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BGE2 Hybrid Pig Toy

Hybrid Exploitation in System 3

In the world of BGE2, hybrid slavery is the keystone of System 3’s economy. The Hybrid Slave Codes made slavery a permanent condition, inherited through trademarked genomes, and defined hybrid slaves as property: inanimate objects with no feelings and no rights.

We imagine the society might use hybrids as:

Customizable house pets

Corporate bodyguards, conditioned to obey

Trackers to hunt down fugitive slaves

A source of spare organs for their owners

Combatants in hybrid blood sport arenas

Pleasure Providers…

Forced labor for resource or agricultural exploitations

Who knows what happens when a hybrid rebels or outlives its usefulness? Maybe their organic matter gets recycled into fertilizer or consumable goods…

In what other ways do you imagine the hybrids would be exploited and/or discriminated against in System 3?

243 thoughts on “Hybrid Exploitation in System 3

  1. Un Raton Laveur !!!! mdrrr en gros Rocket Raccon.
    1. Bonjour, J'imagine que les hybrides pourraient être exploités en tant que domestiques, espions, soldats, soignants, agents d'entretien, cuisiniers, serveurs, agents de sécurité, hommes et femmes de main, animateurs, conducteurs de transports publics, vendeurs à la sauvette, artistes, musiciens, jongleurs, miniers, marchands de journaux, guetteurs de quartier, assassins, agriculteurs, batisseurs, artisans, mécaniciens.
  2. guest-jy7NeJa0
    it looks very cool. I hope that everything you showed on the screenshots we can see in the game. Especially the bloody sport.
    1. darkfiercedeity
      yup but i wonder how there going to show us anything about bird hybrids or bat hybrids to represent the native American culture and Polynesian culture since i remember in the original beyond good and evil we had Chinese walruses and Jamaican rhino's you know lol.
      1. I remember in the first one there was actually a bird hybrid who worked at the newspaper Shop in the pedestrian district. I cant remember his name but i think he was an eagle hybrid
    2. Expertgamer_17
      What if you could play in the blood sport arena for monney or ships
      1. Xander-Blast
        I'd be down for that! You could be sort of a gladiatorial pirate, that just sounds awesome! it would be like side quest in BGAE#1, where got pearls to gain parts for your hovercraft, only you go in to fight to win rare black market items or large prizes like ships, weapons, and gear when you win a last man standing challenge. maybe even recruit hybrids from the gladiatorial arenas as crew mates or your own personal bodyguards.
    3. Expertgamer_17
      What if we could own are own hybrid slaves.
      1. I liked the idea. We could use them as a source of income by making them work for us. Another option could be to house them in a certain place / vehicle / village where they could live in peace on our protection.
    4. Yeah, but I'm more interested in being g a hybrid. I think that with this whole hybrid economy it would be much more meaning to be a hybrid than to be a human, caus a human can just watch but a hybrid risks their lives in blood arenas. The moment a real war between humans and hybirds start the humans on the hybrids side wont be taking as much as a risk as a hybrid would
      1. WEST_DRAG0N2
        I hope you can play as a hybrid in multiplayer or campaign if I could be a wolf hybrid as my character I'm sold on this game or as long as there's a good character creation in this if there is one I'd be very happy
    5. WEST_DRAG0N2
      I hope you can play as a hybrid in multiplayer or campaign if I could be a wolf hybrid as my character I'm sold on this game or as long as there's a good character creation in this if there is one I'd be very happy
  3. can't wait to get my hands on this game and see all of these in action:(
    1. Just wish they would have a final release date I can look forward to!
      1. BigBaByStaebs
        I know its painful, but I would rather wait. However some predictions such as a 2022 release date would a real heart break, but worth it.
  4. CammyBalFell28
    Exploiting: Hybrids, if looked at as a exploitative benefit for the humans of The system. On the underground/darker side of things; They could be used as mules for illegal weaponry or substances worth high value within system 3. Or hitmen or mercenaries forced to take out targets who "Didn't pay their debts in time" or "make someone disappear". On the more Out-in-the open side of things, Hybrids could be used as Test subjects for new medicines/performance altering drugs or robotic transplants of limbs and other body parts. They could be used to fight our wars, so that instead of Human Life being lost. The Hybrids can just become the expendable pawns for the Government. Discrimination: I come from South Africa, so a massive discriminating law in our country was Apartheid: the laws of segregation. Simply put. That could be the case with the Hybrids as well, where they are seen as inferior by many Humans. That they aren't allowed into certain areas unless invited, had a pass to be there or was just a servant to the human who owns the place. It would be a cool addition if the Hybrids were afraid of entering an area they aren't supposed to be in because of the fear that they might be gunned down or put in a prison strictly made for Hybrids (Maybe the Location of the Blood sports or where massive abuse of these Creatures take place.) That's just some ways in which I think the Hybrids of System 3 could be exploited :D
    1. This comment kind of gave me goosbumps because of horrible it sounds. It really makes me want to be part of bringing at least parts of such a system down!
    2. That sounds great... and horrible at the same time
    3. The idea that part of this was very real in a very recent time is horrible and Im feel sorry about that. In the other hand, those ideas are more than great in this kind of game.
    4. These are the kind of ideas they should be looking for..
    5. Really like your vision & ideas. Nonetheless, regarding the discrimination, even though that mirror reflection to recent events would be awesome, having hybrids being discriminated, seen inferior & actually considered as living sentient beings would be better than their status of being only objects. In other words, in today's world, would you give a pass to a cat or a dog to go somewhere or would you turn to its owner? Or again, how do animal pounds treat abandonned animals on the street? Merely as objects most of the times; not even seen nor considered as equals in the slightest. So, as awful as it reads/sounds, i think something similar to the Apartheid applied for hybrids in this situation would actually an improvement over their current condition : it would mean they actually have minimal rights and are seen a bit more than simple objects
      1. I agree Gearhead. As awful as it sounds, segregation-type systems would be an improvement from the status of non-persons. As an American descended from legal non-persons (slaves, technically my ancestors were 3/5ths of a person) I'm biased towards a depiction of that kind of system. But I would also like to see it not be in any way uniform. So far, they seem to be headed in that direction, where some hybrids are free, some are pseudo-free, and some like Zhou are even in unofficial positions of power (he gets to boss the cops around...even though he's probably still legally a slave)...because that's how biological societies are: messy & complicated. Even when two groups have inequality that inequality isn't applied equally, even our inequality has inequality. I'd really like to see them keep going in that direction and actually depict the complexities of a slave-owning, hierarchical society.
        1. Dragonheart_96
          Agreed on all accounts. In addition, if the player were to free x amount of hybrid (and/or non-hybrid) slaves, we see the fallout of that. In America, the South was (wrongfully) reliant on slave labor to make money. This means that everyone not only on plantations (owning slaves or "watching" them) but off them benefitted from slave labor. Including the North. So, if one plantation suddenly "lost" their slaves (or they were freed by a good Samaritan), everyone on the plantation would lose jobs and money, and people off of it also would lose jobs and money. Seeing that in-game would be interesting. And surely there would be people actively trying to free them, fighting not only the corrupt wealthy, but others that just need to put food on the table (or have a table, period).
          1. Yes! But also remember that slavery competes with wage labor, so slavery makes money for some and takes for others. I'd like to see some (but not all) of the abolitionist activity centered around "darn hybrid slaves stealing our jobs". I think IRL this kind of abolitionism had a bigger effect than the "moral" kind.
      2. CammyBalFell28
        OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU Gearhead!!! What you said now was damn Good man!!! I love how (excuse how dark this sounds) worthless you made the Hybrids seem. And how powerful and complicated a story line would be of an uprising. Brilliant Reply Man
    6. Thickoloedeon
      i think you pretty much hit the nail on the head. they are basically free infinitely replaceable labor or slaves
    7. Wow you fleshed it out perfectly. I think it could work well in the game that if your character is a hybrid then they may be attacked when entering areas where hybrids have to provide some sort of permit to be allowed. You're a pirate so you obviously have a thing against permits telling you where you can and can't go.
    8. Piggywiggy1984
      I think I would be really cool if we could buy and trade slaves with other play's for money or something of.value, I also think that It would be really fun if we could choose if we want to bring the system down or if we want to partake in it. If a player chooses to partake in it then maybe they could earn a reputation in the slave business.
    9. Piggywiggy1984
      I know this idea has probably already been thought about but just in case it hasn't been. I think it would be a fun idea to get an unique ability depending on what animal you choose e.g. if you chose a monkey/ape you could turn off your jet pack and climb up like up things to be more sneaky route things like that.
      1. BigBaByStaebs
        Yessss. While I think this is something that they have most definitely thought of, I hope it is not to obvious that it is overlooked. For example the tiger-shark hybrid featured in the 'Blood-Sport' concept art could possibly breathe underwater, while a winged hybrid could fly wihtout the use of a jet-pack (but also use one to boost its physical capabilities). I think this would also be very interesting if quadrupedal avatars and characters performed some actions on four legs, loosing their humaniod bipedalism and returning to a more primitive, instinctual state.
  5. CammyBalFell28
  6. I guess they could make them lab rats or put them to work in harsh enviroments that not anyone would take. And if they 'rebelled' or at show the smallest signs of disobediance, they would punish them with extreme cruelty. Maybe there would also be a Hybrid Rights movement with all sorts of campaigns.
  7. I love how things are turning dark. I love the art direction and the general direction that this game is taking. I'm proud of what are the devs turning the BGE franchise into. I just hope that all these ideas take a big part of the game and that they're not only used as a "I'm a mature AAA game" excuse. This could be something great and memorable.
  8. So about the question: 1- Their body parts can be used! 2- They can be used for rubbery or criminal things 3- They can be used to test new dangerous products 4- They can be used to test new medical things
  9. - tanks, drones & weapons/cyborgs in military warfare (the objective is to have the least amount of man/woman on the line of fire in the battlefield) - to optimize (financial, efficiency & time wise) some risky tedious "physical" jobs; replacement of human workforce - farms for food (meat, milk, and other typical animal products we already have today) : bigger means more ressources - clothing - means of transportation (cyborg enhancements or not) for merchandises & people (from public transport to luxury transport) - h-sports (aside from blood sports, typical athletic competition like the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup, the 24 hours of Le Mans & other mechanical races/ team sports) - shops & exhibitions where we can purchase new hybrids & best latest version : companions, pets, "vehicles", weapons, ressources,... - put simply : as an object, if ever there is a need, someone will try to see if the hybrid object can fulfill that need & do it better than "traditional" object/tool already in use (a bit like what robots are starting to become, animals already are, machines etc ...)
