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BGE2 Merchant Mothership

Spaceship Focus: Merchant Mothership

How would you like to be at the helm of this magnificent merchant mothership?

Be wary, pirates, the people who have glimpsed this glorious trader-vessel-cum-war-machine from the inside don’t live to tell tales.

Some say it transports storied treasures, rare cosmic resources and luxurious stolen goods from around the System. Darker rumors speak of dungeons and prison holds filled with despairing hybrid slaves destined for sale on the black market…

Still drooling over the idea of space-jacking this graceful beauty? Well, I don’t blame you, but you’d best come with a wicked plan and some seriously armed mates. Because if you don’t kill this baby’s owner, you’ll be making a serious enemy in Ganesha City’s underworld…

176 thoughts on “Spaceship Focus: Merchant Mothership

  1. justgettingwarmedup
    I loved the idea that you have sails on top of a spaceship... looks cool.
    1. Chandler-Bing
      But... why? For what? It looks strange.
      1. Might be solar power plants. I remember seeing something like that in the Treasure planet when I was a kid and I was very cool.
        1. I totally agree on that. They need to be more modern looking for that tho. I like it^^
          1. it's to sail on the solar winds!
          2. IrishPolkaKing
            Seems to just be a visual play on old Asian pirate ships. No real purpose other than to serve as both notice and a warning of who you are dealing with.
          3. I don't really want them to be more modern. I think blending old and new is part of BGaE identity at this point
        2. oh yes. i loved jims hoverboard with its extendable solar sail. but yeah something like that in the game might be too much copy/pasted :P
          1. Jack&Daxter(2&3) have a hoverboard and Enslaved has "Cloud" which is a hoverboard^^ So why not having one as option as replacement for a Jetpack? It seems okay to me. Not like there would be a game based around that one hoverboard from TreasurePlanet. It would fit perfectly into BGE2^^
          2. Bring on the solar-sails!!!!!! Like a windsurfer for land?
      2. We are talking about a universe with space-swimming bubble-making whales . Have a look at BGE1.
        1. And yes. Solar Sails of Treasure planet are utterly cool.
          1. Completely cool. It'd be awesome to see with they would do with the solar sails concept. I hope they run with it.
        2. Mate I loved seeing that space whale, took 11 year old me several years to get to space to see that whale! haha
      3. Yep! Looks really weird! Space ships must look like space ships you know, and not like pirate ships... Please guys make moderns ships!!!
        1. Man You missed the point... This game is based on Pirate Universe put in Space... so asking for moderns ship instead of Pirate ship is just Useless. Before asking for things just get a bit of information and after you can maybe propose constructive ideas instead of just saying what you want without considering if it's fit or not this game universe ;) For example in this case a really good reference/Inspiration for this game is Treasure Planet like a lot suggest or Captain Harlock because they fit the Universe of BGE2.
          1. I agree, part of the appeal is the pirate aspect and who's to say that they don't keep the sails for traditional purposes?
      4. justgettingwarmedup
        It's a flying fortress for players to capture. It must be inviting and attracting. And the sails totally DO THAT.
      5. could be a solar sail. thats a sail that uses radiation pressure exerted by sunlight on large mirrors in lew of wind to propel ships forward and theoretically ships using this sort of a sail could reach light speed.
    2. yep love it my main job trading :D and stealing and doing some contraband/smuggling
    3. the ship looks cool and his story .But if we can control ths type of spaceship, it must have some advantages and some defaults. And his apparence is awesome.
    4. I think the ship has to transform, In Atmosphere with Sails and like the Colorful Indian and Chinese Markets, In Space more Dangerous Technical like.
      1. I think that would be cool, maybe not on all ships but maybe on an interceptor class of ship or something?
    5. I have two questions one will there be land vehicles like dune buggy and quadbike also will there be dealerships to buy,trade and sell thse vehicles.
    6. this is the coolest thing I've ever seen
    7. Monter une organisation multiculturelle locale, organiser des rencontres avec des tavernes et des activités. Lutter contre l'exclavage, promouvoir les jeux, l'art et les interactions sociales. Monter une affaire fructueuse. Développer le tout en une institution.
    8. Elitehunter2018
      It would be cool if it randomly went around the universe and when a player sees it he can either alert other pirates to come help or brave it on there on but with more people the difficulty goes up and when the boss is defeated it’s a fight amongst the pirates last one standing
  2. trader-vessel-"cum"-war-machine? Um... Was that a typo, or intentional o_o lol
    1. It means that it's both what's before and after the cum.
    2. Old_Choking_Joe
      Seriously? Smh.
    3. latin my dude
  3. James Alan Wilhelm
    Though I do like the shark teeth on the other ship, I still have to say......ooooooooooooooooooooooo, I do like me a beautiful ship. I particularly like the sales of fins near the back of the ship. Are they functional and make the ship better, no. Are they necessary, probably not. But they do make the ship that much more awesome!
