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BGE2 - SMP Report #2

Space Monkey Report #2 Live!

It’s Space Monkey Report time again! Get an update on Beyond Good and Evil 2 by joining us for our live stream with the dev team!


Thursday, 3 May, 6 PM (CEST) / 12 PM (Eastern) / 9 AM (Pacific)





Bring your enthusiasm and your questions and we’ll see you there!

195 thoughts on “Space Monkey Report #2 Live!

  1. Wow, Didn't expect that before E3! So Glad<3
    1. Can we have body mods in our character custom? ( as in bionic arms, eyes,...)?
      1. I would love that
      2. Yes perhaps even combine with different weapons/tools would be awesome.
      3. I’m intrigued to play as goat hybrid with a bionic hand/arm <3
      4. From the concept arts they've released we should have this option!
        1. E3 start 06/12/2018. How not to miss :)
    2. Buttsamurai2099
      Will there RPG elements in the game to what do do effects you by the way to look and interact with the world also the world it self. Will the update be meaningful , will add value other than fixing a few bugs and glitches here because if I'm gonna download 17GB update I want value add to this update. But with the temples will could they have some variety just like the cities maybe some have monks that will teach new tricks that you don't know you can do in the game will other are like tombs from tomb raider will dangerous booby traps that will cause you to think because if you don't you will quickly start to rage quit. Not forgetting space will also have to have activities you can do in space when you are not on a planet like going to a bar maybe having a space race,heist or maybe going to asteroid belt to find a rare material but only to find a giant monster with extremely high hopes or going to a galactic space station where it all good for a few months after the game is released only for there to be an alien event(yes like the predator) and now you have to choose between either escaping or trying to skill the beast.
  2. Can’t wait!!!
    1. BigBaByStaebs
      My thoughts exactly, this is excellent news!
  3. Hatano_Hanzo
    Bonjour à vous les Montpelliérain(e)s, j'espère qu'il y aura si possible un ordre de grandeur du nombre de planète à visiter, et du nombre de villes (pas besoin d'avoir 5 planètes, 2 bien remplies suffisent), et si nous pourrons réellement être le type de personne que l'on veut (pirate, chercheur de trésor...) et si cela impactera fortement le jeu en lui même et l'histoire.
    1. Oui, seulement 2 planètes bien remplies devraient faire l'affaire. Tellement pressé !
  4. Please show me the character custom!
    1. I hOPE TOO
    2. Bro I feel u on that lol
      1. KKONIIBLADE21
        Same, I can't wait to see the diversity.
  5. Wuhuu! Noice. Now I am happy. Made my day :D
    1. Same here X)
  6. GarretDanilo
    Great, great, great!!! The hype is on absurd level, i didn't expect this before E3. I hope the developers will show us some great things. Can't wait......
    1. Same here bro ! :) can't wait !
  7. YAAAAAA IM SO HYPED! I hope at E3 they tell us that its getting released THIS year...
    1. Henkjjeeeeee
      I hope not haha that would be to soon. Please BGE team don't rush this!
      1. Oh yeah fair. I do want them to tale their time but hopefully we wont have to wait tooooo long
      2. I agree. This game needs a lot of time. I don't want it to bug out. Almost 15 years in waiting now. I can wait til it is finished.
        1. I hope it'll be better than first (making racing optional)
      3. Put lots of love in there!
    2. The game is still in do realize that right? Or have you not been keeping up with any news on this site for the past 10+ months?
  8. mohamad_siraand
    perfect. . i want to see very different and so many weapons.
  9. mohamad_siraand
    Waiting for a Surprise
  10. mohamad_siraand
    please show me new amazing concept arts
  11. YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAS !!!! New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay New Gamplay PLEEEAAAAAASE
    1. Papa-C-PuffPain
      Gameplay* <3
    2. i looking forward the new gameplay too
  12. SchuesselDino
    Nice. Can't wait^^ I hope we will learn new especially about the story the vehicles and the cities
  13. CosmicOfficer
    I'VE NEVER BEEN SO HYPED FOR ANOTHER LICE STREAM! CAN'T WAIT!, Hope to get a vast amount of information in this one as well!
  14. I hope to see a gameplay, or at least the physical engine of a whole city in motion
  15. stuvakronakivik
    I will definitely be watching you live. I hope we get to see some combat mechanics, possibly hand to hand fcombat mechanics and more artwork of new environments and characters. It's so great you keep envolving us in BGE2. Keep up the passion !!
  16. TELL US WHAT YOU THINK What types of environments would you like to explore in System 3? all the places
    1. It would be amazing if it felt like the real world: towns, cities, states, countries,( boarders) planets. If it's half of the planet, because the other half is an asteroid grave yard, Give us space to roam free and find things to do. Such as HQ's, stations, people to help, conflicts between countries, ancient civilisations, refugees,... When I travel to different cities and countries the thrill is that you are lost in a beautiful(/scary place, for adventures sake) place and you need to find your way which reminds me. GPS: it would be so refreshing to have something diferent from GTA, Far Cry, Assassins Creed. First give us layers of the city (sewer/old ruins/sub, street, skyline level) it would be nice to have a gps that can be improved as we learn more about our serroundings by actually learning about them and exploring. ID's: passports and other forms of identification and how to erase and falsify. PILICE: more ways in which they interact with you ( shady cops ) more out comes than GTA
    2. Are we going to pull out weapons from our endless pocket? (That magic pocket Doraemon stuff might be to lame) I personally want different kind holsters for all kinds of weapons. They look cool. They can be seen or not. And they add style and preference to our character. As well as a actual place to pull the weapon from? If this game has bullet proof vests add holsters to it. Holsters are the future!
