazing. The level of scaling is more than impressing, but I wonder what level of details objects will have? Beside that I'm kinda hyped tbh.
  175. The game looks awesome so far!! Great job!
  176. Amazing, I love it!
  177. RaftProduction
    C'est une révolution niveau technologie ce jeu, wow. Juste un truc, privilégiez le détail des planètes sur le nombre de planètes, on veut pas un No Man's Sky 2 si vous voyez ce que je veux dire^^
  178. freedomfighta
    Fait tourner la manette Michel !! Quand on voit l'ambition derrière ce jeux...on ne peut que prier pour espérer y jouer avant 2020...ou participer au Space Monkey. Pouvoir se créer une base pirate sur une petite lune ou quelque-chose du genre à la manière d'un skies of arcadia ou de Libertalia, un lieu ou les esclaves libérer et toutes les "espèces" mutant, humains, domz? puisse cohabiter. Une utopie pirate en somme. En tout cas le moteur est incroyable et je pense qu'on a encore rien vu. Vivement des phases d'exploration sous marine, d'interaction avec le monde, de combats... Ahhh tant d'espoir pour ce jeu... Ubi Mpl Rocks !!
  179. certainly not calming my hyped state about this release! you had at a monkey with a jet pack, I have bought a crash helmet two sizes too big in preparation for my mind getting repeatedly blown. when can we buy some space monkey merch?
  180. First of all, major props to the engine designers. The possibilities of this framework sound pretty amazing. You also really have your work cut out for you if you actually want to create a solar system with multiple planets and still make it feel alive. What makes me a little concerned is how often the word scale is mentioned. I hope you guys don't lose sight of all the smaller details because to me those really make or break a virtual experience. One thing I would really love to see in this game is some creative wildlife/animals, different for each planet if possible. That would really add a sense of life to each planet.
  181. Le moteur m'a l'air impressionnant. J'ai toute confiance en vous en ce qui concerne la narration et le fait de voir ce genre d'outil technique entre vos mains me hype clairement pour ce jeu ! :D
  182. nxi_snoopy1492
    The engine seems amazing. Like what No Man Sky should have been. The only thing we don't know is, is there a game around this engine? Or at least the beginning of one. That's the toughest part. Tech is great, but story and content are what will make or break BGE2. But amazing tech demo, I'm looking forward to the next video !
  183. DenilsonMarinho
    BGE is a Very Fantastic Game! Made A Part Of My Life ... A Long Time I Expect The Release Of The BGE2 ... I'm Very Impressed With The BGE 2 I Hope That Jade And Pey 'J Appear In The BGE2 Ta Michel
  184. Great video I love it when we get to see the tech behind games, the engine powering this is very impressive just on the sense of scale alone. Looking forward to more updates from the team in the coming weeks/months, keep up the good work everyone.
  185. Looks great! Will there be other playable characters in the future?
    1. Been waiting so long for this game. Can't wait to see more!
  186. Halens Adrien
    Bonjour , je m'appelle Halens Adrien , j'ai 17 ans et je vu le nouveau Beyond Good and Evil 2. Je le trouve vraiment extraordinaire et à l'air très chouette à jouer. J'ai pus voir aussi que vous recherchiez des personnes pour prendre part au processus créatif à vos côtés , à vous aidez et à tester. Et j'ai justement pleins d'idées pour vous. J'adorais et ça serait un grand honneur de faire partie de ces personnes et de faire partie de la famille BGE2J'aimerais vous être utile et rejoindre le mouvement ! Merci d'avance
  187. Outlaws.UBI.Prd
  188. This is amazing. As someone with a background in the technical aspects of game development, it's hard to impress me at this point, but this is simply stunning. The way you switched from freecam in outer space back to gamecam on the planet, at the press of a button, without having to reload textures or re tesselate terrain topology is kind of mindblowing. I can't wait to see where this is going. Also especially happy to see the photo stuff returning. Loved that aspect of the original. The original had fairly small areas in comparison, and exploring and taking photos still felt like I'm discovering something, and now there's so much more potential for that feature with the giant scope of this game. Best of luck with everything you have planned for BGE2, it's incredibly ambitious and will be something truly special if you can pull it off.
  189. Awesome gameplay demo! Looks realistic and detailed! Are there any space cops to arrest him for standing on the statue? ;)
  190. It looks amazing but also extremely ambitious. Watch out to not ends up like no man sky. In the end the game needs to be fun. But it's very impressive technically.
  191. Merci Michel pour cette démo. Le moteur physique a l'air plutôt costaud, et le système d'environnement évolutif est une idée géniale. J'espère que vous allez garder ce concept. J'aime beaucoup aussi cette envie de donner la part belle aux échelles. Si on peut se réjouir de voir les différentes échelles de taille, c'est encore plus grisant d'observer les échelles de vitesse, suivant le mode de transport utilisé. Un système d'upgrade constant (et moyennant finances, matériaux, etc.) des moteurs des vaisseaux sera le bienvenu. Vous avez l'air d'être sur la bonne voie pour faire un beau jeu en monde ouvert, et je pense parler au nom de tous en disant qu'on a hâte d'en voir plus.
  192. Dément! The waiting going to be long. But worth the wait ;)
  193. Amazing! Keep up the good work!
  194. This is COOL!!! I love everything about space travel and being able to explore the whole planet, but please not try to do the same as No man´s sky, you can just build a really well group of planets with a lot of exploring and many this to do. I´m really liked this and I know you will create something great.
  195. Hmm, I'm not so convinced. Like, all of this looks like some fancy graphics effects, but gameplay-wise I can't see how all of this simulations even helps the game at all. How does it impact gameplay - and not graphics - that the planets are not stationary? Why do all of that simulation? Who even cares if your ship burns in the atmosphere or not? This is all so much tech-demo territory, sure, but showing off things that are just benign and (gameplay-wise) useless does not really make me that happy. It would be much more interesting to see some actual fun gameplay. If this is where the game's at right now, I cannot imagine your vision to come to fruition in the next four years.
  196. guest-MN0D78MK
    I liked this first demo. It really gives a feeling on how big this game will be. My only concern with it is that the planets will not have enough things to do. It is still early to say it, because we haven't seen everything yet, but if I have to choose between one planet were you have a lot of missions and events or many planets were you have like one or two missions and five events. I choose for the one planet with a lot of missions and events. I look forward for more gameplay and I hope you guys have fun in creating this game with the help of the community.
  197. I can't get around comparing what i've seen so far with no man's sky. Great ideas, but i fear that in the end it will be really hard to make a planet (most of all here where they are really planet sized and not much smaller as in NMS) feel alive, beautiful and interesting. Of course you have a much bigger Team (and you are including us) and as far as i know it's not procedurally generated, so you can go much further into detail. What you're already doing much better is the sense of scale, continue on that, i want to see mounains that are at least Mt.Everest-size. Also the manouvering of the ship looked great, i like that you can turn everyway you want, not just left-right-up-down. I was a bit disappointed when i didn't hear a sonic boom when the ship arrived at that speed, though i think you can't here that from the plane itself. Anyway, i would like that feature, because a high attention to detail is important for me. Of course it will be very important to have a good map. Showing you everything you need to see, but not blocking your sight(like it sometimes was in Assassins Creed because the map is completely filled with collectibles). Will it be a singleplayer or multiplayer game? I don't know BGE1, so i can't compare to that. I personally would prefer a pure singleplayer game with a good story and a sense of purpose (which are as well things missing in NMS that made it hard for me to enjoy the game). I really hope that you're not just acting like you're including the community, but really are listening to us. Make as many alphas and betas as you can (with a smart feedback option, not just comments), i can only see what the game is really like when i can play it myself. Together i'm sure we can make this a great game.
  198. Tomas_Tanhgor
    Its really great, that u dont forget foto-triks and develop it even more \0/ And ur demo looks better than some games after publishing.
  199. Amazing ! Can't wait to see more. As @CaninSpaceM say, it will be cool to have underwater world. Please do a good and well optimize PC version please please !
  200. Really cool that can explore literally anywhere, at anytime. I like the feeling of scale because it really shows how big the planet is and it's amazing that it's all seemless! I also heard Michel say something about creating your own character? That's really cool too!! Now, it seems so, so different from the 1st Beyond Good & Evil. I don't really like that part, but I do really enjoy how the game is so far as itself.
    1. They have to do this, even though They want to cater to their fans, they also have to keep in mind a lot of players new to the franchise! Love to see a fan of the original, I'm Sure many here are ;)
    2. Annoying_fr0g
      If you go back and play the first game you can kinda see that they wanted to do many of these things in the first one, but didn't have the technology yet. All of Hillys is a sandbox and you can go where you want, when you want. There are giant cranes (just look at the nutripills factory) and volcanoes which you can fly to once you get the Beluga up and running (don't remember if you can actually reach the nutripills crane). The volcano is even large enough that the Beluga, effectively one of their small scale ships from this demo, is small in comparison and can fly into it and even has 2 full areas inside it containing both the caverns you explore in the first mission and an interior you can only reach by flying up. It contains several tiers of ships which can be connected to each other meaning you have the same progression of, on foot -> local exploration scale ship which you get early on -> spaceship allowing you to go wherever in the entire game (though the tech was not there to have much to explore in the Beluga yet). There's even an area where you need the large ship to get to, then need to drop the small ship down to get through an opening and then explore the rest of the location on foot. You build up a ship starting from a hovercraft which breaks down even trying to just get to Mamago's and ending by actually going to space where you can fly around and look at the planet and the moon for a while if you want. Even one of my favorite little touches which is that if you aim your camera at the sky it highlights multiple systems with some basic information about them hinting at there being more out there for you to explore in the sequel. The largest departure from what the original hinted at is that you create your own character rather than playing an existing one, which has me a little worried we'll never get to play as Jade again (even if it's a success and BGE becomes a household name for gamers it's likely that people will expect to get to create their own character in future games too) but beyond that most of the game looks to me as if they can finally pull off what they seemed to want to do with the first one.
    3. Is it really that different ? Because when the smaller ship stopped beside the statue I was totally reminded of the Beluga stopping by over the city in BGE 1, only there you coudn't step out and go directly into the city. The more I think of BGE 1 in comparison it seems much more restricted and I think this new and truly open world is just the next logical step ? (and I really love this idea :)
  201. this already looks awesome can't wait t see more content!
  202. guest-CiTZJ9cn
    I really liked the sense of speed when Michel flew close to the planet's surface at the different hyperspeeds.
  203. This update was really, really wonderful. Keep them coming!
  204. WOW! Very wonderfull... A very promising technology, waiting for more details on the possibilities of the game world. Thank you!
  205. Wow, looks amazing!
  206. Impressionnant, pouvoir interagir avec un système solaire entier, comme s'il s'agissait d'un énorme écosystème vivant, avec ses règles, les caractéristiques propre de chaque planète, ça donne pleins d'idées..... Très bonne idée cette planète avec ces deux faces dont l'une est exposée aux météorites, cela me fait penser aux chroniques de Riddick et à la planète Crématoria, une planète irradiée par le soleil le jour, et gelée la nuit. Cette vidéo transpire l'Aventure avec un grand A. Merci à Michel Ancel et à son équipe pour ce projet ambitieux, merci de nous impliquer dans cette grande aventure!!
  207. Excellent start! This new engine seems to be very powerfull and full of promises. Now when I see you are working on motherships, with huge crew, I really hope that with the multiplayer part of this game you will provide us a real and interesting multicrew feature (with different roles for the players like gunners, defensive weapons, mechanics etc...). Compared to each one using his own shipn I found this will enforce the team spirit for friends playing online. The journey just begins and looks already awesome.
  208. These are some big promises. Trouble is similar things have been presented in the past and never come to fruition, so I have to be sceptical here. Hope to see a bit more of the Beyond Good and Evil charm in future videos.
  209. Kebab_Is_Love
    So far this looks really promising and I really like how you aim to take the core stuff from BGE and implement them into this game. The dev team seems to be passionate about this game and I am really looking forward to the next update here.
  210. Hi, The graphics are awesome! Space, the nebula's, the planets... It all looks incredible! The tech is so fresh and looking very high-end. C'est fantastique! I wonder; will there be a gamma of different looking planets? The one you show in de demo is populated on the safe side but there are also great planes that are deserted. Will there be high-tech megacity planets? Like the worlds of Blade Runner, Corruscant (Star Wars), Luc Besson's The Fifth Element or Judge Dredd? Or even planets where there's primerely water with underwater cities? Jungle planets like pandora? The diversity would be great! The statue looks amazingly detailed! Great scope!!! And everything is seamless!!!! I love the fact that you can control the space ship in a variaty of ways, increasing and decreasing the speed and pulling all those great manouvers! It makes me alsmost wanna jump in my car and drive straight to Montpellier to take over the controls and experience it for myself!!! ;) Beyond good and evil 2 was the BIG surprise of E3 2017 (at least for me) and it's getting better and better! Keep sharing your work, I love it! Au revoir mes amis!
  211. This is the most amazing open world that is seen in a game, the scale is huge. I can not wait to see more !!!
  212. I also share CaninSpaceM's mind but it looks really cool even if I would like the cities to be shown in depth. I also hope that there will be a huge diversity in evirionments depending on cultures that setlled how and maybe have some lore. And last I have great expectations on player interactions that are mentioned in the beginnig. It's still great work and I wish this will be a great game
  213. Looks great, I'm getting goose bumps! Where can we get the tee shirts?
  214. Looks very impressive for early look, would echo some above comments that i'd rather the focus was on a smaller number of super detailed worlds rather than large numbers of empty or cookie cutter worlds, Elite Dangerous showed us the bare emptiness of a huge procedurally generated world. Still really cool looking.
  215. That's fantastic! Nothing to say, you're all doing a perfect job. I just hope that you will have the possibility to visit Hillys and a lot of strange place in the space (like a space station) and I hope that the ending of BGandE1 (refered to Pey'j tranformation and the story behind Jade's power) will be explained! Keep up like that and I can't wait to see more and to play the game!!
  216. Honestly I can't believe my eyes. 0_0 Unbelievable! So ambitious, so exciting! I want to see more!!!
  217. It looks so great can't wait to see the cities more in details !
  218. Like it very much also really nice graphics!
  219. The universe looks amazing. Just few questions. First one, you said "experience it with other players" that means it will be MMO or something like that? Second one is combat system. Do you have any mechanics about it that you can share? And lastly i want to ask you the most thing i am exctied for, you said we will be playing as a pirate and pirates steal things right? So....will we be able to steal a ships....BIGSHIPS?
  220. Its great but i wanto to cerate very much cities and mountains in the planet
  221. This Grand Scale feels awesome, but don't forget about the content. We've already had empty worlds like in No Man Sky. Even Metal Gear Solid 5 suffered from this, when there are only 6-7 main scenes and so many empty deserts with guard posts between them. Fill these planets, make them interactive. When you implement these "mountain monks", make them interesting for the player, not just for the sake of "being there". And when it becomes too hard to fill the rest of the world, just don't hesitate to sacrifice some of this scale, it won't be as big as you wished, but there will be no empty boring space in what you already have.
  222. tythedesigner
    Long-winded comment but here we go... Words cannot express how delighted I am to see this game finally in active development and being showcased like this. I played BGE1 for the first time when I was 10 years old and have since then probably played it on average once a year. Ever since the first teaser trailer for BGE2 hit in 2008 I've probably done a Google News search for it every month. I've watched every E3 since 2013 hoping BGE2 would have a surprise showing even though there had been no talk about it. The first game has held its number 1 spot in my heart the last 14 years despite major franchises like Assassin's Creed (and now Horizon: Zero Dawn) contending for it. Granted, I would have preferred a next-gen Jade and Pey'j game, but man am I excited to just to be able to jump back into the world of BGE. I can say without a doubt that the first game's progression system is the biggest reason I have loved the game so much throughout the years. The progression system was years ahead of any game (that I played or knew about) back then. The game would have been complete at just the hovercraft level. Games, in general, have improved immensely since then as far as their sense of scale but none of them have been able to capture that "onion layer" feeling BGE1 created for me. This video gives me that feeling. There is a surprising and ridiculous level of detail when considering where you guys are at in the development process and the seamless change in scale. I want to be able to spend 50 hours without even touching the skies and still feel like I'm playing a whole game like I did in the first game. If I have to wait 3 or 4 or 14 more years I will. The amount of love for this project that can be seen from Michel and company and how you have included us in the process after such a long wait has more excitement and respect from me than anything else. Take your time guys. You already know I can wait.
  223. WOW!! I've never seen anything like that before. That's really incredible.
  224. La démo est superbe !! Est-ce que des événements météo seront prévu aussi ? Continuer comme ça. :)
  225. This looks really awesome. Thanks Ubisoft for making this game.
  226. This first steps looks very good. Just don´t listen too much to the people, they don´t know what they want. May the force be with you, develover team.
  227. Impressive, really looking forward to see more about this :D
  228. Im so releaved to see the camera. I loved as a kid trying to get the best foto, And then calling myself an artist. im just sooooooo hypeeed. i hope just you can do the species foto thing again. i loved the differend kinds of cultuur that was added to them. thanks for keeping that in <3 btw so beautiful
  229. Very interesting demo! Will the content be procedurally generated? Procedural generation really takes a lot of heart away from the game and can make an eviroment which feels empty of purpose. You've said that you want to make a content rich world but seeing the scale of the planets it sounds very ambitious. Good luck and can't wait to see more of the game!
  230. Pepe_Villecham
    I want aunt Geneva as a playable character
  231. Woaw, c'est vraiment fort comme première impression de vos volontés pour BGE 2 ! J'espère vraiment que vous allez prendre le temps de faire tout ce que vous envisagez et surtout de le faire jusqu'au bout. Je penses que le facteur d'échelle que vous voulez donner au jeux est très fort. Il prouve que vos ambitions sont vraiment à la hauteur de nos espérances. Par contre faites attentions à ne pas viser trop haut, et d'avoir à "bâcler" certains aspects, ce serait vraiment dommage. Faites vraiment le jeux qui vous satisfera le maximum, même si ça doit prendre du temps, On a bien attendu 14 ans, on peut encore attendre. En tout cas on voit que vous aimez ce que vous faites pour ce BGE 2 et je suis certain que nous allons aimer au minimum autant que vous ! Continuez sur cette lancée ! :)
  232. [EN] Wow, I've waited so long to see this. It looks really neat. At first I was a tiny bit dissapointed that the graphics were as "cartoony" as they were in BGE 1 (that didn't agebad at all ! And gave a real unique feel to it), but, to be honest, i'm impressed with what it looks like so far, and I'm fine with the way more realistic graphics. I really like the idea of having different types of ships for your fleet "stored" in our big mothership. Can't wait to see more about how this world exists, all the planets to explore, the people and of course the story ! [FR] Wow, j'ai, comme beaucoup d'autres, attendu si longtemps pour enfin voir tout ça. C'est vraiment magnifique. Même si au début j'étais un chouia déçue de pas avoir ce style un peu plus stylisé qu'avait BGE 1 (qui a très très bien vieillit et lui donnait ce petit côté original et unique) mais franchement, c'est impressionnant et je suis en paix avec les graphismes bien plus réaliste. Avoir une petite flotte de vaisseaux différents dans le vaisseau mère, c'est vraiment sympa, hâte de voir d'autres modèles. Aussi hâte de découvrir ce monde, ses planètes, ses habitants et surtout l'histoire !
