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Biking around

System 3 Vehicles

On a planet this huge, everybody needs some kind of vehicle to get around… Lucky for us pirates, pretty much every vehicle in our world is interactive, which means that you can try to skyjack them and test out different types of handling and navigation.

What would you use vehicles for? Basic transportation? Grocery shopping? Deliveries (of all kinds?)

Give us your answer and discuss in the comments below or on the forums!

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Category : News

243 thoughts on “System 3 Vehicles

  1. What I liked about the Beluga in BGE, was that it had the Hovercraft attached to it. Would be really cool to see something similar done in BGE2. A land/water vehicle, that can be instantly attached to a ship, and fly away.
    1. At least one vehicle with real wheels. Balance between variety and customization is the best.
      1. Like the vihecle in the first trailer of BG&E2? The wheels turn for flying mode. I just hope this game gives us lots to do in the way of earning money
    2. assassinsly76
      It would be pretty cool indeed ! And I think you could transpose this concept for flying on a planet and space. Like that, you could have some small vehicles which could travel some relatives distances in space to discover close planets.
      1. Drag0nslayr016
        There should be a hover skateboard like in back to the future and you can do cool tricks and stuff!!!!
        1. Swag_Thug_W0lf
          DEFINITELY, this would be soooo awesome!!
        2. Yes that's right it should be there
        3. Yes that's right it Will be pretty cool
        4. I think by far if we are delivering pizza skateboard would be the more fun approach to getting around. Make it go faster than a jetpack and a little slower than a hover bike and thats a done solid deal!
    3. I think that is why the went with the ship in the ship. But I totally get your point.
    4. i agree with you on that i hop to see something like that as well
    5. I definitely want to see the hovercraft!
  2. Transportation, exploration, deliveries sure, and of course for missions and racing!!
    1. I trasporti vorrei utilizzarli come nella realtà, ovvero "come meglio credi" , ma in particolare devono servirci per girare in città e per raggiugere le missioni, e per correre. In ogni caso l' idea di fare la spesa con il veicolo è stupendo. Mi piacerebbe (come qualcuno ha già detto) che il veicolo può danneggiarsi e che noi dobbiamo provvedere a ripararlo.
    2. Piggywiggy1984
      I agree with everything you said plus I would also really like it if you could use them in the black market some how.
      1. Piggywiggy1984
        Also I would love it if you could stor things in them like weapons, gadgets, drugs, things like that or maybe be able to kid nap people for ransom and you could use the vehicle to do the drop
        1. numberedcloth88
          Yes that's fantastic I didn't think of kidnapping people for ransom, that way you won't have to grind for hours, but I reckon that the ransoms that you do should go up in price if you ransom wealthier places rather than porer places e.g. 15,000 PU's(PU's just made up currency) for kidnaping a porrer person and 30,000PU's for a wealthier person but I think there should be increased cops if you kidnap wealthy people rather than poorer people or you could sell the kidnapped person to a slave trader and take the money but then afterwards call the cops and bust the slave trader making a bigger profit in the end. But in the result, you make your self an enemy to the slave trader.
          1. numberedcloth88
            Just to add I think it would be cool if it took a few weeks of planning with your crew and split the money or do it by yourself, however, if you do it by yourself and aren't a very high level you may only have a tuk-tuk available making it easier to get caught by the police
        2. guest-JooXR1Vl
          Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, like a vehicle with a lock-up in the back to secure prisoners (or precious cargo).
        3. Nightskyshadow4
          yes that sounds cool like to have a realitic inventory and you have a small vehicle with call function to get and store extra equipment
    3. guest-JooXR1Vl
      It would be cool if the different hybrids, coming in different shapes and sizes, had vehicles customized for their particular species. Anyone could use the vehicles in the game in a pinch, but just seeing the variety and acknowledging the differences in the various hybrids would be great.
    4. I would use all kinds of vehicles I'd be cool if you could put stuff in the trunk or on the seats (and people, since I plan on messing with slave masters). So depending on the mission I plan to do I have to think about the ride that gets the job done (or stil it).
    5. Racing will be an amazing mini-game! It should be included, I love the races in the first BG&E. Maybe you can use the money you earn in missions to bought yourself some blazing fast vehicle to race?
  3. Besides the obvious mentioned things I really like damage on such things and how vehicles react to damage. Be it that a vehicle has struggle to keep the height and the engine has fails. I would think that besides the tuk-tuk there are ghetto crafted vehicles which have those issues from the getgo and it gets way worse with damage. So I wonder if those vehicles will have realistic looking damage and react to that. Like if the engine is totally failing one at least can sail towards a place or so. I know there you can drive a car in GTA to death and it might fail to start. But if you give it enough tries you actually can startup the engine again and there used to be that fail that if you called a number the car would suddenly work xD Maybe just maybe we will see similar things?
    1. Also headlights? I hope that we will have headlights to toggle or so xD If there are any free buttons one could make indicators. Blend in into the City so to say. I will find myself doing such things just because I have the option for it... I really like to test how robust vehicles are.
      1. Damage steering wings to dissable movement!
    2. Buttsamurai2099
      I would love a variety of vehicles like those vehicles referencing other TV shows,games,movies and cartoons. But I want a contrast like rich people would drive super cars and SUVs while poorer would take smaller,slower vehicles that might have a little damage on them. But there should land vehicles with wheels and sea vehicles and vehicles that can change depending on what you need because people won't only be using spaceships to travel. But their should also be dealerships and places where you can go customize you vehicle. But after game is release there should be update to vehicles adding more vehicles and more customization adding longevity.
      1. In this world a cheapo hovercraft can probably also built easily instead of anything with wheels. I would assume wheels are kind of not standard as soon as we are able to progress beyond them since they are after all also a limiting factor. But I totally get what you mean. It sure would be a nice surprise to see wheeled vehicles too.
    3. First of all, i absolutely want to drive the motorbike that Shani used in the trailer. For other vehicles, i would use small vehicles like tuk-tuk or jetpack for detailed exploration, races, deliveries and basic transportation while huge vehicles and spaceships for travel long distances, space battles and smuggling various artifacts or to free some hybrids. I also want to see the effects of the damage on vehicles and ships, and a customisation tool for change parts of the vehicles to increase damage, speed, resistance and other things.
      1. Do not worry: in a video on ubisoft´youtune channel, they said it would be one of the first vehicule available :)
    4. I would love to see panels from your ship fly off into the air as you take heavy fire. Cloth on the back of your tuk tuk ripping apart, fins beginning to fail, dynamic damage much like that in GTA would be very cool.
    5. The4Wild2Goat0
      Conciquences for skyjacking a high end ride vs low end ? Like maybe cop chases through the slums
      1. bonecrushe120
        yeah there definitely has to be dynamic damage, and i love the idea of chases through the cities and slums, it's one of the things i hope will be in the game, maybe there could be vehicles for exploring cities or more broken crappy low end vehicles that can't fly too high, making it so you have to fly through the city. And it would be great to have something like in gta where you can hide and lose the police around corners or on foot, it would without a doubt make the cities feel more alive.
  4. Massacre_chips
    Oh man, I'm always so impressed with the design and the creativity behind all those artworks. Damn good job Ubi Montpellier. Of course, whenever transportation exists, people want to know whose vehicle is faster. I'd love to see some races like in BGE 1.
    1. Yeah its Creative sure, but that truck is just any another truck in India.
  5. I would use them for whatever I feel like doing in the moment :D It's just depends on my mood, but I'd most likely just use them for transportation
    1. btw I'd love if we'd have music while driving
      1. Yes me too^^
      2. agreed, an essential feature !
  6. Why not a race championship all around the system ? It can be so cool ! It could be a secondary mission... | Another idea, it can be interresting to propose fighting vehicles... Mad Max style for exemple... and of course transportation, exploration, deliveries... One important thing : to propose a real gameplay with a true movement feeling, to feel the vehicles... please ! GTA can be a good exemple of what is COOL to drive and Watch Dogs 2 an exemple of what I really dislike... sorry xD
    1. I think that it would be better if there will an arcade gameplay, in this way you can easily reach every place whenever you want and have fun, without the risk of being frustrated by the vehicles gameplay
      1. Yes, you're right, we need something easy to drive but not too much, GTA is a good exemple I think :)
    2. If i had a vehicule in BGE2, OH how i'd PIMP IT ! i'd use my flying colorful car to go to the mall, drop by the bar, go see the NPCs that got stuff to propose, item or quest, maybe offer rides that regular taxis don't dare to accept :) ! If i could, i'd modify it to be efficient in whatever I intent to do, racing, busting in a criminal hide out with my crew at the back, unusual deliveries for shady buyers...
  7. The first use will , of course be transportation or delivery , but sometime I would like to get my hand on little to TOOBIG vehicule to start a wild run in the street. Also ramming into some door to open them or use them as belier to open door / window/wall. and the last but not least, act as a natural citizen and driving safely trough the town . But in this case the fact that a lot of vehicle have flying hability mean a great way of tourism
  8. RizzoliShepard
    Vehicles need to have those special gadgets for getting rid of unwanted tails
  9. I Think we would love the basic transportation because you promised us will huge world and we promise you to visit every single area created. If the world you create would be different than others then we might just want to use it for traveling and of course we delivery too if that is the way to progress in the game but the main use just might be for traveling Thank you From Nepal
    1. From Nepal! Awesome! I wanted to ask if I may: is there a special aspect of Nepal la culture that you would like to see in BGE2? They should definitly add a post like :"developper asking space monkey programm about cultural aspect in BGE2"
  10. A Radio while driving would be nice.
    1. YEEEEEEES ! 100% agree... and why not different radio stations with different musics on each planets ? :D
      1. Îf they do so, I hope there will be a planet with Techno-only radio stations ;D
  11. I hope to buy transportation in game will be possible to not only for microtransaction....
  12. I think it's important that your character can get into and out of vehicles with very fluid motions. Standing next to a car, pressing a button and seeing a canned animation is kind of lame. Instead it'd be cool if you can jump right through windows or have other dynamic ways to feel like the switch between on foot movement and vehicle movement is seamless. Being able to summon your ride while running (like with your horse in games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild or AC: Origins) and jumping on it without losing momentum would be pretty sweet as well!