    3. I want to see FAVELAS with the cities!
    Real Questions here, 1. Will the views be 3rd or 1st only or will we be able to switch between the two? 2. Most of the characters look amazingly different, will we the players have to unlock new looks or will we have the ability to be as creative as we can be day 1? 3. Throughout the game will players be able to shop, (with game credits not my real money) different vendors on different planets for new clothes and gear? 4. Will all vehicles be as customizable as our characters, I do not want to pull up for a space taco and see the same got damn ship with the same paint scheme. So will players have the ability to fully customize there vehicles? 5. Will players have color wheels / color pallets to apply to clothes, tattoos, weapons, vehicles, hair, skin, toe nails, eyes, eye patch, scars, so yeah give it all. ? Lmao 6. !!!!! How big of squad will players be able to form? 10 is a great number to bring to the table, something new and not done in most others games, co-op is not as fun if the homies can't have none.
    1. BigBaByStaebs
      Yes, I too agree that dual First/third person capabilities would ensure player controll and first person typically adds the most immersive affect (my personal favorite. However, oddly enough I find third person could be most enjoyable for this game for some reason. Possibly because it is the only way I have seen it so far.
      1. what's the point of customising if you can't enjoy it? I love to se how awesome my character is. Also when fighting with Melee weapons you want to be more aware of your serroundings vs shooting when you want to improve your aim. It's nice to have both
  18. I am there!!
    1. Can't wait!
  19. How awesome. Absolutely looking forward to the live stream. I hope you show the different mechanics for combat and exploration. Various exploration planets with different environments and maybe a comet or asteroid field to explore or an ancient planet with tech. I'm sure it's going to be great....thanks in advance.
    1. BigBaByStaebs
      I am very interested to see how combat styles/techniques can differ between hybrid types. The level of detail I think this game will employ is simply ridiculous!
  20. I can't wait :)
  21. I hope you give a release date or a year of release, can't wait to watch this & enjoying Assassins Creed Syndicate from xbox monthly free gold TNX
  22. Can't wait to see the progress!
  23. Cant wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. mohamad_siraand
    please release 2020
  25. Show me the Idol, Show me the Redeemer :P
  26. Great news ! Hope to see more about cities exploration and new planets. :)
  27. rewatching the previous report in preparation for the second. i cannot wait!!!
  28. Awesome, really excited to see the progress from lasts live stream
  29. Looking forward to see what have been developed so far. What a better way to prepare us for what is to come at E318. If by any chance, there will be more to show at it.
  30. Thanks for you! Really want to see something interesting.
  31. GAMEPLAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE I'LL BE THERE
  32. hope for some gameplay
  33. tempestusultra
    Can i have killer cyborgs as crews or can i have an ai ship
    1. tempestusultra
      or can i customise my armor
    2. tempestusultra
      have some weapon class ideas
  34. Do we meet Yoa parents? Or other children?
  35. How about to help make it a more living world you make/ include some minigames like card games (poker) or board games or some kind of racing with the ships ? to show that there is entertainment or something for the other characters in the world
  36. I hope we'll be able to design our entire crew in the character creator and not just our starting character.
    1. If not it would be nice to be able to customise there clothes
  37. That was great! Loved seeing the melee combat.
  38. Thank you for a great stream, can't wait for E3 2018
  39. Belgarathmaster
    RHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! J'avais prévu de regarder le live mais ma fille est malade... Enfin bon il y a des priorités dans la vie ^^ Hâte de voir la redif' !
  40. FrostEyez420
    I would like to eventually find a place where we can pay to have our own hybrid bodyguard created. It would be awesome to have my giant hound watch my back in System 3 as he does in real life!!
  41. Gameplay : How similar the gameplay will be in comparison to the first Beyond Good and Evil ?
    1. ? Like night and day
      1. Obviously yes. But is stealth the central point of the gameplay? Or the fighting system being similar?
        1. Uhhhh ! I hope it gives the option to be stealth or loud. Even create diversions
  42. Story : How dark will the universe be ? What will the target audience be ? (also suggestion if you are planning to reaches a wide audience with a dark universe : suggesting things wihout showing anything can be a powerful tool). Thank you so much :)
    1. I hope story be something like Mafia 1, not just this is the bad guy and you should kill him. it should shape up slow and steady!
  43. World : Will you include dynamic events in the game ?
    1. okay I just realised it was a silly question! Of course you do :)
  44. Sadly the stream didn't work for me on YouTube. My questions were: 1. Will you bring back the camera mechanic, where you can shoot all the species to earn money and 2. Will you bring back the pearl treasure and trading system? I hope so, because without these two things it wouldn't be a Beyond Good and Evil for me. The shooting species for money was one of the best and most unique mechanic of all the games I played and the pearl system worked perfect as a bigger reward and trading system. Please bring these two things back, I'd love to see this in Beyond Good and Evil 2.
    1. 1) the camera will be replaced for a spy glass. ( it would be dope to work for national geographic as a photographer, or for a racial documentary: hybrids are humans to! ) * Is the IRUS back? ( with guerrila tactics and piracy for profit )... 2) Not so sure
  45. What would be really awesome if you could use a hoovercraft again and what would also be awesome if there were huge space fights against DomZ!!