    1. Despite being a bit off subject, extending on the hybrid condition raises other “interesting” questions/topics leading easily to darker & controversial places. => For instance, would it be conceivable to have in the game some escaped hybrid renegades roaming in space treating humans as humans treat them, disposable resource? Why not also a moon/planet base of these hybrid “terrorists” where humans are farmed, eaten, milked, experimented upon, used for clothing, medicine, labor, pets and companions. And, of course, go full in on the subject and not shy away from a very true part of reality in today’s world, private parts would be exposed in the same way the hybrids are depicted in the concept art and animals are in our world (farming, circus, zoos experiments, ….). (Could be DLC to play on rating system at launch of game) => To prevent the game from being rated adult only, would there then be a system added into the hybrids when they are conceived to control and prevent them going that route? If not, considering hybrids would be bigger, stronger & actually intelligent, as seen in BGE universe, a war would be ineluctable between the creators & their creations if nothing changes.. => Would it be possible to have ultra sexed up hybrids (like modded female characters in Skyrim & like those in anime) to serve fantasies of owners? It also allows to have contrast with the pleasure provider pigwoman hybrid concept art. Prices would then be reflected on the type of hybrid if one was to purchase service from a hybrid or simply purchase the hybrid all new/used. => Finally, instead of forcing the player to side with the traditional “politically correct” position of rebels, expose the pros & cons of each side (go deep & true on the comforts, the ideals and the struggles of each side) & finally, if the game design allows it, let player decide the side he/she is on. If there is no actual endgame to the MP experience (like GTA O or Star Citizen and SP is a thing of its own within the universe), it would then allow for a very rich experience : - Human society = ownership of hybrids (like traditional machines/tools) & it’d be more consumption & quality of life oriented but also, more borderline towards the meaning of the respect of Life. Interesting questions arise regarding the human rebels in that case (what drives them? Equals rights for all? Care Bear mentality where all should stand equal blinding themselves from realities? Minimal rights for Hybrids to ease their everyday life? Total freedom of Hybrids & let them be on their own planet? What are humans ready to concede to the hybrids? Benefits & cons to such a vision technologically, demographically, socially, ecologically & economically wise) - Rebellion = more “equality” between races, more tensions too (because of past & current situation & question of leader(s) of the pack of the rebellion), need of consent to do things with hybrids, delicate position of the humans in that case (is it really “their fight” to start with? Or political correctness hypocrisy/blindness?), concessions made by the humans amongst ranks of the rebellion (are they willing to do the work done by hydrids, be tested on upon & sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the Rebellion?), better communication between races, feeling of belonging to something important (going against all to start anew), possibility of being a super guru that leads the masses towards common ideals against a big oppressor, idea of fighting for what is “right” (LIFE as a whole, & conflict between personal interests, sum of special interests & general interest). Overthinking it though... Space pirate should be more carefree
      1. I really like your point on not "forcing" the player to the "rebel" side and rather the pros or cons of each side. If this is truly to be a game like any other as well as a vast "universal" play area for people online. Choosing the "side" that resonates more with you would be revolutionizing. A planet for refugee hybrids or a community that is abusing humans for what was done to them just seems natural really, I can totally picture a sort of Lord of the flies moment, where maybe a pioneering group of chosen hybrids are sent out to explore and discover. Crash land or something goes wrong. They create their own community and visions for their newly found free life and enact whatever belief they have now adopted. Great ideas, -Funk
  10. So is there a rebel faction we can join to oppose the supporters of the Hybrid slave code?
  11. It would be really cool if there was an conflict within society itself about the use of Hybrids. I imagine that there will be people who are against it and who try to fight for the right of the hybrids. You could use present day struggles as an example, or maybe even reflect them in someway in the game. Would be cool to roam a city and see ads playing voicing the two different sides. (Made a quick mockup) Something like this:
    1. Really liked that poster!
  12. I hope they go dark on those themes so we can really apreciate how twisted the world is.
  13. this game keeps looking better and better every time ye post something keep up the great work
  14. And what if hybrid can be used like a car or like the horses in the mediaval time ? or sadly... like the slave we have during the "golden age of slave" if we call something like this, like this..... But think it can be a good idea to see rich guy in a city who are on a chariot with hybrid pushing it.
    1. Well , I don't really know if this would be a proof of wealth or the opposite :/ .. But still pushing hybrid , or even Riding one seems to be a great Idea
  15. ThatSuperDuck
    In the same way that hybrids are being used as slave labour on harsh new planets, perhaps they'd also be specially bred to act as mounted transport on terrain too dangerous for human colonists? A regular horse, camel or donkey might not survive on a newly-discovered planet but a specially-bred hybrid might. Maybe there are even winged hybrids that could carry humans (or perhaps mail or cargo) over great distances. Slaves with fins and gills could carry humans to and from underwater locations in air-tight capsules, like a submersible palanquin. I also think that if hybrids are being used as corporate bodyguards and bloodsport combatants, it's not hard to believe that there would be organisations that breed entire armies of hybrids specialised in certain kinds of warfare. There a real world urban myth/conspiracy theory that says the Russians actually tried to breed human-ape supersoldier hybrids in the early 20th century: Hybrid soldiers would obviously be tougher than your average human soldier but they could also be given specific traits as necessary: Colour-changing chameleon hybrids for stealthy warfare. Eagle hybrids with improved eyesight to act as a scout or sniper. Polar bear hybrids who can fight in polar conditions without the need for thick clothes.
    1. hybrid soldiers, tougther or just less expensive, you don't have to pay them if they're yours
  16. They can be used as- 1. resistance group 2. militia 3. anti-social workers etc.
  17. I am so excited to play this game. It is so exciting to see such excitement and creativity in a game development that is truly needed today in game development. But as for your question i would imagine the hybrids would be exploited for every name under the sun. If it's against the law in system 3,There would be Hybrids for it,Being used,manipulated etc. From Robbery,Heists,murder and maybe even businesses trying to hide from the mainstream world,Such as a black market. It sounds like a real mix where you got your sci-fi underworld where if you go to the wrong side of town,it's not going to be surprising seeing Danger,Gangs,Shops selling questionable goods. And then you got the workers,Which sounds like a "metropolis" like feel,Where they work below there pay-grade in high risk jobs for huge company scandals and can be easily replaced. Keep up with the amazing work!
  18. LaxativePayne
    Seeing as they're part animal, I wouldn't be surprised if there were people who kill and skin hybrids, for the purpose of fashion or style: clothing, rugs, and bags made out of hybrid skin/fur.
    1. Damn that's dark. Sounds like an awesome idea for the 'recycling' approach. I like it
    2. yep they are part animal, and what do we do with animals we humans ? we eat them ! what is the fooding politic in system 3. Vegetarians ? If so we could immagine a group of wealthy humans outlaws dedicated to hunting renegades hybrids (renegades since law wouldn't allow u to kill your neighbour's slaves) in order to eat them, acquiring powers by eating animal sentient meat, sharing special recipies. Disgustingly appealling no ? Some specialist would hunt their babies in particular ! U know like eating lamb or veal :p
      1. BigBaByStaebs
        Very dark, and disgustingly enjoyable all the same. I think visions such as these offer true insight to the deep and twisted marvel this game can become. I have thoughts of bounty hunter meets SS kills squads built of elite and horrifying hybrid combinations performing kidnappings and exectutions. Will some hybrid combinations prove more fearsome than others? Or will the drive of personal will be the deiciding factor similar to the human race. It is very easy to get lost in thought when duscussing this game.
  19. I agree with lab test subjects but I would take it a step farther and they could be genetically modified to develope substances that enhance humans. Like injectable products like Botox or steroids that would be stronger than what humans can produce but more compatible with human dna than standard animal products. Even products that have long lasting or permanent effects.
  20. That pig prostitude is a little disturbing lol I honestly can't think of anything else hybrids could be used for. I'm curious, would people be able to RP? Maybe have a character sheet, with a biography, to use for a backstory. I'd make mine either a Blood Sport fighter or get used for his master's nasty fetishes.
  21. This reminds me of the Mutant of subabyse ( a tabletop RPG I play ) . And so in this universe there is a whole game where the goal is to mash as much mutant you can , and it's played by fellow human . If Hybrids are Breed , then you can also make some Hybrid Farm , where they are breed, but also convert to food ( Soylent Green ! ) But you can also use them as workforce for " lowly job" that nobody wants to take on ( in dangerous area as some other said, or just because the job feels degrading) But I do hope among those poors Hybrid there are human sharing the same fate and burden the hybrid carry . PS: Do you prefer English or French comments ? I can use both , but I'd rather use French since it's my mother tongue
  22. -Smuggling things in their bellies, -Testing chemicals (taking animal testing to the next level, eh), -Lizard-ish hybrids could be used to generate organs for transplants, -Pig skin could be used for tattoo practice, -I guess some black market business where they sell hybrids' eggs for rich picky eaters? -Circus.
  23. Belgarathmaster
    Bonsoir! et bien je pense que les Hybrides aurait pu être utilisés pour les tâches ''ingrates'' : travaux de forces, gestion des ordures, entretiens divers, combat (effectivement), garde du corps, guerres (comme chair à canon), etc...
  24. I'm thrilled and pleased that you're going to the end of this "rabid hole" and show all the ugliness that was implied with this subject. I applaud your courage and your effort to exhibit these problems in your video game as a reflection of ours: a way to mediate and face them instead of look away as this was a manner to solve them. Just for the love of Shauni don't implement loot crates or any gamble system nor announce DLC BEFORE releasing the game, that's such a low and greedy way to taint and destroy all the effort (I believe) are you trying to make with your game. It feels like you're stealing content instead of creating new one. Try to wait a reasonable amount of time (I think 6 months its ideal) to announce and release DLC, expansions and so.
  25. Ouah sacré atmosphère sa me fait penser a detroit become human mais avec un double sens de lecture à la fois pour nous humain mais aussi en vers la cruauté envers les animaux. Pour les conditions de leurs esclave je vois bien des scientifique essayer des relique Domz sur eux pour savoir quels effets cela puisse faire sur un être vivants. Il pourrait avoir des hybrides obliger de travailler pour certains pirate et travailler dans des mines ou bien dans des productions de cannabis. Ou alors certaines hybride serait obliger de satisfaire les envie lubrique de certain dominateur(trice) avec différent accessoire qui leurs rappellent leurs statue d’être inférieur.
  26. I love how dark ideas emerge for this topic! Expectance is that BGE2 won't be a candy like story. Becouse this dark ideas are great, and i bet, many other will follow the pattern i would like to think about a more positive aspects and situation where Hybrids won't be slaves or mistreated. First such case could deal with the part of the scientists who were developing hybrids- not as a slave labor- but as a way of prooving that animals have feelings, emotions, intelligence and soul. Some could go for sure for the goal of prooving they are God-like, able to Create a Life. Another case- when we read through various social platforms, there is a huge fan group of ... hybrids- human like cats and dogs and other animals. What if Japanese anime would be brought to life? (Please, no, no tentacle monsters! ;P) Religion. Ancient religions often portrayed gods as animal-human hybrids. Some time ago paganism was popular again- why in the grim future there can't be those who would love to see the personification of their gods, powers?
  27. -Perhaps rich and powerful men organize competitions betwen them where they hunt hybrids to get their heads as trophies or -Some kind of religion sees them as diabolic beings and wants to eradicate them because they were made by men instead of being made by god (or gods) and sees them as a kind of materialization of the arrogance of humanity
    1. That religion idea is kind of neat! They don't want to use them, but instead get rid of them!
  28. Epic Fan Art, i really enjoy being update to the game and the excitement of seeing a new update, as for the question : I see hybrid people being use like slaves to carry rich people, being treating like shit, and don't have the right to go to bars for exemple. I see hybrid faction fighting humans faction in a bloody fight, murder all over the city. Being insult of all sort of words, like very bad ones on the street, seen like an animals and if they see an hybrid being good treating, they will be choc ( as like for exemple the scene of Django riding the horse in Django Unchained).
  29. Pleasure providers? GEEZ. And It was seriously considered as a regular thing? Way very much disgusting. I can imagine how desperate one must be to pay for such services looking at said illustration. It must be cery cheap for sure ar some weirdos with strong taste. Yes, only weirdos with strong taste after all there are all king of people but thats a minority. Maybe if there is some hybrid resembles human more and not hairy monkey then maybe some drunk or moody people would consider it. Well, you would maybe find a need for cat hybrid. Even though they are hairy but you find in japanese and chinese or korean subculture girls with cat ears on forhead or on sides and tails as cute whatsoever. So if they see a cat hybrid to them It might be a dream to come true. Kind of. So a cat for those Japanese and Chinese people and not that frog. The drawed female human animals are more sexy on the Caravan Palace Lone Digger clip than that frog. Cobra, zebra, gazelle. Also try the octopus hybrid with tentacles that is other japanese fetish. And maybe snakes, there are weirdos might go for snakes for an extreme experience. There would be more people go for snakes than frog. But yeah hybrids go mine and dive underwater bloodfight servant and security. Armed forces should be restricted cuz leash could be cut.
    1. i don't think octopus hybrids would be a thing, at least not part human. Octopuses are molluscs and are part of the protostomian genetic taxon, opposed to the deuterostomian taxon, which contains fishes, shark, sea urchins, reptiles, batracians and mammals. All the hybrids we've seen so far are between vertebrate species. The hybrid with the biggest genetic gap we've seen is the shark-human one (chondrichtian/mammal). As for tastes, its the 24th century and we're in space, anything can happen !
