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BGE2 - Mothership Interior

Devs Ask Space Monkeys #1

Question from Guillaume Brunier, Senior Producer

In Beyond Good and Evil 2, Earth’s descendants have colonized the stars, bringing with them vestiges of their ethnic heritage and way of life.

Q: What one item would you bring with you to System 3 to remind you of your roots back on Earth?

BGE2 Mothership Zoom 2BGE2 Mothership Zoom 1

(From the looks of this concept art of the Gada’s interior, it would seem that Dakini’s crew had a hard time choosing just one item to bring along…)

Give us your answer and discuss in the comments below or on the forums!

292 thoughts on “Devs Ask Space Monkeys #1

  1. I would bring my Skateboard Earth or no Earth I can still skate.

    1. Space Monkey Team

      Skating with a jetpack on has got to be thrilling indeed!

      1. JUST DO IT
        DO IT
        How cool it would be if you could use a skateboard with the jetpack !!!!

      2. Skyboard!

        1. Omg a hover board would be amazing !

          1. GreyGhost4019

            If you had a jetpack on that actually did it’s job they why in the name of everything sensible would you need a skateboard

          2. ichhalt159753

            It’s similar to the difference between freerunning and parcour: Parcour is about efficiency, but freerunning cares more about style and the way you look while you do it. So getting from point A to point B can be achieved by jetpack(which is cool, but I mean in a city that has flying motorbikes it appears like walking), or by doing sick tricks on a skateboard and maybe even crousing through the air. That would be WAY cooler!


      3. Skatepack seems quite traversal…or flying ski boots….

        1. Spacey Monkey

          Given the futuristic setting, I’d take a skatepack with a ps6000 and a 900k holo-monitor that you can toggle on/ off at any time.

      4. IltisBrocken54

        The skateboard idea sounds best to me. Something that will instantly remind me of earth.

        Something else that i would choose would be a old video game cartridge.

        BTW thank you so much for keeping this franchise alive. Means the world to me <3

        1. The_Darwin_Project

          You and I, sir, have a lot in common 🙂

    2. Guillaume Brunier

      Ah!!!, cool, I think that’d be my choice too!

  2. anubisthepirate

    An Anubis statue

    1. GreyGhost4019

      I actually agree with the anubis statue, since he is the god of the afterlife and when they leave for ‘system 3’ (If I’ve understoood the trailer correct) then they are leaving their old life behind so Anubis would be VERY logical even if the character in question wouldn’t be a hard core believer.

  3. My guitar!

    1. ichhalt159753

      Well then I would bring my Drums, or maybe even an electrical set with awesome effects(we are speaking of space travel times) 😉

    2. CammyBalFell28

      Hell yes, What better way is there to travel the galaxy than doing it while listening to the sweetest music

  4. A Harmonica. Reminds me of easier times, fits in your pocket and can silence the whole room if the right tune is played

    1. That sounds like a cool thing to bring.

  5. A sword maybe

  6. Pedro Teixeira

    Brazilian flag

  7. A neolithic flint arrowhead, probably on a cord. You can often find them on the shores of lakes round here.

    Nothing can take you back to your roots in a world of crazy space tech like a reminder of some of the first things your species were making, when they could only dream of what was up there.

    1. That’s a nice sentiment

  8. Oh I cant wait for this game And I would bring a lfc football haha

  9. DarkPhoenix944

    I would bring my Pr racing rc cars just to see what would have changed about the hobby

  10. I would bring a tullip to remind me of home.

    1. assassinsly76

      Hey ! I agree with you. In my opinion, a flower (a tullip in your case) that you can only find on Earth is a very good idea. It symbolizes the poetic side of BGE, melancholia, nostalgia. All the events that you lived good or bad which brought until this moment but you will not forget your home.

      1. Well said assassinsly, well said!

    2. ichhalt159753

      I would bring a cactus or perhaps a small bonsai with me as a plant. Something more durable.

      But I love the Idea of bringing a flower with you 🙂

  11. My Comics Collection… or my Handball ball (Maybe sports in BGE 2 ? )

  12. My Doctor Who Blu Rays!

    1. Great choice! Would be tempted to bring one also.

    2. ichhalt159753

      retro fidgetspinner; are there gonna be some new hyped spinning toys in the future?

  13. Mitchel Claesen

    My Nintendo Switch + Games

    1. One thing either the Switch or one game 😛

  14. A Bicycle! How cool and vintage would it be to see someone riding a non-motorized vehicle in a futuristic environment, where all vehicles are hoverboards!

  15. the pin i got at my grandads funeral

  16. My Bretagne’s flag x”D

    Or else, probably a plushie, ’cause I’m a big softy and I need something in my arms while sleeping.

    1. Breizh atao

    2. ichhalt159753

      what about a big beanbag for chilling

  17. CulturalLemur

    I would bring a flag of my fatherland 🙂

  18. I would bring a game system such as the Nintendo switch or a tabletop such as a D&D rulebook cause gaming was a massive part of my life.

