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Space Monkey Program

Space Monkeys – Crash Test with the Team


Through the Space Monkey Program, we are inviting passionate and engaged members of the community to participate in the development of Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Join all the Space Monkeys on the dev team – and around the world – to crash-test, discuss and inspire everything from character design, to cultural influences, to the flight controls on our massive star-faring vessels…  We want you by our side at the earliest stages of development and throughout production to take part in the adventure!

Knox is our inspiration for the program… Like the very first Space Monkeys sent to ‘pave the way for man’ in the 1950s, Knox is one of the thousands of human-animal hybrids created in corporate labs to serve humans in their conquest of distant solar systems in the 24th century. Now that Knox is a free hybrid (an epic tale for another day…), our fearless space monkey is always up for crash-testing new stuff with his crew – often with hilarious results!

So buckle up and join us. The greatest adventures are shared ones!


The Space Monkey Program (SMP) logo is a spin-off of the symbol that decorates the massive star-faring vessel we see in the Beyond Good and Evil 2 E3 Announcement trailer. It features the skull of an ape, which Knox claims belongs to one of his ‘cousins.’ Knox says she slaved on a System 3 corporation (AKA “Corpse”) merchant ship, before leading one of the first-known hybrid mutinies in the System… up until she got tossed out of the airlock!

We want to hear from you! Join the Space Monkey Program today to stay on top of the latest news and make Beyond Good and Evil our greatest adventure!


253 thoughts on “Space Monkeys – Crash Test with the Team

  1. Trying to join the program but the server load is real!
    1. Ragazzi sto piangendo. Questa è la mia Vita. Beyond Good and Evil è tutta la mia vita. Attualmente ho 18 anni, da quando ne ho 6 sono appassionata di Beyond. Quando mi è arrivata la notizia che non sarebbe mai stato creato un prequel ero disperata. Adesso mi avete ridato una Speranza. Vi prego non abbandonate questo sogno di videogioco
  2. It's awesome to see that this game was finally announced and that it has a program like this so the very excited, passionate fan-base of this game can help shape it into the product we all wanted when we were younger. Thank you ubisoft, Michel Ancel, and the Montpellier development team!
  3. Christopher McGillick
    Beyong Good & Evil is the ONLY PS2 game I still own...I don't even have a PS2 anymore, I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it! let's gert this website working so I can register with you guys, eh? BTW, I am excite.
    1. It's the same to me. I have the game but no ps2 anymore ^^
      1. All the same ah ah !
        1. Jepp but on the gamecube here haha
    2. Went through the same sort of thing - I re-bought an original xbox (btw what do we call those things now 'xbox a'??) just so I could play BGE1. Kept it until the HD version was relased on 360, which I am currently playing again.
  4. Richard Oakes
    it wont let me sign up :(
  5. can't sin-up error Http/1.1 Service Unavailable
    1. Space Monkey Team
      We were experiencing some technical issues - sorry about that. Please try again to sign up, we'd really like to have your input!
  6. The signup seems to be broken? Literally nothing happens when I press the button.
  7. Would love to sign up but I keep getting an error. :(
  8. Hello to the development team. My name is Jack Hincenbergs a recent Sheridan animation grad who is very passionate of the art form of video games. I have expirence with game testing at my school with working collaboratively with up and coming game designers from Sheridan's first year of grads from the the game design program. I love experiencing all aspects of game design. Anything from the animation, art design, sound design, interaction, game mechanics, and most importantly how fun it is! Loved the trailer and it looks like this game is going to be something special best of luck to all you guys we are all rooting for you. Jack Hincenbergs
  9. hoping this is a story driven mmorpg not just an mmo with quests...
    1. paragonemerald
      I'm pretty sure this isn't an mmo...
    2. It will not be a MMO at all but there will be some multiplayer content :)
    3. I hope the same: a STORY-DRIVEN game. It is kind of scary to know that the universe is going to be procedurally generated. Please, we don't want another "No Man's Sky".
      1. the universe isn't going to be procedurally generated, they are just randomly generating the planets during game development to speed up the process.
      2. Hopefully it's more like Shadow Warrior 2, than No Man's Sky. Story and Missions don't change but the world is procederally generated. Why? Who Cares, keeps the file-size small!
    4. Hoping there is no online component whatsoever, despite the horrific announcements, so it can actually be a sequel to Beyond Good & Evil. If Ubisoft needs its own Overwatch, it can surely make one, but not put the BG&E brand on it.
      1. It's more like Star Citizen, than Overwatch but with the online I hope it's my like a co-op campaign than an MMO with too much grinding.
      2. Sierra_Mist67
        I'm really looking forward to the online aspect of it actually, it could be a lot of fun. I do hope there is a strong storyline, but also it will be really cool to have the customization aspect of it and maybe assemble a ship/crew full of your friends and battle other crews.
  10. Realy looking forward to this. You set up a good mood for the. Loving the fact that knox has a british accent. I'll happy to help make the bestf it can be. I could see that this is really a passion project that must taken some effort to get through the pipeline. Good luck.
  11. Stephen Coffman
    A note about Harmony (please read): Dear Michel Ancel, I remember almost 15 years ago hearing about an amazing game, Beyond Good and Evil. However, I was younger and never picked up a copy. About 6 months ago, I heard rumors Beyond Good and Evil 2 would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. I was intrigued, so I decided to buy a copy of the original game on GameCube to be prepared for the rumored Switch version. I have completely fallen in love with your masterpiece. It has become one of my favorite games of all time. I greatly congratulate you. Somehow, a 15 year old game on outdated hardware has recently captured me, and makes me emotional just thinking about it. I understand your tears. However, The trailer Ubisoft showed today was lacking the harmony of the original game. One of the reasons I wanted to watch the Ubisoft E3 conference was because I was hopeful there would be some sort of news relating to Beyond Good and Evil 2. When the trailer started, I was intrigued at first - there were flying cars, animals who talked - "Could this be..." I thought. But then I was shown a woman with very disproportionate breasts without a shirt, and was bombarded with obscene vulgarity. I soon after this muted the trailer and thought to myself - "This is not Beyond Good and Evil 2. This is just another M rated game which paints women as objects for porn addicts and survives by vulgarity thrills." After promptly muting the trailer, I went on to work on some homework for college. At the end of the trailer, while the video was muted, I saw in the corner of my eye the words "Beyond Good and Evil 2." I was floored. How is it possible that an almost 15 year old game on outdated hardware has been able to capture my attention in 2017? Harmony. Sweet harmony. The original Beyond Good and Evil had beautiful harmony. The story is based around a strong, beautiful young woman, and Jade is not a porn object to look at. Jade is beautiful, and she is a real person. Beyond Good and Evil does not seek cheep thrills by throwing in vulgarity and pornography (as many mediocre games do). But rather, it captures its players by immersing us in a beautiful world, filled with beautiful scenarios, vast landscapes, beautiful characters, and evil villains. Castles, dungeons, and a feeling of adventure and stealth accompany you as you journey through the wonderful land of Hyllis. The music was also beautiful, and correctly matched the different areas of the story and game. This is how the original Beyond Good and Evil rivals Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I understand Ubisoft might have insisted such content be included in the trailer to attract more thrill seeking eyes. But Michel, please - do not loose your vision and dream of what Beyond Good and Evil means. Yes, this game has meaning. Games do make money, but we both know they are more than that. I know what you are capable of. Your games are filled with beautiful harmony, and it means a lot to me and millions of other gamers. Do not fall into the temptation many developers fall into; a game does not need cheep thrills to be great. A clean game with excellent harmony will be forever classic and remembered. Zelda: Breath of the Wild will probably be universally crowned as 2017's game of the year. Why do you think this is?
    1. “This is not Beyond Good and Evil 2. This is just another M rated game which paints women as objects for porn addicts and survives by vulgarity thrills.” Well the character she serves is a pig what could you expect ? for him to choose an average girl with no prohimient feature ? and i'm really sorry for you if your focus the entire on this trailer was on boobs and on what a monkey is saying. You have failed to see the beauty of the scenery and the greatness of the music.
