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Character Focus: Kim Hyun-Jun (Hybrid Tiger)


Let’s zoom in on one of our characters from our first Space Monkey Program Character Line-up.

Supreme hunter Kim Hyun-Jun was used by his former masters to track and capture the many hybrid slaves who attempted to escape – until he refused and fled.

He survives day-to-day in the Ganesha underworld by competing in illegal hybrid blood sports, and as a hired gun and incomparable hunter.

Question for you Space Monkeys: What music track do you think he would play to get himself pumped up before a hybrid death match?
Who knows, he might be a fan of the dead art of Broadway musicals…

246 thoughts on “Character Focus: Kim Hyun-Jun (Hybrid Tiger)

  1. AnActualpanda

    Shipping Up To Boston- Dropkick Murphy’s
    Patron Saint O’ Thieves- The Rumjacks
    Warpig- Black Sabbath

    1. I honestly would say some decent metal, maybe Norma Jean, As I lay Dying, maybe Five Finger Death Punch. Something that amps you up with solid lyrics that gets your blood pumping.

      1. Metal would definitely fit this character very well, however I think that Metallica – “Seek and destroy” would be a better choice. The title of the song together with Kim Hyun-Juns back story would fit perfectly, and besides the song is pretty decent for action packed game.

        1. Phreakydeke27

          I was thinking Metallica.. But I’m gonna throw 2 genres of music show tunes, jazz,, 80s, or classical. Show tunes would be funny. Classical could be. Way for him to mediate. Like go into the fight all calm then bring the fury. But I could easily listen to metal and mediating. Then going into the fight going crazy. On a side note I want him to do Van Damme splits. The whole blood sport made .me think of Van Damme..

    2. I adore the Warpig- Black Sabbath angle for him!! I Definitely see him as like an older guy. Could completely see him as a chill/aloof yet “you wont like me when I’m angry” type. Kinda old time-y, American biker gang, topped off with that kind of “even if I don’t do it someone else will, so I might as well turn a dime” mindset. Warpigs just hits that angle so well.

      In that same vain I have to add…
      Iron Maiden -Fear Of The Dark
      Iron Maiden-Wasted Years
      Dio – Holy Diver

    3. How about Disturbed’s “Who taught you how to hate?” the lyrics sound like something for all hybrid slaves, but I think it would be good for Kim.

      1. He don’t really feel rock or metal or anything. More like jazz. If he chose to stop bringing back slaves for moral reasons, he seems like the type to feel really deep listening to something deep. Doesn’t have to be jazz; but something smooth. His left-over eye doesn’t have any anger in them, but they aren’t wise or deep. In the event that the French guy making this game decides to make him into a character with multiple side quests dealing with his past as a hunter, then maybe he could be the kind of character with a proper arc, with us helping him at its end. In that case, something old will do; whether classical jazz, maybe Italian, or anything that seems like the kind of music Coco Chanel would listen to.

    4. I’m agree with you AnActualpanda, some irish “pub” song or rocky road to dublins will make it perfect as a fight theme for a fighter like him.

    5. How about IglooGhost – Bug Thief? This song is preety good!

  2. Nice background !
    I don’t know why i imagine him listening to some alternative metal, Rage Against The Machine kinda thing.
    Or some very dramatic movie soundtrack, like Ip Man’s.
    It wasn’t this easy to see in the previous post, but his face is really interesting. It doesn’t give him a feline silhouette but a rather human one, like the flat faced bull-hybrid that worked at the akuda bar.
    It a real mix or shapes, not just anthropomorphism, even tho that would look nice too !

    1. Yes metal, I love Rage Against The Machine.

  3. Rayman version of “Eye of The Tiger”…

      1. You know that feeling when you feel like you should have known about something but you just didn’t?
        Well that’s me right now.
        I will be spending the rest of my night listening to these Rayman Legends remixes. Thank you ^^

    1. Yes that would be perfect

  4. Dramatic music !

  5. He needs some crazy classical music. Like it starts with a weird sounding piano(very offputing) and advances with new instruments everytime something happens.
    In fact one could use that do something like SaintsRow and make a Dubstep on advancement. If executed good.

    1. I also have to mention metal would also super fit that person.
      But I personally doubt that he is a bad guy why I went classical for him.

      After all dev team it is you that make the final calls 😉 And I trust those.

      1. Hey um website guys. A edit function would be super nice.
        I mean that is possible or?
        I happen to actually edit my posts quite often(to add things and stuff) after I posted.

        I just wondered about that.

        1. Yes, and a thumbs up option too please.

  6. CulturalLemur

    He looks sick! I feel like some heavy metal would suit him the most.

  7. It looks really cool and i love his backstory.

    As for the music, this :

  8. Eye of the tiger

    1. haha i bet ubisoft were waiting for that one XD

  9. Depending on his motivations:
    Making a name for himself – something like Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name”
    Fighting to make his home a better place – Imagine Dragon’s “Warriors”
    Any number of Metallica or RATM songs would work for some straight aggression. Some examples being For Whom the Bell Tolls and Killing in the Name Of

    1. On the comedic end – something like Bubble Pop would be hilarious.

  10. So the background story looks cool for him, I like it.
    about the music, it should be something that covers the past and his new life!

  11. peut-etre True Survivor de David Hasselhoff 🙂

  12. I hope we can play as him or at least as some kind of tiger-hybrid!

  13. I feel that it would be interesting for him to listen to something like Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, or Primus’ “My Name Is Mud”.

  14. Linkgameradio

    He looks really cool!
    I don’t know why but I feel that some Hispanic music would feet for him, in the style of those that we can hear during the races in BGE

  15. Everyone’s going with metal but I feel like that’s a bit of an obvious option. Could get more creative and go with something like classical as a person above mentioned, or even something upbeat and ethnic to his culture

    1. Yes, I definitely agree…something to do with his cultural background or something with a kind of underground hard ass kinda beat to it.

