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BGE2 - Space Monkey Report Live

Space Monkey Report Live!

[Edit] For those of you Space Monkeys who may have missed this first Space Monkey Report, here’s a link to the VOD below. Please feel free to leave your comments and questions for the BGE2 dev team right here!

Beyond Good and Evil 2 – Space Monkey Report #1 Live Stream


The Beyond Good and Evil 2 dev team will be streaming live today for our first ever Space Monkey Report. Come join us!


7 December 2017, 6 pm (CET)





See you there!

124 thoughts on “Space Monkey Report Live!

  1. Dam won’t be able to watch have graphics class
    1. Some african cultures like zulu and xhosa deal a lot with animals and would be grat for the game.
  2. Jurassic_Pac
    Some gameplay to be displayed? Please say yes! <3
  3. Nice, very nice.
  4. Noel avant l'heure ! merci l'équipe :D
    1. C'etait génial, merci beaucoup Vous avez repondu à pas mal des question que je me posais, ca fait vraiment plaisir de voir ce vers quoi évolue BGE2. Bravo... Mais maintenant j'ai encore plus de questions (de gameplay entre autre) ! J'ai hâte d'avoir encore de nouvelles infos et de pouvoir donner des idées !
      1. Oui, superbe vidéo ! Pour le gameplay je me demande ce que ça va donner vu qu'ils veulent de la co-op en ligne. Je suppose qu'il y aura des arènes PvE et PvP, peut être même qu'on pourra choisir d'être pêcheur, ou pirates, et qu'une fois déco, l'univers du jeu tournerais toujours, histoire que lorsqu'on se reconnecte, on pourrais voir tel ou tel planète qui a améliorer sa technologie, ou pire, voir la planète détruite. Ca serais favorable a l'immersion du joueur et a son implication !
      2. Ca serais cohérent que le monde évolue en effet, mais vu le niveau de détail et la taille des planètes dans le jeu ca m'étonnerai qu'on en voient détruites dans le jeu, mais les voir changer drastiquement pourrais être interessant. J'imagine un truc comme une planète utilisée pour la quête principale (si quête principale il y a) sur laquelle il y aurai peu de temps à passer et ensuite elle serais colonisée par les Doms ou carbonisée par une éruption solaire ou un truc dans le genre.
  5. I'm seeing it!! :D
  6. Good idea to let your community have such a place in your Dev. Thank you for that, you will have big feedback from me when beta will be up. Merci ! Bonne chance pour ce projet démesuré.
  7. Hello, It was a very good stream considering that it was your first time. But please do it on a schedule. The design of the Room was perfect, just let the things get loose:D The way you interact with the fans is great, I hope all will be happy when they get their hands on the game, and I really can't wait to play this game! please don't make it take too long. Love you guys, best Wishes <3
  8. Faizan Nesar
    It's very brave of you guys to show a game while in development. I really appreciate it. All the best wishes from India. I can try my best to contribute as much about our culture as I can. And thanks to represent Indian culture in your video game cause no one has done it and I feel very emotionally attached to this game because of that.
    1. your forgetting about far cry 4, it had some india culture in it.
  9. Dear Best Devs in the Milky Way, Thanks for making a game that looks as interesting and inspired as BGaE 2. I don't know if I can be of much help, but as a gamer since the old times, times when other mighty pirates from Melee Island, arrived on Planet Gamearth, I just want you to read this article and think if you wanna try to consider it's information in your game making - I undestand that some level of gameplay learning is necessary, but please try to explore another options, or add options to stop all the prompts/tutorials if possible. Thanks and luck in this adventure!
  10. Lovely stream guys. The DNA tech was rather impressive. I hope we, the player, get to play around with that and the ship customizations in one way or another. Cheers
  11. theartofbattle
    I really loved this live stream, can't wait to try the beta. I'm a very huge fan of BG&E. I'm glad you will give the hybrids individual instincts. This will make the characters even more unique and make them appear more natural in the game. Here are some ideas I have for BG&E 2: - Talking about underwater creatures it would be epic for example to have fish hybrids that could for example breathe underwater and swim a lot faster in water than run when they are on the ground. - It would also be really cool if every planet would have it's individual terrain, Perhaps you could have an underwater planet with underwater cities or cities on islands where pirate ships stop by or where they are beeing are kept and where occasionally there are huge storms causing colossal tsunamis. Some other ideas would be having a cave planet, a desert planet, skyscraper/tech planet. - In addition would be nice if there would be a similar planet to hillys with hovercrafts like in first BG&E(with cities having an identical architecture/ structure of the buildings, marketplaces etc.). Three of my very favorite places from the first part of BG&E for example were the light house, market square and mammagos garage. I hope I could help you out on giving some of my ideas for the upcomming game. One last question I have is how can I upload BG&E fan art?
    1. Your comment on underwater hybrids got me thinking What if: humans are a base value for charachter stats, and hybrids have bonuses. BUT, because of hybrid segregation, it would be easier and cheaper to buy or devellop mech enhancements that could mimic the effect of the hybrid bonuses. Just a thought
    2. You could also, rather than necessarily having differently "themed" planets so to speak, which I feel can be a bit generic, having different themes, biomes, cities etc. WITHIN planets. I mean Earth itself contains all kinds of different biomes, ecosystems, climates, civilizations, cultures etc and all of those are very much connected. Ecosystems, civilizations and cultures form based on their environments. Of course it's a very water-rich planet but that doesn't necessarily define it. Of course you might have planets that are largely deserted and with general themes throughout the planet. Maybe some are more civilized than others too. And I can imagine it being a ton of work depending on how much variety you'd want on each individual planet. Either way I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with in terms of the worlds in the game.