    2. Buddy, you have to watch the enterity of something before passing judgement. You missed the entire end of the trailer, wich had that harmony you're speaking of. The characters want to escape that world, to find freedom, true freedom. The end music is absolutely beautiful. There is a Jade-like character at the end of the trailer, wich isnt sexualized at all, and you would have noticed it, if you BOTHERED to watch. I'm telling you. Swallow your pride, rewatch the entire trailer, and analyse deeper than just: there was a female acting as a whore in the beginning.
    3. 1. There were multiple women in the trailer and only a single one was a tad bit sexualised, which is fine, people like that do exist. 2. You haven't played the game yet. 3. The swearing in this trailer was NOT over the top, but rather authentic, in my opinion. Criminals curse. Especially angry criminals. So I don't see anything wrong with that. The characters in the game are not high-society, or even middle class, so why should they behave like that ? I am really looking forward to this game and I know that Michel Ancel and every single person in the team will create something wonderful, like they always do. I believe in them.
      1. We should not have to be subject to vulgar language to be able to play a game !!!!!!!
    4. I have to bring a bit of a counter to this... I felt the new cinematic trailer had a great sense of harmony to it. The world design, the colorful characters, it all had me hooked in 30 seconds. Heck, I didn't even realize how much swearing there was until about halfway in... I was just enjoying Knox's antics so much (and Shani's). It may not have been a serene style of serenity like that of the prior game but it felt great. Especially the calm flyby sequence as they were preparing to deliver the 'map' disc. As for comments on sexualization... that lady that you claim 'had no shirt' was wearing a more traditional style of Asian dress (the name escapes me at the moment) and she works as a madam in a seedy part of the underworld of the city (based on the trailer) Shani on the other hand has a very interesting look and not once, did I, or anyone else I know remotely think the game was being sexist. We were watching characters behave like the colorful characters they were. There is nothing wrong with what was shown in the trailer and I doubt we have anything to worry about with characters like these being turned solely into 'sex objects' I think the feel from this trailer explores a different side of the world we got to know in the original and as a prequel I'm looking forward to how it sets up that foundation. (as it appears that the other 'system' in this game represents one filled with more chaos and trouble than the one presented in the future). My advice to the devs is to remember everything in moderation. Don't show what doesn't need to be shown, keep the language relevant to the characters and situations. Let them build a living world.
    5. You completely missed the point of this trailer. There is harmony. Everywhere to find. The harmony lies in the relationship between the characters, their collaboration, their shared passion and dreams. And the music, oh the music and the world, oh the world. This is as faithul to the original as it gets.
    6. I've been waiting for a new BG&E since 2005, but now I have exactly the same feelings as Stephen. Couldn't have said it better.
    7. Wow, it's suprising how many negative comments this post got. I actually did watch the entire trailer, but the last part was much better than the first. I found the swearing and sexualized women distasteful. The second part was much better, and held true to the original game. But, that's the thing - when the full game comes out, I don't want to be constantly thinking - "It was great, except these parts..." I want to be blown away by the entire game, like the original.
      1. I was gonna say what wonderboy96 said, diversity.Somehow I find it hard to believe you are not under age to be honest because of the way you write..but anyway I played the game when I was 9-10 on the XBOX.The major thing that grabbed my attention was the depth of each character's personality.Even the common citizen's.Thing is the game was symbolic and it depicted problems of our today's society-you would see republicans,protestants,evil ruling the world and such.What they're doing here is pushing it beyond I'd say by expanding the messages they want to give.I don't even want to comment on the ''woman with very disproportionate breasts without a shirt''...umm yea..but they are showing drugs,abuse-push it a bit more and it does show male superiority as well.Ya got that right.But do you actually think they're trying to provoke that?That;s like saying game of thrones provokes men to have savage sex just cuz khal drogo did.But no the writer was just bold enough to tackle that problem by showing the emotions surrounding a raped woman.And if you think swearing is new to this series then I recommend going back to the 1st game and talking to the shark sapiens in the bar/ghetto.Definitely feels like a ghetto.Don't go in a ghetto.Anyway I do have high hopes for this game hope we all have fun :D
        1. The way he wrote?
    8. Let's hope that they keep this kind of diversity. It's a multicultural game, I want everything to be as vast as possible. References from all around the world. And the same goes for the swearing thing or the breasts, that's variety.
    9. I agree with you on the language to a point. The swearing did seem out of character with the original and overused. I think a well placed obscenity can be funny but so can a bleep. If the final game has a audio obscenity filter as a choice I could live with that (Brutal Legend did this btw). My initial reaction to the skimpy clothed madam was similar; definately not the game I grew up playing and hence a bit of a suprise - however I accept that this is not the game I loved and will be different. Looking forward to it just the same.
    10. I was actually afraided that this game is gonna be open universe more then anything. Not that I have a problem with that, it's just that if we gonna make alot of planets and alot of cities in those planets, the focuse of the design will shift to make this game more open world. This scares me because like alot of Ubisoft's open worlds, the enviorment and the cities will be less detailed and more bland. they will become forgettable. Almost all of the areas in the original Beyond Good And Evil are small, but they have insane amount of detail. The world is more alive when you focuse on these small areas. When a massive Ubisoft open world game comes out, the enviorment and the details are sure to be bland, because they have and suppose to have alot of content. I know that you are worried about all of this stuff, but I think that the game would benefited from an open world But Not as Massive as you promoted in the trailers.
    11. I agree 100% vulgar language and nudity is not needed to make a great game. I also was looking forward to this game !! Then I heard the language in the trailer I was very disappointed. I love video games and have been playing ever since the first video game came out. Yes I am 68 years old and am still playing games. Please don't mess this game up. Why can't you put the ability in to turn off the bad language ? If you don't I'm afraid I won't be buying it. It looks like an awesome game that I would love to play but not if it has that kind of language !!!!
      1. While I am not bothered if there is foul language in the game or not, I agree that an option to censor it is a good idea. Maybe two scripts? One with the foul language, one without. Instead of just a bleep to censor.
    12. You sir, fucked up bad.
    13. I can agree. Game shouldn't be changed in a way was shown in a trailer. The first one wasn't about action. It was about story, about emotions. I don't need another GTA, I need another masterpiece. In the other way, I miss Jade and I'm looking forward to see her sometime.
  12. Can't wait to join the Space Monkey Program and know more about this amazing game. The best of the E3 by far! However it is impossible to Sign Up because after trying to log in with my Ubisoft account it takes forever loading. Any help? Thanks and congratulations for the outstanding presentation of the game!
    1. Space Monkey Team
      Please try again to sign up - we were experiencing some technical difficulties. We'd love to have you share the adventure with us!
      1. On board :) ! Thanks!
      2. You got to scrap the foul language. If not, it'll be like a giant being dropped on this work of art. If Star Wars had this disgusting language it would never have been as iconic as it is today. Don't be so foolish and drop the foul language now before the real fans loose interest. Please!
  13. I waited 8 years
  14. Vinayak Tambe
    In the Trailor, All stuff works good.
  15. This is awesome!! Keep up the good work guys!!
  16. Not able to signup, when are you gonna fix it?
    1. Try again now! I've just been able to :)
  17. Uplaylog.php gets stuck whilst trying to register. Anyone else find this or know of a fix / workaround?
    1. Space Monkey Team
      We had some technical problems, but should be fixed now. Please try again so that you can join us on this adventure!
      1. You keep saying that you "had" technical problems but they should be fixed now. Unfortunately that is only half true. I had been always using the "Sign Up" link in the HEADER BAR of the main page. This does NOT work! After several tries and posting to your Facebook page, I tried the Sign Up button in the Join Us block on the right Side Bar of the page and yes, that indeed does work. So it seems that you now need to fix the Header Bar Sign Up link to do the same thing. :-) Thanks!
  18. This game looks beyond phenomenal!
    1. What we saw was not gameplay. :-) However, you are correct, what we saw does look beyond phenomenal. However, I firmly believe it is a cinematic trailer and may only minimally reflect actual game play. I will reserve judgement until I do see some actual game play video.
  19. I guess I am either the only one who really wants to be part of this since I have been waiting for the second game to be made for 15 years or I am having issues with the sign up. It wont load after signing in. I just want to know if is it ready or is it being worked on still?
