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BGE2 Pirate Concept Art: Devs Ask 2

Devs Ask Space Monkeys #2

Question from Emile Morel, Associate Creative Director.

Living the life of a space pirate is at the heart of the player experience in Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Q: Do you see yourself raising hell in the skin of this menacing pirate? Or do you imagine your pirate differently in the world of BGE2?

What would motivate your actions? Discovering uncharted territories? Revealing ancient mysteries? Sticking it to the slavers who exploit hybrids? Taking hits for the mafia? (Good old fashioned treasure hunting is a fine option, too!)

Give us your answer and discuss in the comments below or on the forums!

238 thoughts on “Devs Ask Space Monkeys #2

  1. i cant wait for this game looks amazing

    1. I guess having the choice to be good/bad is essential
      Being able to attack and board a transport spaceship and then resell the goods to a nearby planet
      Approaching and infiltrate a spaceship in stealth or in a not so subtle way..

      We could be a part time bounty hunter
      You can find “wanted” targets in any bar or police station
      And even if you are yourself an outlaw for some faction, you will be able to capture a designated individual and claim a reward on another planet.

      1. Love that idea.

      2. Carles_Maldon

        200% agree

      3. Have my upvote, for i agree with your point of view!

      4. The idea is great. Another addition could be to chose on how to infiltrate the ships or whatever you’re infiltrating; a stealth approach and a guns blazing approach.

    2. Agree

    3. All of the above variety is the spice of life look forward to trying everything you throw at us

    4. i wish it was more of a sequel than a prequel:/

    5. Ce pirate je l adore j ai hate de jouer avec lui et d explorer le systeme 3 et pillier des tresors

  2. I think a free choice is a good option.
    If you have the abillity to decide what you can do or can be. I personay think that would be best because it would make everyone more authentic even if you have the same character then someon else you still get to decide what you want for yourself.

  3. Absolutely, this pirate looks awesome

    1. Ce pirate je l adore j ai hate d Explorer le systeme 3 en le jouant et pillier des tresor

  4. I would love to be the type of pirate that steals treasures right after someone else has discovered them! Then also steal hybrid slaves from other pirates and rub it in their face 😛 I like the look of this guy! He looks badass… I hope he has a suave and jokey attitude as well though!

    Thanks for the communication also guys! This game is looking amazing already! 😀 😀 🙂

    1. I hate people like that, I’d be the one who goes around and kills people who ain’t doing the right thing. Being a bounty hunter would be really fun by having players request for you to go and kill a certain person they don’t like so that’ll be me. Yet again I wouldn’t side with the police force cause they look nasty

  5. My actions would be motivated by two things, my crew and my passion to discover the unknown. If i would walk through my ship and came across a conversation my crew is having about a personal problem i would stop and listen. I would gladly go on a mission to help them out, loyalty is born out of mutual respect and friendship so it would have my priority. My passion for exploring would guide me to the most distant place on a planet to discover lost stories and artifacts, i would travel the System in the hopes of recovering stories and knowledge from ages ago. I would be a loyal pirate, as peaceful as i can be, but i would not hold back if there were threats towards my crew.

    Seriously can’t wait for this! To the devs: You rock and i cannot wait to see how your tallent and passion is shaping this game!

    1. I picture it in my mind the same way. Good old menacing dude on the outside, a family man on the inside. What’s a pirate without their crew anyway?

    2. This! This is exactly what I want.

    3. I would do exactly the same! ^^

    4. IratusPiscatori

      I feel the exact same way omg, I’d love it if there was a lot of crew personality so that they can share their thoughts and feelings with you, it’d be amazing.

  6. I want to be the the pirate has power and wealth on his mind and is never satisfied with himself until he is god like. I want to be respected but feared and a name which could only be said with permission. Ok so yh that’s what I want to be

  7. Please don’t put too much stuff in it and ruin the experience, the first game was perfect because it had the perfect amount of everything, story, gameplay, side quests

    1. I completely agree. The more I see of this, the more I feel like that magic will be lost in this sequel/prequel.

      1. I do agree as well. I would like to see a few features of the modern games but that balance they had in the first one was what made it fun for me as well. I hope they find that nice balance.

  8. Courtneyflake

    Looks really good! Would love to play him doing some old fashioned treasure hunting and stealing(from other pirates) Would also be quite cool to discover different lands/areas. He looks like he wouldn’t be a nice guy so being able to play him as awful as one likes would be pretty cool!

  9. The pirate seeking the meaning of life! In the world where all seems to be possible and unlimited, The Pirate is looking for the correct Question and Answer, which would lead to discoveries, daring actions, meeting the most crazy characters and achieving the impossible. Asking questions, however, builds a character. A Pirate who can ask questions to his partners, crews and met people. A pirate who can think and determine his future upon those thoughts. A pirate who can bond with his teammates and at the end of crazy chaotic raid or lost battle- rest with his fellow crew.

  10. Master_Marix

    If we are just talking about this specific pirate, I like to think that even though he looks menacing he is actually pretty kind. He cares for his crew like he would a family and he spends his time helping the “little guy.” His crew would consist mostly of hybrids and his mission would be to show the star system that, the freaks aren’t actually as bad as they seem.

  11. I’d like to be a explorer, looking for ancient secrets and old treasures. But being a Mafiosi would also be cool xD. It would be great if you were given to many possibilities to earn money. Such as Mafia, exploring, treasure hunting etc.

    1. Exploring is fun

  12. I imagine him to be a punk, sticking it to those in power but helping the little people and hybrids. But he’d definitely enjoy stealing treasures (mostly from slavers)

  13. Uncharted territories,ancient mysteries and exploit hybrids

  14. Je pense que son look est juste un “masque”. Dans le fond il est gentil, un peu comme De Niro dans le film Stardust !!

  15. A good old mix of all. Options are good and allow for replay.

  16. If I was a pirate, I would live and do what I want without orders, defying the police. Search mysteries, locations and secrets, steal some pearls and cheat with the rules to have more credits. The gangsta/crime genius mode is something that I can’t relate to, at the contrary of the adventurous pirate. Also, if I need to be honest, I hope that we will not always see “bad” pirates, more like Treasure Planet 🙂 I prefer pirate’s design more like Nino’s style (from BGE1) that this frightening (but really well done!) pirate design. You should not judge a book by its cover! Hope that the development is going well for the team!

    Si j’étais un pirate, je vivrais et ferais ce que je souhaite sans aucun ordre, en défiant la police. Chercher des mystères, des lieux et des secrets, voler des perles et tricher avec les règles pour avoir plus de crédits. Le mode gangsta/génie du crime est quelque chose que je n’arrive pas à m’identifier. Egalement, si je devais être honnête, j’espère que l’on ne verra pas tout le temps de “mauvais” pirates, plus comme La Planète au Trésor 🙂 Je préfère le design des pirates plus comme celui de Nino (de BGE1) que l’agressif (mais très bien réalisé!) design présenté. L’habit ne fais pas le moine! J’espère que le développement se déroule bien pour la team!

  17. I’m not a fan of the face paint but yes.
    Something I hate about 90% of pirate and the few space pirates games is that they always try to make pirates seem noble.

    Pirates weren’t noble at all! They were thieving, murderous, greedy, raiders that all merchant ships and civilians feared with good reason.

    1. Exactly. The character does not inspire me. Pour ma part, c’est une mauvaise direction.

  18. Exploiting ancient alien artifacts for fun and profit!

  19. Everything you said but the mean pirate raising hell no…we are good people, spirit of beyond good and evil is to do the right thing, so i would vote for nice pirates with exploration, treasures, myths and so on 🙂 (who do some shit aside but still nices pirates globally talking :d )

    1. BGE 1’s spirit was a nice one, but the universe was almost manichean compared to what we’ve already seen and heard from BGE2, Just the fact that there’s slavery going on, sure you’re going to be against that in the game, but that implies killing people, not domz.
      If you’re gonna be a pirate, things won’t be all good, there will be a need for some hell raising at some point if you wanna get something big, getting by requires more than kindness and exploration.
      Thats just my opinion of course, but i don’t think there will be a lot of situation where there is a “right” thing to do among the choices we’ll have.

      1. yeah i thought about it again and you are totally right, as other people said, we should have the choice to decide between good and evil , it would create a more authentic story and more realistic “world” too 😉

        1. marbledrill51

          i dont get it the title is not GOOD AND EVIL 2 dude the title is BEYOND good and evil
          it means that there is no such thing as good and evil and you chose what ever you think is right completely based on whatever reasons you chose, not on big divine concepts like good and evil!

  20. This guy doesn’t look healthy. I hoped scurvy wouldn’t be requirement to become a pirate!

  21. looks great…. not for a beyond good and evil game tho. i want to play as jade.

  22. My motivation would be to make as much trouble as possible, for the corporations that fund slavery. If this means robbing a carrier of hybrid slaves, so be. If that means destroying a mining facility, that uses slaves of any race, so be it. If that means robbing a bonny lass/lad of their— *record screech* Ok, that’s going a bit far. I mean, robbing a corporate big wig’s yacht of his shinnies, to give back to all those he’s wronged, so be it. I will, however, take a small percent, of course… You know: fuel costs, damage repairs, bottles of mead or tea to ease the nerves, as well send my crew off on nice vacation.

    1. yep would do the same.

    2. same here we should form up ey?

      1. PC PS4 or Xbox?

  23. Nick Wijkhuisen

    This is a really awesome character design!
    I would check the animated TV show called skyland, a small French studio with queit simple characters but really well developed stories to them with the classic pirate culture. I think that’s the most important part.. I can fight with this character but if there is no story of how he became like this or how you are able to become this person there is no dynamic feeling.. say you have a quest where you make the wrong decision then your arm will get ripped off and that’s how you are able to cover the cyborg parts.. the tattoo could be from some kind of scary prison or certain pirate crew. And the hair is something you add at the point of creation.. making things unlock by your choices will generate the most depth to the story of your character I think

  24. I would like explore the universe and pick everything that catch my interest, like some rare minerals or have a cute animal as a pet, trade some of the things i find with mafias or normal people seems fun too. ^^

  25. Milos Jovanovic

    I would like to take a pictures of “illegal” or “unwanted” stuff happening in the universe, something like a photo spy or private detective, then sell them for good money. With this money I would of course buy me a better camera 😉

  26. I imagine being the kind of guy that gets in trouble (a croocked job that turned bad ; a misunderstanding with a serious gangter, at a bad time and place ; a miscalculated money/risk ratio that made a mess), starts running away from them (joining a crew to avoid persecution/payback ; could be by chance (broken out of jail somehow ; ect) or history with characters already introdused ) but kinda finds his place in his new environment and enventualt embraces it, as he discovers there are more to his life than he thought there could be (still don’t know what muksha is by the way… Domz ?) and continues going up the echelons as he journeys further on the road he discovered while dealing with the mess he made before as he goes.