    3. That was great!
  12. Ki_YaKarateMonster
    Add Lizard Face for me.
    1. you can find one the the artwork shown in livestream #2
  13. Rockets-rocket
    If you're going to add things from all over the world into beyond good and evil 2. Can you add things from Australia. Like spider, snake and crocodile hybrids and give them their own gods. Or be able to have pets, so you can have a pet parrot, lizard or any other animal.
    1. yeah it would be nice to see something else than Ganesha city at some point. There was an idea about a cernunnos-like deity that i like, perhaps in a rainy, windy world, planète Bretagne :). They did speak about Hator, the egyptian goddess at some point in the stream, and there is an egyptian crocodile god, sobek, so that's a start ;) .
      1. Rockets-rocket
        Yeah that would be cool. I would love to see gods from really religions like hindu and egyptian gods. As well as made up gods that they made.
        1. I think it would be cool to see gods. I can see that hybrids having their own culture.
          1. In African culture Anansi is a spider trickster god. It would be really cool to see that in the game.
      2. If ganesha city is mostly under hindu influence it's fine for me. Also a big city from where all missions starts and where many path unfolds over time was great in BGE. Gives a sense of home and exploration. Not just running around.
        1. Rockets-rocket
          I agree, I also want all the cites to have a lot of detail put into them, just like tes.
    2. I would love to see some east-Asian cultures as well. Countries like China, Japan and Korea have very deep and rich cultures to get inspiration from, with religions like Buddhism and Shinto in Japan, the collectivism in those cultures, work ethics, lifestyles, entertainment, art etc. Call me a weaboo but I think there's a lot there to use. Of course there are so many different cultures in the world that could be used as inspiration. I mean of course a lot of us live in western societies, but of course not everyone in the world does. Having more western-themed cultures could actually be interesting as well, not just for people outside of these cultures but for people inside of them as well. I would totally be cool with seeing Greek, Roman, Scandinavian etc. mythologies in the game, or even more modern cultures from the US, Russia, France etc. I feel like there's a lot of untapped potential here.
      1. Rockets-rocket
        Yeah culture from all over the world. From Asia to America.
    3. And don't foreget the dragons ! Space dragons, of course.
    4. Yeti23, Your comment on anansi is interesting. Most of the hybrids we saw were part human part other amniote( vertebrates able to reproduce and live on land, such as reptiles or mammal). The most distant organism we've seen as part of an hybrid's genome is a shark, which is a chondrychtian (cartilaginous skeleton, oposed to osteichtians, bony skeletons). With an exception of an octopus hybrid which i think was a fanart. Arthropods(insects, arachnids and crustaceans) along with molluscs are even farthest from Humans genetically. They are protostomians and we are Deuterostomians, which basically implies that our bodies devellop in opposite ways( their embryo formation begins with their mouth parts, us with our anal parts; our skeleton is inside, their's is outside or they don't have any...) The closest ancestors we share are basically jellyfishes. To Be able to select DNA from both parts that wouldn't be impossible with 24'th century tech, but there is no telling what the results could be, or even if those hybrids could be anthropomorphic. In any case it would be far harder to produce than hybrids with species closer to Homo sapiens, that it if Homo sapiens is the species you want to cross with another.
      1. Who says you can't learn anything from games? I'm learning stuff and the game isn't even released haha Thanks for the small biology class, very interesting.
  14. Waiting for the game since a 1/4 lifetime! I was so happy to follow the stream! I love bge so much! But it2s very sad it"s a sequel! I wished to play Jade and get to the next Enemy! Miss the Alphas and these huge scorpion things! Love it so much!
  15. theartofbattle
    One last thought I really wanted to share is that it would be so cool if you could create/ establish your own customizeable settlement on a planet regarding the interrior design such as for example the rooms/ interrior design aswell as the outer design.
    1. Maybe it'll be more likely that the housing and home curtomization part of the game will take place in our motherships
  16. Belgarathmaster
    Wouah!!! C'était un vrai petit bonheur! des tonnes d'informations et des visuels!! Les concept art étaient géniaux., a customisation des véhicules et des P.J. prometteuses, j'ai hâte d'en savoir plus!!! Merci encore à votre équipe et à vous Michel de permettre que ce rêve prenne vie !
  17. Awesome stream! Can't wait for another.
    1. It’s great!
  19. Hey guys! I've just watched the update (sorry to be late!) and I want to thank you for it, it's great to see what you're doing and how you take us into account. One thing I've noticed is that all hybrids are antropomorphic, and I think it would be cool to see also other animla mixtures , maybe not as playable characters, because I understand that would be too complex, but as part of the fauna of the world to make it richer. Also I think it would interesting that you had to find fauna (mixtures or not) to unlock new hybrids and characters (And also get photos of them and get rewarded like in the first game!), maybe keep them as pets in your spaceship? I want and hybrid monkey-cat to pet
    1. Oh! and people could participate and contribute creating fauna for the world. You could even make a contest
  20. Next time I will catch the Stream! Well Updated my thread with the video :) Time to watch it.
    1. Thanks that you guys mentioned me :) I hope other questions get asked if the time is right. Great to hear back and that with a big livestream! :D Best wishes to all devs.