  233. guest-L9piJXQD
    Looks stunning, the work you've already put into this universe mechanically and artistically is stellar. The effects of exterior things such as the asteroids are inspired! I hope the avatar moving with in the city and biomes is as interesting an detailed as their settings. As long as the story and writing is on the same level as this development you are on to big things!
  234. nicothebeast527
    I wish this game came out tomorrow!! AMAZING job creating a game that capitalizes on all the things we loved about the first BGE while expanding exponentially on it!!! Thank you for stepping outside the box and avoiding the open world pitfalls that some games seem to dwell in recently. Stoked, Nico
  235. Looks great so far! I know sandbox games are the thing now, but please don't let an open word detract from a solid story, I've played too many games like that lately. The characters and story were what drew me into the first game and I look forward to the same here! :)
  236. So first of all im super happy that the picture taking mechanic is still in the game, because it was part of what made beyond good and evil 1 great. it would be very interesting if you could sell pictures for money, or start a new newspaper outlet like in the first beyond good and evil. or if maybe you could take a different route and feed information to the government. Im hoping the story is more in depth in terms of allowing you to go down your own road. also so far im really liking the flying out of your ship and in. it looks pretty good for being early in the game development. Im wondering if maybe youll need stealth for your ship depending on what planets you go to and things like that. My biggest hope for this game though is that the soundtrack is as good as beyond good and evil 1, hopefully there are some soundtrack 1 remixes like propaganda, domz attack, first encounter mommagos and spanish bar.
  237. superandromede
    A magnificent engine and with cool mechanical, that look very cool.
  238. Juste génial, graphisme, fluidité et sans oublier le style de boyond good and evil sont au rendez-vous. Impatient de piloter le "beluga" ;)
  239. C'est très intéressant et franchement incroyable, je tire mon chapeau. Juste une envie mettre ma main dessus. J'espère que la prochaine fois vous nous montrerai plus en détails les villes. Je vous avoue que j'ai un peu peur que les planètes soit un peux vide..... Car sachant le temps que met un studio pour faire un Open World du style GTA ou même le dernier Zelda ^^, en comparaison il vous faudra une dizaine d'année pour faire une planète... ( aussi riche que les jeux cité avant ). car c'est pas un open world que vous proposer mais un OPEN SOLAR (ou un open Univers xD). Vous comprenez mes peur ?? Vous aller proposer plusieurs planète mais par exemple, sur la planète avec les anneau ( ou même son autre sattelite) serais t'il possible de si rendre, se promener dessus ?? ^^. y aura t'il des bases ?? Et dans l'espace, y aura t'il aussi des bases, des stations ?? Je vous avoue que j'ai un peu peur que vous réduisez la taille des planète afin de comblé ce vide ( il faut pas, elle son parfaite comme ça ;-) ). Je suis chiant je sais mais je me pose encore plein de question et j'ai juste encore une petite remarque a faire et après promis j'arrête car vous avez déjà fait un excellent travail ^^. L'atmosphère de votre démo n'était-elle pas un peu petite ?? en effet car j'ai l'impression d'être vite dans l'espace. Serait-il pas intéressant de doublé son épaisseur ?? Afin d'accentué l'immersion ?? Sur ce, je vous félicite encore et je vous souhaite plein de courage. A bientôt et surtout MERCI. Aurélien
  240. TheGlobalWaifu
    Looking good, the size difference of the statue and the monkey was insane, really surprised me!
  241. This is amazing! I really hope that you are able to treat each planet the way it deserves to be treated and give them life. Also, I am actually wondering how many years this takes place before the first BG&E because, if it is not too long maybe there is the chance to include the camera into this game that Jade is going to use later. Or obviously other things! Keep it up guys!
    1. ThatSuperDuck
      Seems like it's taking place around 55 years before the original. The first game was set in 2435 and in the E3 trailer there is an ad in the background of one of the rooftop shots for some sort of gladiatorial blood sport that's scheduled for a date in the year 2380 :)
    2. I am also hoping that there will be many references and easter eggs into the game to make me feel at home
  242. I'd rather have a more closed story driven game than a giant one with open enviroments. The story is the reason why everyone loves BG&E. I hope that you will include matket places, beautiful cities with pubs and stores and a lot of memorable characters, just like in the first game.
  243. be careful, remember what happened with Sean Murray and No man's Sky, he made promises too, and they were all lies, i love beyond good and evil, i think it's one of the best games on the ps2 era, it was fantastic, but you're promising too much, DONT RUIN IT
  244. This is simply amazing ! what a good feeling and creative sensibility. The feeling of scale is a really interesting thing. Not a lot of games have this approach and not enough games take care of this characteristic with is necessary to have the right feeling of immersion. I'm in love with the design also. What a great job from the team! I can't wait to explore and discover cities, people,animals, planets,... Will be the fauna and the flora will different from planet to planet. Each of them has its own ecosystem? I'm also thinking about the design and architecture of the cities, they will be different from one planet to another? Once again, I'm totally in love with the approach and the philosophy of game design behind this! And I'm sure it's just the beginning ! Bravo à vous, Thomas
  246. I love the first tech demo, The only feedback I can give is simple. Plz spent a lot of time on the world generator. - I love to see roads from one city to another - Small lakes en water falls - Big forest - And plz spent a lot of time on rock formations. This one kan make or break the game. Good example is Horizon Zero Dawn. - We don't need 10.000 planets like No Man’s Sky. 3 or 4 planets max are fine
  247. Very nice alpha-preview! Looking forward for more! ;D
  248. Am I the only one, who thought about Firefly, after mentioning ships and crew? Actually E3 presentation sure looked like something Mal and his team would do. I hope it will be possible to gather such charismatic crew of adventurers and fly my own "Serenity". :) Oh, and how about casting Alan Tudyk as dinosaur-like pilot? Please? ;)
  249. The presentation was very impressive. The planet and the spacecraft's physics are perfectly and spectacularly functional. The rotation of planets is a good idea, as well as the difference in dimension between the beds and buildings is great, as this makes the world of "Beyond good and evil" more realistic. But my questions: Will the crew with the larger spacecraft be able to move? If I understood a whole universe would be built up. If the crew is moving with a larger spacecraft, will this be an essential element? Movement with a smaller spacecraft is very fast and attractive. Can we wait for air or space bats too? Finally, the entire universe, planetary surface, will be constructed as a procedural, random or hand-built. Can we expect RPG based games? Thanks!
  250. It looks reaaally cool! I've played BGE a lot and can't wait for part 2. I love the idea of exploring these big planets and it's a good thing that they're not just empty planets with one or two landmarks. I think that if there would be like 3 or 4 detailed planets it would be good enough already. Dogfighting with the smaller spaceships and big space-battles with the motherships is also a good concept. Playing online with your friends and battling against others would be really fun. But the thing I really look forward to is the character creation! It's always one of my favorite parts of a videogame. And now it would be extra special if you could choose between the different hybrids and that they would all have their own unique abilities. I hope the final game will be as great as it looks right now and I can't wait to play it, good job already guys!
  251. That was really awesome ! The meteorite crash was super impresive but what about other natural disaster like Tsunami, Earthquake, Sand storm, Volcanic eruption (if there are volcano) and other things like that. I think that will be hard to create but i also think that could be very exciting to see that in the game. Thank !
  252. The mother ship will be explored inside? It would be very nice to use the mother ship both as a central hub and as a transport
  253. The look of realtime changing planet looks incredible. It seems so colossal work to make all that planets "by hand" so deep, so detail. You will make it procedularlly or all the world would be make, as i said, "by hand". I can´t wait to know more! :)
  254. Really amazing game-play scene a really enjoy every part of it, and i'm impatiently waiting for more, i hope there is some underwater mechanic that will be more awsome. Good luck guys !
  255. Please, be patient because of my bad english :) Impressive but.... please, make this everything works fine and relase it. My gaming childhood was based on M. Ancel games: BG&E and Rayman 2 and 3. I'm really in to this games and I know that Michael and his team can make great games. I hope that it don't change after so many years. I am patient, but not forever, I hope that I can play Beyond 2 before my child will born and after years start playing video games on his/her own. It seems it is very amibtious project, but please, mr Ancel, proove that you can still make great video games, and we will remember it for years such as Rayman's and first Beyond. For now, I'm sorry for say that but I don't belive that this game really exist, to the day that Ubi show us real gameplay and say more about relase date. Greetings from Poland!
  256. Serat-il possible de jouer jade a certain moment ? Se serais vraiment cool et sa rapellerais la belle époque. Des magasin, style garage, divertissement ou fast food dans des gros vaisseaux en orbite autour de certaine planete pourrais apporter un plus aussi. Enfin bref, je sais que vous ferez de votre mieux, bon courage
  257. The plans are really promising. It`s clearly needs a lot of work to be done, but if they gonna have enough time, this game can be epic.
  258. Looks Amazing, im very excited, cant wait to see Progress of the game
  259. MrSqueakyVoice_
    Looks awesome, Can't wait to see more and play the game myself!
  260. I am really astonished to get news from the Space Monkey Program so soon after it started. And not just anything at that, an exclusive video just for us ;)! I find the whole scale you showed really impressive (I couldn't stop grinning when you showed how tiny knox is in comparison to that statue) and i very much hope that you can still achieve the level of detail you mentioned, especially in the cities. Also character creation and dynamic photography/pics showing to trigger conversation, wow! I am not sure yet how I feel about creating my own character, seems a really cool idea, especially if I can play a hybrid, but I hope the game doesn't lose the personal touch it had in BGE with Jade, Pei'j and the children. Really glad photography is back though! And the idea that you can take pictures of stuff stuff and then trigger npc conversations with them sounds really intriguing, it's like the opposite from BGE where you had to take pictures of given things, here you can decide what to photograph. It's also really cool how you give the placement of the cities and such a "scientific"/lore reason and make it a part of the story, like that a lot! Lastly, I want to fly this ship, now, it looks awesome! :D
  261. The work you're doing with the game is fantastic. Physical concepts and astronomical phenomena such as meteorites make the game very realistic. I hope you put the same emphasis on the script and the story that is what made the first BGE an excellent game.
  262. Franchement très propre ! Et vraiment beau à regarder :) Après, vouloir faire un monde hyper complet et hyper "actif" est très ambitieux, cependant, l'event de la météorite ne risque pas d'être répétitif ? Parce qu'on voit que la physique essaye d'être respectée au maximum, cependant ce genre d'impact est très très rare. Ayant joué a BGE1 je trouvais que l'une des force du jeu était qu'on s'accrochait a Jade, le fait de partir dans de la création de personnage ne risque pas d'effacer ce petit plus ? En effet, faire un équipage est cool, mais s'y attacher serait mieux, et pour ça il faut que chacun des personnage ai une "histoire", Aura t'on le même attachement que l'on avait pour Pey'j et Double H ? Après, BGE ou pas, ce jeu a l'air très prometteur, et magnifique, merci de nous l'avoir présenté et prenez votre temps pour sortir ce bijou ! (on est pas a 14 ans près ;) )
  263. I truly injoyed the first game and this one looks amazing already... I belief it's gonna be a frustration wait till this hits the shelfs. ;-)
  264. since people have trust issues with ubisoft this open development will both give alot of feedback to the developers and also at least partially lower the amount of hate that ubisoft games over all get only because of being made by ubisoft. that technology is pretty amazing too
  265. Seems like a revolutionary game, so beautiful!
  266. I love it. The video, the idea beyond all of this, i'm looking forward to see more of these videos. On the other hand, i have a little fear. Will the majority of the gaming community be able to play your game on the necessary hardware level ? That's my only preoccupation on that day.
  267. I won't do a long text, this was really nice. Interesting ideas everywhere. Just, I'm sure this is already planned but don't forget to give the characters lively facial expressions which make us feel that they are actual people.
  268. Looking very nice
  269. Dear BGE team, hands down, the engine looks beautiful, even in this early state. Everything seems huge, I can't even imagine what would I do in a world like this. I can agree with a few other guys, that my only fear is, if we can explore a lot of planets, are they gonna feel new, or after the 3rd one, you get bored of it, because it's basically the same thing over and over again. What I would say, create only a few planets, let's say a solar system, but make them unique, keep the quality high, not the quantity! We don't need side missions on small planets, we need story! I hope, you plan something like this! Well done so far, can't wait to play the game!
  270. It's incredible, thank you <3 The wait seems to be worth, but don't wait for my 30 years to release the game (joke) ! GJ SMTeam
  271. badgergames1983
    Amazing! Are different planets, or areas of planets, themed to different hybrids? Water ways or water planets have more shark hybrids, or forested areas with canopy type villages have more monkey hybrids? If that were the case, then speaking of inclusiveness and camaraderie, the hybrids could invite you into those different environments and cultures as a way of enhancing your character skills and reputation. Learning to swim from shark hybrids could better your skill more than you might learn anywhere else. Even if you're not playing as a character that typically swims. Like sharing knowledge between different peoples. I don't think having factions would be so much in line with that idea. So gaining favour with Rhino hybrids in one place gives you favour with Rhino hybrids everywhere. That segregates too easily right off the bat and makes it harder to see all people/hybrids as equal later. Having instead an idea of family or culture of a 'location' rather than a people. More than just 'get to know the shark people from shark town'. There might be plenty of good reasons why the majority of an underwater city's population are monkey hybrids, or 90 percent of a town in the middle of desert are sharks. Move the stories to places and the people of those places instead of individual factions or races. I like the idea that different animals have different personalities. The E3 reveal trailer was a wonderful example of that. I get the same joy from watching my cat and dog interact together. When different beings bring their unique personality/flavour and get along, even if just for a moment, that's when you see that real magic of multiculturalism. And BG&E has that in spades. I'm 34 years old and have been an immense fan for nearly half my life. The gravitas in themes, character, world, art and music has stayed with me more than any other game. Bit of a rant. So excited for Michel and team/s. Proud to be a space monkey.
  272. Incroyable, hâte de voir cette technologie !
  273. This is amazing. BG&E was the first game I played and it's to this day still my favourite game of all time. I honestly almost cried during the BG&E2 announcement, i could not believe that it's finally coming! I'm very excited for this game, the footage you're showing here is very promising, can't wait to see what's next! Please keep us updated!!
  274. Hell Yeah!! It's Amazing! Looking Forward to Play It!!!!
  275. I really like the accent on dynamic modifications like terrain deformation, lighting. Will it be the same for the character's / cities assets ? For example, friction damaging the paint on the ships, weather affecting the look of the monuments. Looks very promising
  276. s'il vous plait ne faites pas une "No Man's Sky" : Ne promettez pas la Lune, Soyez réaliste. Faites une liste avec un pourcentage de réussite / adjectif de modalité ( de peu probable à Certain). ex : passer de planètes en planètes : à 30% réalisé / Probable de Parcourir le système solaire de planètes en planètes Villes Dynamique : à 15% réalisé / Probablement que les villes ne seront pas Aussi dynamique que dans nos rêves / attendes Graphiques haut qualité : 80% réalisé / Certainement un Downgrade envisagé Impact en temps réel : à 45 % réalisé / Surement pas aussi abouti / pointu dans le in-Game final (Downgrade technique pour eco de la ressource) etc ...
  277. Super sympa, le pilotage a l'air agréable. Bien que l'animation de la pirouette latérale est un peut raid et pas naturelle (ça me fait pencé a Saint Row iv). Par contre est ce que les vaisseaux devront tousse pointer leur nez dans la direction que l'on veut suivre, ou pourrons nous, nous déplacer "comme un hélico" ? Et votre Space monkey programme a la star citizen c'est vraiment super ! Y'en a mare des développeurs qui disent avoir travailler avec leurs communautés alors q'on nous a jamais demander le moindre avis !
  278. I have an idea! If you do not include FAST TRACKS in the game it will make it much more realistic. Imagine you have to meet your friends on a certain planet and they are physically 2 hours away, this could create so many possible scenarios like let's say they have to fight someone, but you are not gonna make it in time so they loose something or they have to think of alternative ways or they have to ally with some strangers or make a deal in order to get help, or make a deal with the attackers or have to give up their ship or cargo....making powerful decisions with realistic in game consequences and no more "skipping" for easy and too comfortable play. Please guys make this game this level engaging and special.
    1. I like this! It's like getting some "real life" sense to the game. Like in a movie actors almost never have to go to the toilet... gives our "toilet time" :)
    2. I like the sound of this! It would probably make for a different experience every time you play as well. I too, like a challenge, and I would like this alot.
    3. I think that what they wanted. And indeed it's a good idea whit that type of travelling.
    4. Checked and signed, would love that too!! maybe only on one planet where that system is broken or something and on the other hand you'll get many rare resources :D
    5. great idea :)
    6. The issue with something that realistic in terms of travel times is that many players will just want to play with friends instantly as soon as they get on to play. I agree that this type of stuff can be very interesting, I don't like always fast travelling to locations in open-world games, but I think it does have to be practical for the majority of the playerbase. Maybe there could be a compromise as I think you want the World's scale to have meaning, I think that can be achieved and would make landmarks such as the Elephant statue more meaningful.
    7. I REALLY like the idea of that there. Since the game is so open and they're not planning on having any loading screens between areas, this can be even more like a real world thing. If someone is walking or flying around, they never "leave" the world, even for a second, so that you can go to a new are. It's all real time, so it should be realistic. I like.
  279. This is truly impressive. It's interesting, how the environment is created from position of the sun and planet rotation - this has change to make every sunset true and unique. You know, just like in real life. Which is pretty huge idea for a gaming world. I wonder, though. Can such huge environment be crafted by hand? Some of it will have to be procedurally generated. And I think we got glimpse of that, with idea of asteroids randomly falling on a planet and changing stuff around. And of course, one can't think about it and not look back at No Man's Sky and fear the same problems here. In my opinion, if this gigantic world would be backed by the storytelling that we know from BG&E and that we love, this can be really amazing, and it would frame the random elements well. So I really would love to know more about that too in next videos.
  280. This looks just amazing!. Especially that meteor impact mechanic. I am really looking forward to seeing more on character creation too.
  281. Everlasting78
    (Je donne mon avis en français tant qu'à faire ^^) Franchement ça donne bien envie :') Bon si il y a un "problème" que je relève ici, c'est que j'ai peur que le jeu soit un peu lent, lors des déplacements hors vaisseaux Je veux dire que si par exemple notre vaisseau est "garé" très haut comme ici dans la vidéo, ça va pas être marrant de devoir remonter en jet pack pendant 3 minutes... Ca va, puisque le jet pack a tout de même l'air assez rapide, mais bon, sur de longues distances ça peut poser problème (je pense...) Sinon ça a vraiment l'air incroyablement cool ! Hâte d'en découvrir plus sur ce jeu qui s'annonce au moins aussi intéressant que le premier !!
  282. La possibilité d'exploration est juste superbe. L'idée d'un monde ouvert de cette envergure, avec de tels rendus de distances, d'échelles, et de tailles est vraiment parfaitement exploitée. Pour le coup au niveau graphique je pense que le plus gros atout est vraiment ce rendu des dimensions. J'espère cependant qu'en plus de rendre parfaitement l'immense et le majestueux, les détails, intérieurs, et autres "accessoires" ne seront pas laissés de côté car ça avait été l'une des grandes forces de BGE1. Le mécanisme de développement des vaisseaux et des équipages a aussi l'air très intéressant, mais je suis curieux de voir quelles seront les possibilités de personnalisation de ceux-ci. En tout cas, pour ce qui est de ces premiers aperçus, ça a l'air très très bien parti. J'ai hâte de voir la suite, et les informations sur le background et le scénario !
