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Dakini by SillyCaracal

Fan Creation Spotlight #2

Hey, Space Monkeys!

We’ve got some more BGE2-inspired fan creations to share with you! Besides some amazing fan art, we really enjoyed listening to this BGE/BGE2 “hybrid” musical creation written and performed by Yagman and friends – check out the music video below!




Beyond Good and Evil Song: Green Eyes


Beyond Good and Evil Song: Green Eyes

Beyond Good and Evil Song: Green Eyes

By: Yagman




So, get your talent on and keep sharing with us your awesome fan creations via social media (#BGE2) and on the forums!

8 thoughts on “Fan Creation Spotlight #2

  1. I know this is the fan creation spotlight, and since I just watched some of Gamescom 2017 I figured I'd fanboy a little here. All's I wanted to say was that my anticipation and excitement for this game only grows with time. Seeing games like "Star Citizen" or when I play "GTAV" or anything that can somewhat resemble what the basic idea of this game gives me hype. Just wanted to say that I can't wait and keep doing you UBI.
  2. Ki_YaKarateMonster
    I know you can do better, keep them making...
  3. I tried to post stuff, but my internet decided not to work yesterday. Knox with his tea is the best imo^^
  4. That Hybrid Tiger is so dope!
  5. Cool Fan arts I don´t can paint very good
  6. I was thinking of doing some Beyond good and evil artwork but I'm not really sure what I should create, maybe my own hybrid species?
    Beyond Good and Evil Song: Green Eyes By: Yagman - Immersion into virtual reality , good bounty :D
  8. SillyCaracal's got that rugged out of towner look down. I love it. Very shiny. ;-D

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