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Get to Know BGE2 and the Team Behind It

Hujambo! Ni hao! Namaste! Bonjour! Hello, future Space Monkeys!

To all the fans of Beyond Good and Evil, old and new, from the team in Montpellier and all of Ubisoft (on almost every continent on this incredible planet), we invite you to participate in the adventure of making this new game and universe a true reflection of us, in all of our fascinating diversity.

We believe that others are the true source of wealth, and that the people least like us have the most to teach us about who we are.

In this spirit, we want to share the creation of BGE2 with you, and encourage you to bring your enthusiasm, energy and insights, so that the new universe we’re building will become greater than the sum of our individual contributions.

Join the team and the Space Monkeys worldwide!

Michel Ancel, Creative Director


Find out more about the vision and Ubisoft Montpellier team behind Beyond Good and Evil 2, and discover our community-focused live development initiative called the Space Monkey Program.

Get to know your fellow BGE fans and the dev team, and share with the community. Join us and all the other Space Monkeys!


56 thoughts on “Get to Know BGE2 and the Team Behind It

  1. "You guys remember that old game you love that ended on a cliff-hanger?" "Here's a prequel early access MMO that has nothing to do with the characters or story you like, enjoy"
    1. I think that Knox should stay as an Npc. God, that gameplay looks beautiful! Thanks Michel Ancel!
    2. Hopefully, this won't be a mmo game. Just one where if you want you can play in co-op
      1. Nevermind, I thought it was an mmo but they've recently stated that they've only tested up to 15 player multiplayer so its probably not going to be an mmo. Actually looking forward to it now.
        1. But don't let that stop you from jumping to conclusions...
      2. I whole-hardheartedly agree! Them saying about an online engine in place. And you start a lone pirate and work to build up your forces or what ever make me very nervous about WHERE they are taking this series.
        1. Yeah hopefully they won't stray too far from the core premise of the series by implementing multiplayer. I got somewhat worried when they likened it to GTA in space.
    3. Im_Poppy, I know what irks you and it irks me greatly as well. To communicate it, it doesn't help to exaggerate what's actually happening. It's not an MMO. It does have an online component though, and I'm horrified at the idea that Ubisoft may want to make it the new Overwatch of course. BG&E must remain single player and entirely offline and that's that. Ubisoft must stop pushing into the objectively wrong direction here. As to the characters, Ancel already said that the game supposedly spans generations. Best case scenario, half of the game is prequel and the other half sequel. And somehow I just don't see how calling it "Beyond Good & Evil 2" would cut it if it's a prequel entirely. So there's hope for Jade to return here. As to the story, yes of course BG&E2 will try to narrate how Jade got to Hyllis. But the themes and the morals as communicated by the trailer and the supposed game mechanics ("build a pirate armada"?? "GTA in space"???) are so far removed from what made Beyond Good & Evil special that it actually does make me cry. :(
      1. Well said. No point in calling it BG&E2 if it's going to be so distant story-wise and gameplay-wise from the original. Since we're going to be in System 3 they might as well reference System 4 in some way. And here's hoping that the themes of equality and ethnic variety won't be too hamfisted in the game.
    4. Sorry, but they forgot the reason that we wanted a sequel for Beyond Good And Evil. We wanted to see the conclusion to Jade's journey, And the original games theme was not what you said in the video. The original game have a Goverment conspiracy theme coupled with mystery and was something that not alot of games did before. Sure there was Metal Gear Solid, but the focuse was much more personal in BGAE about Jade and the IRUS network. The tone of the original shifted from time to time to show seriesness and silliness all in the right time, and you know what ? It worked perfectly. The game respected the players intellegence and showed a world that could be fun and unique to every player. Because you built a world that respected the player, that showed him creepy and sometimes shocking stuff without making it Gory or TOO mature for someone to handle. And that's what made this game unique,and fresh. I was little bit dissapointed by the trailer. but I will support you regardless
      1. I completely agree with this. BG & E showed creepy and shocking stuff without too much gore. That's one thing I thoroughly enjoyed about the game.
      2. I agree with you but maybe they will add to it. There where so many questions unanswered in BGE: IRUS DOMZ Jades past Pai'j ralation to IRUS and Jades parents ...
    5. Very interested in the," create your own character" aspect. Can we create our own hybrid? This all very exciting. This game looks too good to be true, I am really hoping for its success!
    6. Dude it's not 2003 anymore ...
    7. It's not 2003 anymore dude!!! Thing evolve. Plus I don't get what exactly did you love about the story? It was shallow af, wich is good because it gave us a frame and now we can put some depth and emotion to our characters. I don't understand you people... You got so much more than you could ever imagine
  2. Sneaky. This was Not posted on the 9th :)
  3. CulturalLemur
    This vision you guys have for BG&E is nothing but breathtaking! Keep up the good work, work as long as you have to and give us the game of your dreams! :D
  4. We need some space monkey merch and t-shirts like NOW!!!!!
    1. I like the way you think
  5. Hi Game-Team! Awesome game you working on Game-Team. Like a dream :D Movement yay.