  283. Merci Michel, continue de nous faire rêver!
  284. I'm looking forward to the game 15 years I've been waiting for a part and now it's time to see the first moving pictures is simply great Thanks to the team I hope that 2018 gives a demo for PS4
  285. I really love what I've seen! But I'm not sure, that is possible to fill that giant world by interesting situations. I wonder, how will you solve that problem? It's very difficult to make that manually. But if you do... I don't know, I'll buy 10 copies and give this masterpiece to all my friends-developers :) And, of course, we all want to hear more about story and characters. That was the main part we love in the first game.
  286. So amazing! I have been waiting for so long, and now it's finally becoming real! Great video. I really liked the idea of the meteorites having the ability to shape the planet on a global scale. It's gonna be really interesting to see how that works in-game. Keep the updates coming, I'm so stoked! :)
  287. Ok... burn that in a Blu-Ray disc, put it inside a card box, send it to me, that's enough for me :) Great job guys! Technically your there, it shows! Just give us a great story and your set to make video games history!! Keep it comming!
  288. SoaringChris137
    Please don't be No Man's Sky
  289. Salut la team. Désolé mais je n'ai pas l'aisance de Michel en anglais :trollface: (Michel, on dit ennejaillene, pas angine :p) donc je redis ici en français ce que j'ai déjà mis sur youteub : Absolument incroyable, et c'est un fan de space-opera en tous genre et qui les a tous kickstarté qui vous dit ça. Par contre vous vous doutez qu'autant sur le fond on ne peut que vous croire sur parole, attendre & voir, autant sur la forme on va vous attendre au tournant face à la grangrène du jeu vidéo : 1/ le downgrade (systématique) au final et 2/ le portage console qui castre voire détruit beaucoup de jeux, surtout au final sur la version PC (master race) qui ne devrait pourtant pas avoir à en souffrir. Beau boulot et bravo !
  290. guest-pz0uZZpX
    Stunning graphics but don't be like No Man's Sky please! Exploration is nice but focus more on a couple of planets maybe? Also...where can I buy that Shirt??? :D
  291. Also I never actually said it but THANK YOU Christophe Heral for the fantastic soundtrack, I am so happy that you are back for the sequel!
    1. I thought the soundtrack was awesome as well! It sounds so familiar and makes me feel at home in a BGE game
    2. Agreed. The soundtrack added soo well to the multicultural feel of the original. From what i'm hearing in this demo, it still sounds great! I'm hoping for even more cultural diversity in 2. :D
    3. He is? How awesome! Always had that soundtrack on my phone, it was just too good not to listen to it every now and then!
    4. AGREED! Its refreshingly delish.
  292. Oh my! The sense of scale is immense! Love the physics affecting the speed of travelling through the atmosphere, will that transfer itself into damaging the vehicles if you do it too often?
  293. Ok, so this is clearly a cool demo for this kind of footage. The starts with the DA a awesome, and the vidéo makes me really want to pilot those ships. But i worry a little about the planets. The world feel realy huge, but hard to "populate". For exemple, the massive mistake maked by Mass Effect Andromeda is the huge empty places. If you travel around the map you have nothing to do, exept if a quest trigger a scripted event. When you play in massively big open world, the gameplay have to be "organic" to me. At the oposite, one of the best exemple is Zelda breath of the wild in my opinion. if you just have to travel beetween 3 points of interest the open world mechanic become poor and boring. But i hope you have great plans about that ! The Exemple Michel gives about the ship and slavery seem to be the right way.
  294. This demo was honestly incredible, the scale was very appreciated, and the effects were god damn gorgeous, the only thing I'm hoping for right now from this demo is that there will be a lot more cities, or like stores and caves and stuff instead of wasteland, I guess because the planet looked a little empty other than the gigantic city
  295. Ganz ehrlich ich bin überwältigt,die schiere Größe des Planeten der Raumschiffe Wahnsinn.Ich freue mich wie verrückt auf das nächste Space Monkey brefing.Ich will einfach nur loslegen und erkunden was Beyond Good & Evil für mich bereit hält!
  296. Hey ! You just make a great job in your development at the moment for the tech, it's let place for so much potential ! I hope it will used with reason and that the game will be more than a world with promises like "no man sky" i haven't it, but i see the community anxious about the fact that it could be the "same". So my first impression is great, it gives me stars into the eyes , i hope the world will not empty in sense that you wanna make connection between world like any expanded univers, I hope you will not be too much ambitious and don't fall in your promises cause we see a lot of game giving us promises we never see in the realase product. Anyway continue on your way you're gonna rock ! And could we have a bit more information about the playable character not in terme of lore but how does it work cause if i heard well we could choose or change our playable character, right ? I just see, i turn round of what i say... Keep it up ! Merci Michel pour la présentation !
  297. Quebudegagamer
    Amazing! We can walk around the cities? Or it will be just space and jump from spaceships to spaceships?
  298. I love how the engine feels! I love the flying and how everything looks as you zoom by. I admire the detail and scale as you described. I simply cannot wait to buy this game. Beyond Good and Evil is one of my favorite games and I am so hyped for its prequel. Keep up the good work!
  299. So promising! I really have faith in Michels work. This game gotta be the first one wich i buy from Ubi for years. Hope there would be a ocean planet (lifeless for the firs look) that hide some ancient ruins of old civilisation under the sea. About a custom character - not a fan of this idea at all. But if it happen, please guys make it really deep (for example - i have two scars on my face and no one let me make similar scars on my custom character).
  300. Focus on making meaningful planets which Don't span hundreds but rather make a dozen really impressive ones! I think thinking too big could be a downfall, so keep up the great work! Hope this feedback helps!
  301. The game engine is impressive, but how will you include all the side and main quests (if there were too be many like any recent open world game too much filled with filler) in a system that is supposed to be constantly evolving ?
    1. Well, when you put it like that,they can make Raidient quests( something that I personally against). But, the raidient quest will accure only when specific event happen in a specific planet in a specific situation. When someting accure in game, the world will reflect on that automaticlly. Lets say that some groupe of raiders are invading some section of the enemy, ONLY when YOU see it, you could interact with the situation.No QUEST MARKERS, NO NOTHING. You see situation, you act from your instinct, and you get to change a part of the city. Another Example is that you see someone torturing there slaves in the middle of the street. You could try to convince them or intimidate them when you are in the right level with the right charecter.Like, The cherecters influence situations differently. Like if Knox will act less stratigic and more with his "Monkey Instincs", and Dakini will act more persuasive because her seriouse attitude. The possibilties are endless. And that's the big problem. Games like Fallout 4 make there Raidient quest soo formulaic that It became a meme( like Tyler). If you can make these kind of missions very varied and unique, You might have a perfect game on your hand.
      1. They must read this message! This is an excellent idea
      2. nice reaction omerkr123, it's all about getting the feeling the world is alive and not a static response. I'd love to see quests well integrated in the worlds.
      3. Wow that could actually save the game from 20+ side quests in a journal constantly and add this "now or never" flavor. As a fan I will be 100% disappointed, if I see a next open world game with a bunch of side quests just to fill the time.
  302. In my opinion, I think there should be fewer planets and larger cities. What struck me from the E3 trailer was the sheer life and size of the city the characters were flying around in. Honestly I would be totally fine with exploring three to four large cities on the same planet, just as long they are filled with memorable characters, missions and places to explore! As a suggestion, I think the team should focus on polishing up an in-engine gameplay demo including interaction with enemy and friendly NPCs. You guys mentioned about creating your own character, I always dreamed of a sci fi action adventure game where 1-3 of my other buddies can join up and tackle missions together in the campaign so we all feel like we are part of the game's story. Just a thought, otherwise impressive stuff guys!
  303. omg this is unprecedented modifying a planet's landscape in real time this has never been done before now I know why you guys have been quiet for all these years. You guys a solid foundation this game will be one for the books I'm sure of it
  304. Une Demo impressionante, bravo! Le vaisseau semblait éprouver les effets de l'atmosphère bien trop loins de la planète, mais sinon c'est magnifique. Pour aller à l'encontre du projet de Star citizen, appuyez vous sur le coté fun du jeu au lieu du réalisme. Si la physique empêche le joueur de prendre du plaisir, autant créer un monde à la physique changée, en restant assez proche de la notre pour qu'on puisse la comprendre bien sûr. Le changement de vitesse est un concept super, simple et efficace. Ma grande peur: Le jeu prend une tournure extrême de space opéra, et il semble sain pour le jeu de ne pas oublier ce que bge premier du nom étais: de la vie, du détail. Et cela seras impossible à fabriquer dans ces dimensions immenses, j'espère que vous trouviez une solution pour donner au joueur autant d'immersion pied sur terre que vaisseau dans le vide, et ce, partout où il y a de la vie. Rien que dans la démo, la ville semble bien trop grande pour la remplir de détails. À quoi sert l'exploration si il n'y a rien à découvrir la où le joueur n'est pas attendu? Malheureusement la seule solution qui me viens à l'esprit semble être la génération procédurale de contenu (comme les creatures de no man's sky), mais cela est bien plus difficile que la génération de planètes où paysages crées à partir d'algorithmes qui produisent des nose maps. Serais t'il possible d'avoir votre point de vue sur cette question dans le futur proche ? Si la communauté connais votre approche sur ce sujet difficile, elle pourras certainement aider :)
    1. Super boulot Space Monkey Team ! Albator, Albator, du fond de la nuit d'or Albator, Albator, de bâbord à tribord Tu veilles sur la Galaxie, sur la liberté aussi Albator, Albator, le corsaire de l'espace Albator, Albator, même si tu parais de glace Ton cœur est bon, ton cœur est grand comme le cœur d'un géant Le bel Atlantis est ton vaisseau Le pavillon noir est son drapeau Bee-Bop, Nausicaa sont avec toi Albator, Albator, avec ton équipage Albator, Albator, tu prends à l'abordage Aux Stellarpons, au Planotir, tous les Spaciocargirs Albator, Albator, capitaine au cœur d'or Albator, Albator, bien plus fort que la mort Tu es toujours au rendez-vous n'importe quand, n'importe où Tu es toujours au rendez-vous, toujours avec nous
    2. Une autre possibilité c'est de commencer pied à terre, et comme dans le premier jeu, passer d'un petit scooter à un vaisseau tout au long d'une histoire trépidante sur la planète de départ pour avoir ensuite accès à la suite, un space opéra avec une suite à l'histoire. Comme quand on part sur la lune dans le premier volet, sauf qu'ici se seras démesuré.
    3. De mon point de vue je suis plutôt d'accord avec toi sur le fait qu'on attend un jeu riche en détails, mais je pense que cette richesse ne doit pas être basée uniquement sur le nombre de détails que l'on observera. Pour moi la richesse d'un BG&E vient aussi en grande partie du scénario du jeux, de l'ambiance (musique et environnements) et de ses personnages caractéristiques à la psychologie bien travaillée. Bien sure j'attends aussi des détails sur l'environnement, dans les villes, les vaisseau, planètes, etc... mais si le reste est tout aussi travaillé alors pas besoin de tout miser sur les détails. Je pense qu'il y a un équilibre à trouver. Mais selon moi ça serait une erreur que de se focaliser sur les détails plus que sur le scénario. Dans BG&E 1 ils ont réussi à créer un univers, une ambiance marquante (comme l'Akudabar ou le garage Mamago), Il y a quelque chose de très humain/social derrière ça est c'est ce qui selon moi fait de BG&E un jeu exceptionnel ! Maintenant si ils arrivent à allier tous ces éléments (détail des environnements, scénario bien construit, gameplay fun, univers immense,etc...), je crois bien que je me pré-commanderai l'edition gold collector deluxe limited du jeu et me plongerai dedans comme un gosse ! ;)
      1. Je suis totalement d'accord sur l'importance du scénario, en équilibrant toutefois entre la tendance "dirigiste" de l'exploration, qui du coup de rapprocherait pas mal du 1 mais serait gênant dans un univers de cette ampleur, et une tendance "autonomiste" qui risquerait de faire perdre au joueur le sens de l'exploration. Mais ça c'est un équilibrage qui sera à faire directement dans l'écriture du scénario et sur lequel je pense que nous n'aurons que peu d'informations avant le dévoilement du scénario.
      2. Ouai c'est vrai, l'exploration est une grande caractéristique de BG&E1 avec son pseudo monde ouvert, le faite qu'on doit prendre en photo tout les animaux, qu'on doit collectionner toutes les perles, etc... mais aussi ce qui fait que le jeu soit bien, et qu'il soit rester un jeu culte, c'est son histoire et son ambiance. C'est ça aussi qui lui donne beaucoup de charme. Il faut donc espérer que bien que ça soit une préquelle, bien qu'on puisse jouer plusieurs personnages et même créer le sien, bien que l'on puisse jouer en ligne, le scénario tiendra le coups et que notre interaction avec les PNJs sera très immersive. Je pense que c'est le point le plus important. La fin nous laisse avec plein de questions et j'espère que cette préquelle pourra nous fournir des réponses et pas au détour de quelques quêtes principales, mais que tout tourne autour de la même histoire.
      3. Je suis totalement d'accord, l'histoire avant tout, un jeu trop open world, ça devient lassant (les mêmes quêtes redondantes dans des univers différents), il faut avoir une bonne division 50/50 ou 70/30 % entre la trame principale et le open world (si 70/30, privilégié la trame principale). Je suis d'avis par exemple que les graphiques soient top, j'aime le réalisme et les graphiques de l'autre BGE étaient, ouf. Il faut spécifier un but au jeu (finalité, à l'histoire et au monde) et trop d'open world, selon moi n'en laisse pas et c'est lassant. Toute bonne histoire à une fin, ne faites pas comme les comics (Marvel, Dc, autres...), les héros doivent vivre et mourir (pas de tricky edge fake deaths et autres). La personalization perso doit être très bonne sinon ça sert à rien, mais je suis d'avis de privilégier plus des personnages principaux déjà présent comme Knox et Shani et autres pour faire un crew, et de bâtir l'histoire autour, comme la personnalisation du joueur dans les jeux Mass Effect, selon moi, était inutile. Peut-être avoir un mode online au jeu pour multiplayer à côté de la trame principale et là y avoir la possibilité de rajouter un membre à l'équipage, personnalisation, avec un vaisseau et quêtes multijoueurs, etc. Enfin, la démo était TOP, une des meilleurs que j'ai vue graphiquement, continués comme ça! J'ai hâte à la sortie du jeu! En attente des prochaines nouvelles suis l'avancée.
      4. Bonjour à tous, complètement d'accord avec toi LunarSon2702, le zcénario et l'ambiance c'est primordial pour moi aussi. Peut être que le côté multijoueur et procédural qui fait peur à plusieurs personnes peut être contré en séparant bien l'histoire et le multijoueur, pour garder cette possibilité de création de perso qui peut être très cool, mais pour l'histoire c'est vrai qu'on a envie d'une DA "contrôlée" par Michel et son équipe de talent
    4. Je suis également du même avis ^^
    5. C'est vrai que la démo est vraiment impressionnante sa donne envie ! C'est vrai qu'il faut garder les bases de BGE premier du nom comme tu le dis, c'est l'un des points les plus importants et l'une des choses qui nous a le plus marquer a nous joueur. Mais justement, dans les différentes interview, Michel Ancel fait part de son point de vue quand a l'activité sur l'ensemble des planètes. Il explique bien que leur but ce n'est pas d'avoir des centaines de planètes vide ou tu passeras 2 minutes dessus avant de te rendre compte qu'elles n'ont aucun intérêts, non, justement leur but c'est d'avoir un univers ou la vie est présente partout ! Et c'est la que représente le défi comme tu le dis si bien, parce qu'un univers si grand totalement interactif ne sera pas évident a mettre en place ! Mais en tout cas je pense qu'on attend tous énormément de ce jeu que l'on attend depuis si longtemps ! Ce sera vraiment génial d'avoir un si grand univers (oui oui je me répète ^^) dans lequel on retrouve ce qui nous a tant plus dans ce premier volet ! Et bien sur, on attend aussi un scénario digne de ce nom ! Je pense qu'on aimerait tous savoir l'origine de toute cette histoire, d'ou viennent les Domz ? Enfin bon, en espérant que la communauté et les fans pourront participer a ce projet qui s'annonce extraordinaire !
  305. Luuk van Hemert
    It looks so nice. I hope there are going to be some small easter eggs too.;);)
  306. DarkEnder2501
    Uh looks extremely good. I like the Information leaking mechanic
  307. This is looking A-MEI-ZING! really nice work, I can't wait till the next update!! I just wanted to say thank you for making this real (not looking at you Valve ¬¬) and as some have already mentioned, please make 3-4 maybe 5 planets max and concentrate on making them the best you can, we really don't need another No Man's Sky experiencie. once again, thanks for making this and keep the good work :) Much love <3
  308. WOW!! I loved!
  309. Hello from the UK! Great demo, the world shaping asteroids were mind blowing! The technology sets a good foundation for what you're trying to build, would like to have seen the contrast in controlling the larger ship. Does it maneuver in the same way? Also, loving the dialogue between devs and fans, keep up the great guys! :D
  310. The spaceship races are going to be so good. Space combats with eventual PvP as well ? Ancel said "real dog fighter" when talking about the smaller one. Great sens of scale and speed, overall very good engine !
  311. Looks great ! Looking forward to see another glimpse of your work ! Keep it on guys !
  312. I'm a bit concerned about the "create your own character" part: Would honestly prefer a predesigned player figure, who is properly implemented into the main story and owns a unique personality. Those tool box characters à la MassEffect never really did it for me :/
  313. DigitalDaigor
    Just WOW! There is some spaceship speed limit with different atmosphere density(with damages if run faster)? Damages on wrong approach to the atmosphere and landing? This game will be EPIC!
  314. And do you know if the framerate will be consistent on consoles, because it looks pretty hard to optimize the engine on consoles (look at No Man's Sky on PS4)
    1. guest-FhaE20co
      Hopefully the experience can be one, that allows us to chose how we tackle resolution and frame rate (just like nioh) giving us options with a preference of frame rate over resolution or vice versa. Perhaps even one that allows us to push for a full 1080p or 4k plus 60fps.
    2. In all fairness, It's tough to compare No Man's Sky's optimisation to this, when NMS only had a small team of around 12 devs, only 3-5 of which were capable of optimising it. This game has a full studio behind it. It'll still be a challenge to optimise it, but that's just a bad comparison :)
  315. Ah j'ai encore une question, et celle-ci je la passe en anglais : quid du modding ? Je vous préviens que cette vidéo fait déjà énormément parler autour de moi et c'est presque LA première interrogation : la vidéo et l'univers et l'ambition seraient une voie royale pour le modding. Considérez Bethesda. Un jeu Bethesda non moddé est un jeu de merde. Un jeu Bethesda moddé est totalement sublimé (et je ne parle pas des japoniaiseries). Aussi talentueuse que soit une équipe, elle ne le sera jamais autant que des milliers de petites mains de moddeurs créatifs. ---------------------------------- Hey guys I forgot: WHAT ABOUT MODDING? Mods are life (into safe hands). The game has many promises. Look about Bethesda's games. A beth' game is nothing without the Nexus community. BGE2 can be very HUGE if people can mod and share. Think about the life of the game with modders. Your team is a beginning, but a game with modders is anything.