    1. Space Monkey Team
      Please try again to sign up (we unfortunately experienced technical difficulties), we'd love to have you on board!
      1. I still can't sign up. I get to the log in screen for uplay, enter details, click log in, go through the log in process and get stuck on a screen with 3 orange dots. It has been open doing this for about 5 mins now.
        1. Space Monkey Team
          Did you try clearing your cache or using a different browser? The sign-up flow has been changed, so the old problematic one may still be there. If you're still not able to sign up, please contact Support ( so that we can track and help you out. Thanks for your patience!
          1. Got it now, thanks :)
          2. Space Monkey Team
            Great! Welcome to the Space Monkey Program!
      2. Great Did It as soon as I woke up. I cant wait to play as Jade again and to find out about Pey'j. YAY!
  20. keep getting the loading screen :(
  21. I WANT TO BE A SPACE MONKEY But the website hasn't worked since the announcement. :/ Please, I need this
    1. Space Monkey Team
      Have you been able to sign up? We had some technical problems, but it should be fixed now. We'd love to have your input!
      1. I've managed to sign up (I think) two or three days after the announcement. It currently says I'm on a waiting list; is that as far as it goes? Thanks
    2. The space monkey program is little more than a mailing list and maybe a message board down the line. As for anyone who is actually excited just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and say remember -- Ubisoft. Don't the games producers realize there's such a thing as too much hype? The biggest mistake this game can make (already made) is to make promises it can't deliver on, at release instead of focusing on what works people will be blinded but unrealistic expectations. You would have thought the industry has learned some lessons from No Mans Sky, Mass Effect Andromeda, or the original Watch Dogs, or The Division. The studio probably even believe​s it's own hype right now, let's see how they feel in 18 months when they're​ up against a deadline and nothing works like it's supposed to.
      1. brandon kolenda
        there is no deadline no release date and no announced console yet so 18 months lol man we're looking at least 2 year. they have time and money so after 15 years I doubt they will rush this game especially being one of their most beloved ip. keep up the good work guys can't wait to play but it will be worth the wait
  22. For anyone wondering why they are stuck at the loginpage there. Jup it is bugged but it works on Firefox. I hope this will be fixed soon. Sooner than the reveal of the game at least :D I waited to hardcore on this, expectations are high as said at E3. Seems like the website is not that rdy yet. However I would really like being a help here, as I have never seen a game that has no bugs :D I find ehm.
  23. I've been trying to join the space monkey program since you announced it! Anyway, I can get in? Can you get my info from this comment and enroll me in the waiting list?
    1. Space Monkey Team
      We had some technical problems, but it should be working now. Sorry about that, but we'd love to have you on board so please try again to sign up.
  24. Hey guys, Extremely excited about this upcoming project from the Beyond series, however, I cannot join the Space Monkey Program! When I press the button on the next page nothing happens. Cheers and thank you so much for creating insane amounts of anticipation! Travis Bateman
    1. Space Monkey Team
      Please try again to sign up since it should be working now after some initial technical difficulties. We'd love to have you in the SMP!
      1. Travislbateman
        Thank guys, So excited for this!!! Keep up the great work fellas, Just curious, how long has part 2 been in development? Hopefully, a while which means plenty of CONTENT =)
  25. And I'm in :'D what's in the program captain?
    1. crazyLoudmouth
      And I'm signed up now =D great!
  26. Anthony Nicholson
    I've been trying to sign up and it keeps freezing and shutting down I'd like to be apart of the program but I can't sign up
  27. Can you say what Platforms the game is coming to I only have a PS4 and PC so if it's not for those platforms it's not worth me signing up for the program if I'm unable to play. thanks for any info you can give for this.
  28. As my first action as a spaced monkey. I humbly (read ; begging on hands and knees) ask that BGE2 remember the single-player offline gamers. BGE has the kind of story I want to be able to share and play long after servers and online components are gone.
  29. BraveFencerZan
    It's lookin' good! This Space Monkey is ready to crash-test!
  30. I'm excited to possibly help shape BG&E2 and keep up to date of it's progression. I hope it won't end up like 1191AD (Ubi's fan based Assassin's creed adverting pyramid scheme)
  31. The link isn't working properly. When I click on it, it just says that no page has been found. Anyone's having the same issue?
  32. Hello from Germany ☺ it’s mind blowing. Unbelievable love and atmosphere. Is was like a ride on an epic emotion super rocket . I watch it now for the 10 time in 4k . And yes I’m a Man in 27 years old and I got years in my eyes. Beautiful. The mixed art of human and the animal is amazing the characteristic parts of the nature from animal and human being together in an absolute artful and living world with other worlds to explore (*.*) I love the futuristic city atmosphere mixed all living creatures together. It’s authentic. It’s full of love. Can’t wait to be a part of this dream . Sorry for my bad English and all the best to the team from Ubisoft they build the dream of every gamer . Greats Pitt from Duesseldorf Germany
  33. Please don't ruin this great story with forced online play.
  34. Bro, I'm already booked and boarded on the hype train for this game. Can't wait to see this game for how it really looks!
  35. From the moment I saw a hybrid pig, I knew what was coming. I have had many ideas about creating my own sci-fi world, but realistically I can't see them coming to fruition any time soon (I am currently a business manager in a bank). BGE came out when I was at university and although I only got round to playing it several years later, I had screenshots from the game on my old iBook because it had a certain unique magic to it and i knew that when I finally got round to playing it, it would be right up my street. I can tell from the the genuine emotion that you guys brought on stage that this has been a passion project and not yet another sterile purportedly 'epic' cash cow the likes of which I have become increasingly disenamoured with in recent years. The videogames industry (like other creative industries) suffers from too many shareholder/investor-driven hype machines and (aside from a few notable exceptions who have the guts to hold off shipping a game before it's finished) I find myself only buying a select few titles at launch and only playing games that I know have lived up to expectations. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I imagine there are a large number of people who watched that trailer and thought.. so what.. why is this guy nearly in tears? But I get it. E3 magic is pretty thin on the ground these days but in some respects I'm glad that this gem will have been lost on a large group of people. Noobs. They'll see soon enough. I would love to be a part. Thanks for bringing the magic and seriously well done for keeping this under wraps.
  36. I can't load the Space Monkeys sign-up page. When I try I'm getting the error "Cette page n'existe pas :( Rien n'a été trouvé à cette adresse, vous pouvez retourner sur l'accueil ou faire une recherche"
  37. seeyouinrayman4
    Mister Ancel you are a genious ! I am proud to be french ! Thank you
  38. I waited and had hopes for this for all these years. I thought hmmm maybe this year they show BGE2... and it happened! Oh my god thank you sooo much!!!
  39. Excellent reveal, loved the emotion and passion for the game at E3, long time Beyond Good And Evil Fan and anxiously waiting to to help test the game and hear more news on gameplay and whats to come. Keep up the good work!!!!!
  40. I think like everyone else in the gaming world, I'm excited to returning to the world of BGE!
  41. Thank you for the announcement and development of this amazing game. I'd be so happy to be apart of this program and i'm looking forward to pre-ordering this game. It's been so long since I got the first Beyond Good & Evil and I loved the game right from the start. The trailer for this new game looks epic and I think it's gonna be a great hit.
  42. May I ask. Is the chance higher to get picked if you sign up earlier? This would be the first time to test a game outside of EarlyAccess and some workshopmaps for contests. I also wonder but I guess won't get a answer to any of the following things: The game seems to be at a playable state or at least partialy as we saw a small bit of 'gameplay' at E3 in the background. Since there was not a lot shown(Gameplay) this probably means there needs to be more refinement and or it is key to keep information secret. What I'm really afraid of is a always on connection to the web that is needed. I swear that hold me back on many games. But I somehow expect an good solution and playing with friends is a thing which surprised me... a lot. However you make this happen, pls do not post a big fat message on screen that I have been disconnected and avoid content extras from being tied to the webconnection. > Community will fix this if that happens right? :D From what it looked like character creation is a thing then? Personal guess, one of the female characters shown is related to Jade. To early to jump to a solid conclusion^^ I played the original a lot, like probably any other that signed up like... on the first hours. I'm here to help and hell I'm sure I'll bring a ton of good suggestions to the table. I wonder tho any chance we get somekind of ETA for the program to fully launch the thing out some testers? I would really love to help and if it's about keeping the secrets... I already had to sign 2 secrecy in the past, so I'm in for another if there is one. And as said in an earlier post at the time the login was flawed, I havn't seen any game yet without bugs and I'm always happy to help by reporting those as I feel so many just don't report it. Maybe even translation reports? You tell me then I guess. Please don't pass on me even tho I guess there are too many that want to be testers, helpers. I have a whole summer(at least) to spend just on that.