  19. I would of course bring one of my pets, but because it says item; I would either bring my Warhammer set or even/definitely one of my game systems. It’s a really hard choice out of so many different things though. Gaming has been a significant part of my life. I can decide on my olde Nintendo 64, the Nintendo Switch, my 3DS, my Xbox One, Playstation 2, etc. So many choices…

  20. isabelleantonia

    I would bring my cuddle teddybear I had when I were young. Reminds me of home <3

  21. A copy of first BG&E to remind me of its’ overall more engaging and interesting art direction :'(

    1. BG&E2 art is based on the second fundamental concepts of the original but with greater detail and scale. It is just as if not more engaging if you ask me.

  22. A cup of coffee… with tons of coffee 🙂

  23. Foxtrotington

    Any music playing device. (Record player, 8-track player, cd pkayer, etc.)

    1. Rabbitzman832

      A digital system (iPod, mp3 player) with as much storage as I can find, crammed with as much music as I can fit into it..

    2. ichhalt159753

      Additionally I would take a big speaker system with a nice subwoofer. Because you need good sound aswell


  24. I would bring my prescious stones, as they are natural and only belong to earth (like diamond, saphirs, emerald, etc… )
    Also it would be cool to have the possibility of collecting any object to bring it to our spaceship

  25. Hi Team!
    I would bring soil (earth) in a jar.

    Salut la Team !
    De la terre dans un bocal.

    1. ichhalt159753

      *heroicly sings* i got a jar of diiiirrrt i got a jar of diiirrrrt

  26. Plants, I guess :’)

  27. I would bring a fruit tree, probably a lemon or an orange tree or an tomato plant (because i’m italian), to remind what are flavours of the earth

  28. If the point is the item to remind me of my roots back on Earth, I think it would be some plant in a pot. Leon style. I guess the vegetation in System 3 would be very different from the one on Earth so a plant from Earth, that can be carried around would be a nice reminder. Plus, you know – plant, roots… 😀

  29. My character is going to be into 80’s rock… so maybe some CDs and posters of Guns n Roses, Motley Crue, Poison and more 🙂

  30. Wulfnstein3rd

    Practically I’d bring my harddrive with personal files and foto’s, but besides that I’d probably bring along a stuffed animal. I have a giant crocodile plushie which is the perfect pillow. Concidering the hard environement of spaceships I guess a soft pillow sized crocodile plush would be the perfect item to bring along.

  31. Probably gems, as they come from Earth and are easy to keep with yourself.

  32. Traditional food! Or maybe photos, or musical instruments

  33. I would bring some drawing tools i can’t find on another planets.
    And if i can bring several things, my cat, musics and comics

  34. RizzoliShepard

    music/vids in some format

  35. DaraenouMortolit

    Hello Beyond Good & Evil 2 Team! 😀
    For the question, a plant with dirt or something other which could instantly make me remember of the Earth like in Wall-E. Apparence, history or something like that. In fact, I think that an earth globe is a amazing choice! Thank you again to always be attentive to BGE’s fans!

    Bonjour la team de BGE 2! 😀
    Pour la question, une plante avec de la terre ou quelque chose qui pourrait instantanément me faire rappeller la Terre comme dans Wall-E. L’apparence, l’histoire ou quelque chose comme ça. En fait, un globe terrestre serait un super choix! Merci encore de toujours être attentif aux fans de BGE!

    1. Professor_Tom

      I realy like the idea of a plant. Maybe a branch in some sort of flower pot?

  36. my entire collection of spoons, including a hollow spoon, a telescopic spoon , a mirror spoon and a flat, sharp throwing spoon.

    1. Absolutely brilliant

    2. Professor_Tom

      Dont leave your spork behind!

  37. A tablet with my favorites movie(s), song(s) and pictures 🙂

  38. My Ganesha’s statue
    Or Mushiga, the mouse who is the brooms of Ganesh ! ;P

  39. SuperBiscotCOT

    A little Eiffel Tower, to remind me the beautiful city of light :p

  40. une des tétines de mon fils. Un souvenir de ma plus grande aventure ^^

  41. I think I would take a flower pot, with an earthling flower I could take care of.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Nothing more suitable!

  42. That´s a tough one!
    My initial thought was to bring a box full of sand from a shore I visited as a child.
    To stick your feet in and enjoy the feeling of the sand between the toes.

    But then I thought: Bring something that would only be useful on earth,
    Maybe a compass or a map or atlas. Maybe even a globe (in which somebody build a nifty bar or radio). Or what about an old star-map?

    I guess I would personally end up bringing a big old wooden cupboard or wardrobe with me. One that smells really old and earthy.

  43. I would bring a bonsaï I think 🙂

    1. Love the bonsaï idea! It just seems to fit in BGE’s tone.

  44. I would bring an item of sentimental value with me. In my case that would be a silver chain that I relate many memories to.

  45. – hi.
    I think I would probably take something useless and worthless like a pebble.
    Otherwise, a leather artefact like a small bag or a great ancient lighter.

  46. I have this old teddy bear my grandmother got for me when I was 1 year old. 25 years later, the poor lil guy is all beat up and covered in patches and stitches from all of the times I had to fix him up. I’d bring him, buddies for life.