  4. I love the use of smaller ships for scale in this one, this mothership is a couple hundred meters long! This being Zhou Yuzhu's personal ship is quite interesting. With how he addressed Knox in the trailer, I don't doubt he has some hybrid slaves of his own. I'm assuming the structure with the sails at the back is a detachable, smaller ship? It doesn't look pretty safe-proof, I'd guess it's really a ship for sailing bodies of water. Also, the cannons at the front and the sides really make this menacing, I love it!
  5. That's some bad boy
  6. This ship looks pretty, maybe its look goes with the owner. But if not, looks should be a little bit more mysteriously dangerous & beautiful.
  7. The ship looks like it has several potntial ways of getting in and out, it would be nice if those were in the game. It would give some diversity to the boarding attempts & strategies. May also allow several crews/players to board simultaneously to take control of the ship as a team taking down different objectives on the ship in coop.
    1. Tactical gameplay...I like it! Like the space fights in battlefront 2: attacking the shield from outside or destroying it from within..just more refined with more possibilities. Maybe you can attack the crew in the crew quarters before you raise an alarm, or take control of the engine room and open vents to let the crew get sucked into space? That would be awesome!
    2. Yes, tactical gameplay! Build up an army, choose an approach, maybe even sabotage the ship to conquer it and then scavenging for parts to repair it after it's captured? Utilise onboard weapons while still fighting for total control over the ship? It feels like it should be a big accomplishment to conquer and use this juggernaught and the rewards should be there too (faster travel through long distances, more firepower, unlock new systems to explore, etc. etc.)
    3. chimmy chunga
      this is a great idea
    4. Multiple strategies for boarding ships and stealing them would be awesome, yes.
  8. Nice, very nice.
  9. rainflowers2016
    Gorgeous. The attention to detail and color in every artwork released so far is amazing and inspiring. It's crazy to think spaceships like these, and smaller ones, or even bigger ones (?) are going to function in-game, moving around, flying and travelling around the planet, and it's even possible to capture a spaceship like this one? Awesome! The mix of cultural design elements and sci-fi is outstanding as always! Getting more and more curious to see this game further evolve and what other stunning artworks will be revealed.
  10. Now granted big ships like these are cool, but what if I just want a ship to cruise with afew buddies? Think like the millennium falcon, I want a han and chewie ship.
    1. yeah i'd like to have a similar sized ship as the millennium falcon. hijacking such a big ship whould be so awesome. like the pilot brings you down to that mothership with stealthy sneakieness and then just follows it behind to catch you up when you're back. another nerdy computer guy in the falcon could assist you with a stolen map
  11. 水 = water??? And the ship looks to have the shape of a whale, there is even an eye in its side. Seems to be there is also a flying fish painted. Is that the symbol for longevity in ship bow? the red color of the ship is for the chinese vermilion? that's means is associated to taoist beliefs of eternity? or perhaps the good fortune and joy meaning? Is the painting on top a fusion of dragon and clouds? Could be similar to Zhou tattoos?
    1. wow good eye!
  12. CosmicOfficer
    Once again with another big teaser on what we would be able to do for the time being!! The ship is gorgeous but would be a mess when were done with it.. So I guess this can be a heist and steal good and save the chained hybrids, so far so good! Now I'm picturing it as a public event or "who gets to it first". Having well armed shipmates will be a highly recommendation to those who think they are confident enough. My opinion: (Let's say it's a heist) you'll need strategies, can go in hard, or play it slow and sneaky. It would be cool to have specific shipmates you'll need to join you on how they want it played out.
  13. Some say it transports storied treasures, rare cosmic resources and luxurious stolen goods from around the System. Darker rumors speak of dungeons and prison holds filled with despairing hybrid slaves destined for sale on the black market… Pure water for thermal baths. Why not, embryo of a new hybrid breed. Des sphère d 'eau pure pour se délasser dans les thermes et pourquoi pas l'import/export d'embryon dune nouvelle race d'hybride...
  14. It would be nice if the sails could be used to supply shield / weapon ... or emergency power supply and act as solar panel. Of course it's mean that the sails has to be retractable. Ca serais cool si les voiles pouvaient servir de panneau solaire pour une alimentation de secours ou alimenter les bouclier / armes ... Ou tout simplement recharger les batteries du vaisseau. Evidement il fraudait pouvoir les rentrer / sortir les voiles et le mat en cas de besoin
  15. ThatSuperDuck
    I'm loving that this has been built in the shape of a whale. I always loved that the Beluga had a kind of animalistic shape, and that General Kehck unashamedly flew around the moon in a giant spider. It instantly gives you a sense of a vehicle's personality before you've even set foot inside it.
