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New Poll Available: Environments to Explore

Following the last Dev Ask we shared from Michel Ancel a few weeks ago, we were overwhelmed with your comments (almost 400 replies!) and the variety of suggestions in your answers.

Four main environment types that were recurrent in your answers were space, planets, cities and temples and we wanted to get a more global understanding of what appeals to you most… So we took this opportunity to update our “Tell us what you think” section to reflect environments!

If you can spare a few seconds, make sure to vote in this new poll, which you will find on the right-hand side of this (or any other) page of our website.

And of course, we’re still happy to get even more of your feedback which you can share either in the comments section of this article or on our forums!

179 thoughts on “New Poll Available: Environments to Explore

  1. stuvakronakivik
    I would like to explore all of them. It's really hard to choose only one. I think it would be easier to answer what we would like to experience in all of this options. xDD - In temples: I would love to train and learn new martial arts techniques, evolution of the phisical and spiritual. - In space: explore all the structures stationed there as well as gigantic spaceships and possibly a wormhole that leads us to the solar system of an ancient civilization. - In cities: a lot of diversity in architecture, living beings, rich cultures, a lot of tasks to do, interactivity, a place to evolve our technology stats, etc. - In planets: Tremendous variety in fauna and flora, rich environments filled with secrets, interactivity with the environent and the different species, discovery of ancient civilization sculptures and paintings scattered across different planets.
    1. Excellent ! and why not cities in the sky ? like a mysterious flying city in the clouds... it can be so cool, with some flying special hybrids... oh my god, it look so cool !!! ^^
      1. theartofbattle
        a floating city would be incredible
        1. Kind of like in gravity rush would be amazing!
      2. +1 - this would be phenomenal.
      3. Maybe like the cloud City from star wars
      4. Agreed... something like and ethereal feeling place... going back to the relegious delegations of the game it could be considered a holy and sovereign place. I would LOVE that!
    2. In Temples there could be a dungeon like in Tomb Raider. In Space there could be abbandoned ships and treasures, In Cities there might be any sort of stuff like you mentioned. But Planets it's wierd because in it there are Cities and Temples. and to get from Planet A to Planet B you need to travel through Space. It's a Difficult poll for sure.
    3. How about planet debris in space , like chunk of landmass floating around with maybe a hidden temple on it? That would be so cool.
      1. I really like that!
      2. Yeah sounds amazing! Lovely idea!
      3. Nice. How about a giant abandoned ship for salvage or looting...maybe several left behind from a battle...?
        1. Or a left behind Mine on an Asteroid
        2. KKONIIBLADE21
          I completely agree. Or what about a convoy still slowly moving cargo from planet to planet that we could board and raid. Scrap parts from their ship to repair or upgrade ours. Then leave them for the next player too find. Or perhaps we come across a convoy already being attacked. We could take the plunder someone else worked hard to obtain.
    4. I agree with you. I like all these places very much.The idea of learning and acquiring skills in a temple is cool, and perhaps adding more Oriental kung fu elements is a good idea.
    5. Buttsamurai2099
      I would love to have sport related activities in the world like motorsports,baseball,soccer,rugby,swimming,triathlons etc . To do around the world also maybe and arcade with references to other video games and definitely a gyms and fast foods joints like KFC and Burger King. But the most important I would like to see car/vehicle dealership and places where you can go to buy/customize you vehicles also clothing stores with tons of clothing with a wide variety of styles.
    6. llDroopySlothll
      I agree.
    7. stuvakronakivik
      In space, it would be beauiful to travel really long distances, don't make the planets close to each other, make it seem "realistic" and place them far apart. Taking us time to go from one planet to the other should make us apreciate the beautiful scenary of space, accompained by beautiful music. But for people who want to get there much faster you could implement some high velocity rings like in COWBOY BEBOP. Those make the ships acelerate exponentially and travel at much higher speeds. This way we could have "realistic" and "short cut" travels. Another beautiful thing would be to get out of the spaceship in outer space. We would have to get a special suit wich would allow us to explore space with our character. Jumping from wreckage to wreckage and/or entering an abandoned spaceship, or infiltrating an enemy spaceship, etc.. When exploring with our character it'd be cool if we only heard our own breathe and the background music, but no other sounds at all. Only when entering a spaceship and depressurizing, all the other sounds would work again. This would give a lot of immersion and realism, also making those scenes more intense and maybe even introspective, as we watch our tiny existence in the infinite of space around us. I'm really hoping you can make this happen. Please! \(^0^)/
      1. I LOVE the sound idea with space! Let's hope this happens
    8. kitsune-warrior
      duuude, you just said everything the rest of us want in this game. the only thing i wish to add is to be able to have a romance and to have a way to recruit from these places. for example, from the temple, you can recruit sexy female priestesses or even a female amazon crew member who was a guardian for a abandon temple or a goddess (or a goddess like female) who was trapped and when you free her ( for the right reasons like an evil man trapped her there or something), she would like to join you and possible be your queen ( or alpha female or first mate in your crew/ all were thinking the same of a almost all female crew). what you guys think and i hope this makes it in the game.
      1. Wow the imagination is excellent even if they only implement half of the ideas here this would be amazing! Only hard part now is the Wait...
      I would love to see a motorcycle-like tuk-tuk that looks like kaneda's bike from Akira
    10. mushypeas1977
      can't wate to play it
  2. mushypeas1977
    wish I could play on xbox it looks amazing
    1. kitsune-warrior
      this will (most likely) be on pc, ps4 and xbox one if i remember right.
  3. Excellent ! and why not cities in the sky ? like a mysterious flying city in the clouds... it can be so cool, with some flying special hybrids... oh my god, it look so cool !!! ^^
    1. kitsune-warrior
      like bioshock infinite Columbia?
  4. My 2 cents... Space and planet roaming is interesting. It's why I play No Man's Sky. But after seeing the trailer and tech demos for this game I really think BGE could excel at spaces rich with history and story. It's a toss up, to me, between Cities and Temples. Wandering around a city, adventure potentially around every corner could be amazing. Temples, I assume would have more of a connection with past and tradition, could explore history and lore. Both of these ideas seem very interesting to me. No matter what, I hope the spaces have stories to tell.
  5. CulturalLemur
    All the stuff we know about Ganesha and its underworld so far makes me too excited not to pick "Cities" option :V I would pick "Planets" as my second choice just because of how fun it was to explore all the different caverns in BGE1 and how gorgeous all these concept arts look.
  6. On a envie de cocher toutes les cases du sondage ^_^ J'ai voté pour l'exploration de planètes avec le propre éco-système, si vous avez gardé la partie photographie de BGE cela pourrait donner de bonne idée de gameplay comme de la cartographie, recensement. Sinon, bien entendu l'exploration de villes (ou villages) semble logique, la base de BGE reste l'exotisme de ses civilisations. Pour ma part, mon idée de BGE 2 n'a pas changé, un jeu SOLO principalement, avec beaucoup d'exploration et une grosse enquête en fil rouge sur le pourquoi de la mutation génétique, la dictature, l'esclavagisme, le clonage. Mixant phase d'inflitration / action et course de pods ;)
  7. ALL THE THINGS. Seriously such a cruel question to get us to answer. Space for it's asteroids and mystery, cities for their depth and multiple layers, temples for their secrets and treasure and planets for just about everything fathomable. Caves, wildlife, slave mines, villages, deserts, lush forests. There's so much. So all of them... And for the same reasons as the people above me.
    1. I agree, such a difficult question
  8. I voted for Cities but it was such a dilemma, I also want Space just as much...
  9. UltimaChaos1990
    This is a hard choice. I will explore everything in this game. I think you should split it up. A small part should be space stations and smaller waypoints such as shops or petrol stations. Many planets would be great, but too many of them would not be good. The survey confuses me a bit, because dungeons or something similar should be on the planet. The focus is more on the size of the game. I would be happy about 6-10 planets that have certain dungeons / temples but also allow for explorations in the city. There was a developer who made a big mistake with such a similar venture. It was too much in the game but with very little variety. I hope you know who I mean.
  10. Vote for the Space and the City.
  11. I'm thinking about a city kind of like Jak 2/3 games. I want it to feel alive like BGE1 did at it's time. Streets full of people doing their own stuff. Planets and space are cool as well but I see the cities and temples more as the main gameplay and space/planets as traveling/side missions.
    1. I think its good/cool example for the enviroment, which would fit perfectly in the bge world.
  12. I'm a little confused by the "planet" one, but i assume it refers to environments with atmosphere that are not temples neither cities. So they must be unsettled places and natural areas on planets, but to refer to them as planets bugs me. Its because we saw how big planets in BGE2 are gonna be, and how diverse (Ganesha's planets having, the city, the montains with the monks, and the bombarded side of the planet) and dynamic (slaves being sent to collect meterite material when & where it falls in real time). My point is, most of the landscapes we said we would like to see are not entire planets, they're LANDSCAPES . It would be a shame to make a planet made of only one biome, i feel it would lack diversity, and make the planets less interesting than they could be. That being said, i remain convinced thet the team will choose to do what they must to create BGE2 like they intend it to be, we're just helpers after all.