    Either that or I’d join a crew as an oportunity for adventure and getting to things i knew i wouldn’t be able to get alone or stuck on the ground (so to speak), that would imply knowledge of such motivations can be learned where the game begins (muksha ? Domz ? Fortune and plunder ? Adventure and treasures ? End hybrid slavery ?)

    Appart from that this pirate looks good, makes me hope there’ll be charachter personalisation AND character development through gear, loot, missions and story, along with ship and crew personalisation !

    1. It just occured to me tho, crew could be for hire right ? I mean if some slaver needs you to retrieve a shipment they lost and offer tou a ton of crédits for it, there’ll be a choice as of to take the opportunity or not.
      Maybe working as a corsaire with big corporations and discutable buisenesses will be more profitable for the bank account and the pirate things will be good for the rest.

      1. effet papillon d’idées, ce que je viens de sortir pourrais donner lieu à des match PVP pour défendre un vaisseau d’un autre equipage qui veux l’aborder/le détruire !

  27. It would be so cool to save slave and create a community of free pirates were every body is welcome to come and take a beer.
    stealing money from mafia and corporation could also be a cool outlaw/robin hood thing to do to not be a douchbag by stealing innocents.

    1. Plus you never get much by stealing from innonent people.

  28. My character will definently have similar punk-style look to him/her!
    But I can’t see myself becoming that aggressive pirate, who steals from others. I would probably be more renegade type, helping fellow pirates/people with similar goals to mine and fight against the corrupted corporates.
    And if you come in my way or act like an fool, you will feel my boot in your face.
    My biggest motivation would be uncovering the most mysterious parts of the galaxy.
    And the loot.
    That sweet space loot.

  29. And as an side note, I really love this pirate theme with BG&E 2! Really looking forward on seeing the different possibilities how we can customize our own pirates and what people come up with!

  30. I’d want to be a pirate medic. The neutral friend of everyone. All those hybrids have special anatomy and needs right? Well, someone had to know it all; and that’d be me. You want your trusty rhino-hybrid sidekick patched up after a space battle? 700 credits my dude. 500 if I like you.

  31. Un petit personnage mi-humain mi-raton laveur, à la rocket racoon des Gardiens de la Galaxie ça serrai ENORME ! *-*

  32. QueenHarleySa

    I would want my space pirate to be customizable in its own unique way in the world of BGE2. I’d love to explore the many different territories with my friends online. The idea of doing hits for the mafia, fighting slavers, and discovering space mysteries just sounds so dope. I really hope the game online co-op.

  33. Hunt the treasure, save the girl destroy other pirates and become greatest pirate in the solar seas. Terror to your ennemies saviour to others. The Harbinger of all and go Beyond good and evil.

  34. I’d probably be the one who’s very friendly (much like a diplomat) but excels at stuff like shady deals and professional bounty hunting/hitmans. Basically, providing some services a dark web/deep web criminal may do. With utmost friendliness, none would truly expect what I do.

  35. guest-U98k7R4a

    I do not want to be a bad person, I prefer to be like jade in the iris network,
    someone who is fighting something bigger that threatens the security on the universe like shepard in mass effect for example, and a friendly guy like Knox which is totally awesome and really funny.

  36. I’m always a dreamer at heart

  37. Un peu trop darky pour moi. Après, cette ambiance punk futuriste est bien sympa donc faut voir dans la cohérence visuelle de l’univers. Après je ne sais pas si c’est le genre de personnage que j’en envie d’incarner lorsque je joue à Beyond Good & Evil. Dans BGE, je suis la petite souris qui observe le monde, qui le remet en cause et qui le chamboule de l’intérieur. Dans le premier jeu, on agit en secret pour que la dictature militaire s’écroule d’elle-même et c’est ce que je veux continuer à faire dans Beyond Good & Evil 2 (entre autre^^).
    Dans cette idée, en tant que pirate, je n’ai pas nécessairement envie d’effrayer le peuple, j’ai envie d’effrayer les grandes guildes marchandes, ceux qui dirigent le monde. Et pour les effrayer, eux, pas besoin de tatouage pseudos-satanistes ou de maquillage de black-métalleux, il faut que je ressemble au genre normaux pour qu’ils aient l’impression que tout le monde cherche à les renverser. Et puis bon….. Un humain maquillé ? On rêve en jouant à BGE 1 de pouvoir incarner un hybride, c’est l’occasion !
    Cela dit je comprend totalement la cohérence de ce personnage dans l’univers du jeu et il peut avoir une histoire qui légitime ce visuel qui reste très original je ne peux le nier 😉

  38. I always wanted to be an explorer. To discover new territories, relics of ancient civilisations,… It’s what makes me dream the most. That’s why, if I was a Space Pirate, I’d like to travel accross the galaxy, to find ancient treasures.

    When I think of Space Pirate, I immediately see the ones of Rogue Galaxy. That’s the kind of Space Pirate I want to be.

    PS : The artwork is really cool!

  39. crazyLoudmouth

    Wow he’s so stylish, I sure would be able to enjoy playing as him but I dunno if everybody would like to be a “bad” pirate

  40. Personnellement, ce pirate, est vraiment classe.
    Quand à savoir ce qui me motivera, eh bien. qu’est-ce qui peut bien motiver quelqu’un à devenir un hors-la-loi. Je pense que la réponse est: La liberté. Le choix de pouvoir faire ce que l’on veut. La liberté de choisir tout simplement.
    Que ce soit notre approche d’un évènement, d’un choix moral et surtout: le choix de l’aventure.
    Je pense aussi que tous les pirates ne le sont pas pour les même raison. Ainsi, dans le monde BGE2, je pense que certain pirate sont des criminel de la pire espèce, des stratèges hors pair mais aussi des explorateurs souhaitant découvrir des secrets interdit, des révolutionnaires voulant détruire un régime(il faut un gouvernement corrompue).
    Bref, des femmes, des hommes, des hybrides considéré (à tort ou non) par la/les société(s) comme des criminels ou des rebus….

  41. ElPrimordial

    ♫ Even if you look like ice
    Your heart is good
    Your heart is great
    Like the heart of a giant ♫

  42. guest-8m1xPzoC

    He looks like trouble. I would want to board and raid other vessels. Merchant ships for wealth and military ones to get better weapons. I want to build a terrifying ship and work my way to having a pirate fleet. I would totally use slaves labour on my ship too for all the worst jobs. Total villas in feel.

  43. I love character variety so far 🙂

  44. I would love to have real freedom to play the way I want: be the knight in shinning armor, the meanest evil that walked in earth, the ultimate psycho-killing machine in the entire System 4/BGE Universe.
    A very notable example of this is Fallout 1, that game let you play the way you want but you have to face the consequences of your actions: if you’re the nice guy, criminals will distrust you if you want to infiltrate them; alternatively being an asshole/child killer would cause other people wouldn’t want to deal with you and despise you; and of course being and psycho means everybody hate you and fear you.
    Although I’m a big fan of RPGs, I dislike very much the idea of character buildings depending on their status: it takes too much time and effort to figure out the ideal one for you way to play. I prefer minimal RPG influence in this aspect. Perhaps the addition of a “Reputation system” will help to keep track of our actions and therefore how the world would react to our actions: causes and consequences.
    That makes the game feel alive and proactive with our actions. If one kill the beloved mayor/character of one town, its quite absurd NPCs didn’t notice that action at all and they keep acting like nothing happen or even more laughable praising us for other minor good actions.

    1. I forgot to add that you guys did a very good job in this aspect in BGE1, when hillyans are aware of the environment and react to IRIS accusations and their proofs.

    2. marbledrill51

      the reputation system would absolutely have to be linked to your geographical position though. because its SPACE, whenever i f*ckd up too bad in one solar system, i can always SWOOOOSH fly to another where nobody knows the last thing about me. Otherwise what’s the point of being a space pirate

  45. dinnerpartydan

    Definitely exploring new territories! And maybe cataloging the local fauna for mucho dinero? 😉

  46. UncannyAustin

    My crew and I would probably be exploring for treasure, but I would be lying if I said we didn’t dabble in a few mercenary jobs.

  47. I think that pirate would be a ruthless mercenary you can rent or maybe he can become your friend after many adventures !
    By the way,really nice concept

  48. CulturalLemur

    My main goal would be to assemble the most outlandish and badass pirate crew possible, one that would strike both fear and respect into the hearts of those living in System 3 and beyond. I would also try to take over/pillage any ship that seems to provide a challenge and rescue any enslaved hybrids I come across cuz why not 😛

  49. I always go by the mantra “peace through superior firepower” so, once I’ve got a powerful enough ship/crew can loot/explore/hunt for treasure at will

  50. DragonAssassin1

    I’ll be honest I am digging the hair and clothes but much less on the face paint? tattoo? I personally don’t care for full head face-paints, it just doesn’t convey menacing to me, nuts sure, scary not so much. And is that a Borg hand?! YES PLEASE! I also like the clutter around them, while real life pirate were known to keep their ship clean and well maintained, the modern digital pirates have been known to be, well, hoarders. Add in the steampunk/starship elements and you have a recipe for quarters crammed with spare parts, loot, and misc. doodads. Also he needs a dog, something medium like an English Bulldog or a Corgi…. maybe not the Corgi we be edging too close to the Bebop then. This guy also spoils the dog rotten, but then again so does most of the crew. He also drives with his feet while eating Chinese take out. I daknow

  51. All this sounds really good to me. Exploring territories and finding treasures + “Sticking it to the slaves who exploit hybrids” ^_^

  52. I think i’ll we be more into ” protecting the poor people ” stuff, like fighting for freedom and all the noble part of being a pirate, finding new place with all your crew, have fun with them at playing some real attractive mini games and living adventure, that’s how i see my life as a pirate !

  53. This guy would make a really cool antagonist that I would totally fight against as Jade. …To play as this guy?? Nope, not interested. #ThisIsNotBG&E

  54. Personally i won’t like to have that skin, even for a pirate. It’s too agressive and scary, i won’t make friends easily with this.

    My pirate style will be more classy and charming, someone who can pretend to be nobody, so i will not be suspicious, i don’t want to have a style who say “Hey, beware, i’m out of law and i can give you some troubles” that’s not good for the business

    My principal motivation, it’s travel and discover new lands, countrys, peoples… and if i find a treasure by doing that, it’s better, but traveling is more important..

  55. I think that if i was a pirate i would lived only for the treasure hunting and the exploration of the unknown. I would shared this discovery with a little crew (more gold for me) i wouldn’t lost my time in useless quarrels with the authorities or the others pirates, i would tried to avoid the troubles. With the money that i would acquired with the selling of the treasure i would upgraded my ship for going always more far.