  16. SO GOOD ! It's the new Beluga :)
  17. Stealth. Thats the question :D
  18. OMG IM JUST TOOOO EXCITED!! I love that i can even just talk about Beyond Good and Evil 2 now and it actually being a thing soo excited
  19. I love this ship :)
  20. For some reason, this concept art reminds me of the Flying Boat in "The Fifth Element" with Mr Kim giving Korben his free lunch: Perhaps similar craft should make an appearance in-game, if not already. I'm loving this mothership design though
    1. If Ubisoft could make a world with a Fifth Element Theme, that film is so old and yet so well enjoyable to watch over and over again!
  21. This ship looks DOPE! This brings up all types of questions on customization. Also, noticing all the weaponry on the ship, it makes me curious as to how ship to ship fights will be like. Will there be an "attack mode" when the need arises aside from traveling fast going from planet to planet? It is still very exciting to hear about the different elements this game will possess. Can't wait!!!
  22. 'Wicked' 'mates' 'kill the guy' mmmhm, these aren't buzz words that whet my appetite, where is the charm? That said, I like the design of the ship
  23. Ship looks really cool!! I love the pattern/decorations on it a lot, and space jacking it sounds raaaaad.
  24. Easy to find and pay a good concept artist, but does this coherently contributes to the game? We loved BGE1 for its family-like characters, and the need to save them/explore epic dungeons, and hunt pearls, in the various mini games and mini-dungeons, where Peyj and Double H would interact and comment, developing their characters as well. They even had different lines depending on if you completed some before or after loosing Peyj/gaining Double H, and even coming back to previous dungeons. Across the years, games and movies are all looking more and more attractive while loosing any and all involvement from the consumer. Look at Alien : Covenant, perfect example of slicks designs still being boring because it's producer didn't know what a second draft is. Theses things take time, and I'm already finding preorder links for BGE2 on for PS4, right for december... Care to explain? I think you need team of writers as well, so it can both look cool and be cool. BGE1 was not a game about improving stats and equipping weapons, ; random loot was not at the core of the original game, instead we had exploration, pearls and animals, and every single one of them was an individual challenge with brilliant ones involving hot-pursuit of pirates, hovercraft races, even a whale in space! And all very well implemented in the huge world! All of it right next the story, and present everywhere. Let me do that again and i'll buy your game!
    1. thousandhorizon
      I love your idea and vision of good game/movie. I agree :) Many different Character interaction and funny lines would be lovely if not actually crucial for this game
    2. That's exactly what I was thinkinhg. I was specting a secuel to BG&E1 and the only thing I hear is a universe based assassin's creed or Far Cry. I don't want a huge map of the universe with collectibles. In BG&E1 we had the photos and the pearls, but was so implemented in the story that made sense. Plus every single photo or pearl felt like a huge conquer. (we can't say the same about the feathers of AC3 or the chests) I want to love the characters, to feel myself again inside that universe, I don't care exploring or following a lineal path, but please make it familiar and lovely, spectacular, big, whatever you want, but keep the BG&E 1 esence. David, I really hope we can play that game that make us feel the same as we did =)
      1. I'd just like there to be loads of characters which actually feel like they have an importance instead of being there just to help you accomplish some achievement or whatever. The team seems like they have plenty of character ideas as we've seen throughout their posts but having side kicks and relate-able characters is just as important. Something I'd like to see is a lot of recognizable things like recurring characters or villains or spaceships or things which if you saw on the streets then you'd know it was from BGE2. Unlike when you look at games like Elite Dangerous or Eve where its just the same old spaceships and no character/story. Maybe the dev team would have to have a talk with Toby Fox on how to create great character development cause Undertale does that amazingly
  25. Merchants trade on this ship. Many of these ships fly over the cities, on all different planets. There are two ways you can approach the ships: 1. Valuable things can be gathered from the merchants, they sell top-notch weapons and armory for you and your ship(s). It cost you a ton of money, but you are sure to get the best of the best. 2. ATTACK! Either go undercover and destroy the ship from the inside or go full ham and attack it from space. If you win, you can collect all valuables that have survived the attack (some items cannot be collected because they break, or can be collected while being damaged). The cost: it's free, but further trades could be harder at some other merchant ships if they've heard about the attack. Would you pay, or take the risk. It's all in your hands!
  26. Love the ship. Nice and big, but would raise the question what transportation looks like inside a ship like this? Are there giant elevators the size of platforms or more like teleporters.
  27. Oh so Good ! It is a beautifull Spaceships :) It looks like a Red Beluga Whale, Is it a reference to the spaceships of BGE1. And It's awesome because i love the concept to have Whale in space.
  28. thousandhorizon
    Would be terrifying to bump into this by mistake while roaming through the world (maybe in the beginning?) . Being able to sneak in but realize you can't yet do anything or you would think its completely impossible ( you would be suprised much later in the game after getting specific tools now that you actually feel to have a slight chance of taking control of it) . Maybe if you steal anything from the ship, a powerful weapon or / high value of money this ship would start to follow you everywhere you go and release its monstrous power on you once its close enough or release many sbire-ships to tear you down!