    1. voted for planets BTW :p
  13. guest-PFFDaifL
    I want to explore the unknown most of all, so the closest thing is space/planets. :)
  14. I quite like the thought of exploring a disabled ship and taking it for my own or maybe looting a seemingly abandoned asteroid base or wandering round a space station looking out of the view ports or visiting the social hubs. As far as cities go I'd love to be able to visit some seedy bars or a back alley pawn shop.
    1. also forgot to mention I hope one of the boardable ships you can board a police ship like the big behemoth shown in the teaser trailer and maybe steal evidence or confiscated goods, break some people free, sell the ship for profit/scrap or re-purpose it as a battleship through customisation in a space pirate sweat shop.
  15. I love the idea of derelict spaceships. Exploring the unknown.. Going where... And all that... Salvage the ship, finding hint that points to the center/rime of the galaxy. Maybe even use it as a bridgehead for future explorations into the unknown.
  16. Ha, it's hard to select just one of those options. For me, exploring planets can be very boring, because they tend to be empty, procedurally generated, and not really have a lot of unique and memorable locations. But, if it's done the way that it looks like Anthem is doing their exploration, it could be a memorable experience, and not just treading across empty ground with very little interactability. Temples are usually a good fit, because they are self-contained areas that can be large or small, and usually in game design have some kind of reward for overcoming their challenges. It's kind of a nice little packaged modular thing. The only risk what that is, we've explored quite a lot of temples already as gamers, from Lara Croft, to the Uncharted franchise, to the Decades of Zelda. We've seen a lot already, so it would take a lot of forethought to create a unique and memorable experience in that setting. And your sci-fi/fantasy hybrid setting gives you a lot of potential to work with their, old temples with futuristic security, species related cults... That kind of thing. Cities hold the most promise to me, because I feel like I've yet to really play a game that has made exploring cities feel rewarding. With a game like The Witcher, it feels a bit overwhelming, being able to go inside every building, because the explorer in me wants to make sure I don't miss anything. And on the other end of the spectrum, exploring in Assassin's Creed (for context, I've only played the first one) never felt good because you never found anything unique, maybe just a collectible flag. Which is not really a rewarding experience for all of the roaming through the identical map. I think there's a balance to be found in having a lot to look at, but with core, unique explorable/interactable locations within. And probably the first Beyond Good and Evil is the closest to striking that balance that I've played. The city felt a bit small, but it had the right amount of unique places, secrets, diversions and challenges for its size. With Space, it's also that delicate balance of not making it boring. Space is really empty, so traversing it can end up as not fun as the boating segments of of Wind Waker- where you as a player are barely playing, and just watching. However, exploring asteroid fields, two ships destroyed in a space fight, a ship taken over by an alien species... There's lots of potential for interesting situations and locations to explore and interact with. It's all about execution. As just a sporadic idea, if there will be a healthy amount of empty space to travel, one way of breaking that up could be having something akin to a radio station or music player. It was a really fresh idea in Lost Planet 3, that kept retreading the same areas feeling fresher a bit longer. And with Christophe Heral on the soundtrack, I've no doubt the game is going to be loaded with great music. All right, that's my pretentious rant for the day. So excited to see what you guys are coming up with. :D
    1. You should play assassins creed origins, done much better. though that said I hope they stay away from assassins creed as much as possible for totally other reasons.
    2. I really like all your ideas! I think the same as you, but i couldn't express it in words like you did
  17. But most important.. The lore of the universe.. Nothing half-baked, something that makes sense and is part of the adventure.... Just like the original*10000000 :)
  18. Все варианты великолепные и захватывающие , но больше всего нравятся планеты и храмы .
  19. theartofbattle
    A planet that was captured by pirates would be epic, perhaps similar to the first BG&E they could have their hideouts in caves that are located on islands all across the ocean terrain. Hiding treasures with plenty of loot that had been stolen from spaceships and cities from all around the galaxy. Big Citys would be awesome, and perhaps as a hommage to BG&E 1 we could have a city styled in the architectual theme of Hyllis build on top of mountains. with a touch of himalayan style.
    1. theartofbattle
      built* damn it
  20. I believe the city will be comfortable and/or enchanted mystical forest!
  21. The city will be accepting
  22. A big ice planet will be very good to explore ;)
    1. It would! A city under a glacier on a froze moon prehaps?
  23. I really hope that the cities are going to actually have stores and pubs/bars that you can actually go in and buy drinks and stuff. I want to be able to go inside the buildings and explore, just having them there to look at and not go in would honestly be a huge disappointment to me. Also strip clubs.....just think about it.
    1. Also GAMBLING, who doesn’t want to risk it for the biscuit in a game of Texas holdem or some other fun mimigame? Gambling is a MUST in this type of game, it fits the the theme perfectly.
      1. And being a pirate have regular houses and apartments and stores to break into rob or stop others from robbing for a reward. Like bounty hunting if wanting to.
  24. LIVING cities of course. To explore thing in a game is great but in cities.. well there is so much to do and more interesting with the mix of cultures, races, hopes, activities, illegal stuff etc
  25. Its a hard choice. In the end, what is voted on; I just want to be compelled to explore it.
  26. I voted space and i suggest others to do the same for a very simple reason. There are so many open-world games that have cities, planets or villages as main focus for exploration and very few games have pure space exploration. I want BGE2 to feel unique, to give me that sense of exploring the beauty and the dangers of space like enemy pirate crews, asteroids and other secrets beyond the cosmos. Obviously i also want to visit cities and planets in general but i want the focus of the game in searching the freedom in the unknown. Like Dakini said in the trailer: "True freedom lies beyond".
    1. stuvakronakivik
      Completely agree!
  27. It's definitely a difficult question. I love the idea of different cities and villages to explore. It'd be really cool to maybe only be able to get certain items from specific places.
  28. A tough choice but I think cities takes the win for me. The thing that is interesting about cities in games and in real life is that there is always something around every corner. Although I guess the same could be said for entire planets too! In both situations, I imagine flying along, noticing something out of the corner of my eye then landing to check it out. Now that I think about it the same could be said for space as well... I think temples provide an opportunity for unique gameplay (puzzle or platforming sections for example) and also to serve as an opportunity to enrich that specific planets backstory. Either way, I'm really looking forward to getting the chance to explore all four of these types of environments! Hopefully there's an uncharted planet in space with a hidden city that is built on top of a temple to explore! XD
    1. Actually just thinking about space exploration, it would be great to chart areas of space and share that information with friends and the BG&E community!
    2. GarretDanilo
      If you think about it, what place can offer the same amount of freedom and possibilities other than space? You can have spaceports or space cities, pirate lair, space cemetery, mysterious anomalies, secret experiment base on asteroids, alien installations and other things. If space environments are treated seriously, this game can give us what most other developers and games only scratch.
      1. Its like if they want a reference for space exploration look at cowboy bebop and try to make that part of the game.
  29. Personally, I love the idea of exploring space and planets, but my fear is that they end up being very barren, bland and devoid of life (I'm assuming everyone's made the "No Man's Sky" argument). If the technology in game development allows for an engaging experience as space pirates/adventurers/explorers where it's possible to have a large space, a big number of planets to explore with lots of cities that are vibrant in motion and energy, and temples that exhibit this ancient, mystifying aura of culture, history and perhaps even religion, then I feel it'd be a great, unique and definitely pushing-the-envelope-type of experience! However, if I were to choose, I'd rather want to explore the cities and temples because they have the potential to be rich with context, connected to the people who could have interesting stories about themselves. The trap with space and planets is that they are both immense in terms of mapping: would you rather invest in creating more places to explore all the while sacrificing some components that could be used for story, characters, cultures and cities? Space is vast, planets are infinite; is there a way to hit the perfect balance, where you can explore a number of planets with large cities all the while maintaining some authenticity for each environment? Apologies, I like to ramble, hahah xD Bottomline, unless you have a really good way of balancing everything, I'd really want to focus on cities and temples than space and planets. But you know, come to think of it, the Ratchet and Clank series have created a perfect balance for all 4 environments. They all had limits though: it was possible to explore space, but you could only access one city on every planet. However, despite that limitation, neither the story nor the characters suffered from it. In fact, I think they benefitted a lot this way. I hope this was useful, guys. I'm loving what I'm seeing so far, and I'm looking forward to hearing more of what you guys are planning! Take care and all the best! ~Jayhan~
  30. Silverback1907
    PLEASE HAVE AWESOME SPACE PORTS, a cool place to deal in weapons or improve/ customize your ships. Also, once again, maybe include this song in your next trailer.
