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System 3 Planet Scenes

BGE2 is a world rich in contrasting emotions… and landscapes. As we fly in formation through a calm sky, the world unveils itself, teasing us to come closer and explore its many mysteries. Take a closer look and you might find yourselves embroiled in the midst of a dramatic struggle for survival against the merciless forces of nature.

On one side of the planet, a chaotic scene of hybrids collecting precious resources amidst the constant bombardment by meteorites. On the other, vibrant cities spreading out before a dramatic vista.

Are you the kind of pirate who might skirt danger to solve the many mysteries of System 3, or one who seeks out danger wherever it lurks?

Give us your answer and discuss in the comments below or on the forums!
System 3 Planet Scene

Category : News

200 thoughts on “System 3 Planet Scenes

  1. Loot ...just show me where the loot is and I'm there. Although having to destroy shit while getting it is always a bonus.
    1. SolarLeStrange
      This guy gets it! Right on brother!!
    2. Buttsamurai2099
      I look for danger because I love crazy over the top action sequences where you are fighting and running for your life and any wrong movement could kill you like chasing a guy in the backstreets , underground and rooftops of a city by using the environment and parkour to get them . Maybe a crazy cop chase after you just broke out of prison or doing something fantastic thing with the vehicles like the action sequence came out of a fast and furious movie where the action takes your breath, maybe even doing racing like in speed racer would be really cool.
    3. Buttsamurai2099
      I hope you do what rockstar did with GTA online buy adding new things to find,get and do with every dlc to make the game last a long after its bought maybe even 5 years long also have a story that last about 40 to 60 long.
    4. Expertgamer_17
      I personally would like to see space boarding
      1. WaterGoldfish52
        I would like to see underwater regions like sunken temples/space ships with unique lost treasures
    5. PuckFolitics
      I want to be able to take control of a planet or moon and set up a full blown pirate hideout
      1. gianluca7772015
        That would so cool if they done that, a hind out just for the pirates
    6. Buttsamurai2099
      I hope there is no micrograms actions in the game.
      1. Globox_Friend
        So many games try to cram in microtransactions nowaday's, perhaps expecting BGE2 to overcome that is too much to ask for. We've not heard anything on microtransactions currenlty, so we can only hope. Otherwise the work so far looks beautiful!
    7. Can we have combat enhancement at least in the story mode i mean pirates are trained assassins almost so let's make it more interesting. Example: when holding guns and you want to knock them out and or use them as shields (because everyone wants to be Jason bourn). Also if the idea of temples where you learn how to fight are a solid thing, how about: choosing the martial art that goes with your style?
      1. Nightskyshadow4
        yes that sounds good diferent compat styles for weaponless combat or with weapons and guns
    8. loot and a lot of customisation is the most important thing, espiacally legendary(heroic or however you want to call it)!! But its important to get it really really hard and not like in destiny 2 where every player had almost every exotic! In Destiny 2 you could even buy some. thats really bad and so the game died out. We all want grind. We want freedom in every choice. We want to spend many hours in getiing this special item. In addition it would be awesome to have those online lobbys or even explore the city while seeing other people doing other missions. Don't mess this awesome game up!
    9. I definitely feel like there needs to be riveting adventure to correspond to better loot.
    10. Much Agreed
    11. McFinkleberry12
      Exactly. There has to be loot everywhere so that you can never get bored. Another idea is having lots of side quests like assassins creed origins
      1. i think the side quest should be more like elder scrolls skyrim or the witcher. side quest that feel more story driven, like a filler arc in a tv show. less of meaningless task that get very repetitive. but they should have those too just to make extra cash
  2. I'm a pirate interested in both freeing innocent slaves and imprisoning evil ones. Great concept art btw!! I like the concept of two faces of planets: the vibrant, sprawling, economical hub of private companies and the dark side of how it was build.
    1. I agree with you. I would like to play the role of some seemingly random dude that could be really dangerous xD
      1. Playing as a BADASS or an outlaw or a formet slave would be cool. Maybe our first mission would be freeing oursleves from enslavement, and then building our own fate from nothing.
        1. Galakseeowonder
          It could be fun at first to try escaping and die and rewind/retry as much time as needed before you find the right way to escape, maybe even some kind of didacticial but a loosing showing that even if you do one right thing you still fail, you have to do every thing right (showing every basic mechanics one after another) to go out, having each time a different and either surprising, ridiculous, boring, or obvious death, that would change from the usual stepwalkthrough easy level.
      2. Buttsamurai2099
        I hope you can variety of places my even military places with area 51 type secrets and devices and also prisons, hospitals,shopping mall with actual to buy from and steal from and not forgetting police stations .
    2. I would like to collect resources facing up many dangers, in the meantime i will try to save how many hybrids as possible and i'll give them the choice to join my crew.
      1. to recrute a legendary hybrid or rare or common with different stats would be nice
        1. Galakseeowonder
          Have rare hybrid species would be very nice from extinct species like dinos, maybe a dodo :D marsupial lion... Or just rare species like white bear, panda, red panda, lion...
  3. stuvakronakivik
    I will be killing all the slavers and freeing the slaves. But as someone who loves martial arts, i'll be a powerful hybrid who comes from nothing, i'll be making my way through cage fights first, then i'm gonna get the prize money to buy my spaceship and start recruiting my crew to start fighting against the slavers as well as to explore the solar systems. I'm gonna explore every single thing in the cities, planets, space, etc. I'm really hoping for an Interstellar MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) championship. it'd be so cool to fight all kinds of hybrids each with their own fighting style, taking advantage of the qualities of each individual animal. This could be a really great mechanic and activity for the game.
    1. zippingdock2185
      This is a great idea. There should be multiple routes of progression like underground street fighting, starting a business (catering, mechanic, plumber), delivery boy and even working for corporations that mine resources. You should be able to build a name for yourself so you can end up freeing slaves you may have even worked with and become a famous character on the streets and have unique interactions with the public.
      1. Expertgamer_17
        I like your idea
        1. zippingdock2185
          wouldnt it be cool to have intense interactions with mpc's. I want to see riots and looting on the streets after i kill someone the public idolise, then i want mobs on the street looking for me ready to beat me to death and police curfews organised because im killing so many innocents. I want parades and special holidays praising me on primative planets because i am a God to them as i fly in my spaceship. I wanna see my little jerk chicken shop destroyed by crime boss minions, sent to intimidate me because im going against the odds losing him money he makes gambling on my street fights. That shit would be unique.
      2. I like both your ideas
  4. I wonder how would the side of the planet constantly bombarded would be set up, though?? There could be specific sites where the meteorites hit which would be surrounded by fences and warnings( kind of like how land mines sites are) and the hybrid slaves would have their garrison near these sites so when the meteorites brings it's resources they'd be safe and could later collect them. But maybe, their collection not always goes without sudden meteorite falls, earthquakes, and chemical explosions like the resources could be giving poisonous gases, and they, without knowing, might die while collecting it. And we, as the player, might come to save those poor slaves trapped in the bombardment zone OR we ourselves would take the risk of extracting rare materials for a quest or for upgrades for vehicles or weapons. Maybe, the slaves are not well maintained there with scarce food, and poor shelters and medication, bound in chains. Given injections for increasing their work's efficiency but with lethal side effects. Maybe, the private enterprises sending their slaves on that region could be suppliers of rare materials for the mafia bosses on the city side. And the bosses on the other hand could hunt down slaves of physical strengths and sell them to those companies. A DIRTY DEAL KINDA. What a dark system you are System 3.