  56. Wulfnstein3rd

    I’d be more of a treasure hunter instead of a pirate, I’d be going around looking for hidden treasures in ruins, caves, sunken ships (abandoned spaceships). Not really stealing anything, just treasure hunting. I wouldn’t care much about the local authorities however, nobody has time for their rules and regulations. If there’s treasure to be found in those caves no mountain of bureaucratic paperwork is going to stop me from getting it. Aint nobody got time for that!

    And once I’ve found the treasure I’d probably be way to nice about spending it, giving to the people in need and only keeping what I need to stay afloat. Unless its a T-rex skeleton head, that one I’d keep and put on the front of my spaceship for everyone to see.

  57. Revy-Two-Hand

    I’d play as Dakini. I always play as a female character given the choice. And love strong female characters like Lightning or Aloy. As for activities Discovering uncharted territories- yes, Revealing ancient mysteries- yes, Sticking it to the slavers who exploit hybrids (by freeing the hybrids)- yes, Taking hits for the mafia- NO (my own crew under no ones thumb. Chaotic Good all the way. Good old fashioned treasure hunting- yes. Have to make the money to keep going somehow right :-P. Just PLEASE don’t turn this into a multi-player mess. The heart of the first game was a one player story driven game. Not a “Your just one of many different factions in the game” type of RTS multi-player.

  58. I love the character design! I imagine myself exploring a massive world and looting with a couple of friends. I’ve been dreaming of forming a small crew with some buddies and working together to defeat enemies and upgrade our ship. I want this game to be very team work focused (In and out of combat) with great exploration.

  59. I see pirates just as someone going against the establishment. Some for political reasons; maybe they don’t like the government or laws; others because they just want to get rich quick or swindle others.

  60. Well if i have to be a space pirate and experience everything the game has to offer, i hope there are dialog choices where i can choose to be either good or evil.

  61. Space exploration for rare items. Bounty hunter as well

  62. I think as a pirate I’d be extremely friendly and empathetic and a rebel, saving everyone I can. I’d also do plenty of treasure hunting, mainly for ancient tech, artifacts, alien life, and that sort. In short, I’d play chaotic good, aka, for the greater good and the law might not be on my side, but I’m helping the ones who need it while fulfilling my little desires and wants.

  63. Personnellement je pense que mon pirate sera différent de celui ci, il sera plutôt jovial et sympathique en gardant l’esprit de BGE1, comme Jade, Double H ou Pey’j pouvant faire des blagues même dans les pires moment tout en restant sérieux.
    Quoi qu’il en sois mon but en tant que pirate sera de découvrir des trésor perdu et oubliés et d’explorer des monde magnifique, cela tout en étant une sorte de pirate “rebelle” pour les pirates, sorte défendeur du bien et de l’éthique.
    Toutefois aider le plus grand nombre demande souvent d’être cruel, ce qui sera fais sans hésité.

  64. I think this character on that picture above doesn;t fit to this game, becouse ho looks to obvious, i mean ho got everything except wooden leg, parrot and one eye. I wouldn’t imagine to walk in his shoes and share motivations with this guy above. If you asking about motivatons, i think that protecting my family and friends is the greatest mitivate of all, i can imagine to be a pirate, having adventures, travelling to go back home/hub to my family/friends. During travel i see the way of treating hybrids, envolve in their case and trying to give them feedom. I know- I will be Knox in this game/piece of art.

  65. I’ll be a naughty lady x) a bad ass girl !
    Not someone really bad but in betweew 😉

  66. About this specific pirate:

    The “Jesus en ti confío” [Jesus, I trust on you] over his head, the skull in his face and motifs that look like those used in Día de Muertos in Latin America… so he is one of the few believer of a nearly forgotten religion/sect that mixes Catholic, Prehispanic and Caribean faiths. He likes to pray for protection, but never leaves anything to chance. His crew is like a family and is a hard quest to join them, and even harder to become trustworthy enough to receive special tasks from him. Got his own space territory between colonies and his line of work comes from smuggling to assault merchant ships and other pirates who try to steal his routes. If somebody needs to transport a special weapon or a crew of free hybrids, he is the pirate to call.

    He has a fame of being ruthless and in certain aspects is true. He can show mercy to an enemy, but not to a traitor.

    Reckless when young, had the luck to meet people that put his feet on the ground. Because of that his motives are kinda tame now that he has a full crew to watch for: Being able to collect a big fleet and have full control from larger areas so when he becomes old enough, can retire and work with them behind the front line. He want to prove himself as a good leader and negotiator, didn’t want to end penniless and forever drunk as a lot of old ex pirates that live in the streets of the old town where he as born.

  67. I don’t think I would want to be a pirate at all! I’d like to be some type of police officer or galactic marine/soldier/officer in an official organization!

  68. I think I would be either : – a kind of Han Solo, a space smuggler trying to run away from all the bounty hunters of System 3
    – a kind of Bobba Fett, a deadly and lonely bounty hunter workin for Zhou Yuzhu

  69. To be honest, yeah i would be the kind of pirate which had a rough childhood, lived in poverty, stealing to survive, running from the law even being a slave for moment until some pirates save me and taught me how to live like them. How to fight, take what i want, protect my crew. With a Karma-like system i will be the kind of man who will be a demon for every one except for my closest friend which certainly lived through the same thing.

    But i won’t be a nice guy for all that, i will be the rest of my life pissed off everything and everyone for what happened. My flag will inspire fear of imminent death, my crew is ruthless like me. Any way to make money, fame, to be a legend known by all, is good to me…

  70. I would like to be a pirate who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Who fight against slavery and against the system. Who take care about weak people and about my crew.

    But in my second run I would like to be a ruthless pirate who can terrorize the universe. To make aliances with mafia leaders and plunder towns and ancient temples.

    I want to replay this game as many times as i can.

  71. IZacharyLarson

    I see myself as similar to Jade in the first game. I want to be a photo journalist who uncoveres horrible things and puts it in the eye of the public

  72. If i think about pirates, two types float on my mind; bad & neither bad nor good. Each one has own act of interest & motivation in their courses.

    1. Just don’t put a difficulty mode in this game. Why do we need this old school obsolete feature in 2017?

  73. Hi,
    Like “Albator” (Captain Harlock) said : a life of pirate for freedom… (Monkey D. Luffy said it 😉 )

    No closed door, nothing is too far, no exploitation 🙂

  74. I would be a space pirate for the same reason that many of those present here but few have said, FREEDOM.
    The power to do what I want most I think it is the most powerful of all and the most feared, because of the unexpectedness of being the one who does it, and I want to be one like that.
    Aside from going to find treasures on planets, I also want to know all the cultures and traditions of the worlds I visit, I want to get where nobody calls because I feel that I must be there. To attack those who abuse their power to a whole world but that the law protects them. I want to be able to attack other pirates that I consider deserve a lesson. I want to attack even a whole base of the government in order to be able to rescue a captured comrade. that although the people of the government want my head and they would like to kill me, I can say whether to kill it or not since it is my decision and not anyone who is above me. That if there are other pirates who would like to appoint me leader of a fleet ten thousand ships can say no. Longer that I do not want to rule over anyone except my crew since I want us to be allies if you really want me to be with them and thus not to rob them of their freedom to go where they want. I want all the achievements that gets news in the whole galaxy and so get so much admiration or hatred and even fear of people or soldiers and thus get friends or enemies on different planets.

    Because I would not be a hero or a villain, it would just be … A PIRATE

  75. Belgarathmaster

    Etre libre tout simplement. A l’image des Hybrides, faire ce que bon nous semble sans rendre de comptes aux autorités, aux gouvernements, etc… Cela implique des actes de piraterie : exploration, pillage, marché noir, chasse aux trésors, découverte, etc

  76. YharuHasaiko

    Knowing myself, I would definitely seek the skies and space just to battle against possible enemies and slave traders. You know, be the one who seeks justice for the forgotten and the weak, guided solely by my pride for the crew and the hate for these people. As I say that, I would probably also dig a bit too much into my will of punishing this slave merchants in the worst way possible.
    So, yeah, Loyal and Lethal. Definitely.

  77. motherfucking shit! can wait for this fucking game! you fucking believe I’m going to be the shit ass fucking dopest piratey motherfucker! I’m gonna be tapping a lot of fucking ass and fucking it up across the fuckin galaxy! (sorry I’ve been watching the trailer for this game a bit too much)

  78. I like the look of the pirate! Perhaps some illegal augmentations for that hand of his, hmm? As for motivation, all of them except the mob thing. HATE. MOB. MUST SMASH MOOOOOOB!!!

  79. Guy looks pretty sadistic and ready to kill. awesome.
    would play as him.
    question for hybrids and their skills. could a half shark breath under water or a gorilla be extra strong. something to think about it

  80. WoolenRainbow

    it would be rly cool to be able to have like odd jobs for maf but the core should be like smuglin’ things for rebells or just some sabotage action, i wouldnt say no to a suicide mission that would cause havoc so big even hoodlums would hear about this

  81. maurinogigageni

    I think that the “pirate life” choice should be left to the player, but I would personally see mine as a sort of Robin Hood, helping the ones in need because the ones who could don’t do it.
    What I really think is that there should be some sort of… evolution in a space pirate’s life. Like, maybe he started out looking for treasures and “conquer the star system” or something like that, but the society of the space pirates is deeper that he thought. A sort of creed, that helps the society from below.

  82. I wouldn’t choose this Pirate. I’d like a “nice guy” character, helping his crew and hunting for amazing treasures. He would like to explore, discover landscapes, space and incredible secrets hunting treasures.. 😀

  83. I definitely would be a menacing character, I don

  84. I would definitely be a menacing character, but I don’t see myself as mere space pirate, I’d love to be something worse, but I’d be the lone wolf, my motivations are the love, the passion for the unknown, for what lies in the deepest parts of the universe, and my hunger for knowledge and power, I would not be merciful, neither good. Of course my humor will be sadistic, and I’ll know when to expose my worst side, and when to listen, and be patient. The most essential part is, my character needs to be a woman.

  85. I would choose a pirate like one of the “Straw Hats-Pirates” (One Piece) and I want to travel from island to island, everyone is his own little adventure, and in the end I want to find the “One Piece” and becoming the king of pirates: D

  86. My character’s motivation would most likely be trying to find something to fulfill her life. Most likely, this would probably be trying to make a name for herself, though whether her reputation becomes a good or bad one, it most likely won’t matter to her. She’ll probably be an explorer, adventuring off to far off places trying to find some ancient (and expensive) artifact, or maybe even working as a hit-woman if being an adventurer doesn’t work out,

  87. My character would create ambushes for hybrid cargo ships and slavers. The opposite of this character.

  88. I imagine my pirate a little less menacing, a force for justice and freedom. My actions would be dictated by exploration, maybe helping out those around me.

