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Knox: WeAreUbisoft


Ubi Space Monkeys Unite!

Category : News

27 thoughts on “#WeAreUbisoft

  1. VvColdKillervV
    Selfies and different clothing for each character confirmed? xD
  2. Two new BGE2 posts on my birthday ! thanks ubisoft !
  3. if there's gonna be Ubi shirts in the game there might as well be some juicy easter egg shirts and apparel
    I hear symphonies in my head
  5. SHAAAAMBA SHAAAAMBA A freaky beast wanna say hello Freaky ponkey beast‘ ha!
    1. Do you wanna lick a biga boca chocolata
  6. Yes you are :D
  7. "W.W.T.A.O. We Work Together as One" so "Don't Break Up The Team! Carson & Peeters Page 823" #weareubisoft
  8. Please say this is a new snapchat filter!
  9. OCPLB, on casse pas le binome ! -Carlson et Peter page 823 #WEAREUBISOFT
    1. Omg this fail... Kill me please ON casse pas le binôme...
  10. So you've been monkeys all along?
  11. We are Ubisoft, for we are great; New advertising line, huh?
  12. Ubisoft easter eggs inside the game ?
  13. Is this about fighting off Vivendi?
  14. Nice, very nice.
  15. Glitch_Rigors
    This is great
  16. A freaky beast wanna say HEllO.
  17. I need this clothes for the game :D
  18. guest-Srivz5Wp
    A SUGGESTION FOR GAME DEVELOPERS. My friend and I have been talking about what type of pirates we would like to be in the game and he wants to be good and help the police and stuff but I want to fight for freedom and be evil of sorts but we want to play on multiplayer together so I think it would be good if we could play together but be on different teams and not the same team.
  19. I can't stop thinking of Shaka Ponk when i see the crew of BGE2
  20. Loving the concept and the idea of no jump cuts or loading time I WANT IT NOW! :p :(
  21. id like a good combat system tho im assuming its a shooter primarily but im wondering if there is any skill trees or anything like that.
  22. TheKoloradoKid
    I am a Ubisoft Space Monkey! We are Ubisoft Space Monkeys! Never been more proud in my life! So excited to embark on this journey with you guys! It'd be my dream to work directly with the Dev team in France. Is that a possibility if I'm not a programmer? I have many other skills to attribute. Michel Ancel, are you still expanding your team? If so, where would I send my resume? Whether or not you are hiring imaginative, creative people to help develop character backgrounds, side stories/mission and activities, thank you so much for starting the Space Monkey program. The past few days has been amazing reading the comments and sharing my ideas. Really gets my imagination running. Thank You!

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