  5. I could see myself doing all kinds of things. But in general I go for the "solve the issue with my brain" option if that is possible. Maybe there are hidden ways to go around the dangerous areas?
    1. I'd do the exact opposite^^ I will take my crew, take my ship and take my pride as the future King of Space Pirates (yeah that's right you heard me) and just face every single dangerous situation head on!!!
  6. Two aspects that can alternate for change. This is a good place for traps and puzzles, not everything can go according to plan, even if you do everything right and you need to make a fast decision;)
    1. I agree with you, I think it could be very interesting if the two aspects were mixed in BGE2. Because as you said, sometimes in real life you can avoid danger but sometimes you just have to go through...
    2. I fully agree with you! I'd enjoy both solving puzzles and playing action fights while playing BGE2. I mean, like it was in original BGE and, for example, Knights of the Old Republic games. For example, it may be reconnaissance or stealth (as many times in BGE). There were some quests in Mass Effect trilogy (such as Kasumi recruiting mission in Mass Effect 2), when the player had to use his brain first, but during the puzzle something went wrong (or you have completed the "peaceful" part of the mission). So you'll have to use your combat skills too.
  7. wedgan_tilles
    I'd be much more looking for new mysterious things than going straighton in front of danger. And if danger is unavoildablke, I4d try to find the best plan to confront it :)
  8. As a pirate i will be doing my own thing following no rules but my own. i want loads of danger that i can get in but also a lot of cool locations that i can explore and find good treasure.
  9. GreyGhost4019
    What specificly I'd use as a vehicle I wouldn't mind so much, I'd love something either advanced as in cutting edge or some scrap heap that you could uupgrade on your own to get to that point, maybe customize for what purposes you'd use it for.
  10. Darkside13190
    A true pirate should take any hard decisions, which are be as evasive than aggresive, right?
  11. Belgarathmaster
    Salut à tous! Et bien... les deux cas de figures me conviennent en fait. Suivant l'envie du moment.
  12. I want a city to feel like a real one to me not just a sandbox, a city where I can enter any house and have a naked person screaming at me or people playing poker with guns start shooting at me or an old woman watching TV and don't even notice me breaking in. A city where I can get on any roof, or inside any building or even the sewers and to have consequences for each place I enter.
    1. Expertgamer_17
      I like the breaking into peoples houses idea . Like what if there were special NPCs that you could only talk to/ recruit if you broke into their house
      1. Galakseeowonder
        Haha recruit someone only if you broke into his house that's weird but ok, most of all yeah being chased on foot and passing from outside to inside smashing through a window then use stairs, smash window outside again and getting trapped in a stupid dead end with high walls or justa wall with one window (yours) and only fall to the outer side of the city like a jungle or desert like in every film in a pursuit
  13. If it means freeing slaves, or rescuing a bonny lad/lass, I'm heading into danger head-first guns ablazing... Oh, and the loot. Can't forget the loot.
  14. All depends on the mood I’m in. Some days I might want to bypass danger, cutting through back alleys or hiding in the shadows. Other days I might prefer an all out assault on anyone and everyone that gets in my way!
  15. I would be an pirate that explores all the little mysteries on an planet. I would love to gather the history of the different places while also exploring the different cultures on each planet. My crew would consist of different kinds of characters picked from different parts of System 3 and i wouldn't hesitate to throw myself at the danger to liberate slaves or people. But i would be more hesitant with the lives of my crew members, i won't mind risking myself, but my crew is a different story. Also my biggest wish for the exploration would be to make it feel organic. Look at Breath of the Wild for example. I don't want many markers on my map or something like that. I want to stumble on things in an spontaneous way, it would make feel the journey more personal for me and less guided. I want to be excited or intrigued when i find something/someone so it takes me of my main mission into something else.
    1. About the map: I'm with you ! When I have to look to much on a map or minimap, it simply annihlate the immersion (in the story but also the details : we miss to many thing the artistical team created, that's terrible !!). To illustrate with two games : Shadow of war = too much time looking at the map (=bad). Dark souls = good (but extreme example). The witcher 3 wild hunt was in between but the story/ambiance/etc still gave us the immersion feeling.
    2. I would like the markers. I think it would get quite impossible to find everything which is what I have in mind doing. I would go for the "Let the map markers be a setting" I would think freeing slaves would be cool but I hope it doesn't get overused or has some actual use for me. Otherwise I fear it would get repetitive and I straight out would start to ignore such a task^^ So as you say it. It needs to feel organic ;D
      1. Expertgamer_17
        They could make it to where if you wanted it you could turn it on but if you didn't want it you could turn it off. Me personally I would prefer to have the markers on
        1. I was more thinking about a clear trick to find our way in the world of BGE2. Maybe some kind of tech showing us a specific tracks on the road, that we could follow (like footprints or residual specific gasoline in the air, a it like in the witcher 3 but in a better way) or a kind of holographic GPS indicating the direction in which we should go. It would be better, don't you think ?
    3. assassinsly76
      I totally agree with you !! You choose the word which fits perfectly with the idea of the game: "organic", because it's so right in so many different ways like all in the environment seems to be connected like in reality for example. Everything happens in a natural way. It was a concept that you could find in BGE 1 but in a lesser extent. At that time, you didn't have any markers at all. Either you were exploring the world like areal adventurer or you could activate the compass. I want to find that state of mind.
  16. I would like to b the whimsical, reckless dirty minded pirate who might skirt danger to solve the many mysteries of System 3 as well as seeks out danger wherever it lurks. Sometimes I smoke morality to ashes. Of course, I might b able have a disguise while entering a metro city. Being greedy I would like to visit unknown places which actually mislead me as well as opens a nu door or put me into despair. .....
  17. I'd be exploring mysteries, avoiding danger, but absolutely ready to blast a dude if he's got it coming!
  18. I'll be the one tempting fate every step of the way. :P
  19. I think it would be great if I was the kind of spacial pirate who obviously looks for himself and his crew, who tries to loot everything he finds on his way (being able to keep what comes in handy and sell what it is not). I would like to discover dangerous situations for myself from time to time (secondary misisons), but I would like to confront compulsory dangerours situations on my own way, no matter if it is rushing or sneaking up. It would be amazing to get information to solve the mysteries of System 3 this way. P.S: I can not express how excited I am about the release of the game. It is a very ambitious project so I guess it is not going to come out any time soon, but I'm sure waiting for it will be worth it. Keep up with this amazing work!
    1. I totally agree with you "no pain, no gain". I hope the developers at Ubisoft Montpellier will take Captain Harlock as source of inspiration.
  20. marbledrill51
    As a pirate I have my space pirateship with my canons, and I have my crew with different specialists, and my own character. So whatever the aim in the given situation is, a good captain choses the smartest way to get it, while equal parts avoiding risking the lifes of his crew members and always making use of a chance to have some good pirate fun by p*ssing off my enemies!
    1. Indeed, a captain should take care of his crew, he must pick up difficult decisions and to evaluate the risks and the gain of a mission. How far you will get to obtain something? Are you willing to sacrifice the lives of your crew members? This are some of the questions a captain must answer.