      1. the_lumberjack_
        I sort of agree about octopus hybrids, I'm not sure how it would work with regards to the fact that an octopus doesn't really have bones and that it's whole way of life is sort of built around that, however they are incredibly intelligent, and sometimes deceptive animals. From a character standpoint it would be great to see an octopus hybrid skilled in deception and with lots of cunning, potentially working as a crime lord or something similar. Spy perhaps?
      2. BigBaByStaebs
        I understand that developers might be trying to limit the number, or at least taxon of species included in the game, and might even be trying to limit it to the asian realm (India and China more specifically), but I think that would limit the game in a seriously negative way. However, as you mentioned the shark hybrid featured in the concept art give me much hope that there will be a truly vast amount of species offered for hybridization. I really want to see some reptillian hybrids myself, but understand it might be a stretch for developers to give it them that humanoid appearance. Although, I dont think these guys are shying away from much, hence the creation of the Space Monkey Program.
  30. Rockets-rocket
    That would be so cool to watch an arena fight with hybrids and other creatures or you can fight in the arena.
  31. Hybrids may be exploited just like animal are today - slaughtered for food, living their whole life in a lab cage, skinned for fashion, forced to perform at circuses. Being part-human part-animal probably would mean for hybrids that they will be exploited both as animals and as humans nowadays.
  32. That really paints a dark world to live in as hybrid and the fear of getting "recycled". Probably not knowing what freedom even is. That cute pig gets me everytime.
    1. I would think that hybrids in areas like blood sports and security guards are fitted with death-collars if they do anything stupid. The only hybrids having a more normal life would probably be the ones "working" as pet. Anyway I think many hybrids are not tuned towards one task. They should in general be able to perform multiple tasks quite okay, so hybrid shopping would be a thing. I would assume hybrids are recycled as matter for new hybrids and or hybrids are feed with hybrid parts so to say (but mushed up). You know like those SciFi generic food stuff and it is fine until you know.
      1. Furthermore maybe the price for the blood sports would be that you are allowed to work for someone if the blood sports are a prison thing to begin with. A Mafia 2 kind of prison section?
      2. define mafia 2 kinda prison Maybe tought enouth hybrids would find ways to get rid of those collarsin some situations, that would be interesting
  33. Nice post, that answers a lot of what i've asked myself about how this would work. As for use of hybrids, i keep my idea that different hybrids serve different purposes according to their animal counterparts (strong and docile for manual labour, different ecological niches (envirenments) for different types of work(underwater/low oxygen/extreme temperatures, predators for tracking). Maybe that could be source of tension/discrimination among underground rebel hybrids. And about discrimination, since hybrids are considered property, and assuming the idea mentionned above, there would be pet specific hybrids, and then maybe prostitution, housekeeping, guarding and other interest for users. But that means, if hybrids are property, they have the same capacity as other object to represent rank and wealth, thus creating jealousy through vanity and result in discrimination... among Humans. My though is imagine someone without the wealth to possess an hybrid compared to one who can, and imagine humans showing off their respective hybrids, how many do they have, how much do they cost, what is their function ? Imagine how those hybrids feel, i would imagine it likely to encounter rogue hybrids ending in underground hybrids societies after losing their mind over their condition and attacking their "owner" !
  34. Ocean exploration Circus performers Tax prep.. Fur/leather/ivory Front line (military)
  35. Wow, this is just like Blade Runner! I would love to be a shark hybrid. i don't really have anything to add as most ideas are covered in the article or in the comments and I'm dumb, so I can't think of anything new.. Let me be a shark hybrid!
  36. A lot of people are suggesting things that are illegal for the hybrids to do, like smuggling drugs in their bellies and such, but I think the most disturbing part is the fact that its LEGAL to use hybrids as objects. If human truly see hybrids as objects, most wouldn't hate them, instead love them, like one would love a toy, but will forget it and let it collect dust once the interest is gone. I also want hybrids to be misguided as well! Maybe some escaped slavery and hated human ever since and wants to kill all humans no matter their thought on slavery. Some hybrid might even have human as slaves to show revenge! I don't want all hybrid to only play victim. They need to have dynamic thoughts and backgrounds. Some might hate human at first, but grown to understand not all of them are bad. Other hybrids might even hate other hybrids! Like hybrid slaves of rich human seeing hybrids in blood sports as low-life. Or slave hybrids seeing human as gods and thinks its their duty to serve mankind and sees the rogue hybrids as against the act of god.
    1. Totaly agree. I imagine a global war, where on the one side is human and slavery, and on the other is hybrid and his "freedom". But both sides are extremely fanatic, stubborn and brutal, so you wouldn't join anyone, cuz you're the fair pirate ;) Btw: sry if my english isn't perfect
    2. i wasn't so long ago when humans considered each other like property. And we have pets don't we ?
  37. I just imagine a whole bunch of furries spending all their time in the game in the 'pleasure provider palace'
  38. I definitely see them being used for medical advancement and other kinds of experiments such as engineered diseases and the sort. Just imagine a quarantined hybrid city/town where they bombard it with diseases for epidemic research and the sort. I'd also imagine they would kidnap normal hybrids like a hybrid player character and subject them to experiments, cure them, then start the next one. I would love some difficult horror/stealth style places like science labs after a kidnapping or trying to get through a infected area of poor hybrids and trying to not get sick and weak, needing gas masks and protective gear. I'm sure they also would test surgery and cosmetic "upgrades" / plastic surgery on hybrids and this will be his they teach recruits to medical science as well.
  39. Ok, despite all the horrible and gruesome things already portrayed, the "pleasure provider" is what really disturbs me the most... I mean, WHY?! But anyway, discrimination is a really complex thing, unfortunately filled with variety. The hybrid kids could be very well get bullied by other "normal kids" or worst, get captured by merciless men which would use their organs for a possible black market, or pedophiles with some sick perversion... Ugh, just like the real world, eh? While the Adult Hybrids could be even distinct between male and female, and get the males do really hard work in terrible conditions, and the females to be treaten like slaves in other houses and probably beaten down and abused by their masters. This is obviously including all of the terrible things you already decipted. Man, this games is gonna be dark. And I LOVE it!
    1. in such a society ther may be no mixed education system above low social classes. As for sex, that would depend on what the slaves are made for and the atributes they got from their animal counterparts (typiccal example: hyena females beeing much bigger and stronger).
      1. Gabrielleislyon
        Some hybrids can be used as sex slaves and forced prostitution
    2. When I read the part where you say to trade in the black mark with puppy hybrids, I realized that in such a society, you would probably find in the supermarket the kidney of a hybrid in your luxury galleries, for your next transplant. If they are objects, everything is sold legally, what is illegal is the products from humans 100x100
  40. Sounds great, a bit like how replicants are used in Bladerunner. Absolutely loving this concept art especially a baby Pey'j.
  41. First of All I love the ideas already given and I hope you'll find a way to put them in the game. I could also see the slaves working in the construction industry. The high rise buildings look like a risky thing to build, so the humans rather use their hybrid slaves. Another scenario I could see them being exploited in is the cargo industry. So maybe they have to load and unload ships at space ship ports or do little courier jobs through the cities.
  42. If we can create our own character as it was said during teh first gameplay session, and if we choose an hybrid character, will he be segregated like others hybrids ? This could be a good addition for alternative gameplay...
  43. Depending on System 3 religious beliefs, non-compliant or older slaves could be offered as sacrifices to the Gods. In addition to being harvested for organs/body parts, they could also be "recycled" as food for other slaves, that would be especially humiliating for the other slaves as they would be eating from their "family". This could also potentially not be told to them or sprout rebellions. Of course this all depends on how dark the game is going to be, since sacrifices and cannibalism are not the most family friendly topics. :)
  44. Cameron T. Nelson
    They can be used as a security force for major corporations, or as lower level cops. They can also be used as toxic waste disposal teams that are the absolute worst conditions. This is the perfect place for recruits, but they may have injuries or disfigurement from the toxins.
    1. maybe those made especialy for those tasks would get fewer or these injuries
  45. One interesting thing would be to have a balanced vision of this situation among the humans. For example, there would be pro-hybrid activists who would take serious action against the enslaver, or who would warn all the people who doesn’t pay much attention to the situation. For instance, the player could assist to conflictive situation between the pro and anti.
  46. I can't wait for this game! You put so much thought in the world of bge2 and i love it!
  47. Job for Waisted Hybrids? How 'bout - MORAL TRAFFIC LIGHT -
  48. I think they can be used as miner in order to extract all the gold necessary to build the impressive statues of the city.I also think that they can be used as butlers or maybe as factory workers.I just wrote jobs that are actually not nice,but i hope they 'll be used in several better ways :)
  49. I really enjoy how blade runner-ish the suggested subjects feel and i agree on all of them, plus the few suggested already by other fans here. Dealing with racism and the question "what is humanity" when you have the skin of a beast is awesome ; i look forward to the dialogue you guys will come up with. I hope that the video game experience will be more than just graphics, and a cycle of explore-fight-loot similar to any open-world Bethesda-esque title. I feel like the way writers for this game address existential problems gamers of all age go trough will be critical.. I can't stress enough how important it is that this gigantic world doesn't end up being a fetch quest simulator. Especially with this new engine dedicated to scale. Otherwise it will all have been for nothing. Even as an anthro of the specie and shape of my choice, i don't want be doing the same things I already did over and over again in other games. I can go play argonian or kajhiit on skyrim for that. Already did in fact. BGE1 was brilliant on how each collectable and dongeon was truly unique. tldr ; something not generic that can and will make me care. So, to the question "In what other ways do you imagine the hybrids would be exploited and/or discriminated against in System 3?" I think we can take inspiration on many of the crimes against humanity we had in history, about black people, about Jews, etc. It's all relevant material since the hybrids here feel emotion/all have a soul and should be treated as equals. They can be tortured into making impossible choices that would be considered relevant to humans only, like saving a single family member or an entire family of another specie ; Puzzle killer SAW style. The concept art shared are already pretty graphic, oh god that pleasure provider... With hardcore psychological tests deliberately applied on hybrids just to satisfy the curiosity of few who supposedly just want to question what is the purpose of life, almost trying to taunt god itself. Since we're talking about animals, there is also room for inspiration from how we are cultivating their flesh and skin here on earth. Perhaps even as trading supply for Domz forces, in exchange of peace. Assuming the Domz where present in this prequel. I think the already-suggested topics are pretty damn good ; I also think that the true fight is in the people's mind, that is where the whole discrimination/exploitation problem starts. I would care about saving lives from being literally munched up by the system, not only by physically fighting, but also by spreading awareness, motivated by the will to change our society ; I really like that quote about how Earth will not be saved by the 10% actively defending it, nor destroyed by the 10% actively damaging it, but by the 80% not caring. Which is, after all, how BGE1 concluded, by framing 2 opposites treating with each other and inspiring people to act before it extends to them. I would care about the denunciation of that system. I know I keep mentioning properties from the first game, but that's essentially because, so far, BGE2 looks like a Farcy on the theme of the universe. With anthros. There also already are preorder links on for BGE2, which gets me really worried... And on console... What is going on? Has BGE2 been in the works far longer than the release date of the trailer suggested it to be? Are you guys rushing this for december 2018, for real?! Do you think calling it Beyong good and evil 2 will be enough? Please prove me wrong. Please care like you did for BGE1. EXPLAIN THIS >>
  50. When it is planted in the future, robots or technology assistants may appear here. Who would take the job of hybrids and there could be a rebellion. Why would cyborg hybrids exist then?
    1. optimisation ?