  43. Fifteen years ! I loved the first BGE and i'm really happy this beautiful return. It's a pleasure to participate for helping to build this second journey !
  44. 希望有更多的中国玩家参与到这款令人心动的游戏的初期测试当中,如果可以请给我一个测试的机会。
  45. Travislbateman
    Registration worked! I would be extremely stoked to test and give feedback (and I'm sure everyone else would love to). as I have experience in the game industry dishing out plenty of feedback, bug reports, and feature ideas. I am a surfer but I'm also a video game freak and Beyond G&E 2 excites me more than anything I've seen over the past decade (not exaggerating). I have been a huge fan of Scifi and to see this is coming to next-next gen is ridiculous! I have a high-end PC as well so testing shouldn't be a problem.! I'd love to chat about alpha plans and dates when you're ready Thank you! Travis Bateman
  46. A really nice reval! I'm excited to it! I just really hope the multiplayer mode won't ruin the singleplayer experience (gameplay and story). I hope it won't be "invasive"...
  47. computerfreakwe
    It is so great that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is really happening! I really hope that BG&E2 will live up to all the hype!
  48. I honestly cannot wait to see more about this game. I REAAAAALLLLLY want a shirt with the logo
  49. guest-4o5kxKR2
    Here's hoping that this is mostly a single player game with great story and characters and that the multiplayer isn't all this game is.
  50. I hope beyond hope this is a character driven action adventure, and not some sort of No Man's Sky/Star Citizen vast online nothing. I know Ubisoft built a reputation for the "zoom out to reveal multiplayer" game trailers, but characterization was 90% of Beyond Good and Evil's appeal, and I can only hope that's as obvious as it seems.
  51. I hope we'll get answers on the original ending of BGE one way or another ...
  52. I'm not sure how or why, But I didn't see an option for a platform, and I'm signed up for PC. Is there a way to switch this? I can't find one.
    1. Space Monkey Team
      Thanks for signing up to be a Space Monkey! The platform selection is just part of the standard signup process, but it's not indicative of current or future BGE2 platforms.
      1. Thanks for the reply. I understand what you're saying, but the problem is that I was not presented with a platform choice upon signing up for the program. I'm on the PC list, but I doubt my PC is capable of doing anything remotely useful. Had i been presented with a choice (which appears to have been working later) then I would've picked Xbox. There's no point in me being a part of the Space Monkey Program if I can't switch from PC to Xbox.
    Ubi Montpellier fierté Française, fierté du Sud Ouest ! Vive votre DA, elle arrive à capter la european touch qu'on voit assez rarement dans les jeux vidéo aujourd'hui. J''espère que Christophe Heral sera de la partie pour nous pondre des musiques encore meilleures que celles des niveaux des coffres de Rayman. J'espère pouvoir faire partie de la béta. Vive le terroir.
  54. So Michel says the target platforms are "bugged". When can we expect a final confirmation for those?
  55. Stephen Carroll
    Hyped the original. Bought it day one. Waited fourteen years. Cried buckets when the music kicked in. Please don't change Knox. I love him as is.
  56. Wow the trailer is awesome and very funny:) I can't wait to help you in creating this amazing adventure,sure that it will be the best one ever seen (I'm only not sure if partecipate the beta...I wouldn't ruin the surprise) So,thank you for your work and for make beyond good and evil 2 real P.s. I think there is a problem with the survey I can't vote
  57. BG&E was the first game that really made me realized that video games can be so much more than just a fun time. It can be art at its highest form. Hopefully, BG&E2 can repeat this feat. And if you believe that feedbacks from a graphic designer/illustrator can help, I will be happy to help! -Maxime Bourgeois
  58. Hi. This game sounds amazing.
  59. Is this game about being a space pirate? If so that would be the best.
  60. TheHaggardNerd
    I need this in my life. I LOVED BGE1 and I am SO excited that you guys announced BGE2. I'd love to include BGE2 on my youtube channel (search TheHaggardNerd), and I'd love to help test this game if I could. Thanks so much for doing this. I will absolutely be buying this game on launch.
  61. I'm really excited that BGE is getting a sequel just remember to take your time and know your limits.. I've seen many projects that uses fan input ends up becoming too ambitious that adding promised features become a mess and forced to rush out a bad product (i.e. No Man Sky). Here's hoping that BGE2 can meet fans expectations and critics alike. Good luck you guys!
  62. xxx-jester-xxx
    Very few times have I ever seen a trailer for a game and become at least curious about it. Even fewer times have I seen a trailer for a game which I have never heard of and instantly become enthusiastic about it - this would be the latter. This would be my first foray into any aspect of video game creation, aside from the occasional invited beta test. I look forward to being allowed to participate in this game, in any fashion, shape, or form, if permitted to.
    1. Space Monkey Team
      Glad to have you on board, Space Monkey!
  63. I think this is an excellent idea. Some game journalists compare this game to NMS, due to its star system creation (not sure if the term 'procedural' is being used yet), but hopefully with the SMP...the lack of user involvement and input that crippled Hello Games, will avoided and mistakes and misdirection will be avoided at the very early stages of development. Can't wait to join you on this journey!
    Looking forwards to it
  65. Can't wait to see more <3 This was my perfect E3 Moment! Waiting for 15 years now... Well done Ubisoft! Well done! You totally flashed me ;-)
  66. Awesome trailer and developer diary. I love the depth of character which was displayed in all aspects from music to architecture and of course the characters themselves.. Looking forward to seeing the game. Loved the first one.
  67. PurpleWhiteJade
    I cannot wait to participate! Registered as a long time patient fan; ready for thos game since the ending of BG&E.
  68. Can't wait for this game. Completed the original 3 times.
  69. I like travelling and it's really cool to explore new places and meet new people. So I think I can do it with the help of BGE :) I look forward to the second part of the game of my childhood Thank you *)
  70. It was a very good trailer and I hope this game from three years (I have 16 years old). So thank you very much for this trailer and this future game. (Sorry for my Bad level of English :-)
  71. I always wished for a real, solid Sci-Fi game, but we never got one, at least not one that really gave players what tey wanted from a Sci-Fi game. With BG&E2 though, it looks like we may be finally getting one. Michel and his team are known for making unique and fun games! I will try the best I can to support this project and be an active Space Monkey.
  72. Understand the game is some way off, but absolutely loved that trailer. As someone who grew up with 2000AD rather than Marvel or manga, you really captured the gritty, irreverent style of old-school euro sci-fi. If the game reflects the style of the trailer, then it will be a world I would love to get lost in. Sure us Space Monkeys will do whatever we can to help you realise your vision :)
  73. theJeffBarker
    This looks amazing! Sadly I am one of the 'uninitiated' - I do own a copy of the BG&E remaster on Xbox 360, but have not yet played it...but now I have to, seeing as I've just signed up to the SMP program (the fact that I have to play BG&E now is not a bad thing). Oh, where can I get an SMP t-shirt from?! Those things are doooooope! ;) Can't wait to see/read/hear more! Well done Michel and Ubisoft Montpellier team!
  74. It's great to see Beyond Good and Evil back after so many years! My favorite game ever! But please, we don't want a space mmo. We want a more linear and story focus game. Also, it's not neccesary to include such a strong language.
  75. Do not let us create your own character just to make one unique character. Like a geralt with a witch. If we make our own character then it will be gray without character.
  76. atheifos-ikos
    Will the game be available in nintendo switch?.... in my opinion, considering that the first game came out in gamecube as a clear sign of Nintendo's support for the franchise, it would be a detail by the team and ubisoft that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be part of the Switch Game Catalog.