    1. I love this song it makes me think of Beyond good and evil 2 <3
  31. I only have one request for this game: please make it like Beyond Good & Evil 1, but bigger and better.
  32. SketchArthur
    This was a really hard choice to make, but I voted for planets. I really want to explore some extremely wild and out there kinds of planets, ones that look like some of the Yes album covers in particular, like The Ladder album, Yesterdays album, etc.
  33. Of course, it is better to have one or two detailed cities, with secret rooms and sewers, than to observe the lifeless landscapes of huge planets.
    1. Agreed having a dense population like gta4 and missions randomly generated like spiderman 2 for ps2 would be awesome
      1. Ubisoft have good experience in this regard, the AC and Watch Dogs have made good progress but it's also good to look at games like Uncharted 4 in terms of the atmosphere of the city
  34. We need a rich dense population city which to live and interact with ai and other players like gta4 did on ps3. Also vast landscapes in desert and frozen wasteland with treasure to loot.
  35. The exploration of planets it should be in my opinion a complete game for each and have it all tie into one. As you would meet new characters on each planet they could give you new quests and treasures to seek out. All around the current world and even extend into space.
  36. Also a side note please make the spaceships explorable on the inside and even a view feom the cockpit of the craft you are piloting. It would give an incredible feeling of immersion and you could decorate the inside as well.
    1. I think they already talked about the possibility of exploring the inside of spaceships and decorate it during the livestream. I really hope they'll make it possible because will be amazing and immersive.
      1. Agreed that would be amazing
  37. an orbiting space bio dome would be cool. a city built into the side of an asteroid would be neat as well. if you guys wanted to really get creative though you could do a space station or planet orbiting a black hole where time passes differently.
  38. This was a very hard choice because all concepts are quite ideal for extraordinary game-play. However, I leaned more toward city as I feel there could be much more depth added to the overall cities. trading places, bars, restaurants, public transit systems., etc,. just to even walk through an immense city filled with activity and exploration would be awesome in itself. I would like to see different society levels of a massive city. An area of business, an area of high society and an area of slum which is where most of the illegal activity would take place. I wish I could pick them all because I would love to see planets and space exploration as well. Nevertheless, a cityscape would look really cool with unique shops and neon logos signs and levels upon levels of city activity.
  39. Voted for cities bacause Treasure Planet space port! But the sentiment is the same as for the most of us here - need ALL OF THEM!
    1. CammyBalFell28
      TREASURE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that Damn movie lol. would love to see its influence in the space exporation
  40. I voted for planets because it could be interesting to build different societies and see different cultures on each planet but also different from city to city. I'd love to see diversity between cities and in them, and its part of what would make interesting planets for me. But honestly, I'd love exploring all of the four options because I'm a huge fan of all of them. They can all help develop the world of Beyond Good and Evil 2 by showing how the civilisations have evolved and developed. But what I'd love the most would be that each planet had its own story and past with old temples, ruins from past civilisations or past life forms before the moment the game takes place.
  41. wedgan_tilles
    Just too hard to pick only one, I obviously would like to see kinda all of it. Temples are on Planet or in Cities, Cities are on Planet which are in Space, so well all of it sounds like important :D As it also fill the world. But really what is important is the variety that the various places are on their own sort of visuals, ambient, ... :)
    1. Totally agree, it's diffucult to pick one because of how they're all somehow connected to each other. Overall I just hope the exploration itself will be enjoyable and the devs will try to avoit UI clutter and overuse of waypoints/minimap etc
  42. little_messi04
    There should be some insanely urban areas that are grimey. Also there should be very green places only touche'd by an ancient civilization that left, or got extinct for a certain reason.
  43. CammyBalFell28
    I would like to explore Cities. Compact places sprawling with lots and lots to do and Interacting with NPCs. But I have this recurring vision of; more of a rural like village, set suspended high in the trees covered with rich green Leaves and Blooming with a spectrum of bright colours from the flowers. Maybe this Leafy bright city is there because of technology left there by an old alien race, and the city lies just on the outskirts of an Ancient yet massive Ship left by this race. So I guess I'm saying an old, packed village/city combined with temples/temple ruins/ old alien tech and machinery
  44. Would love to travel around in a trader's space station and see how life would be lived in such an environment. Been itching for something like that since the space station in Mass effect 2. Space station built on top of an asteroid have always got me excited. Also distinct worlds with their own unique and interesting qualities. I'm the type of guy who would grab a ship put in on autopilot and have the crew sail through wondrous environments at a slow speed and relax as I watch the world go by.
  45. It's not fair for me to choose one of them. I really do wish for all of them. Even more like previously mentioned floating city, hidden space place/city, black hole exploration, avatar like place, water covered planet, icy planet, space aborigins, broken planet, foggy planet, rainy planet, fantasy planet, so on & so on.......just make it happen guys......
  46. stooh1172017
    Hi everyone, I was a bit late for posting on the locations threads so I post here the short version of ideas for this glorious IP! And I totally agree with everyone, I think we can't choose one but everything will have to be connected. I think you will see quickly what I mean if you read the detail of my ideas. Sorry if my English is not perfect i'm french. So we will start with Space locations and in a second part the type of locations we can have on planets. If you are courageous this is the link to the long version of this ideas and you will find some quick concepts I have done too. I will try to push more those ideas and update my Artstation with more concepts. Here is the link : SPACE : - 1) Big Mineral formation in the middle of an asteroid field mainly composed of minerals, obviously. - 2) Strange icy formation in some sort of a gas cloud. - 3) City constructed inside a little moon. - 4) Part of a Little moon covered with a legal commercial market in huge crater. - 5) Space whale reproduction Nebula. - 6) Secret Lab hidden in gas giant. - Planet with high level of gravity where you can find a lot of shipwreck crashed. You can go there and try to loot stuff but you will need better hull and engine for your ship to avoid finishing like all the other ones. - Sun shield Station who convert the sun heat into huge power cells made for city generators. The high level of radiation and heat make this station only manageable by an Hybrid Agamidae (Species of Reptile) captain and crew of other reptile species resistant to heat and radiations. - Space wale graveyard. - Old Abandoned Asteroid mining site because of the proximity with pirate territory who made the station owner spend more money in security than the profit he was doing with the metal extraction so they left and the pirates finished to deplete the metal source. - Space Wind Turbine field using solar wind to create energy for remote station or product power cells. - Refuelling Space Station and convoy. - Rebel Hideout Station hide in space gas clouds. - Tortuga like Space Pirate Station. - Interstellar Moon docking Station - Asteroid Base Camp hideout - Graveyard of ships/station - Frozen Asteroid Field with legendary ship wreckage stuck in one of them. - Planet hidden and protected by an unstable magnetic Nebula who jam all censors. - Holiday paradise Planet with private security where only the richest ones can access and of course where you will find luxury ship and etc. - Japanese/Monk Sanctuary on top of a mountain Asteroid, old part of a destroyed planet. - Station build with old part of other ships. - Bermuda triangle in space. - Black Hole with different outcome : you can die, or finish in an uncharted part of space or use it to go back in time so you can repair a thing you’ve done. - Space ship construction site - Mining station in rare metal asteroid belt - High security Prison ship where maybe you can get one member of your crew or you can be brought in a mission to get intel from a old mafia boss keep behind bars. - Commercial Cross road station - Destroyed planet where you can find pieces of ancient civilisation - Planet with multiple Asteroid Belt - Military Secret base Hide behind/inside a moon - Jungle Asteroid Field with particular organism network who give his ‘Jungle’ calcification - Terra-forming Facility over volcanic toxic planet managed by hybrid resistant to toxicity - Snowball city Space Station - Planet with Spatioport Ring and ship construction - Moon outpost - Dumping ground moon - Frozen Palace in ice asteroid - Whale Market Space Ship PLANETS : - 1) Planet with 1000 Pools. - Special restricted grounds for Hybrid hunting for sport. - Ancient structures like pyramids, Maya temple, sacred temple carved into mountains - illegal hybrid Arena in the middle of the desert - illegal fight club of hybrid in city hidden streets - Lair of mafia in city slums - Prohibited/radioactive city area revealed to be where hybrid resistance group hide. - Underwater research facility for illegal Hybrid test - Underwater old ship wreckage where you can find some loot, useful ship component you needed for your next ship upgrade or even part of a treasure map. - Underwater Tunnel giving access to lost city ruin in a cave - Dry ocean with wale graveyard where you can maybe found a new figure head for your ship. - Asteroid crater where you can find rare mineral to sale give intel to mining corporation for a good price. - Station crash zone filled with scavenger looking for good loot - Highly radioactive meteor crash zone secured by military organisation filled with modified Hybrid working to extract rare mineral - Illegal casino city in the middle of the jungle ruled by local mafia - Military secret base with ship prototype blueprint or technologies to steal but heavily guarded - Ice planet with Monk temple lost in the mountain where you can find resting place and calm or old treasure but stealing it will have consequence - clouds city/gas mining/hidden lair - Huge hole in water ocean leading to an energy station. - Volcanic hot water source used as spa for rich tourist so well guarded by private security - Tornado planet with really high electric instability and terrible weather, perfect to hide a secret facility or pirate base. - Weird symbols visible only from the sky revealing to be a riddle leading to maybe an other part of a treasure map, or a lost city, even space coordinate. - Mysterious desert pattern, cross created with trees in the forest leading to an ancient city - Planet filled with islands and toxic water - Dumping ground at the limit of big city - Gasoline field and huge pipeline leading to city - Mining site in the middle of iced lake - Cave in moon filled with different type of crystals and luminous worms - Underwater gas mining facility - Mirror lake in the ice desert - Swamps filled with tribes of rebels hybrid - Iceberg sea - Virgin paradise islands hide by magnetic jamming device installed long ago by a rich billionaire who needed silence so you can expect to find some LOOT, maybe stealing the jamming system for you but this will mean that this paradise will be quickly filled with people, touristic corporation etc or you will leave the jamming system and can come back in this place to relax. - Forest of extremely rare and huge trees who will be reaped of by corporations for wood. - Rice Production field in between mountains - Venice like cloud city - Abandoned Castle ruled by pirate lord - Abandoned Power Plant re-used by a mad scientist to power his facility research on new fission reactor. - Old observatory at the edge of a cliff with a wonderful view on the lunar spatioport - Frozen forest of old ships in the middle of arctic planet - Underwater toxic lake protecting extra rare seaweed and rest of previous explorers who tried to steal this biological wonder - Golden river exploitation site. - hybrid breading facility - Illegal hybrid race coliseum - Desert race grounds - voodoo hybrid place in the middle of swamp where you can find knowledge treasure - Base Jump site in clouds mountains - Tornado sea - Buried golden giant statue hidden in cave. This is really valuable so you can leave it and respect this site or sale the coordinate to the better buyer and come back to see this placed filled by hybrid slave extracting the gold from the statue.