  22. dragontamer666
    Hi I wouldn't mind seeing an Australian like Hybrid in the game that would be so amazing to see and to see what hybrid you guys could make up with! <3~Jacob
  23. This is my first time really interacting with the community and devs about this game. Even though I didn't play the original, I've been excited for BGE2 ever since the reveal. I really enjoyed this first space monkey report, which I just finished watching the VOD of. While someone looking from the outside in might say that not really a lot was shown, in terms of gameplay, I what was shown and talked about was really promising and it made me even more excited and hopeful for the future of this game. I feel like it could be in some good hands. People who not only really care about this project and video games in general, but who also know what they're doing, not just focusing on for example the technical side or the visual or narative aspects, but giving equal amounts of importance and attention to all aspects of the game, including game design. Of course it's still very early at this point, and with any kind of game that seems so big and ambitious it's easy to be skeptical and wary, which to some degree I am. I won't believe it until I see it. But like I said I'm pretty optimistic right now and what was shown and talked about today was really intriguing. I really like the idea of the game touching upon deeper subject matter. There's of course a lot of philosophy surrounding this game, which is immediately apparent from the title. So I hope that is handled well and that it won't just be touched upon lightly, but that it'll actually get into it and create a conversation, something I think video games can sometimes struggle to do. Also I really liked these people on the stream actually, each of them seem nice, passionate and thoughtful and they seem to get along together well. As far as specifics go, I do hope to see a bit more actual gameplay in the future. It doesn't have to be very concrete or finalized, like a vertical slice, even just a bit more showcasing of exploration, features or mechanics could be really cool. I really like this whole idea of using DNA, and the mixing and matching of races, sexes and species and what comes from all of that biologically and culturally. How for example a shark-human hybrid would really behave. How much of those instincts we could associate with sharks would play a role in their personality. Of course this ultimately comes down to the developers, how far they want to go with it, how much they want to push the realism/simulation aspect of it, while still keeping it interesting and meaningful as a video game. That character creation technology is actually really awesome and seems quite revolutionary. I mean it makes me think of all of the uses something like that could have not only for video games but art and entertainment in general. All of these technologies could be a really cool asset for movies for example. I wonder if the game will go as far as to actually go into things like human trafficking. I mean it seems like something this game could do, but who knows. I think stuff like that could be really interesting though, as it's not often handled in video games. Things like prostitutes or sex slaves etc. in regards to the hybrid exploitation for example. Maybe that'd be too mature for the game. but I think it'd be cool. Anyway, loving what I've seen so far. Thanks a lot for this update and I'm looking forward to the next one :)
  24. Thank you for this live, it was awesome to discover the DNA mixer and the 3D ships models you've created. Can't wait to see more, it was also very good to have feedbacks about the SMP. My favorites updates here are obviously the space Tuktuk and the shark man, I laughed so hard when I saw it. Thanks again hope to see more soon.
  25. "The real treasure lies in others". That's the BGE spirit. I am so happy you keep this line, congrats ! :-)
  26. Good to know Christophe Héral is there ! ! For thoose of us who played BGE in 2004 please could you include some tracks from Hightone and maybe propellerhead ? You like mixing genes and at the time hightone was really mixing the genes. Could you even work with them maybe ?
  27. Here is an hightone idea if my fellow space monkeys wants to listen and tell if that would fit in the universe: ps: I dare you moderator !!
  28. About content creation and fair play, Some white hat ideas: $$$ getting money before If indy studios receive money for developping their games, why not you ? Where is the donation box for space monkeys who want to offer you a tequila or a coffee ? I don't want a streamlined game. I want the real thing, $$$ getting money during the game What would be the whitehat opposite to the Lootboxes and DLCs ? You have my ubi account, that's fine. How can I give you more money without being forced into it ? I am not fond of mixing the reality and the game too much and using real money in game. But maybe WE could earn some ubi credits in game ? We would be rewarded for playing the game's casino and have discount on ubi store. The more we play the more we can play/buy somehow. I know DLCs are making money and players can't stop buying them while they don't like them but I don't think it's a white hat thing. I don't think that gives you a good result in the long run. You have great people but damage your brand name with too much DLCs and middle age DRM. I like very much way of balancing thing. They provide free quality content with a few adds, the good old way but then they propose premium content. I would like UBI to charge the game once but not the DLCs, Maybe a 2 years pass to receive premium content that becomes free for all after some time. That sounds great. In the long run your game won't look like an unfinished projects with 10 dlcs. I am impressed by the stability of the price for GTA V at 20€ now and I wish you the same success. $$$ getting money after That's the shareware principle. You know sometime we have that pirate copy or that mozilla plugin we used for years and we decide to support the dev. Once I have spent my 60 or 40 or 20€, or 0.000000000000001 bitcoin and compledted trge game, how can I express my gratitude to the creative team ? Thank you for reading :)
  29. Speaking about manifestation of animal instincts and personalities in their hybrid forms I have some ideas - • Polar bear Hybrid - Could work great as bodyguards or police officials, just imagine one in sunglass and a black suit and one hand in his earpiece. Talks in small sentences. Serious attitude like bears. • Hyena hybrid - Cunning, Trickster, not a person to trust. Could work as a local seller who tries to trick people or your own 'information provider' knows all about underworld, dark secrets, lies and insides of mafia or even police, location of mythical maps, relics, etc. Will deliver but for a price OR a favor. • Sloth hybrid - Funny smiling character, or dumb character, relaxing attitude. Could work as a funny side character. • Black Panther Hybrid - Fast, Agile, Dangerous, A Hunter. Picture one with gold chains and Bangles, a pistol in one hand and picture of next Target in another. • Cheetah hybrid - Picture a slender female with a katana in hand wearing Japanese clothing and that saucer like hat. With a look about dedicated to keep her values alive. Has great skills, a warrior. Am thinking about more will post again soon.