  46. Murasaki-Ookami
    When is this live? Didn't get a notification about it went on YouTube and it was there just waiting
  47. stuvakronakivik
    I just watched the new gameplay and it looks cool. I hope the fighting mechanics are deep. I want hand to hand combat as well as swordplay, etc. Also you should add blood to the game. We need to feel he consequences of the combat. Keep up the passion !!
    1. About Combat mechanics I'd expect that you would give us choices and possibly different outcomes. Example better Rep if you injure cops than if you kill them. Option to knock them out, disarm them. It would be cool to have Dojos and the choice to choose the fight style of your character. If not, dynamic hand to hand combat, use enemies as shield, throw them around, grab a couple of them and fly high (jet pack action) then drop them
  48. Gast, I missed it ;( !
  49. I'm so glad that you are building a time line for the BGE universe. It's also so encouraging to hear you talk so wholeheartedly about the importance to stay true to the lore established in BGE 1. It all bodes well for a wonderful story to experience.
  50. Darkside13190
    OMG that timeline... Gonna pray until E3 and beyond!
  51. Les gars, quel boulot!!! WAW félicitations vous m'avez hypé un truc de malade!!! ça va jazzer sévère sur notre site..
  52. Will you give us a youtube link for the full length stream like the last one?!
    2. GarretDanilo
      Don't worry, probably tomorrow they'll upload the link. In the meantime you can watch the report on twitch.
  53. GarretDanilo
    Talking about the Space Monkey Report: I like the basis for the combat system both with the Staff and Ships. It would be great to have multiple melee weapons like chinese swords, katana or spears, maybe adding some gadgets as well will be nice. I like the all the visual effects but the propulsion effect of the jetpack is a bit simple comparing it with that of the first gameplay footage. I like the detailed timeline and i hope BGE2 will be full of lore and story details. And to finish this i hope we'll see more during E3 2018. Continue this way guys!
    1. If it's not going to be like GTAV where you pull weapons out of thin air it would be cool to make your own set up like if you want two hand guns instead of one and where do you holster them (leg, weist, chest) this would also make it interesting if you have to choose an outfit ( a jacket would hide the guns under your armpits) and this configuration could be set at your gunshop where you buy your awesome gun holsters that are different for any occasion the job requires. You should hire me I got awesome ideas!
      1. About gadgets ( like Knox hand) what other things can you think of?
  54. You know we have to comment. It was too short xD Apart from that I hope for a simplistic combat once again and it is very cool to have combat situations everywhere (in ships outside etc). But this lets me wonder if we are gonna be able to have a addon for the ship to catch fighters into our ship. Kind of like mamago in the first game.
  55. Hello Space Monkeys Punks ! As part of Ubisoft studio I am sure you can have some feedback form the Black Flag team, their game was truly impressive and immersive. It you can learn from their mistake too. For instance, the limited online battles but the truly amazing treasure hunt ! I will recommend creating weekly and daily events that affects your regions or zone, like: 'Riot in the underground city' and give you unique opportunity to take part of it and spoil, pillage or simply enjoy the mayhem. (Par example May 1 a Paris ^^) Furthermore, regarding pirate factions and so on, it will be nice to have a friendly, exalted and so on, just like WOW did, each actions as consequences and being friendly with one, force the other to hate us. FINALLY, have you considered making a space Pirate 'aristocrat' ( style corsaire Francais sous Napoleon, mais dans l'espace) ???? It will be great to see the different strata within the pirate system and 'royalties' or legendary.. Now just picture a pirate ship full of depraved dandy that sound oddly french and are smuggling goods and exotic food or what not. I think they will be great value in making a faction centered around core value: Freedom, Greed, Power, Spirituality (Monk Pirate ?), Trade, and Mercenary (Shinobi Pirate?) Voila c'est tout ce que j'avais a partager. Super travail continuer comme ca, et bonne Chance !
  56. Wow, I thought that BGE2 will be waaay more prequel, but it turned out that the game will take place after the birth of Jade! Though it's still a prequel for the events in the first game, but now it feels more connected to it. On the other hand, we won't be able to reach System 4 where we've spend the first game. It would be so nice and nostalgic to see Hillys again. But I hope that BGE2 will give us at least some info about System 4. And now, while waiting E3, I'm going to replay BGE1 again. =D
    1. GarretDanilo
      Yeah it was a surprise, i didn't expect that BGE2 would begin after Jade's birth. This makes all more interesting and mysterious.
      1. Hmm yeah but if she's in this system... how can we find her in the other one ? Is it because of her "parentality" with you know who ? Or because of those mysterious gate ? Are those doors created by the Domz ? What do the Domz wanted to do with humans (human source of energy to power the gates ? what are the true purpose of those aliens ?)
        1. Yes yes yes, it's interesting idea that those gates and the DomZ are somehow connected. Maybe they came from those gates? Or maybe those gates are some doors to the other Systems? Since people can't reach another Systems, maybe that's how they actually can do it. Or even those gates are really doors, and the DomZ are creatures from some System. About Jade, I don't think that we can find her, we just know that she already was born... but who knows) It would be awesome if we actually can meet her in BGE2.
        2. GarretDanilo
          Maybe i have some answers to your questions. During the space monkey report, Michel Ancel had said that the various systems have "connections" with each others but can't say nothing more. So i think is possible that Jade or other characters from BGE1 are in system 3 during the events of BGE2. Ancel also said that we will get some answers from the origins and mysteries of the first game. Maybe the gate is a portal, maybe is where the Domz come from, i really want a great story for BGE2 and play it to unveil this mysteries.
