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Knox: WeAreUbisoft


Ubi Space Monkeys Unite!

Category : News

23 thoughts on “#WeAreUbisoft

  1. VvColdKillervV
    Selfies and different clothing for each character confirmed? xD
  2. Two new BGE2 posts on my birthday ! thanks ubisoft !
  3. if there's gonna be Ubi shirts in the game there might as well be some juicy easter egg shirts and apparel
    I hear symphonies in my head
  5. SHAAAAMBA SHAAAAMBA A freaky beast wanna say hello Freaky ponkey beast‘ ha!
    1. Do you wanna lick a biga boca chocolata
  6. Yes you are :D
  7. "W.W.T.A.O. We Work Together as One" so "Don't Break Up The Team! Carson & Peeters Page 823" #weareubisoft
  8. Please say this is a new snapchat filter!
  9. OCPLB, on casse pas le binome ! -Carlson et Peter page 823 #WEAREUBISOFT
    1. Omg this fail... Kill me please ON casse pas le binôme...
  10. So you've been monkeys all along?
  11. We are Ubisoft, for we are great; New advertising line, huh?
  12. Ubisoft easter eggs inside the game ?
  13. Is this about fighting off Vivendi?
  14. Nice, very nice.
  15. Glitch_Rigors
    This is great
  16. A freaky beast wanna say HEllO.
  17. I need this clothes for the game :D
  18. guest-Srivz5Wp
    A SUGGESTION FOR GAME DEVELOPERS. My friend and I have been talking about what type of pirates we would like to be in the game and he wants to be good and help the police and stuff but I want to fight for freedom and be evil of sorts but we want to play on multiplayer together so I think it would be good if we could play together but be on different teams and not the same team.
  19. I can't stop thinking of Shaka Ponk when i see the crew of BGE2
  20. Loving the concept and the idea of no jump cuts or loading time I WANT IT NOW! :p :(

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