  30. I know this might sound dumb. I would to see a hybrid samurai.
  31. Super live ! J'espère vraiment que vous arriverez à trouver un moyen pour nous faire participer à la réalisation du jeu ! J'adorais travailler sur les concept art !
  32. The indian-chinese style is just overwhelming and hits exactly my taste. Big, big compliments to the great concept arts that are bursting with creativity. Keep it up! My ideal city in this game would be a city that invites you to discover, a city that offers a lot of different shops and bars such as: - Shops for weapons, armor, clothing, parts for the ship, upgrades, bags for increasing your inventory, various items, shops for maps and treasure maps, mysterious and mystical shops, from various regions, various salesmen, who tell a story and maybe have tasks for you. Bars, where you can play some mini games and earn money and get quests. And maybe some dubious bars in the back-street with some exotic items. Garages, where you can optimize and install Upgrades for your ship and where you can participate in races. A city with this amazing style and full of life, stories and things to do, would be a dream come true! Nothing worse than a beautiful but empty city.
  33. In the stream you guys hinted at the animal instincts manifesting itself in their hybrid forms. I have some cool ideas.... 1. Polar bear hybrids - Would be cool if they show strong serious attitude. Talk in small sentences. Always aware of their surroundings. Just imagine one with a black suit, sunglass, hand on his earpiece. Corporate bodyguard type attitude. Could be used in police force. 2. Hyena hybrid - Cunning, Trickster, not to be trusted, Selfish. Potential as an 'one to look for if you want some information on the underground mafia or about someone's location, a map, a relic, etc. Will deliver but for a price or a favor. Imagine one making a deal with you, toying with his knife, you know something's wrong when you see that smile. 3. Black Panther hybrid - Wearing gold necklace and Bangles, with an eye patch, unbuttoned shirt with a machette in one hand and his next Target's picture in another. His personality would be 'true to his own rule, never reveal your Target's info '-type hitman. Fast, Agile, good reflexes, Stealthy, Perfect. Would be apt if he has a tail too. 4. Sloth hybrid - Stupid, dumb, funny side character. Screwing things up, slow in catching up on orders. Could be used as a dumb assistant of a gang leader. 5. African Buffalo/Bison hybrid - Strong, muscular, 'get in and kill 'em'-type, Alpha male, an army or police high official. Imagine one in army outfit, A cigar in mouth, two AK-47 in two hands and grenades in belt. Awesome. Will be posting more in time.
  34. Masterprocess
    Hey y'all! The talk about progression from a space Tuk-Tuk to a giant mothership had me thinking about the importance of progression. In the original Beyond Good and Evil, the Beluga was earned from a great deal of hard work. The Beluga was never given to the player. Even after Jade finally discovered the Beluga's existence, there was still work to be done to get it fully operational, and when it was finally finished, it really felt like *ours*. I believe that this theme of progression and its power can't be understated. We saw the issue with providing a crappy progression system in Star Wars Battlefront 2. It might not be a trivial task to provide a progression system, but the dividends that it will pay will almost certainly be worth the investment. TL;DR: Don't just give the player a massive ship because it wouldn't be as fulfilling as earning one would be. Thanks!
  35. I loved the stream and hope for more in the future with more information. And some ideas for BG&E2: -The pirate crew that you control could have a religion of its own giving the god some characteristics that you, as the character, have. -Also going back to hybrids if the creators could make hybrids with more than one animal. These hybrids would be almost extinct and they would have "special abilities" depending in which animals you choose. These hybrids will be hiding from the rest of humanity with fear to be treated worse than normal hybrids. I think these special hybrids should have a different name instead of hybrids so choose any name that you like. -For the ships apart from having already made patterns and emblems for the ship if the player itself could make a pattern with a high range of colors and the emblems could manually be made with different shapes and colors it would give more freedom to the player. Thanks
  36. Loved the stream and hope for more like this one. I have some ideas for BG&E2: -Talking about gods the pirate crew from which you are captain of should have its own religion making the god similar in aspects to your character because it is your crew so you should be the god. -Hybrids is an interesting topic and I think putting in the game hybrids that aren't just made up of one animal and a human but more than one animal inside the same hybrid. These hybrids would be almost extinct due to their rarety and they would be hidden from the rest of the world (e.g. caves, underwater biomes etc.). These special hybrids should have their own name because they are special and different to the rest. -Ships have already predetermined patterns of colors and emblems but it would be really cool if the creators would give the players a high range of colors and shapes so the player makes a totally and unique design for his ship. Thanks for listening to my opinion. I wait forward to having a beta test and more information.
  37. I'm a bit worried you are focusing on multiplayer so much. I'm not saying that is a bad idea, not at all, but don't abandon single player mode, don't leave it in the background. Make the solo experience as great as multiplayer one. Make the solo experience as great as in first game, pls. Everything else looks awesome to me.
  38. Is there any way to play the game only single player? All I care about is world,story and characters..... just like the first game nothing fancy
  39. Hi, I've watched your "Beyond Good and Evil 2 - Space Monkey Report #1 Live Stream" video and I was really impressed by the Voyager game engine. Could you release the Voyager game engine as open source? I think it would be beneficial for Ubisoft as it would create a Voyager community to improve the engine.
  40. devilmeetsvampi
    Keep up the good work guys. The creative director wasn't allowing to give a lot of infos so that's good. There needs to be set mysteries until the gameplay trailer. And you guys actually look like a team working together. Also waiting for more questions for our inputs on here.
    1. devilmeetsvampi
      Also if we would get email notifications for stuff like these. Would be great!