  47. A towel and not any towel, that one towel with a dolphin on it, the one that you would buy on vacation to look cool at the beach.

  48. It would definitely be something that represents culture that could only be found on earth. Something like a flag, or a skateboard, a japanese folding fan, a poster, something like that.

  49. I would bring some kind of fruit tree so I could share the spoils of earth with the people I met all across the System 3.
    I would also bring a couple of magazines that showcase the most beautiful landscapes of Earth (i. e. National Geographic) and a fish tank.

  50. Hmmm, considering it’s like XIII century, human-animal hybrids wouldn’t be the only way to improve people, I think that I would bring my augmented mechanical arms to be able to lift heavy objects and nano augmentations in my eyes to be able to see in the dark. That would really remind me of Earth since I never asked for this.

  51. Haruka_Tavares

    Only one item? That’s very difficult. However, if I wanted to remember my roots I would bring with me a Barcelos’ Rooster, one of the biggest symbols of my country!

  52. A yo-yo, a whittled hiking stick, or a sugar maple Bonsai tree.

  53. Playing cards probably, (a lot of) Magic cards in particular.

  54. Probably an Earth world map or a teapot. (I’m british) 🙂

  55. A videogame console where you can play BGE 1 <3

    or a skateboard, it could be cool with the jetpack ahah,

    yet : a record-player to listen to old school music!

  56. Probably, one of my orange tree from our family field to remember home. And my favorite game, Tales of Symphonia, for the childhood.

  57. Would have to be a pack of playing cards.

    Closely followed by an antique pocket watch and newton’s cradle.

    All have a strong connection to earth and would still be usable in the future

  58. Oh and maybe some fluffy dice!!!

  59. a tree, it’ll really remind me of my “ROOTS” XD

  60. I second the stuffed animal suggestion! Beside that I think musical instruments would be great companions for such adventures.

  61. Seeds to grow grapes, and peach.

  62. “Steel pan” musical instrument

  63. Maybe some everlasting plants like succulents, they’d fit with the ship’s interior, and help “liven up” the place. Or things that are really from the country of origin you character comes from, like a teapot for Britain, a 17th century ship miniature for The Netherlands, Aztec motive clothes for Mexico and so on.
    Personally I’d choose something from my hometown, but that’s too specific.

  64. Import your own music to the game on a personal radio station to listen to your favorite songs while exploring with your ship
    (Music stored on your pc, ps4 or xbox one) 😉

  65. crookedfinger98

    A clock synced to Earth Time (for me it would be to my time zone). On another planet it could be the most useless item though since days would likely no longer have the same duration as they have on Earth.

    Speaking of which, if this isn’t already implemented in the game it would be a really interesting mechanic! Days, months or years going by longer or shorter on different planets would really make each planet unique.

    It isn’t as personal as other answers but I think it’s an item that would make someone feel nostalgic about Earth in some way, especially if they have family or friends there. It could also be coupled with a calendar to keep track of the date.

    1. I really like the idea. So simple… time is something that seperates planets.

  66. SchuesselDino

    The old pocket watch which my grandfather gave me
    Because i think that there are not many other planets which have 24 hours at day too
    And so this watch can remember me at earth 🙂

  67. Hard to pick just one, but I got a couple ideas:

    1) A favourite book, well worn over years of use.

    2) A bottle of high quality Whiskey, being saved for a special occasion that will never arrive

    3) A pack of well used playing cards

    4) A lovingly cared for instrument, such as a violin or acoustic guitar

    5) A flag of my homeland

    I feel like a lot of these items, in game, should have a well worn, but lovingly cared for look about them, especially if instruments and books, as I feel like the crew would want to do more with their reminders than just display them.

  68. Probably something silly like my favourite mug or something

  69. Earth dirt 🙂

  70. I guess it would be a smartphone or something like it… Just to be sure that i have on me a great playlist of music with all kind of music genres. I think music is the bet medium that is able to remind and send you back to a moment from your past.. and with a great playlist you can recreate every good memory you had.

    And as a plus, it can also store photos and videos that are important to me 😀

  71. A box, maybe tarned as a clock or something similar, with a secret shelf where I keep family pictures and important memorable items of them and of little things they’ve given me

  72. This was already said, but probaly Family stuff hidden inside a box, that is hidden in something else.

  73. A cassette player (with a cassette inside that contains old music made from my home country).

  74. Yes, any type of Ball to play. And my favourite Cup 😛

  75. generalbrolys


    Flag of Earth or a Star-map like @Bluebaerry supposed.

    I didn’t have a personal roots of earth to preserve, I prefer to bring something who anyone would identity himself to the Item.

    The Flag of Earth is the symbol of Earth, for me that is telling me all the human is under one faction, united by there difference and going to the same way, the adventure and the colonizations of space.

    The Star-map see from Earth, is the sky of all humans, that is indicate me the location of Earth in space.

    Flags of Earth
    + symbol is cool, easy to related from Earth
    – less emotion

    + emotion, memory
    – difficult to read, inclination depend of country

    sorry for my english.

