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Meet the BGE2 Characters from the E3 Trailer

Now that you’ve gotten your first look at Beyond Good and Evil 2, we’d like to know what you think about the characters you saw in the E3 Announcement Trailer.

You can vote for your favorite in the Space Monkey Program Poll (you’ll find it in the right-hand sidebar) and tell us what you think in the comments below.



Punk-ass hybrid monkey who is always looking for trouble




Hybrid pig, pretentious collector and ruthless crime boss




Rejuvenated madam who runs Zhou’s backrooms




Badass biker and ingenious mechanic of Somalian ancestry



BGE2 E3 Trailer: DakiniDAKINI

Mysterious Captain of the Gada…



173 thoughts on “Meet the BGE2 Characters from the E3 Trailer

  1. DAKINI is such an awesome name
    1. Agree. It is lovely!
      1. RustyTimeWarp76
        Its a term Sanskrit word from Buddhism which refers to a category of enlightened females, Dakini means "Celestial Woman", Dakini's are often consorts to Enlightened beings or Deities in their own right.
        1. Cameron Mayfield
          this is awesome info thank you for sharing !!
    2. Marvelskyblu93
      AMAZING!!!!!! I hope she'll be a playable crew character
      1. They said you can make your own Charakter. So i guess she's not playable. But surely she plays a bit role in this World.
        1. I really hope that we will be able to play with theses character with our own player !!
    3. It seemes to be Jade or her daughter.
      1. You mean Jade's mother, it's a prequel.
      2. prequel, so ancestor
    4. Tommy_Landford
      Isn't Dakini Jade? Or am I mistaken.
  2. Samuel Cohen Devos
    Knox à l'air génial ! Enfin un persos qui n'a pas peur d'être grossier et de s'éclater ! Il a des faces super marrantes et j'ai hâte de savoir si il est jouable !
    1. CulturalLemur
      Je suis d'accord!
    2. alalalala, j'ai hâte de pouvoir le précommander! :D
    3. Tu devrais regarder l'interview de Michel Ancel sur la chaine de JVC sur youtube, Michel nous en dit un peu plus à propos de Knox. Tu pourras incarner un personnage de sa race mais j'en sais pas plus.
  3. Great! Peyj and Jade are not there
    1. Victim_0f_Lag
      1. It's nice to discover a prequel, but we would like to know what happen after the end of the first game.
        1. Dakini looks like she might be an ancestor to Jade. The green Eyes are impressive
          1. I personally hope that the game starts with Pey'j telling Jade some story of the past, her origins, which is somehow related to the solution to the cliffhanger. Then in BG&E3 we actually play Jade again. I think it shouldn't be called BG&E2, if it is a pure prequel. There rather should've been some tagline like BG&E:Origins :P
          2. That's actually a good idea Pixelretter. I am happy with a prequal but some way of setting us up to find out what happens after the first game would also be awesome.
    2. I'm pretty sure Pey'J is going to be there.. they probably didn't show him in this trailer to make us talk about it (marketing), and then surprise us when we see him later (marketing) xD I think we're not getting Jade exactly.. but we're getting her origins (it is a prequel after all).. first game hinted on so many things about her past(and left everything unanswered about Jade's parents and her origins), which left me wanting more!! let's just wait and see! :)
      1. BTW is it just me or at 0:36 Zhou Yuzhu says "Pey'J-ie"?? o.o
        1. It's not just you. He does says Pey-Jee which is the name of the sus-sapiens' deity. Pey'j got named after this god, like some people are named Jesus, Mahomet or else.
        2. After reading your comment, I've just cheked the trailer. I heard it now too :)
      2. Belgarathmaster
        Attention, il pourrait s'agir d'un jeu se passant plusieurs générations avant les événements de BG&E 1 :-)
    3. I f it is a prequel, we will likely see Pey'j as his younger self.
      1. prequel is betterbevause we wmight get game after game like assassins creed :D
  4. Richard Oakes
    I want to sign up but it just says Http/1.1 Service Unavailable :(
    1. Space Monkey Team
      We were experiencing technical problems with the sign-up, but it should be working now. Sorry about that and we'd still love to have you on board!