      1. Galakseeowonder
        It could be fun to sometimes have the most frightening /dangzrous looking way be the easiest in the end like go through the highborn human side of the city, but finally a big burglary transform in open shooting in the street and everyone mistakes you for the ones to shoot at, or pass through the junk street in the feersome gang territory and end up encountering an old lady giving you a treasure or a good side quest, somethink that will always make you doubt if you take the good path morally, strategically and geographically.
  21. Any news to when this epic looking game is going to be released???
    1. Expertgamer_17
      Im wandering the same thing myself.I wish the developer's would post a new video telling us around the time it is expected to come out
      1. Guys keep in mind if they would give us a date then they are locked in have a timepoint which would pressure them... Let's givem all the time they need to create the best game ever !!!
  22. Peu importe le danger, si il y a trésor au bout je fonce dedans toujours content d'avoir des news du jeux
  23. Peu importe le danger, si il y a un trésor au bout je fonce dedans toujours content d'avoir des news du jeux
  24. I hope you could just walk around every once in a while and experience the system and society that unravels in front of me. It would also be great if there were choices that affected the system and world.
    1. yup nothing more relaxing between adventures in the wild
  25. I must admit, I'm the "seeking the danger to destroy it"-type of player. I love to overcome and/or outsmart the traps/ennemies etc. That gave me a great feeling of power and freedom (because nothing could stop me and my crew) .// I would like to use the environnement to my advantage (=smart acction), detect, analyse and thwart traps // The difficulty of the encounters (especially AI) would be a sine-qua-non condition to make us live those feelings. Something to easy wouldn't be really great. (I know that BGE1 wasn't really about fighting but ...^^.) Anyway, I trust you, do your game your way, I will support you :) Continue to make us dream please :D
    1. I agree with every word and i feel the same way as you do. I hope that during the E3 the developers show us the progresses they had made during this months, maybe with another livestream (the first it was very enjoyable and funny).
      1. Totally :) another livestream and/or new videos of the game would be awesome.At least in june we should expect big news at the next E3 about their progression(i hope).. Nevertheless we will enjoy every small informations about the game^^ I saw you were really hyped too about this game! Cheers
    2. Galakseeowonder
      I love the ideas and even add an rpg aspect of having different skills/perks that will let you make special moves in different situations, something like the paragon/renegade system in Mass effect serie, but extended to more than just conversations
  26. guest-TDB17S4e
    i will be a pirate that stand against evil guys but might do evil work if i have to
  27. guest-1ihOGGsG
    J’aime me fourer dans la gueule du loup ! Je me vois bien en pirate pragmatique à la recherche des plus gros trésors de la galaxie :)
  28. I want to be there for the people and hybrids that need help. Need food, meds, clothes and money. Want to make life better for the ones that can't do it by themselfs.
  29. WhiteBeardXXX
    One thing i would really love is that evry weapon or evry item you loot that it would be different looking not like some games when you loot alot of items then you see some better items but looking the same thats bad. If evry thing could look different in its own way would be great. Like strong epig legendary items should look very cool and different from basic ones.
  30. Just point me in the direction of loot and gimme some rum and some explosives...
  31. Just point me in the direction of loot and gimme some rum and some explosives... I'll behave... promise *crosses fingers behind my back*
    1. Galakseeowonder
      Space rum
  32. devilmeetsvamp
    Yes. I want stealth too but not like the other Ubisoft stealth mechanisms. Actual stealth missions where we can melt with the crowd(and at some high-uptight places some creatures can smell us if our clothes are dirty). Maybe at some basecamps we can camouflage(through advanced tech) with some walls/doors, also become a statue/mannequin for 2-3 seconds at some places while progressing forward, turning on the tv noise before thumping down a window to escape out. On basecamps at vallies we can have tech to make 3D moving female seductive projections of the guard species and we can lure few guards to blindly follow them and then make the guards jump off the valley sides.(in a cartoonish way) As a monkey i can stick to the walls above maybe? A fun mission can be looting a treasure in a zero gravity spaceship, sneaking and fights could be Inception-ish like. Also if there is high tech why not few arena matches like this.. We start out with easy arenas but as the story progresses the arenas at new places become larger and complex, you now have to move, climb etc too. SIDE NOTE: Regarding the theme of evil and good, there is an interesting story of a serial killer redeemed by Lord Buddha( ) Also there are few differences in Hinduism and Buddhism philosphy( )
  33. Gameplay wise I think you should take from AC origins in terms of beautiful landscape and vibrant living cities I wanna feel like I could interact with the locals and observe there daily lives and it would be interesting and different on each planet (no no man's sky bs please) gun play should be as smooth and effortless as the division and melee well like a origins again maybe tweak it some those three evasive maneuvers a wierd I wanted to say dark souls 3 but I'm not actually sure how that'd work. Warframe has a start to what I'm saying there gun play is good but the melee is far to button mash and inorder to keep attacking u must for go your camera at least on console. PvP areas like the dz would be cool but don't set it up in the middle of the map break them up into small areas like villages that got run down by mercs or something and give reason to go there other than its the only place to get gear have missions there. In game chat too that's something the division lacked. And please I repeat PLEASE keep combat smooth no eso gameplay the best 3 game to take from are ac origins, dark souls 3, the division. Oh and make general movement and traversing the land at least on foot like ac origins simple yet fun af, air movement DC universe (before they made it so you look like Superman when fly fast so stupid) actually I love the mechanics of star wars bf 2 for air vehicles, spaceships. Lastly please don't bog shit down with gear sets and tiers n shit speaking as someone who started the division during beta I was having way more fun when my builds were random and unique because I found different (high-end pieces that worked) but then they went and made it so unless u had a gear set and certain ones at that u couldn't compete against other players that's bs let me play they way I want to and be effective don't make everyone play the same way and with the same stuff it's booty and boring and instead of destroying op weapons balance that shit from the beginning and if something comes out on top leave it and introduce a new set of weapons that can compete or make certain weapons really hard to get so it being super good has weight behind it . And don't let people pay for it or get it from other players no u can only get it by doing the missions or quests yourself. I'll end here cause I could write this all day peace and I hope this game is the next big thing that holds my attention
  34. igorstrong2011
    Господи ! Когда уже появится хоть какое-нибудь видео с демонстрацией игры ?
  35. little_messi04
    I want to be ablessed to do bounties and hunt people. Once you find the person he might not be a bad person, then you must choose wetter or not you let him free and create a connection, or you kill him and revive your bounty reward. Also being able to discover mines, or caves with good loot in it would be cool, like u marked place that I can find on my own by just roaming.
  36. résoudre les mystères ça m’intéresse énormément. Bien sur si en même temps il est possible d'aider les population victimes d'esclavage c'est un plus, d’autant plus si derrière on peut mettre une bonne raclé aux responsables x') et danger ou pas, si c'est pas direction casse pipe assuré ça me va ! (super concept art ^^)
  37. I 'might skirt danger to solve the many mysteries'. Would also like to create some 'mystery' content myself - look what the devs at bossa do with their island creator. There could be zones with defined borders (or storyline connections) that willing players could fill with site-specific elements (even NPCs) for city, planet, or space. Test the player's creativity!