  77. Can't waite for this game. And I feel like Dakini might be Jades mother :D
    1. or aunt, who knows lolz. but yeah same I want to play it already. :D
  78. I loved the first part already...have been waiting so long for life is complete now :D
    1. not yet!! you need to play it first!!!
  79. Daddydemon669
    The word awesome can't even begin to describe the excitement I'm feeling. I hope all remastered BGE is released before 2.
  81. Dudes! WTF! Where is my Nintendo Switch Release!!! It's showing only PC, PS4 and Xbone!!! What is with this rumor about an Nintendo Switch Eclusive in the first year!!! Stupid Ubisoft! LIER! "Laura Kate @LaurakBuzz BGE2 codename is Odyssey. Exclusive to Switch for 12 months only, retail and digital versions. after 12 months digital on PS4 and XB1."
    1. Space Monkey Team
      If you're referring to the platform selection during the SMP sign-up process, it's just part of the standard Ubisoft sign-up process, but it's not indicative of current or future BGE2 platforms.
    2. Yo también quiero una versión de Switch.
  82. A camera would be great, like in the first one i loved playing animal reporters and investigative journalist with an amazing wildlife and dark secrets.
  83. Finally. I loved the 1st game. At the time I was young single and free. Now I have kids, grey hairs and god knows what more. At least my kids will play with me. Seriously I waited for that games. Would be verry cool to be an Mmorpg.
  84. uplaycornsoup
    I had never even heard of this IP before this E3. But it has completely captured me. The world and character was so vibrant, i want to explore this world so bad
  85. I signed up recently to the Space monkey (im on the waiting list right now PC) how should we know if we got invited ?? sorry for my bad english great trailer btw looking forward to this game ...
    1. Space Monkey Team
      If you're commenting on the blog, you're a Space Monkey! Welcome!
  86. Just joined up! Wikkid excited to give my input :D
  87. Nintendo Switch option please: I went to sign up, but I don't have an Xbox One or PS4, and I'm a Mac user... Can I sign up for the Switch? I don't have interest/resources to upgrade to other consoles or change to PC. A Switch option for developing would be ideal. I'm almost done with my computer science bachelors degree too, so I feel I could contribute quite a bit.
    1. Space Monkey Team
      Thanks for signing up to be a Space Monkey! The platform selection is just part of the standard Ubisoft sign-up process, but it's not indicative of current or future BGE2 platforms.
  88. Marvelskyblu93
    Dear Michel Ancel, I just have a desire for this BG&E2: I'd love to play like Dakini. I've seen the trailer, artwork and so on. I have already fallen in love with her, and the name is awesome!!!!
  89. LinkGameradio
    Hello guys, im realy exited by the annoncement of BGE2 and I am sure that it will remembered in the history of video games. BGE is one of my fovorit game and hearing the music at the end of the Trailer litteraly made me cry of emotions so I would like to thank Michel Ancel and all the BGE team for making this game :) I dont know if its the right place to ask it but I have a question: Are the 2 trailers that we got before still related to BGE 2 ? (Im talking about the one where we see Jade escaping the city and the one where she is stuck in a desert with Pey'j). Anyway I love you guys, take all the time you need to develop the game of your dreams, and of my dreams!!
  90. So Michael, so one feature you could add to the game (if it isn´t in it already), is to take inspiration from AC Black Flag naval combat and movies such as "Treasure Planet". If you and your team add some kind of ship or space battles that would be f*****g bananas. Good luck with the game...
  91. RustyTimeWarp76
    I'm so excited about this game, I've just bought a Ps4 pro because i saw your trailer so fingers crossed its on that platform. Finally a game I can connect with and really feel part of, i genuinely feel more excited about this game than i have for anything over the past years! They say more often than not you dont know what your looking for until you have found it .. well I've found it! I genuinely believe that this game will even help humanity to become more accepting, multicultural and enlightened. I Loved watching the production team on E3, you guys seam great.
  92. I've been waiting for a good non fantasy game to dive into...for the love of god don't let me down.
  93. Hi just a question: how does this space monkey sign up work? Will everyone be admitted in or is there a selection process?? Super excited either way though!
    1. Space Monkey Team
      No selection process - if you sign-up, you're in! It's really up to you the level of participation you want to have.
  94. Amazing. It it so amazing. Cant wait to become a part of it
  95. treestandland
    I'm pretty excited for this game, as you can tell, me having signed up and all. The cinematic trailer was great, though generally I feel like CG trailers are a huge tease, but I get that this was more meant to set up the feel and soul of the game for all of us to wrap our heads around more than represent the finished product. What I hope more than anything, and what I think this Space Monkey invitation is already setting into play, is that the studio remains open about the reality of what this game will become as it develops, avoiding hyperbolic and unrealistic promises that will not come to fruition. While I want to play your game right away, I hope you are allowed to take your time with the development and achieve all you set out to do. If you're able to capture half of what you've shown us in the trailer within actual gameplay, I'll be stoked. Always a major concern for me in RPGs, especially with an open world: NPCs. I feel like this would be a perfect platform for pushing npcs to the next level in terms of realism and interactivity. I was watching a Shadow of War commentary and it made me think, it would be awesome to see something like the nemesis system used in a game like Beyond Good and Evil, where even non character npcs have the possibility of building a memory or rudimentary relationship with the playable character. It would be cool to be in one city and have a positive or negative interaction with an npc and then travel to a city on another planet and have a friend or relative of that npc, or the same npc, show up and interact with you based on a decision you made in the past. I don't think I've really seen that done well in an rpg.
  96. Bravo! BG&E is absolutely, without fail, the game that comes to mind every time someone asks me what my favorite game is. The imagination, the beauty, the humor on display in this marvel of a game are truly a wonder to behold. I actually have TWO copies of it on disc, the OXBox AND the GameCube versions, PLUS I own the the HD version on the 360! And, thanks to back-compat, BG&E resides on my XB1 as well, where it enjoys a permanent space pinned to my homepage! I revisit it at least once a year just to tool around Hillys again and reacquaint myself with all the lore and characters, even though I've unlocked every achievement. I truly do not know how many times I've completed this game; definitely, by a HUGE margin, more times than I've played through any other game. I'm currently playing through it again, this time with an audience; I'm sharing it with my niece, and she loves it, too. Whenever she and her mom come visit, I have to stop everything I'm doing and boot BG&E up right away! Not that I mind... And now it's about to continue once again! I must admit, when I first saw the trailer, I didn't know what to think. The vulgarity caught me off guard at first, but I'm 48 now, so that doesn't bother me. Won't be able to share it with my little niece for a while, but I don't mind too much. I am a bit saddened that Jade and Hillys won't be the focus in this one, but I'm willing to give these new characters a try. I'm very excited to, as a matter of fact! Jade's mother will be just as much fun to get to know, I'm sure. And everything else looks fantastic and fun as well! I'm actually a little proud to be a Space Monkey! Thank you for turning my favorite game into a franchise! I can't WAIT to get started on this one! I hope I can be of help as it gestates! Long live BG&E!
  97. I haven't played the original game but I'm really excited to play this one. The trailer was definitely the most fun to watch at e3 and the game looks like it's gonna be just as much fun to play. Please keep The game as cool as it already is.
  98. Just subscribed to the program !! So excited to be a part of this amazing adventure, Beyond good and Evil is definitely one of the most amazing video game experience of my entire life. 14 years of waiting are getting to an end, and I hope to help reaching that finish line !
  99. Im sooooooooo exited for this - can not even find better words to describe how much i would love to play this right now =)
  100. I already want my T-Shirt
  101. Well, I've signed up for the PC version, just on the waiting list now. I am SUPER excited for this! Beyond Good & Evil is literally my most favorite game ever! When Ubisoft had that promotion on a little while ago to get Beyond Good & Evil for free, along with a few other games, I started crying lol! Having the chance to play the second one would make me the happiest person in the world! Thanks, devs, for the opportunity!
  102. I can't wait!! So many years for this and it's finally happening. Every few months I've googled waiting for news. When the previous trailer came out I was so excited. I thought this day might never arrive, but here we are... I can't wait to play the prequel to my favourite game of all time!
  103. This page is a bit confusing to me, it states Knox as both male and female in different sentences. "It features the skull of an ape, which Knox claims belongs to one of his ‘cousins.’" "Knox says she slaved on a System 3 corporation… up until she got tossed out of the airlock!" Or is Knox referring to Shani when it says "she"?