  76. I think people would bring fancy cigars, famous paintings and art work, alcohol in those crystal bottles, elaborate wooden chests, models of historical ships, vintage duelling pistols and other weird, rich-guy stuff. Maybe a classic car or two.
    I think I would bring my Swiss Army Knife I’ve had since I was a scout.

  77. My copy of Beyond Good and Evil, Gamecube version.

    Seriously, my old vintage white Fender Strato.

  78. Jade poster 😉

  79. I would probably bring my Ukulele

  80. Coffeebeans, a shit-ton of coffeebeans!

  81. My bow !!
    Why ?
    first because i love this object, and because it is a weapon that we can find everywhere and everytime in the story on the humanity.

    (Sorry if there are spelling mistakes I’m french)

  82. My stuffed dog. He’s traveled with me all over the world, he can travel with me off it.

  83. I would bring one of those old pocket watches.

    Two reasons for this, one it reminds me of the craftsmanship of human beings, what humanity has been able to achieve trough cooperation and the second reason is that it reflects my mortality that time is a gift that we often just accept but we sometimes forget it has a return date, memento mori.

  84. A Leon styled pot with a plant, cutlery with sentimental value (chop sticks in my case), and a niggle head figuring of Bruce Lee.

  85. terry pratchetts books and the edward hooper “nighthawk” painting

  86. A book, for sure.

  87. A book, for sure. Perhaps a travel book.

  88. Beautifully carved chess

  89. It would be cool to carry some sort of music player, so the character could use it to listen to some sweet, smooth jazz from planet earth. It would be a very emotional moment if he/she puts on some headphones and start humming the tunes quietly

  90. une télé écran plat XD

  91. Models and key rings

  92. A bottle of sand (from the beach).

  93. My dog

  94. An owl figure obviously

  95. A music box… earth shape would be cool
    A more modern one with multiple music tracks and songs(Like Guardians of the Galaxy tapes).
    If we talk about earth I think we talk about intellectual work.

    I would want something that reassembles something that has been done on earth as it will be forever unique.

    Otherwise I would like to have a small earth globe. A letter from someone I like there? A amulet would be nice too.

  96. i would bring a music playing device of some sort maby a jukebox or a stereo of some kind or some photos of earths monuments

  97. Digital camera, so I could look back on the memories I left behind, and make new ones.

  98. I have a few ideas what could be :
    – A music box with the melody I heard before I fell asleep as a kid.
    – A stuffed toy that I had as a kid to hug it if I miss my loved ones.
    – A jewlery that was passed down from generation from generation
    – A radio or tape player which has some messages left from those I love to never forget their voice.

  99. Chandler-Bing

    The little globe – the place of human’s birth.

  100. An mp3 player with all my music if we can’t find this music after leaving earth. Otherwise a little sculpture lade of wood and ivory of my childhood.

  101. Emil Ankerstjerne

    My favorite keyboard/synthesizer

  102. Emil Ankerstjerne

    Oh, I forgot. My favorite album as vinyl.

  103. AlexandaBleak

    I would take my necklace with me, its a celtic knot design, i would take it to remind me of who i am and where im from

  104. idea number1: my guitar
    number2: a little bag of seed of my favorites plant
    number3: a Rose of the sands

  105. Custom mixtape with these songs:
    Back in Black
    X gon give it to ya
    Cat’s in the Cradle
    Human by Rag n Bone Man
    Spirit in the Sky
    Yakatori from Ghost in the Shell: SAC
    White and Nerdy
    Living on a prayer
    Lost in space by Aimee Man
    Cowboy Bebop by Tank!

  106. I’m thinking my Native American tanning tool, my grandfather’s old navy uniform, a Hawaiian shirt or a copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to remember all of the great visions of space and all things alien to earth before it became reality.

  107. of course my bge game gamecube edition 🙂

  108. rainflowers2016

    My guitar and/or just some books I enjoy very much

  109. A gaming console ? I’m not sure ^_^

  110. I think I would bring a picture of my cat with me.
    Maybe a black Panther in the Game? I would Love it.

  111. What about a small, see-through bottle, like a pendant, filled with a tiny bit of dirt.

    I would love to see a collection, at the house of one of the human characters, of different pendants filled with dirt from the planets he or she has been to.

  112. This is a quick little idea (my answer to the question is above) : A hybrid could bring something from where they were created or so, like, from a lab or from his/her first master/slaver as a reminder of their hardships on Earth.

  113. A globe of the hearth

  114. Potatos! You know AARDappels/Pommes des TERRE! I would take enough to figure out how to grow them in system 3 without killing them. Them I would grow them in bulk and start making and selling fries. A good snack for the homesick earthlings, a novel food for all others!

  115. That’s actually a really tricky question. If I could take only one item from Earth, it would be either a plant like a Bonsai tree (because it represents the life we have on earth) or a Flag of my country (because it will always bring my memories back to the time on Earth).

  116. J’apporterai des musiques cultes, des photos souvenirs (famille, ville natale, etc …), des plantes uniquement présentes sur terre et des jeux vidéo.