  38. Definitely seeking the adventure on the unprotected side. Watching the spectacle of a meteor coming down from a safe distance then hopping on board of my ship and rush to the crater to be the first to scare.. also finding out more about the life of slaves and mining corps. Maybe you can even choose who to help and support. But I also enjoy the idea of an enormous city sprawling with life, where one can take a stroll and take everything in like a tourist but where in certain areas also completely differeng types of threats lure. Organised crime, pick pick pockets, scammers etc
    1. salvage* not scare
  39. Bonjour, tout d'abord je trouve l'idée d'intégrer des zones differentes sur une meme planète très cool ! Ancien joueur de BGE, j'attend des villes somptueux au décor typique (des boutiques, pourquoi pas des gares, des marchés secrets et des zones habitables bien entendu) et également des endroits hostiles en pleine nature (au milieu du ciel de la mer ou de la planète : des jungles, des deserts, des archipels, des zones toxiques ou avec des climats complexe comme les meteorites) Et pour la question principale, je pences que les deux solutions devrait etre possible. Cependant des évenements brusques qui nous tomberais deçu je suis pas contre : des attaques de pirates, des probleme climatiques, des attaques de creatures de la planète, des étoiles fillante dans l'espace et en ville bien sur des ennemis. (NB : des ennemis terestre aussi dur à tuer que des Sections Alphas de BGE1 dont j'èspere grandement le retour)
    1. Et j'aimerai ajouter que des attaques DomZ serait aussi le bienvenue. Je m'interroge sur leurs présences dans BGE2. Car selon l'histoire de BGE1 il existe depuis des siècles.
      1. Galakseeowonder
        Très cools comme idées, surtout les gares avec tout ces véhicules "classiques" dont io partent sur des versions volantes il faudrait adapter tout l'environnement urbain créer des carrefour et une signalisation avec non plus uniquement les directions dans le plan mais aussi vers le haut et vers le bas, avec des trottoirs qui ne longentnt plus des rues mais du vide, des carrefour avec des files pour aller en bas ou en haut, des gares sur des canyons ou il y aurait du vide à la place des voies qu'elles soient routières ou ferroviaires, des rocades /boulevards périphériques non pas circulaires mais sphériques... Repenser les villes avec la profondeur en plus et donner enfin aux "bas" quartiers le vrai sens de leur noms. Un peu comme dans le 5ème élément ou d'autres films futuriste ou le bas et sinonyme de 0eu de lumière et souvent de revenus bas, insalubrité, misère et insécurité
  40. Give me a good exploration with lot's of gameplay elements on the way, I'm in, in all sort of things! Just don't make it easy to go everywhere, even at the end game, some areas should be challenging at all the time, some that need a bit of brain, I like to workout with the environments and environments challenges me back
  41. Perhaps what dangers I might cause
  42. To explore a unique envoriment is ideal something that makes system 3 system 3.
  43. If there is one thing I love most, that is being able to find new mysteries and solve them with as little direct fighting as possible. I like the kind of mysteries that span long distances like one location has a piece of a larger puzzle and you have to travel from point to point to find the underlying answer. Puzzling mysteries that make you think are a favorite of mine. I know one thing. While other pirates will be aiming to rush in and steal what they desire, I would rather sneak in and find another way. Maybe steal the pirates treasures after they do the work for me.
  44. Silverback1907
    One needs to be able to get in the heat o danger to get the most valuable loot and resources. However, one needs to build up to this point so they cant just start the game and get into the hardest of areas. One needs to build themselves, their ship, and their crew to get to that point. If you can do this, along with incredible surroundings and story then you have GOLD. Make sure to give the player an open means of accomplishing their goal, while providing a variety of rewards. Also, perhaps make it so that some environments require certain upgrades or advancements to one's ships or fighters. That would be cool. Please take your time in finishing this game, because I am BEYOND hyped for it. Also, can you PLEASE include some kind of trailer or sneak peek at this years E3? P.S. also, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND THE UNIVERSE, DON'T MAKE MICRO TRANSACTIONS THE SOUL POINT OF THIS GAME. I can barley tolerate some degree of customization related purchases but that should be the extent of it.
  45. I shell fight for freedom!!!!
  46. Depending on the mood, skirting danger or seeking it out would both be on the table. Linked to that, I think that adding a random element to the mix would add a lot in terms of longevity, and enjoyment. Let’s say I’m transporting a valuable item, or package across the planet. I would very much like to avoid trouble, but all of a sudden a meteorite falls, or a gang attacks, perhaps even catastrophic engine failure (if the vehicle is shoddy). I would need to adapt, going from non danger to extreme danger, and using my skills as a pirate to still win the day. The random, unplanned moments have always been my favorites, in gaming
  47. I'm getting some Indiana Jones vibes off of this imagery. It makes me want to spring traps and narrowly escape pitfalls and booby traps of the lethal nature. Steal the golden monkey statue and give it to the pit boss of some underground black market casino for ludicrous amounts of money only to get turned in to the local authorities upon handing the goods over. Only the sharpest wits and quickest of maneuvers can save you with the aid of some James Bond tech that comes through in a pinch.
  48. I'm a pirate interested in the story. I want to know the answer to the mystery, and I'm willing to go to the depths of system 3 hell to find them. Creative storytelling that's immersive in its application is what will really hook me - finding an abandoned teddy bear, or speaking with refugees using a translator to try and decipher a new language, puzzle solving, mind games - this is what I'm excited for!
    1. Galakseeowonder
      Yes and after sometimes you begin to understand what the refugees truly says and either uncover things the traducer wouldn't want you to unveil or just that they are insulting you in some gruesome manner
  49. bugzinyapudding
    I think a little of both. Danger is definitely fun and exciting in a reasonable amount but I'd usually prefer the mystery approach. Trying to find a safer approach to a situation and more incline to be a bit more safe in terms of execution!!! I would love to try both, though!
  50. I would be searching for the many mysteries of System 3. Look forward to seeing sidequests with stories, whether it be learning issues or the history of NPCs. Something like the sidequests from Zelda games like Majora's Mask. I'd also approach combat situations if it is for a good cause.
  51. J'aime bien les deux styles de jeux après il faut voir si vous envisager un New game plus. Mais alterner infiltration et action ne me déplait pas a moins qu'il y ai différent bonus si l'on choisit l'un de ces style (ex: tenue pirate pour l'action ou alors lunette de sam Fisher pour l'infiltration)
  52. I do like me tension in games to keep me on edge. Give me dangerous situations but do not overwhelm me with them! I do also enjoy time for calm, relaxing exploration.
  53. I would like to do both, it's two manners to discover this planet, and two ways to appreciate the game. but maybe having other ways could be great too. If you decided to avoid danger, and you discovered later that this planet is messed up (why not after a memorable scene), maybe you would like to change, and be against inequalities of this planet. So maybe a middle way could be nice. Also, this double-faced planet is a great idea, Just like another game, other rules, other universe, but in the same game. That's why I think having totally dirrerent planet should be awesome !
  54. I look for a good purpose. Whether it’s dangerous or just an interesting insight. Although a little danger does make things more exciting.
  55. I would have to say I would be a pirate who would be obsessed with finding old relics of former military power houses and discovering their secrets and trying to restore them to there former glory!!
  56. ShadowBree3e
    I would be a pirate that wouldn't be predictable. It would depend on if I feel like causing hell or just sneaking around, making the rivals furious at the thought that I got away.
    1. Galakseeowonder
      But they would not be furious they would be expecting that from you ^^
  57. I would seek out danger, just for the thrill of a high speed chase and the intention of having fun. I hope you guys impliment a system for stealth aciton gameplay. I would love to play my character like a ninja, trying to stay hidden, distract foes and knock them out from behind. Maybe use smoke bombs? that would be fun! =D
  58. I'd like a planet with the dynamic weather/meteorites/asteroids, when they crash into the planet maybe randomly uncover some hidden ruins/structures that couldn't be accessed before the strike. somewhere else to loot and find out more about the planet civilizations etc.