  16. I definitely think more soothing music would be a nice surprise coming from such a “big scary character” but I’m not too sold on the broadway idea since that would mean a lot of vocals (which could be distracting from the surprise of the moment). I think an orchestra piece would fit him better. Kind of like one of those quiet “zen” or “chi” moments before he goes nuts and tears it up.

  17. Quite exactly, it should sound something like this

    1. Oh that’s a cool angle.
      He doesn’t look like a man of many words like old school hip hop instrumentals with a Asian/Koran flair.

      Something like
      CloZee – Koto
      I don’t have a name for this one

  18. guest-Hil6aCUB

    Power to the small massive by Asian Dub Foundation

    Mix between asian tone and dub suit really good for this character.

    1. Rebel Warrior would fit better imo, if we’re going with Asian Dub Foundation.

  19. For all his tough outward appearance and stoic demeanor, Kim is a troubled soul striving for inner peace. He doesn’t fight for pleasure or for glory, he fights to stay alive and because it’s all he ever knew. Before a match, Kim listens only to the sounds of nature, birds, the wind in the trees. The sounds of a carefully plucked mandolin rise over the hills as the cooing reeds rise along with Kim’s breath. In this tranquility, he focuses, he prepares, he removes distraction and doubt. When he opens his eyes, he is ready.

    1. Perfect, I could hear him listening to like nature sounds with like a chill-step or a lazy guitar with a hip-hop bass line playing over top, but not so much that you couldn’t hear the nature.

  20. He would listen to Wu-Tang.

    1. Was one of my ideas as well, but Luke Cage did that already

      1. Yesssss bro, this would be too raw :))))

  21. Ok I’ll shoot for the obvious one: Jawbreaker from the Judas Priest 🙂

  22. Eye of the Tiger! That would be hilarious!

    1. I see that more as an entry song when he gets into the ring/arena
      and him being absolute annoyed by it (mostly because of his bad eyesight)

      1. good idea man! and then after the intro has started he put on his earphones with an another song with a more concentrated atmosphere

        1. or i don’t know, i think the most important thing with this character is that we need some contrast between his appearence and his behavior

  23. For a song that could be his mantra: Johnny Cash – I Won’t Back Down
    Something a little more cheery/hyping could be Whitesnake – Here I Go Again (on my own)
    And to top it off with something a bit more raw, The Offspring – Staring at the Sun. Especially the second verse is spot on.

    Finally, for when he is in hunting mode: Blondie – One Way or Another

  24. He really looks like some kind of Metalhead. I would imagine that he likes the”old stuff”.. such as classic hard rock, metal classics or maybe a little thrash metal. Judas Priest, Motörhead, Dragonforce, Saxon, Anvil.. that kind of stuff.

    And maybe some soft country or classic rock to round it all up. Eagles, Dolly Parton, Dire Straits or Creedence Clearwater Revival ..

  25. Thanks to its backgroud and being a tiger hybrid (typical animal of the eastern areas) I thought that the most appropriate music could be a mixture of Chinese and Rock traditions, similar to this:

    1. Good suggestion, the most interesting among the rest of the banality

    2. good song, it suits him

    3. That’s a good idea! And I think it suits him very well. Plus, in that same register, we have Wagakki Band, a Japanese group that mix traditional music AND modern rock. It’s a little bit more “actual” but it’s still the same in some ways!

      1. I really like the second one for him.

      2. Katia Gagné

        THIS !

    4. I discovered somerhing fabulous thanks, that’s a good suggestion!

  26. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE of course !
    Maybe “Know your ennemy” for his background (he was not fighting the right people)
    Or basically “Killing in the name” for the rage and energy in this sound.

  27. These Boots Are Made For Crushing – Two Steps From Hell

  28. He would listen to code orange – forever

  29. Keep Yoursef Alive by Queen
    Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

  30. Why wouldn’t he listen to Hard Rock like AC/DC, Def Leppard or Aerosmith ?

  31. Something definitely like the pillar men theme from JoJo but with Chinese or Korean influence.

  32. Love his background! I imagine him listening to zen music to keep his rage down, but when he want’s to get his fight-mode on he’ll play…

    A Flock Of Seagulls – I Ran ( )

    80’s pop to give him a sense of humour, maybe after all he’s gone through he can’t take the world too seriously any more and has resorted to hits from the 80s 😀

  33. I can see him sitting in an old/damaged chinese style throne
    in his private backroom with his glasses, reading the newspaper
    while vaping (reminiscing of the old days his doc still allowed him to smoke cigars)
    and listening to an slightly off tune vinyl of Antonin Dvořák’s
    “New World” Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95 Allegro con fuoco
    He is old and experienced and knows how to conserve energy for the fight
    not wasting it on childish behaviors or on a little show for the audience

    1. This Dvorak cut is one of my favorite classical pieces ever, it would be an awesome idea for the character, adding depth to it, and the slightly off tune vinyl is a very smart idea !

  34. guillaume.abry

    Broadway style ? This guy needs an energetic Dirty Dancing – Time of my Life !

  35. As someone else said in other comment, “Eye of the Tiger” sounds like the obvious, perfect choice.

    I’d also suggest “Another One Bites The Dust”; great for getting pumped up before a fight, and also makes me picture the scene as a mix of tough fight and dancing 😛

    1. Why would the ‘Eye of the tiger’ be an obvious choice?.. Because it has the word tiger in it?
      The game is set in the 24th century.. with heavy focus on asian culture and religion. So in my opinion, something like cyber punk with hints of asian tunes would be the obvious choice.
      Have a nice day

  36. A lot of people are saying metal. I do think this is a good fit because the character feels really cold and serious. I do like the character design too. Also the background story sounds convincing.