    1. I think the different speeds will be a major issue and the point of entry to vehicles. From the preview on the ship we saw the entry is above. And maybe you also have to run to the ship controls first?^^
  13. I want to travel fast, I want to do stunts. Or sometimes I want to take a long trip with a huge cargo load and maybe take a coffee break inside my vehicle.
  14. PLEASE keep Horn and HeadLights option transportation should every type from sport cars to taxi, small truck ,bus etc. Space Ships should also be included so it's gonna be amazing. Big ships to small ships and map is so huge so keep the mechanics real like if petrol is empty we have to go to petrol station that. We can also buy vechiles in the game vehicle modification should we there.
    1. I think it would be cool to have a roadside (spaceside?) service that you could call to fill up your fuel tank, for a price of course.
      1. I can imagine the scene ! xD Help me, engine failure detected ! It can be really funny, great idea ! And you can try to rob the vehicle of the "service" xD
  15. I would use the bike for show, and quick getaways.
  16. one thing that would be a really cool idea to add with the vehicles would be after hijacking them is taking them to a place to try and sell them off. it would also have to depend on the kinda vehicle how much you would get out of it on selling it as well. also the condition it comes in that would effect the pricing on how much you would get out of the certain vehicle.
  17. I wanna pimp it, like Dakini pimp her starship! xD xD xD Jokes aside I wish I could use vehicles for exploration, perhaps use drones to map certain areas before risking my life to go there. To explore ancient caves and dig, searching for treasures, ancient artifacts, etc. Perhaps mining vehicles, both terrestrial and for space, to mine needed resources on asteroids, comets, etc. Vehicles for underwater exploration too: to scrutinize the mysterious abysmal secrets in some alien ocean and found wonders... or nightmares... How about a vehicle impulsed by the heat a body irradiates? I think would be cool if we can tame alien animals to use them as transport in places where we could find/use other type of vehicles. In this subject, how about hybrid vehicles? half machine, half organic, perhaps something similar to the bad guys from "Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors"? (whom were an amalgam of plants and machines) Heck, how about build a Dyson sphere? Maybe the HQ of a powerful pirate clan (or "something else") around a tiny brown star, although this isn't a vehicle actually :P And of course we will need attacking vehicles, to raid, defend, attack places, bases, the enemy forces, etc, etc, etc.
  18. igorstrong2011
    I would use transport to explore the planet and complete the delivery tasks
  19. Shallow-sorrow
    I hope these contained custom elements, I am more keen on small motorcycles
  20. Belgarathmaster
    Salut les Space Monkey! Selon moi courses, trafics et livraison diverses, voyage, déplacement rapide ou non... J'aime aussi beaucoup l'idée que certains véhicules soient des véhicules terriens modifiés. Imaginer un déplacement dans un taxi similaire au célèbres Coccinelles vertes de Brasilia mais en version volante, sentant clairement le bricolage fait chez le mécano du coin. Ou encore une Citroene DS des 70's volante... il n'y a plus aucune limite à la conversion ^^
    1. Dans certains univers de science-fiction, détenir une véhicule terrestre est marque de richesse: ce sont des pièces de collection! Mais ça risque d'être compliqué de conduire en voiture dans une ville construite dans la verticalité où les pauvres seront probablement en contact avec le sol, dans l ombre perpétuelle des plus opulents ^^
  21. Infiltration as in stealing a police vehicle to get inside a secure area or using a vehicle as a getaway vehicle.
  22. Transport is an important part before you have your big ship. I think it's better to start game when you have only tuk-tuk. Missions with buses and trucks, may be side quests or in early missions. Some merchants can have buses and go on a map to steal or trade them, not only on the planet, but also on space bases (cities). Once you have a spaceship, players lose interest in moving on something else.
    1. Oh yeah! I completely forgot about the race! Of course there must be races on all models of transport! Also, you can make an arena for online competitions on such a . Something like one of the shows that show in the films about the future! Stripe of obstacles. Or football in the likeness of a tuk-tuk Rocket Legue or tricks with a body as in a Flatout game. It's fun and simple!
  23. Thedarkbobunk
    Hi, I am really excited for this game, always been a fan of open-world RPGs, yours looks great!! now to the topic at had VEHICLES! Personally, i would like something small and nimble in the city, like a space motorcycle, and then another bigger ship to act as a base. i would still want to be able to have another spaceship like a small fighter plane for when things need to be blown up :)
  24. First of all. I love all the concept art you all make, great work! I would use Vehicles for basic transportation and storage. Maybe use them for more later on but in the beginning I want to stay on the ground for as long as possible and explore every little piece of the map and than go out in the skies and explore more and more.
    1. I'd like there to be notifications sometimes to let me know someone needs a pick up, pronto. It would be fun to receive a call from a crew member that got in trouble and needs to escape or is running for his skin and needs a ride to loose his chasers. Maybe not even a crew member but a guy you've met an gave you number to, like an escaped hybrid that's been targeted by a hybrid-hunter/retriever (like Kim).
    2. skyjacking sounds really interesting, it would create great chase-scenes ! Imagine ships chasing yours and you can drop of your vehicule and skydive/jetpack your way to a random other stuff and lose the guys in traffic or narrow passes, or drop in a cargo ship that passes by and force the guys tha chase you to board the cargo ship and go "on foot" if they want to get you :). OR infiltrate a ship that going to a restricted zone and pass for cargo to get to the zone without dealing with security.
  25. Space police chases please
  27. Toxin Haulers, Planet Tugs(because, why not:), Cheap Space Elevators(ground to space station quick transport), escape pods.
  28. TheKoloradoKid
    There are so many uses for vehicles in a massive open galaxy game! I'm overwhelmed with ideas. I'll try to go slow. Races: dirt bikes, four wheelers, and other land vehicles with tires. Water races using boats. Just because everything can fly doesn't mean it should. Boats on the water should definitely be an option. Other races using hover craft. A cool looking race car that you can customize. air races with custom flight race vehicles. Even space races from planet to planet using spaceships. Inter galactic tournament sounds cool too. Going from planet to planet as you progress through the tournament. Deliveries for sure. Small to the large as I've mentioned in previous posts. Deliver a pizza and work your way up to delivering large amounts of weapons, slaves, resources mined etc. I see exploration vehicles for different expeditions, some for underwater, some for space and some for planets. I think radio station would be awesome and depending on what planet you're on you hear different stations. Something that would be really cool is being able to connect your personal Pandora account to the game and listen to it in game and even change the station in game. That'd be neat. As far as design, personally I'd like to see a ship that was built to look like the old pirate ships of the old days. Big windows in the rear, large deck to stand on with big sails. Kind of like the pirate ship in the newest Pirates of the Caribbean, big bad ass and full of splendor. I see different vehicles having different maneuverability depending on what they were designed for. A tuktuk wont fly the same a dog fighter. I think that goes without saying. I really love the Russian Doll aspect of the dog fighter going into the mother ship. Possibly the mother ship going inside a large space station that you own? Being able to hijack any and all vehicles like in GTA is a very awesome thought on how gameplay would be in free roam. But I do think not all vehicles should be hijacked so easily. Like a big pirate war ship shouldn't so easily be taken. However, if you learn it's weaknesses or maybe draw the crew out, trick them in a manner that leaves the ship vulnerable, and then you and a team take the ship back to your station. This would provide a different way to capture ships other than an all out frontal attack. Not all vehicles will be available for theft either. Say you want to participate in a race but need a good vehicle. Maybe you need to locate one to steal or buy one from a dealer, then take it to a mechanic, or your own mechanic on your ship if you have one, and upgrade it to be fast, handling, etc. Being able to store your vehicles in a garage or space station would be nice as well. If your mother ship is full of vehicles you can store the extras in the space station or in a garage on a planet. If you have mechanics you can send them to pick up vehicles otherwise you'd have to get them yourself. One of my favorite things to do in GTA is collect cars, customize them and fill up my garages. When one garage is full I buy another garage and I fill that one. I like being able to walk around these garages and look at all my cars. I'd really like to do that in BGE2. (Side note: Being able to buy different properties would be amazing, maybe a topic for a different thread?) Public transportation for sure. Taxis and trains/subways to get around the city as well as cross country railroads to connect cities. Other transportation not owned by you, such as airlines that fly around planet and galaxy, just buy a ticket and go. I really like the idea of having a large water craft like a cruise boat or aircraft carrier size that you can launch aircraft, have a dry dock that launches submarines, and even U-boats that can take land vehicles to shore. Maybe this water vehicle is also a space ship that also floats? Or maybe keep it in the water? Other than vehicle uses (which we all will use for different purposes as mentioned) and vehicle types, I'd like to explore the interiors more. I'd like to see mini games, possibly a t.v. to watch the news and hear about what's going on in the galaxy. This could be a way to discover side missions or other stuff to do like festivals, concerts and other events. So many ideas it's hard to put them all into words at this time. I'll be sure to come back as I brainstorm more ideas and think of them clearly. Thank you!
    1. I second every thing. we need as much of this stuff as possible the game huge and mod friendly of course!
  29. please keep obvious vehicles in mind: police cars, taxis, pizza delivery vehicles, bikes..... "normal" stuff like that. i bet there is also not-hovering vehicles because not everybody can afford a hovering bike. i think there will be heavily guarded palasts hovering in the air, owned by a very rich billionaire, taking the term "high society" to another level. what about jump boots? like the jet boots, but just for tiny jump support. also keep ships in mind. the fisherman wont have a hovering aircraft (and potentionally scare the fish away)
  30. marbledrill51
    All the obvious uses but also as a pirate I would ALWAYS have canons on any vehicle i own. I mean come on whats a pirate without canons. ofc space canons so all kinds of weapons but you should be able to equip them even to standard vehicles like those in these artworks, ofc in a realistic way so the more low grade the vehicle the less canon emplacements and the less quality. But as a pirate, every one should be thinking twice if they make me angry in traffic!