    1. je prendrais pareil que toi geoffrey ^^ avec en plus mon appareil photo

  117. Since it’s something to remind us of our roots I would bring an African Native Attire/outfit.

  118. Hi tram!

    I’ll bring my lovely international space station, in case of… (NO, IT’S NOT CHEATING)
    Or my gibson lespaul stands…
    OH NO! BETTER IDEA: I’ll bring Christophe heral, for Playing some songs with on the road !

    Good communication ! Gros bisous!

  119. Team *

  120. Salut à vous UBI Montpellier, je pense qu’il pourrait y avoir un “encadré officiel” rappelant l’interdiction aux hybrides de se rendre dans les lieux qu’ils ont construit lors de leur captivité

  121. I would propably bring family photos or an MP4 filled with intense music for any upcoming battle!

  122. I would probably bring a stone from my home, a flag of my country or a watch set to earth. I can them all on me and they will remind me of home.

  123. I would bring a pair of (mismatched) bone dices I got from my great grandmother’s house when we cleaned her house. It is small enough to be carried around and it looks similar to roman dices I saw at a museum so that’s a link to old earth cultures.

  124. A bust of an ancient philosopher, preferably a greek one like socrates or plato

  125. or maybe a globe from contemp. times, just as a reminder of how earth looks like (or used to look like)

  126. or like a stolen painting from one of the greatest artists, like mona lisa, starry night, school of athens etc.

  127. A copy of forest gump

  128. AnActualpanda

    The full Chronicles of Narnia, some Lovecraft, and other mythology books.

  129. I’d bring a comprehensive family photo album which spans generations, dating back to sepia photos of my Italian great grandparents in the old country and their subsequent arrival in America. Further pages include of my grandparents during World War 2; my parents growing up in the 50s and 60s; and my own childhood in the 80s through to college. The album would serve as a visual reminder of the march of history as seen through my direct ancestors, from farmland in Naples to NES Christmases; old vehicles and hairstyles and celebrations. It’s a record that I would bring onto a new world, to remind me of where I came from, and how my present era will be a reference for tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe it all goes on an M Disk and gets added to.

  130. I’d bring my violin!! Can’t let that one go! 🙂

  131. Are you kidding me? A playstation. Easy. Either the first or second one, doesn’t matter as long as I can play coop games on it.

  132. my piano

  133. Best reminder of Earth – the globe (Глобус)…. On every question “what is it like?”, I show little model oh home planet)

    1. WhitecladGoth

      A full set of OS 1:25000 maps of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales circa 1980 would work for that too, at least for someone whose world back then was those fair regions.
      I have been to a few other places since then, but those were home.

  134. AlenaTihonenko

    A little bag of land i think.

  135. A device filled with nice tunes, that would certainly remind me of my home base..
    Hope the development is going smoothly.

  136. Picture of my family. Simple and to the point.

  137. Belgarathmaster

    Des éléments végétaux, ça manque de ”vert” à bord du vaisseau ^^

  138. Could I bring my cat? She’s not an inanimate object, but I can’t imagine leaving her behind. Other than that, I’m not terribly attached to any one object, besides maybe my computer, but I figure they’d have plenty of those.

    1. WhitecladGoth

      You want to bring a cat on a spaceship? You know who else brought a cat on a spaceship? Ellen Ripley.

  139. Mes peluches My little pony et un sapin e Noel

  140. Grass – the smell alone is enough to bring memories (both good and bad) rushing back.

  141. Mon ampli et ma gratte pour faire du ROCK dans l’espace ! Et d’ailleurs, est-ce que les radios du système 3 passent du Led Zepp, Stones, Beatles, Who,… ?

  142. I would bring my violin because I play violin since I’m 6, and I’m pretty sure it would be hard to find a good violin in space.

  143. A vinyl record from the Dire Straits. Because music reminds me of the beauty of the earth and the miracle to be a human. And I can play a vinyl record without electricity. I only need a mechanical gramophone. It’s the ultimative survival sound carrier.

  144. Hardback copy of Darwin’s Origin of Species.
    Chess set.
    Football. (Soccer for the non Europeans)
    Dream catcher.
    Polaroid pictures.

  145. Ferrari 250 TR

    1. WhitecladGoth

      Ferrari? Pfff. De Havilland Mosquito PR 34.

      1. It’d be a bit harder to fit inside a spaceship during the transport but sure, to each his own; that’s the point of this thread 😉

  146. Revy-Two-Hand

    A globe of the earth or picture or Holographic representation of the earth.

  147. Probably me ukulele. It’s usable, makes a beautiful sound and made from precious earth materials.

  148. Petr Matafonov

    I’m not an ethic-roots guy. Probably psp or nds with emus installed and libraries of 16bit and gba roms.

    C’mon, I’m a part of space pirates crew.

  149. ThoralfDerWolf

    I would take a remembrance to my child. For example a cuddly toy. I always have one in my bed when my child can not be with me.