    1. stooh1172017
      And sorry it was looking more organised before posting... you can go for my Arstation link if you prefer it will be more clear. Sorry for that.
    2. I relly like your ideas pertaining to the space exploration, and a lot more of your ideas too. The ideas you expressed for space are very well thought about for example "Strange icy formation in some sort of a gas cloud." I would like the use of the natural elments of space just to be used well, and how people would utilize those elements for good and nefarious deeds. I have some ideas but I believe you express really good ideas. I have a post thats just pretty simple, but you definintly expanded on the ideas that I would have liked to express.
  47. marbledrill51
    I still think that in a world with hybrid slaves you CANT GO WITHOUT at least one underwater city. Simple as that, it has to be there, as a bastion of the freed slaves' resistance, and a perfect base to set out from to find some underwater ruins and treasures!
  48. GreeneRWorld
    Planets space cities and temples are all related but planets and cities are the most important, cause in the first BGE you did amazing by showing us cities and 2 planets so keep in mind what u did in BGE ! But most important keep doing what u are doing and dont let people change your main ideias please! thanks and good work amazing team!
  49. marbledrill51
    I gotta say even if its a hard choice like everybody says i wanted to vote for everything ECEPT temples, i dont really see the point because its been done in so many games.. the quest writing would have to take in account the MORAL aspect of stealing treasures from a temple, faithful pirates would probably draw the line there and get into conflict with other pirates who are truely beyond good and evil..
  50. I chose space because most games treat space as a "transition." You go to space, watch an animation, and then you're at your next location. But BGaE2 could be different, and that could be the thing that makes it stand out. You could have abandoned ships, junk piles, the occasional gas station-like port floating around. And you could have multiple planets you can touch down on. You could create extra non-interactable "space debris" to fill in open empty areas and give people things to dodge like giant humming space crystals or some crap. Treat space like it in itself is a living environment with a biology of its own. However, as for cities, I think that slums are pretty common amongst games that include "illegal" activity. In my experience, dull colorless and "secret" is fun for the first time you go to one but then it's all downhill. It's always been more fun going to the districts that were more vibrant and full of consumer culture (think the cities in the Bladerunner movies) and have a little underbelly of illegal activity in there. Add some fun mini-games that players can do while they're there. Reminds me of Borderlands: so much to do, but it is laughable how much time I spent in that little bar playing slot machines. I find that when you offer up locations like black-market-in-the-slums and temples, and even space, you're going for a feeling, not a location. You're going for mysterious, undiscovered, or simply the opportunity to discover things yourself. You don't have to just throw temples into the game to get that, it's just one of the more common ways people do. You could possibly think outside the box on that one. ;)
    1. THIS is the point, i have the same feeling. We are full of space-opera games that cut off the space part, we only select a planet and automatically travel to the destination and its really annoying and frustrating. I want full control of my ship and go in deep space and do everything i want to do like space battles, treasure hunting, meet other pirate crews, exploring the unknown and other things. For this reasons i think BGE2 could be very spectacular, during the gameplay demonstration with Michel Ancel for me the best part it was when he freedomly go in space with all that beautiful effects and whitout loadings, that scene gives me what i always want to do in a hardcore game, to feel the real freedom in space environments full of things to do and places to discover. I want BGE2 to be like CAPTAIN HARLOCK series and TREASURE PLANET movie. I really hope developers think about it.
      1. BrianBennet2011
        Treasure Planet was one of the things that came to mind when I first heard about the game, that and maybe a little Samurai Jack.
      2. Your so right guys, didn't realise that: real space exploration has been left aside by games. It would be incredible to have a "living" environment in space.
  51. IMO planets would be the least attractive thing. Look at the missions form Mass Effect 1, exploring those little, meaningless in generally planets to find a few pieces of something that you don't really need, becouse you don't want to force players to spend days just running through, wasn't fun at all, even if it's giving us the feeling of the 'big scale' and 'giant world'. But players love secrets and riddles, awarding players for finding a secret place or spots on the map that can be found only in one cave deep underwater without even saying that it is a riddle... you know what I mean, that's the part of the "planets' type of enviroment i'd like to see. Temples are really cool if you make them really good. Not like Risen, rather like World of Warcraft- Ulduar (so epic).
    1. Completly agree. This become frustrating to have the illusion of discovery : you travel to a new planet, stay 10 min here before leaving and you've seen it all. But if I remember well, in the space monkey report, the devs seemed to say that they didn't want to add a lot of planets without content. So finger crossed :)
      1. correction : it was in a french interview with Michel ANCEL ( /watch?v=j836FHYYPts at 3:45). They asked him how many planets will be avaiable and he answered with something like : "beyond the number of planets, because it can quickly become a matter of quantity and repetitiv actions [we are trying to answer to the question] : what is a planet and how to make it exceptional. In our game, the planets are living [...] before talking about how many planets there will be, we want that the planet itself is awesome to explore and then we'll see what we want to do and reveal how many planets there will be" and he also gave examples (asteroids falling on a planet, the raw materials are being collected, cargo from the mafia (at a planetary level) can be fullfilled with slaves etc). I would like to add that we tend to forget how big a planet really is: if a planet is as big as earth itself, we would take 2 hours at 20'000 km/h to move around the globe. And there is so much to do. (but we know that the scale will be smaller^^. It was just to emphasize the potential content of a single planet) But I hope we will be able to do piracy in space !
  52. Rockets-rocket
    I believe that all four of these environments should be fully detailed and fun to explore. From temples with monks living in them to massive ships lost in space and the temples should be unique, such as have them follow different religions and have some ancient temples lost and forgotten about, you could copy and paste the AI for the monks, so you can save time and create more detail into the other parts, I think there should be at least 3 planets and some of them should just stick to one environment. So you could have one planet with a purple/frozen wasteland and have one planet with more than 5 environments , like jungles, deserts, forests, etc. Maybe have a few massive cities and have some smaller cites on the planets, small villages are needed to make the planet feel more alive and the cities could have detail inside the buildings, maybe not every single structures in the city, but at least some buildings with details. Space needs space stations, lost ships, pirates, merchants and lost alien structures. This might seem like a lot and every game developer needs time to make great games with detail, but at least put a lot of detail into all four environments.
    1. GarretDanilo
      The developers probably can't make every single environment full of details so they asked us what we want to see as main focus for the locations. I think the two most importants environments in this type of game are obviously Space, so we can feel the freedom of exploring and going everywhere and doing all the things we want to do like real space pirate (space battles, treasure hunting and so on) and Cities for story missions, meeting interesting characters, side quests and buying stuff.
      1. Rockets-rocket
        I totally agree, the developers don't have all the time in the world and space and the cities should be the two mains focuses for the environments and the quests within them.