  31. stuvakronakivik
    To explore the vastness of space and to hunt down slavers. I would love to see some jet boots and space skateboards you can use in planets and/or in space. Being able to destroy all kinds of vehicles is a must too.
  32. AlexandaBleak
    I would love to see some smaller vehicles, like motorbikes or hover bikes i guess, or ohh wat about hoverboards have to have those right, i would also like to see the return of water based vehicles like boats and such, or multi terrain vehicles like the hovercraft that can travel on land and water.
    1. Have you seen that disney movie Treasureplanet? I'd love to have a hoverboard like this one ^^
  33. A pirates vehicle is first and foremost a getaway vehicle. You need a fast and nimble transport like the one in the trailer. If there's gonna be skills in the game one could be skyjacking, the more you do it the faster you can steal a vechicle or small ship. A pirate also need something to transport heavy equipment needed for tunneling, blasting or excavation to reach those hard-to-get treasures. and of course bring that enormous treasure back home.
  34. Out of the three pictures I would probably use the blue bus and would love to see all the options available can not wait to be able to play beyond good and evil 2 when it comes out.
  35. I'd love to see the following; - Ability to earn money via transport jobs (illegal and legal e.g taxi driver, drug smuggler, getaway driver). - Legal and illegal racing (ranking system within, e.g become a renowned street racer or famous legal driver and see your face on a billboard etc..) - Ability to own businesses revolving around transport (taxi company or selling custom vehicles). - Have to earn various licenses to legally drive (small, transport etc..). - Ability to call allies and implement strategies like diversions, "road" blocks. - Driving skill directly relates to driving ease, specific to vehicle type e.g if you have never used a large vehicle before it would be difficult to control and influence your decision-making process when looking to get somewhere quickly. -Switching vehicles when being chased and NPC is unable to physically see you results in them losing your trail (unless they get close enough to spot you). - Affluent vehicles in poor areas result in attention (good and bad). - Erratic driving draws attention to you (road rage, scared and arrest). I got loads more but some of those are probably very difficult to implement :)
    1. Formatting got lost when I posted, very hard to read list now! :(
  36. I think i'll use vehicules for everything you mention. Here we need a lot of types of vehicule. For example, to escape and also to transport big loot like treasures. And like many other people, I really wish, there will be races!
  37. guest-8m1xPzoC
    I think a racing system would be great and deliverys such as legitimate business and smuggling would be awesome. If you are able to sky jack a vehicle in would love to cannibalise the vehicle of any weapons or parts to update my personal vehicle or take any inventory they have and sell it on the black market.
  38. Need vehicle to transport rare artefact that we discovered on ruines or other abandoned/hided place. also they will be usefull to go on hard place to discover so marvelous temple etc... i think vehicle can be useful for many thing and all depend of the situation or what we want to do with this : racing, car chase, exploration, delivery etc...
  39. If we could have a kind of solar surf like Jim Hawkins in the movie Treasure Planet (with a retractable sail of course) it would be sooooo cool !!! Just for fun and speed :D
    1. Everything a vehicle did in BG&E1 is what I want them to do in BG&E2. A lot of other people are also talking about customization which would definitely be fun. It would be very interesting if the new game still has a journalism aspect if we could tail/chase/stake out persons of interest in our vehicles, or use law enforcers vehicles as disguises to sneak into places we shouldn't.
  40. Mostly for exploration and racing.
  41. Tous les véhicules me plaisent que ce soit ceux pour l'utilitaire, pour les voyages spatiale, les combats mais ceux que j'aimerais c'est vraiment la possibilité de customiser son véhicule (peinture, vinyle décoratif, performance aussi pour la vitesse si il peut aller dans l'espace etc.) Merci encore je suis impatient d'y joué et d'avoir des news.
  42. little_messi04
    I would love a one of those motorcycles that I can costumize to my wants.
  43. zippingdock2185
    im interested to see how mechanics in this game work and how hover type bikes will be controlled vertically and horizontally. i would love to see different types of manouvering controls in different directions for agile fighter planes to really have an element of skill in dog fights. private sessions and game modes with full scale battles and dog fights with cinematic explosive backgrounds in space would be great, like that of the large scale battles in star wars battlefront 2.. would love to be able to drive my friend around and have a seemless transition between passenger and driver,rotation aswell as having friends online be able to walk around and have interactions in your vehicles whilst it moves. Keep it up BG&E2
  44. Silverback1907
    One should use vehicles to smuggle illegal objects like drugs, guns, contraband, or slaves one is trying to liberate. These vehicles can be upgraded to both hold more, have more armor, and even to be able to be more inconspicuous. Also, any vehicle should be able to have hidden weapons to be prepared at any moments noticed. And, visual customization is imperative. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND PLEASE CONTINUE DOING GREAT THINGS FOR THIS GAME I CANT WAITE TO PLAY IT. But please take your time in creating this masterpiece.
  45. I would like to go around with my retro style car with cool soundtracks and doing air flip all over the sky, but also have a food truck in the slums that sell exotic K-Bup flavors and be ready to run away from police, because remember: there is only one K-Bup flavor, all others are illegal in System 3
  46. This think with plenty of cargo hauling.
  47. I'd like to use hijacked vehicles to free (or steal) slaves from work camps and test facilities on action packed chase sequences.
  48. I would love for ship to have design elements making it look like an old English galleon or man-o-war built for space travel!
  49. Thundr-Knight
    Honestly i Dont Know, i always imagines if i could leave a ship mid space fight, and board and enemy that would be epic .but on the topic of transport i guess id love it if it was interactive xD u know slice it open while the cars driven or have it lose stuff as it gets shot xD I normallythink of shortcuts when it comes to ridding anything, not only the speed but how skillful or cool it would be to go thru specific sections and everything . My very own "kessel run" story you know :p
  50. Depends on the vehicle... i mean if it's a fast "car" of some kind then idk about everyone else but imma be doing some crazy sh*t lol but if it's a "truck" or something like that I'm gonna take it slow and do some deliveries (of all kinds)
  51. Tout d’abord, puisque c’est mon premier commentaire, je voudrais m’adresser à l’équipe de développement pour les encourager et leur exprimer mon admiration à propos de cet ambitieux projet. Vous faites un excellent travail et, même si ça doit être un autre Star Citizen en termes d’attente, ainsi soit-il. Continuez comme ça ! (sorry for my english) Regarding the vehicles, there’s much to talk about. But I think that the key word must be : fun. In a MMO/sandbox/do-whatever-you-want kind of fun. You can search inspiration, for instance, in the Just Cause multiplayer gameplay, that is insanely filled with epic actions. The ability to get in and out of the vehicle quickly would be good for the sensations. Also, you have to manage how we will do that. Because these will be flying vehicles and, believe me, people will just do crazy stuffs without a second tought, like jumping out of their tuk-tuk five hundred meters above the floor to get to the roof of bus flying bus just below them. They will as well try to get in a tilted car or manage to use an on board turret while the whole stuff is upside down in the crest of a looping and you can imagine that a static character, straight on his feet, would be awkward. You could even design the possibility of epic Mad Max derby battles, with a way to jump from a vehicle to another, or kind of grapple hooks to grab one and pull it in a direction, slow it down or even aboard by climbing on the rope. Users of vehicles could tie themselves with ropes to stay aboard when the vehicle get some shakes. And to render the sensation to be in the throes of speed while walking on a vehicle, you could manage a command to climb/grab it, like in Shadow of the Colossus, when Wanda has to cope with the giants shaking their butt. And as i just talked about giants, i’m surprised (and glad) the question of mount didn’t pop up. I mean, it’s not a taboo, but it’s lame in almost all games. And if you intend to do that, please make them more than juste vehicles. Make them alive, and even, sometimes, unpredictable. Now, I want to talk about scales. You plan to make a world where players will be able to gunfight with their characters. Watch out that vehicles don’t become to big an advantage that could make them drop the good old walking side of gameplay. Even the character form the trailer and demo has a jetpack. If you want a universe where every single person have a jetpack, then okay, if not, well, think the design that way too. In that perspective, i’ll suggest to change the way the motherships react. In your demo, it is way too responsive and easy to speed up. Big vehicles/ships, should be more heavy-felt, have a more demanding manoeuvrability than the smaller ones. It should take time to turn around, and even when you stop turning left or right, it should continue to do so, like a boat. The sensation would be different then the gameplay more varied and the immersion pleasant. Another point that is similar and have an impact on the ones brought in the two previous paragraphs is that the big ships and especially those with heavy weaponry should not be authorized in the cities. I mean that for several reasons. First, big ships can travel far away, like, across the galaxy. That is a really big scale of distance. But it would of course take some times to do so. And you will design an entire city, a large, vast city. So it should feel like a big distance to travel too, in its own scale. In the technical demo you shown, the ship crossed the entire city in few seconds while in maximum underlight speed or so. It’s a problem, because thereby, the scale shrinks a lot. So the maximum speed should be limited depending if you are intra or extra atmosphere to feel you really are crossing a big populous city. Second, players could be enticed to use their ship to take the advantage in a fight in town. Allowing so, the city would quickly looks like a giant war zone. And the walking players would have left nothing to do but loose against a giant battleship. Plus, the city would look like a nest full of huge ships that would cover the entire sky (don’t underestimate the future population of the game). Though, it’d be good to have some big transport or cruise vehicles roam into the streets. It must just not be able to have fast movements and speed in this specific ecosystem. Always in the city perspective, but for smaller vehicles, this time, it may be cool to have a location to location autopilot mode. With this, the player could do something else, like chatting with a friend to plan how to gather (an deal with those who have all kind of issues like logging or playing xD). This feature could also be good to blend in the circulation crowd if cops or other players are after you. The behavior of a player’s vehicle is remarkable from all the NPC’s, so an autopilot could add this aspect of the gameplay and blur the line between player and NPC to get the immersion more efficient. So, how could you track down a vehicle in that case ? Well… A sniffer feature, maybe ? More miscellanous stuff : third dimension flying vehicles mean innovative technologies. For instance, the cops cannot use spike strips anymore, but what about energy fields or other countermeasures like slowering fluid cannons, things like that. Imagination is the only limit (well, the abilities of the developers team and their softs are, but you got it). A stolen vehicles dismantling to separately selling purpose feature could be awesome, and i don’t even know if my syntax is correct ! As would be the possibility to manage the vehicles trunks, even the smaller ones, to store objects or… To kidnap someone. Plus, already brought up suggestions : - Summon your car in action +1. - Skates +1. - Radio + 9999.