  150. Photos of home/life back on earth…obvious choice but I don’t think anyone else here’s said it

  151. WhitecladGoth

    I have a nearly-complete hardcover set of Strangers in Paradise, a jade dragon from my grandmother and a magnetic tape cassette from an ex-girlfriend (she rescued me right back) that are all candidates for “reminder of home,” depending on what you mean by home. I’ve also got autographed books, a large CD collection and a couple of hand-embroidered silk pictures of flowers that I’d like to keep. There’s an upright piano but that’s a silly thing to try to take on a spaceship. I also have an “angel on a swing” pendant that I got about 23 years ago when the stall-keeper offered me a discount for getting 3 items that was worth more than he wanted for the pendant.

    Another idea would be one of those apple trees with branches from two others grafted to it so it self-pollinates both ways and produces two kinds of apple, but taken a bit further to give two kinds of early-season, two kinds of mid-season and two kinds of late-season apple on its six parts.

  152. How about bringing an iPod or something similar to that to System 3?
    Adding a functionality to listen to your own music while roaming in the game.
    This would add that feeling of freedom BGE2 wants you to give.
    Maybe you can register the item as an ancient music listening device.
    And wouldn’t it be fun to see characters like Knox wearing earphones or headsets?

  153. I would take a very valuable vintage earth sports car something from the decade of 2010s or 2020s. item like that would never be in use at that point but it would be fully functional vehicle that is stored away somewhere i can get to and be able to reminisce on times when i was back on earth.

  154. Hey! Considering the question and various items, I’ve realised, that everyone can bring an amazing item connected to his culture. The point is, that the question should reach all different cultures, but its rather impossible. My idea for u, devs, is to study all interesting cultures, and choose for each one several items. Of course that should include all great items from previos comments ( like skateboard 😀 ). It will provide u, with amazing possibilities of creating new interesting cultures depending on various mixes of cultures from earth. Just imagine an african boy skating through the town, and playing an african guitar with chinese chop sticks emerging from his pocket.

  155. Besides Photos of Family and friends,
    i would bring a music device, so i can listen to music
    And i would go with a stuffed animal
    And my favourite board games^^

    Oh one Item you said.
    So i put all this stuff in a suitcase. There one item^^^

  156. I would probably take with me mineral stones, like Quartz to remind me of the hidden beauty of our planet. 🙂

  157. i would bring my Samovar ( a old russian water heater and the
    heirloom from my family) and also take a harley 48 (chopper) with me into the ship 🙂
    thx to the Beyond good and evil creators !

    a dream come true!

  158. I would bring the seeds of various flora and grow a garden on my ship. Just a small personal garden to remind me of the sights and smells of home.

  159. Booker-de-Witt

    1) Books
    2)Goggles, fins and speargun so I can hunt fish species underwater on different planets/
    3)Or maybe just a fishing rod
    3)Trusty pair of wheat colored nubuck boots
    4)An American football

  160. One of the Voyager Golden Records, or a telescope to look back at home.

  161. Ki_YaKarateMonster

    A fresh pair of underwear.

  162. A lanyard keychain; a character with a whole complicated lanyard, like a university/college type one, would be interesting.

  163. Probably a film poster, some photos or sea shells.

  164. Bonsai tree for sure.

  165. I know you said one thing but my items are small except the last one.

    I would bring my music, photos of earth, and my piano. Although it would probably be better to bring a synthesizer than a real piano; since I wouldn’t be able to tune a real piano. Screw it I’d bring a real piano; can’t beat the natural sound of a real piano. I’m sure someone would know how to tune it.

  166. mrKwadratowyTV

    1) Guitar
    2) Football ball

  167. cliche i know but i would bring a photo book to remind me of life before.

  168. My guitar for sure!

  169. My mouse and keyboard so I can play…. :p

  170. a watch 🙂

  171. Maybe my “I was there” T-shirt I got after watching one of the last Discovery launches. Would remind me of my family, my Earth, and who I am no matter what the future throws at me.

    My Wallace and Gromit mug would also be nice to bring; creature comforts and all that. Or maybe a copy of Shantaram, a great book that would help me come to terms with a morally grey galaxy.

  172. Co-op, id bring a buddy with me. Making it adapted for coop will make the game hold longer and not for 1 year or less. Like fable, dead island, gta ect. running around doing missions. That would be the best.

  173. A crystal rabbit figurine.
    Probably emerald or jade. Aquamarine even.

  174. A relic! Like something you would find in a museum. Dinosaur bone, medieval sword, viking treasure, etc.

    Or a Jar of Dirt XD

  175. Ki_YaKarateMonster

    A time-machine…

  176. Cameron T. Nelson

    Maybe a poster or photo of your girlfriend or of some dancers. To make your space seem like a cool bachelor pad.
    Your favorite gun/knife.
    A religious Idol
    A photo of your parents

  177. Silverback1907

    An arsenal of your favorite weapons
    and erotic poster or some dancer girls from a club
    and old soda advertising billboard
    Records for a record player

  178. A always loyal, small tool box, for Fix From, Another members Weapon and Ships system to Glasses or even the Toy that someone else bring

  179. Si je devais choisir un objet pour me rappeler mes racines, je prendrais sûrement (même si je l’ai déjà vu plusieurs fois dans les autres commentaires) une plante en pot, en plus de ça quelques posters des choses que j’aime et qui viennent de la terre et aussi un globe terrestre pour ne jamais oublier à quoi ressemble ma planète natal. D’ailleurs un gros arbre dans le vaisseau rendrait super je pense.