  37. Hello there!
    The first track that comes into mind is something like this:
    (Bloodbourne OST – The Hunter)
    I can see him prepping for the arena to music like this.

    IF you are looking for something more classical. Then. how about something like this!
    Haydn – Symphony No. 73 in D major (The Hunt)

  38. The song should definitely be a hard rock, possibly metal but to keep up with the Asian culture theme the song should feature a strong presence of the guzheng.

  39. Ride the tiger
    You can see his stripes but you know he’s clean
    Oh don’t you see what I mean..

    Hell yeah – of course, DIO and Holy Diver! 🙂

  40. Custer from Slipknot , its has the perfect lyrics !!

  41. This music mates :
    by the way,very interesting background,hope all characters will have it too 😉

  42. rage against the machine-freedom, without or changed words

  43. Yeah, I think metal is too obvious, I’ll throw in something I think nobody’s thought of before.

    I can see him as a John Williams fan 😀

    This particular track would get his blood pumping:

    And this is what I personally use before my football and tennis matches:

    But if we’re going with more Asian vibes, than Mulan’s score by Jerry Goldsmith or if he’s more of a “zen in fighting” type character, then anything from this:

    1. That soundtrack from Memoirs of a Geisha that you showed sounded very interesting.

      Another soundtrack which has slightly similar style would perhaps be this:
      (A Moment Of Calm – 5 – Shadow Warrior 2013 OST)

  44. Really noone has seen the similarities?
    Supreme hunter Kim Hyun-Jun
    Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un

    1. I have remarked the similarities and I don’t think it’s a good name, especially because of that!

  45. Carpenter Brut!:

    Perhaps a bit less of the culture you’re going for and more typical sort of techno-punk-disco. But I found it worked amazingly well in Furi!

  46. Maybe Tengger Cavalry, a mix between traditionnal mongolian song and folk metal, their song the wolf ritual could be really nice, especially from 2.40 to the end.

    1. it will fit for his hunting song

    2. Oh, I Forgot about these guys! This is perfect.
      You win!
      This is it guys we can all go home!

    3. SeraphicCreed

      I agree

  47. I think he would listen to quiet Chinese Flute Music to stay focus and to temper his mind.
    That would be a way for him to connect to a part of very ancient memories in his mind where he sees a jungle but can’t figure out from where it is coming.

  48. sonatamartica

    Everyones seems to be leaning towards metal, but how about something completely out of character (it seems) that he could get defensive about, like 90’s pop? Aqua, Spice Girls, Vengaboys etc! 😀

    (serious suggestion)

  49. freedomfighta

    qu’il écoute une musique à laquelle on ne s’attend pas. quelque-chose de complexe ou il faut une sensibilité particulièrement aiguisée pour apprécier. un morceau de classique genre du sati. Ça donnera une plus grande complexité et une plus grande profondeur au personnage. En étant ce qu’il est: hybride, ancien esclave, tueur…il a une facette posée, réfléchie, sensible aux arts…qui contraste avec son physique.
    Ça peut carrément le faire!
    On s’attend a ce qu’il soit bourrin, violent..autant prendre les choses en contrepied!


    1. very cool indeed

  51. Maybe, it’ll sound a bit strange, but I’d like to see him with these tracks:
    Dawid Bowie – The Man Who Sold the World
    Kaleo – All The Pretty Girls
    Sex Pistols – Hey, Hey, My, My

    I’d just like the contrast between character and his music. If choosing carefully, it might sound perfect and unusual.

    And now I want to say hello to all Russian Space Monkeys. Are there any? 🙂
    Посылаю сообщение “Обезьянам” из России. Вы здесь? 🙂

    1. Я тут. Привет :Р

  52. Old but gold it would definitely fit:
    Queen – Another One Bites the Dust

  53. Oriental flavored dubstep/triphop

  54. I think in order to get him hype! I could see..
    Beastie Boys- Sabotage (or intergalactic)
    Run the Jewels- Legend has it

    and on his softer side…
    John Coltrane
    and anything that uses a Guzheng

  55. Cool……
    Tribal guttural songs

  56. ArcadiaSprings

    “Eye of the Tiger” or something from Def Leppard 🙂

    1. was just going to say that!

  57. Preußens Gloria im sure he would like it

  58. white_b_horse

    Beast – Rob B1iley & the Hustle Standard ft Busta Rhymes, KXNG Crooked, Tech N9ne.
    This remix would be insane…

  59. I envision him being really angry about his past and his former masters, so I think his jam would be: Stigmata by Ministry

  60. MokoGaona1979

    Metallica – Seek and Destroy

  61. MokoGaona1979

    Metallica – Seek and Destroy
    Chinesse Man – Miss Chang

    I feel this best describes a day in the life of this character.

    1. Oh wow I just heard this for the first time, this should definitely be used somewhere in the game! Really goes well with the theme they’re going for.

      1. I agree Colin_ch!

        It doesn’t have to be anyone’s specific “theme” music. But, I have seen this band perform, and I instantly thought about once I heard the “strong culture” song they used for the animated trailer. I can definitely see their songs as background music for different cities, towns, temples, or fill in music when traveling long distances.