  52. Тут много говориться про сравнение с гта, но это не гта и даже не подобие масштабы намного больше чем гта и мыслить тут надо намного больше Тем более если это позволяет разработчик. Если мы говорим про будущее то хотелось бы увидеть модуль который делает транспорт не видемым для какого либо наблюдения или для безшумного захвата другого судна, так же хотелось бы увидеть тяжелую технику с большим уроном для перевозки безценного груза либо для собственной безопастности или для страна. У меня всё хддд
  53. Если мы говорим про будущее то хотелось бы увидеть модуль который делает транспорт не видемым для какого либо наблюдения или для безшумного захвата другого судна, так же хотелось бы увидеть тяжелую технику с большим уроном для перевозки безценного груза либо для собственной безопастности или для страна. У меня всё хддд
  54. If there'll be some analog of Harley Davidson, I would definitiey ride (or fly) to sunset! All these planets are the best place to ride to nowhere, listen to some hard rock from "Old Earth Collection Vol.2", and just ride. Also it'll be sweet nod to BG1 if there'll be some races like in first game.
  55. I would like to see all above. Besides hot air balloon, mechanical hang glider, parachute, kites like vehicle or vehicle kite, different types of shaping bikes (like hybrid horse bike, lion bike, birds like bike etc.), cloud-like vehicles, invisible or transparent vehicles, jet-rikshaw, flying/jet boots (Jupiter Ascending), ski boots, all in all vehicle (like can run in the air, water & ground simultaneously),.... so on....
  56. FrodoSwaginns
    Hey everyone! Glad to see the more frequent posts! Love thinking about this game. I like the idea of crazy vehicle types like sand boats that are specifically for the largest deserts full of sand. I like the idea of public transportation. Maybe you don't have to hijack everything. You could pay for air transport to another system or buy a bus ride across the city or desert. Also, I think it'd be cool to see tire vehicles in addition to hover bikes. It really confines you to the ground which is interesting instead of being able to fly everywhere. Finally, I think customization is a must have. Different additions, paint jobs, perks, better engines, etc. Hope you all find this well and have a great day!
  57. Food truck, hunting & carjaking
    1. (but I don't think we would need the hunting aspect in BGE2, depending on your storyline and universe. It could be cool if we have to hunt down fugitive slaves or in hunt games against hybrids (as already mentionned in the hybrid exploitation post))
      1. hunting can be interresting if your character is really poor and need hunting to eat ! So, it is not a survival game but we can imagine to grow up our character with it :)
        1. Why not^^ and exploiting our hybrids traits to kill our prey ! Also it could be a cosmetic tool for our spaceships or clothes
  58. SquirrelBench
    When i saw this, I just screamed Mini Van! I would love a hovercraft With alot of Storageplace for me to stuff Things in. Maybe you could make a portable drug lab (Or what BGE2's equivalent of that is) inside, or maybe a hacking setup. So much oppurtunity for only one vehicle
  59. Salut Je pense qu'il faut des véhicules de tout types, justement parce que c'est à l'échelle d'une planète. Le truc qui serait vraiment bien cependant serait de pouvoir utiliser chaque type de véhicule à n'importe quel moment. Par exemple : On a une mission de transport de marchandise, on aura donc un vaisseau de type cargo, cependant, l'envie nous prend de ne pas vouloir délivrer la marchandise, mais au contraire, piller le client, on en profitera donc pour faire monter un équipage dans la soute afin d'être bien armé. Ca rajouterait une vraie profondeur, entre être le gentil marchand, ou au contraire, être un pirate fourbe. Après, évidemment je serais pas contre le retour des courses d'overcraft, avec sa musique entraînante :D Bonne chance pour la suite !
    1. J'aimerais corriger mon exemple. On pourrait tout simplement utiliser le cargo fourni par la mission pour faire 2/3 pillage, tout en restant incognito et tenir l'"entreprise" pour responsable (si on se fait pas prendre bien entendu :) )
  60. Dante_Pendragon
    When I see the blue bus above, all I want to do is pickup missions. Maybe some ship captain is finally leaving the planet after a few months and I have to round up their crew. Maybe busting up slave camps and freeing as many hybrids as I can fit on the bus.
  61. DarkForceLegend
    heist, smuggling, recon... Something quick and that can take a hit or two.
  62. I love the idea of the buses, I could see myself getting around the public transportation and maybe bumping into some interesting ppl with some interesting backgrounds and maybe something like quests. Also using them as cover, or as a way of losing someone thats hunting/harassing me by hiding inside of a big bus or hijacking a different vehicle than the one I was originally seen in. Transporting refugees to safe places where they can create new homes and maybe even a new economy that you can later go visit and be praised. That hover bike looks like it would be fun amidst the city traffic, it would be fun to zoom around all the traffic like in the original trailer.
    1. These are some very good ideas.
  63. What would make me happy as a ship for this long-awaited BGE2. It was a small travel vessel, fast, like a motorcycle for example, bigger to carry more people if a multiplayer is planned. Larger or smaller resource ships, and battleships. After they should be customizable, but it's already planned.
  64. Transporting goods, I hope there'll be a few cargo/passenger transporting jobs to do. Fighting of course, maybe armed police or military vehicles and modded civilian vehicles for the pirates Racing, it would be cool to be able to compete in and bet on underground races. it would also be cool I'd there was some sort of taxi system. it's always nice being able to take in the world from a passenger seat or being able to skip it when in a hurry if course.
  65. TRAVELING FROM PLANET TO PLANET: I though it would be awesome if it took some to travel from one planet to another one. Like 2 or 3 minutes if they are near. A bit longer, maybe up to 10 minutes or so, if you're traveling to a planet on the other complete other side of the solar system. So we could use that time to manage equipment or do conversations with the crew. I mean traveling through space to your target desination whereever it is in a few second would be too boring and unrealistic. Of course I know my examples are unrealistic too but at least if would feel much more real and could give a better idea of the hugeness of space.
    1. So true! The team wants to emphasize the feeling of scale and it would be important to take time to travel from a planet to another. It's a hard thing to do : make it feel big but without too much boringness with the act of travel. Perhaps by limiting the back and forth travel between planets ? And "long" travel through space= more opportunity for events to happen (being attacked by other pirates/police/mafia/millitary/DomZ (?) or finding cargo ships etc)
      1. you're absolutely right! that's why i never used fast travel in skyrim. i would have missed so many things. A journey to another planet could always be a little adventure one should prepare for.
  66. I want and i need to be able to do somes race with the vehicule like on the first one and with great music i still remember the songs from my childhood
  67. I think it would be really fun if they were some side missions that involve being a tuk-tuk driver. So like that you could gain some money for the crew and that could disgorge in other side missions. And it could be a god way to create a more immerssive world, when you have to talk to npc's or other players that you are carrying.
    1. Agreed. Makes the world feel believable
  68. WOW, sérieusement fier d’être français et de vivre à Montpellier où Ubi a surement l'une de ses équipes de développeur la plus talentueuses, ces artorwrks, cette direction artistique, c'est ouf .Pour les véhicules ouais avoir plusieurs véhicule avec pourquoi pas certains avec des caractéristiques uniques,mais garder sa simple , trop sa peut être trop. Pour le prochain poste, se serait intéressant de parler du scénar, la partie la plus importante a mes yeux dans ce genre d'univers et de B&E, et a quoi peuvent ressembler les missions et leur diversité. J'imagine que le jeu est loin, très loin de sa sortit ou même d'une forme solide, et que le travail que vous investissez dedans est gigantesque donc je tiens a vous remercier de continuer à nous faire rêver et de nous laisser participer au rêve.Soutient au développeurs qui travaillent d'arrache pied pour nous délivrer un bon jeu vidéo remplit de passion.
  69. numberedcloth88
    Ok. here's a MUST, every single detail on a vehicle MUST be destroyable even if it is luggage. If there is luggage on a vehicle: Then the handle should be able to come off when shot at or the light in a car must be smashable and the tyres (if there are any in this game) should not pop straight away when shot at, just punctured making your vehicle slower e.g a bike Also, I think it would be cool if there was a gym and a good old-fashioned peddle bike there with a twist of course... it should have tractor tyres hahaha making it difficult for a human but for a mutant tiger it will be the easy mode (by the way, just thought of this, if there is a gym then I think that it would be cool if the settings for difficulty was small peddle bike tyres for a human (easy mode) but tractor tyres for a tiger (easy mode) and they should all be holographic. Finally, There has to be an old guy who has a really ''old fashion'' gym with all the modern today materials in it like real weights instead of holographic wons etc...
  70. Well, for everything you mentioned, plus for races, perhaps a few kidnappings here and there, store and sell drugs/weapons/illegal mods. Good old stomping passers-by sound good too. But, I want many varieties, modifiability (to an extent) and various animations. Also, vehicles with attatched weapons sound awesome, in case you want to attack the police, or simply wreak havoc....
  71. So far every artwork is perfect, these british/indian inspired vehicles are awesome. Personally I definitively look forward to have fun with this coffee racer motorcycle. It as some new generation Norton Commando into it I'm very found of. I would be very happy if there could be some collection of bikes based on this british/indian approach. Especially inspired by the classic Royal Enfeild Silver Bullet and also some other japanese over technologic bikes. For cars I would be very very happy to find something inspired by the Catheram Seven. It could keep this british/indian retro vibe through a futuristic Seven that would add some more soul to the brilliant work you're already doing on vehicles..