    1. Galakseeowonder
      Haha special ops underground facility is open now no big titanium door and it's a ruckus inside let everyone in for a huge blow and loot hunt
  59. I am an Assassin's Creed or Splinter Cell gamer so... I like to evolve in the shadow but a very massive and explosive action could be amazing if the artistic direction is really "high level" ! To be honnest, I'd love to see a lot of cutscenes to propose a real vision of the story, with it I can do whatever you want xD
  60. Personaly i think both kinds would be enjoyable and a mix of this kinds of gameplay would be great , it would be nice if there were "missions" that you would have to"skirt danger" and others that you would have to go in without fear agressive badass mode .I think variaty is the key c:
    1. Maybe not. When an author want to do something, to tell something, he have his own point of view, and he tell his story through this. So if he decides to tell a story by a way, he can show you what you even don't think. but if you have variety, you will not have the developement that he could bring to his story. That's why I think two ways are enough. besides, you will have other gameplay on other planets. So maybe variety is the key, bot not on one planet PS : soryy if my english is terrible, I'm French --'
      1. Galakseeowonder
        I think his point was more variety in the type of missions like some stealth, some rude blowing everything up, some puzzle, some mind tricks and tense conversation/diplomacy, some strategic choices... But yes you also have a point, Borderlands is mainly blowing everything and everyone up and it's one of the biggest chunk of fun I've experienced.
  61. BraveFencerZan
    With a setting like Beyond Good & Evil, the mysteries of this universe would absolutely interest me enough to go searching through it for answers. I'm not one to wander aimlessly for things to kill, but unique items to uncover and weird people (whether other players or NPCs) to interact with along the way always pulls through.
  62. Livinfly1189
    Loot? Enemies to kill and thug to blow up while getting the loot? This is a trick question right?
  63. If the game is to choose different dialogues, it will have different endings, just like The Witcher 3. 1. During the transit of the traded goods, it was accidentally heard from an NPC that an A company was engaged in mining transportation for the minerals that had fallen from meteor a few days ago. 1) Players can accept work requests and encounter Company B or other organizations on the way. Players are invited to participate in their predatory actions. If you accept their suggestions, they will receive higher rewards. If you do not accept their suggestions, they will tell the player to see the battlefield. 2) The player may not accept job requests from A, B companies and other organizations, but the player may return to the mines where the battle preparation is completed and meet with only a few troops. The player may choose to help one of the parties to win or watch the battle. Gather materials, equipment and weapons. 2. When the player went to the base of a planet, he met the falling meteor. Players can choose to help the base personnel to flee or flee, and collect the rest of the base's materials, equipment and weapons after the disaster. At this time there were other pirates coming. Players could choose to withdraw or fight. Victory could gain more material, but failure to fight would lose material and death penalty.
  64. I'm looking for both adventure and danger. However, I would like to have the choice of freeing slaves and/or helping the hybrids to reduce resources and transport. Nature should be alive, it should "breathe"-live and develop. I want to bump into big creatures, hunt, fight and/or fight with them against even bigger beasts. I want to discover treasures and also hide my treasures myself. But above all, I want to experience and share this together and at the same time with my friends in a large persistent world.
  65. Epic loot, ancient relics, and things to explode/ people to kill? Sign me in!!!! Although, I find participating in a dramatic story for the survival of the slave hybrids (or their further torturing, or something in between, depending on your choices) to be quite intriguing. Also, tough bosses and the world around you should evolve, according to your choices. Oh, and a possible '' Secrets of the Wild'' ( title in progress...) where you find collectibles that have a backround, solve puzzles that let you discover hidden facts or never-heard-of stories, and to that maybe add random encounters? Well, aaaanyway, HYYYYPED!!!!!!
  66. Klaustopher_
    I would like to explore a lot of landscapes. I think it would be interesting if your crew, or members of your crew chosen for the mission, would be better prepared for certain environments. This would give the player the ability to create a crew as diverse as they want to to explore the places as they want. They also could create a crew that is uniform. This may decrease the places that they can interact with, but can increase the success of their missions.
    1. Galakseeowonder
      You still could help them go everywhere with special equipment like shark or diver suit/salamander or firefighter suit... But everyone should have optimized space suits and I van't wait for that :o
  67. HyperMirror04
    What if in the city area of the map there could be a crime syndicate and we could have the option of causing trouble for them and since they're really powerful they could send police and gang members after us. Also there could be hijack events where you fight off an armored convoy of vehicles or ships (maybe both?) And for doing so get better/new gear, weapons, ship parts, hell, maybe even new vehicles or rare resources as well. (Your guy's choices) if you guys really wanna stir emotions or just want to make the player feel like a good person you could even have convoys where we save hybrid slaves from captivity and they (if willing) could join our crew and expand upon the ship's crew system.
    1. HyperMirror04
      And while on the topic of gang violence why dont we gain rep on the streets by builing our own type of gang and give enemy gang members (granted we don't kill them) a choice to betray they're gang and join ours out of fear or intimidation. And maybe we could save hybrid slave from public executions or from they're imprisonment, or street fights like in AC: Black Flag.
      1. Galakseeowonder
        Or other gang memeber would come on their own smelling the fame and money and giving you special intell
  68. HyperMirror04
    In space i would love to see space bars to add a little life to the nothingness of space. where you as the player could take a load off and relax, get drunk, play in a gambling card game, listen to the music, rent a room out to maybe sleep as a type of space storm like a comet, or meteor shower blows over. We could even get side quests by hearing rumors from the bar tenders similar to skyrim, and we could have bounty posts where we could maybe grab a bounty or two.
    1. Galakseeowonder
      Yeah "everything you think from pirate add space in front off" they said so Space Tavern
  69. HyperMirror04
    In space i want to do what every pirate does. LOOT i want to find massive fleets in space delivering untold riches and treasures and steal it from them. This can be done with many options and here are my top 3 best ones. 1. We blast them all to space dust with our missiles and laser cannons and steal the treasure from the ruins of their desomated ship. But this choice will have a blowback by having half the original money you would get in number 2 or 3 destroyed. 2. We board the ship and stealthily sneak or kill guards and take the treasure before even know you were there. 3. You board the ship guns blazing with your crew and fight off all the guards and because shots were fired the captain or any crew members will send a distress call meaning you and your creq will have to deal with reinforcements and getting the treasure from that ship to yours on your risky exit
    1. Galakseeowonder
      Add hostages you could sell in the stealthy mode and I'm your man ;)
  70. The reason why the idea of exploration is exciting is because there is the promise of discovering dynamic unknown events, not just the mere notion that an environment and its contents are new. Make all the environments feel alive and filled with stories, then you will inspire the feeling of wonder in your player base. What if you had events like. protests in cities that emulated migration patterns in rhythm and timing for herd animal hybrids? You had to observe the migratory patterns in nature outside the cities, then use that knowledge gained to lead you to the origin of these protest events, and they exposed the underbelly of a hybrid conspiracy that ensnared you into a chain of quests and public events? You would give reason to the migration of herds you populated your worlds with and tied them to the very dynamic content of your game, and maybe taught your user base something about real animals. There are so many ways to create scalable narrative content systems both procedural and hand crafted, that exploration could always feel dynamic and engaging.