      1. There is a possibility for those who have got a Switch to test the Beta? Can we do it?
  5. Where is Jade? D:
    1. Victim_0f_Lag
      It's a prequel.
    2. BL.G-MrMartinio
      Presequel, Jade might not yet be born, after all it's in System 3, not 4 where the BG&E1 was played out in
  6. Could Jade be Dakini?
    1. Mazetin-_-PR1
      this is a prequel...maybe is his mother ;)
    2. don't think so, there was some fuss with peyjie about her parents tho
  7. There is quite a resemblance of the name "Shani" to "Shauni" (Jade in BGE1). What could this mean?
    1. Stephen Carroll
      Maybe it's some kinda prophecy?
    2. Something to do with the domz maybe
  8. Why does Shani sounds so familiar? Oh wait, Shauni Domz Thindrah.... Coincidence? Maybe...
    1. Shani and Shauni just got a bit confusing. But I'm sure they considered that before they decided to name her it.
  9. Where's jade and pey'j at?
    1. Loved the trailer though!
      1. At that time Jade may not have been born yet.
  10. Dakini, Jade's mother perhaps? And that monkey is bad ass!
    1. They do look similar :) Could be. Can't wait to find out.
      1. MaximumMike81
        I'm sure it is Jades Mother, why do you think they focused in on her eyes only? The trailer is amazing, I've been waiting for 15 years for this. I replayed the original many times, and have been wanting to replay it again . Need to dig out my old games or find it on steam/PS network
    2. Either Jade's mother, or maybe Jade's daughter? It seems like technology and everything might be further along in the future, so my guess is it's either older Jade, with a new nickname/codename or Jade's daughter.
  11. Nicholas Mendez
    Will jade come back and some of the other caricatures from the first one come back as well
  12. Matt (River Zora)
    Dakini, with those eyes and that hair, is definitely related to Jade. Either an ancestor, or the Domz cloned Dakini to make Jade for some reason...
  13. how could you.... you make us wait 15 years for that cliffhanger... 15 years... and you give us a prequel. i´ve never been more dissapointed. be ashamed of yourself
    1. friend... it's been known for years that BG&E 2 was going to be a prequel... you should've gotten over it already xD anyway, the game they had in mind was too big so they decided to split it and make it into a trilogy.. so if BG&E 2 becomes a commercial success (first game wasn't, which was one of the reasons the game was put on ice or whatever.. this and technology reasons :P), nothing stops them from making an actual sequel after that and complete the trilogy they had in mind.. :) all I know is I'm excited to go back into this universe once again!! totally loved this game back in the day!! can't wait to see how it has changed and evolved over the years =] about the cliffhanger and the characters: I'm pretty sure we're getting Pey'J for sure... maybe they didn't include him in the trailer on purpose.. to make it a surprise when we see him later :P a reason why a prequel is not a bad idea, is we can finally see what the fck happened to Jade/Shauni!! the first game hinted a lot of things about her past, that personally left me wanting to know more!! so a prequel will solve the mystery of jade's origins.. (and look at how that dakini looks.. she must have a role in all this! Jade's ancestor? or maybe Jade is Dakini's clone? and what about Shani having an awefully similar name to her?! I have some theories already xD but we'll have to wait and see..) as for the cliffhanger with Pey'j and the spores thing.. it's something we can explore in a potential BG&E 3!! which means we have to hope the BG&E 2 will be a commercial success.. that will make it easier to get a suquel and complete the trilogy! amen! XD
    2. Hi! I am so dissapointed with u. A prequel is one of the best ways to explain us what happened 20 years ago. I am going to try translate the MDISC that Pey-j gives to Jade on BG&E1. The disc says something like that: "Jade, you had inherited the generosity and encourage of your parents. I remember they a lot, we were so good friends" "20 year ago we should separate us because of problems with authorities. Your parents leave you in my charge to save your life." Remember that mdisc!!! Im sure pey-j will be in this prequel.