  72. Do you guys accept concept art of vehicles, to help you have more ideas? and if you do where should we send them to? P.S. keep it up, we can't wait for this game to be ready, since E3. However, please don't rush, and do everything you planned, I am pretty sure everyone is ok to wait! Also, thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to be involved with this project =)
  73. It would be nice to have a access to black markets so after skyjacking some awesome vehicle and after your fun test run we could sell them on the black market to get some extra money, as a side mission may be =)
  74. Bonjour à tous, je tiens à dire que les consepts sont manifiques, c'est typiquement le style de véhicules du monde de BGE ! Je trouves également sympa l'idée de pouvoir commercer : que se sois de simplr vente dans notre food truck spaciale ^^ ou de la vente d'armes, trésor, .. dans des enchères pirates importantes ou même de façon légale dans des "marchés" ou "zone de vente" (idée de lien avec le en ligne si jamais le jeu est en adéquation) J'aimerai ajouter, comme beaucoup d'entre nous, les courses sont à mon avis indispensable à un bon BGE ! avec tout les véhicules et pourquoi pas comme GTA V avec des courses polymorphes. Et j'aimerai aussi des véhicules maritimes (l'overcraft c'est la base comme meme ^^) et vu le potentielle du monde, on pourrais avoir besoin de plusieurs véhicules différents pour acceder a des endroits différents. En tous cas, merci de nous envoyer quelques contenues tout les mois, courage à l'équipe ! c'est le jeu du siècle j'en suis sur.
  75. zippingdock2185
    some of the main ideas i have for BG%E2 vehicles being able to land your mothership in water auto pilot that can go in cruiz control while you walk around your ship two man submarines you launch from mothership inter galactic and high speed rail way taxi like travel for poor players at the start of the game radio stations (plus one of them could be 21st centuary a.m that allows you to play music from spotify or deezer or youtube) and finally remote control smaller custom ships you can control within a certain radius
  76. Love the hoverbike. Would be awesome for missions and if the captain wanted to go a few days cross country road trip on their own. And that hover bus? Thinking it would be amazing for either smuggling goods or a crew expedition or just a chill out travel over a planet. So many options I'm loving the look. Though would these have a chinese variant as well? Very travelling merchant-esque. I imagine amazing for early game if you're planet bound.
  77. I have a few ideas, first of all a hoverboard will most likely suit types like Knox, why because it looks good A underwater vehicle is also a great idea maybe to go to an sunken/underwater city to meet your aquatic hybrid pals
  78. I would use vehicles for deliveries, from pizzas to hybrids. Also, regarding our crew it would be nice if when we are in the game our crew members are living thier own lives, they could be doing anything and maybe they get in trouble and give us a call so that we could go with our vehicles and help them. A great way of creating more lifelike system and strong relations between the player and his crew members. A city inside water inhabitated fish or other aquatic hybrids. Like Triton- the fish headed greek god. Some cool ideas of hybrids: - Octopus hybrid; - Crocodile headed like the god Sobek; - Tamarin hybrid - Tarsier hybrid( will look like a good thief or robber or something) - Narasimha: Lion headed hindu god - Sloth hybrid - Raccoon hybrid - Baboon hybrid - Komondor dog hybrid - Otterhound dog hybrid
  79. Infiltration. I'm imagening my pirat crew to fully stock up on weapons and grenades, get into one of these basic traveling buses and fly into a high security area, maybe a bank or a palace. Let the driver act like he is showing tourists around and went into the wrong direction by accident. While security is showing the way out, 3 pirats are jumping out of the back of the bus, 2 are hiding and sneak into the place, while the third pirate is in disguise, maybe an old woman with a baby. This pirate is distracting the guards, making a scene . When guards are going to force the pirate out of the area, then tripping over and dropping the baby a few feet away while crying for the baby. When the guards are finally checking if the baby is okey, all they see is a grenade, without the pin as the head on a baby doll body. -Boom! After the guards are down, the pirate calls for backup, using the attention to obviously infiltrating the place with explosives and submashine guns. Meanwhile all this chaos this is happening, the stealth crew of two sneaking silent pirats are infiltrading from the other side or the roof without anybody noticing. The Plan is the grenade crew is there to make noise, take hostages, and steal loads of money, while the sneaking crew is going to steal for the most valiable diamonds and jewels. I would love to see this scene played out in action.
    1. Yeah I agreed that sounds like legendary heist
  80. Public transportation that can help you trough the city like a bus or a taxi, also wouldn't it be fun to drive a space taxi. Racing would be great too since it is a city full of illegal things you can race on the streets and even earn a bit of money by winning.
  81. StillloadingID
    Street/air racing, Weapon transportation/get away driver, i personally would like to see space harley's ( picking hybrids/people up after a heist would be cool )
  82. I believe it would be great if vehicles had their unique purpose, such as a van or truck for transportation of materials and goodies, or a pizza delivery motorbike, even ocasional ambulances or taxis (with ill people or passengers in them), but they could all serve the possibility of basic transportation while limitng the number of players it can carry depending on each vehicle. The real fun thing with delivery vehicles would be to skyjack those with your crew and loot what was stored in those. This would be a really good way to make the beginnings easier. Something important to take into account is the fact of overpowering. In my opinion if we have the possibility the skyjack a behicle very easily and we can later own it it is probably too easy for everybody and not really entertaining. I believe we could use that vehicle to travel for a while but also have the possibility of having it stolen by other space pirates, found by the police or just destroyed. I don't really know whether you have been thinking or not about an economical system to buy and sell vehicles or even how we will be supposed to earn money if there is any in the game. However, in case money was added in the game, skyjacking higher class vehicles (being more difficult than lower class) would be a good way to earn money easily.
  83. Military stuff is what I love! Armored ground vehicles, deployed by dropships, launched from battleships. Battleships ranging from Corvettes to capital-ship worthy Destroyers and Carriers. I love bringing in that heavy MilSpec firepower, having a cutting edge ship at my disposal that is logically and strategically laid out for the floor plan! And of course big guns. Very big guns. Well this doesn't fit with Pirates! Some may say! No, sir, It's the other side of that coin. Privateers. Mercenaries. Private Military types. That's where the fun is, and that's where the money is. Instead of running from the law we can work on the edge of it. Lucrative government and private contracts. Shady dealings with those outside the law that we deny working with. It's the best of both worlds! And since it's on the cusp of both sides it's easy to flip to one or the other if ever tempted! Make em hurt!
  84. definitely all kinds of things, but I hope there would be some kind of Luxury Vehicle/space craft....
  85. I would mostly use my car or a space ship to show off :D.
  86. Transportation is the main purpose for sure. If the vehicles are responsive and "visceral" that's a bonus. Destiny sparrows for example "feel" good to drive. The sound the speed and the physics all combine to make it fun. I'd like it if BGE vehicles could at least be used as improvised as weapons. Assuming they are all able to commandeered, using vehicles that aren't mine as explosives aggressively against enemies can be fun.
  87. I would really like to have the possibility to chose ships based the occasion. For example if I'm going to rob a bank (or something similar) maybe a simple vehicle which can disapear in the streets. It would be very nice if every vehicles could be seen as it is, like a fancy vehicle won't be discret in a poor street.
  88. Love that there's gonna be all sorts of vehicles in the game. I'd love to see hovercraft races return, definitely one of my favourite parts of the original. I always wanted more race tracks, and spaceship races too. Actually, you know what would be a great way to have all sorts of different races? Creating your own race tracks. You could go and set custom checkpoints and decide how many laps there are, then invite your friends to race with you. You could even set an entry fee, and whoever comes first wins all the money, or just race for fun. That would certainly help create more unique and personal experiences.
  89. devilmeetsvamp
    Use of hybrids as vehicles? Indian gods have animals as their transport system so it'd be cool. Like riding on seahorse carts of some kind, small land taxis with hamster wheels and hamster running in it etc. Also it'd be neat if there's a sunroof thing in closed vehicles; just going on autopilot and standing in it during rains and good weather and taking pictures of the outside environment even while traveling.(Or maybe my hybrid can just steer the wheels though his legs whilst his hands and head are chilling on the sunroof) And can i just seamlessly jump down from my vehicle from air and land in my moving car on land below? SIDE NOTE: A lot of Indian trucks have some funny/witty/inspirational quotes written behind their trucks for the people driving behind to read. And also we have Palkis/Palanquins for carrying the elderlies to the temples located on higher grounds.
  90. marshallgodsey
    I would love to see a wide range of vehicles with various applications, strengths, and weaknesses. I would use them for exploring and just getting from point A to B of course. I would really love to see police chases in the game like in the trailer. I love taking different vehicles and seeing how long I can outrun or outmaneuver the authorities in games like Jak II and Jak 3, and the GTA games. The lack of this in The Crew was one of the reasons it was such a big disappointment. Also, the fact that it ended up being online ONLY was pretty lame, but mostly because they seemed to focus on that, rather than making a good solid game. Will BGE2 be online only? It seems like ya'll really want to make a great game, and I love that! Anyway, back to vehicles! I love the idea of skyjacking vehicles and running from the police. Maybe people can work together to make diversions or to keep the police occupied while a heist goes down elsewhere, or you could see another random player running from police and use that as an opportunity to get up to your own no good. I would just feel bad taking vehicles from random people that are probably just trying to get by, or wishing they were free like us pirates. I'm loving what you have so far! Looks sweet! I'm glad customization is somewhat a part of it, that's good! I can't wait to try out the different types you're making! Keep up great work!
  91. I'd like to travel on my hoverboard. :)
  92. I think they should mainly be used for fast transportation and maybe holding items for you as you travel like a storage system. Maybe you could upgrade your vehicles? that would be awesome
  93. Elchinohardcore
    Maybe you can rob the vehicle and sell it for easy money, or a contract to steal a special vehicle for someone or a contract to steal a vehicle and the cargo would be awesome
  94. Elchinohardcore
    Maybe you can rob the vehicle to sell it to a dealer for easy money, or a contract to steal a specific vehicle, or a contract to steal a vehicle and the cargo would be awesome.
  95. Drag0nslayr016
    There should be a super cool hover skateboard like in Back to The Future, and you can do cool tricks on the skateboard and ride up vertical walls of buildings, and gun enemies down while riding it, etc. It would be pretty neat. You would be able to go off of ramps and on water you can jump off waves.