  6. Awesome! :D Anyway, when will we get more information about the singleplayer?
  7. crazyLoudmouth
    God I love you guys! <3 The little part of gameplay we saw already looks amazing <3 I'm really impatient to test whatever I can and help you out!
  8. SuperBiscotCOT
    That super cool ! Can't wait to see more and be able to interract with the dev team to make the best game possible ! And like we say it in french : A très bientôt ! :p
  9. This video was so much fun to see. This is game developing, not that mass produced shit what they do nowadays. I can't wait to try it, we are space monkeys! I love you guys and girls, it's about bloody time, like Dakini said. :D PS: Christophe Héral is still rocks, if the case is to composing soundtrack, you are a very good pair, Ancel and Héral.
  10. cant join the program. been trying for days and its still not working.
  11. My first advise fix this web site. It is really bad doesnt work. I shared this page with friends and no one can open it :P
  12. BGE was my first game on Gamecube. I'm with you guys, 100% behind you!
  13. People of all ages? I'm not sure about that one but I get what you mean ...I think.
  14. Beautiful work. I can't wait to see more. :)
  15. Marvelskyblu93
    It would be nice to be able to control not only our main character but also some crew members like Knox and Dakini. Above all, Dakini (or even make her the main character...maybe?)
  16. James Alan Wilhelm
    Everyone gets a jet pack! You get a jet pack, and you get a jet pack, and you get a jet pack!
  17. Mads Storm Andersen
    I have been waiting for BGE2 for 15 years... Have nothing against an awesome prequel. But why not call it "Beyond Good and Evil Zero/Dawn/Beginning/Whatnot" or someting else that indicates the same "universe" but not the sequel "we" have been waiting for?
  18. Sort of confused about what makes this a BG&E game? Tone and genre is way different from the original.
  19. Man, I LOVED the first game so much that I even persuaded many a sceptical friend to play it, and they ended up loving it too. And now I've seen the trailer for BG&E2... I wish I hadn't. Technically, I'm sure it will be a beauty - but tonally it just seems waaaay off the mark. Not only is the cursive language totally unnecessary, it's poorly implemented and comes across as swearing for swearing's sake. The original game had adult themes, but a wonderful family-friendly style. This one seems akin to a Zelda who's happy to call Gannondorf a mother $%$er - repeatedly. Ironically, if you're going for a theme of diversity and inclusiveness then by using such language you've actually excluded me playing with my children, which was something I had hoped to be able to do. Sorry, but I haven't felt this betrayed by a game series since Raiden appeared in Metal Gear Solid 2. Make the game a 7+ like the original, and you've got my money. We'll just call the trailer an 'experiment', yeah?
  20. Franchement ça donne vraiment envie, l'idée de pouvoir se déplacer en toute liberté de planète en planète. Avec un vaisseau immense, qui pourrait constituer lui aussi un endroit à explorer. En tous cas, pour ma part j’adorerais retrouver un planète aquatique, j'avais bien aimé cet aspect du premier opus :)
  21. I got excited mostly just to see the pigs snout!! If you just freeze framed it on that snout and had bge2 logo show up i would have been just as excited!! I am guessing the monkey will be a sort of "just cause" character that can grapple hook quickly across the landscape and that the pig is a sort of jabba the hut that you would trade with. I hope that morally you can deal with the pig by trading with him and bringing him riches. Or mess with the pig by ripping him off from time to time where say you need a lot of cash you have to sacrifice being hunted for a while and get out of the city fast. I hope the same music composer returns to this as i thought the music was extremely well made and gave the game a great production value. I hope that the spanish hologram dude returns but as a real person perhaps linking to the first game and his role in that. I liked the photography aspect of the first game but perhaps instead it would be cool if you could take pictures of specific things for bounty relevant to making money for specific missions like picture of a person thats wanted or of a place or document etc instead of plants and animals. It would be cool to document these though for achievements. I like that the trailer felt a bit like the film the fifth element so i hope there are plenty of a.i things like you can go to a block of flats and see characters interact in their own surroundings and you can get into trouble with police like in gta if say you were caught trespassing etc.
  22. this is....EEEEEEEPIIIIIIIIC !!!! COULD BE THE MOST MAGIC GAME CREATED EVER !! All those ideas coming from the whole world from all kind of different people united into this one very game : This is gathering everyting that the human kind has got to offer
  23. Ok, so here's how I see it. With regards to the development, I trust that you guys will deliver and of course there will be a couple of us constantly reminding you about the original story, but I remember Michel always saying that this was his original vison and we have to appreciate that, I am sure that Pey'j and Jade will return so I am not worried about that anymore and suggest to anyone who is to give the guys credit, after all the idea sounds to be a game that truly is nothing like what we ever had before and that requires a lot more trust and believe. On the other hand, stuff like BGE merchandise would not be a bad idea but perhaps later as I'm sure that money are precious and more needed for the project instead.
  24. Hey Michel and the dev team! Are you planning on making these dev diaries a regular series? I think we'd all love a monthly video update!
  25. 15 years waiting... I love you guys for making this real