  89. Stefano_Beast

    I always choose to roleplay something as closer to me as possible.

    Everytime i have roleplay a criminal i refuse stereotypes like the gangsta from the streets, the rebel of the system, or the mafious and ambitious cling-on. I know im not those guys. I am basically the classic ant of the society. A regular middle class man with some privileges but no skills, who lukeikeike his life and don’t care adventures.
    The ways i prefer to develop this into a criminal are:
    1- My character decide to make something stupid for pay some depts.
    2 misunderstanding with law enforcement and impossibility to proove own innocence. verybody think he did something bad but he was actually in the wrong place wrong time.

    Characters like this are pathetic, often hated or pitied by pirate/criminal setting characters. I like it. I always develop them into vengeful and fiendish villains full of resentment for his fate.

    In this setting could be good as npc, i would like to be a random fugitive.

  90. J’aimerai un personnage qui ne soit pas pirate, mais au contraire représentant des forces de l’ordre. J’aimerai pouvoir traquer les pirates au fin fond de la galaxie.

  91. Maybe the hybrids are slaves that escaped ownership but can’t find a legal job by any means since they are undocumented and on the run. The humans could be convicted criminals suffering the same fate.

  92. PixelatedGeek

    I think you should make it a trio of hell raising villain pirates instead of just one who rules.

  93. I wan’t to steel from the rich and give to the poor. I wan’t to help my crew get a better life and friends and family around us. Help those who can’t save themselves. Explore the world and find a place for people to stay free and have a life they want!

  94. CShepardSPECTRE

    I really love this design and it could match to the game. But better take care, when you use religious symboles, because unfortunately there are people, who gets offended by them. (And I don’t understand it) Example at 0:45:

    Beside to the pirates the Alpha Section should be also included in the game.

  95. I am looking to go the heroic freedom fighter route. If i have to do criminal stuff to keep the lights on, it would be strictly against the criminals themselves. otherwise, there is a suggestion of some government oppression in the story, so looking to lead some resistance and protecting the weak. of your options, i see myself sticking it to the slavers hard(and playing a hybrid myself, ideally a reptillian one, really ideally if i can work mostly or completely non-lethally) and doing the exploration as a side gig to get cash, lore and if the ingame system allows, increasing knowledge among the free people.

  96. Is it wrong to want justice? That would be a goal for me… and I would personally try to hide my intends as one would want to hold all options open.
    I wonder if good/bad pirate is a big thing… I always tend to go a route to make lifes better.

    1. I want to extend my statement.
      I see pirates would raiseing hell all over the place while others are also having bad reputation even if they are actually quite peaceful.
      If I would have a saying in that, pirates are basically seen as the bad guys and the player in that very case has to proof his intentions. One is pushed into a role one (probably) doesn’t want.

      I have to think about “Legend of Kay” where one is supposed to obey and yet Kay clearly sees the issue like many others, but is the only one to react.
      Or “Kya: Dark Lineage” where Kya is pushed into helping and in the end it gets even personal.
      One series I really like and see a good fit would be “Ratchet and Clank” the original. In that case I mean the character of Ratchet is super selfish and as it gets personal he sees what needs to be done.
      I would like to see something along these lines. Kinda like Jade realizes that the truth is hidden and for a greater cause she needs to act.

      I however think the “menacing” way is a type of character people would want to play. I personally prefer way more the hidden subtle way which also led me to play Dishonored and DeusEx:Human Revolution as total ghost and peaceful guy while managing the important stuff with the big guys.

      I more the guy who would want to solve and solve mysteries. play the mafia and by chance saving the people if I feel for it. I’m rather selfish and only do something if I see a important benefit in it…. and I kinda have a moral standard even ingame which makes it very hard for me to be the bad guy, unless I see that it would fit the situation.

      1. And do have it mentioned, I’m not into looting unless I know there is a lot to it. I would enjoy more hidden information about the world or so. Like the Witcher sure you run through houses raiding them out, but it is kinda lame to me and against my moral compass and every game with a big lootsystem never impressed me a lot. It kinda took away from the classic new gadget one would get through a story progression. It seems to have way less weight to it.

        1. Wow I need a edit button.
          But pickups for more life like PBs and so. Would totally treasure hunt such stuff.

  97. I wouldn’t like to play as this pirate, i don’t really identify to him … but he is still awesome, i see him as the dude that helped you out when you needed him and make you pay that 4x as mutch now that you can afford it…

    So he is the kind of pirate that is not mean, but for him everything is about trust, and liability.

    And you can pay him and at some point you will be strong enought to fight him, but that’s still your choice you can pay him the entire time ( like a percentage of all your gain or something).

    i would personally do all i do to help the hybrids out, and explore the world, find every little detail of the civilisations.

  98. guest-PFFDaifL

    I want to be a character that does good, and preferably also looks like a good person. Like Jade. So I will fight for justice, and won’t raise hell at all. No hits for the mafia for me! Exploring uncharted territories/revealing mysteries sounds really really fun!

  99. To answer the first question, nope not really. This guy kinda looks like the cliche villain pirate (there might be more to him idk but just from his appearance here there isn’t much to tell me otherwise), the key word here being “villain”. With a name like Beyond Good and Evil, I think it’s better to get as far as possible from any archetype of “good guys” and “bad guys”.
    As for what kind of pirate I’d be, well… sure exploring the world and discovering all sorts of new stuff is always exciting, but I’ve always loved the concept of information as a weapon that stirs chaos from the first game, so that would be my kind of style. I’m quite the pacifist when it comes to killing (I have a soft spot for games with non-lethal options and RPGs where charisma builds are viable), and I love detective games. So my dream game would be one where I can infiltrate some big shady businesses to dig up dirt on them and… blackmail them or selling it to the highest bidder or if all else fail, just expose all of it to broad daylight. And if that still doesn’t work… going the full sabotage/theft route is cool too.

    That’s how I like to picture the cast of BGE 2 (so far at least), not really murderers but a band of sly tricksters who get their way through devilish means.

  100. CammyBalFell28

    When I think Space pirate, I think Treasure Planet, and When I think treasure Planet I think of Mr Silver. A dangerous Man with a kind heart… only when needed. The Character you have designed looks brilliant and would be something I would Play as. Someone that looks that Badass could have so many layers to his story and would be fun to experience.

    The kind of things I would do as a pirate is; I want to search the deepest forgotten tombs for hidden treasures, raid other space voyagers and vessels for big loot, but never put any innocent at risk unless My crew and I have to. Since the story has a big emphasis on the enslaving of the Hybrids. A big mission of mine would be to free as many of the captive hybrids and either if they choose to, take them to a safe Haven or allow them to join my crew to fight for the freedom of all Hybrids.

    Looting, SERIOUS adventure and helping those who can’t help themselves…. that would be what I’d do as a Space Monkey Pirate.

  101. i would really like to be some kind of bounty hunter, motivated just by money or rare powerfull artifacts. I would love too go on a treasure hunt because someone paid me to and discover that at the end the treasure is more precious than the reward and choose to keep it for me, unleashing the wrath of my employer on me and my crew. I want to feel free of my choices all the time, understand the consequences of my actions, maybe be involved in a big and important quest despite me, like discovering something i’m not suppose to see during a seemingly common job/quest. I want to change the world around me based on what i think is good or bad.

    Love what you are doing with the communication, looking forward in any news of yours ! keep the good work <3

    1. CammyBalFell28

      You’re speaking about Powerful artifacts, and since I have yet to play the first BGE it makes me wonder how the weapons in this game are gonna be. Since we are playing as Space Pirates I expect Old looking futuristic looking blasters and swords 😀

  102. Part of the power off the previous game was the ability to topple powerful organisations while not being powerful yourself. To use the opinion of the common people by mainly being smart, not strong. Of course there has to be action, but not against whole governments or empires, those you topple with pictures. I hope to see the return of that in this game.

  103. For me it would be about adventure, i want to discover as many places as possible, about history, treasures etc., i want discover places where nobody was before. I would be something like a “good” Pirate. I would free the slaves and give them the Choice to join me if they do not know where to go (not as slaves, as a free person), they do not need to if they do not want to. I would help the people who need help.

    And about the guy in the picture, i think he might be a villian who would deal with slaves, murder etc. i would not want him in my crew.

  104. Energiekuchen

    Give em hell!
    Work my way up, get a nice ship, destroy all of those in my path and getting wealthier than everyone before me.
    No one can stop me… HAHAHA!

  105. neh, not my type. The mask looks kind of like a halloween costume actually. Would rather have something more Mech-ish for a face.

  106. Not this kind of pirate for me, that’s too futuristic (or actual for the game) but an ancient style, more baroque and full of luxury. With the biggest ship possible, watching all your hunting territories and thinking which one will be next.

  107. I don’t think I really relate to that kind of a pirate… I’m more on the chaotic good side 🙂

  108. I like to imagine this guy as some sort of deadly bounty hunter, taking jobs from anywhere (but mainly from the local mafias).

  109. Mmh …

    The BG&E’s theme is the liberation of the population of the Alpha sections …
    I would not like to attack the population.
    So, yes, treasures (like the volcano in BG&E), and, if we are against the autority, some pillages. Actually, I would like a pirate … helping the people.
    But I’m attached to the infiltration side of BG&E.

    We must not “raise hell” just for fun (or very few, it must not be the greatest side of the game). A great quest must be behind these actions : is it not a story ? And if it doesn’t exist currently, no need to go further. I want not a commercial game.

    Thanks for reading.

    Jet-Boots, great fan of BG&E (and maybe BG&E2, I will think about it …)

    (Sorry for bad english)

  110. i think that he looks like more than a ”boss” than a character that i can choose in the game …although he’s amazing .!!!!!!!!!

  111. I generally picture my character in my mind, especially a pirate type adventurers, as closely resembling myself. Maybe the concept that I, myself, am a pirate at heart. The decisions I make in game usually reflect the actions I would take if there were in the greater sense, no consequences, actions outside my own real moral compass. Role playing, but only as a version of myself. I have been waiting for the “game” for some time now. A concept or idea of limitless options for entertainment or discovery. Where the players actions in a dynamic world not only unfold a story, but develop an emotional response of the actual human player. a la shooting innocent people in GTA, and feeling regret. Therefore, killing innocent people less. Improving or generating an actual evolved moral. That type of self discovery is what I refer to in my “game”. So that being said, almost anything could be a motivation. As long as it can lead to internal discovery. Mundane tasks to the extreme. What is a clue? What are your clues, what is your mystery? The importance of representing scale, like Emile mentioned in the engine demo, I think is equally important in the representation of the scale of story. Being engaged through your own mystery that somehow ties into the whole ark. It really would be fantastic to engage in missions/activities that you choose on your own. That your character isnt lead into but, your intrests, your morals, lead you to the main plot. I see my pirate being most intrested in corporate espionage. Infiltrating large corporations from the inside, through completing objectives, or hacking (always a fun mini game), or good old fashioned robbery. Maybe being noticed by some government agency and being led deeper in. or………

  112. I want to fight the corruption that entangles the corrupt government and political elite. Of which I was once a part of, of course, but escaped because I didn’t want any part in it. I wanna be that honest pirate that everyone sees (and the elite portrays) as the bad guy, but it’s actually the other way around. And then people will slowly wake up to the truth and begin to join my pirate rebellion. STICK IT TO THE MAN, just like in the original BGE!