  316. I am so relieved to see the camera comeback. As a kid i loved trying my hardest to get the best photoshot, And then calling myself an professional artist. Im just sooooooo hypeeed. i just hope you can do the species detection thing again. and i love the differend kinds of cultuur that where added to the species.. thanks for keeping that in <3. btw so beautiful
  317. Very impressive technology. I can see myself spending hours searching the planets for cool locations.
  318. Theskyrimkid1
    Absolutely fantastic work so far, i can tell this game is going to be something special, please keep up all updated!
  319. Merci d'avoir enfin réalisé le rêve de beaucoup de joueurs. Travaillez bien, réfléchissez bien, prenez votre temps. Vous êtes sur la bonne voie. Hâte d'en voir plus. Merci à vous.
  320. Très prometteur comme premier aperçu!!! La manière dont le moteur gère les effets météos du cycle de rotation est saisissant!! Est il possible d'envisager une sorte de gestion de flotte,une fois obtenu un ou le vaisseau mère pour récupérer ou enquêter sur des événements aléatoires dans d'autres systèmes solaires qui feront évoluer en bien ou en mal l'économie de ce système,et par conséquent la renommée de notre "crew". De même pour la chute d'astéroïdes : peuvent t-ils frapper une planète de manière suffisamment destructrice pour l'éradiquer totalement et et voir sa civilisation migrer vers d'autres systèmes??? Trop de fantasmes sur votre projet,j'en peux plus!!! Félicitations à l'équipe pour la direction artistique,j'attends déjà l'artbook!!! Merci à tous ceux qui bossent,qui vont bosser sur ce soft , accrochez vous et que cet univers blé devienne VOTRE univers! Merci pour le trailer E3, sincèrement ça faisait longtemps que j'avais pas ressenti ça... Même pour apporter des cafés à cette team et faire parti de cette aventure je veux bien prendre un congé sans solde :) Et j'embarquerai spider cochon au passage.. (zhou yuzhu et ses origines porcines sont bien représentées) Je sais c'était long....
  321. C'est plutôt sympa, la conduite de vaisseau à l'air agréable, surtout faire des drift. Allez good dev
  322. Very cool presentation Michel ! It looks awesome, maybe too awesome to hope an early release of this game in the next two years... I really enjoyed the connexion with BGE 1 with the camera gameplay and I hope there will be more BGE stuff in this game (races, mini-games, stealth missions...) Also I would like this game to have a HQ like the lighthouse in the first episode. That's really good stuff, thanks for sharing it with us !
  323. Good stuff mate, impressive graphics, give me more
  324. c'est vraiment impressionnant, sur certains points ça me fait penser un peu à skies of arcadia, notamment ce concept d'équipage qui ne se contente pas d'être une simple liste de nom dans un menu déroulant et celui des poupées russes (à la différence que notre repaire dans lequel le vaisseau se planquait et où l'on pouvait discuter avec l'équipage était une ile fixe et non un plus gros vaisseau). d'ailleurs je pense qu'une base fixe ne serait pas un mal, dans ce dernier on pourrait par exemple regrouper différents types de vaisseaux à embarquer dans le gros, (pourquoi pas un vaisseau pour attraper des asteroides, un autre pouvant servir de sous marin sur les surfaces aquatiques, celui de la vidéo etc), en tout cas cette vidéo m'a vendu du rêve.
  325. Really impressive to have not just an open world, but an open universe without any loading times! I do hope that the planets are not just a handful of cities with loads and loads of nothingness in between them like you see in this tech demo, but I'd rather see fewer and smaller planets which are filled with interesting places and are more interesting to interact with. Keep up the good work!
  326. LadyNightlord24
    I am so excited for this, this is everything I could have ever hoped for BGE2!!! Can't wait to see more!
  327. First of all thanks for making this happening. Second, i really love the feeling of scale input by this engine into the game, its still in early stages but i hope to see lots of more stuff. About what we have seen so far, i really enjoy the whole idea of scale and that we can create our own character if i am not mistaken. I am really looking forward to see more development and i also hope that the game has a great co-op feature with a great story input into it. Thanks again for making this happening , we waited for so long , a few more time isn't that hard.
  328. This looks really nice. You guys should concentrate on quality overr quantity though. Many planets would be nice but if they are empty and there isn't a lot to explore then they'd be useless. The whole space monkey program is an awesome idea and thank you for letting the community see stuff like that! :)
  329. Is fantastic, but do not forget the culture and the characters that live on this planet that in my opinion was one of the best things in the game, and I hope they do not finish a game with a world of exploration, but scenarios and npcs with nothing special (That's what I see in most of today's open world games)
  330. The engine simply looks amazing! I am very curious how you are gonna make the planets feel alive and changing. Please don't repeat the same mistake that No Man's Sky did ;-)
  331. I'm really happy that I saw something on actual game engine. I was little worried that on E3 there was only CGI trailer but now everything looks like it going in the right direction. Also I really like that idea of big and small ship. It remainds me a lot od BG&E1
  332. It looks so great so far! I'm so excited to see the universe grow throughout development!
  333. Jasper94Waria
    A very, very ambitious project you guys have going on here. First impressions show that there are a lot of planets for the player to explore, but the question remains is what can they actually do there? I hope we'll get more info on this in future videos!
  334. I hope the game doesn't crumble under its ambition. Game looks good at this stage.
  335. I Really love the Russian Doll Spaceships idea. It is a fresh idea that has never been seen before. Also the planetary and dynamic space system is awesome, I just hope the game won't lose the density of the amount of things you can do in the world over the quantity of planets in the games
  336. Looks pretty good so far. I would suggest something like others did already. Focus on a few planets and fill them. I'm thinking about something like Mass Effect, just in a little bit bigger scale. I hope it will be story driven like the first one. With a beginning and an ending.
  337. This update made my jaw collapse. It's pretty rare seeing a true visionary, extremely talented person like Michel working and explaining his vision like this. I'm truly amazed, and I'm looking forward to the next update. By far, the game looks incredible!
  338. Hey, I have got to admit, this has me so happy and so affraid at the same time. The demo, thou sometimes a bit rough around the edges, looks amazing. The scale, the art direction, the interaction and just the overall feel - it´s simply stunning. Hearing all these ideas, planet-wide modification, exploration on a universe-scale and a complex world, it all sounds too good to be true. It reminds me of the grand promises made with No Man´s sky. This is why i hope you guys will continue to communicate clearly with the community and be transparent. I think no-one here wants this game to fail, quite the opposite. So many fans, either old-timers that played BG&E and newcomers that were left wanting more after the phenomenal Trailer, you gotta make use of this ! Your Space Money Program seems to me like the first step into the right direction ! A Communication-Channel between Community and Fans ! On a more sombre note, i´d like to see more of the other biomes. The Demo, while already very amazing, looks a little bleak - being mostly desert. Also I´d love to see more of the city close up ! All in all this first look paints a picture of a game brimming with potential.
  339. mircoracing1993
    Very nice but I think you should not listen to users, too many ideas confuse developers, destroying projects. This game is yours, Ancel and all developers who are creating it, use your ideas. As a user I only hope the game is not multiplayer and has the atmosphere of the first. Brace yourself and keep it up
  340. BananeFromHel
    Bien le bonjour à vous, Votre technologie est vraiment très intéressante. Le challenge concernant l'absence des temps de chargements a été totalement respecté. De plus, nous pouvons constater qu'il y a une réelle ambition de donner vie au jeu, notamment avec les météorites (ne pas se limité à la pluie et le soleil) et le déplacement dans l'espace. De surcroît, les petits boulots comme livrer des pizzas pour se payer son premier vaisseau offrira le sentiment de vivre une épopée au joueur. Toutefois, le plus compliqué sera de rendre ce monde ouvert interactif et exploitable peu importe ou l'on se trouve. On peut voir sur ce prototype qu'il y a différents biomes qui sont encore déserts. Il faudra que le joueur est un réel intérêt de se rendre n'importe où en ces lieux. Suite à cela, nous pouvons conclure pour un premier bilan que BGE 2 est capable d'avoir sa place au sein des plus gros triple A du moment. Il est prometteur et ambitieux. Continuez votre travail. Cordialement, Morgan (Banane From Hell).
  341. First the slightly negative. I am hopeful that this does not suffer the same fate as No Man's Sky. From what I have seen so far, it looks to be a step above and makes me happy but I will have to wait and see how the planets turn out. I hate to say it, but take a page from Minecraft, try to give the planets more diverse and individual regions. Planets do not have one type of terrain and exploring a monotone planet would be boring. We don't need a Hoth Planet, or Endor, ala Star Wars and (once again) No Man's Sky. And that is the end of the negative. So far the setting looks wonderful, the size and scope does as well. Being able to own a multitude of ships and keeping them is intriguing. It makes me wonder if you can have an armada at your disposal. Graphically it is stunning. The level of detail on the Ganesh statue is awesome. You can see the light reflection of individual panels giving it a feeling like it was a hand crafted statue. I could go on and wrote further, but as of right now, I am impressed. I know a few people above me are concerned with the possible departure of from the main setting of BGE1, but it wasn't just about those characters that I fell in love with the game. It was also about the world and the atmosphere as well. I look forward to seeing what you produce. Since we've had to wait this long, please just do it right.
  342. looks amazing, still has the vibe of the original thx to the camara and art style, #happy me
  343. Looks incredibly cool!! There's so much stuff going on already even though it seems like this is just the skeleton so far... Can't wait to see more of the development :) It seems like you guys are already covering what usually my main issue is with exploration- a lot of games just don't have a lot to explore. Everything with landmarks, and the way areas transition already sounds super promising though, so I'm sure it'll turn out cool!
  344. Well, I'm impressed. Looks like you've got a solid engine there, and know how to get the most out if it. Also, the visual design and color palette is beautifully vibrant. Love it. I can't help but worrying about feature creep though. You seem to have massive ambitions of what you want the final game to be. What BGE was, above all, was a masterfully crafted, well paced and most importantly focused adventure. It told an interresting tale about relateable characters in a colorful, imaginative and bloody charming world. I hope that doesn't get lost in the process here. You don't need athomsperic friction, spaceships within spaceships, open charachter creation and solar system sized open worlds for that.
  345. C'est vraiment impressionnant, j'espère vraiment que vous arriverez à rendre les planètes réellement vivante. Le premier BGE étais déjà magnifique, si vous arrivez à atteindre vos objectifs celui sera exceptionnel, un jeu unique en son genre et un bel hommage au premier.
  346. It was a really interesting video, you've done a lot since those years and I'm happy you can finally reach your ambition. Keep talking with us :)
  347. The game is extremely impressive, even at the state it's in. The two things I remember most, in terms of gameplay or lack thereof, from beyond good and evil 1 was the lack of verticality and how I'd always be bumped back by the turrets at the outside of the playable zone. It's awesome to see that you're paying close attention to scale because that is what beyond good and evil 1 lacked, at least in part. I'm interested to see the scale change when the character is inside the city because that's where I feel it will matter most. "You are now leaving territorial waters" Damn right!
  348. Wow Wow Wow ! This démo is very impressive ! I hope, this game will be a huuuuge game !
  349. See that skeleton on the right ? Died waiting this BGE2 I guess... - I'm teasing you Craters impacts really impressed me. If the goal is to get a constant landscape evolution on that planet face, it would be awesome. Waiting to see how rich will the cities be, and also how complex will social interactions between main and AI characters be. I expected a photo mode, to keep that taste of "wow, this zone is forbidden, but let's show what I found to everybody"... And on fully open world, that could happen anywhere at any scale : from a street corner to an unusual movement over a planet. I find it exciting, and I'm happy that you kept that game's main gene. Seems to be a good start on the whole, waiting to see more !
  350. Wow such an ambitious project, keep it up !
  351. thanks, that's was awesome, can't wait to see more. Keep up the good work !!
  352. StallionWorks
    It looks and sounds amazing. The ability for traveling at a speed of your own choice gives the player the option whether or not to appreciate the views or travel quickly to another planet in minutes. Also, the scale is one thing that I often find can be misleading, like the amazing spiderman game where highrise buildings seem to be particularly short. No overall, it looks amazing and the fact that there are real-time events going on when you don't know leaves the player with more to look back to and hopefully spend more hours. Only thing I am scared of is the effect all the events might have on the frame rate as being a Beyond Good and Evil lover, the smoothness and overall gameplay of the original made it the game it was. Including the best storyline ever of course.
  353. I really enjoyed this first video! Before I tell you my opinion about the story-related part, I want to comment on the things which we could see here in the first place. The game demo looked like a well made mix of BGE1 and something new. I liked the smoothness of the movements - the characters and the ships alike. The idea of showing the different scales is great. I would love if the actual objects like the statue were not simple objects, but also interactable. For example, mines inside of a mountain, or tourist-attractions inside of a statue. The effects like glowing, light, planets and their spheres were cool! You should keep it minimalistic in my opinion - unless there is something like a space-fight. The sounddesign was nice, I liked the new version of the BGE1 music! In touch with the tribal percussion sounds, it really fits the atmosphere. I would love some variety - as the planets and cultures are different too. A big challenge will be to keep a straight story. Of course, there will be alot of things to do, alot of things to explore. But it seems, the trend for thousands of side-quests is going down over the last couple years. People love collectibles - especially we, the long time waiting fans! - but please try to avoid quests like "collect 10 XYZ", "kill 20 XYZ", like they use to do in MMORPG's. I think, one of the main reasons people wait for the sequel - or in this case prequel - is the story about the DomZ. I won't spoiler (though it would surprise me, someone would not know it), but all the open questions we had while seeing the ending and the cliffhanger were totally freaking us out. So, what is about Jade? How will Pey'j s story go on, after what happened to him at the end of the credits? I really, really hope, these questions will be answered and there will be some crossing. My biggest fear was that we would not understand what was going on there, because BGE2 turned out to be a prequel. The DomZ should be involved in the prequel too. In BGE1, the DomZ were already in a quite high position, so maybe there could be some way to find out more about their rise. It's 15 years ago, and i was so fascinated by the DomZ style back then. The scary cathedral, the incredibly cool voice of the DomZ priest and the bone-like monsters. With BGE2 taking place in a universe where different races meet together, there should be some "strangers". Like the reapers in mass effects or the DomZ in BGE1. But these should be very hard to cover, so there is this big bad unknown entity out there, which keeps us players being curious over a very long time. It should be explored very, very slowly within the story. Maybe, the more power we have as space captains, the more ressources and possibilities we have to invest in some research. I mean, if the story of BGE2 is somehow connected to the first part, there should be some connection anyway, which should not be given away right at the beginning. About the comparing with No Man's Sky, I have some additional points. I have played it alot when it came out, and one of the biggest disappointments was the finite variety of generated objects. After some time, the player just knew everything. And he gets bored then. This is not as easy to solve, as it sounds, because even in the real world, people become bored and literally blend out all the things that happen around them. So, in order to prevent this, there are two options: 1. Offer a huge, huge variety of different plants, creatures, buildings, etc... or, 2. Make more use of the things which are already there. Maybe some plants have a special effect on hybrids? Maybe, there is a hidden tribe that knows about a related secret? Though, in a huge universe, such things can really get lost in the mass. And for my last words, I really hope there will be some deluxe-editions when the game will come out. With some goodies, some collector-figures or something like that. I would even love something in DomZ-style (which depends on how or if the DomZ will even take part there), for example an alien-USB stick. Thank you very much for this first video, Michel!
  354. Hello, it looks really cool, I am really excited! I wish to see more of a more lively environment to have a look on forests and animals. I am looking forward to seeing more content ! Good continuation devs, you're doing great!
  355. super ! Le jeu a l'air vraiment génial ! Ce qui m'effraie un peu c.est la grandeur des planète et de l'univers : ne serait ce pas trop grand ? Vraiment hâte de voir la suite ! Bon courage !
  356. It looks awesome and by the looks of it it might have been worth waiting so long But please make an amazing story where you get really attached to the characters like in the first game because i remember crying when pey'j got kidnapped and i wanna cry again in this game haha And one more thing: THANK YOU!!
  357. Vraiment impressionant tout ça. Je suis vraiment épaté et à fond sur ce projet.Bon courage à toute l'équipe !
  358. We don't need many many worlds. Just a few that are really detailed. I'm also worried about the narrative direction of the game in such a huge space and custom characters. I was annoyed that it's a prequel but at this point, it might as well be called another IP entirely as it has so few ties to the original. I was ecstatic about the game at first and now I'm worried the sequel I wanted has disappeared from existence.
  359. Superb demonstration! Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to know more about the character creation process (which I really REALLY hope you implemented multiple races for your character. I want to be space pirate crocodile hybrid! )
  360. KennyDareDevil
    OMG! It's awesome! Graphics is so beautiful! I want it! I believe in you and your project! Good luck guys!
  361. Wouahhh je suis impressionné! De ce que j imagine, nous avons un gros vaisseau mère qui pourra donc nous permettre de voyager entre les différents systèmes planaires et le petit vaisseau qui pourra nous faire voyager à l interieur d un système planaire. Ca c'est cool. Question : sur une planète y aura t'il des spatio port dans les villes afin de les explorer a pied ou juste on laisse le petit vaisseau en vol stationnaire et on sort en jet pak?
  362. Vraiment intéressant et impressionnant. J'ai hâte d'en apprendre plus pour mieux comprendre l'orientation du projet. Et merci du french accent je comprends beaucoup mieux l'anglais ainsi. :-P
  363. super excited for this game! having never played the original, the e3 trailer, as well as the in-engine demo video, are making me find ways to play the original in anticipation for the release of BGE2!
  364. This looks so amazing, I can already now feel the urge to explore every corner. Stand some where and try to get amazing screenshots. Keep up the great work guys.
  365. Bonjour, Jeu très ambitieux, Mais si Michel Ancel est à la direction ça ne peu que se passer bien :) PS : Accent génial haha
  366. This is amazing, can't wait to see the next space monkey video XD you guys are doing a great job so far, keep it up and we may have another classic on our hands (also secretly hoping that Mei isn't the only felis sapien and we get to be one)
  367. TheKingXtheDead
    vraiment interesant le son la musique et le graphique et vraiment bien commencer ,jai hate de voir le developement de se jeu.
  368. THAT'S SO COOL omg <3
  370. First and foremost, AMAZING work thus far. This game seems to hold incredible potential! As already expressed, scale can be a dubble edged sword. It needs to be done right in order for the world to feel alive, and not empty and too scattered. Often a smaller game world with more quality goes a long way - so perhaps fewer planets and limited zones but brimming with life? Do you developers want more assistance and comments on the Macro or the Micro level at the moment?
  371. wow! really excited about this game
  372. Vraiment vraiment incroyable, j'me sens un peu comme le squelette dans le coin après toutes ces années, mais j'ai juste a voire cette vidéo pour me dire que ça vallait le coup d'attendre, ce jeu a l'air fantastique !
  373. It looks incredible! I know with the business of games it's to get them out as fast as possible but I'm glad this didn't come out around the time of the first teaser trailer. You all waited for the technology to meet your ambition and didn't settle for anything less. I am 100% on board with this no matter how long it takes because masterpieces take time and attention.