  51. [Plot twist: the piglet is Zhou Yuzhu as a baby] Pigs: As a hybrid species the Pigs would be the more exploited. They are very intelligent animals in real life, so they were the first pick when the corporations started creating hybrids since they share a lot of resemblance to humans in some aspects. They could be used to farm organs and test drugs, their primary function before the scientist realized that they can be used as cheap hand labor in a wide spectrum of dangerous works. Selling small ones as pets become popular with rich people and become a fade between the rest of the population when criminals started raising them on pet mills. But as always happen with pet pigs, they ended growing bigger that the masters usually tough when acquiring them. So they are sold again and again or kicked out in the streets, where they end in hands of hybrid smugglers. If they had luck, they will end working and living by themselves between others of they kind, maybe even can find a good place in the hybrid society. The unlucky ones end exploited by criminals in all possible ways till they end being sell to slaughterhouses [in general this places recycle all what they can from hybrids in general: meat, organs, bone, prosthetics even]. Exotic Species: This are expensive and a lot are custom made. You don’t see regular humans owning one of these and usually are over the top of what you can expect from an Hybrid. Usually they are bodyguards, pleasure providers or simply "things" to embellish [Like one rich company having a big aquarium in the lobby with a dozen of hybrid colorful fishes whom only labor is to swim around and look pretty]. When their useful life is over, they return to the labs were they spend the rest of their existence being cloned and teaching younger exotic hybrids to behave and count their blessings. The sadder part is that for one exotic hybrid on service, at least 100 were discarded for not being good enough. Society: The hybrids were as always being discriminated and is usual to have marginal areas where they live. At first were big prison style constructions, were they masters have full control of the life of the creatures, as being provided from medical attention and food. At the end that become untenable for the corporations, so they start letting the hybrids fend by themselves with the "payment" that they receive, usually credits to exchange for overpriced food and satisfy other basic needs. So poverty belts were created around the cities where they started to build they own homes in areas where the armed forces didn’t want to put foot. Still, sometimes these areas become leveled when the humans in the city needed more space to move on. In these places is were the first hybrid insurgence sparks begin. Is not so nicer as we think, since the hybrids and humans who started fighting for the rights to be there were criminals who didn’t want to lose their turfs and dark business. [Some ideas I got!]
    1. nice societal structure idea, maybe since architechture doesn't depend on gravity as much a 4 centuries ago those poverty areas wouldn't only be around but also beneath the city. Since hybrids are a part of the system, the technology of their genesis is probably pretty well known, if we assume this is the continuity of our present time's studies in genetics and biochemistry. But in wonder: ther must be some limits to the DNA recombination and altering that could result in making viable hybrids: -Have we yet achieved the making of fertile hybrids on the long term (infinite generation and interaction between evolutionary forces), and if so are they made sterile in order to lesser the costs and inhibid proliferation ? -How does the making of hybrids between different genetic Genres work ?
      1. I was thinking about it : 1) The problem : First, it is the begining of the hybrids creation, right ? So not everything could have been mastered "back then" : several of them could not be fertile and so if you want to have a "new" hybrid, you have to buy a knew one (just like compagnies which produce genetically modified organism (GMO) do in our time). 2) The "solution" : In the area of BGE2, some companies could have developped a very lucrative buisness : biological products to make hybrids fertile (without having to create a "brand new- fertile hybrid" which would be expensive) (e.g. Viruses being able to integrate DNA in their genome to make them able to procreate). -->The good thing for the companies : sell a lot of those things and make tons of money -->Good thing for that slavery : hybrids cannot reproduce on their own : they can control them 3) And ... here comes piracy !! Pirates (hybrids or humans) could be able to find and rob the cargo-ships transporting the viruses, rob them and give it to hybrids (or sell it ... ) to free them from humans. They could then gather in secret places and grow their own society. 4) *Bonus*. -It could even have been something that has already happened before BGE2 (and we could find remains of the old hybrids' society during the game). -Only some species would be able to reproduce/be compatible with the biological product which would explain why there is less species in BGE1
        1. sorry about the english errors : it can hurt your eyes (it hurt mine !) :/
  52. In a future society like in the game of Beyond Good and Evil, if toys can be made through holograms, why not a life partner? Why not use holograms to help people who struggle with addictions or lonelyness. Using the pleasure provider might be an option, but I guess that buying your own pleasure hologram device is cheaper. This coul also mean simple interaction with a hologram for lonely people (which might turn them mad, speaking only to holograms)
  53. The artwork is phenomenal. Very excited for the game. I could see a Collectable Card Game with all the hybrids. Something like Pokémon.
  54. I would like to see different stages of Hybrid slavery. Maybe at the beginning i am witness of "domestic" slavery or just the "relationship" of a slave and a master. When the game starts evolving it would be great to see a bigger social slavery in public like shops or industries or hospital and so on. I'd like to see some side quest to defend their rights as a member of a union or to choose to take advantage of their work for a lot of profit. Investigating I'd like to come to another face of the coin where I can see all the impact slavery can produce. Like a world going on thanks to their slavery. Maybe a underground or really hidden intense human exploitation with a huge amount of people with different stories. Maybe a little planet where they live and work far from home to always keep struggling for them. How to set them free it would be challenging but it's great to see your actions change the society's habit and the society's new habits change the heart look.
  55. Can't wait to play the game.
  56. Juste parfait je n'ai pas d'autres idées si ce n'est comme l'a déjà dit plusieurs personnes : La vente de vêtements ou accessoires fait à base de peaux d'animal comme le rhino (au pif) ou encore avec de la fourrure comme les tigres. Voilà continuez votre job j'adore l'atmosphère dramatique et la touche graphique que ce jeu devrait avoir :) #TeamRéseauIRIS
  57. j'adore les hybrides, et ça serais cool de pouvoir lancer une rébellions pour abolir le système esclavagiste ou au moins l'impacter dans le jeux
  58. I would imagine that society has two sides. One that supports hybrid slavery, the other against it of course. And I think there could be like "homes" for hybrids that outlive their usefulness. Kinda like homes for womens that run away from domestic abuse. But these homes has to hide themself. I would imagine my character grow up in a home like this. I mean one of his/her relatives ( don't know why but I'm thinking like a grandmother) is have a home like this and look after hybrids because their are against slavery. But then , one day the home get found, gets raided and your relative dies.( Mostly likely the police shoots them down during the raid). This could give a motive to our character.
  59. Stefano_Beast
    A feline like Meï whould be better in the last one. :D Anyway i would prefer look at all those categories as a "Next level" of the Hybrid Technologies. First of all you should think about reasons of the beginning of their creations in the first place. For example jobs in places where pressures, gravity and temperatures can't be manipulated/warped... factories located in planets with stronger gravity, laboratories in the space at 0g. works that produce money and make sense their mutation: agility, resistences, etc.
    1. i agree, I think Michel Ancel specified that the first hybrids were designed for colonisation but thats still vague. Also, different caracteristics for different types of hybrids would be a great opportunity for gameplay variety.
  60. There should be rebellious hybrids groups living underground or in the shadows fighting the government by using extreme measures so that both groups could be at faults. Also, there should be some hybrids who hate the rebellious hybrids for other reasons. Maybe, they are too extreme for them, or causing a big divide for them. Like the other hybrids see these rebellious groups like how people see ISIS, Taliban and other extremest groups. Also, the stronger more ambitious hybrids exploit the weaker ones for their for their own causes.
  61. Since the game is going to be an open-world, I feel like it would be interesting to think about the little things when it comes to discrimination. For example, if you're walking down a street as a hybrid, maybe some people will look at you strangely, or maybe they'll change sidewalks. And when you're going to buy a sandwich, I could see the shopkeeper make some questionable comments like "Sorry mate, I'm out of bananas". Something that, according to the E3 trailer, you're already considering is the hybrid to hybrid discrimination as well. That means that the hybrids integrate the discrimination and contribute to it. We could go further and see as well hybrids that doubt of their own abilities, or even some that are so afraid to conform to the stereotypes associated with their group, that they end up slipping up and reinforcing them in the eyes of the others around (in social psychology, that phenomenon is known as Stereotype Threat).
  62. The developers have covered a lot of good turf here already. There should certainly be a range of bigotry, from the overt to the subtle (JakWindgard above gave some good examples.) It would also be good to see citizens who are friendly to hybrids as well, leading them along as if accepting of them, but still revealing prejudices (i.e. a "friendly" bar patron becomes hostile if you're beating them in a game, suggesting that you're truffle-sniffing your way to victory, or that someone might consider throwing some chum into the water to distract you. It's that kind of bigotry that can really cut to the heart; you think you've been accepted in a certain circle, only to realize they've been patronizing you. I certainly think there would be a Human Rights group who would see hybrids as a gross affront to human dominance, and would deliberately try to assassinate or frame hybrids to that effect. You could stumble upon pamphlets or secret group meetings talking about how "Expansion into the galaxy is supposed to be a glorious tribute to the inventiveness and determination of the human race... but what does it say if we're sending pigs and sharks and cats there with us? One small step for cats, one giant paw-print for tiger-kind? We rose above the animal kingdom... and yet, here we are, bringing the beast with us! It's blasphemy!" It also presents a good opportunity for people to be shown as animalistic with their behavior, and the hybrids striving to be overtly civilized.
  63. System 3 could also exploit those who are don't have those have a purpose rogue.. jobless hybrids ie.. slave, blood sport, toy etc.. with extreme abuse.. often time it become a sport of those who are drunken or etc to seek.. a rogue hybrids to extract inner rage. Since the laws view hybrids as objects... it allows this behavior to thrive without consequences. Society of non-hybrids basically turn their eye on these events due to it's thought of setting the example of the order of superiority.
  64. To eat them, some rich man who love the taste of pig or shark... Some Cow Woman can be used for their milk... That's sound horrible but... I think human do with the hybrids what they do with animal. Don't be afraid to do a mature game, we need this.
  65. This game is turning out to be really detailed from the looks of it. It looks like a lot of questions that could have been asked in the first game are also going to be answered.. Looking foreword to this game I just hope that it does not fall flat because it is trying to do too much.
  66. Hi! I thought of some other hybrids that could be used in exploitations... Skunk Hybrid: could be used for a crowd control situation like a public riot Bear Hybrid: as security/body guards/perimeter guards, or as heavy weights in blood sports Chameleon Hybrid: could be exploited as spies or hunters to track slaves because they're excellent in camouflage
  67. SQUEAKY'S TALE: INTRO Squeaky is his name, and he has a coiled pink tail. He wears a blue jumper when it's cold; when he feels warm he wears nothing, and Rupi laughs at his fuzzy stomach. "Where's your belly-button?" she would giggle, and pinch his ear between her longer, darker fingers. Squeaky has fingers, too, but they are short and pale. He doesn't have a belly-button, he knows, because he was made and not born. Rupi was born, there are pictures of it, but she says she doesn't remember. Squeaky remembers the Tub. He remembers the masked people passing by the glass, the waters passing through his lungs, the green light passing into the waters. Sometimes he wakes up crying from the dream. The lid rising up--cold air touching skin--steam hissing, roiling above the waters--light slashing his eyes without the shield of murky glass to protect them--shiny gloved hands reaching in, squeezing him, delivering him from the Tub. When he cries, Rupi's mama and papa MUTE his door--from inside, Squeaky can see the little yellow light shaped like a mouth with an X over it--but he stops quickly and falls back into a heavy, quiet sleep. Rupi would laugh at him in the morning. She calls him a 'Sad Piggy.' Her parents would tell her to be nice. They would put food in her backpack and bring her to school. Squeaky wants to go to school like Rupi, because she has friends that come over--Janup, Xiang, Mitchell--and he wants friends of his own. He isn't allowed, though. That's okay, he thinks. He has toys to play with. And when he gets bored, there's always the window. He watches the world and wonders.