    2. Also hearing this for the first time! thanks this is cool.

  63. K-pop….

  64. Anything Tinariwen 4 sure!

  65. Sludge/Doom))) :
    Eyehategod – Anxiety Hangover
    Warhorse – Every Flower Dies No Matter the Thorns (Wither)
    Bongzilla – American

  66. Like all the others, I’m not really onto the ”BADASS” characters, yeah you can look badass and having a kind of attitude but I think it’s overdoing and I don’t want the team to go on freaking ”STEREOTYPE”. I don’t think that the muscle one should be a freaking bastard turning good that likes to punches the bad. Built characters with more depth and feelings ”PLEASE”! Furthermore, what idiot would go in a battle wearing headphones on his head, you can’t hear what’s behind your back and don’t say he got the smell, he can’t smell a bullet coming at his back at the speed it goes and plus that he only got one eye, his sight is not that good, so why cover his ears within a battle, think! It looks cool but it’s not efficient in battle. And… what’s the fuzz with Dakini, we she her only five second and just her eyes in the trailer, I know she looks reminiscent of Jade, but it’s not a criteria, Knox and Shani should deserve even or more than her! And if you’re going this way with the tiger (I don’t like his name), he should listen to ”The Cat Empire” band!

    1. He wouldn’t listen to the music while fighting, the question was what track would he listen “to get pumped up before a death match”.

      1. Makes more sense! He should be listening to The Cat Empire or ”Bang Bang, Mourrir sur scène” from Dalida or ”Immortals” from Fall OutBoy or ”Whatever It Takes” from Imagine Dragons or something soothing and relax like London Grammar or Florence And The Machine.

  67. Taiko drums!

  68. Nah, he would totally into frank sinatra.

    1. I haven’t read that comment before proposing some Sinatra/Four Seasons/Meiko Kaji, but you’re totally right (and 1st to propose that), it would totally fit with the character’s depth

  69. Wh1skey_W1zard

    A hybrid Death match? OK.

    “Know What You Are” by Nine Inch Nails.

    Give it a listen. I think its a perfect fit for the premise.

  70. I would imagine him liatening to either classical music. Like Liszt. Classical music that has some energy in the song.
    Or he could listen to trance music too that mixed with some tradicional music.
    I could see him traning to the music. Either just kicking and punching the air, or like beating a sandbang before a fight.

  71. Metal would probably suit best but that’s too easy and stereotypical. So like mentioned below, it would be very fun and unexpected if he likes something like classical music. Things like that make a character memorable. When you have to think about it. Maybe you can use an old rayman classical track, would be a nice easter egg as well.

  72. “Suck my Kiss” – the Red Hot Chili Peppers 😉

  73. Grave dark and slow but still giving energy:

      1. If u like this kind of music check out this one. I think this wold suit him too.

        Actually, going by the slave theme, Zeal & Ardor might be a good choice for them if they wanted an original track written for him. I can’t think of a song that would fit specifically, but the musical themes are a work.

  74. I’d say this fella is “Too Old To Die Young” now :p (from Brother Dege, heard in Django Unchained)
    But I also think he can play some “Scumbag blues” (Them Crooked Vultures), a blood sport game against him means “you won’t make it out” !

    Great looking character ! Can’t wait to play with / face him.

  75. Panagiotis Sakellariou

    He doesn’t like music. He is a fan of the sounds of nature and enjoys the silence

  76. guest-K0Jjfr2i

    For me he could listen to some Jazzy music, you know jazz express the fillings of the players and KIM HYUN-JUN seems to have been throught a lot, and he is a hunter, calm, patient until he hunt down his pray. This character seems to be able to adapt himself to his situation, his state of mind like the jazz music does.
    So I think he is the kind of guy to sit and listen some Jazz until he sudently stand up and cut some throats.

  77. Sympatrique !

    Pour ma part je l’imagine très bien laper son lait au fond d’un vieux bar miteux. Ses pensées plongées dans tous les scénarios qui pourraient se produire durant le combat. Un juke-box, pièce d’antiquité, qui jouerait une musique telle que :

    Dream a little dream of me –
    What a wonderful world –

    Pour quelque chose qui bouge un peu plus mais qui reste dans le retro :

    Captain Harlock – The Battle (Daroc Cover) –

    1. The Ella/Louis take is a brilliant choice !

  78. A song for a a hybrid death match ? … Maybe some kind of dupstep metal thing or just electro.
    The BGE2 world is a futurist world so some electro thing can just match realy well with the universe and ye it would be fun to heard a fanmade !

    1. C’est une super idée !!!
      It would be really great to actually HEAR what (musicians) space monkeys have in mind for this !

  79. C’est le cercle de la vie 🙂 nan je rigole pourquoi pas je sais d’instinct je dirais du Cats comme sa aller savoir pourquoi :p

  80. maybe freedom by rage against the machine, but played on the traditional chinese or japanese instruments

  81. I think that “rage against the machine” would be appropriate for this character and his story!

  82. He would listen to Enya or Regina Spektor.
    Contemporary like music, he would listen to anything that would help suppress the violence or past….

  83. In animal world tought tiger lissen “Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood” )))

    1. bad kitty may enjoy this ^_^

  84. I feel this is a perfect feel that captures that struggle that he faces while getting him into the mod to keep on fighting

  85. He listens to Rob Zombie.

  86. Here’s a thought… no music at all.
    As a hunter by nature, he finds the ability to focus on his prey the most important asset and blocking out whatever extraneous noise happens to be around him is second nature. He prefers meditation to music(perhaps a quiet penitence or mantra for past sins) and approaches fights with less savage ferocity and more calm confidence in his deeply honed skills.

  87. Kim Hyun-Jun does seem to have a serious personality (based on the art).

    This might be an unsurprising suggestion, but I think he would listen to the sort of rock music with really motivational tunes, singing and/or melodies that gradually rises and swells which gives him the necessary adrenaline to really jump in and brawl. It could have an urban feel to it too.

    Interesting character overall by the way.

  88. Kim looks absolutely awesome and his background is very interesting! I wonder if he’s recruitable to the protagonist’s pirate crew?

    As for the music, since he fights in blood sports, he should have an theme song played during his introduction to the ring like a WWF-wrestler. As for what type of music, I’d imagine they take a classic song, e.g. Night in Bald Mountain, and revamp it into a cool, ominous style of heavy metal.