    1. Galakseeowonder
      You made me think of something I want to share, first the whole thing would be awesome and I hope it wouldn't be to much of extra work to be accepted if it's not already planned, but having all the hybrid having style some kind of community link in the subspecies and their behaviour as a community would be link to the animal of the hybrid part
      1. Galakseeowonder
        Like for cows/gnu, the need to migrate in seasonchanges, migrating birds too, a lot being very slow and grumpy in winter if the animal is supposed to be in hybernatio n, felin would have very few i teraction with their species and be very lonesome (current mother educating their children alone...) sharks would live in kind of lonesome but if one would have a problem or a way to gain money evrey other woyld join... Something like awekwardness between from species who have never seen each other or natural fear for a well known predator would be awesome having all the food chain change into something of a money chain that would better fit a civilised world (sometimes it could go back to food chain though) but always have some exceptions who would raise against the humans and form "unnatura" l alliances.
  71. I would skirt danger to solve mysteries and sometimes take risks to discover secrets and hidden treasures, wich could not be discovered otherwhise. Also I would take risks to help friends, hybrids and people in need. It would be great explore and travel in search of secrets moved by myths and legends handed down by the population, or following the stories told by an old shaman of a tribe, stories read in a mysterious book or the words of an inscription found in ancient ruins or artifacts. While We and our crew travel in search of mysteries through the universe, We could meet space ships for the hybrids trade or a small trbie of hybrid besieged by mercenaries who want to capture them to become slaves and we could decide to help them. Try to make sure that the free exploration and the secondary quests are as coherent as possible with the stages of the main plot and that they give a real sense of discovery and amazement and obviously that they are fun ;-) Keep up the good work, team ;)
    1. Galakseeowonder
      That's great ideas here and add some faction /reputation /hunting rewards and it would be awesome
  72. I could become a bounty hunter as players, how to get money, I would do, of course, I also have a moral bottom line, I may not for poor people, still perhaps can help a lot of people, can for the money to do some terrible thingsAfter making money, I will form my own gang to control the trade of system 3.After the development of my gang, I will set up my own company and control the whole system 3, which is my idea.
    1. Galakseeowonder
      And you think we will let you do that ;)
      1. If it's RPG, of course I can do anything..haha
  73. Two things, all buildings should be able to blow up/destroy and all buildings should be available to get into somehow. Im not saying we need it, but it would be better with this.
    1. Galakseeowonder
      Yes this ^
  74. Skirt the danger unlock the mysteries because with mystery comes epic loot and further mysteries!!!
  75. CammyBalFell28
    For myself, I really don't know but other people I am in love with a run away Sequence that ends up with you being stranded and you have to build some sort of Transport to escape. What my vision always runs back to is, (if i span the story to match the plot of BGE). You and your hardy band of Pirates bite off a little more than you can chew. Lets say a loot heist gone terribly wrong and your crew is made. And now there is a massive bounty on your head and thousands of others want to collect or even just a warrant for your capture to be placed in Prison. So you run back to your hide out to rethink and restock but you were followed. And everything is goes to Hell when its blown up and your grab what you can and you jump on ship and you run.. Since we're in the Beautiful System 3 galaxy. You fly for hours fighting off enemy space ships, maybe even run into a Massive Pirate/Police battle ship. Despite the efforts you and your team put in to fight the pirates off you get shot down onto a nearby planet. the people that shot you down send a team of soldiers to follow and capture you. but you land before them and manage to run and hide. And on the foreign planet you make a friend that says he can get you off the planet safely but you have to help him with some side missions first. and then you have to rebuild everything after you make it back. I know it sounds soooooo cliche but its one of those sequences that takes you away from the worlds you always see and take you to a random place that in my opinion the designers should go CRAZY with because that short section o the game should visually take our Breath away. Make us sit back in our Chairs on go, "Damn, that's F***ing pretty"
    1. CammyBalFell28
      Crap.... took so much time to answer the question incorrectly LOL!!! but hey.... Still laid out a thought there #CreativeSpace lol
      1. Galakseeowonder
        I hope it can be possible, love the idea, though I don't think it would be linear in narration so you would be stranded and then one of your pal you know from a long time cross your path on his nice new hunti g ground and everything to take off, it woukd ruin the instant ^^ but something like being chased by npcs police or some kind of privateer player could be cool, maybe you could end it by killing someone and painting your face on him, the result would be horrible but would work and the privateer player finding the horrible painted dead guy would have a good laugh "I see what you did there" maybe doing it like some mini game if the privateer like the art he can choose to deliver the decoy to the authorities and pledge the rewardor continue the chase if it's not up to his tastes.
  76. Id like to this game become server based so that private hosted servers are a thing so you can build MIGHTY ALLEGIANCE OF PIRATES ( IF THERE WOULD EVER BE SUCH A THING) Maybe a cross server traveling system so that we might invade other (servers) systems and loot their booty! A more advanced open play world than just a single world co-op would be spectacular. I know its a lot of work but i fell in love with ARK Survival evolved for this reason. I host a Nitrado server on PS4 with a few friends and it made the game way more enjoyable to us knowing we control our community and can weed out the unwanted problem causing trolls etc. Anything we can play with our friends and built communities is always a plus in the gaming universe.
  77. Warriorweirdo
    I think it would be very nice if we could sneak around and use a lot of stealth elements. Give the gamers the change to stealth as in AC.
  78. I want to be able to do and take as i please. I dont want a land of moral "good" and "Bad" .I want every choice, evening ones like freeing slaves to really make me think. For instance maybe the pirate had starving kids at home because he supported hybrids and therefor couldnt get work. Ithink it would be incredible if this sense of doubt and thought could be put into th environment. I want to wonder if going some where is worth it. I want to fear the terrain. It should almost be another character
  79. I just want to kill as many people/hybrids as possible...and take all their shit
    1. Galakseeowonder
      A poop collection... Interesting, I might follow you on this one ^^
  80. i want to go in and have fun while tearing the enemy bases or destroying the secret caves or dungeons i want to tear some shit apart with or without anyone
  81. I think uncovering conspiracies within a city or being a corrupt lappy helping them to take place interests me more, I like an in-depth story of corruption and greed, but being on either side of the fence doesn't bother me whilst playing, I like having multiple play throughs as one or the other. I think collecting and hoarding loot is also very appealing, and peeling off into territories as mentioned above into the mining areas is also good for some big loot gains, however taking loot off of other people in dangerous coming togethers whether in space or within the confines of a planet, bode very well with me. Exploration is key, as you need to have the options to do as you please, however I think giving people a choice of directions is important, such as the new Farcry 5, you have everything available from the get go, however they give you a general guidance as where to start, I think with BGE, its less linear than that and you could be given hints after the initial intro, as wheres a good place for starting to explore depending on your character, and collecting intel as you travel unlocks even more possibilities and stories and places to head to.
  82. There are a few things ideas that really came to me when thinking about this question. I think the main idea I had was: Space Pirate...Ninja. Putting together a team of Stealth Op crew mates, and sneaking around the galaxy is something I could get endless joy out of. On the other hand, Space Pirate...Samurai. I am a big fan of Japanese culture, so even thought there are definitely lots of Chinese influences on the game's concept art that we have seen so far, I would be overjoyed to see a small Japanese sub-cultural group in the universe to interact with. Have you ever heard the saying "Honor among thieves"? Well a Space Pirate Samurai would certainly fit that roll... Third and foremost, I also very much enjoy Nordic culture, and being a Space Viking would be very very cool. Two words: Space Raiding.