    If I had to choose one object to remind me my roots, I would certainly pick (even if I already read it several times in other comments) a potted plant with some posters of what I like on earth. Finally a globe seems to be a good idea to never forget what your homeland look like. By the way I think that a big plant in the ship would look very nice.

  180. Some kind of device that can store and play a ton of music from earth all kinds, the good stuff. Most importantly hungarian songs like folk songs for example.
    I would be content with that.

    One of my favorites nowadays
    It is electro swing before someone asks.

  181. MP3 PLAYER OF SOME SORT. something i can listen to all the great music i enjoy where ever I go! Or my Golf Club set. Imagine.. golfing in space, asteroid to asteroid


    I would take my “gaming pc” (my external hdds too) with me to wherever I go out in the universe so that in the free time, I could play my favourite games. I would also take some batteries & some solar panels to run my pc, in case I don’t find any electricity out in the space..

    This is, my friends, the best idea of taking something to remind us of Earth…

    Hell Yeah!!

  183. to be honest i carry my backpack evorywhere with me. there are a few items that i couldnt leave behind i carry 1 laptop (its now a surface pro 1 but used to be a 12 inch panasonic. the 2nd thing is plenty of mobile power i have 4 20000 mah portable batteries. and i carry my media player portable game console and a sketchpad paper and pen for notes and art. this backpack i would take with me. though i would probably get a solar charger setup to add to it so i dont run out of power.

  184. solouncapitano

    I would bring a rotary Pizza cutter.

  185. My own manga, my PSG flag and my Xbox One ^^

  186. i would bring my PC and copy of Beyond Good & Evil 2….
    cus u need 2 have some fun in life.

  187. As cliche as it may sound it would have to be photographs of personal times spent on earth in different locations. Also some SEEDS!

  188. 20 sided dice

  189. The souvenir magnets from my fridge that me and my wife bought on our travels. Most are from places in Japan though 🙂

  190. i would bring mementos from the earth different for each character ex: for dakini maybe like childhood photos and children toys. So every character can interact with their own mementos and told a story about their past in the first world.

  191. une plante certainement…^^
    merci à vous pour la création de cet univers

  192. My sketchbook. It goes with me everywhere, no matter what.

  193. BraveFencerZan

    I’d bring dominoes! Just my small little bit of Cuba in space :p

  194. My Guitar, some ibanez and music for the space, Music is live even in long space trips lol

  195. guest-L9piJXQD

    I’d say either photo albums, which is quite quant seen as there is a heavy focus on photography in the original or something music related either a record player or a piano. The sight or sound of your home.

  196. My 57 panhead bobber ! Ride to live ! Live to ride ! Even in space .

  197. A coffee machine or an old and precious wine bottle

  198. A hover board would be so awesome! But conquering the space needs energy….and energy asks for coffee and for sure a bed near a wall full of posters.

  199. I could bring my iPad and iPhone for technology help.

  200. I would either bring a Nintendo Gameboy and play old school Tetris, or, a handheld water game – rings!

  201. I would bring the toy that I got when I was born, nothing else has more memories then that 😛

  202. I guess my cat or a Little plant in a bottle.

  203. Hello,
    I have found a “Rare Artbook / Press kit” for sale on eBay.
    Does anyone know what it is? Shall I take it?

  204. A hat, so I can be LOST IN TIME WEARING A HAT?

  205. A hard drive of memories and moments to remind me of where I come from and what I left behind.

  206. I would probably bring some starkos lol. Also heres a question for the devs, will there be domz in this game like the last one or at least a back story because that would be so cool!

  207. RecklessAthena

    I’d bring my ukulele. No point slumming about the galaxy without a little music.

  208. Japanese cherry tree seeds ^^ These are so beautiful and I think they would be kind of unique considering the new species of this System 3 ^^

  209. bugzinyapudding

    Probably a pocket knife with sketched in green islands on the handle with the rest blue to symbolize water. Something very antique and delicate, almost ancient-looking. The knife would be pretty small but gold trim just to also symbolize the gold mined and the resources on Earth.

  210. I’d bring a cozy throw rug or maybe a pillow. I’d like to be comfy in space.

  211. A_Regular_Wolf

    I’d bring a stuffed animal, one that reminds you of the people you love.

  212. Masterprocess

    An old camera with stickers all over it, and probably a book with pictures I took back on Earth.

  213. All of my video games. And a backup of somecallmejohnny videos.

  214. Stolen golden disk from the Voyager! Or at least a good copy of it.

    1. maurinogigageni

      I truly was thinking about it while reading. That’s pretty cool!

  215. maurinogigageni

    I would probably bring something like a plant, or a rock, something that reming me of what I left (the actual Earth) and not what I’m bringing anyway (its civilisations). Probably, but only for personal taste, I’d bring a bonsai.

  216. A Sony walkman and skateboard is the best thing to take!

  217. MintySunflowers

    a bag of sunflower seeds to plant wherever I can~ 🙂

    1. Soooo good idea, so we can eat it just as downhere!! How would it turn with all the suns outthere btw?

  218. My favourite song playlist and my pocket music player with an awesome headphone.

    Or my first teddy bear.