      1. Space Monkey Team
        Hi there! We sent a newsletter out to all registered Space Monkeys who opted in to receive emails the day before the live stream. Check to see if you've opted in so that you can be sure to get future updates. Thanks for participating in the SMP!
        1. devilmeetsvamp
          Thank you for responding! Also since i don't know when your next article will be out, i really want to suggest this concept for your upcoming gaming style. Since gaming has already become a virtual life simulator, the only disadvantage in gaming vs real life is we still can't use the simulation of touch, taste and smell. What i still don't see is(And i haven't played every game out there so i'm not very sure) devs buidling some gameplay using the sound mechanism. To give an idea, i saw this gameplay And i got this idea of why not cutting your visual senses for a while and completely rely on your hearing senses? Like in the above gameplay, if there was no light, we could have made him follow a certain sound(someone's voice) and just follow that path to get out of the room.. Like for a while the main pro. eye's gets harmed and his side character is telling him where to move as in move two steps right, if you move 3 you're dead. And then we could also add this "ASMR technique" to add creepy vibes for all the creatures lurking in the dark room/cave. The whole sound thing could obviously be expanded(like distinguish the correct voice to follow, sound puzzles) and explored further but yeah, hope you guys like this one. I think it's something very fresh and never done before.
          1. How deaf people would resovle this kind of puzzle?
          2. and blind people can't appreciate the visuals :/ its a shame but a game can only be so accessible. You can addapt to people with daltonism or bad hearing or epilepsy, but there are problems you can't adapt to sometimes.
          3. Deafness can be adapted, replacing the sound with some visual elements. The Secret World has some quests based on the sound and that's how they handled it.
  41. CosmicOfficer
    Excellent stream! I would like to say I have never been so excited for a game to be developed and discussed, how you guys make the fans and community become so involved with the game development. I was glad to hear you can create your own story that can develop how you will like it and no loading!? Unbelievable, making everything connect is one of the best things I love in the game better then just open world. - Furthermore my ideas would be that, when it comes to conflict with any danger, your character will get inflicted or a lost of a limb, a cut ear, scar, etc. Making you wanting to be more cautious with your character wanting to risk a wound or so. - Another idea is when going into another culture, planet, or tribe, you can get a rare chance of finding them doing there tradition, event, parade, etc. I would want you to be either interested in it to watch until the end or go on with your life. - When hearing the "hybrid gangs" in the live stream it made me wonder of them if they would either be against the human, have there own freedom else where or just cause terror. - My last idea is with the police force in the cities, especially big ones. Would there be a chance to see hybrids police officers, if so can we be able to become one? To protect the people and the city itself?
  42. vallen_kossler
    Inspire, The great things about playing video games is getting to escape from reality. As a handicapped person this has always been a nice escape. To be someone else. However being able to overcome it.... My suggestion, In a game where you can create your own character I have always wanted to incorporate my handicap into the game. Let me explain, I have a bad leg that keeps me from doing normal tasks that others can do. I would like to be able to build a robot leg into my character to show that yes the handicap was there but in this reality my useless leg is replaced with something that allows to once again run and jump. To the point- in character creation I think we should be able to swap out limbs for augmentation. This is purely a aesthetic change but can be uplifting to your handicapped fans who want to overcome real life challenges. Thank you for your time.
  43. Hey Space Monkeys! Fist off I think the enlightening video is fantastic and it really upholds your commitment to keeping the fans as in depth into the progress of creating the game as possible. Secondly, seeing the progression in technology as far as the DNA system for the hybrids as well as the diversity of options from male/female/transgender/ as well as the mixing of animal DNA is just awe-inspiring. It truly gives the sense of no boundaries as far as the limits of someones imagination in creating their own personal hybrid. Also, THE SHIPS! look awesome! I specifically loved how even with the ship model, in the video, at some point you used parts to create a model of a fighter to look like a BEE! I mean I know my space pirate is already going to be a WU - TANG fan so that just peaked my interest lol. I love that you let us know that the team is currently working on creating city's full of life! I think this is so important to a game especially knowing how you have the solar system tech involved in creating realistic sunsets and beautiful scenes in the game. One detail that I hope for (as small as it is) is the ability to move around the city with some weight to the character. In example, the difference for me with a recent game that came out (Assassins Creed Origins) versus it's predecessors was, that if felt like the character had no weight. The ability to walk around gives the player time to look at the beautiful surroundings and appreciate them. I mean whats all the work for if no one will take time to really appreciate it. Secondly, and I've mentioned this before, side quests. I understand it takes much work to create a living city and non - repetitive side quests but I feel that with BGE there are many other ways to create interesting side quests from photography missions, to stealth to full on SPACE BATTLES NOW!! simply put, one can tell if you create the same mission with a different (but the same) agenda. Other than that I'm super excited for the game and for the team who's work continues to inspire (and i mean really inspire) and wow the fans.
  44. I am very excited about space monkey project , here in Grecce i think i am the only one waiting to be member of this project. please dont forget that you have at least one gamer in Grecee , i will help this project with all my heart !! wating for news ..