  83. I prefer the stealth-action of beyond good and evil 1, I would want to do that as I am a strong fan of the original game. I would also like to see some sort of photography element like in the first game, taking pictures of 'evidence' or like in the first game, hunting out all the animals in the system and taking pictures of them all, I really enjoyed the wide variety of different animals in the first game, such as flying manta rays, the frogs with their funny faces, the space whale... It was beautiful, and I hope to see a return to it.
  84. FeelThePain2000
    I would really love to explore the quiet and mysterious sides of the new world of BG&E. Searching everywhere for a nice background story like the Vorax treasure inside the volcano. Or the whole mystery behind the Beluga spaceship. For me the fighting scenes where never the strongest points in the game. Also how cool would the exploration be if you can actually take your camera with you again. Please make this game as thoughtful as its predecessor!! As for materials in infrastructure some more wood would be cool! Like the pedestrian area's in BG&E 1 . I've been waiting years for this game, because the first game really inspired my art. Wit kind regards, FeelThePain2000
  85. In the spirit of my love for stealth action, i'm one to skirt danger in order to unlock the mysteries the world has locked inside. Being a pirate, I think it's an excellent idea to go in between stealth in an espionage-sense, blending into crowds with disguises and spreading destruction to get the thrill of danger and action in pursuit of the glorious loot! Having multiple ways of engagement I think would be awesome. BGE1 had a pretty large variety of gameplay types, solving puzzles, action-packed combat, racing and bone-chilling stealth. I personally grew up loving the design of stealth, building my interest towards playing games like Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed. I think MGS does the balance and choice of using stealth and causing destruction very well, it gives the player a choice of how to engage the task at hand. Although MGS doesn't have much emphasis on exploration for interesting environments throughout the series, BGE shows so much potential in its rich, vast worlds, cultures and lore, so I believe BGE2 could take a balance of stealth and action even further with providing focus on beautiful environments to explore. I believe Uncharted does this very well too in terms of exploration and action, but stealth is kept rather minimal.
  86. I would like to have te possibility of blowing everything up. You could invest some time in developing a good physics system. And a good AI too. These are things where we are getting stuck. There are not too many games who have good physics and AI. And i think it is the next step to take in this industry. Games like Zelda have started giving a little step, but i think that you have the knowledge, resources and experience to make it really happend. Emerging gameplay should be the goal nowadays in this industry. But a lots of developers are just focus on make better graphics. But I truly think that you have the attitude and passion to achieve it, to make a difference.
    1. Galakseeowonder
      Iif you saw the video with the meteorite hole on a planet I think it's already supposed to be there at least at a developper level to reshape the world but "naturally" but I assume on a player (smaller level) you could limitedly shape your surrounding maybe blowing a cave to build a hidden base in a canyon cliff...
  87. BGE_big_fan2007
    For example, I would run the risk of freeing slaves from the humans, rummaging through the ruins and revealing the secrets of system 3 and helping people with their problems. It would be cool if you can do the gameplay over 150h, because then you can have a lot of fun with your colleagues. A feature I would also like if you come to certain things in the jail, and the friend as a secret policeman me from the jail or the other way round. That would be things that I wish
  88. DarkForceLegend
    It always depends on the situation. I like to plan things out whether I go in guns blazing or I just "skirt" by. There is always a time and place. I enjoy stalking and skulking about, but sometimes I like to spice things up just to break the monotony. It's all in fun, the search for treasure, and freedom though, right!?
  89. Galakseeowonder
    Yes danger is often a good hint to something fantastic, but hidden things mustnot always be dangerous the amount of research is also important having just some ridiculously unattractive (not in a way he is good looking but really grabbing your gaze on sight) npc and completely random wich will lead you to someone else in an endless search like a homeless crappy guy asking you to ask if Joe's wife is getting better and there is so many Joe around and you have to talk to nearly every one of them (maybe the first guy is actually the good one) just for the starter of the quest ^^ or just find a path behind foliage then have to hike, swim underwater, jump...
  90. Galakseeowonder
    I'm not sure of it's gonna be played, if it can be cooped and at which point but if something like guildsof player even sharing a mothership could be a thing, having something as to share treasuupon looting is something fun with trading and arguing over it I used to do it all the time with my brother in border lands like talking about who takes what from the loot crates and I liked it as it also kind of give a specialization of ypur character and of each of your team, as your specialization would give you more weight in bargaining like "come on this stuff doesn't suit your style, you don't fancy this kind of weapons but I do so let me have it you wont't even know on which end you must grab it"
  91. Galakseeowonder
    Regarding the meteorite let's say falling always on the same side of a planet, but the planet is spinning so it would be like a day n night cycle but a crazy night, and you could have moving cities on wheels, or hovering or with mechanic1l legs, this could be awesome and coninuously following the meteorite shower to harvest materials from it. This could be great I think, somethink like an oil plateform but with the constant need to move.
  92. I think I would be a pirate that would like to do both solve mysteries and seek danger wherever it lurks. It really depends on how I feel. Sometimes I would just like to explore the world in piece and look in awe as I see how beautiful it is. Then on other hand pushing into the action, fighting foes, destroying everything as I go around sounds just as pleasurable.
  93. I would like diffrent biomes for diffrent planets, like a artic planet and even a rain forest / jungle. I would also like to see some tough terrain like harsh weather and dangerous enemies of nature, and if it is even populated is is only populated by the toughest breed of hybrids, ideally each enviroment has hybrids that suit the quota. The isolation of warrior hybrids that you can recruit would be nice too.
  94. Can you tell us anything about weapons in the game, for the characters or ships? Is there gonna be customizable weapons?...... it might a cool idea to make it possible to make a very special type of weapon or weapon part out of a metal or mineral found in a very specific planet or a meteor, like one mans trash is an mans treasure.
  95. Blaze19982017
    I seek out danger and chaos. Where ever there's chaos something of value is bound to be found.
  96. I find the idea of encountering dangerous situations which you have no choice but to avoid very interesting, as it forces you to find an alternative route or to simply step back when things get too out of hand, reminding you that despite the vast array of resources you have at your disposal, you are not the master of this world and won't feel too overpowered.
  97. Id handle the danger in a case by case basis. The more thats in it for me, the more id be willing to go into danger. Also, another motivator would be if I could gain more allies, such as freeing slaves, etc. I guess high risk/high reward situations.
  98. I'll explore and solve the mysteries of System 3 after I've taken care of the danger. It's business before pleasure every pirate knows that!
  99. I liked the way the city looked in the trailer, like a beautiful bright city, but one wrong turn and you end up in the lawless slums. The concept of a constant danger that is avoidable if your carefull. like you can walk in town all care free but if you want something from he black market you will have to take a risk for it.
  100. Some ideas for Beyond good and Evil 2: 1 different quests 2 Customize Weapons/ ships 3. Going to other planets 4. invite friends to your spaceship 5. sitting on couches/sofa to see the view if you are on ground or spaceship repaire vehicles / fuel stations to really fill your spaceship if its out of fuel 6. spaceships with solar energy ( energy from the sun, 7. black holes in space 8. trading with friends 9. computer on board of your spaceship to see how much you traveled in game or different camera mode to see out of the window if you are in space 10. walking on the moon im just excited , some of these are allready coming in the game, i just cant wait for the game keep up the good work Ubisoft!