  29. Loving the design's. Hype is building.
  30. It looks really cool! I really like the sail on the top, it pretty much remind me of the Rogue Galaxy spaceship (in a way).
  31. PixelatedGeek
    the sails look cool on the ship but don't seem to have no real purpose for a big ass ship like that.
  32. AlexandaBleak
    i love it when space ships take inspiration from old sailing ships, like in treasure planet with the "solar sails", mixing old styles with sci fi technology always looks cool to me
  33. I really love the aesthetic of the game, I find it very unusual and refreshing. But I also wonder if in the galaxy/ies you are creating there exists other cultures with their proper architecture, religion and society. Like in other pieces like One Piece, Cowboy Bebop or the saga Fallout.
  34. A_Regular_Wolf
    Beautiful ship! I'd love to see a diverse array of ship designs from all sorts of different cultures.
  35. The ship looks brilliant, I like the idea of merchant ships in general, one dynamic type activity would be successfully escape once you steal something valuable from the ship, The player can either buy the item with enough money or steal it, but if he steals it from merchant ship it would trigger a chase/ hunt which would be challenging to get away from. This could be a rewarding experience
  36. If it's a merchant ship shouldn't it be less flashy in order to not attract attention from pirates?
  37. dans l'univers / mythologie / background du jeu, un Vaisseau de cette taille est : -unique -rare ou -peu commun ? Qui possède ce genre de Vaisseau / vaisseau de cette taille à part eux ?
  38. Rockets-rocket
    This is an amazing ship. I would love to see more like this. It looks like a junk from ancient China. Does this mean we can play in many different ways. Like from being a merchant to a mercenary or a pirate? I would love to see something like this and maybe a skill tree with things like stealth, combat and other things. To really make your character feel more unique like in skyrim, where you can play as you want.
  39. i love the steampunk look, that is how space ships should be! sails. a bit of old fashioned steampunk meets futuristic! it is looking sick! i hope we can see them at random in space or in the skies of planets and highjack them or infiltrate them with stealth or something.
  40. Really interesting design, love the addition of the sails on top. Can't wait to see this beauty in-game.
  41. Ki_YaKarateMonster
    Sweet steal.
  42. I love the idea of coming up with an intricate plan to infiltrate and steal the ship. I would love multiple ways to accomplish this: join the crew and lead a mutiny, acquire a map and stealth your way through, perhaps even expose the crew's illegal activities and acquire it at an impound auction? I also love the consequences for failure as a loss of reputation/making an enemy
    1. This sounds like fun. I like the idea of going about it either way.
  43. Oh wow that looks amazing. And it will have a complete inrerior as well? Anyway I agree that sails look a little off, I don't know if it's them in general or just the shape, material, size or placement of them.
  44. assassinsly76
    It is really mysterious. I wonder what can look like the crew of this ship. Given their reputation, the members of the crew must have an interesting style and background I suppose.
  45. If I'd ever get my hands on the treasures hidden inside this ship it coul be the end of an economy. Or at least a part of it. I would give the treasure to the poor people and just them could decide what to do with it. But it wouldn't have a happy ending. Just imagine what they could do with the money. Some would use it for their families but the Evil ones... Now thinking about it it's really a bad idea, I should consider not doing it. Oh and what comes to the part of actually getting the treasure, I have two ideas. First would be to use actual "muscle" power. I would have 2 ships or more to cooperate and try to capture the ships with hooks and lines. And try to ground it or at least stop it. Than try to Fight with the pirates. Also disable their Turrets on the ships so it wouldn't be a fair battle. Or I could have some people to work for me who are hackers and get them inside the ship. Like a Virus they would disable everything and would find a way to just get the treasure to my ship. Now none of those ideas have a good percentage of Success... but they sound like fun. If only I would use some more brain power and would combine both of them and think of some "ways out". It would be perfect! p.s.: now that I read all of it, this sounds Crazy XD
  46. This is awesome,. A perfect concept art, but I would love to see a dungeon inside this ship, even more I would like to see varous dungeons inside it, maybe a portal between other ships that continues the dungeon at the cost of leaving the current place and various ends to reexplore. A live ship. with characters to meet and knew.
  47. Awesome! This beauty looks like she could pack a serious punch, but is also able to nimbly evade as well. Also I love the colors and little details on it <3
  48. It looks great, but adding some Neon, or electric sign (maybe like hologram) in order to make it look like a futuristic Nanjing Road in Shanghai. A bit Cyberpunkish too would be great!
  49. I shall learn the ways of Altair and Ezio as an assassin and for stealth, building upon my current parkour skills. I'll look for an opening, sneak in and systematically take down each enemy on the ship until I make it to the leader.
  50. DanceParty333
    This made me think how cool it would be to have a whole side mission that you board and still a haunted space-pirate-ship! I love the idea here of mixing genres. Looks awesome!