  14. I recognized the rhino hybrid in the captain's bridge from the earlier posted concept art. Who's that I wonder.
  15. love the details - AAA
  16. Dakini is jade's mom or relative, isnt she? Either way, i just wanna play as her. PS. Thank you UBIsoft and Michel for making this dream game come true.
  17. This game is looking pretty awesome lads!!
  18. F bomb dropping "Punk-ass hybrid monkey"? Groan. . . .
  19. A huge fan of the first game. I think the character could be great as long as they still stick with the family themes of the first. Jade was regular person trying to do good with her uncle and adopted family after all.
    1. Yes! That's great to keep in mind, after all a lot of us played the first game young and the family dynamics had that innocence in it that I loved.
  20. Daikini by far. Even if you not get to see her alot in the Trailer, i absolutely want to learn more about here. She got the same green eye's then "Jade" in the Original Game & when i saw these green eyes it immediately took me back, to the good old day's of "Beyond Good & Evil". There is something familiar about her, that you've already seen before.
    1. I am excited to know more about Dakini as well. She seems a LOT like Jade. I actually recently played the original Beyond Good & Evil at the beginning of the year. It was really cool to go back to it and now number 2 is actually coming!!
      1. Her mother perhaps? Oh Boy I'm so exited! :'D
  21. Great vibes from Knox, a cocky, funny and punk-gangsta character (the monkey thus being an excellent choice) with amazing voice acting (I know the voice but can't figure out where I heard it first, Taron Egerton maybe ?). Shani has a really great design. Just wondering if the team at Ubi Montpellier got inspired by the band Shaka Ponk because they made me think of Samaha and Goz :p And you can't tell me that Dakini isn't Jade's mother. Overall it was so worth it to arrive tired at work today to discover the trailer first hand. And indeed, it was about bloody time !
  22. Knox is bloody brilliant!
  23. Dakini looks just like Jade
  24. Dakini: Mysterious Captain of the Gada aka Jade's mother?
  25. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Dakini is Jade?
    1. Game is set before Jade was born, could be her mother possibly?
  26. I'm still unable to vote or even see. The site must still be under construction I see.
      1. Stephen Carroll
        Same. Just glad I got into the SMP.
  27. Dakini looks gorgeous and Knox is funny >w< impatient to know them more
  28. Fuck yeah. That is what I think.
  29. The poll doesn't seem to work atm. Knox is a clear favorite though. Love his attitude and mannerisms.
  30. KNOX- is cool, but make him just a tad smarter, kind of like Rocket from Guardians of The Galaxy. ZHOU YUZHU- this one should seem like the main villain which turns out too stupid to actually run the business so that LI DAIYU could actually be the real boss and that's it BECUASE the real story would start unfolding only in the next game after this one, pleas. This game should just be the introduction to the mechanics and the universer, again kind of like Marvel movies are unfolding! SHANI- well that was Jade's name in her visions in the original no!? Do not connect these, just keep it as a "strange coincident" . DAKINI- Jade's mother, please...I mean it's obvious....or a relative...bigger sister? Please NOT a direct replacement of Jade, she is coming back! Absolute must, you are not abandoning the original story even if you were to bring it back much later.
    1. SHAUNI was actually Jade's other name, with a "U". Shani is a totally different person. I don't think that Dakini is a replacement of Jade, I think she may actually BE Jade, but now with a new nickname/codename or something.
  31. First, thank you for make BGE. But...Where is JADE? and PEY'J? The first one has a very open end and I've been waiting for 15 years to know what happened to Pey'j after that last cinematic. BgE 2 Needs to be a sequel, not a prequel or reboot. Thank you.
    1. isabelleantonia
      (Unfortunately) BGE2 is a prequel from the first game. This game takes place before Jade was even born.
  32. Juste... parfait ! Je n'ai qu'une hâte, que ce jeu sorte enfin. J'adore Knox, débordant d'énergie. Un cliché du genre, pourtant merveilleusement intéressant pour ce que j'en ai vu. Dakini m'interpelle beaucoup, tant elle ressemble à Jade... :) Ne changez rien, continuez sur cette voie !