  45. Bonsoir/Bonjour ! J'ai pu voir la rediffusion du stream, et franchement je suis épaté par votre implication a mener votre projet, des idées qui en découle et de l'ambition ! L'idée que chaque personnages va avoir sa propre histoire, et étant donnée que vous avez une grandes communauté : Pourquoi est-ce que chacun de nous n'inventerais pas un personnage, afin de vous donner des histoires ? Genre, pour ceux qui le veulent, écrire une, ou plusieurs nouvelle(s) d'un minimum de 3 pages et d'un maxi 5 pages, décrivant leur personnalités, une de leurs histoires - banale ou pas - et vous le retranscrivez dans l'univers de BGE ? Ainsi, vous pourriez avoir des aventuriers sans foi ni loi, des armuriers, des pêcheurs, des cuisiniers, des porte parole, des industriels, des pom pom girls, des esclaves, des héros, anti héros, des meurtres, de l'humour, de l'amour, des pleurs, des joies, etc.... Bref ce que tous peuvent apporter à l'édifice de BGE2 ! Et aussi, pour l'IA ? Est ce que les personnages continuerons de vivre, même une fois le jeux éteint ? Est ce que chaque personnes va vivre sa vie, et nous, joueurs, a chaque lancement de jeu on aurait une sorte de télévision, nous donnant un aperçu de ce qu'il s'est passé lors de notre absence ? Une page d'information, des journaux tout ça tout ça... Est ce que l'IA saurait géré chaque individu, accentuant leurs personnalité ? Ce serais vraiment intéressant d'avoir un jeu qui pourrait devenir comme une sorte de monde parallèle au nôtre ! Un jeu ou un protagoniste meurs, ou un mariage à été fêter par d'improbable unions ? Qu'on est raté le spectacle d'un prestidigitateur ? Et que sais je encore ? Que les voiles soient toutes tiré et que le vent soit en poupe sacré nom ! Que vos marin d'eau douce lustre ce pont, et que les cannoniers récure leurs outils ! Voilà ! Bonne journée à vous !
  46. Glad to see the first twitch. For a while I was wondering how the project was coming along. Good to hear the team has grown, which has a bit of time to get everyone on the same page and getting the schedules played out. Wishes of luck in making progress toward making the game closer to the dream.
  47. Cudo_Shinichi
    Nice to see some excellent pieces of concept-art there! Though it's a little bit shame that your strim was almost at the same time with Game Awards '17. Wish to see you next time there! So far so good, hope you' ll make an awesome game!
  48. Awesome stream guys I wanna say thank you Michael Ancel for talking about the offline and online I can breath in relief now
  49. Finally had a chance to watch, glad to see the project coming along. Thank you for pulling back the development curtain, as I think the process of "Watching the sausages being made" in game dev is just as exciting as the final product..
  50. Maybe, it was told by someone before, but I liked the idea of family relationships, which was in the first part of the game. I think, it might be great to make an ability of "making your space team a good family", & if it could be - that's even better ^-^ Also, thank you so much for sharing ideas, I was running back home like crazy just to be on time. We love you, Space Commanders! :D
  51. Y'a-t-il une version de la vidéo avec des sous-titres en français ?
  52. LikeStatue265
    I was thinking in the stream Michael was talking about offline mode and how it ties in with the online mode. But I just wanna know if there’ll be an actual campaign in solo or online. Like in GTA5 there is an online mode but there is also a sort of campaign with missions and tasks. With extravagant heists and some not so good side quests. In BG&E will it just be completely free roam with small quests or will there be actual missions in which you have to find a crew and the right ship. Where you have to choose how your going to do said missions for example quite and sneaky or going all out and guns blazing.
  53. guest-PFFDaifL
    Where can I change this somehow random generated username?
  54. When is the next time? Hope to show how players can customize the characters.
  55. I would like to see reptile, birds, insect, and sea creature hybrids. I really a spider hybrid and chameleon hybrid.
  56. Останусь не многословным,исходя из того я уже успел посмотреть мне все понравилась идея класс! Рад что игры не стоят на месте ,и развиваются с такой скоростью,будь то графика или населённость миров, всё круто,так держать!
  57. известно насколько будет большим мир в игре?люблю игры с открытым миром
  58. Spoiler léger attention Je viens de voir star wars 8, je trouve que certaines les planètes des films ont des aspects qu'il serait cool de retrouver dans le jeu. j'aime particulièrement l'ambiance et le décor de la planète sur laquelle est luke et aussi l'exemple de société a fort clivage social de la ville casino à laquelle vont finn et rose. By the way, what are the little flags next to our names for ?
  59. I think character customizing characters is fun!
  60. When I saw that shark hybrid, the first thing that came to mind was another shark hybrid by the name of Verg, from the anime Blue Submarine no. 6. I think a shark hybrid will be my first character, and if we can name our character it'll be Verg, too.
  61. Superb to see BG2 emerge little by little, happy to see that the contributions are just inspiration and do not distort the game by the multiple desires of spacemonkeys. For my par I would have seen also hybrids rats and other hybrids (whose hybridization would have done poorly) searching the basements of cities, gleaning food, valuables using their abilities to live in the dark. And I imagine hybrids that could try to erase their non-human origin (by shame or for emancipated their masters) via surgery with more or less successful results :) Anyway, I hope we can see also current serious themes: propaganda, extinction of fauna and flora, consumerism and with all that leaves a game that binds poeticism blackness and humor of course: D Pavé césar
  62. I've dreamt of the day a good space game will arrive and I believe this game has massive potential. As characters are outlaw pirates I think it would be a really cool concept at some point in the game to break out of prison or infiltrate and rescue your buddy's in a deserted area. Also I like the idea of starting from scratch and building your own vehicles and space crafts in by gathering parts and creating your unique space pirate look.
  63. Wait.. have we had those ranks next to our names all the time?
  64. Very nice stream, i'm very looking forward all theses hybrid species, the character creator looks sooooooo cool ! I just finished BGE1 after playing it as a child like 10 years ago, and I think the prequel is a great idee. There is so much more to tell about this world !All the trailers are very, very intersting and you really seems to care about all the details. Take your time and BGE2 could be perfect ! The personnalisation of all the spaceships looks great too. I just wonder if the crew choice is a real choice, or it will be like only 2-3 different members for each post ? Plz, make the feeling of recruiting people seeming very free. (And make the staff weapon with the charging ability, Even 10 years after, that was the best reminds i had)
    1. As I said in my post above choices and customization are for me a mistake as they can break the role play of the game. Do you think so? It can be cool if we can exchange on this point. Feel free to answer me or not :).