  374. I hope it's big but content and depth are more important for me. It would be great if after finishing the game we could still interact within its universe in a meaningful manner. Not exactly like Fallout and its Settlements but something similar.
  375. I am super excited to get more and more updates and information on the new BGE game. Now, for me I really loved the new maneuvers for flying compared to the first BGE game. Which is understandable with the gap between 2003 and 2017. Will we see Megaptera anaerobia out in space? The graphics look amazing, even for being early development. Knox's fur looks amazing! I am really loving the space graphics and movement!
  376. This is really awesome, I do hope the planets won't be too generic though, I'd rather see less planets that are more interesting and distinctive than a lot of planets that quickly start to feel repetitive
  377. TheMetalMrest
    This video was just a little game walkthrough and I already enjoyed everything that is until now done. We can travel all around a planet, knowing that there are even bigger planets around, each one with its own esence, with its own live. -Meteors are just perfect, please don't change that! -Beginning as a normal pirate with a normal ship and then advance to even better and bigger ships it's also great. -I see that the character selection is also going to be big, so every player will enjoy its character and I think you also said something about a custom character, that is a nice feature for the game. -The details are awesome, in Ganesha's statue we can see each plate really good, I am really excited! I know that you are still in planets progress and else and you are not into DLC's or maybe easter eggs yet, but I would really be happy, if the spaceship from BGE1 could also be in this game... That would be my wish. :D What I also wanted to know is that if we are going to be able to post a video of us playing when the Space Monkey Program releases its Test-Beta. It would be nice. I don't really know if the Space Monkey Team can see this comment, but if you do, just say thank you for doing this game, I waited so long for it and now that is in development I can't wait longer to try it out, but take your time and do this game the best you can do. I hope I can see more of it soon enough, thank you!
  378. guest-j3khF9te
    I loved the look of the game, the scales are amazing, i hope we can see some planets inhabitants soon. the flying system looks very good, so the crew will only have NPC's or can we have other gamers? i think that would be cool
  379. Vraiment impressionnant! Je suis un grand fan du jeu Elite: Dangerous, dans lequel on retrouve énormément de choses de votre projet, même s'il se concentre bien sur plus sur le pilotage et le combat que BG&E2 pour l'instant. Le moteur d'Elite ne permet pas de transitions sans temps de chargement, il y a un petit temps d'attente (maquillé certes, mais toujours un chargement), et c'est ce qui m'impressionne le plus dans votre moteur : la capacité de générer un environnement aussi large (tout un système au final), tout en gardant les détails à l'échelle humaine qui rendent l'univers beau et immersif (d'ailleurs énorme bravo pour la statue, voir les plaques de métal et les rivets qui la composent est vraiment génial). Je me souviens encore tourner pendant des heures avec le Beluga, voler au dessus des moulins à vent sur les collines (et peut-être aussi tirer sur des vaisseaux innocents juste pour écouter toutes les lignes de dialogue...), et rien que ces petites choses rendaient le jeu infiniment plus immersif. Cette vidéo m'a aussi fait prendre conscience de ce que le jeu était, comment il se jouerait, et la liberté semble être énorme. Mais je suis surtout fan de Beyond Good & Evil, et ce qui m'a le plus marqué dans ce magnifique jeu est l'attachement émotionnel qui se développe avec les personnages, tous uniques, même les PNJ. C'est vraiment ce que je voudrais retrouver dans BG&E2, la liberté d'explorer un monde imaginaire qui me fait oublier qu'il est imaginaire tant il est détaillé et immense, tout en gardant cette attention aux personnages et aux histoires qui se créent dans ce monde, pas juste un univers sandbox, mais vivre de vraies aventures, avec de vrais personnages, une histoire (tant passée que présente). Encore une fois, super impressionné par cette démo technique, hâte d'en voir plus, et merci pour votre investissement, vraiment!
  380. Haruka_Tavares
    That was a great video! It is impressive to see the different scales you can achieve. Good luck for the project!
  381. Magnifique! This looks great, I can't wait! Thank you for sharing!
  382. It looks immense. Can't wait to see more
  383. AlexRocaSanchez
    Dat scale! Looks promising. it's really impressive how you change the scale in real time without loading tech wise. I assume it may require a lot of tricky memory usage. I wonder how are going you to handle the mixture between prodecural creation with polishing or creating by hand to populate these planets and cities in a way that isn't too repetitive, empty and boring as happened in No Man's Sky.
  384. The wait is killing me....
  385. This is very ambitious, maybe way too much. As a community, we have been betrayed many times by people who made fake promises about their projects. But this time I'm convinced you will make it. I loved the first BGE, even if it is just part of the original project. Maybe now the technology is ready. I really hope so. Thankk you anyway for this ray of hope. Keep up the good work!
  386. Best Regards from Spain! I think the work you are doing is awesome and I am very excited about the game. My only complain is that I think is going to be better for you and the game if you can concentrate in 10 planets (for instance) in order to fill them in with aliens, people, main and side missions. I know that your project is very ambitious but be careful, because we all want to live/play and authentic space adventure such as (Mass Effect, Space Uncharted/The Withcher...something like that). We trust and support you all but this is my honest feedback. In my theather class it is normally said: "Sometimes, less is more".
  387. Sounds awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on this game. <3
  388. C'est franchement impressionnant ! Ça me donne même le vertige, j'espère sincèrement que vous allez trouver le juste équilibre entre le niveau de détails et l'immensité de la zone d'exploration... Comme je l'ai lus précédemment, évité de reproduire les erreurs du triste no man's sky... l'univers de BGE est tellement atypique et envoûtant, cet license mérite un monde haut en couleurs, plein de vies et non pas un bac a sable géant mais sans intérêt. J'ai confiance en vous pour faire un jeu à la hauteur de vos ambitions et qui plaiera aux fans de la première heure et aux nouveaux joueurs. Bonne chance pour le développement et prenez le temps qu'il faut on a déjà attendue 15 ans on peut bien attendre quelques années de plus. -Un joueur qui retrouve espoir. PS: Jade est sans doute un peu trop jeune mais Pey'j lui est dans la force de l'âge, un petit caméo ferais plaisir aux fans ;)
  389. guest-FhaE20co
    I love the demo presented and it is good to see the game in some playable state. However I wouldn't being lying if I said I wasn't worried. As it is an amazing thing that the game is so big and expansive and that there is tech, built in house to help provide the image and direction the team has in mind; I wonder how detailed will the actually worlds be. Not just in size, but in culture. Will there be many npcs roaming about, who give life to the various places on earth (and possibly other planets) will there be enough distinct personality to provide each city,town,etc. with its own distinctive feel and landmarks that players can associate with and be immersed in.
  390. Ça a juste l'air vraiment fou !!! J'espère que vous arriverez au bout de ce projet qui semble avoir une sacrée identité et un énorme potentiel. Comme dis plus haut ne vous lancez pas dans la création de centaines de planètes juste quelques une avec un bon scénario et ce jeu sera une pépite !!! Bon courage a toutes et a tous hâte de voir la suite.
  391. All of this is very cool. If the story and the game are good, I will love this game! From the look of it, the world will be very detailed which is a good thing for History craving people like me. This was an "in-engine demo" so much can change for better or worse, but I have faith in you guys BGAE was a good game and im looking foward to it. Good luck from the Space monkeys!
  392. It looks super ambitious but i am scared its too ambitious. I hope the planets won't turn out to be full of boring patches with only a few cities of activity in them. I did like the little touch with the hyper speed initializing countdown but would prefer a 3,2,1 instead of a 1,2,3
  393. Huge project you guys have here, and so far looks damn good. Still, this is in-engine and not a final product. The only thing that worries me is the flying around the planet aspect, I can see multiple players getting confused in this idea. I do suggest to fill it up with geographical data instead of fake buildings everywhere. Like the sand desert, add trees and rocks with grass flowing through the mountains. Maybe waterfalls, all this adds up immersion. Still amazing that it even works though. Looking forward in new space monkey updates.
  394. Incredible ! I'm looking forward to it ! Keep in mind to have a huge personality in this project not be too much open because it will lost something which is BGE ! French : Hate de retrouver plus de featurs et une grande envide de donné des idées! :D
  395. guest-FhaE20co
    I love the demo presented and it is good to see the game in some playable state. However I wouldn't being lying if I said I wasn't worried. As it is an amazing thing that the game is so big and expansive and that there is tech, built in house to help provide the image and direction the team has in mind; I wonder how detailed will the actually worlds be. Not just in size, but in culture. Will there be many npcs roaming about, who give life to the various places on earth (and possibly other planets) will there be enough distinct personality to provide each city,town,etc. with its own distinctive feel and landmarks that players can associate with and be immersed in. Not only that but how will things fair on console as with what is being shown, one cannot help but think that there is more to come and I worry that possibly consoles may not be able to handle all of the work ( bu then I could be wrong and exaggerating how things will be, also keep in mind Dynamic Resolution Scaling) With that being said, it looks as if mechanically the game is already there and it just needs more additions to it, I hope combat will be satisfying and the world will have incentive on heavy exploration, not just for story purposes but for content that allows player to discover something new. The demo say a lot even with so little actually being said.
    1. guest-FhaE20co
      Edit* I apologize if there is two of my comments as one of them (the incomplete one) automatically just posted and I had no idea why.
  396. Annoying_fr0g
    I've waited for literally over half my life for a sequel and this actually looks like it could live up to the expectations I've had the time to build up. Well done Ubisoft!
  397. Character creation? Nice. But i hope they have a beautiful deep personality that makes me fall in love with them like Jade's. Glad to see there's a sense of progression with ships and travelling and stuff. It isn't necessary but it makes this giant adventure feel personal. The pizza idea sounds great if that type of detail can be maintained throughout. And the way the journalism/photography aspect is applied, sounds good too. Really glad there is this "human" aspect to what we will be doing. I hope the scale can be seen in game when you're close to bigger stuff. Maybe thriugh clever camera angles or something just to briefly give you the sense of it. But I imagine when you're in the city, you can feel it. Ship movement looks good. But I hope we're not the only ones with ships flying around. Loved how BG&E felt so alive, and I hope I can feel it here too in busy places. Also hope that the city has rules about what you can and can't do like bge did with going too far out. But more about speed limits and height and we can't just zip around doing whatever we want without getting into trouble. Was worried about huge planets, but love the thoughts and planning behind having the city protected behind a satellite planet, and then the rest being mostly barren besides a few landmarks. Just those extra touches are pleasing to the heart and mind. The meteor ideas too sound interesting too. I wonder if and how the Domz will come into this, huh?
  398. Logged in, No video...
  399. this wait has been killing me....i want it....
  400. Hi, It's amazing. Alive planets... just awesome. I want to know the name of this engine, and see more of his developpment features ! Can't wait to see more gameplay, assets and techs. Is there a time management between planets, AI.. ? Thanks
  401. Just wow ! It's just engine demo but it's impressive, i'm look forward to doing see more. BGE is promised to a good future. BGE is eternal. ;)
  402. It's really cool! I'm looking forward to seeing more of the game.
  403. It's looking really promising already with the prototype! Couldn't be more enthousiastic than now. I really hope that you will be adding a deep and great storyline like in BGE1. That was what made the game one of the best for me. It also would be nice if the cliffhanger of BGE1 would somehow be explained in this game (even if it is a prequel)
  404. Très belle première démonstration montrant assez clairement la techno autour du jeu. Ceci dit, j'ai une interrogation. La dilution du contenu du jeu par rapport à l'échelle. S'il y a un exemple à ne pas suivre, c'est No Man's Sky. Un jeu qui promet une galaxie entière à explorer, c'est bien beau, mais quand les planètes ont toutes une impression de déjà vu, qu'elles contiennent les mêmes avant-postes, la même station spatiale, ça ne sert à rien d'avoir un terrain de jeu gigantesque si ce n'est au final qu'un copier-coller de ce qu'on voit partout. Idem pour des jeux comme Just Cause ou même The Crew qui proposent des terrains énormes mais pour une variété de contenu bien trop faible. Disposer de tout un système à explorer n'est pas une mauvaise idée en soi, cependant le contenu doit être suffisamment varié et intéressant pour qu'on ait envie d'explorer ces planètes en dehors des quêtes principales ET secondaires. Qu'on ait envie d'aller voir dans des biomes de jungle, de désert glacé, soit pour chiller et trouver de jolis paysages, soit pour trouver des trésors planqués, référencés par aucune carte ni par aucune quête. Un vrai sens de découverte mais qui ne doit pas, en soi, être trop fastidieux ou trop répétitif. Une idée à cela serait par exemple des chasses au trésor créés par les joueurs, et une chasse au trésor hebdomadaire que vous, développeurs, pourriez organiser, avec des récompenses uniques à la clé. Si on a des vastes environnements à disposition, autant pouvoir les utiliser en dehors du simple cadre des quêtes ou du scénario. On pourrait également créer des événements partout où on veut comme des courses de vaisseaux ou des arènes de tir, un peu comme Steep par exemple. Car en soi, le contenu que vous créerez dans le cadre du scénario de BGE2 ne suffira jamais (à moins d'y passer des années) à exploiter au mieux l'univers gigantesque qui est proposé. Il faut que les joueurs puissent exploiter cet univers, créer une base dans l'espace ou sur une planète, et pouvoir éventuellement contrôler un territoire à défendre en PVE. Créer des routes commerciales entre une planète minière et les grands hubs des planètes en les fournissant en matières premières. Il faut que les joueurs puissent exprimer leur créativité à travers des activités diverses et variées qu'ils peuvent établir quand ils le souhaitent. Qu'il s'agisse d'organiser des courses de tuk-tuk ou un service de livraison de pizza galactique en moins de 30 minutes. Devenir chasseur de primes ou au contraire pilleur de convois. Certaines quêtes secondaires pourraient servir à introduire ces activités dans les hubs, avant de pouvoir les établir soi-même. En fait, apporter ce côté RP au jeu pourrait permettre aux joueurs de "remplir" cet univers de contenu. Il ne faut pas que les planètes servent à l'exploration pure, elles doivent offrir suffisamment d'éléments aux joueurs pour pouvoir en faire ce qu'ils veulent. Construire un circuit. Etablir une base. Planquer un trésor. Eriger un phare. Installer un service à pizza. Bref, des éléments qui vont faire dire aux joueurs "wow, je peux faire ça où je veux" et que dans la mythologie du jeu cela contribue à la vie de cet univers. Enfin, concernant le dynamisme des environnements (notamment les chutes de météores), il serait intéressant d'appliquer un bouclier (comme dans BGE1, à alimenter avec un compte Optima™) afin que les villes, les villages et les bases/activités créés par les joueurs soient protégés de ces caprices galactiques, tout en laissant des "ouvertures" pour des trésors planqués par exemple. Avec un univers d'une taille pareille, le point clé numéro 1 c'est la diversité des activités possibles. Car si c'est pour avoir 3 hubs, 8 villages, 5 donjons par planète, et qu'on fait tout le temps la même chose, il n'y a pas tellement d'utilité à faire des planètes aussi grandes. Il faut donner aux joueurs le pouvoir de faire ce qu'ils ont envie d'être. Certes, ça fait un peu penser à Star Citizen vu comme ça, mais si on pose des bases pour laisser aux joueurs faire leurs propres quêtes, et les partager aux autres joueurs, alors le jeu en sera d'autant plus vivant.
  405. AlphaBlueLight
    Salut Michel, Accent anglais aussi bon que le mien... Vidéo bluffante, impressionnante, pour un premier contact ça laisse entrevoir quelque chose d'à part. Il ne reste plus qu'à patiemment attendre, ou pas, la suite. En s'interrogeant quand même, à savoir si l'histoire, les mécaniques et le système de jeu seront à la hauteur de cet univers et de son design. A bas les compromis, ne lâchez rien, il y a eu trop de déception dans l'industrie du jeu vidéo en 2017.
  406. Ce qui est sûr c'est que c'est impressionnant! Après ma plus grande peur pour BGE2 c'est que sa finisse comme No Man Sky, avec un monde immense mais rien a faire dedans. Quite à choisir je préfère n'avoir que 2-4 planètes avec beaucoup de villes et d'endroits créé par les développeurs qui ne se ressemblent pas tous. plutôt que 12 planètes qui sont codés entièrement par l'ordinateur où on voit trop les similitudes. Mais bon, pouvoir passer comme sa d'un jetpack à un vaisseau qui va à 20000Km/h c'est déjà incroyable!
  407. Une démonstration qui donne clairement envie de voir la suite et l'évolution de tous ça ! Je me demande toutefois si la partie spatiale sera elle aussi vivante, J'imagine que la démo présentée ici ne contient pas tous ce qui est prévu, mais pour une ville si grande, ça manquait un peu de vaisseaux, naviguer d'une planète à l'autre sans jamais rien croisé serait dommage. En tous cas, un grand bravo à tous ceux qui travaillent sur le jeux, cela faisait bien longtemps qu'aucun jeux ne m'avait fait autant envie autant à l'avance :)
  408. I am a game studant from Brazil can I make a character and send to you guys to maybe put it in the game. It would be awesome.
  409. JoblessBiscuit
    The game engine looks good, hopefully the developers won't rush this game and take enough time to make the game great!
  410. I am really impressed by your ideas and the possibilities of creating such worlds and adding to them a story and other qualities. I'm very curious about your next job. I know it's a demo yet, but I think you could use that technique for your favorite places on the planet. Something like marking the enemy in the new Assassin's creed, or wildlands, but it would only be about the places you visited and how the place changed for the time.
  411. Considering it is a work in progress, I was expecting something less polished. But it already looks amazing!!! I can't wait to get more information. I am worried that the scope might be too big, even with some randomly generated parts. And I still have my doubts about the multiplayer elements that the game will have. But I am very excited to finally see a new Beyond Good and Evil.
  412. This looks amazing but almost seems too good to be true. I am no tech head but I can't see this running well on a PS4/xbox1 and looking this good with this kind of scale. I have an inkling this may be a next gen game i.e. PS5? That is fine by me if it gives us a better game but the wait will be painful. I am of course more than happy for you to prove me wrong! Keep up the great work, can't wait to play!
  413. Looks brilliant guys, been waiting a LONG time for BGE 2 and quite frankly I'm not seeing much of of what I would expect here, but it looks brilliant in it's own way so am prepared to hang on for the ride. "If I asked the customer want they wanted, they would have just said a faster horse." Henry T Ford.
  414. It looks really good. I was very excited to hear that the camera aspect from the original game is brought back in a sense in this one. The graphics already look great to me. It would be really cool to have towns to visit under water. I do agree with CaninSpaceM, please give the worls if you are going to that well. I can't wait to explore them. I didn't see any mention to a combat system in this. What type will be used if that's an aspect of the game? I'm looking forward to seeing how it will develop and progress!
  415. I understand that it's not final graphics, but I'm loving the lighting in the demo! Using the sun as the light source and just moving it to change the time of day is impressive as hell. The flying controls in the spaceship look fun, but I wonder how it would differ for the mothership? I'd like to see some rough gameplay of that at some point. Oh and interiors! Talking a lot about how you can go inside everything made me crave to actually see what they're like, but I understand the game probably isn't at that stage yet.