    Like this song here:

  89. Some K- or J-pop…

  90. I can imagine him appreciating classical music

  91. He does not fight for glory or fun, that´s why i think something quiet could fit rather than metal.
    It should make him come to terms with what he has to do in order to survive

  92. yungblacktrain

    his name sounds like kim jong un seriously

  93. I think he should listen to some classical music.I like the idea of him having a more sophisticated taste in his music. It will go against the environment in which he had to grow up in. This paired with stories from his previous line of work will build a character that we can actually relate to on some level.

    1. Amen to that ! I personally suggested more crooner / vocal jazz / sophisticated pre-Beatles pop cuts, but classical music would perfectly fit. I agree with you, having something more sensitive / intellectual would add dramatic depth to the character who has a very interesting backstory.
      The classical piece would have to be intense in some parts and soft/melancolic on other ones.

  94. maurinogigageni

    Dead man walking – Nomy

  95. Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n’ Roses. Or since Broadway was mentioned, My Shot from Hamilton.

  96. DartTheExplorer

    I could see him listening to bass heavy music, maybe also heavy drums.

  97. Somehow he reminds me of Till Lindemann (Rammstein vocalist) so I think he likes to hear mariachis before fighting xD xD xD or perhaps he’s a Kpop fan boy that have the face of her favorite girl group member tattooed in his chest 😛 xD :V
    The group is called the REAL Pussycat Dolls, who are, as you can imagine, cat hybrids.

    Talking about music, would be fantastic if there will be popular bands and singers in this system, from rock to folklore (indian, chinese folk music), and even perhaps traditional chinese opera… and all those things could led to compelling side/main quests: a band of assassins in disguise, a facade for human/hybrid traffic, or even maybe a romance story between one the main characters with a singer from one of these groups, or if he/she flirted/cheated with several members from same group, that could result in a story of jealousy and bloody vengeance.

  98. Maybe he reads William Blake’s “The Tyger”? 🙂

    Actually, speaking of literature, his very appearance reminds me of the puma in H. G. Wells’ The Island of Doctor Moreau. A feline humanoid would be a deadly adversary indeed. It would be interesting if a character of such physically intimidating stature has a thing for old literature, seeing the power of his ancestors in The Jungle Books, Bradbury, Blake, and more.

  99. Yeah, a Black Sabbath song would fit, but I’d like to suggest alternative choices (other than metal / rock) :
    The Four Seasons – The Night (
    Meiko Kaji – The Flower Of Carnage

    Cause the guy must be devastated inside, realizing what he has done and what he still has to do, and I think a softer and sophisticated pop song would better reflect that inner wisdom and sadness.
    If he has lost a loved one, Frank Sinatra – What’s Now Is Now can be the jam.

  100. Onra – Fight or Die
    Great instrumental track, that has a very pumping mood to it. Would be especially suited for a tiger in my eyes.

  101. I would probably go with Rise or Feel Invincible, both by Skillet.
    Though even “Eye of the Tiger” could be the perfect theme for him! 😉

  102. Blue-Jade846222

    The Highlander Theme Song The Princes of the Universe would be a perfect pick for him or may be he should have his very own fighting theme song that’s about freedom and fighting for Survival that sounds like a mix between J-pop, Very Up to Beat Jazz, Techno and Metal.

  103. SchuesselDino

    I think he would hear “Eye of the tiger” it’s perfect for him

  104. I’d like to know if Dakini is gonna be a playable character. I hope so.

    And he will probably listen to the mix tapes from guardians of the galaxy.

  105. He is an old, experienced hunter who has seen much in life. He moves quietly, powerfully and elegantly, then to strike fast and efectively. His music should be like him. Calm and sonorous, with a change to harder tones. His music is as diverse as life.

  106. I’am crazy but I would like imagine, when Kim track, fight or muder. He listen the classic music for example the music in the elevator 😀

  107. assassinsly76

    Hi !
    In my opinion, I would like to see him listening some modern rock or even metal because it seems to correspond to his state of mind. You pick one of these music styles and you mixed it with a traditional japanese or indian music. I think it could give a pretty cool result !!! But, I saw really cool ideas in the others comments ! 😀

  108. sorry but all this white ass death metal is too bait:
    *drops mic*

    1. *opens link*
      “the frack is this noise”
      10 seconds in
      *total rock out commences*

      I love this, but I think I may have summoned some kind of spirit.

  109. I think he might listen to ambient music/sounds of nature. Something that reminds him of a rainforest he’s never been to. Something that awakens the genes in him that were spliced from pure tigers. Sounds that focus his senses and ready his mind for the hunt, just like they might do to a pure tiger. It would be a similar experience to how forest sounds are said to put humans at ease, because our ancestors evolved there.

  110. As he stands ready to kill feet away from his appointment you hear “hell isn’t good” playing in the background

  111. Oh my god I love it already, I’d love to play with him as a fan of lions and tigers.
    With a such background maybe you could use a OST or a music with some dark sonorities !

    Mon dieu j’aimerai tellement pouvoir jouer avec lui dès maintenant, s’il pouvait y avoir un outil de personnalisation pour choisir entre hybride tigre ou lion serait hallucinant (ou autre felins pour la diversité haha)
    Quand à l’OST quelque chose de sombre ou quelque chose qui soit synonyme de puissance 😀

    I hope to have news soon, and don’t give up we’re all here with you don’t forget it !

  112. I’d like to see some of cristophe herald’s talent on chinese / indian inspirations, mixed with some K-pop for the korean origins. but being a fan of metal, i think sounds inspirating from lamb of god (like overlord) or the stoners parts of red fang songs could fitts perfectly on the personnage. Maybe some norvegian brutal song like kvelertak could be enormous on fights sessions.