  96. Michel Ancel wants BGE 2 to be an oversized SF game -for sure- but it seems to me that he have an even greater ambition : to make System 3 a mirror and a metaphor of our actual civilisation.. by handling some of our modern problems ? So an interesting idea about vehicles in the game could be the pollution matter, it's political impact, and green energy. For example we can imagine a planet (planet A) barely breathable because of intense pollution. On this one, using a polluting vehicles is nearly a crime. At the same time 'green' vehicles are unaffordable. Many people have serious diseases of the lungs. For the most poor of them, it's impossible to afford a ticket to leave the planet with an ecologic means of transport. So they would try to escape the planet, like migrants, crowded in unreliable and forbidden ships. On the other hand, we can imagine a rich planet, planet B, with very expansive cars, equipped with the latest 'green' technologies (Tesla like). No pollution on this one but the lobbies are so strong ("look at planet A, they are suffocating") that classic fuel vehicles are forbidden too. Both extremes would be interesting.
  97. Some kind of space train between planets would be interesting. It would be used for transporting passengers or goods and we could use them as transport or even have the possibility of assaults them like in western movies, like a kind of organic mision or something like that (ej: first we try to slow down the train, then we steal an entire bagon full of gold with a special ship with a hook while we are defending ourself from some guards, maybe we have to assault personally the train to steal some jewelry to rich people....etc). I also want to advise you to be careful with the fast travel system. You should design it intelligently. If it is too easy to fast travel whenever we want it could ruin the exploration. But if its too hard it could be frustrating. An example of a good fast travel system is in the game Hollow Knigh, where you can fast travel only betwen stations (you have to be in one of them to be able to fast travel) but they are specially placed to cover the entire map.
  98. I would probably use the first 2 as decoys. Try and make them as suspicious as possible in terms of legality, and turn the music on loudly to draw the local police's (or the equivalent on the planet) attention while other members of the crew try and sneak past the defensive or whatever obstacles the might face to deliver some kind of special items etc. We could also have the choice between being arrested on purpose so the police's attention is kept on the vehicule's investigation, or just drive it like crazy, hitting anything in our way and engage a chase to draw even more attention but most likely on a shorter amount of time since these vehicules should naturally be kind of slow. The point of this would be that we, as players, would need to explore cities in depth in order to exploit any potential breach, or if there's none, then our imagination is rewarded by the possibility of creating the breach. I would also use these vehicules for a more noble task. Something like people's transportation in case of let's say.... A small town ruled by some kind of tyrant. They seem big enough to transport a medium sized population (something like 150 people per vehicule), but small enough to allow a slow but sneaky extraction About the third scooter like vehicule. It reminds me of a sentinel's vehicule of choice. Quick and small silent. Should also probably be used for missions that require a small group's intervention.
  99. juanchoferXXX
    Naves crucero de placer, las cuales puedan ser visitadas para jugar en sus casinos, estar por placer o en misiones secundarias e incluso ser saqueadas como un buen pirata, donde sus riquezas pueden ser bastas y sus esclavos vendidos o liberados. Utilizar a los híbridos como medio de transporte. Vehículos acuáticos y submarinos, en los vídeos que he visto existe agua... se puede explorar los océanos?. Existen ciudades submarinas, como es el transporte en estas? que clase de humanoides viven allí?. y poniendo esto en cuestión nuestras naves pueden ser multifuncionales? Que naveguen los océanos, vuelen y salten al espacio. Una gran nave pirata que pueda albergar todo este tipo de vehículos, con capacidad limitada obviamente.
  100. There should be crashed ships in some places from which you can salvage stuff
  101. To pulled ship who need to be repaired.// To sell scraps part.// To go fishing or hunting.// To go chill near a beautiful beach.// To race against other pilots.// To enjoy exploration on a flying skate board and be able to sneak into little canyon where you can’t go with conventional ship even the smallest one.// To explore in deep water.// To mine asteroids or help other in mining facility.// To transport peoples or goods.// To patrol and protect sensible areas.// To Refuel your ship or Pnj ships.// To just sail space or sea and appreciate the beauty of the environment.// To transport sensible goods like big amount of money or chemical weapon.// To transport animals in between the breeding grounds and the meat production station in orbit. Why in orbit? just because ship can come easily and deliver more quickly.// To construct building, temple, stations, or just use a little crane to help people getting out of a building who just collapse after you created quite a mess on a mission... This could be a good example of the consequences of your actions, for example you took a mission to break and steal a very expensive old piece in a museum. To achieve that you can play sneaky and do everything without collateral damage (it’s of course more difficult) or you can go careless and blowup half of the building to get your price but this solution will hurt innocent people...even if you blow up everything you still have a chance before you go to help one of the employee buried below a big concrete beam. If you want to help you will have to use the little crane in the street to get this beam off. This will maybe get you cough or you can loose the artefact but the employee you saved will be in your debt and who knows maybe you can come across him at one point in the game and need he’s help. Or you can just walk away leaving him to die under the eyes of an other employees who was attached to him, she saw your face and you can be sure that if you come across her at one point in the game she will do everything she can to not help you....// To scavenge wreckage in space or on planet.// To repair ships.// To loot cargo, big pieces of ships, like a whale will eat plankton.// To carry bigger ships in space where it’s difficult for them to manoeuvre.// To take my crew in holidays on some sort of luxury yacht ship you owned with ‘hard’ work...// To harvest fields and get the loot in a market to sale.// To access places where you can’t normally go like volcanic ground or highly toxic mushroom field.// To destroy other ships or board them.//
  102. I think it would be cool to take a break from the giant space ship we use to go from planet to planet and use a much smaller vehicle like the ones in the pictures above and drive around in flying cars and other vehicles to go pick stuff up from the stores. The vehicle functions would be similar to the ones in Star Wars episode 2 and 3 in that one huge city with all the buildings and stuff, but the city would be more cramped and have more lights and a Times Square look. Taxis would be a pretty cool way to get around as well. Also you should be able to get in a vehicle with your friends. Wait, this is a multiplayer game right?
  103. Blue-Jade846222
    I also like the Hovercraft found in BGE. But I would like ride the Hoverbike seen in the first picture for Transportation, exploration, deliveries sure, and of course for missions and racing!!
    1. I think races should come with their own hovercrafts. Not flying vehicles. I am down for that bike too but IMO this thing should be a good city vehicle. So it should be flying. Maybe similar bikes should be made for races? Like the race zoomers of Jak&Daxter series. In Jak&Daxter1 you got the classic zoomer with boosts quite similar to a BGE race except pits etc. In Jak2 you have to race Erol once and the Zoomer flies much like Jak&Daxter1 which is then never used again. It had its own handling. I wish that for hovercraft races too.
  104. I would like strong combat capabilities, vehicular combat shooting/Melee abilities. Different vehicle upgrades and modifications cosmetic or internal. Such as different paint jobs or buyable upgrades that can change the speed or durability of the vehicle. Weapon usage is important and I think changeable guns would be cool, with further progression the characters could maybe unlock better weaponry. On smaller vehicles like tuk-tuks the use of side arms could make the game more interactive and lifelike, the ability to use Melee weapons like swords or staffs would make combat more fun and enjoyable. I would also like a diverse physical combat gameplay. I think the pirates would be a lot stronger with combat fitted for their physical attributes. Certain hybrids could have better fighting capabilities based on the animal they were created with. Size could also alter their speed and strength. Maybe characters with mechanical limbs would be more advanced in combat and maybe they could have upgrades to their tech. I do think that multiple styles of combat would create a unique experience for the player. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and I hope you guys see this -john
  105. I liked the idea from the initial reveal (and which I think expands on the first game) that you have smaller vehicles that go into and merge with larger vehicles. So, for example, you can make quick, small deliveries or courier MDisks on a hoverboard, then maybe if things don't go exactly according to plan you can quickly steal a bike or a tuk tuk or - and this would be really cool - dock your hoverboard onto something that transforms it into a bike. The bike can then be attached to a car/small ship which would dock into a bigger ship etc. Of course, you should be able to mix and match and customise and upgrade everything. There can even be like an aftermarket/branding system where vehicles from the same company/garage (whether legally operating or not) can form a set and give you an additional perk for equipping everything in the set. This would be in addition to any other perk/ability the individual vehicles and/or its parts/equipment would have. This would not only give players more freedom to choose exactly the vehicles and equipment to suit their specific playstyle, but also encourage them to explore and maybe visit places they wouldn't normally go so they can find better parts. Maybe even add higher grade stuff which can only be unlocked after completing the main story or on New Game+ to increase the games longevity. MUCH later on, you could also add the dreaded DLC items, but they shouldn't give those who purchased them an unfair advantage or prevent those who choose to only play the base game from enjoying it. Also, relating to any DLC you may be considering, make sure players get exactly what they pay for; NO LOOT CRATES! As a personal preference, I'm really into Steampunk so I would love anything steam-powered, some sort of train, clock-work mechanisms and airships. Please have airships, with the blimp and sails and propellors and all that good stuff. My ultimate pirate fantasy is to stand behind a big wooden wheel, strap on my goggles and soar into the unknown!
  106. Why do you use the emblems of Warrock leveling?
  107. I like the concept of having a portable home, the mother ship is ideal for that to stay afloat for a while and even interact in the ship itself, but since the mothership isn't really your's in the beginning I suppose and you spend more time in your own small ship. So I thought that it would be neat to have your own customisable small ship that you can pilot and maybe when you are stationed on a nearby planet or even on auto pilot you can wander around in your small ship and interact with various items you collected this also allows you to really explore other planets without the mothership. You could look for example at Guardians of the Galaxy the main protaganist Peter Quill has his own custom ship he lives in but is from a bigger mothership (the ravagers) but this doesn't stop him from wandering on his own. This is something i'd like to see in the game when you want to explore the planet on a small portable ship but still have the necesities you need and the comfort you desire.