  113. I will not answer in english sorry :/

    De mon point de vue je pense que la possibilité de choisir son camp est important, pouvoir se sentir rebelle ou aider un simple paysan en ayant le choix permet de s’identifier au personnage.
    Quant au coté “pirate”, je pense que le monde est trop futuriste pour faire un style de type “Black Flag” à attaquer tout le monde pour s’enrichir, ou alors le rendre trèèèès difficile pour éviter de créer une répétition dans le jeu.
    J’entends plus pirates dans le sens chasse au trésor et énigme cachées en parlant aux PNJ comme dans l’akuda bar dans le premier Opus (La vache qui se la jouait infiltrée). Afin de découvrir des lieux qui ne sont pas nécessaires pour avancer pour récompenser les chercheurs de contenu.
    De même les récompenses pour ce genre de contenu importe peu, un beau screen ou une histoire en clin d’œil avec l’histoire (ou même bge 1) Ravi tout autant qu’un trésor :D.

    Après, si on choisit de se mettre dans le trafic illégal, il faut la possibilité de se prendre des sanctions à la hauteur du trafic, et pas simplement une amende sur laquelle on a pas à s’inquiéter.

    C’est tout pour moi, Bisous et bon développement.

  114. Do you see yourself raising hell in the skin of this menacing pirate?
    I would love to 😛

    What would motivate your actions?
    I would like to know more about those ancient mysteries 😉

  115. My motivies?
    I would would be like a modern Robin Hood. So I would be a good pirate. I would go around with my crew , freeing slaves and maybe look for new members among them. But I would also take over the companies and using their technology to improve the life of others.
    I would be a chaotic good thou. I would like to look for pacifist way to get thibgs done but if I have to use powers I will not hesitate to kill to make things right.

  116. this may be cool to have a reputation/karma system that can really influence the story, maybe by the character of the crew or the reactions of the civilians

    1. marbledrill51

      a karma system would be completely contradicting with the concept of “beyond good and evil. ” there is no such thing as karma when you’re a spacepirate. There’s only the values you chose yourself weather its profit or freedom of you and all others

  117. That I do. He/she looks pretty badass to me, and I’d love to done that skin. I’d also have nothing against being able to customize that skin, if you catch my drift.

    I’d want something in the vein of Skies of Arcadia: sail the world, explore all of it’s parts, filling out the map, discovering/uncovering mysterious sights with special lore, swashbuckling with a crew I’ve put together from different recruits, maybe some romance in there too but not necessarily. Since the artwork for the airships looks so similar to Skies of Arcadia and Rogue Galaxy, that’s what comes to mind first and foremost. Since I love both of those titles, I’m even more psyched now than I ever was for Beyond Good & Evil 2! <3

  118. There was an awesome moment in original Mass Effect if I’m not mistaken. Arriving for a side quest to some offworld planet with a text description of a massive canyon on the surface. And then there was something like: according to the planet age, its geological activity esteemation, and soil analysis the origin of this canyon is artificial and may represent a result of an orbital strike of a powerful beam weapon. It was an overwhelming feeling of a vast unexplored world that is larger than the game I’m playing and for me that was way before all the reaper stuff.

  119. The Motives of My Actions

    Vengeance. I was once a part of a happy family when I was a kid, but then an infamous pirate attacked an amusement ship where we were there celebrating. We were kidnapped, got separated with my parents and siblings. I was sold as a slave and the time came that I was able to free from the shackles that binds me. And that will be the start of my journey… to find what was left in my family and avenge them without knowing that I affect the universe in my own little ways.

  120. I see myself being a kind of Robin Hood of the universe. I always go good in games like Fable. I also look forward to interesting side quests that help expand the history/events of the game. Maye even thought provoking side quests would be cool!

  121. Nerox Lombardi

    Trading & crafting would be great…. keeps busy for a while. Crafting Resources, Weapons, all kind of Objects… Character, Ship, Armory, Weapon, Ammo Skills… Mining, Hunting, Tatoo/Ship designing… Kind of a robotic/animal Helper who follows and helps me out in some situation if i want to. Different Occupations, not just beeing a Pirate…. Different Types of Engineering (Hightech, Lowtech/Steampunk)… I’m just Brainstorming…. Can’t wait… O_o

  122. Nerox-Lombardi

    Trading & crafting would be great…. keeps busy for a while. Crafting Resources, Weapons, all kind of Objects… Character, Ship, Armory, Weapon, Ammo Skills… Mining, Hunting, Tatoo/Ship designing… Kind of a robotic/animal Helper who follows and helps me out in some situation if i want to. Different Occupations, not just beeing a Pirate…. Different Types of Engineering (Hightech, Lowtech/Steampunk)… I’m just Brainstorming…. Can’t wait… O_o

  123. Gabosimonetti

    For me it would be the loot. Stealing from merchant ships, or attacking the slavers to take some of the slaves as crew.
    I’m really interested in the crew. I would like to create a bond with them. Trusting them to do staff, like everyone has a role. Also the mechanich that if you give them loot and you win battles they trust you. I don’t really care for the if you do bad things the paladin is upset.

  124. This is much too dark for my taste. I love BG&E for it’s light heartedness in a colorful yet threatened world. For this type of pirate I would go to From Software or something. Beyond Good & Evil is much than this. Fun and colorfulness > the dark. (I also think Jak & Daxter was much more fun than Jak 2)

  125. This guy looks like he is from Mad Max. Definitely not from BGE. I think that BGE pirates are more like “freedom fighter” type of pirate. But secretly, they in it only for the loot.

  126. HungryGremlins

    I feel like a lot of players would want to play the “noble pirate”, doing the wrong things for the right reasons. Personally, I love seeing those kinds of characters being confronted with the fallout that effects their victims, to be made to see the intended target as humans, or to face unforeseen (or calculated) collateral damage. I love seeing people who are so convinced that they’re right and good, start to struggle with the experience that life isn’t just good and evil, and what they see as doing the right thing, to realize that has consequences.

    Some players are going to want to play the more chaotic side of the spectrum. The “I’mma do anyways”, the “I do what I want”s. The folk who are gonna fly by the seat of their pants, judging each new choice by its context, not some higher moral rules. Some people are going to want to play the character that sees a huge expensive ship, realizes (bonus!) the owner is an a**, and blows it up.

    Some players are going to want to play the unrepentant pirate only out for their own glory and advancement. Some will want to be the misunderstood goody-two-shoes pirate out to help others.

    Quite a few will likely change their minds part way, sculpting out a redemption arc or a fall from grace. The important part in ensnaring your consumer base, is allowing them a choice. You either give them a choice or hit them so hard and so fast with the storyline that it appears that they have a choice when you’ve really been railroading them the entire time. Otherwise it’s just another failed RPG.

    Oh, and if you’re going to give dialogue choices, please let the characters be sarcastic. I’ve lost count of the times I meant something sarcastically in an RPG only for the NPCs to take it literally.

    Because the pirate I’d like to play would do what she wants, go wherever the space-winds leads her. Disregard and bound herself in whatever authority she chooses.. Aid those weaker than herself, stomp flat those who can’t treat a person with a little common courtesy. And be utterly, wholeheartedly knowledgeable of how what she has done has impacted people. And she is going to live with it, own the consequences. Die on her feet, whether that means a bullet in her back while running to fight another day, or to look death in the eye and spit in its face.

  127. Silverback1907

    I totally see myself as this kind of pirate. Appearing as a menacing demon can spread the legend of our exploits. If that kind of mechanic, spreading of a legend, works in the game that would be great. The cybernetics are a cool touch too, I want my pirate, hybrid or not, to be outfitted with cool optics and perhaps a claw of some form. Tattoos are an excellent option as well, as extensive as possible to make each character unique.
    I would be motivated both for money and the freedom of my crew. An job that pays well, the mob, robbery, or even weapons trafficking would be a valid option. However, if I saw the opportunity, I may want to double-cross my employer and take the goods, or even spare a life. Options are great, so keep providing them.

  128. Wow this project is way too ambitious….(hope we get the game soon)…
    The modelling is great but it looks more MAD MAX/ Borderlands type of character….BGE characters usually have more of a spirit (i.e. druid/animals/energies, both good and evil!/maybe create human-vorax pirates instead? that would look cool!

    You need to keep the spirit of the first game, thats what really sold it! Oh and btw I would probably raid alpha sector bases (aw ya stealth baby!) and steal their blueprints in order to improve my ship/ getting better gear and guns/ better lenses for my camera so i can send stuff to secundo and receive those beautiful pearly white pearlzzz. lol

    (PS: you better keep the photography aspect in this game…or something very similar.)

    Oh and release it before we all die. K thx.

  129. thousandhorizon

    First I would start looking for the perfect crew to stick with me as a captain 😉
    that way i would travel the world to find the perfect buddys and teamates to support me and
    my projects. and stick with them . but each individual has be very special because I’ll be the king of the pirates !
    and ever time I bump into them or meet them. It had been a great adventure full of discoveries!
    from what we know the goal is not the most important thing in a story, its the journey 🙂 (ref:one piece)

  130. I would reveal anicent mysteries, and i would destroy both pirate rivals and “cops” who may try to interfere with my business.

  131. guest-UUFK63cD

    i would love some relics in the game like put some acient relics on diffrent places in the game that hold acient history’s on the memory of the relic

  132. I guess, exploring would be a big part of the pirate life. Freedom! You can go wherever you want, so why not go to mysterious and amazing places? Taking Pirates of Caribbean as a reference here, I’d want to find all sorts of mysteries of space – good and bad – and be able to poke at them. Now that I think about it, after finding some amazing and mysterious loot (can be whatever – magical crystals, ancient AI, ship engine using hamster wheels as power source (one hamster wheel and a really huge ancient hamster, obviously) ), I am pretty sure I won’t share it with anyone outside my ship. I am, after all, a space outlaw, not Indiana Jones, I got no obligation to sent anything to some museum, and I wouldn’t want to sell stuff that I found, and like, to some other criminal.
    So that would open up next required activity for me – getting money and supplies. Gotta feed the crew! I guess, I would do the normal pirate thing here – prey on some known trade routes, maybe compete with other pirates for those. Maybe, if I get really powerful and won’t be afraid of local law enforcement, I would blockade whole planet – so nothing goes in or out without me looking at the cargo. Would not do it for long, though – deploring planet of trade is not good in the long run, and eventually someone would gather big enough fleet to kick me out.