  51. Delta_Epiales
    The more I see this.. The more I can't wait to get my hands on it.. but overall I like the aesthetic the sails give it. It gives it a kinda menacing look to it. Along with the fact that they could serve a purpose, like providing energy or something along those lines.
  52. ICE_Faux_Pirate
    So will there be docks to park something this big or do you just park it over Trump tower (or wherever) and hop in a shuttle/smaller ship to traverse the planet?
  53. I think that every spaceship should have free roaming elemnt in it with a possibility to blow it up from the inside
    1. I second this, or even disable it, tow it somewhere to repair it, and then make it your own. makes me wonder if we can trade mother ships too now. but what i want to know is if this fat mama is packing. i only see the tiny guns on top, but nother bigger or even broad side guns.
  54. SaberTooth6791
    Nice, only need a crew and a plan to raid it
  55. What a great-looking spaceship!
  56. Looks awesome! But how does travelling from planet to planet that are lightyears appart work? I just though i'd might be cool if there wasn't just a super hyper dyper mega speed 10000x faster than light that you travel like 1 second. It would be cool if you really had like for example 5 minutes to reach a planet and you could use that time to manage your equipment and stuff like that.
  57. Would love to fly this! Haul goods from planet to planet!
  58. Great ship! Beautiful! Would really love to blow it up, plunder it, ship-jack it, or at least prove the stories wrong! (nice paint job guys! Love the purple.)
  59. the ship looks really great is there also an option where we can change the skin or coloure and will there be some kind of creatures to ride on ?
  60. A feature I'd like to see would to be able to raid other ships whether it be AI mothership's or possibly other online players ships (I'd prefer AI as boss battles or other events can occur). But having some sort of grand warship which is feared throughout the entire system and completely annihilates even high level players would be an awesome way to build lore and have an almost impossible yet satisfying goal to work towards. Whether its through star-fighter combat with the mothership or docking on it and taking out the controls and people inside. I'd definitely like to see a variation of famous (or infamous) starship's in the system with there well known and feared owners. There's is nothing I like more than looking through google images at spaceship concepts, beside I really love spaceships! This concept here just makes me drool over the different possibilities open for it. Especially the idea that those tiny fleet of ships around it could be the size of the pirate mothership we've seen in the trailer/gameplay tease. Something that huge and galactic and mysterious and the fact that there's the chance that we can actually take control over the ship is unbelievably exciting. Also the fans out the sides and the sail up top have this real future mixed with the past vibe going on which will be a very unique design style that'll be influenced throughout architecture and ships making the designs of the game easily distinguishable from over game concepts. This single concept art fills my brain with hundreds of branches this game could take and that's super exciting to think about
  61. I just can't wait to see the interior of this beast, would I be able to roam inside while it's moving like changing stuff or loading the cannons with ammo?
  62. This is big! Like Star Wars and Star Trek.
  63. Lo de los híbridos esclavos dentro del acorazado está bastante bien planteado, pero creo que se podría jugar mejor con esa idea de una manera más original. En vez de que todos los esclavos estuvieran en jaulas, lo que se podría hacer es que cada raza o híbridos estuvieran en recintos o áreas con un ecosistema adaptado para ellos, ya que cada especie de híbrido no se puede adaptar a un clima específico de la misma manera que otros, y lo que mas le interesa a cualquier vendedor (ya sea traficante o no) es mantener en buen estado sus productos para venderlos al mejor postor.
    1. Sorry, i'm spanish. You can use the translate..
  64. NikitaMacovei
    Well, that ship looks . . . great. Will we be able to have a ship like this one ?
  65. I hope that the motherships have a lil bit ... "personality?"... this ships should be something different and something special ... If they will look like spaceships from star wars ... it would be boring. But this picture is a perfect example for me how they should do it ... - sry 4 my english, not the best
  66. RecklessAthena
    I hope that there are little cramped rooms on board that have windows you can stare out of. I've always dreamt about that. Staring out of a porthole into space, watching the stars. Far from my home, just aboard a ship.
  67. Jaume Ballester
    it would be pretty cool a ship that in the top had a greenhouse with a tree a some plants!!!
  68. I like so much the design of the ship that mix hig tecnology with an old style (the materials of the structurere seems aged or consumed like an old car but they hide hig tecnology and power) I also loved the possibility to explore the other ship and to exchange tales and information with other players or npc, it's a perfect way to live the world of the game
  69. Love this artwork!
  70. Ich hoffe Das der Beluga aus dem ersten teil vorkommt auch wen es nur als frag oder Ester egg wehre ps. bitte wehr es übersetzen kann übersetzt es für die anderen bitte danke :-)
  71. The design is completely amazing. The sails give it a very special touch, but it would be nice they have a real function in a space ship. But seriously, I want that ship.
  72. Hey, i just realised this ship has "eyes" and kind of a head and stuff (don't know how to say nageoire in english) which make it look like a whale. And other ships have teeth painted on and stuff.