  57. I really hope they don't forget the photo camera mechanic from de first BGE. It would be a shame lose the opportunity of capture such amazing landscapes and characters!
  58. FrodoSwaginns
    Hey team! Loved the livestream and the battle video. Very excited for E3 now. Hope you all see this, but I had suggestion/question about the hybrids we can make. Are there a) rat hybrids? OR b) bird hybrids? I think being either a rat and bird hybrid pirate would be awesome to play as! Cheers everyone!
    1. Your question made me think about how, for example, rat hybrids and cat hybrids will be interracting with each other. I mean, will they keep their animal part of instincts? Rats (and mices in general) are afraid of cats. Cats and dogs usually don't like each other. So it could be interesting how hybrids will deal with their animal habits. And actually overcoming differences and difficulties in communication is an important subject that game can bring up.
  59. BraveFencerZan
    Great stuff guys, this game is looking extremely impressive. Just based on this Pre-Alpha footage, the animations look great and the transitions from jetpack, to on-foot, and back to jumping into a spaceship are really smooth. I honestly can't wait to play this in any form, especially if it helps make a stronger game because of it. Looking forward to E3 and thanks for the livestream update guys, you rock!
    1. Not to be a little bitch but: the Afro girl grabs the blade like A LOT! Since it's like a double katana put together to make a pole arm why not let it be both? Double katana and spear-ish. Like Darth Maul in Star Wars! :)
      1. May the force be with you all!
  60. thank you for the live stream!! very info-packed! we have many questions and ideas!! behold the long list!! Is the customized player character locked or can i radically change it? (like gender, animal type and body type) Is the physiology and phenotype affect character metrics, like walk speed(giraffe faster than turtle), melee damage, health? Can we have more than one playable character? Possibly play as an crew member? Can we trade crew members/ weapon/ currency with other players? how dynamic is Crew morale and loyalty, can they plot a mutiny and i lost all ships and progress and have to restart? Can we have lottery in game, like power ball, horse race? Pirate gambles and hustle too, do they evolve from simple poker game? Can space monkey(us) submit background NPC dialog? Is there Love interest, or influential allies? (like a planet president, i can be friend, or blackmail) Do vehicles spawn on request or i have to remember my parking space? It seem organic pvp in the form of boarding and plundering other's ship/vehicle is supported, can i put trackers in ship? Are there other Alien species? can we decorate interior of ships? Can i bury my plunder and make a treasure map of its location, then challenge my friends or public to find it? Can i have pets? (preferably a parrot on my shoulder) Can i name an Uncharted planets, if i arrived there first?
  61. i have to say you guys are some of the most amazing artist i've ever seen. but i really hope you change the name of this game or something cause this looks awful for a beyond good and evil game. i mean just terrible.
  62. Awesome stuff as always but I'm still concerned about your ambitions vs the result we will got ... especially for personalization. For instance, a simple thing : characters. I imagine we will have different hybrids/humans morphology to choose, each animated in a different way, with different weapons and again different animations. I think the immersion relies (not entirely but a lot) on the quality of the animation system, its flexibility to every player's fantasy and to the events happening to my character. For example, if I get badly wounded to a leg, I should replace it with a classic pirate's wooden leg, but then my character would not move in the same way. If I get shot in the eye, I'm gonna need an eye patch, ... Building an animation system based on appearance, skeleton, wounds would be a huge step to a greater immersion. Another big boy : the ships. Space pirates have personalized ships obviously. Would I be able to build parts ? to program parts (like defense routines, etc ... not as much as LUA scripting but maybe a minecrafty redstone system) ? to customize the appearance ? And a final word on the story : how far do you wanna go on quests diversity and quantity ? Creating a great sandbox is fine but I don't want an empty shell like in No Man's Sky or Sea of Thieves. "Story-driven open-world action-RPG" you said about the game : don't forget the "story-driven" part :) Good luck guys, have an amazing E3 (blow our minds) and an amazing summer in Montpellier !
  63. Unfortunately I was not able to catch the stream but seeing the first elements of combat and how smooth it looks so far makes me optimistic for E3.
    1. Yeah I missed it too :(. All I saw was the 48 second footage on YouTube. Even just that little bit looked awesome though.
  64. This game is looking to be everything I was hopping it would be. An awesome open galaxy planet to planet space adventure free roam game!!! I've been waiting for a game like this for so long. Mass Effect was the closes thing to it but not quick as, lively with awesome ship to ship combat. Man I can wait for this game! So when do we get to play the Alpha? ;)
    1. Fr, I’ve been waiting for a game like this since I was 10 years old. Now 6 years later I finally here about it. It’s like a dream come true. I’ve always imagined playing a free roam space game, I even dreamed of it and now it’s finally coming to reality.
  65. Game is looking better and better, I really am most looking forward to variety in environments like the cities, as space does not interest me quite as much. I also feel that new footage should hopefully show off more of the character customization and custom players as I think at the moment there are still some people not exactly keeping close eyes on the game who are confused about Shani, like whether they are a preset, a major npc, or in some cases people think she is the only playable character.
  66. SOOOOOO Excited!! was worried it might become an overly ambitious project. But every thing looks so rich and full of life and you guys are holding back!! ugh SO EXCITED.