      1. depends on what the role play will rely. The game won't have a linear narrative like BGE1. i think customization is actualy great for role play, if by role play you mean playing the game while assuming the personality and point of view of the playable character to amplify the immersion.
  65. Hey, Nice stream, just to let you know that it was one of my first game and surely my favorite, i spent so many hours by playing this even these years. I was a bit desperate when no major news on the 2nd opus came in 10 years, but i was convinced that Ubi won't let this game down. Now I'm really hyped by the announcements, this 2nd opus will be a bit different but I hope it will explain many things that are not clear in bge1. The universe and character looks cool even if the vulgarity is not mandatory for me (I prefer funny jokes). Don't make too much customization for me it is breaking the roleplay of the game which is an important part. Don't forget small easter eggs for fans :). Go on guys I'm behind you. ps: If i can contribute by any way to the game i'll do it, just let me know. Cordially Victorien/RedWolf
  66. detectiveplus
    I would like to see fighter AI/non AI ships that would defend your big mother ship when you get attacked and they would be stored inside your big mother ship. You could get further inspiration from an old French TV series called Skyland. They had so called mosquitoes to defend the big mother ship. It would be awesome to see something like that in the game.
  67. So we have badges now? Is there like a badge chart or so? I was just wondering. And you guys got the pm I hope? I hate it to be so uncertain if everything is managed now (now that really nags around in my mind since I noticed and replied). Very exciting for me. All I can do right now is guess how the implementation of ideas is working out. I hope we hear back from you guys anytime soon. I always wonder how something like the "Space Monkies" work out in such a big company (I think it is probably quite hard, considering the whole management), but it seems that this a new approach one would like to try at least once. I hope you had a easy go into 2018 even while having the community being greedy for every bit of new information :D I and many others look forward to a good cooperation on helping with the inner workings on BGE2!
  68. I just had a very clear thought... but i doubt i'm the only one. In the first game Jade (the player) was pushed into the story first because she needed money for the lighthouse & the kids, but then choosed to continue because she wanted to help people see the truth about the system (Les sections alpha sont en fait des forces domz qui font semblant de défendre la population), help the rebels that are labeled as terrorists by the military, and finally reveals the true face of the system with the help of the governor. What is is gonna be in BGE2 ? How will the story take place and devellop ? We know BGE2 takes place in an system (system 3) where: There is segregation, hybrids are being used by corporations and people, considered lower class "citizens" ( not like no Hilys/ in system 4) There are people, pirates etc, who opose this system. ( like the iris network) There is something mysterious going on: Dakini searching for "Muksha" (maybe related to Jade/ shauni/ the Domz ?) There is an underground society, whith blood sports (kim hyun jun ) and black market, organised crime gangs ( zhou yuzhu ) (kinda like Hylis but more develloped, remember getting your money stolen and having to chase the thieves ? And aramis pearl trade was illegal so it's kinf of a black market) But: There will be several planets, wayyyyy more stuff to do, people to meet, opinions and factions to support/ oppose. So how are we, the pirate crew, going to fit in ? We are gonna be a space pirate CAPTAIN, so the Gada is NOT our ship and dakini's search for "Muksha" is NOT our (only ?) goal, since she's not OUR captain. Will we oppose an/ multiple oppresive/ unfair/ "anything bad" system(s) ? Probably seems like it. Are they related to the domz to then ? no sign they will. What if the story is in a multitude of quests/ events to follow? And some will be focused on a planet's specific problems, so we will stay close during the quest. But others will be about treasures to hunt through space and back, people to retrieve, to track down, to stop, to help, or about other things. That would be interesting. ideas ?
  69. One Theme in bge2 could be "food". Not so much games use food for the interaction with other people. I think it would be difficult to create scenes where people eat and talk. (Sound or different mouth like chark and monkey) But it will give an great athmosphere. Or the scenes are before or after eating in an restaurant / on the homebase. The waiter comes with the food, (Shark got fish, the pig got potatoes etc. Musik, talking about the next quest or the last battle Multiplayer session of one coop-partner). What about food some animal needs (koala-bear need eukaliptus) but the evil corp change genetic code and they had to buy it there etc.... About the Multiplayer/Singelplayer modus I belive in you that it will be fine. Singel player is sure important for me. I love the Multiplayer in Watchdogs 2 where you could decide and start a coop mission or interact. That was cool. Hope I could help a little bit. And no "pay to win" ;-) Thank you for your love to games ...
  70. I'm pumped for that character builder.. GIMME!! Can we talk about the music for this game? I'm out of left field with this right now, but every time I hear this song I feel like it would fit in perfectly with the vibe BGE2 is giving:
    1. I'd say this is somewhat close, but BG&E2 centers more around Indian and Chinese influences just like the original had a prevalent hispanic motif.
  71. François Martin
    I have been intrigued by Beyond Good & Evil 2 when I first saw it during the E3 conference in june. Now I am more than interested and I was wondering if there was any open application possible to join the team and help to bring this project to life. Love your work, keep it up, François
  72. Spritelikeguy
    I have something to say. Looking at this game was amazing I hope that it will come out but after watching the discussion I just have to say something. Don’t forget what made bge good. The combat the races and the flying combat. But I think you guys might have forgot the ground combat. Pirates also use fist ya know and swords.