        1. GarretDanilo
          The problem is that most people see space only as a location, but is something more than that. Space is a place that don't have rules,it's beautiful and dangerous at the same time, a place where everyone are equals and it's full of possibilities. It's more like a place for the mind and immagination rather than pure empty space. Planets, cities and temples can be found in almost every open-world game we have so far and they are always the same, beautiful places for sure but they don't give us strong emotions while travel in space can be alluring for everyone.
          1. Rockets-rocket
            Yeah, there's a lot you can do with space in a video game and it's full of imagination like you said. There have been many games that have failed to make open world space games, such as mass effect Andromeda and no mans sky. Hopefully they know what they're doing with beyond good and evil 2.
  53. Thundr-Knight
    You know im a lil torn here, cuss if its more space pirate stuff id love cities to be beautiful but not cluttered opportunity for my endeavors, but also something that i can jump ship and fly around it and space equally. But space should get nice attention cuss if not its litteraly empty space, it should be like a highway. Full of mysterys like caves in asteriods and dificult flight paths that you can feel like a pro navigating. Planets are a beautiful idea but please dont go full no mans sky, 2-5 max ubi. Maybe dlc can be more planets but i dont want the meat to look small becouse the plate is too big you know. Now temples makes me smile, opportunity for story and dungeon crawling. Something mystic filled with character oh how i would love to explore. System 3 makes me smile and thease are my hopes.
  54. I want all !But I prefer cities and temples.But the planets and the space are so cool, I don't know what to choose. But I think an impressive, spectacular city is a must, or a temple, just like a painting must have the finishing touch. There are rich contents in the city, there are huge statues in the temple, but it must be impressive! Different planets have different styles of cities, temples of different faiths. It must be great to sit on all kinds of vehicles and explore all this.
  55. devilmeetsvamp
    I want all. But judging by the depth, cities. It's an open world game. 50-60% of my gameplay is exploration. Space is a good option but you can't fill a lot of things in space because then it's not space. Planet is a really good option but if i HAVE to choose one i'd choose cities because i don't want to feel bored and lonely(even with my crew) after a certain time in this huge game. Most of the concept arts are city life, vehicles, characters. To add depth, stories should be focused on those things in my opinion. But then i want to see depth; different cultures, religions, folksongs, food, clothes, city design. Few towns could even be compact-but-beautiful like the Panda Village in Kung Fu 3 ( Saying that i don't want space travel to be boring too. I should feel like i am this tiny thing in space but then again i don't want just a side character dialogue telling me the depths and measurements of space and my spaceship and done.
  56. Belgarathmaster
    Wouah! les résultats sont très serrés. Le positif dans tout ça c'est que globalement nos envies sont hétérogène mais elles restent plus que cohérentes dans nos souhaits globalement. :-) Je lisais un peu plus haut l'idée de villes flottantes dans le ciel de certaines planètes. C'est une bonne idée selon moi. Cela permettrait de varier le level design et de rajouter des spécificités : villes flottantes au dessus d'une planète couverte à 85% d''eau ou recouverte d'une couche de gaz toxique qui nécessite un matériel adapté pour pouvoir être exploré, avec toujours sa faune et sa flore spécifique...
  57. I think all of them are important in order to create a believable world. I have voted cities because i am a huge fan of scifi/cyberpunk atmospheres (and i really LOVE your artworks), but i really think you shoul find balance betwen all of them. Space is specialy dangerous to work with, because it is a great amount of nothing. You have to change that. You should fill it with colors (stars, nebulas, galaxies, aurora borealis...) and things to explore like pubs (like in your artworks), space ships, asteroids, space stations, even maybe a huge space wandering city (which travel around in the universe). The key is to find de way to mix those concepts.. Planets will only be interesting if you fill them with cities, temples, villages, ruins, tombs... but also natural environments, don't forget about caves, forests, deserts... And the point is to this world to feel alive, to exploration to be rewarded. It would be a shame if you create a huge universe but it is full of nothing to do. Good luck.
  58. When I see scenarios like this one - it kinda remembers me towards Movies like Blade Runner or Altered Carbon where you have a ugly or dystopian where the cities have very dark corners and also very bright locations in the high society. And these contrasts are always interesting to explore - especially when you have constructed creatures that have been manufactured to serve a specific purpose and where you have different layers in a scociety. So it would be very interesting to explore that - see the depths of these big cities where you have the people that were cast out and have no perspective and the decadence from the high society where a life is worth nothing.
  59. doctorfunk1970
    I chose space as my exploration vote. We got such a tiny tease of space in Beyond Good & Evil. I want more of that.
  60. Personally I think they are all very importants; however, if you guys it a homerun with space, that would just add so much to the game. Because Space plays a huge part in traveling, so to have it really detailed like space stations or space junk would give it that extra touch of "oh that's sick". You guys most likely already know that little things makes games great.
  61. Nightskyshadow4
    It would be really exiting to explore in space such as abandoned spacestations or space wreckage and surch lost loot
  62. Elchinohardcore
    Would be nice to see underground cities, sky cities in any planets, and some of the planets could have a special theme like desert themed planet, or jungle biomes with specific hybrids for the planet, even some water type planets with underwater cities or on the water to see some shark hybrids.
  63. I think that a giant main city is okay like the one in the trailer and on that planet you can have a temple because it looks like a city with temple ruins. But you can also have maybe some small temples scattered around the planet and ruins of old ships destroyed in space. Cities can hold main camps but possibly on the outskirts just for small skirmishes. If you have about 3 or 4 large cities with this temple searching should be fun, I want the temples to be chllenge to find as well. Some in the sky, underground, underwater, in mountain scapes, under mountain scapes. When it comes to space it would be cool to have a area where there is a hangout hangar in space for outlaws to do like blackmarket trade to buy illegal weapons for your character, ship and just a gathering place where outlaws can hang at like space pubs and etc., basically a place where the criminals hang for criminal activity. In space though there could be small floating cities that are connected to other planets where you can travel but they need significance; you can colonize them with your men to start doing illegal jobs to either produce money and to gather materials to craft things or both(this can also be done with large cities but possibly on a smaller scale due to constant legal harrassment). Those small cities and towns could also have old temples to explore smaller than some of the main cities of course. Having other small govermental space complexs or hangars outside can be used for raids and should have an escape plan and of course some of these hostile areas will be stronger than others too. Attacking other pirates should of course be a thing being able to analyze a ship for its strength before fighting it to see if your stronger than it. Having the option completly destroying the ship and if possible and boarding it is standard pirating, but if you destroy the ship you might not be able to get any rewards. If you board it theres a possiblity of repair and steal the ship from the captain and even just getting more rewards for it. When it comes to planets having wild creatures on them to tame as pets would be cool perhaps you can also hire people to trade or collect materials but also trade animals or fur. If the animal has fur. Maybe having 10 different main creatures on a planet and seeing which kinds you'd like would be cool. Giant birds or small flying lizards would be cool to use to fly around planets. Equiping them with an armor for battle and weapons would be cool. Ruin searching should and usually have puzzles however since we are badies who will possibly have explosives can blow through these however with consquence. If you've played the legend of Zelda then you probably know you wish you could have blasted through a door to get where you wanted. However doing this has consequences depending on location explosives could hold consequences and could possibly have the ruin crumble and be make the treasure harder to find.
  64. I would like to see space trading post when your buying or selling something price change in different area
  65. GarretDanilo
    I want to add one more thing. The developers had worked very hard to give us a full explorable solar system environment, so it will be a waste to concentrate the main focus of the game and the majority of the details only in cities and planets, at this point what is the meaning of traveling in deep space and have spaceships with space-pirates as main characters in a space-opera game if the space environment will be understimated and undervalued? So i think it will be better to give space much more consideration.
    1. stuvakronakivik
      You're 100% right. I hope they give space a lot of attention. and love. xD
  66. Quite easy... I voted for Planets. Why? Simple: to visit planets you have to travel through SPACE, on these planets there will be cities to explore and some regions where there are the old remnants of the habitants of these planets. Old temples and other ruines... So actualy it's a very selfish vote! I hope we get all of it! Space, Planets, cities and temples!!!
  67. Coming from the identitly and history that makes BGE, well., BGE it should be exploring cities and also planets (like the caves in the first one) and their diverse cultural backgrounds.. It's fine to travel space to get to new locations, but BGE is and should not be a in-space exploration game in my book. Their are some space themed games out there, more are in the making, which all stress the space theme to gamers oversaturation soon. BGE was and hopefully will be very special about story, characters and wonderful cities with buildings and installations as well as landscapes with natural places to explore. It does not need to be a space shoot'em-up or derilict 0G space wreckage search. Just no.