  133. Want to try it all variety is the spice of life, like your pirate design give us loads of customizations.

  134. I always have the feeling that people romanticize pirates waaay too much. Don’t get me wrong I love Jack Sparrow and Edward Kenway (charismatic, with their eyes always on the prize, but with a heart of gold) but the idea behind being a pirate is taking what you want, whenever you want. They are really materialistic and will only help you if there is a profit to be made. This guy in the picture looks exactly like the type that takes whatever he wants and he will kill anyone who stands in his way. However I feel that his backstory will influence how altruistic he might be. He might be sympathetic towards Hybrids, but he might also steal them away from slavers only to make profit of them later. I want this guy to be intimidating and menacing. You don’t approach him for help unless you can offer something in return. He is a force to be reckoned with.

    If I were to be a pirate I would have more Anarchistic motivations than profit. Sticking it to the slavers would be a perfect motivation for me! I would build my empire so that I can wage a war or slavers.

  135. I don’t think raising hell would really be that tonally correct especially if Dakimi is your captain. Or if it is, then more as a freedom fighter on contract. But all the other things sound good as well. I think ultimately your actions should lead somewhere in progressing an ultimate goal / narrative.

  136. A choice to play as a person with great morals but to be a villain at the same time is a tricky but fun route that I take when it comes to games such as this, do illegal acts to earn profit but also release all those from pain and misery. I am so so stoked for this game and never have I ever felt like this about a game. I hope this project remains ambitious because it means new creations and I will continue to support the development team.

  137. Revealing mysteries!!!!!!!!

  138. It depends on the situation at hand. Players should be able to choose how they want to handle the situation they’re in. These choices should effect the npcs and your crew views of you and the story.

  139. I’ll build an Empire. I will kill or imprison anybody how opposes me. Human or slave will be drowned in blood if they try to stop me. At the very end Earth will be transformed into my pet zoo!

  140. All we want is discovering Jade and Pey’j past <3

  141. As a pirate, I’d probably try be forgiving and do the right thing, but I might also be indifferent to the world at times. For example, one of my favourite things about Pandemic’s Mercenaries was stumbling across a battle between the Americans and N Koreans or the South Koreans fending off a Mafia ambush. You could join in the fight or just sit there and admire the view. If I came across a skirmish between two megacorporations using hybrid troops, I might accept I can’t change the outcome of the battle as a whole, but I could at least scavenge the remains of vehicles/soldiers for loot to smuggle or use.

    Perhaps this is a little odd, but one thing I am most excited about is starting off as a pauper and working my way up the food chain. I’m hoping that I will feel like part of the city, doing odd jobs to get into a position to buy (or steal?) my first piece-of-junk spaceship. To really feel like a part of the city I think there would have to be a decent variety of different ways to make money, and places to spend it. I would enjoy being a small-time pirate for a while. Also, this might seem trivial but I would definitely like to be able to find a small steamed dumpling place somewhere in the depths of the city after seeing the ones in the trailer! I’ll probably be a fat pirate! In summary,

    Exploring settlements/markets/ruins for interesting characters, trinkets and artifacts to fill my ship/home with would be my kind of thing for certain. Discovering untold stories in the cities or out in space would be a big motivation for me.

  142. ShiroYamiHime

    After reading the comment I can only agree with the fact it would be nice to be able to chose between the bad path and the good one. Maybe with a system of choices, etc.
    Discovering new territories and interacting with many differents characters is what could interest me in this game. But I’m the kind of people who like to have a lot of choices of activies in a game. It’s always nice to be able to do something and then be able to do a different one.
    I just can’t wait for the game to be finished :3.

  143. I would be like an avenger i think. Someone who hunts down pirates and steal from them. Like the punisher, going after the bad guys and giving them what they deserve.

  144. Considering this specific character, I would say he just looks stereotypically evil. As if there was no possibility he could have anything friendly in him…towards enemies and towards his crew. But that wouldn’t be needed because his crew would only consist of bastards and rats that look out for creating chaos or having a captain that can protect their weak bodies and souls.
    But I can imagine that he’s got one specific, strange but power holding goal. And there could be a quite dramatic, touching story around this goal, concerning his past. That’s what I have to say to this character.

    If I had to describe my play style of galactic pirates I would compare it with the manner of the strawhat pirates in the Anime “One Piece”. Disliking the government, somehow behaving like pirates (“stealing” treasures, looking for adventures, quarreling with other pirates) but when confronted with injustice (in system 4: slavers) or similar, definitely not looking away and helping those who are weak and in need of help (for example freeing slaves and then offering them to be part of my crew but they can also choose to lead their own life). I also wouldn’t mind to befriend some other pirates but just those who earn it. This guy, I guess, would not earn it.

  145. Why join the navy, when you can be a pirate? Or more so, why join the space fleet, when you can be a sky pirate?

    I think for a lot of people, myself included, playing a Robin Hood like figure, sticking it to the man and helping out the small guy is a strong incentive to play a game (or keep playing) in a vast world that at the same looks alive and feels “lived in”. The E3 2017 trailer certainly showed off a world that has lore behind it, a story waiting to be discovered and explored.

    A game can be a mile wide, but only an inch deep, paraphrasing a game reviewer here, a key component in an enjoyable gaming experience for me has always been the lore and the ability to keep track of what I have discovered (an in-game codex with art and stories that I can look at whenever). A game can have the most stunning visuals and audio, but if it’s empty, shallow, it might as well not exist.

    I want to explore, and feel like I’m “part of the gang”, pull off intense battles by myself or with my team mates, stumble upon NPC’s that I may or may not be able to help out, depending on how far into I’m developing my character, and of course, I want to look fabulous and be awesome while doing it.

    Now, what could be better than be able to do it as a pirate? Morally ambiguous and heavily romanticized in our culture, for sure, it’s a “live free or die”- mentality. I feel like the TV-series Black Sails balances out this type of dynamic fairly well in their story telling, not all is so black and white in the world of pirates, the British Empire, plantation owners and slaves. It’s about choices and what consequences those choices may yield.

    In short: A story/lore driven main campaign that explains what type of world we are living in now, who’s who, where they came from and what’s their angle/end game in this story? Exploration and discovery of bits and pieces of said lore in more detail, keeping track of it, the discovery could be by doing shorter quests or longer episodic missions by myself or with my team, maybe the giver of those quests is a fellow pirate, or a slaver, or someone who represents the oppressed? I want to make choices in my character’s build that will actually affect the environment I play in, but if I regret my choices later, allow me also to go and earn back my reputation or favor with NPC’s. Redeem myself in their eyes.

    Maybe these quests will open new planets to get lost in, or new activities to partake in like finding materials to gather/mine and trade or give in to an NPC for items/experience etc… Just to change up pacing of the gaming experience, if everything is intense all the time, things tend to get stressful, and eventually tedious, let me chill out once in a while doing something simple (but rewarding).

    The guy in the picture seems predatory, so I would not play as him, I’d play as the guy, who’s trying to take him down, avenging those, who could not do it for themselves. But that’s just me and my inner wanting to do good space monkey mentality, live free or die. And most importantly, look fabulous and be awesome while doing it.

  146. I would like to be an animal hybrid. I think they are pretty cool looking. I would like the ability of to customize your character at the start of the game so it is less likely for you to have the exact same character as another. Whether that would be a human or a animal is up to the player.. You should be able to choose what clothes and accessories they wear and how their voice sounds. There should be a vast array of animals to choose from such as bears, sharks,, wolves, tigers, lions,, whales, rhinos, elephants, crocodiles, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, hyenas, buffalos, and different apes.. And in each of those different groups should be further choices. So white, grey or black wolf. Great white, hammerhead, tiger shark, etc. Each animal should have special advantages as well, ex. cheetah extremely fast.

    As far as gameplay I want to have free will to play as I please. So exploring new territories, bounty hunting, gun for hire, stealing, loot, and gun running are good to have. Building up the crew is also very important as well as helping the crew with problems they may have.. Freeing slaves and deciding their fate., whether that be enslave them free them, sell them, or have them join your crew. Becoming powerful and feared but respected is another aspect that should be explored. That way you can run sections of the galaxy. Upgradeable attributes and weapons, Taking over business ventures so that with some work these businesses make you more money. Throw in some cage fights, gun battles, and races and you have got a great game to play.

  147. Raising hell in that skin; Absolutely! Only on those who deserve such things. Based on a “righteous enough” moral compass
    As for my motivations; Yes… yes… hell yes… only if said hit appeased to my morals. And I thought true pirates always sought booty.

    It’s a pirate’s life for me.

    A thought I’d like to share about gameplay is that I’m fearful of getting lost in the web of story/quest chains. If you could present them is such a way that upon return from a long break, it’s easy to pick a direction to go and kinda remember what direction I intended to go.

  148. marbledrill51

    The darker look on this one is very cool, but maybe this vibe should stay specific to certain regions, because from what we have seen so far BGE2 relies more on goofy sympathetic maniacs than on cold gloomy ones.
    I think the “uncovering ancient mysteries ” part should be woven into some of the classic treasure hunting but not be a main motivation, it doesn’t feel like a pirates job. Exploring uncharted territories on the other hand is an adventurers job, yes. Treasure hunting and exploration also feit the open world genre well, while uncovering mysteries feels more like riddle or jump and run game content.
    BUT PLEASE HEAR THIS: What i would particularily like to do in a game like BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2 as a pirate, an outlaw and enemy of order, is fight a guerilla war against the forces of order and the political authorities. So that’s also connected to the slavers, but what i mean is having cities, countries, planets in which you really have to watch out for the local authorities when you first arrive, and being able to break down their systems and leave the planet in freedom and anarchy. That’s really what i dream of for this game about space pirates!

  149. I would love to play more of an anti-hero, that pirate model looks amazing and character creation I am extremely excited for. If this world is as natural and free as I hope then I would want to be able to act for good but outside the law and on my own terms, doing some questionable things for the right reasons.

  150. Carles_Maldon

    It would be awesome if you could explore the space and planets with total freedom. I think that it would be nice if you could recruit people from different places to join your crew, each person may give you secondary missions and special abilities. A thing I would love to do is explore ancient ruins.

  151. This particular skin? Sure! Though being able to ride on as a Hybrid of some sort would most certainly add to the vibrancy of it all! as for motivations I think whatever comes up, go with the flow and see what bumps you hit!