    But please, please, please… Don’t use bands like five finger death punch, as i lay dying, in flames, trivium or other bands on the same way with the same reputation. They are not bad, but they don’t reflect the universe of metal, they are just the visible point of the iceberg.

    Anyway, i give all my faith on Mr Herald for giving us a (freaking fucking huge gigantic) awesome song.

    Good luck guys!

  113. ” Compare barabarabaraba tous les locataires, Juanito est egalment para la toupalapike talapikeneseveRO
    Compare barabarabaraba tous les locataires, Juanito est egalment para la toupalapike talapikeneseveRO
    OLE OLE (ole ole) alame toumela guel sol
    OLE OLE (ole ole) alame toumela guel sol
    (vroom vroom) Tres, Dos, Un,

    Or something like that.

  114. Awesome character! Lots of power – powerful music seems fitting, like Prodigy? Alternatively lots of ‘contained’ power and zen. Along these lines:
    – Prodigy: Narayan
    – Rage Against the Machine: Wake Up
    – ERA: Ameno

    1. or AC/DC: Thunderstruck

  115. Уважаемые разработчики желаю удачи вашему проекту. Надеюсь у вас все получится с наработками и мы увидим ваш проект в новой красе. С уважением Андрей Невский.

  116. I think it would be funny if he loved 80’s pop music

  117. Black angels – young men dead
    Clutch – the regulator
    Testament – seven seals

  118. I feel like he’d listen to some ope dubstep or something like that.

  119. Why a death match? You’d have thought that, having refused to hunt down slave hybrids, he’d turn his back on taking the lives of fellow hybrids for money or sport.

  120. MaryPurple1995

    I think he needs some sounds from bands like The Prodigy, they have a song called Get Your Fight on, that would be a logical pick hahaha!

  121. I feel like he would listen to a lot of 90s New York rap and death metal.

  122. Rock :
    – ACDC : – spoiling for a fight
    – War machine
    – whole lotta rosie
    – Back in black
    – Bring me the horizon : – Can you feel my heart
    – – shadow moses
    – – spirit
    – Depeche mode: – personal jesus
    – – wrong
    – The eagles : – heartache tonight
    – Freedom call : Killer Gear
    – Led zeppelin : whola lotta love
    – Muse : Supremacy
    – Puff daddy : – come with me
    – Ram Jam : black betty
    – Rival Sons : – Get Mine
    – open my eyes
    Surivor : burning heart
    – The XX : intro
    – Tribe Society – Kings
    – Whitesnake : Still of the night

    Classical :
    – Beethoven : sonate au clair de lune

    crazy stuff :
    George michael : careless whisper
    Marvin gaye – lets get it on
    Steelers wheel : stuck in the middle with you
    The gap band : – shake

    sad :
    – Gary jules : mad world
    – Keane – atlantic

    Épic :
    two steps from hell : moving mountains
    Axl rosenberg : into the wild
    Clint Mansell – Requiem for a dream

    others :
    Daft punk –derezzed
    Matrix : clubbed to death
    Balkan express : gramatik
    Eminem : 8 miles / lose yourself
    Adrien van ziegler : – bushido

  123. Ok, so playing on the cowboy/biker aesthetic, but with modern/electric tones. How about…

    Urban Country- Someones gunna need a grave : Its got a great beat for boxing so it works for underground fighter, its Southern American in tone so it fits for both Slave and Biker. It’s also modern and fun enough to fit the tone of the game, but still feels like something for an older character.

    on the same train of thought but a different musical take
    more electronic
    less electronic

  124. Note: The following applies not only to pop music, for you could replace pop music with classical music as well.

    What if…
    “He survives day-to-day in the Ganesha underworld by competing in illegal hybrid blood sports, and as a hired gun and incomparable hunter.” because its what he can do, but not what he would do if he has other options. Of course this doesn’t mean he is a fan of simple pop or anything, but that is why he listens to it. He has a huge internal struggle inside him. He listens to happy simple songs to remind himself of his distaste for that “music,” and repeatedly tries to then use his flawed logic to tell him, if I he doesn’t like this, then he must like the opposite. He tries to tell himself just because he doesn’t like that music of other people, of whom live lives so vastly different from him, he must then obviously live the life he knows, the exact opposite of the lives of those pop stars. And he uses his flawed logic to motivate himself, it gets his anger brewing. For he is better motivated by showing himself what he doesn’t like than listening to heavy metal, of which though he doesn’t hate like he does that pop, he isn’t quite the fan of. And this worked well before, but now he sometimes catches himself listening to that music in dark times, expecting to find who he is, the opposite that music, yet he finds himself uplifted, and quite fond of that music. Many people listen to music in their dark times, and contrary to what he expected, he is one of them.

    Though that is just what randomly came to mind, it may or may not fit your creative vision for the character, but if it does, glad to be useful.

  125. I can imagine him with something like “Varien – Gunmetal Black”, but would like to know what kind of charakter he is. Could imagine a warrior who ran away to get his peace and the fighting and hunting is just a way to survive (maybe because he didn’t get the chance to learn/ work on something else). If that would be the case I would recommend a more soothing and focused sound. On the other side I would just give some recommendations like “Sixfingerz – Law of Nature”, “CRX – Broken Bones”, “Splean – Liniya Zhizni (Линия жизни)”.
    Also if he’s tired of fighting with hate, hunt and gore I would try this music (“Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth”, “Styx – Renegade”, “Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son”, “Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down”, “Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side Of Heaven”, well and many more… my mind is running rampant) for a cool intro shot.
    Excuse me for the well somewhat wayward English.