  68. ICHI'S TALE: MONSTROUS Ichi can and will admit, quite readily, that he is a monster. It is the meat he eats, the water he drinks. Monster is the air he breathes. Without useful monsters, he would not have been made. He is monster, and monster is his purpose. He reflects upon his nature--a characteristic tic that often bothers his handler, Adam--while staring into a reflective sheet of metal. Ichi is due to KILL OR BE KILLED, FOLKS in eight minutes. He finds serenity in the deep, almost instinctual fear he feels looking at himself. He thinks: What must they see? What must they wonder? The thrill that squeezes Ichi's brain is sadistic and intense, and his rough grey muzzle rises above innumerable rows of teeth, sharp jagged juts like the rocks below a cliff. He has been to a cliff, once. He saw the ocean, standing there over the rocks, and he felt a call--it's said the same thing happens when monkeys see trees, when pigs see mud, when rhinos see open plains.... Ichi shudders. As always, Adam did not tell him the name of the rhino, but did show him a picture. The horn like stone is going to be a problem, he recognizes. The immense size and stature, the weight this beast can throw around--it could easily separate Ichi's immortal self from his monster, from his body. What would I be, Ichi ponders, if not a monster? His intelligent black eyes look back into themselves. Their glittery depths promise pain and death. "Sharky," shouts Adam, standing next to the cell. He's just entered from an outer hall. "You thinking again?" There's confidence there, hatred, too, but also a kind of confused frustration, an inability to understand the untold realities beyond one's own mind. "So much going on behind that pretty smile, isn't there? Oh, yeah, I bet." Adam laughs. Ichi, with the awkwardness of a creature never meant to utter human sounds, says, "Fut?" "'Fight'? Yeah, you're gonna fight. We've been over this." "New. Fut new?" "Fight... new... 'now'?" He produces a high, embarrassed noise. "Oh, uh, yeah." Surprise makes his man-face amusing to Ichi. "Yes, yeah, I was sent in to let you know it's about to start. Rhino's a bigger contender, he's got a huge following, heh, so, they're parading him around first. We'll get you out in just a minute. Not 'now,' but close." "God," says Ichi, and turns back to his reflection. "'God'?" the man mutters. "Oh, 'good.' Yeah, good." Ichi can now hear the roar of the audience--humans, mostly, but other monsters too. He can feel the thunder of it all. A welcome fury rises in his blood. His teeth gleam with dark, frothy saliva. The collar and cuffs buzz once. Where before they were loose, now they are tight, unyielding. (And, he thinks, unnecessary; he feels no animosity towards humans--but there's theatrics here, he can see that.) The cell door buzzes, as well, and slides open. "It's time," says Adam. It's time, yes, Ichi thinks, it's time to be a monster.
  69. I really like the "dark" and mature universe you are showing us today. This mix, between the colorfull world and cuteness design of character on one side and the harsh reality on the other side is really great. I really see a parralel with animal rights in the real world, so to answer your question: the first thing that came to my mind is of course the fact that hybrid could serve as food for non hybrid ...
  70. Pourquoi la société en est-elle arrivée à créer des créatures hybrides ? Et par créatures je pense à de multiples combinaisons entre les espèces, pas obligatoirement humain + animal quelconque. banque d'organe ? Mouais, quel est l'avantage d'un hybride par rapport à un clone de la personne ? Surtout que si cette technologie existe, nul doute que le clonage humain doit être beaucoup plus facile... Les hybrides peuvent-ils se reproduire ? Si oui, qu'est-ce que ça donnerait ? Le monde de BGE2 pour être cohérent et "réaliste", devra se pencher sur les raisons qui pousseraient des scientifiques (ou illuminés) dans la création de ces fameux hybrides en prenant des animaux précis (pourquoi des cochons, singes,...) L'impact serait, je pense, d'autant plus fort, si à la base, tout cela était pensé comme un progrès bénéfique mais qui entre de mauvaises mains (ceux qui veulent faire des profits) a fini par dériver.
  71. As long as the game has a reason for Hillys not having slavery and having rights for both humans and hybrids then I'm good. Just want the game to have that beyond good and evil feel
  72. I think all Hybrids who dont have a owner should be treated like they are criminal. Too much Hybrids are criminal due to the poor conditions that rule among the hybrids because the discrimination. they should have own districts where are just hybrids and criminal humans. i loved the asian district from the trailer where zhou yuzhu sat in the restaurant it just looked awesome.
  73. You wrote it is permament but can we really not safe someone who was made into a slave. Because i would never hire a slave, i would only do it, if i could free him from being a slave, only if she or he wants to. You can make it so that it would cost a lot of money to free someone, so that no everybody can do this. I hope that someone from the Ubisoft reads this, i think i am one of the few who want this, but i hope it can be done.
  74. Hybrids could be used as ... food. For example, poor people eat rat hybrids because it's cheap and in big quantity. Don't you agree ?
    1. Yeah I can see that.
  75. I wonder animal hybrids would be good for each task. I can see a hybrid wolf to be use as a fighter or a tracker. A hybrid is created for a purpose and what type of hybrid would great for that purpose. What kind of hybrid you think would be great for one purpose ?
    1. I can see a gorilla hybrid to be a bodyguard or a fighter
  76. Something that could be really interesting would be to explore how humans/society manipulate hybrids with opportunities and extra privileges to have more control over them, like being experimented on to have better accommodations, or letting themselves become hired guns for businesses and crime organizations because they are "given freedom" in return.
  77. Referencing the Apartheid and the fear hybrids would have of entering an area that wouldn't allow or accept them. In terms of the game, it would be an interesting scenario if you were to, accidentally, run into one of these locations (as a hybrid) and immediately feel the sense of urgency to get out! You would immediately feel a sense of caution because citizens would start gasping at you. Maybe even feeling the need to not be close or associated with you they would start to distance themselves from you making you a more obvious target for the local law enforcers or bounty hunters or rival. It would be FANTASTIC to see AND EXPERIENCE! scenarios like these in more video games. Similar to the most recent Mafia 3 game or even South Park the Fractured but whole! where deciding the difficulty of your experience would be choosing your skin color. In terms of hybrids, maybe certain breeds of hybrids were looked at as more inferior by other hybrids, similar to the animated movie Zootopia where carnivores were seen as more elite than herbivores there could be a dichotomy between the hybrids as well.
  78. Lots of people have mentioned hybrids as food. I personally wouldn't go with that as a main use of hybrids. I mean, think about it, IRL humans rarely eat even other apes, and the Hybrids are part human. Don't get me wrong, I think the idea of some underground cannibal/bushmeat trade or shady corporation pulling a Soylent Green would be an awesome addition, but I wouldn't want that to be a big use of the hybrids...more of a 'side bad thing'.
    1. It makes sense, I prefer that idea :)
  79. Ronnie Alvarez
    i was thinking making a human army while you're a hybrid.
  80. therealevilbill
    I think it would be really cool to see a hierarchy within the hybrid slavery. Specific hybrids of lower status being ordered about by higher ups who answer to a human would be fascinating (and awful) but it would add realism and be more rewarding when we see the transition to how hybrids are openly accepted in the original title.
  81. Illegal drugs testing. Currency; chattel.
  82. There are very good ideas, but if there are hybrids and constant improvements, there may also be human superhumans retouched generically to have advantages, but with a human aspect. I have also read something recurrent that hybrids are recycled to be used as food for hybrids, I do not think they were against, many of them can be obniboros and to think that to eat hybrid of another species is not a problem, even to eat your rival in a fight, if it were a moral problem in such an advanced society it would be logical to think since many of those who have given ideas have mentioned it, they would know that they are used as food, a society capable of creating hybrids in series, could generate food Synthetic effectively and economically, if there are 3D printers now, and hybrids can be created with genetic printers, a dead hybrid would be more useful for decorations, food as delicacy, decoration, composting, or back to the factory to be recycled of fluids.
  83. I like the ideas all around but an interesting idea is to use all slaves in trade. I'd imagine that trade organization to be the overarching big bad involved and the economy that they create with the trade of these slaves to be vast. Imagine having a slave trade tax that isn't even paid for by the government because of lobbyist making it a debt incurred on the public to provide bogus healthcare. This then would be something a slave owner would have to pay and therefore probably take out of their slaves salary. Uprising motivation anyone? Slaves paying their own slave tax.
  84. CammyBalFell28
    BGE Dev team, the next Question you issue out should be something alittle more light hearted because this Hybrid abuse is started to sound Extremely brutal lol.. Not that there's a problem with that.
  85. They could also used as Soldiers & Assassins
  86. I would love to see what a bat hybrid and wolf hybrid would look like.
  87. I would love to see what a bat hybrid and wolf hybrid would look like. And what they purpose would be. I can see the bat hybrid being a spy.
  88. Loving a lot the vision that emerges from your background. You have only talk about semi animals suffering worst human exploitation possible (witch is great by the way, slavery is still happening in our times and it would be interesting to have a game sharing thoughts about that very hard subject and taking semi animals makes it easier to access) but you also could talk more about semi humans being exploited like animals. It could bring even more thinking to the player. The main subject becoming "about sentient beings exploitation". So they could be used for... - Scientific / medical research - "Sport" hunting - Beauty contest - Meat breading - Leather accessories - Making glue - Escape valve for violence (Like in Boris Vian's theater piece "Les Bâtisseurs d'empire ou le Schmürz") - "Automatic alarm bell" like these dogs living attached to a chain and barking if anyone tries to enter That would be both sick and touching.
  89. I'm curious to see what kind of genomes are in use. Is there a wide variety besides what we've seen already or is it limited to pigs, rhino, tiger and shark? I'm guessing so but either way if I were to be allowed to play a Hybrid it'd be nice to recruit humans that sympathise or just plain get along with hybrids. Not seeing them as slaves. Make up a mixed crew of outlaws as he liberate others along the way. Maybe take a few personal vendetta missions. As a human I'd be mowing down every slave master I come across. No quarter. Free the slaves! Heh. Love everything you've been showing. Honestly hope to see much more soon. ^^
  90. They could also use Mole Hybrids to mine for materials in dangerous conditions, or prepare/examine foundations for restoration sites/construction sites.
    1. Yeah I could see that. I think that polar bear hybrids could be used in really cold conditions for fighting or colonize.
        1. I think that there could be sea creature hybrids for underwater exploration. I don’t know what a bat hybrid would be good for.
          1. I think a Bat hybrid could be a nocturnal aerial security measure, given their powerful echo location ability in the darkness for example, a planet with long night cycles :3
  91. Hybrid animals could be used for psychological experiments: -conditioning (making them obedient) -PTSD research (giving thm PTSD and finding ways to cure it) -mental diseases (experimenting with a mixture of genes and upbringing to study mental disease) -cloning (lots of twin experiments where you hurt one twin to find out what happens to the other twin)
  92. In what other ways do you imagine the hybrids would be exploited and/or discriminated against in System 3? If there is a smart race, the creatures of that race could be exploited to research/make stuff for others. Like weapons or body enhancements.
  93. BoogaTheBrutal
    I think you should be able to play both sides of the slave card. Like going and buying them, then choosing to free them or using them to get ahead. Maybe have a ship manned by slaves where there's a possibility of a mutiny. Then they would need a sorta skill tree of their own so you can train them to do specific jobs, like anywhere from the most menial tasks like janitorial duties to engine repair to leading strike team's under you order. Buying pre trained hybrids would cost more, and they should be both human and hybrid. Like I think someone above me said something about hybrid colonies, where humans are slaves. And this is an opportunity to tell a gritty true story with all the grit and darkness. All the lowest levels of depravity, now I don't what kind of system release you're looking at and I would love nothing better then to see consoles pull that censorship crap out of their bums and throw it out the window (but we all know they wont). All I can say is don't let a console release change the game you could have made on PC. The real life suffering is what makes the characters feel real. When you see a character you've laughed with cry because he just had to watch a fellow hybrid get mutilated, raped, or torn to pieces because he couldn't risk being caught. That's real, it's depth, it's hard to watch, but a necessary part of telling a story with depth where the weight of one's actions can be felt.
    1. This would be terribly awesome. This would add to the feeling of being powerless/hopeless and add a realistic impression to this game. If it is shown as something usual in the every-day life of this game (like the other hybrids understanding your non-action and doing the same with others : they could nod while crossing your gaze when they are suffering to say something like :"I understand mate , don't do anything, stay safe), it would really be deep
  94. devilmeetsvampi