  73. CammyBalFell28
    I like the design of the ship as it isn't conventional or look like your Normal Star wars ships. Just the thought of A massive Spacevassel Flying as trading station is absolutely Breath taking. Kind of like the Moon Docking Station in treasure Planet (The Solar Sails remind me of that Movie aswell and I LOVE IT because that movie took myself and Mind Places) I Love the way; what you said about needing to take out the Captain of the Trading Space Craft otherwise you'll have a big problem in the long run. How that adds an aspect of Danger to what the game could have, that our decisions drastically affects what happens to our character when we aren't within a story-following mission and just running around the massive world of BGE2
    1. CammyBalFell28
      Also, Props on how well this game is starting to look and sound... It really sounds like it is gonna be something Amazing!
  74. Energiekuchen
    "A wicked plan"? Does it mean we have to plan heists on that kind of ships? That would be neat! But yes, I'd like to take over that beauty. Is it possible? Can I sell it afterwards? Or customize it with weaponry?
  75. Cameron T. Nelson
    Absolutely incredible, we can either go stealthy or hit it hard with our own ship's weapons. However, I would love to captain this vassal for myself. Its insides need to be filled with some of the hardest enemies we face in the game, to make the reward all that more amazing.
  76. That would be quite the challenge to accomplish, not knowing who or what lies inside this. Once acquired adding weapons or improving how you see fit is a must.
  77. Definitely love the design. Maybe various colours could be cool!
  78. oOTequilaWolf
    imagine the resources needed to farm part to upgrade this ship once its yours, might serve as a guild house of some sort, i cant wait to play this game
  79. many Firefly vibes! Quick! Get Nathan Fillion to voice something!
    1. BoogaTheBrutal
      Yes to this lol
  80. what about a dragons head on the front of the ship which breaths fire or something?
  81. devilmeetsvampi
    This merchant shop wanders in every skies of the major cities. It also controls few other small air floating merchant shops too. So hacking this mothership directly grants access to other side small air merchant ships too. Every mothership has a pattern of flying in the air day and night. To capture it from land, you need to set up traps (and activate them directly underneath at the floating time)that sends some hooks to connect to these ships and then travel to the airship via them. Now there can be a four way trap system on the ground so that it becomes harder to activate those four points(located in some square or star shape system) at the same time as the ship is directly above it and sends the hooks to connect to four points on the airship. You can also add three side character that travel along with you on the other 3 hook system path.(or maybe sometime two or none) Other way to capture is an air fight. Like capture its side small air merchant ships and have an air battle like COD World War air fight mechanisms. After reaching there you need to attack a boss or do some combat too. Conquering these ship grants access you to a lot of air views. Since directly capturing this mother ships helps you capture all side small airships so it gives you a lot of aerial(or some) view directly. There are some high class goggles and earpods that can make you see some lights(beyond the human vision) and hear some sounds(beyond human frequencies) too. So maybe like sometimes a mission where with these goggles you can see some air creatures at some point of night/daytime. And if you silently follow them with your airship you can find its hideout and capture some tools from its cave/hideout after some troubles. Sameway with some sea creatures with sound mechanism.
  82. BoogaTheBrutal
    Just a thought
    1. BoogaTheBrutal
      I wanna see things like pirate lore and ghost ships and maybe myths like the kraken and black beard.
  83. gizmo______95
    A god addition to ths ship would be someting like the Leblanc from The Quantum Thief triology: a verry fast, smal and maneuverable ship barely armoured, with little guns. A perfect getaway vessel for heist, or maybe also for boarding other ships.
  84. Andrea Bressan
    It will be awesome drive a big merchant mothership, something long about 1-2 km that can carry a lot of smaller ships for commercial porpuse. and maybe go inside and steal the other ships or blow everything up, the art direction is incredible and in my opinion you can take a lot of inspiration from the treasuer planet animation film, they use a proportion for creating space pirate elements somethings like 20% technologiacl stuff and 80% Victorian age pirate stuff in every frame, i suggest to watch this video it talks about the commercial failure of treasure plant but it shows also some cool idea of the developers I'am a huge fan of Beyond good and evil 1 and i hope to see a fantastic sequel (take your time to make a beautiful game,m please dont relase it too early)
  85. IAmNumberJake
    1) I really like the artwork of the ship! I'm a big fan of all art design in video games. 2) I love the idea of having BIG, menacing and intimidating ships throughout space that nobody would dare to try and hijack or steal from but with that right plan and resources is still possible to do.
  86. Will it be possible to take over other ships, so like the big Police ship from the trailer or a merchant ship and you board it and take it over and make it your ship.
    1. If this is true then I would like to be able to apply your own colours but never truly erase the ships origins (have a police ship with a indent where the police logo used to be). So it would be subtle but a nice touch
  87. NebulasNebula
    That ship is so cool and the sails are awesome. It makes me think if you're going to have multiplayer have it be 4 player co-op. (Drop-in and out, they can join your crew/ally with your crew) The reason I think that would be the best direction is MMO's or shared worlds have a lot of overhead and would detract from the scale you are going for. (Please look at Borderlands, a small multiplayer scale is not always boring!)