    1. C'est un préquel, Dakini est probablement la mère de Jade
  33. Is aunt Geneva (Pey'j's aunt) going to appear in BGE2?
    1. Infragoldfish
      Even a cameo would be amazing! XD
  34. Dakini looks like Jade
  35. Hard to know how I feel about the absence of the original characters, but Dakini can be my Jade stand in for now.
  36. Loved the trailer, music, atmosphere, and characters. Loaded with style. I am a huge fan of the original, completing it multiple times. I trust Mr Ancel, his team, and their vision. My one request is that you do not pander to people who complain or have easily offended sensibilities. Do no let a vocal minority compromise your artistic vision. I look forward to seeing more.
    1. Stephen Carroll
      Exactly. I'm afraid they'll tone down the cussing. I've waited fourteen years and I love Knox as is.
  37. Shani and Knox are perfect!
    1. Stephen Carroll
  38. But is the Pey'Jin idol a kind of divine representation of Pey'J?
  39. Antoine Corbeil
    ''REAL GREAT AWSOME CHARACTERS'', prime protagonists that are not white occidental male, yeah, for a change in the video game market! They're all a bunch of sympathetics rascals, I would like to see women hybrids as well, which there was none (as far as I've seen) in the trailer. Knox and Shani are my favorite, if they're the ones we play with the whole game, ''AWSOME''!
  40. Dakinis eyes looked so sick... everysing aswell but man those eyes
  41. Pey'j is actually in the trailer - as a small golden gift. Why Zhou is after this little pig statue (and seems to have quite warm feelings) is unkown of course. And Dakini seems to be a time-travelling Jade, or Shauni. Maybe she is there to save Pey'j at a time when he was just a very small pig. I have mixed feelings about Knox as they are walking on thin ice when mixing Jamaican slang with silly jokes to much - he could become a JarJar.... pls. make him smart.
    1. MIchel Ancel said Pey-jin (the statue) is a divinity of some sort and that Pey'j was probably named after it
    2. OrTheOtherWay
      Knox is the troublemaker and the one that will make you laugh in the end, no matter what is the situation you're in :D Every crew needs one of these. Bang Bang Mofos! :D
  42. Victim_0f_Lag
    I would like to know who voices Knox and Dakini. Rumor has it that Knox is voiced by Taron Egerton who plays Eggsy in the Kingsman movies. The actress for Dakini sounds really familiar but I can't put my finger on it who it could be.
  43. All of the characters are interesting but so far i can't say what will be our character or what kind of game this will be. Will it be a MMO and let us pick what race we are? Will we be forced to play as a defined character? Will it be a single player game with a companion like the first game ( personally it hope its this option).
  44. Bring this to Switch! Please!!
    1. Sorry to burst your bubble but the hardware specs of the Switch will hardly be able to run the game.
  45. Tout les personnages ont un charisme de fou! Et ça c'est rare dans un jeu vidéo ;)
  46. Every single characters fits the tone of this world so well. I hope the gameplay will be as unique as the first one. Without any nonsense catch quests like in so many open world games lately. Looking at you, Far Cry, ME: Andromeda, Assassin's Creed.
  47. What will be the release date?
    1. Space Monkey Team
      We don't have a release date to communicate as of yet, but please continue to participate in developing the game with us!
  48. maurinogigageni
    Well well well. I love the fact that there is a hybrid pig as the bad guy, it's a big change since the only other hybrid pig we saw (in the first chapter) was really not that kind of guy. I like the freedom that the biker and the ape inspire but, at least in the initial dialogue, Knox seems a little too dumb, but I'd totally enjoy that as a conscious character choice, that I KNOW you guys know how to make. As for Dakini... it was the smartest move to show the eyes only. I still have shivers. I really want to unveil the mystery of that character. Again, great great job guys. I had no doubt.