  416. guest-GnYBFwra
    C'est vraiment top de voir ce que vous êtes en train de réaliser. Par contre il y a une chose que j'aimerais relever. Je pense que le mieux serait vraiment de faire par exemple 3-4 planètes très détaillées et pleines de vie (comme dans BGE 1) et non pas des centaines de planètes vides et sans histoires. Sinon je suis vraiment hyper par la venue de ce jeu, et j'ai pleinement confiance en Michel Ancel et son équipe.
  417. Autant je trouve que c'est techniquement impressionnant et j'ai hâte d'y poser mes papates dessus, autant c'est effectivement très ambitieux ! Le fait de vouloir voir grand et vivant à cette échelle est il humainement possible pour vous ? Comment créer des histoires passionnantes avec des personnages attachants à ce niveau là de gigantisme ? Je dis ça car j'ai déjà eu la déception d'une telle envergure avec Spore. Après le jeu ne fait que démarrer, et je trouve pour le moment que c'est juste impressionnant, il me tarde de voir l'évolution de ce jeu.
  418. Where is Jade? Im really want to see her
  419. Félicitations pour la mise en place de ce moteur qui semble tout à fait coller à ce que pourrait être BGE 2. Les effets (vitesse, frottements de l'air) sont parfaits. Les textures bien que ce soit un prototype sont suffisantes. La maniabilité semble bien aussi. L'anglais est parfait ! La rotation des planètes les 1 par rapport aux autres semble assez réaliste. Une petite idée qui m'ai venue en regardant la vidéo : -Il faudrait pouvoir "manger" le petit vaisseau avec le grand vaisseau en étant dans ce dernier (ce dernier étant derrière le petit vaisseau) afin de gagner du temps si on souhaite reprendre le Mother ship. Plutôt que d'aller dans le petit pour aller dans le grand et après contrôler le grand. Ça serait plus fluide en terme de gameplay. Merci de nous faire partager votre aventure, hâte de voir d'autres exploit de votre moteur "Voyager" ! :D Bon courage !
  420. Just finished watching the video and I'm blown away by the sense of scale! The engine demo looked amazing! But is this feasible? I mean, it sounds like it's going to be huge! I'm afraid that by the time this game is finished, the next generation will be here: the Universe is way too big for the game to be done in the next, what? 5 years? Not that I'm complaining, we've been waiting for so long, I don't mind waiting a few more years for a perfect experience! I'm just afraid you're aiming way too high and I don't want you to start cutting content/downgrading the game later on. All of those time concerns aside, it did look great and I would love to get my hands on it ASAP. Since it seems like you have pretty much nailed the nature/physics of the real World and space travelling, I wish you would have shown a little bit more of the small scale actions like moving, gunning... the basics of platforming. Guess I'll have to wait for another video... The physical effects and controls on the spaceship look awesome! Everything looks amazing really, 10/10.
  421. Superbe cette vidéo! Tout cela s'annonce incroyable pour le jeu à venir! Une seule inquiétude, comme mes camarades, j'espère que l'esprit du 1 qui m'a tant plu sera toujours au rendez-vous avec une orientation multi pas trop prononcée pour ne pas casser la structure du scénario. Mais j'ai confiance en votre équipe pour cela. Si en plus Christophe Héral participe au projet...l'ambiance y sera :-). En tout cas merci Michel d'y avoir cru si longtemps et de concrétiser nos espérances !!
  422. BulletMagnet24
    Great game engine, to really detailed and high res, is that truly a pulled back gaming engine, this is looking to be a great adventure, here to becoming more that the pizza delivery guy to legendary pirate
  423. Looks all very awesome, but i wish more explanation about the multiplayer/online part of it. Will it be rather a MMO or more like a some times there are some player which is play at the same time ghost? Proposals: Add a function to the big size ship to controll the ship over a bridge like Guns of Icarus with other crew members (NPC and real persons) and a function to get controle of one cannon of the ship while one or some of your crew members has controle over the rest of ship.
  424. For early prototype graphics looks just amazing. That space give me thrills, feel of how massive work done at this moment and how this technology can be used in the future. But first of all. I happy, that progect still alive and looks amazing. First one was one of my favorite childhood games. And i remember it now with warmth in the heart. Just thank you.
  425. That's what i call a perfect video game. i love what direction the game is going keep it up
  426. Awesome video! Will we soon see some land gameplay?
  427. Im really excited about this game, but please take the time you need, dont do repetitive or boring side missions and give the game the deep and magnific storyline that sure you have in your minds. Thank you Michel and all the team for give us illusion after 15 years. I hope this game will be my 2nd favourite game, because the first is amazing, guess what it is ;)
  428. Vraiment cool cette démo :) ! Hâte d'en voir plus ! Le moteur graphique à bien l'air impressionnant ! :)
  429. Tout ça est très intéressant, quel ambition ! J’espère juste que vous ne vous y perdrez pas... Ce gigantesque univers est génial mais seul il ne sert à rien... Un jeu bon et achevé sur tous les plans sera toujours supérieur à un sublime bac à sable vide. J’espère donc que votre travail et les prochaines vidéos seront à propos d’interactivité comme dit Michel; que l'histoire et les challenges seront à la mesure de ce superbe monde
  430. This looks fantastic! Can't wait til we get to try a version of the game for ourselves! Looking forward to seeing more of these dev videos, especially the ones revolving around the story and narrative!
  431. Amazing!!! Camera, specie identification, pearls, great and vast open world. Not too many planets, but highly paid attention per planet. Quality over quantity! I truly hope this game will have the sells beyond good and evil 1 should have had, while not getting overly mainstream! Keep the bge music, vibe and melancholy in this game as well. Will get is all nostalgic as hell!! Can't wait thanks a lot for doing this Michel and the entire team!! Ps: add a karper wearing a male kimono dress!
  432. Hi Space monkeys ! I'm sorry, I will write my comment in french. Comme tout le monde je suis fan de Beyond good and evil et j'attendais ce moment avec impatience. L'idée de partage est vraiment géniale et respectueuse du joueur, chapeau pour ça. C'est pourquoi je suis très confiant pour la suite et surtout confiant en vous Michel Ancel, de votre équipe et d'Ubisoft. Cette première vidéo work in progress est déjà très impressionnante sur pleins de points, les animations et les effets sont jolis, les nuages, l'atmosphere, les cratères en temps réel etc il y a déjà une grosse base (plus qu'une base même) de travail réalisé, c'est évident. Je suppose que vous travaillez en degrossissant au fur et à mesure, et que vous rentrerez dans les détails des villes ensuite, j'ai vraiment hâte de voir ;) Les designs de vaisseaux sont plus que réussi, j'adore. Pour ma part je dirais que la vidéo teaser de l'E3 m'as donné vraiment envie et m'a fait tellement rêver, que je vais être obligé d'en parler (je sais bien que le teaser c'est comme un film d'animation, c'est l'effet wahou et que ça ne peut pas être le jeu, mais c'est pour montrer que ce que je vais dire par la suite n'est pas qu'une question de graphismes). L'ambiance du teaser est juste parfaite, les personnages sont parfaits, bref pour moi c'est ça que j'ai envie de retrouver dans le jeu, des personnages avec une vraie DA et un charisme de fou (plus qu'un personnage que j'inventerais moi même), parce que j'ai envie d'être embarqué dans une histoire forte contrôlée par un point de vue de réalisateur et qu'il me surprenne. J'ai envie d'incarner ce singe tellement cool ou la fille hyper cool aussi (et canon... j'ai oublié son nom) qui n'auront qu'un tuctuc scooter volant et essaieront d'atteindre leur rêve, qu'ils fassent des petits boulots, dex taches ingrates et par la suite s'associer avec des pirates aux caractères bien trempés, rencontrer des "méchants" ou personnages hauts en couleurs etc. J'adore l'idée de commencer le jeu en étant dans un premier temps "au sol", sans argent, à explorer une ville pleine de vie, avec des quartiers miteux, qu'on sente la crasse, le danger etc que les personnages galèrent vraiment au début (mais encore une fois avec une vraie histoire, pas juste des évenements ou des missions, des quêtes à remplir, des objets à collectionner ou à ramasser...) cette privatisation aidera au niveau scénario et identification aux personnages, ça nous fera vraiment apprécier la liberté, l'envie d'aventure, d'exploration par la suite. Mais comme je disais, j'ai confiance car ce sont des points que vous avez évoqué à l'E3, c'était juste pour confirmer que, à titre personnel, je veux votre point de vue, votre univers, votre patte graphique, vivre une aventure puissante, avec son lot de trahisons, de vengeances, de drames, de joies, de beauté (avec la photographie), de justice... bref l'histoire est plus importante à mes yeux que l'exploration à grande échelle. Et si jamais vous arrivez à faire les deux ce sera un jeu incroyable! Dans beyond good and evil on ne visitait quasiment qu'une ville (et du coup une ambiance distincte) par planète, peut être que quelque part c'était frustrant par rapport aux ambitions de départ, mais ça permettait peut être de bien controler la DA, de mettre du détail, de la vie, de se concentrer sur l'essentiel. Mais encore une fois, ne limitez pas vos ambitions, si vous arrivez à concilier puissance scénaristique et artistique avec exploration de l'univers, ce sera grandiose. Désolé pour le pavé, c'est la passion qui parle... et merci encore, vous assurez !
  433. The alpha looks great! I was really digging the music that was playing with the video today. I hope that was in game, Keep up the great work.
  434. Super présentation ! Plein de promesse pour le jeu finale et j'espère que vous pourrez les tenir ! Surtout celle de planètes vivantes. À mon sens, c'est sur cet aspect là que le jeu devra être complet. Malgré l'aspect réalistique des planètes que vous pourrez créer en terme de système physiques, il ne faudra surtout pas mettre de côté l'aspect humain et le nombres de quêtes et d'activités que le joueur pourra rencontrer durant son aventure. Courage et n'hésitez pas à réduire vos visions pour le jeu (surtout pour l'aspect ''ouvert'' des planètes), quitte à ce que le jeu soit riche en émotions. Bonne chance pour la suite !
  435. Me gustaría ir sabiendo todo lo relacionado con el juego, ya que es un juego que espero con mucha ilusión y el anterior ha sido un juego que marco mucha parte de mi vida.
  436. This was fun to watch, but none of what was shown here is the reason why people wanted a follow up to BGE1. The fact that you can zoom out into space seamlessly is nice, but there are a couple games out there that tried to sell their entire audiences on cheap gimmicks like this - one example being "No Man's Lie". I hope scale and grandeur are not the selling points of this title. So, before you guys scale everything out into space and make your ship go really fast I really hope you've put together a believable world on the ground first. I hope the next demo is demonstrating some environment interactions and gives us a sense of how intimate the world of BGE2 can be.
  437. 请勿水平或垂直翻转汉字 Please do not flip Chinese characters horizontally or vertically. I found the wrong Chinese characters in For Honor too.
  438. guest-MALab99r
    This looks great
  439. Ca a l'air très chouette, très joli, mais j'espère que les planètes ne ferons pas trop "vide". Je trouve bien plus intéressant un petit monde ouvert fourmillant de détails, et avec une réelle personnalité, qu'un monde ouvert gigantesque mais totalement générique (No Man's Sky, ou même Dagerfall avant lui en savent quelque chose...).
  440. This is a dream come true (for you and me) I loved the first game so much. This looks to be a very big undertaking but so far its looking great. I hope we can see the cities come to life soon. I think it will be a very hard task to make the planets not feel empty, what are your plans for this? Has the number of planets been decided on yet? Can you customize your ships? also, you say that photography is back, I really hope that means there is an animal/plant database like in the first game, is there? Sorry for so many questions I am just very excited for this game. Good luck Michel and BGE team;)
  441. CinnamonCaramel
    I can't wait to dive into this BGE2 world! See ya later dear Earth, I got other places to be.
  442. Very interesting demo! :) I noticed that is difficult to understand the proportions of the city and enviroment, I don't know if is because the ship is flying at an higher speed than the normal speed of a car or airplane. For example the planet's atmosphere seems smaller than the earth's atmosphere (the ship seems to reach the space, or the ground too speedy). An other example is the statue...when knox go near the statue it not seems so much big,but when he stops on its head and Michel zoom out the scalebeetween them is much bigger than I expected (is it normal or is it a problem of camera or something else?) At the end of the video I saw big landscapes with mountains etc...,so it will be great if you will be able to create these landscapes in a way that they will not result boring even if there will not cities or polulation. You could stops there and walking around only to see the enviroment, and this could not boring (sorry it's difficult for me explain this in english,I don't know if you understood) All the features that are explained in the video are very good (the exploration of the npc's ships, freedom, the open world without loadings, the planet's rotation and the change of the morphology cause to meteorites),good job I'm a little bit worried about the customizable character,I'm not sure it's the best idea,I would some more information about this feature. Good work team
  443. Love absolutely every ideal you worked into this game. it's very ambitious, but I trust you completely. The focus on interconnectedness is something I've never seen before in games and this could be so groundbreaking. Really hope that there's going to be a personal, choice driven storyline inside these awesome worlds you're creating. Seeing the spaceship flying in and out of the atmosphere brought a tear to my eye. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS. I will quit everything I do if you need any help with anything whatsoever.
  444. awesome work ubi,cant wait for this game. i better start saving up
  445. guest-ERbp5f9U
    That's a HUGE world. Hope to see more in the near future. And I totally enjoyed the video. Good job guys.
  446. I think it looks really good, the sheer thought of how open and detailed this world will be is amazing. The sense of scale really immerses you in the world. I hope most characters are as interesting as Knox. I'm really excited for the game.
  447. Incredible demonstration of the scale of everything; I'm blown away. I really hope the same sense of grandeur shown in the scale can be replicated in the vibrancy of the cities and other space ships travelling about.
  448. I'm interested in this game now but please give it enough time in the oven. Also use some black magic to get it running on the switch.
  449. This is just incredible, will we be able to park our small ship into the big one and then drive the big one into space or something like that, or first you need to become a captain of the big ship, and another thing, it will be awesome to customize our ship, the big one or the small one, just maybe, that we could gain money and by a ship with a model that we like, and change a few things about it, maybe have very expensive ships for the end of the game, maybe content or secondary missions and things to explore when you just finish the story line, so you can go with your ship wherever you want, these kind of things would make a first look IMPRESIONANAT game, im really excited about this, i have been waiting for 13 years for this to happen, and im just very happy with the results, keep it like that, thank you.
  450. I don't want No Man's Sky, or anything like it, at all. This looks incredibly boring and kind of awful.
  451. The engine appears to handle the scale and the level of detail that you are trying to achieve with BGE2. It's equally amazing and promising for a game. However, the risk which Elite Dangerous and No Man's Sky is what incentives keeps the player engaged to keep on playing the game. A player may spend the time to explore all the locations, but once that happens he's likely to move on to another game leaving this to the dust. In short, careful, the scope of this game may be wide, but it risks not being deep enough.
  452. This game is going to be Amazing. You can tell that actual time and beautiful energy, has been inveted in what is going to a jaw dropping, open wold game. Fantastic Work!
  453. the game look awesome, i think many ppl just say this but ill say it anyway. the concept is great, the graphics, the idea of an interactive living world. many people are worried about the idea of a big map empty, to dificult to explore, without content, like no man sky, but i know its diferent because that was a sandbox and this has a story as you said, a living world with misions and point of interest, objectives. i hope the team can handle the mision to complete this game and deal with the callenges, keep the hard work, ill wait for more content =D (sorry for my english)
  454. Great presentation! Thanks for this video. After the E3 announcement I had 3-4 days sleepless nights and could not think of anything else! I know that the game is in an early phase but it would be nice if you later add some a kind of air traffic / flying cars traffic above the city and through the city just like in the fifth element. far, sooooo good! thumbs up! Day one Buy!
  455. Je suis impressionné mais d'une puissance... Le nombre de choses que vous comptés faire est juste incroyable. La 100% liberté de se déplacer sans temps de chargement, que se soit dans les villes, l'espace ou toute la planète. Juste Wow. La terraformation en temps reel c'est vraiment une super idée et c'est génial si vous arrivez a l'implémenter avec toutes ces belles promesses. Enfin je dirais que le crème de la crème se serait d'avoir 0 clipping, mais c'est aussi une Pre pre pre alpha haha. En tout cas merci de me faire rêver autant Michel, sache que tu est un exemple pour moi et que j'ai hâte d'en voir plus ! Bravo a toi mais aussi a toute l'équipe bien sur ! Well done you're all the best ;) !
  456. Seeing that this game is real made me cry, thank you for continuing such a huge influence on my life growing up.
  457. Ubi, this looks incredible so far, especially so early in development! The 3 years spent building the engine shows! What you have going here is just amazing. I've gotta say though, as a huge fan of single player games and the original, I hope that the online component doesn't intrude on the story and ability for solo play. I know this is almost certainly going to require a connection, but please provide on a fully fleshed out solo experience!! Also, I know this is a totally different project and the budget is likely hundreds of times greater, but please don't let this become another No Man's Sky. The confidence in your product is evident, and the timing of showing this was clearly right as Michel pointed out, but I can't help but feel concern given the scale of this game. Please, continue to provide videos showcasing different aspects of the game, like this one based on scale and flight. Flying looks incredible, btw. Cheers!!
  458. Looks brilliant, forget open world, welcome open universe!! I got Beyond Good & Evil when it was free from the UBI30 event but haven't gotten around to trying it, but this prequel has definitely got me interested in the franchise. Hopefully you'll make as good a Keyboard + Mouse control system as you will for controller on the PC!
  459. SirRuptitious
    The visual fidelity looks impressive, especially as you consider the various levels of scalability. I would hope that launch versions of the current generation of consoles will still be able to play the game smoothly. I agree with the sentiments of those who have stated to keep the number of planets small, both for story and world building reasons. I always prefer more focused and built-out experiences, rather than a multiplicity of more sparsely populated areas. I am really excited about character creation and the potential for variety in hybrid species options. Hope foxes make it into the mix. Kudos on the quick engagement with the fan base. Good luck to you and the entire team. Hope you can bring all these big dreams to fruition!
  460. 看到宣传视频时,比较震撼,个人是比较反感守望先锋这款游戏的,但是看到太空计划的时候感觉这游戏,可以的,不错瞬间让我眼界大开!
  461. This is all very awesome so far and the scale is incredible! I'm just worried there will be too many large and desolate areas. Can I request in the next video can we see more of the city and the npcs if there is any work on them yet? Want to get a better feel for the world!
  462. RizzoliShepard
    Absolutely cannot wait to explore in this game. The time spent with the detail in just this short video is incredible and shows they are passionate about this title.
  463. I love it! I'm looking much forward to more gameplay and future updates, and i've never been more enthusiastic to do what I can to give feedback! I wasn't exactly sure what I expected from how BG&E2 would play in departure from the first one that I played way back, but the way you've evolved it to something much bigger is something i'm delighted to see! I really hope BG&E2 will keep its deep and meaningful storytelling, not to mention the atmosphere. I can't wait to see more! Good job!