    1. stooh1172017
      You know you can have and honestly we will need to find this feeling of wonderful things in space too. That's I think how they can nailed it. don't get me wrong all the things you said about cities and planets exploration are very true but I think they can bring this into space without having to go in a simple shoot'em-up.. I mean they have developed a wonderfull technology who allows you to go everywhere without transition and can then allow so many possibilities, it will be I think a bit silly to have this just to travel to a point to an other. Well ok space is basically empty space but that where it will be tricky and it's possible to fill this emptiness with things to see, to discover, place in space who have their own story, cultural background not just wreckage like you said. If you handle things right even a simple wreckage of a station for example could be interesting, you can discover things in it who will give you clues to go somewhere esle or you will find something is wrong, why this station was here, who build it and for what purpose? The same kind of things you can have on planets but into space. And for space battle I think and I hope they will go more for a tactical/naval fight system where you will see for example two motherships next to each other firing like old pirates ships could do. (system maybe similar to Rebel Galaxy). I have wrote a few ideas for space exploration you can check here : I concentred more on space because I think it's the most difficult part to fill in a world. I aslo tried to bring gameplay reward or implication into this story and relation between then. To show how it could cool (from my point of view) to have connection between a ship wreckage and an abandonned station in a gas giant for example. Give me your thought about those ideas it will be really appreciated :)
      1. The.Dark.Master
        Hey wats up I checked out your website... Awesome Ideas... you can contact me on the I have plenty more of ideas to add to your artwork and in explaining how this SPACE should look like.
      2. GarretDanilo
        I totally agree, seems people had forgotten that BGE2 is an evolution of the concepts and ideas from the first game, so i don't want BGE2 to be a clone of it and i agree that the space environmet must be treated seriously because the game engine is very suitable for this purpose. I imagine a space environment with space races, space battles against enemy pirates, a space station full of side quests and minigames, explorable spaceship cemetery and many other things. Space is full of possibilities and the developers can build whatever they want, the only limit is their imagination.
  68. The.Dark.Master
    This is The Dark Master. This game sound's like it's going to be number 1 and by the looks of it and my opinion Let's all be apart of making it truly number 1. ..... The main thing in this game must be an action packed adventure with a one of a kind BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2 STORY MODE. ...... Players must be able to explore and INTERACT with their surrounding environment. INCLUDING talking to NPC'S and engaging in activities such as pyrate raids n stuff.
  69. The.Dark.Master
    Variety in weapons and weapon customisation. Armour .... skins .... abilities... eg... A space monkey is able to climb up things faster and more agility. Although you may have a jetpak you need to climb.... and a shark man pyrate can breath under water. Variety in animal hybrid choices... and give them awesome names .... elephant man (elephantuskus) --- and make them have traditional style. Also Scorpion hybrids. Tiger. Rhino . Lizard . and juxtapose some. This will be awesome.
  70. The.Dark.Master
    Environments must be thriving with lifeforms and if your a pyrate then there should be a bounty on you. Creatures that you have to battle ... epic boss battles that include fighting gigantic beasts using a wide range of tactics. Creatures that you can follow to lead you to mineral deposits. Such as space whale like creatures that feed on gasses which are rare and given of by extraordinary phenomenons such as exploding stars. Flying through space with the gigantic mothership viewing a lively space environment such as space cities and docks with a brightly dark atmosphere and then the wasteland like space section comprising of debris dust asteroids and gigantic asteroid in which pyrate lairs are hidden.
  71. The.Dark.Master
    The concept art and trailer of this game is One of a kind. Good job and this game will turn out awesome. Contact me if you have any ideas to discuss I still have plenty more.
  72. Another point I dont know if anyone has touched on but please remember that in space there is no sound like explosions or gunshots. Please make only sound come through on radio chatter when in space to keep it authentic as possible.
    1. GarretDanilo
      I'm passionate about astronomy and astrophysics so i know this very well, but i don't want BGE2 to be a space simulator game so i don't need it to be 100% realistic. This is a RPG-Space-Fantasy game so the developers can take some creative liberties. In space game sessions, i want beautiful visual effects and amazing soundtracks or will be an empty location.
      1. I understand but maybe have an option to take out enviroment noise in space. For example in mass effect 2 the beginning when you get sucked out into space it all went silent and it was a beautiful scenematic scene. There could be ambient noise but through the radio chatter just a thought.
        1. GarretDanilo
          We'll see, but for now the most important thing is to make the space a true living place. I also want to point out that the poll is about what environment we want to "EXPLORE" not to visit or to be the main focus, so the space seems to me the most logical answer. Who want to explore the backstreets or the sewer of a city, when you can explore the immensity of deep space?
          1. stooh1172017
            Defco2012 it's true this moment in mass effect was really grate, the same in the last star trek movies but in both of them it was just at one moment and for the rest of the game/movie things came back to 'Normal' sounds effects because if it was that realistic on all of it at one point even you will find this boring or a bit off because we are used to have movies/games with sounds in space, It's really important to have this mix between reality and fiction but without to much of each. Reality is not always fun and a game is made to be fun, enjoyable without being to much crazy about things or you lost credibility. And for you GarretDanilo I totally agree but I think what will be really be cool is combining the fact that because you explored at one point the backstreets you found something who will give you information to go explore the immensity of deep space like you said ;) For example, you just walking in the sewer of a city after a dirty mission and you get a bit lost, you came across a conversation of two hybrids talking about a place in space where a convoy of some drugs get lost. And then you have this information and you will want to go and see why the convoy was lost, what kind of drugs he was carrying and if you can make profit with it or just maybe save the crew. And the same in the other way you can find something in space who will bring you in a dark backstreet. I think what can make this game one of the best game ever is to connect things in a way that will push the gamer to explore more and more with a good storytelling even for little things.
  73. This was a very hard decision to make! I voted for cities because I think it would be the most interesting but I would love to see a bit of everything really.
  74. KarmaSphinx8
    Tout d'abord, un grand merci pour le retour de Beyond good and evil ! c'est LE jeu de mon enfance et sans exagération je pences qu'il est le meilleur jeu de son époque. Je trouves également génial l'idée du space monkey program. j'ai voté pour les villes car je pences que c'est les endroits qui seront les plus intéressant à explorer quant à la culture du monde de BGE. J'imagine facilement des lieux annexes sur les planètes comme des mines, des laboratoires, abattoirs ou encore fabriques de nutrilles et pareil pour l'espace : des spacios-ports, ou même de gigantesques flottes. Car il faut aussi le reconnaître tous les joueurs de BGE on rêver explorer l'espace et d'autres planètes.
    1. KarmaSphinx8
      Mais je pences qu'il ne faut pas négliger l'idée de temples. Je vois les "temples" plus globalement comme des endroits ou on en apprendrais plus sur le monde de BGE c'est culture. Un temple peu très bien être un édifice grandiose a l'éffigie de tels ou tels croyances mais également (et pourquoi) un ancien laboratoire désaffecter : on pourrait y trouver des documents, des enregistrement audios ou de bon vieux M-disk !
  75. Blaze19982017
    The very first response I've seen says "I would like to explore all of them". I agree and feel the same way as that guy.
  76. I'd really like to explore big cities, but also very small towns. Kinda like in BG&E1 i wished i could have visited the small houses on the island. For example, i wished i could go to a random house somewhere and be able to talk with the NPC in there and he'd have is own personality and name and i could drink something while he tells me stories. Kinda like skyrim i guess. But when you have thousands of npcs i know that's pretty much impossible to do so. The ''a world lived in by real characters'' factor was why i like BG&E1 so much. All those unique characters at the lighthouse and akuda bar made it believable. Also visiting temples sounds really cool. Good luck lol!
  77. The technology behind this game is truly ground breaking and the anticipations of what it could bring are definitely ambitious. I think diversity and most importantly cities would contribute the most on giving this game life. It would be fitting to have Space incorporate giant trade stations where species of all kinds are centralized to market and space highways maybe? Realistically, I think planets should be held around a handful of solar systems to keep them unique and exciting, and have more systems uncover and develop once the team can catch a breather and pan out bigger story ideas as the game progresses. Keep up the amazing work team Montpellier! What you're achieving is truly a breath of fresh air to the industry.
  78. The poll is a very hard one since I think we would like to visit them all. Personally for me I would love to see space ports and have space dog fights like in Cowboy Bebop. Besides Blade Runner, and Fifth Element, I believe Cowboy Bebop had some of the best illustrations of a future in space and would be like. That being said, I would still love to fly down to these different planets and just get lost in the complexity of the temples and cultures as well as the density of living breathing cities.
  79. This is why the choice in this poll is so hard. All of us want to go in all this places but the amount of details can't be se same for all so one must think, how many games have explorable space or cities or temples and so on. I think everyone will agree that games with explorable space are very few while we have plenty games with cities, temples and planets (Tomb raider, Mass effect, Uncharted, GTA). So what will make BGE2 unique is mixing huge cities ( for story missions, encounter characters, side quests, buy stuff) with exploring space environments ( for resources, money, artifacts, secrets).