  152. thekingofgame15

    Picture about the pirate:
    Love it he just looks like one of those evil characters that after a serious loss get his head into like a higher purpose like being chosen for something that ends up killing everyone define his ideas something like that.
    Question 2:
    Yes I would love to have some aspects of his character like the robotic arm or the face paint/maybe tattoos.
    Question 3:
    As a pirate that’s in search of something what would make me explore the uncharted is to find key information about places where I can continue my progress for the final goal. Or just simply hearing stories about the place and that it hides something unbelievable treasures.
    As for Maffia if they hold something usefull that’s necessary to obtain to get information maybe cut my risk zone. But it also could be we stole their ship to move to another planet. Or reveal a slave trade hideout that connected to them. Or cutting other main illegal supliments from them for our own goal in the story.
    That’s it mainly but these are just the ideas that answer these questions in still “readable” lehght I will extend my thought in future discussions for now. 😀

  153. Taking from the bad and giving to the good! Note that I didn’t use the rich:poor adage as they are not the same 😉

  154. As someone who grew up with the Original Beyond Good and Evil, a lot my interest in this game is how it ties into the original. I would be incredibly motivated to follow quests that reveal lore about Pey’j, the DOMz, and Jade. I hope this game gives me the same kind of awe and that the first one did.

  155. Well of course a pirate has to steal. And about bounties , not need to always capture them. Maybe you like them or whatever even take a few into the crew. Blackmail a few people. It is good if you have something on police so you have a way in trouble.
    Need information network to receive and broadcast information. Like the IRIS network or maybe the initial IRIS network on the making to work things out toward the so called freedom.
    You steal things some you keep some you sell, so you need at least 3 or more place to sell and not inconvenience buyers or they shall not know you stole from them too.
    It might be convenient to secretly expand your influence in a few cities and get some authority. Hybrids can get a slightly better treatment that is not distinguishing for others to notice but huge leap anyway and get benefit of their work same time. Pick out a few talents among them.
    Take over a mafia and direct it toward your ideal way.
    Then there is when they know about you and infamous and wants your capture. They might want several ships to pursue you then It is a need to think about that possibility and do things about it. Be It a good ship, a diversion or weakening enemy, expand the territory of silent revolutionists. Openly become pirate king do bigger raids and stuff then openly utilize seed of authority make do revolution build an army and fight a space war get the slaves and humans to do this war of freedom, make an empire be the emperor and then feel the power of the dark side as Darth Fart. Dress in black and force choke the unwilling and… cough.

  156. For this pirate skin I could see the character being very charismatic sociopath. Someone that rules his crew with an iron fist and takes care of his own. Not the most stable of fellows and would dable in all the different types of trades keeping his finger on the pulse of the underworld as he slowly worked on gaining more and more of a prominent character in it. His main focus of business could be information broker, the man that knows almost everything going down with anyone.. Someone that likes to try and do new things to stave off the boredom that is always right around the corner.

  157. I love the feeling of stubmling across something unique that Ive never seen before which can end up leading me onto a larger secret or narrative, and then at the end feel like it was all worth it by obtaining an object or ability that can change the way I play the game or make me feel much more powerful or unique. For instance, npcs speak of rumors or leads or you come into possession of a peculiar item that causes you to investigate further, revealing hidden locations or intrigue that offer a challenge and then after a series of steps, or discoveries, would reward players with something special that they will keep to use or display as a way of remembering the story of how they earned it and showing off their achievements to others..

    I like to feel like there are tons of experiences like that to discover every time I boot up the game to start playing, like the universe is endless.

  158. I would love to see a bad-ass pirate charachter that starts out like a selfish scoundrell. You realy don’t like this guy. But along the way he gets entangled in a situation that is bigger than himself and starts to make the right dicisions. So, bad boy turns into hero… Never a wimp of course but a man that finds redemption in a new future in which he can matter to others and be of importance… (kinda the character of Han Solo in Star Wars).

    I would like to see two options for the player… You can choose the path of the righteous or dwell back to the path of evil… One decision might possibly lead to his death. But we don’t know which one…

    I would love that!!!!

  159. Something that was certain when playing BGE was that we were doing the right thing and unveiling a terrible conspiration revolving around human trafficking. If BGE2 is going to take place in a world powered by slavery, I feel like trying to free the slaves or make some “big bad entity” fall would still be my motivation for playing. Sure, one can question the morality of the actions my character would take to reach their goal. The greatest evils are often committed with good intentions. Perhaps I’d commandeer a ship or steal money from a company where there are actual hard workers that are just part of the system and doing their job. Perhaps there will be collateral damage.

    I don’t think the player needs a choice in the matter. I’d say whatever BGE2 goes for, I find it very important for games that let me chose to do good or bad deeds that I don’t feel forced to pick black or white. It’s what the Infamous series got entirely wrong in my opinion. A game called Beyond Good & Evil should go beyond that (haha). So either let me do what I want when I want or just don’t give me a choice, but don’t make me feel like I should be doing the right thing because I’m playing the “good guy” route.

  160. Well , I guess it depends why . but becoming Pirate more because of a course of event , that a will to be Bad would be better IMO. Doing what you have to survive, and maybe get carried in a lot of thing because you can’t leave your crew anymore , like a 2nd family !

  161. That two sided path is too old school. Nowadays everybody is being sage and says everything is gray cuz black and white.
    The players would be restricted in this 2path good and evil system. Beyond that is freedom. WAOW. Sounds familiar.
    Everybody wants to be selfish greedy prick with self conscience. Help someone or being indifferent on your whim.

  162. trevelyan.des

    The idea of sticking it to slavers, or the government, is what interests me. I dont want to play as a bad guy but that doesnt mean I want to obey the law. Some laws are bad and you can have a lot of fun and still be a hero while working outside of them.

  163. For me, it would be more like a ‘Robin of Sherwood’ character. A pirate in the eyes of the authorities, but a champion for the down-trodden hybrids, etc.

    Loving that character art though!

  164. If you’re looking for freedom in the gameplay, the players should be allowed to choose to roleplay an evil or good character.

    However having choices that are too much binary becomes old fast, having some grey areas as well is the best in my opinion. The Witcher made some solid “characterisation” system avoiding binary choices.

  165. Dark cape – Cyborg face, 1/2 man 1/2 machine, all with a big heart, very unsympathetic on the surface but breaks down in solace.just doing something to be themselves and maybe to have something they love to not be taken away…

  166. I think it’s important to keep in mind the role of choice (which dovetails with the very title of this video game series.) In the Golden Age of Piracy, there were certain similarities between all pirates (flouting authority, thieving, etc,) but there was a vast range of behaviors among them too, from the wantonly sadistic to those pirates who were rather noble. And bear in mind that the earlie4st Pirate Federations were a good example of pure democracy in action, equality, honor among brotherhood.

    Having said that, it would be interesting if some of the beastly traits of your chosen race surface at unexpected times. The shark who likes to read and tries being diplomatic is driven into a killing frenzy when he smells blood…

  167. i probably play a bit passive-aggressive, however if sorted to aggression I would make sure the fieriness is felt down to the core. This is critical in order to maintain my reputation. Ideally i prefer to be for hire pirate/syndicate with a set specialty of combat.

  168. X-C-A-L-I-B-E-R

    1)yes i would like to play as that menacing pirate but it wont be my first choice i mean i would like to make my 1st experience with the game kind of spiritual as the name itself suggests
    2)it would be very awesome if i could search treasures on ‘another’ planet here another is very important as after 300 to 400 years earth wont have any treasures left and besides that we would get a chance to discover new planets and their history and also as a developing team u would get the chance of fill in in new ideas into this whole new world(though i think it should be kind of side quest)
    3)yes mafia sounds great as in this vast world their are many opportunities i think for encountering with mafia guys and carrying out their jobs for a reward making friends of enemies(police) is always great
    4)discovering new places and creating a kind of dominion over them would also be interesting or may be freeing the slaves from those territories and making the slaves establish their own government or such kind of thing would be great and also it can serve as a safe house in times of heat between police
    5)My own-it would be etremely super good if in this world i give a job to my crew and in the open world it is still ongoing that is i see him doing his job if i evr go to the place where his doing it i mean like a real world incident i accidentally meet with him on his work u get it right i mean like a real world they shouldnt just say yes to the job and disappear we should be able to track them or hep them etc
    6)lastly thanku very very very…much for making this awesome game come alive againi am so glad that one day i will be able to play it thanku very much again i hope i was helpfull

  169. It would be interesting to be able to effect the governments of the planets by engaging in coups or hunting down rebels( For money of course) It would be cool to see the effects of this across the galaxy


    If your gonna have space pirates, every thing must be left open, all activities should be open to your character, and what you do should have consequences, this game is already seriously ambitious and I hope it makes to the full potential,

  171. I guess, I imagine a story more profond than just being pirates and ravaging everything. Explore the morality and questioning the characters will face-up. I’m tired of games that are only killing and chasing treasures. Redundant and boring, make a good story and make it long enough to last. Not interested in playing that character, just seem like on the verge of society, an anarchist with no point in life but doing bad.

  172. I’d be more a corsair/space adventurer hunting, chasing & fighting space pirates like in Space Cobra or a bounty hunter/space cowboy like in Cowboy Bebop.

    Being an actual pirate could be also fun though. I’d be more like a space GTA then with mutants & cyborgs.

    What would drive me would be the adventure, the ladies, the possibility of gaining a mothership with a proper crew & multiple smaller spaceships inside to engage in dogfights and races, discovering new alien civilizations & new planets with mindblowing landscapes, sexy alien ladies, stoping the “typical douchy bad guy” by unloading a nuke on his face, riding super mechas, fighting off kaijus and sexy ladies in skimpy, slooty outfits that need rescued & recomfort

  173. The most important thing to me, is the ability to play as a hybrid.
    My goals would be to free other hybrids like me and eventually make the people pay for what they’ve done to us.
    I also love adventure, so exploration is my thing for sure, however, not planet discovery. I enjoy the smaller things. A well crafted building with attention to details and a story to tell, is much more appealing than pretty environments. Secret locations and little hideouts ftw ^^

  174. Probably an information broker or the closest thing I could be as a pirate. Someone who pulls strings and calls in favors to win my side , of course I’d try to free the hybrids and do as much as I could for them. But treasure hunting isn’t really my thing, now obtaining and selling information or blackmailing to get what I want? That’s my style. Lie, cheat, backstab, and steal my way to the top while remaining true to my crew and the lower class is how I’d do it. Mafia hits I might do, if they had the option to double-cross or help the target based on circumstance.

  175. I think it’d be cool to have the ability to choose the gender of the pirate character to be not just male but non-binary or female. Or instead of customisation it’d be cool for the gender could be ambiguous, so not necessarily just male or just female, it could make the experience more inclusive and open the character to different story dynamics.