  126. Muse – HyStErIa

    all parts played by shiva

  127. obviously eye of the tiger


    Just click this link…you won’t be disappointed promise lol

  129. Buddhaformike


  130. salutlesamis

    Cochise – Audioslave

  131. There were too many comments to read through them all but he has some time to Korea. His name is Korean, the writing behind him is Korean. I’m gonna go with a Korean rap song by MC Sniper from the Korean drama Chuno. The song itself talks about how being a slave is living a war. Fits pretty well for him I think.

  132. He looks old-school, I think he’d go with All Along the Watchtower.

  133. mbe_marshy_11

    Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

  134. I feel like the answer to this question depends on many aspects. Apects like…
    …what kind of world do you want to create? Is it rather some kind of fictional future place (as in BGE 1) with no link to the present or are there some small details that hint at our present world (“swiss-fucking-chocolate”) and what parts of it could be developing into in 300 years?
    …how detailed will the background stories in the game be and how much of the gameplay time could you have to explore the background? (Or will it only be told in render scenes?) As you said there will be a few characters that the player can choose from and I guess it would be considered a rather huge task to give every single character a satisfying background story with fine details.
    …if India and China have become the dominating powers in the world, have they also taken control over the human/hybrid culture? So, does every (still existing) music need to have a touch of these cultures or is it just the surface?
    …what about copyright and licenses? Do you want to use well known, existing tracks (as in the trailer) or are you rather looking for some kind of music style which you then try to (re)create?

    So, many questions, many answers:
    1. My first instinct, as many of the others already said, was Rage against the Machine as it holds the fitting power to this character and they also have got a lot of tracks that also suit the background story (but rather some less known tracks like “(I ain’t gonna work on) Maggie’s Farm (no more)” or with a different link: “Freedom” (with the line “your anger is a gift”). I feel like if that would suit you, you’d just have to look up their discography and you would find a treasure chest for this character).
    But Audioslave as it is the same band but with a differen singer would also be a good choice as they have got the same power but it would be more mass friendly (because of the more modern sound and because Chris Cornell ain’t such a rebel as Zack de la Rocha). And what track would suit Kim more than “Man or Animal” (title & sound).
    2. Something like classical or broadway music would only be a good choice imo if there’s a detailed background story where this contrast is explained. As your introduction suggests Kim only got to know the hard side of life and doesn’t want to quit this way of living. So why should he be listening to classical music? And if he would then I’d rather go for some emotional Beethoven than some impressionist Débussy.
    3. And if you’ll go for the indian/asian style of music I’d suggest your fellow countrymen Chinese Man as their tracks have something deep and grave but also uplifting and playful. Just as the atmosphere of BGE 2 (according to the trailer imo). Suggestions here would be “Stand!” or “Post Trauma” (btw, they even got a track called “Searching for the space monkey”) but there are also a lot more possible choices here.
    4. The last point is rather an idea than a suggestion. As you’re asking the community for Kim’s music taste I suppose that music will be a rather bigger part of his personality. So, wouldn’t it be awesome if something drastic happens to him and then even his taste in music or his choice of what to hear before a hybrid blood match changes?

    I’m looking forward to your work and hope that your ambitions won’t be crushed by issues of money or time.

  135. Revolvermann7

    Queen – Brighton Rock 😉

  136. what about a disk of System of a down? a sad and deep hunter, with could be really kind in private!!!!

  137. rainflowers2016

    Very cool character. He has a interesting background. I am curious to see what backstories the other characters in the game will have and how the current story will unfold with them combined.

  138. This design is seriously awesome. Since the creatures in this world are hybrid, it definitely shows.
    There’s subtle human features mixed with the tiger in his face– it just looks so cool. Definitely looking foward to seeing this guy in game.

  139. He looks so badass ! Love it

  140. Immediately made me think of Rambo for some reason.
    Ethnic drums with the kind of music that you might hear during stick fighting or something.
    Maybe something like ‘Machete Standoff’ from The Raid or that stick music loop that you hear everywhere and briefly hear in metal gear solid 3 in the sewer escape scene.

    This character doesn’t come across as ‘metal’ to me. More like a kind of honed but potentially aggressive hunter that’s more in tune with nature and percussion heavy sounds.

  141. andrewrosson

    I would say, Queen. Becuase hell it’s timeless and he sounds too linear and flat. He needs a quirk to make him interesting. Just because he is a bad ass doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his weird musical interests.

    Fighting montage in his head to this would be epic.

  142. Some traditional north korean music

  143. Kick Out the Jams – MC5

  144. Some track from Morcheeba. But i just want some Christophe Héral music.
    Gloire à vous Mr Héral pour votre talent et votre travail !

  145. Maybe he would Play Warriors of the World.

  146. Illusion by VnV Nation.
    Tigers like deep shit, son.

  147. Maybe War dance from de Shakaponk

    1. THE Shakaponk sorry. (the weird moment when you speak in 2 languages in head…)

  148. after viewing the E3 trailer and seeing what kind of personalities will be introduced in the game as well as the choice of music that was used for the action sequence part of the trailer i could picture this character listening to wu-tang clan or music heavily inspired by them to either participate or even train to. also from what i seen with the cities cultural style it is heavily influenced by Chinese/ Asian culture so i feel that style of music would be a perfect match for this character

  149. A Day to Remember – 2nd Sucks

  150. Booker-de-Witt

    Down With the Sickness by Disturbed

  151. He 100% would listen to anything from the Macross: Do You Remember Love? soundtrack.


    Probably the title track.

  152. KIM HYUN-JUN definitely looks more serious and dark than Knox and Shani. Reminds me of ’80s biker. So I think he’ll listen to Motorhead. “Ace of spades” or “Eat the rich”. “Born to raise hell” would be a classic.