  80. stuvakronakivik
    In space, it would be beauiful to travel really long distances, don't make the planets close to each other, make it seem "realistic" and place them far apart. Taking us time to go from one planet to the other should make us apreciate the beautiful scenary of space, accompained by beautiful music. But for people who want to get there much faster you could implement some high velocity rings like in COWBOY BEBOP. Those make the ships acelerate exponentially and travel at much higher speeds. This way we could have "realistic" and "short cut" travels. Another beautiful thing would be to get out of the spaceship in outer space. We would have to get a special suit wich would allow us to explore space with our character. Jumping from wreckage to wreckage and/or entering an abandoned spaceship, or infiltrating an enemy spaceship, etc.. When exploring with our character it'd be cool if we only heard our own breathe and the background music, but no other sounds at all. Only when entering a spaceship and depressurizing, all the other sounds would work again. This would give a lot of immersion and realism, also making those scenes more intense and maybe even introspective, as we watch our tiny existence in the infinite of space around us. I'm really hoping you can make this happen. Please! \(^0^)/
  81. I think that there should be a lot of detail put into the livelihood and cultures of different planets. These planets are life-bearing and should therefore have characters living, interacting, and surviving all around the planets so that there are always new things to find and people to run into. The variety of life on a planet is what will probably make the game engaging and grant the most replayability.
  82. Korppikiusaus
    Although it was a hard choice, I ultimately picked cities. But let me explain why! Exploring space and planets could be wonderful,to boldly go where no-one has before and seek out new lifeforms and civilizations...but I digress! The 'problem' with these sort of areas in video games is that they usually feel empty and lifeless, making the gamer bored instead of feeling like a virtual explorer. Cities however, are wonderful due to the all the life that exists within them, possibly different cultures living together. I know Ubisoft as a whole has succeeded before with making cities in their games interesting so that is something I always look forward to, Of course, my second option would be temples - as what wouldn't be as exciting as a temple to an to us unknown faith? Maybe it is a lost tomb, with dangerous traps? Or maybe it is the home of an interesting monastic order! My hopes regarding temples are that those who inhabited or inhabit them are made interesting - maybe due to the fact that temples and fictional religions in video games are either the christian church with a coat of fantasy paint or an ambiguous 'ruin'. Knowing the ambitions of this game, I'd love to see it extend to lore, too!
  83. As the song goes "I want it all", but more seriously I trust M Ancel and his team to provide us with an experience even richer than what my poor imagination could come up with. Still one thing puzzles me, why Temples? Yes, from the trailers Pei'j (or what looks like him) seems to be kind of a Messiah but couldn't we opt of Compounds instead, whether they might be religious, industrial, military, scientific, etc.?
  84. In my opinion, cities seem like a good shot at something different. There's so many new exploration games that are in space. I wanna see a game that has a rich culture, cluttered with all kind'a different races of aliens, something that screams realism and allows a gamer to get lost in the world aside from general game play. I don't want to look at the game and say, wow that looks like an adventure. I want it to be hidden behind the vast overpopulation of a city in which all these other species call home. In games all I really look for is a little character customization at least, an amazing story, and good challenge. I think this game could give me all that and more.
  85. It would be great to explore tombs in cities. But what would make it really great for me is to explore the whole space - planet - city - tomb enviroment in VR ( like Oculus) I Like the humor in the first edition. Combine this with an open world or universe like fall out 4 and you really create a winner for me.
    1. sournutpunches
      So im thinking planets. Maybe have a battle royal planet....
  86. TheSewerArcher
    I would really love to see some detailed cities. I want there to be shops with clothing and such, and lots of fights, and anything else you can think up! You guys are amazing!
  87. LucidGam3r608
    In depth cities seem like a great route. Being able to explore and find intricate clues gets me hyped. So many more characters make all the other options even more interesting. You just can't pick a favorite! Whatever comes out of this will be amazing and I personally think this will be the best game for years to come. Can't wait for more gameplay!!
  88. Space! SpaceStations! DeadShips! LostShips! Ancient Ships?!
    1. stuvakronakivik
      Nice! xD Wormholes that conect us to different solar system of an ancient civilization, black holes, asteroids, meteorite showers, etc.
      1. Hold your horses. It is clear that we are in only one SolarSystem to my knowledge. But all that you describe can be in that one SolarSystem.
  89. ThePr3dator97
    You have to give us as dlc Pandora world of avatars.
  90. Seeing multiple planets with different environments, biological life and cultures would be very cool. For example, one planet could be filled with glaciers and snowy mountains with ancient temples that have people residing in them., while the other could be covered with vast bio luminescent forests and plant life with exotic creatures and nomadic people roaming around. The cities should also have different rich cultures, for example one city has a huge Ganesha statue with Indian inspires architecture while the other may have a giant statue of Horus or Ra with Egyptian inspired architecture.
  91. zippingdock2185
    if u give me a venice Itally type water filled city, a dark and crime ridden neon blade runner city and a overpopullated colourful indian village i will be certain of the games success
  92. assassinsly76
    If I'm going to be a space pirate, I would like to explore all the planet looking for treasures waiting to be found: in some uncharted caves or abandoned ships for example. It is so stimulating to go on an adventure !
  93. It would be cool to go inside a meteor city or comet city which comes close to our system once in years and find out some amazing population of unique hybrids with unique cultures cut out from other parts of the system, find some treasures. Also, regarding tresures, cause there's gonna be a lot of them, it would be good if they are something special and not just money,like blueprints for unique ships with special abilities( maybe becoming invisible for a few minutes or something), or maybe some new technology for your own attire, maps of unknown lands or temples, or the location of those gigantic merchant motherships, OR MAYBE JUST A PERSON with unique abilities, after all true tresure lies in others, ;-). I could do with less planets but more characters and more variety in hybrids, their lives, their stories, their beliefs, in the mythology of scriptures, their faith to their gods which they found out after becoming free. Their quest to find a religious treasure or shastra(weapon) of the past. The possibilities of my thinktank's data with this particular game is endless, and i hope you guys understand the opportunities and more importantly the responsibility you have. Mixing future with religion with lives of oppressed with space with cultures with people with the sense of exploration, discovery and intrique is such a blossoming garden of delivering unforgettable experiences and longlasting, attached feelings. YOU COULD MAKE THE GAME OF THE CENTURY. Just don't shy away with trying impossible things, new feats because that's what pays off.
  94. I want a world filled with places that seem alive, by that I mean not massive landscapes that are completely empty and a city you stumble upon every 30 minutes that looks and feels like the last. Now this might look negative, but bare with me for a moment. Think of the golden age of pirates, you have cities like London that are supposedly „civilised“ with crime and dark secrets going on slightly behind the scenes, places like Nassau, a town many pirates call home ruled by pirates for pirates, towns like Port Royal where the lines between both sides are blurred, trade goes to both sides and pirate hunters are just as present as the cutthroats they hunt. Little events that happen, maybe even eastereggs and nods to historical moments that really happend, but also little things from popular culture like „Treasure Island“. Think of how these places can be different in where they are located, cities in the skies, massive underground markets in the style of a pirate cove, different cultures for different parts of the worlds. Make the music fit the places we explore, make transitions from rich neighborhoods to poor slums, bars, taverns and casinos. These are just a couple of things that come to my mind and many of the things I know Ubisoft excells at, primarily world building, atmospheres and the likes. Please discuss and encourage so we can write down more thoughts, I have so many ideas but I can‘t possibly write them all down, so give me a hand?
  95. Personally I voted for cities, however each of these types of locales are incredibly important. Cites are important to create a rich atmosphere and truly give us a sense of a living world. Different hybrids all walking throughout the streets, doing business, talking. Ships of all sizes flying above bringing resources to trade, patrolling the skies, or just flying around for leisure in a small luxury ship. All while being populated with characters that can be interacted with. Cites are great but I am aware of how difficult it must be to create them. Your time and resources are obviously limited and it's not fair of us to expect a game with 20+ highly detailed, and unique cities. It's all going to be about balancing the different types of locations that we can explore. The game could go in so many directions and it's really hard for me to suggest what I think the game should look like, this early on. Hopefully when we get a better understanding of the tools you are creating to build this game, the process for thinking of suggestions will become easier. So far it seems like you are using your passion for freedom and cultural diversity and I love that you hold those values at heart. If you keep that spirit alive in the team, I have no doubt that BGE2 is going to be amazing.