  67. HeyItsLollie
    Just watched the VOD for the stream on Twitch! Very happy to hear the team talk about space pirates being widely diverse, especially in the case of body types. It seems so common in games to have only one or two body types, and then that's it - somehow, everyone in the world (who isn't an important character) is 5'6", slim or average, and all the variety is left up to the face and clothing. It gets very "same-same". I hope BG&E2's character creation system offers more freedom in that regard, for the human and hybrid characters. I want to play through the game as tiny agile mischief-maker. ✨
  68. So I've seen the Stream again and some concerns begins to appear! I want to explain some of them, but I need to example other games and I hope it's not forbidden here! (will try to use Ubisoft games if possible) So, if we have the ability to make our character from everything we want, does that mean he/she/it will be a silence character with no emotions and dialogues?! something like Far Cry 5?! Cause BGE have a strong universe, with a lot of background story and a lot of things will be happening at the game time period, If the character don't talk and don't react to these, I think it wouldn't be good! Another one from the Character Creation, is it going to be like Divinity Original Sin 2?! Like if we choose the pre-made characters (ex. Knox) they will have backstory and some special things in the game world and if we choose to create a new one, we lose those elements?! About the Co-op, Will it be a full co op or it's just there to have an option for it?! with Full Co-op I mean everything is optimized for a co-op experience, cause many games from Ubisoft have co-ops now, for example GR: Wildlands! But just some friends join you and you go through missions together without any co-op elements in the game! even in cut scenes each character will just see their's and there is no sign of others! If Co-op is a must have, please make it a way that is unique (something a bit like A Way Out) and it doesn't make solo play dull too! I rather the multi side of the game be completely separate from the story campaign!!!
  69. GarretDanilo
    I wonder if we can keep a pet aboard the ship. It would be nice, like Woof in the first BGE. It would be the mascotte of our crew and I hope the developers may think of that.
  70. Gah! I keep missing the notifications for these livestreams so I can participate. I hope it'll be uploaded to YouTube soon so I can get a good look all all that's been going on. This game is already breathtaking, but I don't mind waiting for it to be done right. And hope to provide some help to make it any amount easier/faster.
  71. Sounds like there's alot of Sea of Thieves influences. I hope you learn from all the good things it brings and improve on the elements that it is missing! That is, history, lore and world building. Goos luck! Looking forward to E3!
  72. Space kracken!!!
  73. FlyingTygers
    Amazing stream guys, I really love the insight and I think it is great how much transparency there is between the developers and the community. All of your guys' ideas sound like they will create a game that is being created with great passion. By the way, I signed up for the space monkeys program when the last live stream came out, any idea how long it will be until I get in, I'm on the waitlist right now.
  74. The gameplay looks awesome so far. Will you bring back the pearl system and the races? I hope so!
    1. I hope there are legal and illegal races!
    2. Thea Pearl system for going through story is not a good idea anymore, but if they have another role in the world, it could be interesting!
  75. cosmichorror013
    In some of the concept art there are people with cybernetic limbs and I was just wondering if we can play as cyborg ? and if so what degree will we be able to augment our characters? will just be our limbs or can we have full body cyborgs like general grievous and will it be limited to just human or can hybrids have cybernetic too?
    1. Very interesting!
  76. Is it possible to have your custom character weild a sword, axe, or hammers( one-handed, two-handed,or duel wielding)? That would be a cool idea. PLEASE ANSWER!!!!
    1. It should be possible to have them! I don't think these stuff be limited to only one character
  77. BigBaByStaebs
    I missed the live stream. Is it available for complete playback? I have not found it on youtube or facebook. If someone could comment a link below that would be much appreciated!!!
    1. here you go mate :) enjoy
  78. BigBaByStaebs
    If there isn't a hoverboard I'm coming for you Guillaumue! Fight for your idea!!!
  79. Generally really enjoyed the stream, it's nice of the team to reveal some of the content now, even tho the E3 is just behind the corner. I'm looking forward to this game more than any other game, bearing in mind that there is some big titles coming this and the following year. I very much like the idea of what they keep taking about; giving the player freedom of choice of not just the way they are willing to play, but in every other aspect of the game like for example, mentioned in the stream crew building, where like they said you can build it just out of monkeys if you wish (sure they meant any other species as well). I'm also aware that a massive project like that takes time to realize, but I hope they will complete it next year at the latest, at the same time I would prefer wait longer rather than getting an incomplete and bugged game like NMS when it came out. I like the overall idea for the game, but it still leaves me with some questions, in the stream they have mentioned the BGE2 will be an RPG game, but what I wonder is what kind of RPG mechanics will the game have? Will there be a skill tree for your character? As they said they want to give a lot of freedom to the players, so it would be nice to have it, being able to develop your character to your own play style e.g. male combat, range combat (guns?) or maybe even ship maneuvering or some kind of dexterity/athletic skills. Another matter is the looting. As we all know that is a RPG standard, I wonder if it's going to be implemented and how is it going to look like? Will we be able to collect weapons or gear after defeating our enemies? If yes is it going to be the weapon that the enemy is holding/using or more of a random drop? Maybe there are going to be merchants or shops at the pirate bays to buy the weaponry from? Or maybe you will be able to find boxes or treasures when exploring? The last option I can think of and the one I'm hoping for is all of the previous ones at the same time. I just hope that we won't finish the game with the same weapon/gear that we how started the game with. They have covered the missions in the previous posts and materials so we know they are going to be