  101. I would play as a hybrid personally I think given the storyline you should only have the option of hybrid and I usually always play as a human type like skyrim I was always a nord. I just feel the hybrid option fits best in this game but with the crew option you could acquire a human willing to help the hybrids or something like that. I love the ship customizing I'm seeing already and would also like to see maybe some kind of home base or hideout you can customize on whatever plant and store your ships and loot. Also since this is a space pirate type game. Deffinelty would like to see some epic space combat. But not all about space, I like to explore every single thing so have a ground level environment is big also. My biggest concern is if there is a online mode it's nothing like GTAV, I litterly hate playing that game anymore you cannot perform or complete any goals or missions without someone constantly coming after you killing you multi times. Makes for very frustrating and unhappy gameplay. Please don't be like GTA.
  102. I would have a cautious approach to solving mysteries or freeing slaves, especially if the game has me starting from scratch, as I suppose you don't end at the head of a pirates team in a huge vessel by snapping fingers. Guess I'm more of a weasel hybrid ;-)
  103. Galakseeowonder
    I know it's not really the subject but having science as something important would be cool either having research lab with some doing horrible experiences on hybrids, and having your own researches to discover new things to craft and you would specialize in specific ways to improve your ships and personal gears based on different technologies with different propulsion types, many different weapons (good exemples is Borderlands for the choices) different armor researches or shiels.
  104. I wonder if this is going to be an only planetary system in the game? Or will it have some more?
  105. Mabey you could create your own slave to help you
  106. kingofpineapes
    So i would like to see some "sea monsters"(in space) like attached to a meteor or something and you could get big bounties for defeating them
  107. As a space pirate, danger is just an other opportunity for me to find loot ! While the mysteries are improtant, these can wait ! If I am given the opportunity to plunder one the universe's biggest space fleet because I happened to see one of their ships docked at a city space port, I would consider myself a fool to ignore it in order to solve mysteries in forgotten cave. It's not like I have a schedule to follow, as a space pirate.
  108. BlurryCrane9375
    I would most likely get very involved in chaotic acts of trying to save a lot of hybrid slaves as I explore more and more planets.
  109. Please just don’t make building weapons or upgrading things over complicated with resources make it cut and dry earn money buy weapons and vehicles or unlock them but none of that crafting stuff
  110. Hello Space Monkeys Punks ! As part of Ubisoft studio I am sure you can have some feedback form the Black Flag team, their game was truly impressive and immersive. It you can learn from their mistake too. For instance, the limited online battles but the truly amazing treasure hunt ! I will recommend creating weekly and daily events that affects your regions or zone, like: 'Riot in the underground city' and give you unique opportunity to take part of it and spoil, pillage or simply enjoy the mayhem. (Par example May 1 a Paris ^^) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Furthermore, regarding pirate factions and so on, it will be nice to have a friendly, exalted and so on, just like WOW did, each actions as consequences and being friendly with one, force the other to hate us. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// FINALLY, have you considered making a space Pirate 'aristocrat' ( style corsaire Francais sous Napoleon, mais dans l'espace) ???? It will be great to see the different strata within the pirate system and 'royalties' or legendary.. Now just picture a pirate ship full of depraved dandy that sound oddly french and are smuggling goods and exotic food or what not. I think they will be great value in making a faction centered around core value: Freedom, Greed, Power, Spirituality (Monk Pirate ?), Trade, and Mercenary (Shinobi Pirate?) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Voila c'est tout ce que j'avais a partager. Super travail continuer comme ca, et bonne Chance !
  111. I really hope they bring back de photo camera from BGE. I want to photograph every landscape of the game!
  112. Dear Ubisoft Montpellier, I wanted to say that I hope that the cities in BGE2 will feel as vibrant as they do in the trailer of the game. I would love to wander through the streets full of NPC's with that Asian vibe or meeting an other pirate in a dark alley. I think these kind of slums or smaller and tighter districts will emerse the player. I saw the latest trailer yesterday and I am very happy with what I am seeing. The combat reminded me a bit of the finishers from FURI for a moment and the Armada option looks so damn fun! I already got my pre order ready and I wish you guys all the best! C00KERD
  113. You have to make strong main story.
  114. Only thing that's going to be weird it's explaining to players that have played first game (including me of course) how did characters change so much.
  115. BTW keeping few other things beside than names from original game would be nice and nostalgic
  116. FTPBloodlust
    Cannot wait for this game to be released, and i hope it is going to be out on Xbox one x. BGE2 looks amazing, from cruising around in a space ship to epic battles against people with your friends to progression with your character. Cannot wait for this.
  117. Looting and leveling is probably very important. I want to find a ancient temple, get a dungeon, a boss and a legendary weapon or a Pearl from it. I also hope to see like green forest or jungle-like landscapes with waterfalls and ancient temples, not only desert and mountains.
  118. I like a bit of both searching for danger is fun, but solving mysteries is also fun. Call me crazy but adding true mysteries into any action based game can be fun if done correctly. Don't give away the secrets, build up the suspense, leave folks wanting to know the answers, riddles, puzzles and problem solving could be fun if they are not done in a lame fashion. At the same time allow the more fast paced, dangerous style missions to he readily available. I think if this game is as vast as it sounds your options for dynamic story telling, missions, action and mysteries of the universe will be the bread and butter. Cinematic scenes that are interactive could be another fun way to add to the mystery especially for interrogations, and what not.. Sorry, just brain storming. I have millions of ideas please pick my brain further.
  119. O hope there will be more than at least 500 planets or something just so the game feels more realistic and for exploration if people wantand have time to. In my opinion the game wont be or feel as good if theres only limeted plantes we could go to like only 5 solar systems or something
  120. Lord_D3stiny
    My inspiration is from One Piece, but it would be awesome if the more you broke the law, or if u could free government slaves, prisoners, etc. that u would get a bounty and become known and feared throughout the galaxy... Kinda like a race to be the top pirate out of everyone in the game. You could have like a leader board of the top players.Say if you were in 100th place and you somehow killed 1st place you would move up the ranks and get a bigger bounty. I think this would add a whole new competitive aspect of the game.
    1. Lord_D3stiny
      Also, I hope you can name your pirate crew, and customize crew outfits, make your pirate flag, etc.
  121. gianluca7772015
    Give me danger any day,
  122. I'd probably go and explore and come back and kill'em all with my freshly discovered loot :D
  123. J.MarceloKenway
    Use the experience from AC Black Flag, and give us the oppotunity to solve puzzles, follow the mainquest or the side ones. And like few MMORPGs, would be great to be able to see the evolution of the scenario according to the players actions, like a political organization (Stuffs as Mayors, chiefs, Commissioners, piratehuntes, and since we are talking about planets, I would love to be the owner of one) So,,, give me the challenge to conquer the planet I want, from the mycro to macro perspectives.
  124. Would be great to give the option to choose to discover dangerous places or to root for calmer ones whenever you want it.
  125. I'd imagine my pirate being one who looks out for the crew because what's a captain without their crew? I see her as being ruthless, smart, a little insane, and cunning. She cares for nothing but her crew, ship, and treasure. She enjoys chaos, weapons, and wealth.
  126. I will ally up and share with those willing. All opposition must be destroyed, though.
  127. KeltondasCouves
    I might skirt danger to solve the many mysteries of System 3 but I don't look for trouble.

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