  88. ThePr3dator97
    I would to suggest you a good idea about motherships/big ships related to artificial intelligent. My idea is like: create motherships that actually can controlls more little ship with ai (like a star battle mod of starcraft 2: (where u can send little ships to fight versus big ships or with ai controlled space ships)) maybe for defence or attack a city/a planet/others ai controlled spaceships/others motherships. Anyway focus on graphics and ai and i think u will be fine. Another suggest is to create an alien race bug's like "zerg" of starcraft 2 ( or starship troopers or another tipe of ant/bugs ( This last thing could be implemented with ai too, like humans that fight versus bugs with ai and you are in the middle of the fight, something like this.
    1. They have so many races from the original that I think adding in more races at this point would be a bit far-fetched - new enemies, yes, but new races as a whole? But I think if there was an incorporation of AI in ships at a low-level and then their organisations (like gangs or politics) at a high level that would be awesome too!
  89. GoatFeather85
    This is beautiful. I love the mix of old and new.
  90. Your comment is awaiting moderation. How about Cargo Ships that can house ground transport vehicles which can be loaded and unloaded by the ships elevator or ramp system, these ground vehicles can be used to go into places "were ships cant" like deep mines or caves and dead zone areas were certain vehicles are restricted!
  91. The idea of hybrid prisons is amazing!
    1. juanchoferXXX
      I love that idea too
  92. Blue-Jade846222
    I would love to space-jacked this ship to steal all the treasures it holds and free all the hybrid slaves it also holds secretly! If the free hybrid slaves willing asked to join crew and become my Nakama, I will accept it!!!
  93. Can not wait to explore its interior,.Hoping to engage all levels and seafarers, just as the Mass Effect.
  94. I was thinking, there are ships, okay? but will you have land-based cars to explore the cities? I saw the 2008 trailer I know it changed the idea but had a car it would be interesting
  95. I love tje look of these ships. And i am definitely going to be playing the game as a rogue space pirate/freedom fight. #AimToMisbehave
  96. A ship of that size would practically be its own level I least assuming it will be fully explorable.
    1. I think "fully" explorable might have to take a bit of a back foot. Like all the races from the original have all of their own ships and each is meant to be detailed and full then I feel that it might never get finished. But since they are going for the russian-doll effect like in the first game a large amount of the interior would have to be hanger bays anyways :)
  97. SSSuperduckie
    I love the idea of sails on the ships, not just the mothership, but the smaller ones too. For anyone who doesn't like it, they don't need to put them on. And for us who do like them, we should have the option to equip them.
  98. For some reason, this reminds me of a certain mechanic from "Assassin's Creed: Black Flag"... how in-game you could hunt down elite flagships all around the seven seas. I feel like it would be an interesting feature that players could potentially take down and capture Merchant ships through out the galaxy. Perhaps there could be multiple Merchant ships with various designs and capabilities. If I were to propose a concept merchant ship design..."A ship that resembles a WW2 Battleship"? Just remodeled to look more futuristic.
  99. The ship looks nice. It would be cool in my opinion if it had a room with a panoramic view.
    1. Like at the back of a old fashioned pirate ship?? :)
  100. SpaceMonkey2018
    maybe some type of shields like deflector shield in star wars
  101. stuvakronakivik
    It looks beautiful! I so want to explore it. It'd be really cool to send it crashing against the slavers buildings (where only they live of course). Or use it to house former slaves and make it their new home. The possibilities are so many. AMAZING!
  102. McFinkleberry12
    I think there should be massive police or pirate Mother ship battles. This could be cool cause you could lead your men and tell tgem what to do. Also you could get in your small fighter and use that to fight. Eventually you could loot the other ships or blow it up.
  103. i like the sails on the ships personally, and id love to have a hover board in game idk if there already is or not but id love to be able to fly around the city on a board and fly it back to my ship.
  104. I love the idea
  105. I like the blending between light and dark, true to the original. I hope that the bright colours and patterns of the ship show a real contrast to their surroundings. The sails, engine and wing lights are perfect but I would like to see some more natural elements in the design, eg. maybe some ships could have some wooden patches or panelling, much like some of the locations in the original.
  106. Blaze19982017
    I hope you can customize the exterior appearance of your ship. You know to add to your own unique experience.
  107. I feel like the mother ship is so big, powerful, and majestic, that it should not be able to enter the atmosphere of planets. Or maybe it could, but somewhere safe, where characters on the ground would not see a huge pirate ship landing. Its too risky in all aspects. The mother ship could be like the pirates house. You could walk around it, decorate it with antiques, suit it to your needs. It could also be storage for all the supplies you require. It could be a war ship, used for huge space battles. It could be a garage/repair station for your lesser ships/jetpacks. I feel like the mother ship should be the place which players could call their own, in every way possible.