there as well as tons of other interactions (probably random events as well). And the last on the RPG: the consequences. I do count on that, I want may actions to matter in the wold around the game and on my future interactions withe the NPCs and the world in general. Now some thoughts off the RPG part of the game. I wonder if the world in the game will have some economy, and how much we as players will be able to change it or interact with it? I don't expect anything that complicated like in elite dangerous, as I don't think there is a need for it in this game, but I wonder if we will have opportunities like e.g. there will be a pirates fraction controlling economy or a certain part of it in some city, will we have an option of eliminating that fraction, therefore changing the economy in the city? Another thought I had was that the monkey that became the product mascot, the one that is shown in every clip and cinematic (and was behind the game representatives on the stream) has some sort of arm prosthesis/robotic enchantment, what I wonder is will our character will be able to have one as well? Not just arm but any other sort of robotic enchantments, if they will decide that they will, when and how will they occur? During the character creation screen, the will be an option to add it just as a cosmetic or will it have some sort of function? Or we will get/be able to get one just after taking some serious damage that will e.g. tear our characters arm off? And how will it affect our gameplay if at any point? Some additional points I hope the game developers will consider: -No micro-transactions (of course) -Expansions in the future (just if it is going to be as great as I expect) -Listening to the community (this one is doing great so far) -A lot to explore on the planets, not just empty fields and one city -Different weapon varieties -Multiple saves and ability to go back to the previous save (probably just on single player) -ability to save cities/places, thus ability to fast travel to them -co-operation (old school hot-seat/split screen) -Mini-games in the game -Being able to enter all buildings and interact with them e.g. going to restaurant and actually have a meal, to a pub and have a drink or clothes shop to buy new clothing I'm watching the progress the game makes with a great interest and I like wish the whole developing team all the best and new interesting ideas, don't change the way the game is going to and it will be a massive step in gaming. Peace!
  80. I know you are going to upload Stream Video soon, can you please upload the concept arts shown in the stream too?!!
  81. Please make the game completely replayable from start to finish with all upgrades and leveling up endless if possible to continue getting cash and loot and making a kingdom of sorts. Even if the gameplay changes just slightly in the beginning because of all the upgrades it would add some interest and definitely replayability. Have to say FarCry5 lost its replay value when you can replay missions and there was limited silver bars even when starting a new game. Please don't make that mistake again.
    1. Yeah, it should have NG+ Option from launch, and for missions there should not be a replay option, what's done is done!! The world should react to your actions.
      1. Yes. I always thought it would be a cool concept that your future character could interact with your past character as in helping him or her with the tasks that have been completed. If you understand what I mean. Like almost a time paradox. Because usually you finished character never ends up looking the it did when you first started playing. At least the way it is dressed or tattooed and age could be a factor.
  82. StallionWorks
    I love the idea of how seamless the game will be, hopefully the fact that there are no loading screens won't mean we have so much buffering and I wish it doesn't decrease the quality of the visuals. A comment I have though is the way you enter and leave your small ship. I feel teleporting out of it seems very sudden and might ruin how fluid the gameplay should be. So, maybe an animation of entering and exiting the ship might give it that real-time feel.
  83. -Thanks for the update looking forward to the E3 this year ;)
  84. I missed the live stream :( SAD
  85. I also want plenty of bases to explore even if on a moon or an asteriod with a hidden base inside make it deep and cavernous. I don't care if the games soaks up A hundred GB make this game epic that you would want to explore it again and again. Maybe even have events of treasure hunting or better yet bounty hunting a npc legendary pirate type with special guns and swords. Please put some cool guns and swords in also.
    1. GarretDanilo
      I also want to explore moons or other locations besides planets. In BGE1 the moon gameplay section it was too short, but it was beautiful and interesting.
    2. That would be dope for an online event with weekly and monthly rewards on armor, weapons, looks etc
  86. First of all : THANK YOU ! It is great and I'm relieved that you don't rush the release of the game :). And this game thing : everything is happening at the same time like the fact that we can fight in a spaceship while this same spaceship is attaking another ?!?!?!? AWESOME ! Will we really see a ship exploding while we are inside ?! So much potential !! Will we be able to get shot through the cabin or through the walls ? Will there be brutal boarding (like piercing the ship to go inside) ? Will there be that same dynamic in the town ? (being there when there is an inexpected ((or not if we get the info)) robbery (e.g. with explosives), a police shooting with collateral damage, the intervention on some "bad payer" from the mafia etc ?
    1. GarretDanilo
      One thing i really really really want is SPACE BOARDING enemy ships. Until now the gameplay seems beautiful, i hope to see new ideas coming from the developers.
      1. Yup it would definitly be cool. This is the funnier thing to do. And perhaps in different ways ? Like with more stealth (to go on board without being noticed or to infiltrate the team of the ennemy ship (like being a waiter), send a message to you ship and help them going on board OR all of your team infiltrate the ship that way !!!!) or no subtility at all. That made me realize : WILL THERE BE CRUISE SHIP ?! With everybody LIVING in there (drinking/eating (with waiter, cook etc), interacting with each other, networking for their job, flirting (gold digger) etc. A bit in the way of "Les naufragés D'Hythaq" (sci-fi/fantastic french comic book)
        1. It's a very cool idea! and also i remember they've said that at first you can go inside bigger ships as a pizza delivery and then you can explore it and maybe find out what's going on there! So it seems that those idea is in the game too!