  464. Ce qui est cool, c'est qu'ici je sais que je peux laisser un comment in French mdrrr ! Donc first off, wow, sérieusement c'est juste magique, que ce soit les graphismes du vaisseau, planète où personnage, et ce n'est meme pas encore l'engine finale ! Donc très bon point positifs. Ensuite, cette idée d'espace interactif en temps réel est vraiment quelque chose de très bénéfique à l'univers de BGE parce que la vie des populations y est toujours quelque chose d'important. Le fait que tout se passera en temps réel est quelque chose de génial. Ensuite, je me suis vraiment retrouvé dans BGE quand je t'ai vu te déplacer en sortant de l'hovercraft et allé sur la statue et tout, on sent bel et bien la patte de BGE toujours présente, apres tout c'est pas 2, c'est exponentiel haha. Aussi, se déplacer dans l'espace de cette façon et ce game play de vol m'a fait énormément penser au Beluga, et justement c'est ce que je vais aimer retrouver dans BGE2, car même si c'est une prequel, ça reste l'univers de Jade donc l'idée est magnifique. Ensuite, Michel tu as réussi à me retirer ma plus grande peur, je croyais qu'il n'y aurai pas d'appareil photo ! Mais la c'est juste génial parce que l'aspect reporter va être poussé bien plus loin vu qu'on pourra prendre en photo des événements et gens pour les partager avec du monde, c'est vraiment une bonne façon de faire grandir le game play de l'appareil photo de manière "exponentielle" hahaha. Car avant, on pouvait prendre en photo l'inventaire des animaux, qui nous permettait de gagner de l'argent, et visiblement nous aurons les même principes dans BGE2, mais aussi les reportages quant à l'espionnage des Domz et Sections Alpha va se retrouver ici aussi vu qu'on pourra dénoncer des malfaiteurs. J'espère donc qu'il y aura une sorte de nouvel (ancien ??) réseau IRIS. En tout cas Michel Ancel, rien que ce game play m'a fait vraiment rêver et retomber dans mes 5 ans ! (j'ai commencé BGE à 5 ans hahaha) donc je te remercie de partager cette merveilleuse aventure avec nous, et de pouvoir nous faire interagir en direct avec l'équipe que nous remercions bien évidemment aussi du fond du cœur. J'ai encore tellement de choses à dire quant à des suggestions de game play et autre mais j'imagine que l'équipe va créer des rubriques exprès pour cela, donc d'ici là, je m'en vais Morflenouille, Carlson et Petter, page 823. (c'est un mix)
  465. amazing work with this tech.... I really hope that the planets feel rich with activity and exploration. the interaction with npcs is also something really nice, I hope this doesn't feel scripted and really plays an effect on the character or story so how much of the game is single vs multiplayer?
  466. Incredible !!! Keep going !!! I support all the team behind this game ^^
  467. Love the brief glimpse of how the game is hoping to look. My expectations were grounded but still high, so fingers crossed things fit into place in the final jigsaw. Intrigued as to how the world works with NPCs, and how the interaction goes with them, especially over things like sharing photos for discussion and such. Really hope there's enough variation or realism with that for immersion into the universe being created here. Looking forward to continued insight into the project, can't wait to get my hands on it in the hope it plays as well as it looks now!
  468. The game looks visually stunning, but one concern I have is that with the game world being so vast will there be the same missions and sidequest for every planet or will there be planet specific missions and objectives so that most planets and places feel unique and special rather than the same set of objectives for every planet you can travel to?
  469. I want to play now :) scale is impressive look's beautiful very interesting characters and if i can play now i will say many more nice things, good luck cant wait.
  470. This is truly unbelievable, You guys have made what is probably one of the coolest and biggest innovations in open world games there has ever bee . Congrats on what you have accomplished, this game is going to be a masterpiece
  471. Well, that was amazing... but being realistic at least 5 years more of waiting to play it... sigh... oh well, time to replay the first one for umpteenth time!!!
  472. I wait to hear more about what the implantation of multiplayer will be. Hearing "Sharing information with other players" is making me imagine some kind of ingame social network thing and that kind of scenario honestly makes me cringe a little. Otherwise loving everything I am seeing!
  473. chrismajor35000
    feel good ! I hope then in the online we will have so many things to do, with lvl, quest etc :)
  474. Looks very good and I know someone already wrote this but its best to focus on a few planets like let's say 6 planets max so that you won't be overwhelmed and can give everything the best treatment.
  475. Yeah I'd rather have a few planets that we're densely populated with a variety of cities and life than a ton that felt empty. Looks really cool so far. Can't wait to see more.
  476. So i'm a little confused on what kind of direction this game is taking, is it going to be like GTA? And i'm even further confused about the characters and story. the last game was all about very defined characters coming together, beating the bad guys, and liberating the people from them. So how does this game compare to the previous one? what parts are being kept/replaced/thrown away? Also does the skeleton represent the fans?
  477. ThousandShade
    This looks amazing. It looks like the team has been hard at work. Really looking forward to playing it!
  478. Stefano_Beast
    Can you please tell me how much places you plan to let us to explore? Planets, asteroids, space station, etc...
  479. Looks awsome! Cant wait for the races ;) I loved them in bge 1.
  480. theartofbattle
    Really love the gameplay even at this early stage of development. Will there be any oldschool traveling over water with the hovercraft like in the first BG&E too? BG&E has always been my favorite game, really excited to see more videos like this.
  481. La démo est vraiment impressionnante. Les possibilités d'exploration sont très prometteuses. Le fait de pouvoir se déplacer avec un vaisseau et avec son personnage est plutôt intéressante. Le moteur graphique que vous utilisez est juste top ! J'adore les effets de lumières, on sent que le jeu vidéo semble de plus en plus vivant et interactif. Très très très prometteur comme jeu, cette "suite" est tellement attendue. Continuez comme ça la team Michel Ancel ! Vivement les prochaines vidéos. ( désolé je ne maîtrise pas assez l'anglais pour m'exprimer dans cette langue)
  482. Beautiful can't wait to play it!!
  483. SamuelMonsteRrr
    This looks very promising, please do not let us down!
  484. This is so exciting! The sense of scale came through very clearly and was breathtaking. Loving that ship flight (and the idea of storing the smaller ship inside the larger) and the speeeeeeed...! Merci beaucoup Michel!
  485. How many planets/universes will there be?
  486. WOWOWOWOW! That's my first impression! I mean... that in-engine is a breathtaking technology! Everything in realtime with that immense universe! Well done! This is what I want in a game, freedom to explore without being limited based on the game story. I was lost for comments initially, but a thought occurred. Can we build/make our own things? Be able to get or make custom components to make your own ship, jetpack, etc. Cheers.
  487. tonyspark9803
    Great demo! The ships in the demo are designed well and with there being ships for different purposes they should offer more diverse gameplay. I liked that the larger ship would house the smaller ship for easy transport and transition between ships. The flight demo was awesome. I liked how easy flight seemed to speed up to ultra fast speeds. The ship leaving orbit and reentering looked good at most points although I think that there should be friction taking place as the ship passes through the most dense part of the atmosphere. Different layers of atmosphere are made up of different gases. I really like the game play with the monkey flying around in the jet pack. The graphics looked good and flight seemed easy and looked almost natural. The one thing I think it is lacking is the more effects of gravity on the monkey as he changes direction and lands. The scale of the game is awesome and the seamless transition between planet and space look cool. However it seems to take more time than I would expect from a game. My other concern about having a game on such a grand scale would be that there is enough content to cover the entire space and not a game where most of the time in game is spent traveling between points of interest. It will be interesting to see how the concept of slaves gathering minerals on the side of the planet being bombarded by asteroids is done. I look forward to seeing more.
  488. i want to see the Girls Character movement. Thanks
  489. It looks great, keep up the good work! I think that an online co-op mode/side missions can add to the game a lot (co-op side missions will be side missions exclusive to co-op)..
  490. Looks promising already. Much more interesting than Star Citizen. Just make sure you keep the scope in check and don't have too much feature creep, so that it is definitely released one day.
  491. Ahh, its soo sweety, I can't wait. Just focus on the story as well as with the environment, and we are good... Oor beyond good? :D
  492. Freaking fucking awesome !!
  493. Wow! That was impressive! That engine look great! You did a good job until now! Can't wait to see more ;-)
  494. Wow, it looks like you have some great technology in place for creating this world. I look forward to seeing more. I like the idea of being able to create your own character but at the same time hope that it can still be an important part of the story no matter what choices go into making that character. I was surprised that this will have an online component since its more of a single player adventure. I hope that the online component is optional for anyone that does not always have internet available or want to pay for a subscription gaming service. I am excited to see a variety of characters and personalities in the game and at the same time I have to admit that when I watched the E3 trailer I was a bit shocked to hear so many F-bombs in such a short video. I don't recall the original BGE game having such crude language. I think diversity of character and personality can be achieved in other ways without resorting to that, but that's just me I suppose. Surely I can't be the only one that thought that though. I love that you are bringing back the camera gameplay! That is one of the things I loved most about the original BGE. That this will spark new NPC conversations and side-quests is very exciting. I can't wait to experiment with this. When is the first beta coming!?
  495. It's look very good. Please give us good storytelling!
  496. This, so far, is impressive. As you mentioned the scale. I love the scale of things. The size of the solar system (number of planets etc) does not bother me. It will be the travel time. Open worlds become tedious after a while especially if most of your time is spent travelling from one place to another. Far Cry will be a good example.. I hope there will be "warping/energizing" involved. Yes sure if you start out with the game everything will be cool and you will like to travel at a certain speed to gawk at everything but after day 5 of playing the game you will be sick and tired of traveling at even a 120,000 km/hour. You will want to be there now to start your mission etc.
  497. amazing :O MUST HAVE! ;)
  498. Just lol. I'm a fascinating for what i see, that quality in early Alpha.... Make me to wants my Insider's key even more.
  499. Really Really interresting, it's nice, it's awesome, can't wait to learn more about BGE2. THansk Michel, Thanks all the teams
  500. C'est impressionnant ! Je n'ai qu'une envie c'est de mettre la main sur le jeu. L'attente va être longue mais en vaudra la chandelle. Avec des planètes vivantes et détaillées j'en connais qui vont passer des heures à simplement voyager dans l'espace ^^. Bon courage à toute l'équipe.
  501. Its is hopeful for the following , We are behind you, keep it up ! C'est encourageant pour la suite :) . Ne lâchez rien !
  502. This is going to be the game that will wreck my marriage.
  503. thefiringhand
    Lovely. Looking forward to more episodes!
  504. Démo très impressionnante ! On voit le travail, je ne pensais pas le jeu a ce stade la ! Pour ma part, j'ai eu du mal avec les échelles : c'est super impressionnant ! Mais du coup est ce que l'exploration de la ville (ou de la megametropole) ne risque pas d'être un peu labyrinthique ? Pour le reste, je suis impressionné par le vaisseau et sa maniabilité ! Et l'effet de voyage spatiale marche bien ! A bientôt in da space monkey ! P.s: Par contre, est il possible d'avoir les sous titre svp ?
  505. You guys use buddhist temple ? Like (Myanmar) or Burma .In Bagan City? I saw it look like alot.It is rally cool.
  506. Thanks for sharing, i was a bit surprised when you had a controller in your hand at first, the graphics so far are ok but could be better though i know you mentioned them to be not polished. I liked the concept of having an asteroid crash onto the planet and have this pressure wave visible.
    1. Yes the asteroid damage was great! It would be cool for those to have not just visual but physical repercussions too i.e. large asteroid would cause nearby ships (possibly cities and characters too) to feel that shockwave. Also, I love the idea of working my way up from something like a pizza delivery boy to larger jobs in this vast open world. I'm not 100% sure this would fit the game but maybe taking work and doing missions where you have to destroy these asteroids before they collide into the planets could be fun and worth exploring.
  507. TDDLeaderNick
    This is absolutely incredible, also very cool seeing the engine being shown off using the developer tools. Super excited to see more progress.
  508. pace belongs to monkeys, and a few bananas!
  509. Sgt.Ostroznik
    First off I must say I love how the game looks and the idea of it. I would love to see a lot of exploration in BGE2 and an awesome story. You should add a lot of cities to all the worlds that will be in the game so they don't seem empty. I also love how you can treverse the landscape with the jetpack and the ships, so I'm hoping the buildings in the cities will be very open on all the levels and open for exploration. Since it's seems to be an open world game it would work well with some sort of a leveling systems with lots of different abilities. And I can tell you the one thing a lot of people like and that is customisation so if you could to anything to your playable character, ships maybe wepons that would be pretty cool. I also hope you can make the game look stunning especially on the new xbox one x since I'm planning to buy one. But again must say the game already looks amazing and I love all the things and ideas you've shown us so far, keep up the good work and I can't wait to play this game! :D
  510. Very nice demo!... The scale of this is awesome... Blizzard must be s... their pants right now :) For a game of this magnitude I thought GFX were nice. Even the bolts on the Ganesh statue was visible ("Did you see the size of that chiken?"). Very nice detail. I for one don't mind the graphics beeing at 80-90% as long as the storyline, missions etc. are more deep. I'm looking forward to entering this universe!
  511. Très impressionnant, je m attendais a un rendu graphique comme celui ci mais pour la sortie du jeux, pas en l'états actuel, donc je suis plutôt content de cela. Le fait de pouvoir quitter et revenir sur n importe quelle planète est une très bonne idée, mais ma crainte reste sur les environnement a proprement parler.... Ici ont découvre une ville, mais dès qu on s'en éloigne... plus rien que du vide..... et cela fait peur, pire que du vide, pas de relief, on as pas pu voir de végétation ou tout autre relief donnant envie de se poser sur la terre ferme.... cela est assez inquiétant, mais se n'est que la version pré-alfa, et je me fait peut être bien plus peur qu'autre chose ! Quand au planète, l'idée que je verrais bien, ce serait les géante gazeuse.. quelque planète qui puissent carrément être traversé par leur centre, malgré les turbulence magnétique que cela pourrais engendrez. Sa rajouterais un petit plus je pense a l'idée des "pirate" que nous sommes pour arrivée a nous échapper des forces de l'ordres ... En tous cas, cela fu un plaisir de voir cette vidéo ! Bon travail, j attend avec joie la sortie du jeux :)
  512. Vlad_Kashirin
    Very much I wait, I hope that such an ambitious project will have a grandiose success.
  513. Night_Storm1000
    Just Amazing. I love where this is going. But I have to make one Request. Dont overdo it. Keep the Planet and City Count fairly low. I better have a few, really unique Cities than many wich just reuse Assets. I would love to see the Animal Resarch aspect to return. Its a great way to spark Interrest for Exploration. The First Game woke my love for Exploration Games back in the Past. And I think I speak for all of us when I say this: Pleeeaasse Realease the HD Version of the First one on PC.
  514. Korppikiusaus
    The game looks beautiful & very ambitious! As for wishes and hopes, I'd rather have a couple of well-designed planets than an entire universe of blandness a la No Man's Sky. I'm fine (and actually pretty hyped) with the idea of a customizable character - KOTOR with Revan and Jedi Exile showed long ago how it's possible to mix a fully cuztomizable character with a single-player experience with a well-crafted story.
  515. isabelleantonia
    As this is a prequel, will we also see the start of the Alpha Sections? Like the kidnapping and stuff. Because in BGE2 we are talking about slaves being captured?
    1. would be realy nice !
    2. i think he mentionned that we would see what led to BGE "1". That would be amazing.
  516. Great stuff!
  517. SageShinigami
    This looked great, though like everyone else I'm concerned that the game is "too big". Hopefully the focus is kept to 5-9 planets so you can give each one proper detail. (Then maybe add on post-release a la GTA.)
  518. Impressive, the movement looks really smooth.
  519. Le concept de véritable jour/nuit avec la rotation des planètes, de pouvoir passer d'un endroit à l'autre sans chargement est tout simplement formidable! Ca donne un véritable aspect d'aventure, exploration et liberté au jeu. Penser à la face non-habitable des planètes en y faisant crasher des débris spatiaux est très impressionnant aussi! Je pense que ce sont vraiment de très bons détails qui font leur importance dans l'immersion du jeu. Hâte de voir la suite, bon courage à toute l'équipe :)
  520. Vous êtes des grands malades et je serai un autre fou qui vous soutiendra quoi qu'il adviendra du projet.
    1. Supprimez mon message s'il ne vous plaît pas au lieu de le coller au placard. Mais faudra m'expliquer quand même où est le problème.
  521. This is amazing! It is really impressive. I like the sense of scale and the fact that we can select our character. The physics looks very realistic ! The ability to take pictures for "reporting" is a very good point too. It might be nice to meet characters or places from the first episode of BGE. keep it up ! :)
  522. Vraiment IMPRESSIONNANT!!! effectivement, comme beaucoup, j'espére de tout coeur que les promesses seront tenues... le retour de beaucoup d'entre nous??? c'est grand...très très grand, mais n'est ce pas TROP grand??? N'y aura t'il pas trop de "vide"?? sera t'il vraiment interressant d'avoir tant "d'espace"??? C'est vraiment, le jeux que j'attends le plus...mais depuis qlqs années, on nous vends de supers concepts qui au final, n'aboutissent pas où ne sont que n'est features peu convaincantes, mal terminées ou pire inutiles... Je vous souhaite de tout coeur M. Ancel, à vous et TOUTE votre équipe de pouvoir aboutir au jeux de vos rêves, ça reste VOTRE bébé au final. De ce que j'ai pus voir, c'est trés prometteur, la profondeur de cet univers, la custumisation des persos, l'interaction avec tout l'écosystéme. Puis, la technique...ce n'est qu'en Work In Progress mais BAM!!! c'est déjà assez fou : l'anim du perso, les effets de la vitesse (avec un pti reproche: les poils de knox ne bougent pas ;) ) j'ai pus remarquer que lors de la descente sur la terre, les environnements et les éléments ne "pop" pas comme dans certains jeux du même type, ça reste propre. Je vous accorde toute ma confiance...tenez bon jusqu'au bout, gardez votre ligne de cconduite et faîtes nous rêver (dans le bon sens du terme). BRAVO!! et a très vite. Gus
  523. I just hope this doesn't get to a point where the open world is there but I'm not interested in exploring it because all the areas are just boring. :/ Please make the main story really indepth like in the first BGE.
  524. Bonjour , je m'appelle Adrien , j'ai 17 ans et je vu le nouveau Beyond Good and Evil 2. Je le trouve vraiment extraordinaire et à l'air très chouette à jouer. J'ai pus voir aussi que vous recherchiez des personnes pour prendre part au processus créatif à vos côtés , à vous aidez et à tester. Et j'ai justement pleins d'idées pour vous. J'adorais et ça serait un grand honneur de faire partie de ces personnes et de faire partie de la famille BGE2J'aimerais vous être utile et rejoindre le mouvement ! Merci d'avance
  525. thegreatrafiki
    Thank you for this amazing first peek at the world(s) you are building! I am blown away by the sheer sense of scale. I am interested to see how the team will handle such scale gameplay-wise. We live in a post No Man's Sky world and I must admit I am a bit worried. Then again, this is Monsieur Ancel we're talking about: I'm pretty sure his team will get it right. So glad photography still plays a role in the game! Merci à vous de nous impliquer dans le développement du jeu.
  526. Super nice (especially for a demo the sequel promises very promising ^ ^) it may be me but I feel that the sensations of speed are not too much for the moment after all the rest is super Exiting I really wait to play (Sorry for my english is google translation ^^)
  527. It is very cool! I know that you are the best, and you will give this great place a lot of interesting things!
  528. Great engine, looking forward to see more. looking forward to see what we can do in cities and some story. Thank you
  529. So impressed! Many good ideas like Mass Effect and No Man's Sky. Hope you can realize your dreams with this. Just one thing, please make the 'timed quests' or Raidient to a minimum, would hate to keep track of time and all that wile exploring the planet. Love love love it! Please add Episode 1 to PSN on PS 4 too, so we can relive the great game in the meantime!