  108. I like it. Nothing else to really compare it looks like an awesome ship and it feels very inviting.
  109. I really love the design, maybe there are secret areas on the ship for black market trades.
  110. The overall design looks menacing as if this mega mother ship means business. I would like to see the ability to enhance areas of the ship or change out particular engine parts or external aesthetics of the ship, perhaps the ability to upgrade the interior and bridge.
  111. can we put our ships down in the water. because that would be awesome.
      Better yet, what if the vehicle's could go underwater... If it's pressurised for the vacuum of space why not the pressure of water
  112. They wrote "HANUMAN K GADA" on top of the mothership. But i think it should be "HANUMAN KI GADA". I am a hindu and Lord Hanuman's weapon is called gada and "Hanuman K Gada" is gramatically wrong
    I would love to see a motorcycle-like tuk-tuk that looks like kaneda's bike from Akira
    Also can't wait for a possible beta
  115. TheKoloradoKid
    This is a very beautiful design. I love the sails, puts a nice touch on the pirate theme as well as can serve a functional purpose. Sailing in space on the solar winds. Could even be an in game song that pirates sing. Being able to overtake such a vessel could be one of the best aspects of this game. That's why I loved Black Flag so much. Attacking another ship and taking it for your own. But you have to build up to such an attack. One thing missing from Black Flag was the ability to take the helm of captured ships or just to see them sailing in your fleet. To use a few captured ships that follow you in your fleet to attack other ships. Having the option of three or four ships in your fleet so you can attack a large vessel such as this would be awesome. The other ships can take your command or attack autonomously. This is where a large space station that you own would come in handy. A place where you can dock all your captures ships, upgrade the armor and weapons there as well as choose which ships you want to take with you on the next raid. How about being able to take over and capture non weaponized merchant ships that you can add to your fleet? These can be used to make money by shipping goods, weapons, minerals, slaves, etc. One quick thought on the ships; I'd like there to be windows or a big dome window so we can look out into space or view the planet that we are orbiting. That would be a nice view. Thank you!
  116. I wonder what I will be able to do to my starship to make it more me, if you know what I'm saying.
  117. juanchoferXXX
    Realizar una misión principal donde uno tenga que capturar una nave colosal de estas algo parecido a la historia del capitán Flint en Black Sails y su persecución del Urca (si no estoy mal), y obviamente que no sea solo una, que sean muchas las que uno como pirata pueda atacar y saquear pero que sea a elección del jugador. Adicional a esto lo mencionaba en otro comentario... cruceros de placer, los cuales puedan ser visitados, atacados, saqueados, rescatados y con cada acción una consecuencia.
  118. Talking about how attacking this would make a huge enemy, if you don't kill the owner. It would be neat if while attacking reinforcements would show up. And if you are playing with your friends, someone could be flying around outside trying to slow them down. Alternatively gather info about the ship and defenses so you can ninja your way in and takeover all quiet like.
  119. Tell you what would be dope. Finding one of these massive ships in space, and taking over it. It would have to be very difficult to do though. You could choose tk take the stealth route. Alone in a small (invisible) ship and slowly and stealthily somehow take over the ship. Or use brute force with cannons making a giant space pirate battle. And maybe there could be more ways to do this such as bargaining? It would be cool if we had a skill tree as well maybe?
  120. I am really hoping to see some sort of built in systems in this game to allow for roleplay similar to how there are all those GTA V roleplay servers out there. Would be nice to see some kind of integration in the base game for people to do that kind of play on the scale this game will potentially provide. Obviously having many different environments to explore would lend to this kind of gameplay, back alleys in some bright city, out in the wilds of some off planet space station, the wastes and small towns that are lawless and more wild west... maybe even with some mounted beasts to ride for the fun of that. Hunting those same wild beasts (or maybe some different wild beasts that are less "friendly"). Another way I could see it being made "easy" to do that is to provide various mini game style "jobs" in the game. Tuk Tuk Taxi driver (or possibly "Uber/Lyft" style in ANY vehicle), Paramedic, "Cop" (vigilante?), Fire Fighter, bus driver, truck driver (both a box truck style and potentially long haul driver of a tractor trailer type), farmer, etc. So much possability and those are all just "vehicle based" (jump in an appropriate vehicle for the job in question, activate said job, do said job until you are done playing the mini game and want to do something else). Add all of that to some great customization of character and vehicles (and hopefully residences and spaceships), and you have all the basics for letting people RP together. Could be great for the future of the game. Obviously having a mother ship would be a great place to have all kinds of interior and exterior customizations and maybe be a "home base" for a fun roleplay.
  121. I would love to be at the helm of that ship with two more as escorts. Also would love to have some frigates escorting my merchant mothershps as I as i go down my merchant or pirate routes. I am really hoping that the merchant mothership has some major or decent firepower on it and can handle a lot of damage.. It would also be nice to control a fleet from one ship with an easy to understand interface.

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