  49. Have you guys started to send out the first wave of emails for the space monkey program? I DUNNO WHO THAT HUGE CARIBBEAN/MONGOLIAN LOOKING GUY IS WITH THE WOODEN GUN ON THE POSTER IS BUT HE'S INSTANTLY MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER THEN THE RASTA RHINO!!! Game looks phenomenal.
    1. Space Monkey Team
      Thanks for becoming a Space Monkey! No emails have been sent out yet, but keep an eye on your inbox!
  51. NathanielBonney
    Shani looks extremely dope.
  52. SirKayTheKnight
    Zhou Yuzhu's design looks really cool, lots of faded scars and tattoos. The fact that he seems to be a mob boss in a world where hybrids seem to be just expendable labor intrests me. Kind of makes you wonder what happened to him to get him up to the point where he seems to be in charge.. Knox seems like so much fun from that trailer alone, I really hope we get chance to play as him. His voice actor is top notch in my opinion, brings out ALOT of personality in the character.
  53. On dirait les chanteurs de SHAKA PoNK... Non ? Coïncidences...??
  54. Loved Knox, great voice actor, really nailed that cocky London rude boy vibe. Noticeable that the female characters revealed so far are all very attractive, while the males are animal-hybrids with a lot of personality. Nothing wrong with that, but hope you can have some weird animal-hybrd women and hot human guys too, variety is the spice of life.
  55. I want to play Shani ! A badass BLACK WOMAN biker. How many games with a black woman as main character ? Not enough. All trailer's characters are awesome, but I want to play Shany. In BGE1, Jade was a woman in a diversified world. I loved this.
  56. Visually stunning but considering the original had barely any bad language is there really a need to have the Tarantino level of swearing? Remember the Prince of Persia Warrior Within mis step.
  57. Obviously Knox, He's crazy I read that in the game we will create own character different from other player's. Is this a feature for the online coop or even for the sigle player?
  58. Question à Ubisoft, Dakini serait tel la mère de Jade ???
  59. Other characters are fantastic too,I love the design and the art style and I think that the character's design reflect their personality. Shani's personality is similari to Jade's but more friendly...maybe maybe jade's personality is a mix beetween Shani and Dakini
  60. Tone down on the profanity lol. You don't need to f bomb every line to make Knox sound rebellious.
  61. rainflowers2016
    All characters where awesome and unique in their own way, but if I have to pick one, I think Knox is the best!
  62. Un lien entre les pirates et le réseau Iris ?
  63. umm is it me or is the music by Credit to the nation
  64. Soon huge after so much years! The design is awfully baddass and the music too! Can't wait to play that "pépite" Bonne chance les gars !
  65. I absolutely love the design and personalities of each and very character here! I will definitely grow to like Knox! Though I think you should add "and he is the biggest pottymouth of the Gada", just for the fun of it.
    1. In Knox's profile, I mean.
  66. I am completely on board with Knox as a character. This game looks so authentically amazing. Everything about what you're aspiring to do here is commendable. Cannot wait.
  67. I am all in for every single one. Knox and Shani both look like quite a team. Zhou and Li, did not get to spend too much time with them but the feeling that they'll be on my arse in space is a comforting feeling? Weird, but you get my drift. All in all though, Dakini is the one I am on board about the most. Oh captain, my captain.
  68. I thought the characters were spot on with the exception of Knox. Absolutely the most memorable character and a good amount of originality there but he may be a little over the top. Just reel him a tiny bit and he will fit perfect. He seems a little "Jim Carrey in The Mask", with the mask on. He may do better with less disparity between himself and his co-stars. They seem so far apart, I doubt his co-stars would actually want to spend ANY time with him. The amount of effort put into this "hype trailer" is amazing. The cg is on par with the finest I have seen. A good sign of things to come. The voice acting is great. If you can afford it, get a hollywood star or known industry vet. Not that anyone was lacking in performance here, I just think it would help sell games. And we want you to sell a lot of copies of this game so you can support sequels right away. #14years!
  69. Shani looks like a fantastic addition - not much focus on her in the trailer, but I've got high hopes for seeing her develop. Dakini intrigues me as well, given that there appears to be a clear connection with Jade (mother?) from the shot of her eyes and hair.