    1. Like a bed or something like a space bed bunk just something that makes it immersive while you wander around in your ship to prepare your landing in various places like a city or a diffrent planet. Just something to make it feel you can enter evergthing
  108. Space yacht!
  109. - It would be great, if I my character, after arriving to new planet / city, can seat in some kind of bus, and became a tourist, listening to guide, wich will told me something specific about place, that I've visiting. - Races, of course - chases - fast travel? Bus stations
  110. Now I am a bit late on that but how about some minimal tuning for standard vehicles? Also I would like the idea of being able to store a few vehicles on board or at a city at places outside of the tuk-tuk-medium ship and big ship.
  111. I feel stuff that's quick and mobile but cheap for the player awhile their low level would work well. Like say, hover roller blades as a delivery person.
  112. I would like to see a lot of upgrades. Allowing you to start with a small ship upgrading it and making it bigger, adding weapons to it. I would LOVE to see you own MASSIVE space station much much bigger than your mothership that you can get later on in the game. Again something that you can customize and upgrade. But this should be only available in space, so you cant enter atmosphere with it. I think you should be able to drive it. Also it could get damaged or attacked in which case you would have to defend it and repair it. SO HYPED FOR THIS GAME!!
  113. I think there should be a limiting factor like fuel or power. You should need to buy fuel to go further and explore more. So with spaceships, you can only get a certain distance away from the planet you start on before running out of fuel. So you need to upgrade your ships or buy new ships to get further. This will make the exploration part last longer and make the player think more and also get a greater sense of achievement when they reach a new planet or discover something new. I also think that you should be able to target certain parts on vehicles to shoot, so you could shoot the thrusters to stop the vehicle from accelerating or shoot the fins to stop it from turning. But the bigger and better the vehicle the more difficult it is to get precision shots at.
  114. I am really hoping to see some sort of built in systems in this game to allow for roleplay similar to how there are all those GTA V roleplay servers out there. Would be nice to see some kind of integration in the base game for people to do that kind of play on the scale this game will potentially provide. One way I could see it being made "easy" to do that is to provide various mini game style "jobs" in the game. Tuk Tuk Taxi driver (or possibly "Uber/Lyft" style in ANY vehicle), Paramedic, "Cop" (vigilante?), Fire Fighter, bus driver, truck driver (both a box truck style and potentially long haul driver of a tractor trailer type), farmer, etc. So much possability and those are all just "vehicle based" (jump in an appropriate vehicle for the job in question, activate said job, do said job until you are done playing the mini game and want to do something else). Add all of that to some great customization of character and vehicles (and hopefully residences and spaceships), and you have all the basics for letting people RP together. Could be great for the future of the game.
  115. the.chirality
    maybe vehicles have the option to be used for everything. i think many gamers appreciate being able to interact with not only the environment but the things within the environment as well. corroborating synergy into this concept-as an option-could potentially satisfy every gamer. when i buy a vehicle i always consider mileage-stick over auto-i.e. [vehicles that can travel into space, between planets, or further]; luggage compartment or trunk space, as in all vehicles can be used to carry something even if it is a small bag and larger vehicles obviously have serious freight capabilities; many folks in the past used their horses for many things carry-on-wise meaning if i wanted to carry weapons on me across distances i could. this could mean anything from a hand or rifle, to a larger mg style or grenade or rocket launching mechanism, since i can not hope to carry a rocket launcher and two or three rifles on my person; bigger vehicles with the space could have segments added on to it for other forms of activities or customizations, like weapon augments or attachment to the vehicle, alchemie labs the unfold out of the side or a command module for accepting and completing missions etc.; and of course, upgrades and decals if desired the two most important things i believe are identification (i should not be too penalized for falling in love with a smaller ship class) & options (making upgrades should not necessarily keep me from completing anything in the game although upgrades make it easier); though i agree that certain missions require certain hardware
  116. I would use vehicles mainly for exploring, since it's just nice to start imagining what kind of vehicle would be the best choice for a certain situation. For example when your going to this planet which is basically an underwater world, so you take a submarine like vehicle. It would be awesome if any kind of vehicle that exist today is going to be converted into a more spacy design, that way you will be able to choose between the different age styles and maybe choose some Oldtimer looking space bike.
  117. I reckon a big craft to get around. A smaller craft to get into the city but large enough to deliver the loot. And a buzzy vehicle land or flying to get away from the authorities. The smaller craft I mentioned earlier would probably be useful to explore dense areas as well.
  118. You've said that we can store our smaller vehicles in larger ones, so I suppose that each owned vehicle should be important to us, if that really happens i would be really glad! I want to take care and be careful about each of my vehicles about the variety, the more the better. but they should have different feel! If there are things like speedmeter, fuel gauge and other things at least as optional difficulty it would be great
  119. guest-MTvX8TQc
    I would like to see a strong difference between land & air vehicles. So a strong difference in handling an aircraft and a wheeled vehicle. A vehicle with tires should really follow the terrain like a dune-buggy / rally car. A flying vehicle should risk crashing if it flies low over the ground (not just automatically hovering over it), just like a real airplane. This way you make an impactful decision if you chose a ground or air vehicle, which will translate in completely different gameplay
  120. les véhicules peuvent être utilisés pour toutes sorte de choses : courses, aller chercher des matériaux, explorer le monde (ce que je rêve de faire x') ou encore réalisé une quête demandant de livrer un truc comme vous-avez dit. L'aspect des courses dans BG&E 1 était sympa, ça rajoutait un petit + qui me faisait bien marrer avec la musique déjanté qui passait en fond. Bref on pourrait voir ce genre de chose comme des courses public organisées par des grands groupes parfois truquées faisant concourir des hybrides esclaves par exemple. Mais aussi des courses illégales qui pourrait se terminer en course poursuite avec la police ou je ne sais quoi.
  121. r0gue_h5ack3r
    I would expect some kind of variety between the vecs with purpose. Radio with Spotify ability to connect. Carriers, taxis with npc's , some nice ships to travel, faster , slower, big guns , small guns.
  122. If I had the ability I would most likely deliver certain packages with my vehicle. I thrive on wanderlust. Any reason to get me out the door and explore a new location is good enough for me. I also get a cathartic feeling from delivering things in games that allow me to .
  123. AIRSHIPS! Very large rigid Zeppelin-type Airships make everything cooler! I'd love to see airships floating around the city skies and to be able to own and operate a smallish airship as an earlier ship than the Mothership seen in the teaser vid. There's obviously some kind of anti-gravity technology available in this universe already, but older technology airships that are still around would be cool too, like from Crimson Skies, etc.
  124. J'aimerais bien faire des courses endiablé qui enchaîne différent type de terrain on pourrait démarrer la course sur une plaine la poursuivre en entrant dans une grotte et elle pourrait déboucher au sommet d'une montagne et on devrait la descendre avec fracas pour atteindre le pieds de la montagne. Ensuite sa serait cool si pouvait maquiller ou déguiser nos véhicule pour qu'ils puissent passer inaperçu si on transporte des choses pas très réglos ou alors proposer du tuning pour vraiment personnaliser son aventure voir ajouter des skin (Pas de micro transaction please) pour ajouter un coté déjanter cool, swag, rock, Itasha bref tout ce que vous voulez.
  125. I feel like I would love to have to use different vehicles to complete plot objectives in different missions. However, once those missions are finished I would love to just drive any of the vehicles to explore the cities for fun!
  126. BraveFencerZan
    Having vehicles that are better at some tasks than others is a great idea. Delivery vehicles sound like they'd be slower but tougher, while transportation could be hovercrafts and other small vehicles. The idea of having a docking station with multiple types of vehicles would be grand.
  127. Livinfly1189
    I couldn’t say which one I’d use but I’m sure I’ll be taking a day to skyjack different kinds to find that perfect balance between speed and maneuverability.
  128. Knight-Mare210
    Grocery shopping? Is gameplay really gonna be that in depth? Fuck, I am so looking forward to this!
  129. Hi Dev Team, I would want to use vehicles for purchasing, transportation and orders. Also of course for races and especially for team-based attacks/raids on NPC and other players . In particular, it would be great if you had to decide within the game for a faction with its individual advantages and disadvantages which would contribute to an exciting and varied atmosphere. I mean, where there are pirates, there must also be law enforcement. People who play in the team or on their own account alone. System supporters and revolutionaries but also the various in between. Not only black and white; Intermediate tones bring color and contrast. Thanks
  130. guest-0FPLiVS2
    Will i be able to turn off the engine ? like imagine i'm using a jet pack and flying very high and fast then a just turn off the jet pack and let the physics make their job, this can apply to the ships and others vehicles.
  131. It would be great if we could interact with everything inside of that huge mothership and be able to customize the engine and the rockets. It will be cool if we could change the colour of the rockeys flame thing aswell and have some sort if neon lights around it
  132. I would like the possibility to have a personal vehicle that you can tune etc.
  133. A small but functional vehicle, with wheels, flying, and perhaps water, it should be like an all-terrain vehicle. I want to have a place where you can upgrade your vehicle, where you can upgrade your vehicle, such as a large vehicle as your mobile base? like the mothership
  134. Love you the creativity you guys show in your concept arts. I want vehicles to carry a specific type of weapon, which becomes a characteristic of that vehicle. Like a vehicle with a long cannon type weapon on it's front so when I fire I feel like I'm firing a shotgun with my vehicle in space. Others could have like many guns, which shoot back to back, feeling like i am firing a machine gun on enemy vehicles in space. Or one vehicle could have like rockets which could lock on to targets and follow it when fired.
  135. AtticusEverett
    I have always loved towing or hauling things via a winch. Opening heavy doors too! or hauling other vehicles from one place to another. It feels good to have a machine capable of that
  136. I would like something like a hover motorcycle but it should not look modern it should look Like a hovering old Harley davidson or something Like this
  137. Loads of solid suggestions, I think having different types of factions that specify in select group of vehicles such as biker gangs, but even more creative than that as we're in space. I like the idea of MAD MAX esque types of thrown together rat rod type vehicles, that you yourself can collect scrap or parts and customize your own fleet to use when on a planet, or in a city. I like the idea of a snake type vehicle too that super manouverable and slithers in the air in a snake like motion, that would be very impressive and good for tight chases etc. I think doing dirty deeds such as doing drop offs and pickups of contraband or arms etc and doing runs with a crew is very appealing, or going out to flog the loot you just scored from a big haul out in space, and meeting other dodgy character types. The seedier the better in my opinion!