    Some creature for listening purposes. In the upperclass section, some creatures are kept locked and chained and they have a "listening" session with humans at some places. Because the humans still need someone to talk to. And weirdly enough, at these places, humans let out their frustration and anger in the same room. with the the creature. And what it was originally supposed to be a non-violent session, people now thrash and throw their beer bottles at the creature and sometimes poke cigarette butts on it. And after the session, they have the choice to kill the creature and keep their ears as a souvenir. These souvenirs can be found at some people's households or on their lockets or something. Testing of new cosmetics are done on some creatures. Some animals are there to give them a social status(but treated horribly) Like bigger the feathers of a particular bird or more shiny it is, the more "high standard" or "royal". Which they then use in their wild sports or some fights.
    1. This is so dark! I think it could be something hidden in the game: not legal but existing for rich people.
  95. rainflowers2016
    First, something I really wanted to write, is how I love the depth and attention to this game, mostly it's cultural aspects, artstyle and story! When I was younger playing BGE1 I never expected the universe of BGE to get this much care and development. I always found the hybrids interesting and theorized they somehow evolved like humans at some point in history or that a scientist invented the hybrids, either by accident or on purpose. Glad it became the latter more or less, and that an explanation was given. I wondered whether we would get some information about the hybrids creation in a sequel, or that it was so natural in the BGE universe it didn't matter, or that the creator was forgotten in history. As for what hybrids could be used for, a great number of ideas have already been mentioned. The only thing I can come up with, which is a gruesome one, is to have them being used as food supply in great need. Or have hyrbids fight each other, what is already happening in the death matches, and have the victorious hybrid devour the defeated hybrid for more power/muscle development within the surviving hyrbid of the match. Of course, only the most bloodthirsty, powerful and dangerous of hyrbids can do this, since it means cannibalising their own kind. These types of hybrids have strayed far from their morals and dignity. Thus, meeting this extremely aggresive type of enemy in-game would require great and strong equipment in order to survive. Lastly, I was wondering if it's possible to release a short, clean sample of the soundtrack playing in the background of the in-engine gameplay demo. I immediately recognized it as a slower version of Jade's theme from BGE1. The vocals and drums (not sure exactly what type of instrument is used) sound incredible and totally fit the city of Ganesha theme. At least, I think it plays in that environment since I only heard it when it related to that place. It might only play when visiting a beautiful, serene rooftop garden where you can find monks in a spiritual, peaceful setting like a shrine or temple with small water streams in the garden and bridges across them with lotus trees towering above you. Anyway, the game looks very promising and gorgeous! And the soundtrack will be unforgettable, just like BGE1!
  96. EroticSqurrel22
    Maybe they are used for expiriments for drugs and new and dangerous technology?
  97. 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 10:30. 17: 5.1Mos 1: 1. 1Joh 1: 1,2. 5:20. Open 19:13. 2Han was at the beginning of God. Word 8:22 ff. 3All things have come to him, and without him nothing has come to pass from all that has come to pass. 1:10. Sal 33: 6. 1 Corinthians 8: 6. Col. 1:16. Heb 1: 2.10. 4In him was life, and life was the light of men. 5:26. 1John 5:11 5And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not receive it. 3:19. 8:12. 9: 5. 12:46. 6A man stood forth, sent by God. His name was John. Template 3: 1. 4: 5. Matt 3: 1. Mark 1: 4. Close 1: 13,17,76. 7He came to testify. He would testify of the light, so that all might come to believe him. v.12,15,19. 5:33. Acts 19: 4. He was not light, but he should testify of the light. v.20. 5:35. 9 The true light, which illuminates every human being, was about to come to the world. 8:12. 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  98. La porctituée fallait oser.
  99. I know I'm late to this one. I recently read the Grimmnoir Chronicles by Larry Correia. In this book series there are gifted induidivals among the populatio, which in most countries are basicly goverment property. In one of these countries they are evaluated based on their usefullness and if deemed not usefull enough experimented on. This experiment are described as really gruesome. For example they were chained to concentricly placed posts around a weapon that poisons the air around it when used to determin a safe distance. The "slaves" were also dis- and reassembled and blended together. They removed organs to see how long they could live without them. So in the game I'd like to see a simmilar facility in all its slightly gory horror. In my opinion it could be an really atmospheric place just outside of a town with emotional storylines in it.
  100. Certains Hybrides pourraient être utilisés comme esclaves pour une ressources physiques : - ordinateur bio mécanique - source d'énergie pour le moteur d'un vaisseau ...
  101. Natabia Ross
    I know that in this post you're asking about human/hybrid exploitative interactions, but was wondering if you were considering any hybrid/hybrid exploitative interactions as I think it could be an interesting reflection of society's current and historical human/human exploitative interactions.
  102. Hi Guys, sorry for the lateness of my reply, I just got inspired by your stream. Even though you're asking for hybrid exploitation suggestions l would like to suggest that there be a role reversal where as countless animals have been exploited to the point of extinction., I would like to suggest that there be a world/galaxy wide black market in human trading. The demand for human parts for hybrids to use as medicines, sexual stimulants, even just for the meat trade. With fortunes to be made in live or dead trading the tables would be truly turned. Obviously it would be great to see not only Hybrids of Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers etc. but also lesser known animals such as Pangolins, Amur Leopards, Leatherback Turtles, Saolas. Also a way of raising funds annually through the game and the community to aid in conservation and to stop the horrific trade in endangered species. Also as an avid awaiter of your new game I would like the chance to be a tester and or freelance community input provider. Keep up the good work guys.
  103. any exploiting on the players' part ? or you just have to be the good guy? i fear that with the current political correctness trend you'll be forced into some ridiculous design corner you're not much o a space pirate if can't take other ship's crew into slavery or do something mean to them like say boba fett
    1. I have the same concern about it. The game would be to superficial if you couldn't do "bad" things. In fact, it would be great to be confronted to the philosophical dimension of our acts : what is the definition of a moral act ? Is it the motivation behind it ? Or the consquence of it (without considering the motivation) (from the point of view of John Stuart Mill and its Utilitarism for example)?
  104. ow and brothels witcher style ? good source for information too
  105. IAmNumberJake
    FIGHTING ARENA IDEA I like the idea of hybrids being exploited to fight each other in arenas throughout System 3. This brings a range of possibilities and choices for the player. - As a player you could bet on these fights to make money or even use your own slave OR join in the battle yourself to become champion of the arena!!! - As a player you can shut down these arenas and free the slaves, possibly even have the chance to add them to your pirate crew!!!
  106. The thing that instantly comes to mind, other than the ones already mentioned by you, is a "trophy", meant to just be pretty. A living artwork, as it were. "See how rich I am, I can afford to have hybrids just stand around and be art."
  107. UltimaChaos1990
    I think it's great that such topics will be in the game. Above all, it partly reflects our world. It would be possible to separate the system into a rich and poor district. The rich use the hybrids as pets, and in the slums, hybrids are sent to the arena to amuse the rich. The hybrids, in turn, are struggling to get some money to move up one place in the system's pecking order, or to get their children back from the rich. Sexual services in the slums would be a big topic in the game. Especially because it's about hybrids. In turn, it reflects in my eyes the LGBT Scene and also certain fetishes of our world. That would be the first AAA title that would take on such a thing. Would be great if you would take this hurdle. It's all about tolerance and discrimination, which I think should reflect the hybrids in the game to send a message to the players. Breaking the ice and making many players think about that, is not natural these days. Im sorry if the English translation is a bit strange from the text. I am really looking forward to the second part, because the first one has shaped my childhood. You are doing your job very well. Keep it up.
    1. Personnaly I would be disappointed if the "bad guy" would only be the rich people, it would be a vision too limited. I would like to see a bit of complexity in the society of BGE2 which could reflect our world but in worse (so a dystopian world)
  108. JonahTheFallen
    je vais partir du point où tous les hybrides ont une la liberté la plus fondamentale, la liberté de pensée. En partant de ce point imaginons un monde ou cette liberté peut être retiré d'un claquement de doigt, la possibilité de devenir une simple marionnette sans émotions et pensée. Dans cette univers cela pourrait être la punition ultime, la mort étant juste un gaspille de spécimen, les hybrides ayant subis ce traitement sont utilisés comme exemple, mannequins macabres d'une société en crise. En outre les propriétaires de ces hybrides auraient la possibilité de prendre contrôle du corps de ces derniers, au prix d'un servant sentient. Cela ouvre la possibilité, d'un culte, appelons les les libérateurs, relégués au rend de rumeurs, ce culte ce proclame capable de libérer les hybrides de ces chaines, mais sont ils réels ou une désillusion ? peut être sont ils un groupe cherchant a exploiter les hybrides assez naïf pour tomber entre leurs mains. Certains hybrides peuvent aussi être utilisés comme agents double pour infiltrer les groupes rebelles, ou scout, explorer, spécifiquement crée pour résister aux environnements les plus hostiles. Il peut aussi y avoir des hybride illégaux, dans le cas ou ils proviennent du croisement de L’ADN d'un spécimen provenant et d'un spécimen alien, introduisant des laboratoire cachées au milieux de jungles, déserts, glaciers ex. Mais outre le parallèle le racisme et la manière dont les humains traitent ce différents d'eux même, il est aussi possible d'aborder le sujet de premier contact avec une espèce alien, comment interagir avec une espèce fondamentalement différent de nous? peut etre que seul les sociopathe, psychopathe et autre malades mentaux sont en faite les individus les plus lucides de notre société, et nous autres saint d'esprit, sont ironiquement les malades inconscient de notre propre maladie.
  109. guest-K0Jjfr2i
    I think a lot's of things were told by my fellow co-worker space monkeys but there is still one litle thing i have not seen; The hybrid's slaves could be used not only for their strenght but also for their brains. Some should be used as secretary, or as people who takes care of a library, or for some rich humans slaves could be the teachers of their kids. And also for a lot's of low calified jobs because you don't need to pay them.
    1. Yeah but in a world of slavery you don't want to have educated slaves: you would prefer to keep them in ignorance, don't you think ?
  110. They could be breed and killed for food like there could potentially be a hybrid that breeds quickly grows quickly and tastes good yknow
  111. NebulasNebula
    A generic but nevertheless cool concept is expendable mercenaries, bomb defusers, bounty hunters and deep space miners. Deep space miners could be hybrids who have to live in extreme isolation and are totally ignorant that they are a slave. Maybe they are treated differently like Blade Runner 2039 were they have special permissions because of their job. It would be such a twist if the main character stumbles upon a hybrid in deep space who is unaware of the struggles of other hybrids. Possible even incorporate propaganda that these miners tune into that promote isolation. A detail I think would be cool is not many hybrids know of these miners or their weird propaganda. (For example Fallout and vault tech)
  112. I would see them in your crew too.
  113. ThePr3dator97
    you have to creates big creatures, that could actually destroy spaceships, city and fight with spaceships. Or maybe battle of aliens versus another race. -- creatures from internet -- -- skyline fights -- -- skyline creatures -- -- cloverfield big creatures -- -- cloverfield bug creatures --
  114. I could see hybrids being used as crime scene investigatoion, sort of like police dogs are for sniffing out illegal substances. Another concept I would personally like but wouldn’t fit in as well as others is hybrid scientists capable of solving abstract problems for the colonization of hazardous planets with dangerous wildlife. They would be long living to gain experiance, so something like tortoises or other long living animals. I would LOVE to see the player have the ability to create their own hybrids for a pretty hefty cost of course but to create their own crew for specific tasks like mining, raiding parties for freeing other hybrids, and planet side exploration. Another big concept could be a tribe of hybrids that escaped their owners on a lush rainforest world and set up a community among the wildlife of the rainforest for the player to walk into as they search for treasure, they could have the choice to report the tribe for money, take the tribe use them as blood sport, or adopt members of the tribe that have heightened senses from living in such a dangerous enviroment. Hopefully this reaches you and maybe even take ideas from this.
  115. chimpanswag360
    Do you think you can add factions/faction war and will we be able to play as knox online.
  116. Blue-Jade846222
    If I become an owner of hybrid slaves I would treat them like family and friends with all my love!!! They would become my nakama!!!