  104. I am just so fucking happy to have a Beyond Good and Evil 2 game!
  105. Great trailer, im mega hyped for the game and now need to start beyond good & evil again.
  106. I cant wait or beta .... please ! This moment waw worth 15 years .. When beta starts ?
  107. As long as I can still get some of those sweet, sweet K-Bups I'll be a happy monkey.
  108. I can't believe you have been able to make a whole new game in Beyond Good and Evil's scenario. I feel this can be absolutely brilliant. Anyway it could be great if there's some conexion to the previous game, in the story or the characters.
  109. CapAppleDaddy
    Just got it. I've been waiting so long to play this. I absolutely can't wait to play.
  110. Hey everyone. Thanks for the amazing trailer.But I do have some concerns. The new cast looks great and fun, but how much of it will be playable when the actual game comes out? I was actually afraided that this game is gonna be open universe more then anything. Not that I have a problem with that, it’s just that if we gonna make alot of planets and alot of cities in those planets, the focuse of the design will shift to make this game more open world. This scares me because like alot of Ubisoft’s open worlds, the enviorment and the cities will be less detailed and more bland. they will become forgettable. Almost all of the areas in the original Beyond Good And Evil are small, but they have insane amount of detail. The world is more alive when you focuse on these small areas. When a massive Ubisoft open world game comes out, the enviorment and the details are sure to be bland, because they have and suppose to have alot of content. I know that you are worried about all of this stuff, but I think that the game would benefited from an open world But Not as Massive as you promoted in the trailers.
  111. Just signed up and I am really excited! I hope the game has amazing open world features, like side missions with their own story or helping the game to have a better ending. Also, I'd love some cool ways to customize/upgrade ship and/or fleet (if you get a fleet, of course).
    1. PsychicPencil
      I agree, its boring holding onto one ship look.
  112. Bimmel_Bommel
    I'm so excited!!! BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL is one of my favorite game of all time! Please bring this one to Nintendo SWITCH! :o)
    1. PsychicPencil
      It wouldnt be a good idea on Ubisoft's part to avoid the Nintendo Switch with Beyond Good and Evil 2. We all bought the Switch with the idea of playing games like this on the go. Lets make this happen.
      1. After I've seen this amazing tech-demo, I think that the Nintendo Switch hasn't the required hardware to manage this game. It even lags on some locations in Zelda (Breath of the Wild) that seems to have much less rendering complexity than Beyond Good and Evil 2 will have. I hope especially that they don't apply many downgrades to this game.
  113. Signed up, totally looking forward to it and I think it would be great if there were some side missions with their own story or some that help forming a better ending for the game and awsome ways to customize/upgrade ship and/or fleet (if you acquire one of course)
  114. So E3 has now ended and with all the great titles announced nothing blew me away more than Beyond Good & Evil 2! I have been waiting so very long like everyone else who was HUGE fans of the first masterpiece. Even after all the hype of E3 is slowly dying i am still "Beyond" excited for my favourite game franchise to be back and with a kick. I remember first playing Beyond Good & Evil for the first time on the Original Xbox instantly fell in love and now 15 years later i can fall in love with the world of BGE all over again. The point of this comment is really just a thank you, a big thank you to the whole Space Monkey and Beyond Good & Evil Team for giving us the fans what we wanted since 2003. Thank you for not giving up on this dream because i know us fans never gave up hope. Also aside from my pure appreciation i have a few questions if i may ask them, What happened to Jade after the end of the game? and was she really a Domz like the Alien said at the end? Also What was going on with Pey-J at the end of the credits, will he turn into some Domz hybrid? All question i'm sure will be answered in due time with a hopeful sequel, and my last question is will we possibly see Jade's parents or will the story be separate from her story arc? One last time thank you for making this game finally happen i am "Beyond" happy and excited for the release of the prequel no matter how it turns out i know i won't be able to put it down. Possibly one of your biggest BGE fans - King Of Dwarfs
    1. PsychicPencil
      The only way to find out is to buy the game so that they can afford to finish the story.
      1. I will be buying the game anyway no doubt, i just wondered because it was left on quite a cliffhanger
  115. Just signed up, and I'm super excited to give some ideas, output, and to try anything the team will throw at us. When I first saw the trailer I was breathless. All the nostalgia came crashing on me. Amazing job guys.
  116. je suis vraiment impatient a l'idée de pouvoir jouer à Beyond Good & Evil 2 ! j'ai du regarder des dizaines de fois le trailer et ca me fait toujours le même effet Apres avoir joué de nombreuse heures à BGE sur gamecube, j'ai vraiment hâte de pouvoir poser mes mains sur ce jeu qui à l'air tout simplement super Merci à Michel Ancel et à toute l'équipe d'Ubisoft Montpellier pour cette magnifique surprise And I'm really excited to be a space monkey !
    1. PsychicPencil
      Well said... I guess.
  117. guest-KG0cvRL4
    When 2 years ago I saw that BGE was free for xbox live gold, I didn't knew a thing about it. So I thought "let's give it a shot." and it was awesome! Since then i've been waiting on a sequel. I know that there are people that had to wait 14 years for this but I was as happy to see this at E3 as those people. Can't wait to contribute to the development of this game!
  118. The servers were a bit laggy at first, so it took me a while to sign up, but I finally managed to do so. I'm so excited for this game. I played the first game when it came out and I was still a little kid. I've been waiting for a new entry ever since I finished the original, Although this looks a bit different tone-wise, I am absolutely certain that this game is going to be amazing. Keep up the good work team! :)
  119. So Stoked! This was my favorite announcement from E3 2017. Registered on the PS4, gotta assume they'll stay true to the roots! Can't wait to start monkeyin' around!
  120. Already patiently waiting for that first e-mail. I'll be replaying the original in the meantime to gather some inspiration! Very proud to be a Space Monkey! Fingers crossed for a release within this generation :D
  121. rochelais1981
    Cette fabuleuse surprise m'a permis de rejouer à nouveau au premier du genre qui reste encore aujourd'hui bien meilleur à certains jeux actuels. Ce mélange d'aventure, de mini-jeux et de stratégie couplé à une histoire haletante en fait l'un de mes jeux préférés. J'attends avec impatience la suite qui s'annonce grandiose. Si la diversité des personnages présents dans le trailer est le reflet des personnages auxquels on aura accès pour partir à l'aventure, cela ne peut que me réjouir. Thank you for transforming our dreams. I'm looking forward to the beta ! :)
  122. Much space. Very monkey. Do we have to be worker monkeys on typewriters and wear business suits. Go to meetings, eat 3 square meals of bananas each day, and have access to Ubisoft's Buffet/Grooming center?
  123. Looks amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on this game. Beyond 1 was a classic. So glad to be able to be apart of the journey.
  124. Outlaws.UBI.SaA
    Like my Brother said: Ämazing".
  125. I have some question. I am from Russia and write my thoughts about your game in English is hard to me. Can I whrite comments in Russian ? Do you have any translaters who can read it? Заранее спасибо!
  126. I Registered and waiting the access to this game! I hope that I will participate in the development of the game !
  127. Did not think we would get gameplay... not this year. Ive been waiting for this since I beat the first one back when it came out on Xbox original and Im sure it will be well worth the wait. Cant wait to see the create a character. Im probably going to make myself look exactly like Double H or be a goat-dude or something.... OR PEEPERS! OH MY GOD PLEASE LET PEEPERS BE IN THIS GAME.
  128. Довольно интересно, охота побыстрей посмотреть игру изнутри , но увы заветного ключа нет
  129. I like your ideas. it's the best trailer i ever saw in my life. you guys made my day. When i saw the trailer i was so excided i waited so long for the next BGE. I hope the freerunning wil stay like they showed in 2008 it was awsome!!!