  70. Game looks awesome! Dakini looks like an amazing character to get to know. I can't stop watching the reveal trailer and thinking: If you pull this off it is going to be the Assassin's Creed/Star Wars/Mass Effect/Fifth Element hybrid game I have been dreaming of. Seeing what Ubisoft has done with other recent games and franchises by changing/combining genres and how you can play the game (i.e. drop-in drop-out co-op) makes me want this game to be out now. If the visuals are anywhere on par with the cinematic this will be amazing!
  71. Zhou Yuzhu is really cool. I cant wait to play!!!!
  72. At the begining of the trailer, I tought that the pig was Pey'J :p
  73. Antoine Corbeil
    I like the characters very much! I think that what should be considered as for the hybrids, it's why that animal, why making an hybrid with that specie, what utility humans would have of that hybrid monkey, shark or pig, I think it's a real good matter to consider and explain the history and origins of the hybrids (I haven't played the first, so sorry if their is an explanation in it about what I'm saying).
  74. I love the characters...especially KNOX
  75. They look really great! I really want to meet them.
  76. Looking forward, to see what await as in this Prequel. Mostly i like Knox bad ass Monkey.
  77. I think the Character Design is freaking awesome they all look so nice and fresh.
  78. I know it's a lot to ask of Ubi, but I actually wanna play as Knox.
  79. isabelleantonia
    Is it possible that Dakini might be Jade's mother?! She already looks so much like her! Love her accent by the way.
  80. I'm so curious about all of the characters, but Dakini and Shani got me the most. Particularly the latter, whose name sounds an awful lot like "Shauni", the misterious entity hidden in Jade. I just can't wait for this game!
    1. Perhaps Shauni resides within Dakini too, who knows?
  81. DeathStroke_ESc
    Эту игру, наверняка, ждёт каждый кто увидел на E3
  82. I can't say thank you or congratulations loud and often enough. The E3 reveal had me hooked. The world you've given us a taste of looks absolutely gorgeous. I've just seen the fifteen minute intro to the story, spaceship. planet and some of the gameplay elements. I was blown away. With such a galactic (pan-galactic) scale, and the number of missions and side-missions we could potentially pick up - are we going to be given something like 'path options'? So Missions and side missions have their own branches with links at points in each tree - where the completion of a side/mission gives us two or more paths to take along the same tree or move to the same or lower level of a different tree?
  83. daikini is jade mother? '-'
  84. Knox for me. One Crazy dude. Thought the game looked stunning the first time I saw it. Great music
  85. Knox because he his attire amuses me aswell as his personality X3.
  86. knox is badass money and love playing knox when it comes out.
  87. isabelleantonia
    What if the pig in the beginning of the trailer (Zhou) is actually Pey'j 's father and Dakini will be Jade's mother? There is so much resemblance! As because Zhou is so obsessed with a little statue called 'Pey-jin' maybe he could've had a son named after him.. (Pey'j of course)
  88. Thank you for making this ! I've been waiting for years ! This game means a lot to me !
  89. Knox inspires optimism but the character I prefer is dakini, perhaps just for a matter of curiosity
  90. I'd love Dakini having a different color for each eye ! it would look even more sci fi for me.
  91. Oh God, Knox is the coolest person un my life!
    1. I agree, ive watched the trailer loads just cos i like knox and hia attitude
  92. When should we expect first beta|alfa test?
  93. I really like the character designs but I think it will be hard for me to identify with Knox as he could easily get on my nerves. At least if he always acts so excessively hyped-up / as if everything was just a big fun. The concept of the story sounds great, I hope things like that don't make it less immersive.
  94. I always liked the name Knox plus he looks cool.
  95. I like the style of the characters but the amount of swearing in the trailer was just puerile.
  96. The cinematic trailer is simply amazing! So detailed! I didn't play the first game, but this feels like No Man Sky done right... I can see a lot of potential, which also translates a lot of work to do yet... As a mainly PC gamer, I hope there will be support for MODs somehow...