  117. SeraphicCreed
    Wouldn't there be less gross, or much less animal looking "pleasure providers"? Or do the obese, manly half-pigs give the best backrubs? I imagine most people would look on most hybrids with disgust, even if it's just an intolerance rather than all out repulsion. Like some people mentioned here, there would probably be extreme religious sects that see them as man-made abominations that need to be purged, along with the creators. There'd also be people turning hybrids into a fetish as well as political groups wanting to give them proper freedom and rights but they'd be a minority in comparison. Is having sex with hybrids considered illegal in this world? IMO... Labour (especially dangerous or difficult labour), police/bodyguard assistance, experimentation and keeping as a pet or personal servant would be 'legal' exploitation. I suppose it depends how dark and dystopian you want to get. I'd prefer it that some exploitation remain very underground/ criminal/ perverted/ psychopathic. Cannibalism is far too disturbing and extreme for the vast population of normal people to accept, hybrids are still sentient and half human even if they are considered slaves/ possessions. Finally, I would think each species of hybrid has a particular use depending on whatever abilities/ physical qualities they may have.
  118. это будет супер
  119. BlurryCrane9375
    I would love to see how in depth hybrid explotation can go. To imagine them in all types of forms is amazing. I pesonally would love a large implementation of hybrid dna for certain tasks in creation. I would want to be able to participate my own hybrid slave or myself as a hybrid in the blood arenas to add another way the player could get currency to buy bigger and better stuff. I personally would like you to not shy away from touchy subjects like slavers burrying the dead hybrids underneath contruction areas like how Chinese workers were buried at the wall when they died on the job. Blood sport should be trully gorry and tons of different situations that the player could see at the battle arenas. Gambling at the arenas would be amazing aswell, to bet on a fighter and get paid handsomely if you win would be great. If I could creat my own hybrid pet I would absolutly love it, i mean whats a pirate without his parrot! When people think of pirates a lot of times they picture a pet parrot perched on their shoulder screeching. So why not add a mechanic that allows the player to have their own personal pet with whatever genomic traits they can imagine! They could provide cosmetic apeal to the player and could wander around inside the players mothership. Again I really would like to see intensive hybrid blood sports as a source of gambling and sport for the player.
  120. Considering there exist hybrid sharks and hybrid apes, they can also be used as a specialized military/workforce in environments too hazardous for regular humans, depending on the key traits and adaptations each hybrid is bred with. For example, the shark hybrids would be more adapted to underwater or generally aquatic settings whereas the ape hybrids would most probably have a natural prowess in acrobatics.
  121. Question... If you decide to play as a hybrid, will you experience racism or some manner of discrimination against you "the player"?
    1. darkfiercedeity
      it's possible.
  122. darkfiercedeity
    dang look at this i haven't seen so much work i'm glad the art pieces and many other such thing's and options to keep me motivated but i wonder how they will give the perspective on how the hybrids survive in there unique enviorment's every day of there lives.
  123. darkfiercedeity
    i forgot to mention in there animal instict's what unique thing's can they possibly use it for in this new type of society we have never seen.
  124. Possibilité d'acheter ou de créer des hybrides avec une grille tarifaire selon ses compétences physiques, intellectuelles, sa taille, la rareté de l' adn utilisé. Créer des gladiateurs. La chasse d'hybrides conçu pour le défi permet de récupérer de l'adn rare pour ses propre créations. Pouvoir simplement parier sur les combats en arène. Le nombre de paris sur les différents concurrents peut influencer la cote et du coup leurs avantages ou leurs armes pour le combat. Une partie de la population peut considérer les hybrides contre nature. Une minorité violente veut nuire au marché de l'hybride ou créer illégalement des clones pour déranger l'opinion publique. Kidnapping d'hybrides organisé par la mafia pour alimenter le marché noir des composants.
  125. Очень хороший пример гибридов в серии фильмов Star Wars.
  126. Okay, I need to be honest about one thing; I do not favor the idea with the female hybrids looking more human than animals. They looked more like humans who had made modifications on their faces to look more vaguely animal. I really hope this isn’t their final decision on how the female hybrids would look.
    1. I agree in part. The female pig pleasure slave concept seams odd. I think it would make sense if the hybrids looked more human if they were designed for jobs that benefited from that. Pleasure slaves, or anything in human relations, should be mostly human combined with an animal that is less of putting than a pig.
  127. i never played the first game so im not sure what the extent of hybrid races there already are. but if possible id really like a bovine type race to make my character but id prefer it be more like an anime cow girl (ushimimi). so not acutly a cow face and not full fur but honrs ears tail hooves. i was even thinking if they were enslaved and used for making milk. oh sorry person above i do see your point honestly id just want my own character to look more human i wouldn't care if the other npcs are like full on animal.
  128. Would personally love the idea of hyena hybrids it just fits with the universe do well, one can imagine a group of cackling space hyenas
  129. well, that's dark lmao
  130. Hey, i was wondering if there was a possibility if there could a different types of characters besides the humans and hybrids. i was think if there were more 'heartless' beings such as androids or robots and such things.not many of us like to think of having some organic being by our side all the time.
  131. I think this is great in makes syestem 3 have even more depth but what I’m wondering is if costume characters who are hybrids have any of thes problems with being called names or one of there first “jobs” be a slave or something like that
  132. This thought experiment gave me several ideas for the characters I would like to have in my pirate crew. I imagine the wealthy and elite having show quality hybrids that are trotted around like dogs in a messed up dog show. Foxes seam to fit this. I would love one of my crewmen to be a female albino fox grown to be a show fox. She had a romantic relationship with a red fox butler character. The two lovers chose to flee and risk the dangerous world of the lower cast, winding up on my ship. I would also love a Rooster man who competed in gladiatorial Cock Fights. The man chicken sounds scary to me.
    1. I also want a one eyed kangaroo boxer for some reason. I don't know if anyone ever watched warriors of virtue, but the freedom to chase weird ideas like that one of the things that makes this game look so attractive to me.
  133. Maybe an hybrid made for fashion and luxury ? A genome made specifically for being beautiful but weak and cost a lot to maintain. That would put this kind of hybrid into a difficult position. They can't resist their owner and most probably don't want to since they are treated very well.
  134. I like all the original Ideas expressed by the team. i would also like to see hybrid contraband traffickers. Anything from space psychotropics to recreational drugs and alcohol.
  135. the_lumberjack_
    Perhaps having some sort of hybrid zoo/freakshow? A place where they show off new hybrid combinations or experiment on existing hybrids to create something new. I could see that being used to help keep hybrids in check with threats of themselves or their family sent off to some freakshow/ science place that is pushing the limits of hybrids.
  136. Gabrielleislyon
    Each hybrids should have completely different abilities that makes each hybrids special like sharks can breath underwater and can dive deep in the water without the water pressure affecting the shark hybrid..The body types of the hybrids would determine the stats of the hybrids like how fast it can go or can it jump higher.For some hybrids you can change the color of them like the fur of the hybrid.Some hybrids should have tails because some animals can use them for balance or to hold on a tree branch.At also gives more characters to the hybrid like a wolf hybrid is happy then it’s wagging its tail vigorously.There also should be hunts that you can hunt down mythical creatures for a huge amounts of money.Like you can hunt down Bigfoot or the mothman.There could be different rebel factions you can join made by different hybrids or create your own.
    1. I also was wondering if the type of animal in each hybrid will affect its stats. It only makes sense that hybrids bred for manual labor would be stronger, but perhaps less intelligent. Or that aquatic based hybrids would have better speed and dexterity underwater. Also it makes me wonder about melee combat, will physical attributes be usable as weaponry, such as tails, tusks, teeth, claws, etc?
  137. Gabrielleislyon
    Also could be a tribe of savage hybrids or cannabalistic hybrids
  138. If the old 'leaked' gameplay footage is still generally canon, as in, there are definitely non-sapient versions of animals in the Universe (we see a regular cow!), then it will be really interesting to see the dynamics between Sapient and Non-Sapient versions of Animals. Do the Sapient feel superior to the Non-Sapient? Do they feel sadness that they can not experience what it is like to be a Sapient? Or do they actually envy the non-sapient? Is it better to be a slave and know it, or is ignorance bliss? Looking forward to seeing how BGE2 tackles the many topics like that, what kinds of social, political and moral topics arise when you introduce sapient animals in to the Universe?
  139. CaptainCoyFish
    This will be the best game ever if I can be a space pirate koi fish. I'm keen
  140. dev_arinof28
    i like the idea of how the society use hybrid as a force labor, like doing the job for gathering a resources or scouting to a harsh environment area. like going in a volcano area or deep sea area or maybe in a hazardous area where the hybrid slowly getting mutated because of the work in the hazardous area over time. and maybe you can add the idea that human is no longer worked as a military, but the hybrid be used to do the war for human. like how some area or country use the hybrid as their war pawn, and the human only giving the order and the hybrid doing the war.
  141. I'd love to be able to join the hybrid resistance and strike out against the literal/proverbial man. I'd also like to see some sort of isolated society where hybrids are in control or live in harmony with humans. If it can be done in a non-cliche way
  142. In that case I think, on the side of human in this game, hybrids should be made sure that they cannot reproduce. I'm talking about more than just removing the organs, also like genetically, like trying to reproduce with technology will cause a fatal disease in the baby and only human's got the key tech to make new hybrids and stuff. Also set a fixed lifespan for every hybrid. Just like in all the Sci-fi works, if they cannot sustain their race individually, their fate is always secured in the hands of their own masters..
  143. For the System 3 the hybrids are very cool and have a lot of potential. Along with the sports, pleasure and so forth I would also think that the Hybrids could be exploited in the ways that would be obvious and ignored; stealing for a very wealthy owner. Someone wronged him or her? Exact revenge or worse, have them build their own secret money laundering company. For the blood sports I had an idea as well to include some form of dangerous race sport (like Death Race) that would involve some legal and illegal ( or imprisoned) Hybrids to risk their lives for money, freedom from either their owner or from tthe prison.
  144. Hybrids could also be used as surrogate mothers for humans : developp an embryo without having to be pregnant as a human (avoid pregnancy complications, avoid living the pregnancy (for several reasons : aesthetical reason or no nausea, no need to stop using alcohol and other drugs etc.) avoid the delivery and its potential complications). Also to be surrogate mothers you do not need to be fertile (as long as I know).
  145. I am looking so much forward to visiting shady brothels, night clubs, raunchy streets. Where illegal things happen. Perhaps a gigantic chasm delved into a planet. Where nothing goods happens. A sorta pirate heaven. Where murder is for sale. Assassins lurking around every corner. Where police doesn't even dare to go. Many different levels with bars and hide outs. Interconnected vents, sewer systems. Large warehouses where gun/drug trade is prevalent. Slavery markets and a cage fight arena. illigal pet-trade. Where you can buy a companion/escort to accompany you during shady deals. Perhaps throw her/him as defense when the deal goes sour. Or simply bring her/him to a hotel when the deal went perfect and "celebrate" it. Occasional gang fights clearing the streets. A train driving through it at times, where the shops have to collapse in order to facilitate it passing by. A black market which is hosted on certain days of the week. A back alley where with a shady massage parlor. Tatoo/piecing shops. Perhaps a sexshop/fettish shop. Places where people can dissapear. A dodgy casino. Multiple slave auctions, differing from class, worker slave - prominent people - sex-slaves. Most everything ofcourse overpriced. Unless perhaps you have set yourself up as very notorious individual who is respected in the "trench". Illigal ship equipment things to enhance your ships that are normally not allowed. Medical enhancements, alterations to the body, a gun for a lost arm. The grittier the better. This should be a place the moment you encounter it you know your in the wrong place. Air vents pushing up air. Very dim light, except the neon signs with advertisements. It should have a metalic look, but more like patchwork iron work. Things got added over time instead of something neat and clean. Dirt should be in the street, overfilled garbage bins. People are very closed not open in talking. It takes an extreme ammount of effort to go there and get any sort of information. And then even if you get some information from there, when not a crime-lord the information might simply be not good or outdated. But it's always for "sale" for the "right" price. Perhaps events where the "shipments of goods" are so criminal/valuable that the whole trench is closed of. And you would have to sneak in to even get anywhere, but that might get you killed or worse. Police bribes. Perhaps bodies hanging from signs in the street as a showcase not to mess with the people there.