  87. I was also wondering if we will find some kind of relationship in a crew (a bit like the nemesis system from shadow of war) ? Let me elaborate with one cool way to access to the captaincy : First we integrate (alone or with some other pnj of our crew) a pirate team as member, then we get promotion and the higher we go, the more we can replace the other "officers" of the crew. If we demote someone of the crew, will they keep grudge ? Will his friends try to avenge him (by attacking my crew members/assasinate them for ex)? How will they proceed (frontal attack, assasin's recruitment, or meaningly steal all the socks from our crew X) etc) ? Will there be a kind of political system inside the ship?(like people trying to get promotion by corruption, cuning, kidnapping, physical violence, blackmailing, merit (by competing with us) inside the team))
    1. Please, let us blackmail some police man or the people in charge to do whatever we want or corrupt them! :)
    2. GarretDanilo
      It will be interesting, i really hope the developers will put a lot of emphasis in the relationships between the player character and the crew. Maybe they can develop a system similar to Nemesis of Shadow of War or something like the romance system of Mass Effect. It would be very cool.
      1. Agree. E3 is almost there! I hope Beyond Good and Evil 2 is coming back! The South Hall, meanwhile, will house the ESL Arena, which will feature eSports matches. Video game companies in the hall include Bethesda, Ubisoft, Capcom, Activision, Square Enix, and Epic Games. Games that will likely, or hopefully, be present at the floor include Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil 2, Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake.
  88. It’s wonderful! I look forward to more at E3 and I could have the release date for sure! E3 is almost there! I hope Beyond Good and Evil 2 is coming back! The South Hall, meanwhile, will house the ESL Arena, which will feature eSports matches. Video game companies in the hall include Bethesda, Ubisoft, Capcom, Activision, Square Enix, and Epic Games. Games that will likely, or hopefully, be present at the floor include Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil 2, Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake.
  89. It also occured to me if you are going to add any type of fast travel please make it only possible when inside a craft and driving it to keep the immersion true.
    1. detectiveplus
      Maybe, fast travel can be like hyperspace jump while in your spacecraft only, of course. Just like in Star Wars. That would be cool and very immersive.
  90. This game is looking to be something special, really enjoyed the livestream. Both livestreams have been extremely informative, and I'm really looking forward to uncovering the mystery of that gate. I hope you guys have been checking the forums as well, there have been a ton of ideas thrown around there (including a mammoth post on superpowers which I made). I do have some other ideas though. 1) It would be nice to see an online only area, where story is irrelevant. This is kind of the GTA playground, where players can muck around with others. Whether it be fighting each other or working to hijack cargos 2) Another idea is a planet where all of System 3's waste is dumbed. To make things easier to explain I am going to call this planet, Planet.3. Although it is more expensive to transport waste to another planet, a galactic law applies to System 3, in which all of the planets are forced to dump waste on Planet.3 to avoid problems such as climate change and other environmental issues on their planets. This planet is considered to be the weakest link within the galaxy, and its inhabitants are renowned for that too (some are employed to look after the waste earning at most half the minimum wage, whilst other inhabitants are fugitives). Also, if wildlife photography plays a big part, we could see some unique mutated creatures. I can imagine the planet suffering from the extremities of climate change as well. Acid rain can be a major problem within Planet.3. Scrapyards are scattered all over the area with small outposts of inhabitants often under threat by mutated creatures. Its government is also incredibly corrupt. Pretty much all the waste gathered by citizens on other planet are stored on Planet.3 along with manufactured waste. Another cool idea might be a volcano that spews out lava mixed with acids and nuclear waste. The planet can also be a test site for technology such as nuclear bombs. With temporary domes, which emulate environmental factors (such as the atmosphere) of other planets. When the test is done, the dome is removed. In summery the planet is a depiction of what Earth could look like in a hundred years, if environmental sustainability was ignored completely 3) It would be nice to see a Fallout Shelter equivalent game released with Beyond Good and Evil 2. And I don't mean gameplay wise, but more so a portable game on mobile. Maybe you can unlock certain items or earn money for your pirate in BGE 2. The reason why I compare this idea to Fallout Shelter is that Fallout Shelter felt like its own game rather than a last-minute project or unexpanded port of a mini-game from Fallout. 4) Kind of an out there idea, but I noticed in Super Smash Bros for Wii U we saw a Rayman trophy, it would be cool to see a BGE 1 or 2 trophy in the upcoming game, maybe even assist trophy (but that might be hard to negotiate with Sakurai).
    1. I've been wondering how we clothe are characters. I hope that we can pick clothing out of certain options and that it is not premade outfits...
      1. And with updates
  91. Shallow-sorrow
    Looking forward to performance at E3
  92. In the stream you said there will be no camera, only spy glasses (if I remember correctly)... I hope that you can still make pictures of all the creatures with that and I also would like to see the camera of Beyond Good & Evil 1 in that game, maybe without use but maybe that this camera is found somewhere and given Jade as a present.
    1. I think the picturing ability is there, and there are some other things you can do with it and it's just not limited to animals. Like they've said last year that you can show the pictures you've taken to NPC and gather information about them! It should be cool!
  93. So, you said we can have a large number of Crew member and even sometimes Enemies can be part of our Crew. So what does it mean for us to have large number of crew member, does it make difference to have 200 crew member than 50?! Can any of them betray the team, leave them behind or anything like that? Or it's just about numbers?
    1. Oooooh, I dig the idea!!! A way to test your leadership skills, or a Shadow of War thing.... Perhaps, some side quests for raising their loyalty hmmmm.... Anyway, super hyped for the game. NEED. MORE. GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!