  219. Lord-Chaotica

    hmmmmmm really good question. As a French boardgame fan spending a lot of time abroad, I always carry with me a tarot card game and I love to learn new “local” games. So I’d say a traditional Earth game

  220. My guitar, Piano is gonna be rather difficult.

  221. My one choice: a big and beautiful sea shell! I’m not a shell collector, but they are beautiful, not too big, easy to store and it comes from a living creature. Plus, some of them harbor such incredible designs that it could be interesting to compare them to ones from other planets (if they exist).

    If I could bring more, I would bring something that cannot be found anywhere but on Earth, and which cannot be manufactured or re-engineered:
    – Animals (living, stuffed, bones, fossiles…)
    – Plants: bonzaï tree or a carnivorous plant! 😀

    I like the idea of keeping close something that reminds us of Earth. Given your question, I guess it might be something important for the game. I’d love to see a side-quest in which you collect items from earth, found on some spaceship wreck from Earth, or given by other humans. Those items would fit nicely in a special memory room on the spacecraft…

  222. I would bring with me my nintendo DS lite

  223. I would bring a sketchbook with drawings of nature, animals and architecture from home, a portable music players and scented candles/incenses, three of my key components of embracing my art and remembering home.

  224. Zak Saiyan Kaioken

    A camera would be amazing!

  225. I-N-S-T-I-N-C-T

    I have so many idea’s but i think this will be best, seeing were in the 24th-ish century. my very own VR Version35 with a pre-loaded map of my city/cities of my country.. So essentially you’ll be able to visit ‘old’ earth from a game in a game in VR!! 🙂

  226. Obviously the flag of the 4 moors to remember me where I came from accompanied by a Mamuthones’ mask (a really good point to reply in the game, maybe in a faction IMHO)

  227. I would obviously Bring my Bow and Arrows with me… don”t fck with me tho.

  228. Radek_President


  229. I would bring my phone with a variety of music on it to listen to out while i explore the new world.

  230. Not sure that you are still checking the answers but, i would bring a photo album of my family to not forget those I leave..

  231. An Earth, Wind, and Fire/Parliament/Funkadelic/Chaka Khan mixtape. The universe needs to know of the Earth’s supreme levels of funk.

  232. So, we are going to colonize… If its something really linked to “Earth” it may be something I won’t find there, maybe a piece of jewlery, a ring for example made of a metal that only can be found on earth.

    But it is not sure that at that time, something emerged as typically from “Earth”, especially thinking of roots… Maybe something closer to my everyday life / town / familly. Photos, of course, or a typical handcraft something… Or maybe a mug so I can see it every morning …

  233. I would take a 1969 and a half Pontiac GTO Judge (If I were able to transport something of that size). even if I can’t find fuel I could update the tech and use it as a flying car.. Can’t beat the judge and I would have the only one around.

  234. ichhalt159753

    Some old drawings I made as a child(or later on) that would remind me of who I was and what living on earth felt like. They are by far not good drawn, but a reminder for sure.

  235. CammyBalFell28

    If I were traveling the Galaxy, I would bring along anything that could hold music tracks… Life would be great if I could travel listening to some J’cole

  236. 1. A book/books – probably “the witcher” saga for me – for the game it should be sth more common/recognisable – like “the lords of the ring” or sth. to avoid copyright problems – it can be some Enciclopedia.
    2. posters are good for “easter eggs” so i would use some celebrity, movie or show poster.
    3. little mobile devices – like PSP, Gameboy, walkman, iPod etc.
    4. Hobby Staff – guitar (and other instruments), tenis rockets, skateboard.
    5. If you want to be more “filthy” if can be some sex toys.

  237. I would bring a Kardashian to remind me that everything is possible without having to do anything.

  238. A tablet with all that humans ever created, every thought put on paper, every invention, and history, as well as stories, just everything.

  239. L’eau et un point nature tout simplement. water and a nature point

  240. a cassette player with some of the best 90s, a flag of my nation (merica!!), a little plant like one of those small trees chines people have and finally a pic of my friends and fam.

  241. Audio Device (smartphone, MP3 player) with all my music.

  242. Audio Device (smartphone/MP3 player) with my music collection and pictures

  243. Doctor_ZLO2017


  244. VvColdKillervV

    If it’s too hard to pick one item then I have an idea to fix that. Maybe have a small device that with a hologram of your characters old room back at home with lots of treasured items in them that you can interact with. One would be the guitar.

  245. VvColdKillervV

    I got an idea if the decision to pick one is too hard. Have a device with a hologram of your old room back on Earth with lots of your treasured items in it that you can interact with. One would be the guitar.

  246. If I were travelling with that same crew, I’d bring a guitar. That way, I can share the tales of my planet and sing songs with the rest of the (very tone-deaf) crew. xD

    Another item I’d take with me would be an Edelweiss, preserved in some glass and worn as a necklace. It would remind me of my home country, Switzerland. (Also it’d give me another reason to sing “Edelweiss”, hahah)

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