  130. Impressions and future ideas I just saw the tech demo. And wow, ambitious to say the least. But I'm confused: is it only the one planet? If yes, the good, that's plenty to explore. I just don't want it to be empty and copy pasted and if you make more planets, that's bound to happen. And you're so early in development so when you start adding more and more stuff into the game, the more unstable it gets. So it's okay for you to tone it done if you need to. But anyways, looks really amazing. Can't imagine the amount of programming it took to get all those calculations like the rotation of the planet around the other planet and such. So what would I want to see? Well the chimpanzee is cool with the jetpack, but I think he should be able to climb. Just do it that he could climb everything and maybe even put a stamina bar. And when I mean climb everything, just do some climbing animations and put a grip button. It doesn't matter if he could climb even a flat wall, make him Spider-man basically. Everything else I can't really comment on. The lack of trees probably is just for the sake of testing for now... So don't have to comment on visuals. The gameplay; a RPG? Quests? And as I say RPG I just mean a lot of different, unique quests, not necessarily character upgrading and stuff, that wouldn't really work here. The ship customization is probably your aim already, maybe even little bit of customization with the playable character(s). Something simple like clothing, hairstyles and stuff. Changing color of the clothes and accessories. I don't even know what you're planning to do with the combat, but I think you should go with combo-focused. You know X,X,Y is a combo, X,X,X,X,Y is even stronger combo and such, you get the gist. Add a dodge button or/and a block and you're set. The spaceship combat should be pretty straight forward: you have bunch of weapons that you can use and after you use one, it has to recharge (classic RPG style). Then you could upgrade to make the weapons stronger and get more. But what to do you use to upgrade? Money? Resources? Both? I'm honestly bored of the crafting mechanics that almost every game has nowadays... "collect 5 things and 2 jiggies to make a thingamajig" you know, quite boring. Maybe like AC Black Flag: upgrading needs resources and money. You would find resources just sitting there in the world and from other spaceships (insert spaceship combat here) and then you'd have some upgrades that you need to do a certain mission for, find something or such. Upgrading should be like this: you do something tedious to make the game less tedious. Like for example maybe someone would grind the spaceships for resources. It would get tedious, because grinding of course, but then you upgrade your ship to make future battles less tedious and easier. This same "tedious thing" should be done with the collectibles. Like the only way to increase max health is to find collectibles. That's right, the only way. You do something tedious to make the game less tedious. That's my ideas. Nothing too crazy, just some basics that you probably already have on paper. Just, take your time with this one okay, if the planet thing doesn't work, it's okay, I wouldn't even mind if you made it pseudo-linear like the first Beyond. But you what's crazy? You actually making this. Let that sink in... :)
  131. I joined and I am hyped, but I am mostly curious about 1 thing. Since we can make our own characters as stated, we would also be able to make characters that start out as slaves/freed slaves, etc etc, does that mean that when you make a hybrid that you automatically are slave or related towards that? Most important... Can I make a TIGER looking character!? :O
  132. Just signed up forthe Space Monkeys program! :D Keep up doing this amazing job and thank you for letting us be a part of it!
  133. Michel Ancel, you are a god and the first Beyond Good and Evil games is to this day one of ma favorite games of all time. the game seems ambitious and i cant express in words how much I am looking forward to it. Take your time and I know you and your team will make the best it can be. I can not wait and I can not believe this game is a reality
  134. So happy and looking forward to a new beyond good and evil game! loving the idea of the space monkey program as well! Kinda feels nice to know that the developers appreciate the long time Beyond fans!
  135. gulliablevirus
    Loving your work. Just watched, the first prototype engine gameplay. Dont care that its not polished. Looks amazing. Cant wait to see more of the BGE universe. This is what we have all been waiting for. Keep up the work
  136. As long as I can still get some of those sweet, sweet K-Bups I’ll be a happy monkey.
  137. SmileParadise
    I am so excited when I saw the game on E3. I REALLY LOVE THE CYBERPUNK!!!!!! I like the loneliness of being abandoned in the developed world. So I'd happy to join the space monkeys!! (Another game I really want to play is CD Projeckt RED's CYBERPUNK 2077) XD
  138. nicholsonmatt
    So pumped about this game! I'm so happy it's real, and it's way beyond my expectations.
  139. OptionalLemon
    This looks like the game I've always wanted to play! Looking forward to this with much anticipation, especially after the engine demo. Very impressive.
  140. I'm a big Fan, please recruit me for the crash tests :D
  141. DeliriousPlayer
    Hey ! The button "Sign Up" doesn't seem to work (or maybe it's me ?) It's the second day I try, but when I enter my mail and password, it's loading and the "Sign Up" window closes. I hope it will be fixed, I'm hyped ! Bon courage !
  142. TheProphetLen
    Where can I buy a Space Monkey tshirt!?
  143. Je ressens une forte émotion vis à vis de ce jeu et du fait que son créateur s'y sente tellement et personnellement impliqué. Je sais qu'il y a une équipe derrière et à vous tous je tiens à dire merci pour cet exemple. Le jeu vidéo n'est pas qu'une question d'argent mais de passion et vous montrez au monde entier que c'est un mot qui a du sens sur des projets à cette échelle. Une grosse production qui ne vient pas d'Ubi Montréal mais de Montpellier, c'est un plus appréciable :) Je mets mes capacités à votre service et suis fier d’être un singe de l'espace :)
  144. am excited the game looks amazing
  145. I am more excited about this than pretty much any game. Ever. I played the original at launch when Computer and Video Games Magazine described it in a one page review as being "Zelda for adults". There is no higher praise. In terms of the world you are building, from the first SECOND it was obviously BG&E which speaks to the consistency and strength of your vision. I only have two concerns: 1. There doesn't need to be all that swearing, it seemed forced, and was unnecessary. The original game portrayed characters extremely effectively, without any at all. Swearing is fine, swearing for the sake of it is not. 2. The vision being described is incredible, and incredibly ambitious, I am nervous about feature creep. This was a strength of the original, there was a lot to do, but it wasn't filled with huge amounts of stuff to fill it out like later Assassin's Creeds. When I heard that music at the end I welled up.
    1. PsychicPencil
      I agree about the swearing. Kids will say "oh cool look talking animals mom this is the game for me" and then parents will discover how raunchy it actually is and curse themselves for buying it for them. Video games shouldnt be all swearing and gratuitous violence, they should be about having a good and fun time, with a story and events that you can share with your kids as you play them; that inspire people creatively, and have ethical lessons to teach us. So far the swearing is the only quarrel I have with the game.
  146. So excited for this game!!!!!
  147. VerticalPants
    Cant wait already signed up, your ideas so far are amazing!
  148. Looking forward to figuring out the story behind Jade. The game has come a long way from the original demo trailers and I am liking the new direction. I wasn't so thrilled with the amount of language in the trailer... that will really limit your demographic, please be sure to allow me to turn off bad language in-game. GBE was one of my faves on the GameCube and I would love to introduce the next version to my nephew but I don't want my nephew thinking I'm okay with that kind of language. Thanks!
  149. I noticed an artwork that contain some Arabic words that has no meaning at all. I'm excited about the game having many races & cultures. I know this is an early concept art... but I hope that the implementation is correct. If you need further feedback regarding this please contact me & I will be glad to help. BTW, I selected the PS4 platform.. but many of us play on PC too.
  150. Kiefer_Shipman
    When Michel teared up after the trailer at E3, I unashamedly did too. He's always been passionate about BGAE and I'm happy for him being able to continue the series. People were disappointed at E3 this year, but seeing this trailer made the otherwise unimpressive lineup worth it. The hype. Is. Real.
  151. Is there an official discord channel for this?
  152. Hi, i am so exited, i lost all hope after it got so quite after the trailer a few years ago and the short gameplay reveal, now i am happy like a little childe. You talked about a charaktercreator, so are we able to create a rhino hybrid like the mammago dudes?
  153. J'AI TROP HÂTE (oui un français sur un site anglais) MAIS J'AIME TROP JE REGARDE LA BANDE-ANNONCE CHAQUE jouR j'IMITE Knox ou PIG EN FRANçAIS Même si franchement j'aurais adoré faire la voix française de Knox (même si j'ai 14 ans LOL)
  154. cAptAin_mAn84
    I'm finally able to sign up!.. Can't wait to see more... keep up the great work \m/
  155. ViperSniper777
    Alright i'm signed up. Now where's my Space Monkey Program T-shirt and Fabric patch that I was promised, JK but seriously come on.