  73. So I was just curious on something and hopefully this could happen somehow but I'm not sure. If you start from the "ground up" then you literally are. If you start from the ground there might be a lot of "low life" people and in there somewhere is there a way that a fighting ring could be placed that would invite other gamers to a type of fight night environment where you could place bets and make some money and xp? I think it would be awesome along with all of the amazing things you have done already.
    1. thats a really great idea ! and since you're putting bets in the game maybe extend it to space races or other games or things to compete in !
      1. Yeah I could imagine like a race involving an asteroid field and you have to drift through it. Or a city race where you have to dodge other vehicles.
  74. I am in full support of what you are all doing! The project seems to be what I have been waiting for ever since I looked into the stars as a kid and a gamer. My biggest outstanding question/suggestion that I would like to contribute, is I see a lot of African native animal hybrids, are there plans to expand farther beyond these? I personally would love to see a wider variety of hybrids, like various types of birds, like hawks or eagles that could have been made to be pilots, or Peacocks that might fulfill more of a pleasure role.... Chameleon hybrids that were corporate spies, snake hybrids that were meant for sewage maintenance(slithering through pipes), Octopus hybrids, for some reason I see them being great chefs with all those hands... I would also love to see Kangaroo hybrids, mostly because a Space Kangaroo Jack would be HILARIOUS, but also I see them as being great bodyguards. Lizard or Frog hybrids would make great window cleaners. That last thing I want to mention... That I will probably REALLY, REALLY, REEEEAAALLY regret saying... Is what about bug hybrids? There can be plenty of reasons for creation. For example exploration of caves, trash cleaners(or eaters? eww...) also possibly for armies... My biggest fear, but I think it would be a thrilling experience, would be bug armies, and it could even be an experiment gone wrong by a defunct scientist. Just imagine going to some remote cave in a planet because some clue lead you there, and you get attacked by hybrid wasps, or centipedes, or any other combination of nasty creepy crawlies... But thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope it helps stimulate some new ideas and perspectives!
  75. Hi BGE Team. I just have to say you guys have some of the most beautiful music I've heard since Halo!! I know that that is a strange thing for me to take away from the live stream, but I have to hear more. Can you guys put just one of those songs onto YouTube or do a video about the music or something like that? It's so beautiful.
  76. BrownieGirl94
    I'm looking forward to this beautiful game and the character creation is looking amazing! I might be on the creation menu for hours if we can build like that, and If we can I wonder how many animal hybrid species we can go through in the end... monkeys, sharks, tigers, rhinos, crocodiles, pigs, and maybe more! Customizing the spaceships will be nice too I'm looking forward to customizing the large spaceship if its in game when completed too. I wonder how many buildings we can enter, how many people we can interact with and what outfits we can go through and how we can obtain them. This game sounds so exiting cant wait to see the end result and to see whats in store for the future! I love the art, love the music, love the world and characters keep up the great work!!! <3
  77. i saw the E3 trailer and the gameplay and holly shit this looks like it has A LOT of potential this could be the greatest game ever. PLEASE DO YOUR BEST.
  78. Fantastic stream I hope we can see the limits of the species we can choose to play as via character creation
  79. Really liking what I have seen so far in this video. One of the vibes I've gotten in building the pirate crew is really reminiscent of Skies of Arcadia (Sega Genesis and GameCube) and a little bit of Radiata Stories (PS2). Those games involve a lot of recruiting the right crew to do the right job, one also involving being an air pirate crew :). If you are looking for some extra sources of inspiration, those may help you out! On the more modern side, Mass Effect has a similar crew building mechanism. Please don't lose the sight of building deep characters in BGE2 as well. Options for crew are fantastic, but if there are a lot of options that are shallow, we end up with many shallow options instead of fewer deep options.
  80. McFinkleberry12
    When do you think you will have a release date Ubisoft?
  81. PsychicPencil
    All of this looks good. Now if you can just confirm this for the Nintendo Switch that would be awesome
  82. Most people best experience with pirate games is assassin creed 3 (wich was great) how ever mine was sid myers pirates how do you stop boarding and raiding from being a repetitive task, like how sand box is it can u single handedly take out a whole ship if your sneaky enough, is their benefits for boarding rather then just destroying a ship. Also why sid myers was amazing for me was cause aside from the story bosses their where bosses just lurking around the map which changed the way i played cause i wanted to pick and choose my battle depending on how far i made it in the game (like accidentally running into black beard) will bge2 implant stuff like that. also will there be a BOUNTY SYSTEM!?!?!?!?!
  83. Cant wait for the next!
  84. Cant wait for the next one of these!
  85. BigBaByStaebs
    If we had the ability to skate, oe even better yet operate a jetpack hoverboard type vehicle you would win over so many people. LETS SHRED IT
    1. is there some news on when the next episode will come out? and YESSS PLEASE to BigBaByStaebs post. It would be so fun to skate around on a modern hydraulic or maybe hover skateboard: i imagine making a hybrid turtle character, just like Michelangelo from TMNT. Delivering Pizza on a skateboard while looking for trouble.
  86. i only just now watched this live stream, but wow. some of the best art i've seen ever. truly you guys are some of the best artist i've ever seen, but everything you say makes me certain that the game is going to be terrible. I mean come on, you were asked if the game was going to be liner or non-liner and the CD said both. you can't have both a game can only be one or the other and this game is sooo far from the source material that i really hope you call it something like Space monkeys, or Beyond good and evil: pirates. just please distance yourself from the game that brought so many people joy since this is going to be nothing like that game.

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