  97. I love these characters. I love them so much that i would like to see some kind of playability to multiple "Heroes" (or villains aswell?) that would be awesome :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  98. The characters look absolutely amazing, think Knox is awesome, i just hope that you can create a character that is a animal hybrid as well?
  99. Zhou made his fortune by selling hybrid meat for animal meat. You mess with him, you reincarnate as a box of K-bups :)
  100. King-KillJoy
    I'm VERY interested in the shark hybrid standing in the background upon Knox's arrival back in the ship. D:
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  102. Slackjaw6996
    Absolutely love Knoxie, he looks fantastic! the other characters look great too, but what makes him more.... attention demanding... is his attitude! "that's swiss chocolate, pig!".... he's absolutely awesome!
  103. i liked watching LI DAIYU. before i read more on her she came off as a possible boss or crime lord and ZHOU YUZHU was just a middleman collecting treasure for her out of a business deal. but after finding out her actual role and what her job is i still think its a perfect fit for this game if done right. LI DAIYU can be a huge sex symbol for this game in a positive way i feel her presence should and can inspire the ubisoft team to add more lust content to the game. this can open the door to possible dating and a GF/BF system for players to explore with their characters or even possible black market or underground strip clubs, brothels seeing as that is VERY COMMON with pirates of any degree or category, or even lounges with a heavy presence of lust floating around. even her personality can resemble a strong level of Independence for female gamers with a creative and open mind to an adventurous platform like this one. character KNOX is probably on of the most exciting and most anticipated characters for me in a while. and from the moment he opened his mouth i realized and was relieved that i could free myself of a conscious with this game. also his swagger and style from head to toe including clothes, accent, and personality set a great platform for gamers to experiment with their own characters personality.
  104. EroticSqurrel22
    Knox looks bad ass
  105. I think I'm missing something under Li Daiyu's bio it says she a "rejuvenated" madam, what does that mean?
    1. Maybe in BGE2 they discovered the technology or some kind of mysterious method for alter the age of a person so this is why Li Daiyu is "rejuvenated".
  106. Je pense que DAKINI est la mère de Jade, ça pourrait être interessant de découvrir l'histoire des mystérieux parents de Jade, Pey'J parle des parents de Jade dans le Mdisk sur le Beluga dans BGE 1 I think DAKINI is Jade's mother, it might be interesting to discover the story of Jade's mysterious parents, Pey'J talks about Jade's parents in Mdisk on Beluga in BGE 1
  107. TheKoloradoKid
    My favorite character is definitely Knox! His DILLIGAF attitude is spot on! Very well done and even if only 10% of the characters in this game are close to having personalities that engrossing this will be the game of the century. Too many times have I played a game that would've been amazing but the characters were dull with no personality. Characters with no personality can ruin a great game and I can already tell these characters have personality. I can't wait to get to know them! Here's a character idea: A rhino hybrid raised in the farmlands that is used for his horn to plow the fields. Constantly abused by his masters, from an early age he/she dreams of escaping and being free. Finally escapes and finds him/herself traveling city to city constantly drinking and fighting because this rhino is always angry at the world. Then one night the rhino runs into Knox and tries to fight Knox. But Knox is quick and the rhino never lands a hit.. Jumping and using his hand grappling hook Knox avoids all blow. Frustrated, the rhino charges at Knox, Knox launches up and the rhino slams his/her head into a solid rock wall. Since the rhino has been drinking all night this slam knocks him/her out. Seeing an opportunity for a new recruit Knox calls in help to get the rhino on ship. Throughout the story Knox and the rhino are always at each others throat copping attitude and snide remarks all the time. Until maybe one event brings them close as friends. Just an idea and different ways of going about a scenario such as this. Maybe instead of the rhino being knocked out it's just stunned and Knox talks the rhino into joining the crew. Or maybe the player has the option of not recruiting the rhino. I am so excited about the possibilities of this game and being able to build a crew for your ship. Thank you for this opportunity to share my ideas with you. There will be more to come! Peace!
  108. Shani seems like a cool female character.

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