  153. Something that might be really interesting to act as a way to show off your skill and weaponry would be arena battles. Just like what we saw in Far Cry 4 but here you’ll fight against different hybrid’s who’ll have their own unique fighting styles. I’m not sure if combat in BGE2 is going to be a huge factor or just a minor one but this’ll be a great way to actually physically see your improvement throughout the game. As you collect better gear to survive and learn how to take down each foe. This all fits in with Kim-hyun-jun’s backstory of working with the illegal hybrid blood sports which being a pirate you wouldn’t wanna miss

  154. Au vu du personnage et de son histoire, une musique type rock ou metal semble être l’evidence. Même si un style différent comme du classique ou du blues pourrait donner un style décalé qui trancherait avec le look du personnage et peut aussi être intéressante pour son développement.

    When I see him, the evident styles are rock or metal. But a different style like classic or blues could create a shift with the characters look which can be interesting for his development.

  155. It might be interesting for animal hybrids to listen to different types of music to get in touch with the human or animal within them.
    For example tribal songs to awake the Tiger/Hunter instinct, and like metal (gojira!)/hardrock (acdc!) to be more human.

    That beeing said, when in a death match for sport, will you need more a hunter animal spirit, or a human one ?…

  156. When He’s heading out it’s
    Disturbed – down with the sickness
    Of course when he catches up with his prey then , it must be
    Drowning Pool – Bodies

  157. Can’t think of a better soundtrack : Caravan Palace – Wonderland.

  158. SeraphicCreed

    Something with a strong Mongolian theme to it.

    Could be Mongolian Folk + Rock/ Metal
    or something equally blood pumping.
    Or maybe a complete juxtaposition, something calming/focusing.

  159. bugzinyapudding

    I definitely think he would start off with something pretty fast-paced but keeps a pretty nice pace while practicing and hitting some bags with the song and rap, “¡MAYDAY! – Last One Standing feat. Tech N9ne”
    And after that, it would be “Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix) – The White Stripes”!
    He seems like he would enjoy letting loose to something that isn’t quite extremely fast but something to get him hyped up and S T R O N G.

  160. Lord-Chaotica

    I’d say good old rock classics like Highway to hell

  161. I think he hear “heal the World” from Michael Jackson =)

  162. I hope the game can be played offline plz

  163. Radek_President

    Will be there deer hibrid ?

  164. I picture him listen some old Korean beats like Ninja while smoking at some deck, watching at the distance his prey, just waiting the optimal time to do his work.

  165. Wow, great thread and some awesome suggestions. I looked up every one and now I have some great additions to my music collection. Was going to suggest a few but they have already been suggested so maybe:
    Axel Thesleff – Bad Karma It’s got the sort of vibe they are going for, has a cool beat but feels a little melancholy as well which would suit his character. Kicks in properly at about 40 seconds.
    Otherwise maybe something like:
    Robert Plant – Satan your kingdom must come down

  166. ichhalt159753

    Mortal kombat theme!

    nothing gets you as pumped for a fight as this

  167. Dubstep heavy metal.

  168. Yep, rage againt the machine and Chinese Flute Music. Vraiment parfait

  169. Eye of the tiger industrial metal version or any Fear Factory song (they have many songs about master & slave).

  170. Kim Kyung ho – Shout

  171. Slayer-Reign in blood

  172. dragonegglord

    Skrillex- Kill Everybody

    sounds pretty good fit for Kim Hyun-jun

  173. Music? He seems more the silent brood-y type accessing his inner beast (going savage in Zootopia) in order to prepare himself to hunt his own kind

  174. KIM HYUN-JUN? That name sounds like a north korean bad guy a good music track, nutckracka by lunaman

  175. faithrakhajiit

    People putting ocidental, Chinese music for a Korean based character… this is disgusting…..

    Best Bet: K-Rock : (((((((((((Artist/band: Crash Album: Paragon Of Animals Music: Cold Blooded)))))))))))))

  176. Old_Choking_Joe

    Metal and techno are so predictable and overdone. I’d like to see a contrast, something that will put his skills and savagery in a stark light. Perhaps classical romantic piano– Debussy, Eric Satie, Brahms, etc… It’s easy to picture him in a bloody fight to the death with a serene, almost surreal soundtrack. Maybe a kind of opera- arias. Or maybe just a particular type of movement like Adagios.

  177. Looking at his design I can defiantly see a savage side but also a reasoning, calculating side.
    I think he’d listen to something that would focus his mind. Maybe scifi type classical music or tribal type folk music. Something with a steady build leading to a crescendo.
    I can see him taking apart his opponent but not losing himself to rage.

  178. Old_Choking_Joe

    Another possibility: regional folk music like solo Korean flute or something in the vain of Shinto religious music or Tibetan chants– something to add a solemnity and purpose while also contrasting the violence.

  179. Я считаю что это должно быть сочетания рэп с роком или рэп с оперным пением!

  180. Сочетание рэп и рока, потому что рэп напоминает ему кто он и откуда, это душа трущоб, а рок жизниутверждающий, даёт уверенность в себе, силы для сражения и повышает волю!

  181. Africa – Toto, nuff said

  182. Absolute Android

    Piano Concerto by Grieg. Number 73 on this page. It would be amusing if he was sophisticated even though he was a slave.

  183. Probably some bad-ass rock/metal music such as You’re Going Down by Sick Puppies, I Don’t Belong by Godsmack, or even Lie Awake by Media Lab.

  184. “Another one bites the dust”

  185. obvious that the character has Korean roots. and what do Koreans like?
    soju, bbq, and right! KARAOKE!
    the greatest song for karaoke is “i will survive” – by Gloria Gaynor, but it must be performed like “Cake” band cover
    the character gains a unconscious irony side. it’s fun

  186. EroticSqurrel22

    Maybe some kind of rock orchistra hybrid them song for him?
    I think it would be awsome to see him pumping up to classical music

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