  96. TheKoloradoKid
    This is very difficult to list in importance as everyone here has stated. I believe the game needs to be balanced. So I am going to try to break this down by section of what I would like to see. 1. Cities: a. Pubs, casinos, shops, side missions and activities would be awesome in the city. b. Some interior spaces would be nice to include as interior spaces are fun, but difficult to develop. So understandable to not be included to the entire city. c. Side games such as dice, billiards, darts, card games with their own sci-fi evolution would be necessary throughout the galaxy I believe to give players an option between missions and grinding. d. Being able to collect cards as you play across the galaxy to improve the players skills and decks would be great. (Also provides merchandising opportunity) e. Sports/gladiator arenas where players can play a variety of events and tournaments for a prize. f. A variety in the city meaning slums to high class as all cities are for realism. g. Others have also mentioned different architecture for different cities as they are in reality for realism. I personally would like to see a steampunk designed city. h. Having the ability to purchase apartments, houses, high end condos would be nice to do to escape from the mother ship and have a safe house within the city. 2. Planets and Countryside: a. Outside the city in the country there needs to be activities! b. Such as hunting animals to craft/upgrade armor and weapons instead of buying the upgrade at a shop. c. NPC's were mentioned to go out and mine a meteor that strikes. Why can't we mine as well? Mine for different armor and weapon upgrades and money too of course. d. Side missions: A lone man that lives in the middle of the forest, desert etc. Side missions to help locals kill a beast that is killing villagers. e. Not just interactivity but a diverse landscape on each planet. It would be boring to go to the desert planet, then the mountain planet, then the swamp planet. All these geographical areas should be included into each planet for exploration as this is what a planet is. f. There could be other non-inhabitable planets for exploration: ice planet, gas planet (jupiter) etc. these wouldn't neccessarily need activities but could serve a purpose while in space such as hiding while running from other planets. (Touch more on that in space section) g. Ability to find hidden areas that aren't on map to discover and explore for loot, treasure, experience points etc. 3. Temples: a. I never played the first game but I assume that temples had importance. I can see temples serving many uses. Such as interacting with the monks living in them to learn more about the surrounding religion/culture. b. Finding ancient temples no one knows about and conquering/liberating temple from beasts or solving puzzles/mysteries in order to get the loot. c. Raiding a temple occupied by a cult to gain loot/exp. d. Honestly I see temples as a part of city and countryside exploring and really shouldn't have it's own section, but I may be wrong if they are fun to play in their own interesting manner. I would need to brainstorm more on this. 4. Space: This is most exciting for me as I've never played a quality game that allowed you to fly from the open world environment out into open space exploration. Very excited about doing this with no load times. Here are some ideas: a. Small to large space stations that you can dock at in order to conduct business/criminal activity. Trading posts, military/police stations, black market stations that are harder to locate and find. b. Very large space station/city that is legit while another is ran by criminals. c. Just as the countryside, a diverse "landscape/spacescape" with nebula, stars, asteroid belts, comets, and non-inhabitable planets (as mentioned earlier) that can be used to hide mother ship. d. Space battles of course. Imagine the old pirate sea battles but in space. e. Hyper drive to be used as a fast travel option. I think only to be used in you have acquired the coordinates or have already been there. f. A holographic galactic map accessible at the mother ship or from wrist device to look at for reference. (More of a game feature but thought I'd mention it.) g. Mining asteroids as a space activity. Maybe even space hunting? Why not have massive beasts that live in outer space that can be hunted late in the game for epic weapons and armor? h. Ability to purchase/build your own space station that your mother ship can go inside. Ability to move space station but not actually fly it so you can have it located near the planet the you are currently playing on. Have your own pirate trading post on it to sell mined goods, weapons, armor instead of selling it to other merchants. Giving you more of a profit margin. There are a lot of good ideas here by a lot of creative people. No matter what you guys decide to develop, based on the game play preview provided, this is going to be a massive game and very fun to play. I look forward to playing it and being able to participate in the development phase is a dream come true for me as creating a game that I dream of playing has in and of itself been a dream of mine. I am a full time gamer and broadcaster. I really look forward to working with Ubisoft and your team to help you make the best most epic game ever. I hope you'll consider me to give me the honor of test playing before release as this has also been a dream of mine. I am very passionate about video games and would love to work more directly with you. I have a very powerful imagination and brainstorming ideas is very fun for me. I have more ideas that I just couldn't include in one post so I'm looking forward to providing more in the future. Thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to be involved in the creation of this game. We truly appreciate it. Thank you!
    1. TheKoloradoKid
      I was really hoping it would have formatted this post for easy reading. Sorry.
  97. I chose planets but only because the more planets you have the more diversity you have around the system. I would have chosen all of them if I could've because they are all going to be absolutely fantastic no matter how many of each environment we have to explore. Super excited and cannot wait for this to come out!!
  98. Galakseeowonder
    Well I wann pick all of them of coyrse, could we have also under water cities this could be great with more "underwater" hybrids maybe and what's even more hidden and full of mysteries than space, Oceans of course, it's great places to hide things. Moreover, there could be ocean not only of water that would force you to apply special coatings or build special submarine from the inside of your mothership to go there something like special places you can pass above and not really go there at the beginning cause you still don't have the possibility (especially if you only have the tooktook at first^^ And yes temples either well taken care of with a mix of traditional and futuristic look or only traditional and decaying hidden in the jungle, caves, cities in caves... Lots of hidden places everywhere where you can hide things like asteroids (hidden mining scums facilities). I want the pleasure to explore and have the feeling of being the first one in a place for centuries or even discovering new species in hidden places and you could befriend them and maybe take one as your companion...
    1. Galakseeowonder
      Oh and have multiple encouters in space a bit like what sea is for black flag with animals roaming the space huntable.
  99. I chose planets. I think it will be great if you can own your own planet, like a small secret hidden planet, and make it like a base for you and your crew. I think it will be great if you can customize the planet too by adding paint, statutes or the treasures and items you collect during your journey.
  100. As for myself I chose cities; it was a difficult choice as I want so much out of this game just from the few trailers and tid bits that I've seen. In the end however, I decided on cites because above all else I want a story and a good one at that. None of that mindless repetitive missions we undertake as gamers but a truly diverse experience and I feel like giant cites are the best environment for such diversity. I would like to see missions that have a bit of a time limit for example: One of you crew had his/her child stolen into slavery in any other game you accept the mission and continue on doing anything but. In this game however the longer you take the harder the child is to find and the more agitated your crew mate gets even to the point of starting a mutiny otherwise go rouge and work against you. From what I've seen of this game it seems like it will have a little bit of everything and that's great but its really the story that makes the game especially when no two missions are alike.
  101. I'd really love to explore all of these environments. To bad we can only vote for one of them, I want to have space cities/temples or temples in cities in space, to sum up the more diversified environment we have the better. But I really love traditional architecture and religious places which can be really astonishing so I voted for temples. It would also be awesome to have kind of a map editor or something to create our own environment implemented in the game. Can't wait to see progress on the project.
  102. I'd like to explore them all as well. And I think it'd be cool to explore futuristic cities modeled after different types of cultures. What I'd like to explore would be advanced technological/war ruined planets where the alien species that lived on those planets get wiped out or go extinct from natural causes like life killing asteroids and natural disasters/getting wiped out by rival enemies or other aliens from other worlds. And you get to explore these planets and find out what happened to the former inhabitants as well maybe scavenge cool weapon tech blueprints or parts that you can later build and use. And I think exploring lost forgotten temples would be interesting because there could be interesting puzzle/traps/enemies that, once you clear them, give you powerful and unique loot and equipment. It'd be interesting to explore space since you could discover legendary space wrecked starships that were crewed by legendary pirates or come across occupied or abandoned pirate space stations/fortresses that you could explore/fight.
  103. I would love to see some underwater cities where you can deploy an underwater vehicle to reach. Maybe there could even be an obstacle to get there like a huge beast or a cave system.
  104. I voted for sure, but let me tell you I would like to be free to explore both 4 !!
  105. DillyDilly89346
    I think the option of going to different PLANETS Is the best of all options here. With this choice you will be able to not only fly in SPACE and explore there but when you land on different planets you can explore the CITY and leave to the TEMPLES and do it all over again on a different PLANET. And switch up the process so it never gets old. Super excited for this game going to put a lot of hours in this.
  106. I would pretty much like it all, but planet shouldn't have been a part of this poll.
  107. I would like to explore every possibilities we will have in mind once in the game. For exemple entering in this temple or dojo to train and learn new martial arts techniques, entering cities if we want to become a famous criminal who control it with his crew. In space to explore all the structures stationed there as well as gigantic spaceships and possibly a wormhole that leads us to the solar system of an ancient civilization in which we can recruit pirates. In planets to settle with our crew, to find an amazing variety in fauna and flora, rich environments filled with secrets, interactivity with the environent and the different species, discovery of ancient civilization sculptures and paintings scattered across different planets. I would also like to be good or bad if we want to, to decide which kind of pirates we want to be. I would like to feel the long way I did to become what I am now. So I would like to live interesting experiences in which we can bouild our own story.
  108. I think temples would be cool to explore and find new treasures and items that cost a lot of money and maybe find out about the history down there by reading like ancient wall markings or something to find out more about the hybrids and stuff. But on the other hand exploring cities would be just as interesting because you could meet new characters and maybe make friends with people so that they could become your allies/followers and help you in the storyline?

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