  530. Wow impressive demo! Especially the physics while flying I feel that this game is going to be truly a big hit.. Space GTA I've heard it has ben called ;) I agree with CaninSpaceM, focusing on a few planets and will make them deep in characters and history. I was wondering if there was going to be sky battles. Good luck with the project and keep on working like that! You guys are doing an awesome game :)
  531. I have no words to describe my delight. It's awesome! Scale amazes! I will waiting to see more :)
  532. Je ne sais pas si Michel Ancel lis les messages mais tout d'abord, bravo pour cette vidéo rapide de démonstration, ça fais super plaisir !! Première question, le système 4 et plus particulièrement Hillys sera t'il visitable ? De sorte à voir l'avant Hillys ? Secondement pour rebondir sur la tournure faite vers un préquel je trouve ça tout de même très dommage... Dans le sens ou clairement à la fin du première épisode avec Pey'j ça laisse entrevoir une suite directe. Alors ceci va rester en suspend ? Pourquoi ne pas avoir fais ça à la Uncharted 4 ? C'est à dire des phases présent et des phases du passé ? Comme ça nous aurions eu les deux histoires.. Et surtout qu'on a aimé BG&E avant tout pour Jade et Pey'j.. Double H même..; Alors voilà, j'ai une petite intuition sur le fait que Dakini est la mère de jade dans le trailer vu la ressemblance (et ça serai énorme pour le coup) mais voilà mon avis général... Mise à part ça, ça fais 14 ans que je suis là et que je suis le jeu avec la moindre miette et je ne lâcherai jamais... Je ne sais pas si Philippe Ancel (le frère) est toujours sur le projet aussi d'ailleurs ? ^^ Comme j'ai eu à l'époque l'occasion d'échanger avec lui sur l'avant BGE&2 !
  533. It's scary ambitious! Please focus on the details and life in the cities besides the scale as well! :) Really excited!
  534. It looks impressive as hell. But the sad truth is I do not care about the sheer scale so much. It is something that looks good i marketing etc and you stop noticing it after few hours into the game. What is important is story and gameplay. Hope to see it in future presentations as well. Keep the good work :)
  535. C'est le premier prototype, et c'est déjà très concret ! On voit bien l'importance de passer du temps sur la technologie pour ce genre de grand projet. Je suis assez bluffé car le jeu semble déjà mieux calibré, et plus fun que d'autres jeux qui ont cette feature de gameplay de pouvoir changer de planète. Vraiment, je dis un grand bravo à toute l'équipe, ça fait rêver et j'ai encore plus hâte de voir les prochaines vidéos !
  536. Bonjour, Votre démo est techniquement très impressionnante. Un système d'exploration sans limite est allégeant, mais le contenu de l'histoire, ce qui m'a fait fait adoré Beyond Good and Evil semble oublié. Un espace exploration total, en général, puisse que techniquement impressionnant, laisse de coté le fond, le contenu, l'histoire. J'espère sincèrement que cela n'est pas le cas dans Beyond Good and Evil 2. J'espère que malgré les prouesses techniques, vous avez su garder l'essence même du jeu, son âme, sa personnalité. J'espère y voir des missions, des combats, avoir la larme à l'oeil, des secrets, des lieux cachés et bien gardés, des énigmes. J'avais trouver le 1 presque que trop cour, j'espère qu'avec un système ouvert je pourrais passé des heures ou plutôt des dizaines d'heures à effectuer des missions pour sauver le statut des créatures sur les différentes planètes, comme à l'instar du 1 mais fois 10. J'attends avec impatience d'autres vidéos afin de continuer à découvrir ce que vous nous avez réservé, et en espérant mettre tromper sur mes premières impressions, et que vos quinzaines années de quasi silence vont faire de ce jeux une révolution dans le monde du jeux vidéo. Très bonne continuation.
  537. Wawh... Merci Michel pour cette vidéo ! J'espère en découvrir d'autres comme celles-ci très bientôt. Lorsque j'ai eu le premier opus quand j'avais 11ans, j'étais très loin de m'imaginer que le prochain serait à un tel niveau ! Plein de questions me trottent dans la têtes, quelques inquiétudes également, mais s'en faire aussi tôt serait ridicule. Je préfère rester sur la bonne impression que m'a laissé cette vidéo en attendant d'autres informations très bientôt je l'espère. Une chose est sûr, beaucoup d'autres studios vont avoir à beaucoup apprendre de vous après la sortie de ce jeu ! (je pense à Bioware par exemple) Bonne chance à toute votre équipe et merci d'avoir persévéré pour que ce jeu voit le jour, alors que ce n'était pas gagné d'avance ;)
  538. Really mind blowing. The ship, the missing loading times, the freedom you will be given in this game and those interaction features (espacially that the planet is changing it's morphology through meteroites) is awesome. Really excited for this !
  539. guest-ntwC8xKZ
    This looks rediculous and crazy yet so fun, seamless interaction and free movement is amazing I cannot wait to play this!! I hope the weapons are just as wild and crazy and the potential for incredible customizing options. You guys are doing great job so far keep it up !!!
  540. seems really cool, but i hope there will still be a lot of memorable characters. dont rush the game we can wait a few more years if needed
  541. Salut de Toulouse ! Woaw, c'est plutôt très classe ce que nous montre Michel, ambitieux et très encourageant. Visuellement, c'est brillant. Par pitié, sortez-nous un jeu avec un scénario solide, adulte, sombre et engageant. Je serai bien triste de me retrouver à jouer à BG&E2 avec une histoire cul-cul la praline ponctuée de blagues potaches...
  542. I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it I'm about to lose control and I think I like it I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want you
  543. mbe_marshy_11
    Not having played the first game or knowing much about the franchise, I am blown away by how quickly I was enthralled by just the E3 Trailer. I don't remember the last time I was instantly hyped for a game a minute into learning about it. I think this game has a huge opportunity to deliver on characters and personalities we may not have seen before. The humour alone, aimed at more mature audience, with some of the language used in the trailer, instantly brings another level of entertainment to it. The world and themes, of combining different locations, cultures and people, I think adds to the excitement of exploration. Can't wait to learn more about the game as new trailers and gameplay is released
  544. guest-dK03QJzS
    Tout simplement sublime, j’espère que vos ambition vous mènerons loin. Le peu que l'on peut apercevoir est déjà une vrai bonne nouvelle concernant l'avancement du développement de ce jeu, la démo présenté est techniquement impressionnante et riche en détails, J'adore particulièrement les effets accordés aux vaisseaux lors de l'entrée dans l'atmosphère ou encore la prise de vitesse. Le constat est le même sur le jet pack, il y a juste le passage du bleu au rouge qui me dérange et ne fais pas très naturel, pourquoi ne pas passer subtilement du blanc à l'orangé comme sur les vaisseaux ? est-ce parce que l'engin est de plus petite taille ? Une autre question: quelle est l'importance de cette statue ? Une divinité, la représentation d'un héro, un politicien ou est-ce simplement une part du décor ? Pour ce qui est d'une suggestion pour une autre vidéo du même genre, pourquoi pas montrer un autre personnage ou alors pouvoir montrer l'animation du singe au sol. J'ai cru deviner qu'il s’appuyait sur ces pattes de devant. En tout cas merci de nous accorder autant d'importance dans votre développement et de nous communiquer ce qui me semble être les prémices d'une grande épopée spatial. Je vous suit avec la plus grande attention et espère voir de nouveaux contenus très bientôt ! Bon courage pour la suite, on a confiance en vous et votre équipe pour porter ce futur jeu à son plein potentiel et réaliser vos souhaits et attentes les plus folles !!!
  545. La technologie commence à être suffisante pour ce genre de projets, qui se multiplient.... Je suis convaincu que le résultat pourrait être fantastique, mais il va falloir trouver le bon équilibre : No man's sky : trops procédurale, et "pas" de pnj, missions inintéressantes. Elite dangerous : simulation de vol et "pas" d'interaction avec des pnj. Star Citizen : trop tentaculaire et finalement divisé en plusieurs parties... J'espère vraiment que vous trouverez le bon rapport taille / remplissage / interactivité.
  546. The game looks absolutely great! Really love the fact that you have set a higher-bar for this title. but it would be great if you emphasize more on the content than just the scale, exploring (large environments) needs to be rewarding and encouraging in someway. I hope u have bigger plans for this too, hoping to see more soon! In other note, Please optimize the game well, all these great never-before-seen features with poor performance or FPS will provide bad experience to the players. So manage it from the early stages of development (Because there is no such thing called post release performance optimization). I'm in love with this right now and i do not want to see any kind of down side in any way. Thanks for sharing the progress.
  547. Absolutely great first look! I missed a visit to some streets like the pedestrian district in BGE 1 a bit, to see the new population with maybe a few new kinds of hybrids, since I think monkeys weren't in BGE 1, would be great to look up and see the statue from down there :)
  548. I am very excited! I hope you'll reach all your goals! Thank you!
  549. Im so excited for this, the scope looks immense and i cant wait to see what you show us next. Whats the level of character customisation going to be like? Will it include a wide selection of animal hybrids? Also when you were talking about sharing photos with people in the city, are these online players or NPCs?
  550. TenaciousSpleen
    Fantastic, you've convinced me that tech works + the art is solid and the music is phenomenal. The dream is alive :D From my point of view, the biggest let down about ME:A was the story (and the primary reason I never played NoMan'sSky [no story at all]), so if your amazing team can focus on crafting meaningful interactions and a story that includes sacrifice and becoming a god - then you'll have a hit on your hands. Things to take note of: A. looting random junk (that can be sold) is boring - stick to coins and pearls. B. more integration of story elements that include photos taken in game. C. killing is never the only option. D. puzzles that revolve around travelling to several planets. E. moments that let you suck up the ambiance.
  551. Une magnifique démonstration, les effets de la gravité sur le vaisseau, la vitesse et surtout l'échelle des éléments par rapport au protagoniste sont très impressionnantes ! C'est sublime. En revanche on ne peut s'empêcher d'être un peu inquiet quant à la taille colossale des planètes, la force de BGE résidait dans ses interactions et l'impact de notre avancée sur l'environnement, dans les détails et bien évidemment dans son gameplay. Les stigmates de No Man's Sky sont encore présentes dans les esprits et je pense qu'il serait bon de montrer lors de prochaines démos du contenu sur le story writing, les quêtes, les NPC importants... pour que les joueurs ne s'imaginent pas que le jeu consiste simplement à scanner des environnements vastes mais sans vie. Les espoirs sont immenses pour ce BGE2! Merci pour votre travail et même si Jade me manquera j'ai hâte d'explorer ce nouvel univers!
  552. C'est vraiment impressionnant ! Les détails sont déjà très soigné et j'ai hâte de voir la suite. Le peu de gameplay montré me donne déjà envie d'en voir plus ! J'ai une proposition, ce sera pas mal à mon avis qu'on ne puisse pas atteindre la vitesse maximale sur certaines planètes. Dans le sens ou une planète aurait une atmosphère trop instable ou une gravité trop élevée qui ne permettrait pas au vaisseau de la parcourir trop rapidement, et il faudrait alors adapté sa vitesse à la planète en question pour éviter d'exploser. Qu'à chaque fois qu'on découvre une nouvelle planète, on doit directement l'analyser, essayer de la comprendre et de s'y adapter. En tout cas continuer ce que vous faites, c'est vraiment génial !
  553. It looks amazing! I'm glad to see that finally someone sees the seamless large environment as a means to an end and focus on the story instead of having a game who's main crux is engine itself. I love your characters(BGE universe or otherwise) and I can't wait to see the story develop. On a technical note I would love to see a sonic boom when the ship reaches Mach 1 especially if it (speed of sound) changes according to atmospheric density, since you already have the atmo friction down. Also are you consulting your orbital physics with someone with a background in astronomy? I'm sure there are tons of professionals who would love to comment on the speciffics and give some cool ideas for orbital events that would make for awesome story elements like the metor storms you described. I can't wait to see more, and you have no idea how happy I am that this project is going forward. I really really really really want you to succeed and deep down I feel that you will and the game is going to be great and have heart and atmosphere to spare. The Space Monkey Program is an awesome idea and I want to get my hands on the game elements like yesterday :) I wish you all the best luck in the universe guys.
  554. wow, way beyond the first game ! this looks amazing, the story is interesting and the gameplay seems to be really smooth ! cannot wait to play it ;-) thanks for sharing anyway
  555. bloodyeyes2000
    Awesome scale and magnitude, I do agree with previous comments about having a few more planets just dotted around so it has looks more like a solar system even if you don't go visit them or anything that would look brilliant.
  556. Amazing presentation, the sense of scale that this game has is great. I really like the idea of using your camera to take pictures for evidence and other types of missions. I also think that the camera would work really well with the landscapes and landmarks of this game, being able to take pictures freely of things you find interesting or beautiful sounds like a very fun mechanic. Seeing as we will be able to create our own character I am wondering if having the ability to customize the spaceship's paint and emblem in a way that complements that character would also be something that we will be able to do. Although I must admit, I don't see myself changing that space monkey emblem, it looks really cool. Again, fantastic presentation and I'm looking forward to future updates, thank you.
  557. a few ideas: - Scale: as it is, it is very hard to have that sense of scale, the problem is that things don't look as big as they should, changing the camera settings (FOV, position ecc) may fix this. - Bigger is not always better: we have had games that proved that creating a universe with trillions of planets is possible, but that does not work when it comes to having fun exploring. Make only a few planets, so that the players can remember their names and what they look like; make them unique so that every time you visit a new planet everything feels different, new and worth exploring. - Online: Creating your own character usually leads to an online kind of experience, I would like to see more of that in the future. - Side Quests: there has to be many, story driven, side quests that feel real in their settings, given by well characterized NPCs, so that through this quests the player can learn more about the culture and habits of species that live in every city and every planet. - Be clear: show us what the game is like not what you wish the game would look like, showing off an idea as a part of the game when it is not will only generate hype, and hype is the greatest enemy of every ambitious project (and this is a very ambitious project). So be clear when you are talking about something that is already in the game or one that is just a concept. This video was a great start on this point, keep them coming. I played a little bit of beyong good and evil back in the PS2 days but never completed the game, I've bought it on PC so I can play it in the coming weeks and be able to provide better feedback to you. That said, I'm really excited for this game and can't wait to hear more from you guys, as long as you are passionate you'll do great things.
  558. Ce projet est incroyablement enthousiasmant ! Merci de nous faire partager tout ça avec passion monsieur Ancel ! Vos ambitions sont énormes et je croise les doigts pour les voir se concrétiser. J'espère ne pas me retrouver avec la déception d'un No Man's Sky ou l'arlésienne Star Citizen. Pour éviter ça, n'hésitez pas à limiter le nombre de planètes. L'important c'est la densité de contenu sur chacune d'entre-elle, pas tellement leur nombre. Chaque planète doit être vivante et plus particulièrement dans les villes. La sensation de vide peut être dévastatrice pour un jeu de ce genre en ce qui concerne les planètes (l'exemple No Man's Sky revient forcément en tête). Je suis d'accord avec l'un de mes camarades plus haut qui vous demande de vous concentrer sur les sensations de jeu plutôt que le "réalisme", notamment au niveau du pilotage. En l'état, vous semblez être partis sur quelque chose de très juste. Les différentes vitesses, la liberté de mouvement du Dog-fighter semblent parfaites. Impatient d'en voir plus en ce qui me concerne et je suis de tout cœur avec vous. Bon courage pour la suite et merci de faire vivre la passion du jeu vidéo !
  559. Chandler-Bing
    It would be great to have a lot of interesting places on planets around main cities. Like in the Witcher 3. Huge planets with couple cities are dead and it's very boring to discover and flying over them. Mysterious caves, wild forests and lakes, cold mountains with small authentic villages, events and side-quests will give us o lot of bright impressions. Fast travel sometimes is very useful feature in this huge universe. And don't forget (of course) about the story and characters - they have to be interesting and memorable. Exploring ships is great! Ex parvis saepe magnarum rerum momenta pendent!
    1. gaiaeverliving
      I agree. but there are a lot... I played Mass Effect Andromeda and Zero Dawn the last couple of weeks and it realy felt "good" to do the side mission's. there was a lot of (relevant) storytelling I think. The witcher I still have a lot of open quests, alrhough wither is better in creating different environments for the missions. With the other two it's still a bit of repeating a trick... it would be nice if completing side missions would give you a broader profile in the game, not necessarily more XP. So the ability to use more specialised stuff that wil help (instead of give) you more XP easier. Maybe even unlock special content in DLC's or something like that..
    2. maybe not instant fats travel, but an extremely quick travel could keep the immersion as well as easying the pain of long trips. I'm thinking of what we see in the trailer with the mothership jumping away, like a sub-light speed travel or something.
  560. And here ist the german speaking guy :D Ich finde es gut das Ihr, also die Entwickler, wirklichen Fortschritt zeigen wollt und ich bin auf alle weiteren folgen gespannt ;) Ich finde die Idee der Verwicklung zwischen Umwelt (Asteroideneinschlägen) und Story interessant und bin auf mögliche Chancen/Entwicklungen gespannt. Doch was mich wundert, an der Stelle mit den Bildern wird erwähnt das man je nach Bild Diskussionen/Unterhaltungen auslösen kann, sowohl von NPC´s als auch von Spielern. Wie viele Spieler werden denn, nach euren Berechnungen und Planungen etwa zeitgleich in einer "Instanz" sein können? Oder werden die Städte als "Treffpunkte" fungieren und die Spielerzahl wird dann in der "freien" umgebung auf eine geringere anzahl gedrosselt? Alles in allem ein sehr guter erster Eindruck und ich hoffe wirklich das Unsere und Eure erwartungen von Erfolg gekrönt werden :)
  562. It's really AWESOME!
  563. verry good work now i whant test it by myself thank you Michel !
  564. AndreaScibetta
    Awesome! I hope the final game will be exactly like this! We don't need too much planets, we want that the planets we can explore are full of life, that they are real! That's the important, i think. I can't wait to have more of this!!
  565. The potential is UNREAL!
  566. Très impressionnant. Plusieurs effets "wahou" dans cette présentation ;) Si tout cela se concrétise dans le jeu final avec des graphismes solides, certains gros jeux, comme Destiny, vont passer pour des fillettes... :)
  567. Very, very, very good.I will wait day then i may try this incredible game
  568. Super boulot !! Le travail accomplit sur le moteur est incroyable. Continuez comme ça, faites nous rêver ;)
  569. it would be great if you push the realism of this game to its limits, like for exemple, if you have a cheap spaceship and you're flying at a high speed, your spaceship can have damages from air/atmosphere friction or even burn the spaceship so the player has to deal and manage to get out of the planet safely
  570. This looks absolutely amazing. The sense of scale and the possibilities to explore, I can't wait to do that!! I really liked the part where you will be able to use your camera to report different things, it feels as if you can make a difference by capturing injustices, and that would be awesome.
  571. Thank you for this amazing video, I can't wait for more to come! I love the feeling of scale and seamlessness you are trying to convey; it's very ambitious. I just hope there won't be too much emptyness in such a big world, as this tends to be a common problem with this type of games. There's a point in which the scale just gets too big... It's the smaller detai