  138. Also the use of weapons whilst driving i think should be a must, just like small arms / shotguns / melee or other one handed weapons
  139. One thing that I would love to see is how different parts of a space ship get pilot by different players forcing people to coop and synchronise their movements
  140. I am very excited to see the different kinds of vehicles to get around with, and race with. Personally, I am a big fan of the Japanese sports motorcycles: Something like one of these, but replace the wheels with a hover bike's look, and I would ride that baby through the cosmos if I could. On a slightly larger scale, I think a medieval style Viking Longboat looking ship for cruising around a city would be really fun. And on another note, has anyone ever told you about Mobile Suit Gundam? I'm pretty sure anyone in space wants to pilot a giant robot. Even a slightly smaller "mech" robot suit to use on ground level would be extremely fun.
  141. I like the idea of a big merchant ship that you can dock your ship to and buy goods inside. (Sort of like Beedle's Special Shop Ship, from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.)
  142. Like written in earlier comments, part of what made the Beluga from BGE1 so special was its versatility to travel by water and by air, which would be something i'd really like in BGE2 for more versatility in going in and out of transportation methods. It could serve as an effective escape method to quickly switch to something completely different, say a grounded motorbike to a small airship. I would definitely use smaller, lightweight and more versatile vehicles like motorbikes or small cars like a Rickshaw Three Wheeler or a Citroën 2CV in a city environment, going through crowds for getting a quick transport in and out of business. In grander environments, being dropped from the mothership in an aerial jeep of some sort would be interesting, able to carry supplies and cargo for an expedition, but also the speed.
  143. Spacemanofcool
    I would enjoy realistic vehicle crashes and vehicle ramming and public transportation like buses and trains Thanks for letting me share
  144. Galakseeowonder
    Everything we can do with vehicles like all sorts of deliveries, taxi, emergency, firefighter, police, ice cream flying truck, weed selling junk flying truck, stupid bikes that hovers on their owns with a ridiculous small propeller on the rear that would make you pedal like hell to go so slow and even harder when going up Hoverboards, kickscooters and roller blades... Flying of course Some people riding flying animals too would be fun like bird or manta... Maybe Easter eggs like the green freak in batman with his flying... Thing? Maybe all kind of flying houses, lounges, drug hives, all kind of boats but flying even some with old style (a bit like some artworks you already made) from every style around "our" world
  145. I would like to use vehicles, well for vehiclar combat in space. Epic space battles sound freaking AWESOME. But just exploring around the beautiful universe in BGE2 sounds like lovely too. It'd be cool if I could own like my own house, and store my vehicles in there. But doing deliveries and grocery shopping in a game sound great too. It would be great if there's like little things I can do to pass the time with my vehicle.
  146. Ashleygrenstone
    love these concepts!!! I get that they're based on real- life references and mixed in with the BGE universe they feel both familiar and edgy in their approach to using.
  147. Blaze19982017
    I personally would like to be able to make a vehicle from scratch. Make it loo like whatever with parts of existing vehicles in the game.
    1. Galakseeowonder
      I'd love that too
  148. Exploration of course! And the odd race or two as well.
  149. maybe u could add the planet express ship as a ubisoft club or a delorean or something cool like that looking forward to game also maybe weapons could be normal no laser guns
  150. Id like basic run about vehicles for fast fun transportation short range, then larger, tankier vehicles for long distance or industrial purposes such as cargo hauling.
  151. Something very important in BGE was the fun while driving the beluga. I enjoyed just drifting on the water, please make driving vehicles in BGE2 as fun as it was in the first one !
  152. Cruising through the desert in the hovercar from the 2008 trailer would be fun! Would be a great easter egg too! I'd use transportation to explore the world for sights to see, things to do, and things to buy. I like the idea of taking vehicles to a garage to customise them too.
    1. I also hope the vehicle have a sense of weight and realism behind them.
    2. Galakseeowonder
      Haha some kind of need for speed underground 2 that'd be awesome, space tuning ^^
      1. Exactly! You could fit sonic fuel injector to your rocket engine or larger aerodynamic features. I think aesthetic customisation is important too as I'd like to make my smaller vehicles as individual as my mothership.
  153. To be able to use a hover bike kind of thing like in the first picture while exploreing a new city, diffirent landskapes or even high speed chases.with guns blazeing I mean... i would buy the game just for that. would be cool with a feature where you have a workshoop on your main ship where you can customise and repair it too.
    1. Galakseeowonder
      Yes have some kind of different uses fore every size of vehicles, and infrastructures like space docks in which you can enter at atmosphere limit then you switch to smaller space ship to approach and go inland to some kind of airports (for floating cities it could be something like an oil rig or the space center of SpaceX) and then you would use little hovering /flying vehicles to move in the city. Something where physics is a big part like big spaceship would be recked too close of planetes by too much gravity and smaller vehicles would be more maneuverable in the small streets
      1. Galakseeowonder
        Maybe have common transportation for each size with different comfort and different price, even clandestine transport like in Elysium, and if you land your big ship either use a lot of fuel to extract from planet gravity or mount your ship on rocket boosters like in Interstellar 5555, with a real astrophysic, it could be awesome to maneuver the ship trying to put it in orbit to kind of park it, and use planetes gravity to save fuel and as it is plan beforehead your route. It could be done automatically but also manually with even better efficiency.
  154. I think there should be a limiting factor like fuel or power. You should need to buy fuel to go further and explore more. So with spaceships, you can only get a certain distance away from the planet you start on before running out of fuel. So you need to upgrade your ships or buy new ships to get further. This will make the exploration part last longer and make the player think more and also get a greater sense of achievement when they reach a new planet or discover something new. I also think that you should be able to target certain parts on vehicles to shoot, so you could shoot the thrusters to stop the vehicle from accelerating or shoot the fins to stop it from turning. But the bigger and better the vehicle the more difficult it is to get precision shots at.
  155. McFinkleberry12
    What about if in a really small town there are animal horse like being you could ride but just optional and in close ranges because they would be pretty slow compared to hover bikes. And they would be just wandering around on planets for you to find and ride for fun.
    1. That's a good idea! You could imagine people keeping animals to ride in the alien outback. Would be fun to mess around with.
  156. I've noticed a few comments mentioning airships. I get the impression airships are pretty obsolete with the advent of affordable anti-gravity, but as a throwback to the first game it would be really cool if some airships could be worked into the game. Maybe they are still economical in some parts of System 3 (such as planets with a high pressure atmosphere or a transport business that would rather keep its trusty old airship afloat instead of buying a new anti-gravity vehicle).
  157. kingofpineapes
    I think that would be fun if you could make your own vehicle as you want depend on skills .Like attaching a super sonic thruster to a hoover bike.
  158. SPACEDODO420
    I would really like to own in the game multiple ships if possible , and if i can send a crew to start trading in a specific "" restaurant/ship"" where the deal some costumers illegal stuff
  159. LongpigSeven
    What about having a stock vehicle with upgrade slots. each slot would be capable of mounting different mods. eg Engine bay – modify - speed / manoeuvrability / thrust (for carrying larger loads) Cockpit – modify – crew seat / specialised equipment (scanner) / durability (roll cage) External – add – cargo pods / fins and bumpers / cosmetic items (paint etc.) Old for reconditioned/new – Upgrade older parts with higher specification or better functioning newer parts This would allow a lot of diversity in vehicles and increase player involvement and sense of ownership.
  160. a super customizable hover bike would be awesome. one where you can add weapons, something to make it go faster, or guards up on the side for defense to be used as a "get away" vehicle. something that can be customized to fit what your play style is.
  161. tempestuousskye
    I'm loving the cover art of the hover bike! I have an affinity to bikes and it's something that I would love to be able to explore the planet on. Whatever the vehicle, I would like to see a lot of room available for personal customization - nothing beats being able to uniquely spec out your own stuff and flaunting it!
  162. I'm probably too late to give an input but I'll give it a go anyway. One thing I found to be especially interesting is the russian doll ship mechanic reminds me of the Great fox in starfox. Using inspiration from the game I think it would be great if there were some transformation based vehicles for example A smaller ship turns into a terrain master and then a boat and to go even further. (this may sound farfetched) the spaceship becomes an exo skeleton (like gundam) and it becomes armour and aids traversal, this could be far later in the game as a skill learnt from someone for example, a 'legendary mechanic' thats retired. Small nuances like this would make the gameplay fantastic and an amazing side quest. Hope this game turns out good cant wait.
  163. Dragoon561801
    If you are a pirate (or street racer) you need to maneuver, fast. You need to cut corners quickly in very tight spaces, without bumping into anything. How about: - Aero buffers: Small air turbines attached to each side that activate as soon as an obstacle comes too close. - Hooks/Hookshots: To be attached at corners to cut them more smoothly mid-air without losing velocity. Other suggestions: - Radios - Public Transport, either organised or involuntarily (just hang on to the side of a transporter)
  164. I HAD AN INCREDIBLE IDEA!! I know that bge2 is not based on the pop culture as the film Ready Player One. But... putting some easter-eggs or references to this culture would be great! You would get a lot more diversity! And my main idea was to travel in a flying DeLorean. That would be......... AWEEESOOOOOME. And the vehicles could also be used to chill: You put a bad-ass music on and you ride your bad-ass car to the horizon.
  165. It would be cool to have a hovercraft or land/water vehicle in the beginning of the game that can't fly and then like after an hour in the game unlock the first little spaceship that is not very fast.
  166. I'd love to be able to park vehicles inside your ship and take them with you wherever you go and maybe even be able to customise them.
  167. It would be fun to have different vehicles you can collect/buy to make many things like racing, transport, mining, exploring etc.
  168. IM_A_BEAST_951
    I would like to see some customization options for the interior of the main pirate ship, at least a captain's quarters. Main point: if other players ships are exploreable, it will be quiet boring if they are all the same inside.
  169. How will the fighting choreography go will there be multiple fighting styles with some counter moves ? And will there be special gadgets and weapons as you level up ?

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