  26. I'm just speechless... you guys did what I've never believed in! You are doing it all right :) Keep on the good work and see you in the space monkey program!
  27. Dark_shadow361
    This game looks freaking amazing! Waited so long for this
  28. There is one big problem... this game is develop on ps4, Xbox one and maybe switch.. the problem is that this game is going to come out in 2020"perhaps", so i think that BG&2 Will be a cross gen because ps5 will come out in 2019/20 for sure and then Microsoft Will annaunce a new console... this isn't a problem for pc, but this game when Will come out will be old
  29. But i still want to see this game, i can't wait to play it even if it will be a cross gen
  30. Come on ! it makes me want to come and visit this studio :o Please make this BGE good !
  31. You guys did excellent work in BG&E 1, That game was amazing experiment and one of the rare games that I played several time, I kept watching the video and reading rumors about BG&E2 and finally it's coming up ..... I believe it'll be the game of the year when released ... you're the best.. We're all supporting you guys :).
  32. Comment puis-je me procurer un t-shirt avec le logo du space monkey program? je trouve le design superbe!
  33. I think the idea is great its something fresh and can be expanded on frequently. New planets new things to explore in an enviornment that changes. It gives it the possibility to have the kind of longevity that destiny had in a completely different style of game.
  34. I don't know what to think. The ambition is commendable but you don't seem to have nearly enough ressources to pull out a game of such magnitude. I don't see any previous games from Ubisoft that could help you. Maybe there are and I'd love to know which. I also get an early access and a no man's sky vibe that I really do not like. This game sounds basically way too good to be true. Unfocused maybe as well. Maybe do a movie and build the universe with books and smaller games first ? Like do the actual sequel to Beyond good and evil and not a prequel. Maybe try and slowly build up all the ressources you'll need to actually make a polished game. You are all super very competent and the world building and all the art and technology all look really impressive, don't get me wrong. But there is for now not a single trace of gameplay. If you're selling this as a video game, the gameplay must come first. It's like in a movie, you show; you don't tell. Do not get lost in your own world or you will lose the players. Anyways, this could potentially be my favorite game, I love the Hybrids, those are great, I love the starship in space, I love the scope and scale and the building of a crew. But we need a polished gameplay, not just dreams. Thanks if you read it this far, here is the idea of a potato.
    1. Good point. You have just pointed the subject that remain the more mysterious so far. The background seem to be polished et promising, but the purpose of the game remain the question that calls me. Does the game will be an Action game with some RPG mechanics, focus on his story, bringing us in differents areas with things to discover ? Which things ? Side quests ? Races ? Deliveries in space Tuc-Tuc ? It has to be defined has well... Does it will deliver us some area/activities where players can meet each others, or not (it's fine, too) ?. I think devs have already some ideas on all that, according to the survey they send to us recently, and I'm really curious about where that will lead us to.
  35. wow! I just watched the movie "LION" about a young Indian boy named 'Saroo'. I really can't wait for this game because the movie reminded me a lot of the concept of the game, in terms of, creating your own backstory and starting from a lowly pirate with practically nothing in terms of money and "cool" ships. To becoming a space pirate legend.
  36. You seem to know where you are going, and with great pleasure. That's really encouraging. The idea of setting us in another system for BGE2 is a good idea for developing what the universe has to tell, and to show us new horizons. The project is really ambitious. Bringing life to this(ese) huge(s) world(s) will be demanding. I hope narratives aspects won't be neglected. I'm myself open to novelty, but as many, I hope the story will learn us more about Jade's past, and the origins of the Domz. And for that post-generic scene (you know it :p)... that's more difficult because it need to have a phase chronologically after BGE1. An alternation between the two period or, according to the importance you want to give to each one, shorts but more narratives phases (like game phases as Ciri in Witcher 3), are solutions that can help for approaching this points.
  37. When Will this game be ready, can't wait for it! Wich platform Will be able to play this fabulous game(Ps, x-box, nintendo?) A hint, don't forget a simular camera like Jade had in BGE 1. I loved iT very much! Such a beautiful game, maybe Some actors would like to play in this movie ... grtz
  38. EroticSqurrel22
    Lookinh forward to playing the game looks like it ia going t9 suck the player in no matter if its an mmo or not ita going to awsome!
  39. TheKoloradoKid
    It is a pleasure to meet you Michel, Guilluame and Dev team. You are very cool, creative and awesome people. Thank you for the introduction in this video and a little more info on the game. Starting from the ground up to be a space pirate legend sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun to play. I really look forward to and am very excited to interacting and sharing ideas with your team. Thank you for this opportunity! I will be going through these posts, reading responses and sharing my ideas by posting here and when anything comes to mind I will be sure to write it down and share it accordingly. Thank you!

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