    1. This is a great idea. Making a dark side of everything. A legitimate 'black market.' Where all the bad accumulates. Where no self-respectable character would go - the only place where hybrids are able to have freedom?
  146. Hybrids would be used as organ farms for the black market. I'm intrigued by the idea of hybrid pets. It would be neat if your character could acquire a custom pet to hang out on the ship. A cute little owl-monkey perched on your shoulder, or a temperamental iguana-terrier by your side.
  147. Maybe we could see good and bad owners of these hybrids? Some characters could care for their hybrids, feed them well, give as many rights to them as they are capable of giving. Maybe even set them free? And maybe there could be the bad ones, who use the hybrids, mock them and rub their faces in the dirt. After all, you know what they say: you get treated the way you treat others. Maybe the good/bad could return to the owners by the doings of their hybrids? Yes, hybrids have no rights, they are slaves, but they do still have identities, right? Maybe emphasizing the fact that they have feelings and goals/dreams could serve well. Some could be loyal, others fierce, others humble. In the description, it says that these hybrids are the keystone in System 3's economy. Hybrids would know they are 'worthless,' but exactly because of this, the goal of each hybrid could be in gaining worth. The more they are capable, the more they are worth, and the higher the chance that someone rich and kind would acquire them. Because of this, guilt from other hybrids could develop, leading to unpleasant thoughts and actions?Maybe all this could play a significant role in shaping the identities of the hybrids.
  148. J'imagine que les hybrides effectuent des tâches fatigantes, épuisantes et servant dans certains cas à divertir le public (combats d'hybrides). Je pense qu'ils sont traités par les humains comme étant des êtres sans aucune sensibilité, alors qu'en réalité ils souffrent de leurs positionnement par rapport à cette société. Ils n'auraient accès à aucun droits, traités comme des esclaves. Certains de ces hybrides tenteraient de s'échapper de ce lieux pour vivre dans un monde meilleur (serai-ce le cas de Pey'J qui semble être caché dans un foyer pour être protégé du monde extérieur?). I imagine that hybrids perform tiring, exhausting tasks and in some cases serve to entertain the public (hybrid fights). I think they are treated by humans as beings without any sensitivity, when in reality they suffer from their positioning in relation to this society. They would not have access to any rights, treated like slaves. Some of these hybrids would try to escape from this place to live in a better world (would it be the case of Pey'J who seems to be hidden in a home to be protected from the outside world?).
  149. Lana_McAwesome
    The uses for this slave industry are absolutely endless, which is why and how I could see such a thing getting completely out of control. If the hybrids can be used to do anything then they will be forced to do everything. Think first of every menial task you despise doing. On a personal level, having someone to take out the trash, go grocery shopping, pick up the kids from school, mow the lawn. The wealthy have maids, nannies, butlers, gardeners....but what if everyone could afford this kind of help and what if you only need one to do it all? Now lets move from a personal level to one that looks at society as whole, here we have jobs that no one wants to do such as sanitation and general laborers (garbage men, construction workers, janitors). As far as discrimination goes, not only are they slaves but they have now made the rich richer, by providing free labor, and now there is no longer a working lower class. All the jobs being done by the lower class have been filled with hybrids. The amount of unbridled hate that this will generate between the classes would be astounding, and of course, the only ones within reach for the lower class to take their anger out on will be the hybrids.
  150. Perfecto-Ignori
    To simplify the handling of hybrids, hybrids' genomes are encoded so that only required emotional and intellectual responses are available to them. This is to avoid attempts at rebellion or progressive learning by experience passed on through generations of hybrids. But, as this encoding is a complex and expensive technological prowess, only the richest can afford pure hybrids clean and free of possible deviancy. The majority of hybrids, the cheaper ones, although stubbornly encased in their artificially-made law of behaviour, are more prone to adaptation and to breaking the rules of their nature. Hybrids are categorised by grades or tiers, which defines their reliability over time and under pressure. Hypnosis and genetic re-calibration are actual means of redefining the core behaviour of hybrids, sometimes pushing them to the edge of autonomous freedom, but those cases are rare. Even rarer cases of inexplicable enlightenment have been whispered of; some say it's only a glitch in the original genome encoding, some say a psychic being has awoken in them...
  151. It will be awesome to include hybrids with bird-like features and maybe some companies try to create some mythical hybrids for religious purposes like centaur, minotaur, harpy, siren and so on. I really like the idea of society to use hybrids for bloody sports, pleasure providers and as a forced labor in dangerous enviroments.
    1. A bunny-girl hybrid will be so cute, plus with a gun who can resist her?
  152. I want to play like a wolf or a fox types in the game and put on PC, ps4, and Xbox. Be playable offline with friends and family without the hassle to be online. Like to play the Demo now and give more insight of the game.
  153. Will the game be great online or offline? And will it be one player or multiple players? Make your own quests/missions for other players.
  155. Add a special shop or place to change the player's looks, race, and gender.
  156. juanchoferXXX
    Todo lo que han sugerido es fantástico, no se si ya lo han mencionado pero puede haber un mercado para los híbridos, donde los jugadores que consigan algunos esclavos y no los quieran liberar, los puedan vender a la maquina o a otros jugadores. Pueden ser aliados de campaña, como un fiel compañero que dependiendo de su especie posee atributos diferentes. Algunos pueden ser compañeros piratas y otros simplemente esclavos de la nave... esclavos de de todo lo antes mencionado. Si es un juego en esencia de piratas, recordemos que no siempre el jugador querrá hacer cosas buenas... es bueno tener todas las caras de la moneda en un juego con este potencial... me parece fantástico lo que están haciendo y les pido como un gran admirador de UBISOFT, no microtransacciones.
  157. StillloadingID
    Hybrid experiments, how far can they go how many hybrids can they mix/combine, and when it goes wrong they can make circus freaks out of them for more money. Creating hybrids to make food/ clothing out of them. And also i think it would be pretty cool if they try to make prehistoric hybrids taking DNA out of fossils.
  158. StillloadingID
    prehistoric hybrids taking DNA out of fossils.
  159. HikkupTheFlail
    To me BGE has a blade runner feel, with hybrids as replicants. I know we're pirates, but I'd love to play as a blade runner like job. Retiring hybrids would be super fun.
  160. I am really hoping to see some sort of built in systems in this game to allow for roleplay similar to how there are all those GTA V roleplay servers out there. Would be nice to see some kind of integration in the base game for people to do that kind of play on the scale this game will potentially provide. Obviously having many different environments to explore would lend to this kind of gameplay, back alleys in some bright city, out in the wilds of some off planet space station, the wastes and small towns that are lawless and more wild west... maybe even with some mounted beasts to ride for the fun of that. Hunting those same wild beasts (or maybe some different wild beasts that are less "friendly"). Another way I could see it being made "easy" to do that is to provide various mini game style "jobs" in the game. Tuk Tuk Taxi driver (or possibly "Uber/Lyft" style in ANY vehicle), Paramedic, "Cop" (vigilante?), Fire Fighter, bus driver, truck driver (both a box truck style and potentially long haul driver of a tractor trailer type), farmer, etc. So much possability and those are all just "vehicle based" (jump in an appropriate vehicle for the job in question, activate said job, do said job until you are done playing the mini game and want to do something else). Add all of that to some great customization of character and vehicles (and hopefully residences and spaceships), and you have all the basics for letting people RP together. Could be great for the future of the game. Of course being a hybrid, a slaver, or a slave, could open all kinds of potential roleplay for this game.
  161. Oui , les hybrides pourraient être une sous-population, différents des autres et donc pas assez intégré dans le système 3 , une population inégale . Ils pourraient avoir des petits boulots pas très bien payés et ils essayent de survivre avec , ils sont très mal vu par la société car ils ont une réputations de voyou (certains hybride son obliger de voler , piller pour le peu qu'ils ont) mais ça n'enlève pas leur caractère loyal envers ces compagnons et leurs gentillesse si ils le veulent devant leur visage dur et sauvage . Et il pourrait aussi y avoir derrière tous sa un terrible secret sur les exemples données l'exploitations des hybrides , l'esclavage ect... Ce secret n'est pas connue des hybrides ou quelque rumeur de ceux qui vivent en ville mais un jour il pourrait y avoir révolte de ceux qui ont vécu l'esclavage et qui décide de créé un groupe ou une équipe (comme un spaceships)afin de détruire ces exploitations d'hybrides et de le dénoncer , amener une population hybrides ou autres à manifester. Voila sinon hâte de jouer au jeu !
  162. BigBaByStaebs
    The animal hybrids are in my perosnal opinion the most intriguing facet of this game (second to the beautiful, seemless free-roam exploration showcased in the Dev. Release video [hyper-speed lvl. 3, wuuuuuut]). Some snippets of the character customization I've seen look great, however I would like to stress the true customization of each body part, allowing for some truly freaky / god-like creatures to be created (even though a two/three species limit on mixing might not be a bad idea). It is also important that as many animal species should be inlcuded in the game as possible (the shark-tiger mix featured in the blood sport concept art gives me much hope for this). Many of the popular requests I have seen are for flying hybrid variations, howeverI think it is also important to animals lesser than mammals, such as snakes and rodents/marsupials as well as hoved hybrids [centaur forces / cavalry-like army batallions would be a formidable foe]. It would also be interesting for there to be forms of discrimation amongst hybrids, possibly modeled after the character triats of that of a Chinese New Year (monkeys don't like rats, stuff like that). This ability for the customization of your avatar having influence on how the characters in the game interact would offer an even deeper level of immersion within a universe that already appears completely astounding. Just one more thought going back to the influence of personal decision on animal types in the avatar's hybrid. I think that the species included, and how you choose to incorporate them should affect (at least visibly) your ability to physically traverse the world. For instance, a charcater such as Knox should be able to move with greater physical dexterity than some fat rhino, whom maybe just sharshes through walls rather than doing some parkour to get over top (or use his badass grappling-hand, nice touch!). Also, just as Knox knuckle drags like a real chimp, I believe that avatars who appear as tigers / or other quadrupedal avatars should sprint or conduct extraneous actions on four legs. I have not been this excited for a game in a long time and truly admire the openess offered by developers throughout this process. PLEAAAAAAAAASE continue to take your time to ensure that this game is everthing it can be. I'm a proud space monkey!!!
  163. ahh yes, the future of gaming, getting to bang a pig prostitute. besides that the arena with hybrid animals beating eachother to death sounds fun!
  164. ahh, yes the pinnacle of game development, having coitus with a pig cocotte. (;) CANTWAIT) besides that, the arena with enslaved hybrid animals beating each other to death sounds fun! keep up the good work devs!
  165. kingofpineapes
    Maybe the player could have a secret laboratory to make his/her own slaves
  166. Space slave soldiers, or even child-hybrid soldiers in the hands of corporate corsair to destabilize politics and economy through attacking planets, shipping or mining industries.
  167. We could also add some contemporary mystical beliefs arround Gino horn for example etc... hunting some population of hybrid not only for sport and gold, but to fuel black market organization with good to sell, or on the contrary, trying to destroy such organization in a Hybrid liberation Corp. Space piracy in defence of the exploited!
    1. Rhino horns, not Gino
  168. Household slaves which make all the work in daily life. Kinda like a butler.
  169. blackoppsmaster
    What happens when corporations take hybrid exploitation too far? What happens when corporations fail to create the perfect hybrid? Maybe there are hybrids that are hybrids of too many different things. Experimental hybrids made into abominations. Outcasts that can't find solace among humans, or hybrids. Perhaps they make up some of the beggars that wonder the streets. Maybe there's a group of pirates made entirely of these failed creations exacting vengeance on those who take hybrid creation too far. If not implemented into the game as a people perhaps this concept can be implemented as a character.
  170. Walkingdedbeat
    I could imagine a little lizard dude as a secretary to another business guy and he's just all fast and studdery and gets treated the bird with the little legs from SURFS UP

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