  176. pixellius2017

    As a pirate I’ll do everything to piss off my enemies and to help my homies, whatever it takes. Rebel fighting establishment and defender of the oppressed. If I will have to deal with mafia to help my friends then I will do it but not for a sake of being a bad guy.
    As a space pirate I want to explore and discover new places. I hope that game will have carefully created strange and unusual worlds. Quantity over quality. If yes then exploration will be absolutely important part of my journey.

  177. The thing I’m most interested in is just being ‘out’ of the meddling of authorities: fighting for that. Fighting for freedom is interesting when balancing that against money, being encouraged by resources to steal or simply destroy, and being financially punished for doing the ‘right’ thing such as freeing slaves or something. Maybe, though, for being good my relationships are fostered and done as favours, when people can spare the effort, whereas running things financially and selfishly keeps things running smoothly, if expensively.

    Essentially, though, exploring and getting by, running from those that want to control what I do as a player – be it the mafia or the government.

    That’s the narrative I’m interested in.

  178. Dragonheart_96

    I’d prefer to be the bounty hunter that brought him in, personally. Fighting for my personal (ambiguous) moral code, and the crew I call family. Also getting ships. That way I can go places to get treasure for money for more ships.

  179. I like his cybernetic arm. Though I wouldn’t play as him. Personally I would love to make my own character. Can you imagine a hybrid made to be a pet sitting in the captain’s chair? Would be rather quirky.

    As for style I agree with others. The crew makes the ship, the captain barks orders and a good captain looks out for their crew. Doesn’t matter what trouble you all get into as long as you have each other’s backs getting out. On that note though I feel if you piss all your crew off they should strand you. =w=

    Then maybe if you’re really nasty you go get yourself revenge later.

  180. In my opinion, it would be cool to be a pirate like Robin Hood.
    For example: save hybrids from the hands of bad people who harm them and attach them to their crew, and also, for example, picking up goods, money, etc, rich and poor giving (such as hybrides, slaves).
    Gentlemen of Ubi!
    I’ve been waiting for BGE2 for a long time …
    Please create this work, the first to buy them in my country, ie in Poland!
    Regards and good luck!

  181. What I love the most about piracy is they were the first occidentals to experiment real democracy. Because pirates were fleeing from authoritarian oligarchic systems they instinctively build alternative systems that intended to be freed from exploitation in order to respect the opinion of each. They were all about freedom but understanding the importance to care about the good of the group prior to the wealth of a few. They were social utopian developing self management way before first anarchists. They also were the first to organize health systems and insurances. They tried to build a society based on wealth share.

    They were building a barbarian image to scare the hell out of despots forces, they certainly could be brutal to death, but their life was really not the mean caricature that was made of them, caricature to witch they actively participated to feed for sure.

    I really would like the piracy in this game to reflect that part of this history that is often forgotten. In the storyline as in the gameplay. Like, for instance, if the online allows to build pirate guilds, to bring voting systems (player and each member of the crew of each ship involved depending how they feel in their crew and on their own aspirations, having a voice), insurance system if injuries can be persistent and/or involve economic system for medical purpose.

    This book may be a great reading to get more about it :

    1. Hm I gave a wrong link, this book is maybe way beyond my meaning. Can’t find the one I was thinking about…
      This link resume better my thought, including information about some territory systems they had :

  182. Lord-Chaotica

    Definitely heading toward undiscovered territories and explore mysterious places to learn more about forgotten knowledges

  183. find ancient weapons of doom and unleash my untamed hatred on all those who mock me.

  184. solouncapitano

    Exploration and plunder are all great, but I’d also like to see some echoes of pirate lore. The equivalent of walking the plank would be getting thrown out of an airlock. The equivalent of being cast adrift or being dumped on a remote uncharted island could be a punishment that translates into being dropped off on a remote asteroid and having to find a way to survive and escape (level idea?). A large pirate space station would be the equivalent of Nassau or other pirate ports, with a lot of missions and activities taking place there. Could be a recruitment hub. Lots of options…

  185. BoogaTheBrutal

    All that and more. I want everything you can think of and more. Everything from muggings, buying and selling illegal items and substances, home invasions, war mongering, being the proprietor of my own business, being a drug kingpin, bounty hunting, the buying and selling of guns to terrorist/rebel factions, waging my own wars, slavery, hijacking, hacking, and all that pirate stuff you know gotta get that booty and be feared and all that.

    1. BoogaTheBrutal

      Oh thought of something else none of that good/evil crap. Life is a balance of light and dark, made up of choices made in gray areas to build a reputation to which is unforeseeable, and every decision effects how different people see differently. History is written by the victor.

  186. I would want to play as a reckless vigilante, pursuing my own vision of justice. A reputation/notoriety system would fit this game so well because being aligned with certain factions could unlock exclusive areas, etc. Lastly, I would love to see the game respond to my play style. Like if I choose to do a lot of side quests in remote planets, then I get the option to set up a secret hideout there. Or if I collect a lot of novelty treasure items, I receive discounts at the marketplace. Something that makes me feel like the game is acknowledging my play style.

  187. devilmeetsvampi

    I’ll make this pirate a seemingly looking bad with a soft side one.
    He hates the main protagonist but him and the pro have same hatred against major corporate agencies.

    He is known for hunting some special airships and illegally owns a lot of mysterious lands on some planets.
    He still loves the common people and if the main pro kills a lot of civilians in the underground parts, he sends out his mafias and pirates to hunt you down or either becomes a problem in your main storyline by not granting you access to your map/mobile/trasport system until you do some of his work along with him.

  188. Hybrids should be able to be used to steal items depending on breed traits like a mouse or fox ..

    1. love the idea! this could be a “catch ’em all” incentive for rescuing them

  189. beyondforever17

    This would be cool to play as this pirate, looks like he would make a mess of everything and then burn it in fire, I would although like to see a way to make it stealth missions like in the original game where you had to sneak by the Alpha Sections to find out what conspiracies they were hiding.This game is shaping up very well i can’t wait til it comes out.

  190. I’d love to have a loot system where you can track those who stole from you in order to get your treasure back.
    But where the pirate also has the possibility to ‘launder’ some stolen items / coins / hybrids. in order to avoid being tracked.
    This could be done through third party pawn shops or caches on asteroids…

    But personaly, I would stick it to the Corporations!

  191. From all that I’ve been reading, I think that it would be essential for the game in part to have both a good sense of density, purpose and balance- go where you want, do what you want to do – and not have ‘invisible’ moral choices or direct restrictive consequences of the said choice you just made. Rather than choosing either ‘good or bad’ for that, you do ultimately what you know in your heart to be right, and have the universe you travel through to naturally react and evolve, to said actions, in other words, an open sense of morality, where it is down to your own perspective, and confidence in the choices you make. It would reinforce the impact that you make as a budding space-pirate, perhaps incorporate an open ended, even potentially story driven reputation system, that will reward you for any and all actions you make. Let your growing legend inspire (or terrify!) the people you meet, maybe use that to even maybe influence who joins your crew. You would need a dense, rich world to do so as well. Each faculty needing in-world backstory and motivation, character and personality – which from the stuff I’ve seen so far, BGE2 will not fall short of! Much like the Witcher wild hunt, have every quest carry as much weight as a main campaign story, but incorporate open world choice, open ended morality and a multitude of approaches. For example, you could be visiting a neighbouring colony and discover word of a roving slaver convoy, ripe for attack and liberation. Given how the game might work, do you inquire more intel on you target, set off immediately, or perhaps tail the convoy at a distance, studying their patterns, and potential weaknesses. Do you commence all out attack? Do you sneak aboard the ship? Could you even, pretend to show interest about buying the cargo, use that as an opportunity to get aboard with no fuss or outer conflict, and then turn the tables at the unexpected moment, free all the slaves, kill the slavers and be no worse for wear yourself – even commendeer their ship, and do what ever you would want with it, blow it hell, sell it for parts, use it as a honey trap for other slave ships so you can increase the amount of havoc you can wreak. I know it would be immensely complicated to do so, but have the story ever evolve, so that no situation does or feels the same. You are your own variety. B

    1. And always use that to further your story too. Allow every action to be important, no matter how great or small it is, whether you’re sailing through the cosmos, or bonding with your crew, which is something that I would be keen to do quite a lot of. In fact I’d love this to be a way of discovering new world, targets and riches, through the gossip and conversations and maybe superstitions of your crew. Have it all contribute and benefit the idea of going where you want and doing what you want, however you want, so you don’t ever feel that there’s a main quest you’ve got to get back to. Have the end goal always in sight, but get there however you want. Any-who, just a long, rambling thought of mine. I have the greatest of confidence in everyone working behind this and I cannot wait for what’s in store! I wish the best of success and creativity in going forward. Xx

      1. But just to give a definite answer to the question itself though, as a Pirate myself – I would want to do all of the above and more! Good old treasure hunting, liberating hybrid slave ships and colonies, protecting people who ask, maybe go hunting for lost technology/civilisation/plants/relics/ancient weapons etc, trading, crafting and selling, stealing ships or prized possessions from other criminals and slavers – why not even racing (either in space or on the surface! Be great to have a quick bod to the first game!), and just generally playing mini games, like you did in the original Beyond Good and Evil. Saving potential crew members and building my relationship between me and them, building a family and going up against anyone who wants a shot, be it crime syndicate, rival pirates, slavers, or at the end of the day just some good old plundering of corporate riches and causing righteous havoc! The lure of being able to do anything with a strong spirit of adventure, and never judging a book by its cover but always wanting to do the right thing, is what will always drive me. And I definitely would love to pursue the sort of badass, yet fun loving, whatever happens, happens – so long as we’re having fun and kicking ass while doing it, kind of lifestyle. Like a Vagabond, Robin Hood esque adventure, where anything could happen! Xx

        Oh and I’d love it if you could also photograph thing and analyse them, maybe use that as a way to initiate random adventures, whether it of a shady deal, or of exotic wildlife, ancient tech, or badass space frigate!

  192. I think that I see my pirate like a cool guy with a Smile hahaha Luffy for One Piece for exemplo I like freedom and not terror.

  193. I would be a “lone wolf”. I really love dogs, so my character would be a (most likely) dachshund, called Ralf Alex (as a tribute to my friend Ralf and polish crime novelist Joe Alex). He would be a hybrid of german and polish ancestry. He would not be a pirate, but would work with them and eventually become their ally, heling them in deceiving the Police or recovering intel for them. He’s a private investigetor. All he cares for is justice. He would investigate every crime he could. And he takes all means necessairy to make his goals come true.

  194. No. I don’t want BG&E2 to turn into grimdark nastiness. This looks like something out of Army of Two. The strength of BG&E was despite tackling dark subject matter it had a strong thread of optimism and decency running throughout, both in its writing and aesthetic. I don’t want to play a game about terrorizing defenseless innocents. If this is going to be pirate game they need to be less actual real pirates, more honourable rebels working outside the system to help others.

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