  156. Very impressed with the engine demo and scale of the game .... off to an amazing start.
  157. PsychicPencil
    I was impressed by the first trailer that debuted in 2008, it encouraged me to look up the actual game. I couldn't believe something so well received was the one game I passed but never rented every time I visited my local Blockbuster. The creative design, original setting, and inspired gameplay, "I would've loved to have this in my game library" I thought to myself. And then you you guys announced "The Space Monkey Program" so that we can all be involved in the game in some small way with our ideas. It really shows how much you love your fanbase. My first suggestion is to push the animation as far as your able to go with it. Animation is one of the most important elements of storytelling. It helps flesh out the story with emotions and actions. I worked for 4 years on my animation degree so I can say this with confidence that this is true, especially for video games. I wish all the developers the best of luck and will return with more ideas to help make this the best game ever.
  158. guest-gy0soC84
    Really hoping to work with the developers and provide feedback and help them test out new things and provide valuable information regarding where things are going.
  159. Keep it going boys :D
  160. So stoked for this game. I can't wait to see all the customization options.
  161. This is very exciting! As a huge fan of the BG&E universe, I'm intrigued as to where this narrative takes us, but I'm absolutely bursting with excitement and wonderment thinking about the 'open space' gameplay and where that can take us. Adding 'purpose' within the technology, so that it's more than just something 'slick' to look at is going to be a challenge, but I look forward to how it evolves and maybe being a small part of that. très belle
  162. The waiting list is real x)
  163. The waiting list is real
  164. I'm hoping the player can modify the ships and weapons in this saga.
  165. OMG just watched the in-engine gameplay shown by Michael and it just below my mind. Saw the E3 announcement, but thought they are just long away ahead. But what he shown in this demo is promising and bring much hope. If the team could get this executed as they intended, it will be the best and most ambitious game ever created. I wish the team all the best from my heart and hope they will create the dream game of real gamers very soon.
  166. Firstly, Thank you Michel Ancel and all the teams involved with making this game. This project looks like a dream come true. from space exploration to religious indifferences, multi-ethnic/cultural characters and music. Social classes and intricacy that the game promises to deliver on is un-comparable to any other game out there. Just want to wish the team the best of luck! The passion that team, so apparently shows, is inspirational and commendable. I only hope to work with a team and company as involved and passionate with it's fan base and employees as Ubisoft Montpellier. Great job team!
  167. Hello I wait for your game long time but I'm on wating list it is normal please I really want to test it in alphas and betas
  168. Hi there, i never played the first game, but i am really amazed with all your work so far. So getting to the point: 1 - Are we going to be able to acess some game desing document (or part of it of course) ? 2 - Theres a Storyline already, or you want to pick some ideais first? 3 - What is our schedule for contributting and for yours to publish the game? And after this questions... 1 - Travelling System - Warp between galaxies (if applicable) 2 - Space Pirates - NPC´s random rival´s that attack the player (looting from our resources) 3 - Resources - Money, precious ores, special features like totem, tokens, tribe figures with special abillities 4 - Economy system - trading system that ables the player to seek for more power, knowledge, resources For now this is only the begining... And thank you so much if you pick any of this to develop later, i will be very happy to see this becoming real :D Cheers
    1. Of i forgot, 5 - Cultures, like Africa, China, Russia (kind of comunist ideals, or ditatorship planet), bionic cultures (as the Transformer), Planet of the Apes (you never saw this comming hehehe), Reptiles Cultures (similar to tribes) And thnk you once again, to let me be part of it. Cheers
      1. for your design documents, check the first game and also the tralers that were shown some years ago with their fist attempt to mae the game. about cultures and travels, if i'm not mistaken we'll have access to different planets of a solar system, system 3 ( maybe 4 where hyllis, the planet of the first game is, in a expansion ?). The planets of this system have been colonised by different terrian "cultures" (not actual contries) and i think we'll see their influences on the planets like the asian culture we've seen in the trailer. But i don't think they'll be any extraterrestrial tribes, all the hybrids in this story were created by humans to serve as slaves for terraformation and colonisation. The only aliens i know of in the story are the domz, a mysterious extraterrestrial lifeform that could get in your mind and body, causing mutations, but could take other forms as well. They were the "bad guys" in the first game.
  169. I saw in the demo that in the spaceship you could do a full 360 degree loop, but then did quick rolls to turn back to your normal orientation. Is it possible to have manual rolling on the shoulder buttons, and then map increasing and decreasing speed to the d-pad.. Also is it possible to buy properties where you can put ships to big for your mothership, and then be able to upgrade it to add shields and all. Also for the story, take inspiration from the original mass effect trilogy, and use a lot of dialogue options, with ambiguous choices. In the first they were only optional dialogue and you could ask all of the questions, so while it further immersed you in the world the lack of choice was not as engaging. Also, all spaceships should have an interior, even the smaller ones. Where you press Y to get out of the cockpit, and then approach the hatch and hit it again to exit. A small thing but it increases immersion. Also, you should be able to board other motherships to loot them, and maybe even find something to trigger a side mission or something. Also, if you board a police ship, uncover their authorization code to sneak into restricted areas. Also, add a fleshed out stealth system and have player freedom of how the tackle missions. But most importantly have a strong unforgettable story. Anyway, very excited for the new game. Its finally happening and I cant wait!
  170. so, any new news floating around out there ? site has been dark since 9/6/2017 ... i`m going nutso here ....
  171. My idea is this: There are spacebars where you can go to drink and stuff like that. On the wall there are screens which show people who have a bounty on their head. You can choose a task and it’ll show up as a quest. It will also tell you in which area he (or she) was last seen. Go after him (or her) but beware: other players might be hunting for the same prize...
  172. Is this game somewhat similar to destiny? Something along the lines of character progression and various loot tables and activities and story based content in a multiplayer/co-op universe...
  173. I think this game is the start of something new in the game generations as an aspiring game developer i hope that i can create something this clever just from the trailer I am sure everyone who watched it feel in love with the game the way it was set proportionally Set and the ideas behind it left me mind blown i cant wait to actually play the game and see for myself everything that has gone it to the game, The Team has clearly put a lot of love in to the game
  174. TheKoloradoKid
    As a new recruit of the Space Monkey Program I am really excited to be a part of the creative development of the video game of my dreams. Since I was a child I always fantasized about the games I wanted to play. Some of those games came to fruition however, my dream game has not been created yet. I believe that BGE2 is going to be that game. An rpg/fantasy/gta style game. A game that combines all my favorite games, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action Adventure, where you have side activities, side missions, main missions, characters.....I literally have over two decades of creative imaginative ideas to contribute and am very excited to share them with you guys and gals that are making the game. Thank you so much for having the ambition to embark on the next evolution of video games. I appreciate you so much!
  175. Shallow-sorrow
  176. Shallow-sorrow
    I want to have great community content. I can play chess, play cards, and chat with other players or NPCs in pubs. Perhaps fishing in the wild can be hunt. I want to have a casual place when I feel tired of adventures, not to close the game. Of course, please do not use these elements as a necessary content of the game, as it will make the player more tired.
  177. Quiero una versión de Nintendo Switch. Yo juego el primer juego en el GameCube, y es excelente. Uno de los mejores juegos creados. Sigue inspirándome. Pero la verdad es que no tengo las otras consolas, y ni pienso en tenerlas. Yo tengo consolas Nintendo, mis amigos y familiares también, y quiero este juego en mi Switch. ¿Me podrían hacer este favor?
  178. Me encanta el primer juego. Yo juego en el GameCube, y en español. Sé que son de francés, y seguro que habrá francés en la versión final. Pero yo quiero mi juego en español. Quiero averiguar más de Zerdy y Jade, y hasta de repente los padres.
  179. También, dicen muchas malas palabras en el primer trailer de inglés. Me hace sentir incómodo. Espero que la versión española sea más como lo era el juego original. El encanto de ese juego está en su historia, en los personajes, y en los ambientes. Realmente es una obra de arte. Basado en lo que he visto en el primer trailer, no sé si tendrá el mismo encanto que el primer juego, pero espero que sí, y por eso me he unido a los monos del espacio para dar mis opiniones. Espero que las tomeís en cuenta.

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