  94. Skyfighter337
    It was a great stream. Thank you for all the new information. I can't wait for E3! :P
  95. devilmeetsvamp
    Loving the temple mysteries! Also the timeline stated, how will this be mentioned in the game if the whole BGE2 is at the end of that timeline? Starting cutscenes? If there are events like AI hazard, hybrid starts talking; i hope we get to go to some of these timelines by visiting them in certain quests. Also if BGE2 is happening after Jade's birth, why not make us go to certain "quest" of BGE1. Maybe not do it but just attempt to see or take a photo of a BGE1 mission happening in BGE2?Can't wait for E3!
  96. Another question we all have on mind: how many species will be available? (Will there be some cool one like hyena, owl or red panda, and we saw several dog races in artworks will there be the case for other species (e.g hyena or owl sub-species)?) Will some species not be available for player despite being on the game (ex: pnj exclusive)
    1. and also do we see normal species? Like a normal cow, dog & ... about those races, it looks cool! becoming an evil pirate, have some animals/hybrids and bet on them in wild races (I won't do that anyway, but hearing others tells their story about this is so cool - oh ok, maybe I test it too:D )
      1. I'm pretty sure we'll see common animals as several artworks have been revealed. And we could see several dogs races already (as i said^^) But I'm hoping to see/expecting other animals like Vipers ( Gabon saharah horned viper,)cobras, mambas, Komodo dragon Wolverin, pangolin, armadillo, Lorises
        1. So that's so good! Yeah I hope so! and do you know anything about land vehicles? are they in the game or all of them flying one?
          1. There isn't anything that I know about concerning land vehicles. I mentionned it as an idea in a post (in french) of the "System 3 vehicles" but no clue about it. (for the info I said that I think that it would be difficult to implement a land vehicle on a city with a vertical-dynamic. But that it could be also a mark of luxury to drive an old fashion vehicle in a city (as in some sci-fi books). And/Or it could be limited to the poorer area (especially in cities) because the poor will probably be close to the ground while the rich would be on the heights (just as coruscant in Star Wars).
    2. Yeah, it would be difficult but it's cool! as you can go to ground lvl and see all those little details in everywhere as they mentioned, maybe some of these vehicles can help and play role there! I just imagine some levels and chase sequences like the leaked footage of BGE 2 in 2009! those style was so cool!
  97. Salut à tous et merci pour c'est 2ème raport et c'est quelques minutes de gameplay ! sa nous à tous hyper ! vivement l'E3 ! Deplus, en temps que enfant de BGE1, j'ai beaucoup aprécier de voir la chronologie. MAIS la date de naissance de Jade n'est pas inconnu : les événements d'Hillys sur BGE1 on lieu en 2435 et Jade à 20 ans. DONC Jade's birth is in 2415 !! (55 years before golden age of piratry and 100 years before a mysterious attack of ship)
    1. no before but after. sorry ^^
  98. I hope we see some vehicles, weapons, combat, and some exploration at e3
  99. very nice live, but where can i watch a replay ?
    1. I know someone who is too lazy to read all the comments ;) here for you :)
      1. It's a bit hard to find stuff in here! as there are a good amount of comments below any news, they should give us more options here for posting and replaying and ...
  100. yall should check out Angels Fall First. there's some really cools things they did will space ships that you could do something similar too. I also btw wish for the ships to show damage, I think that would be cool and doable. Love you guys!!!
  101. I hope you guys there will be lots of clothing options as well. like an option to wear a hood, full mask, face mask, bandannas, goggles, glasses, and many more for customizable clothing. I’m combat I like hiding my appearance so I won’t be recognizable. And finally I hope there will be an option to decide which race u want to be as a human being.
    1. With those character creation they've shown, i think it's a bit hard to fit all of those clothing to the one you create! But I hope there will be so many options!
    2. I think we should worry less about the variety of customization and clothing options, and more about the variety of missions, characters, and environments we may encounter. Playing as a ski-mask wearing salamander is cool, but having a diverse world or simply just a city to explore and do a variety of activities in seems much more appealing. So if they decide to restrict the character select to 5 animals or don't include every """race"""" of human, I won't lose any sleep over it.
  102. But what worries me is that what if this game has a connection problem online. Remember when the Division had a major problem after a few months of its release. I just wanted to put that out there to make you guys more aware while developing the game. Also tbh I think it’s a smart idea that the director wants this game to be released around 2019 or possibly 2020. I think everybody should really let you guys take your time on this because this sounds very huge and very ambitious. I really do think this might be the best game Ubisoft has ever made. It’s very detailed and very interesting. The characters are far more interesting than any other game I’ve seen before. That’s my professional opinion about the director and the game itself.
    1. 100% agree ! Take your time guys, do not rush this potentially incredible and awesome game!
      1. One side of me say that they should have as much time as they need, another says come on guys, I can't wait to play it myself xD I'm trying to listen to the first one, but the second one is stronger
  103. For those who have missed it, the Stream is uploaded on Youtube too and you can watch it here:
  104. Check out our 1:1 3D printed Knox Glove fanart!!
  105. I think it would be cool if maybe the animals had different stats based on the size and species of animals. Like it'd be awesome to be a huge rino that can lift heavier things than say a cat hybrid. Maybe have like a heavy, medium and light class with it's own fighting style and special abilities. Also space kracken sounds awesome or maybe space whales or something. But yeah definitely think it'd be awesome to be like a huge lion with like a giant axe or something!

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