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BGE2 - Space Monkey Report Live

Space Monkey Report Live!

[Edit] For those of you Space Monkeys who may have missed this first Space Monkey Report, here’s a link to the VOD below. Please feel free to leave your comments and questions for the BGE2 dev team right here!

Beyond Good and Evil 2 – Space Monkey Report #1 Live Stream


The Beyond Good and Evil 2 dev team will be streaming live today for our first ever Space Monkey Report. Come join us!


7 December 2017, 6 pm (CET)





See you there!

37 thoughts on “Space Monkey Report Live!

  1. Dam won’t be able to watch have graphics class

  2. Jurassic_Pac

    Some gameplay to be displayed? Please say yes! <3

  3. Nice, very nice.

  4. Noel avant l’heure ! merci l’équipe 😀

    1. C’etait génial, merci beaucoup
      Vous avez repondu à pas mal des question que je me posais, ca fait vraiment plaisir de voir ce vers quoi évolue BGE2.
      Bravo… Mais maintenant j’ai encore plus de questions (de gameplay entre autre) !
      J’ai hâte d’avoir encore de nouvelles infos et de pouvoir donner des idées !

  5. I’m seeing it!! 😀

  6. Good idea to let your community have such a place in your Dev.
    Thank you for that, you will have big feedback from me when beta will be up.

    Merci ! Bonne chance pour ce projet démesuré.

  7. Hello,
    It was a very good stream considering that it was your first time. But please do it on a schedule. The design of the Room was perfect, just let the things get loose:D

    The way you interact with the fans is great, I hope all will be happy when they get their hands on the game, and I really can’t wait to play this game! please don’t make it take too long.

    Love you guys, best Wishes <3

  8. Lovely stream guys. The DNA tech was rather impressive. I hope we, the player, get to play around with that and the ship customizations in one way or another.


  9. theartofbattle

    I really loved this live stream, can’t wait to try the beta. I’m a very huge fan of BG&E.

    I’m glad you will give the hybrids individual instincts. This will make the characters even more unique and make them appear more natural in the game.

    Here are some ideas I have for BG&E 2:

    – Talking about underwater creatures it would be epic for example to have fish hybrids that could for example breathe underwater and swim a lot faster in water than run when they are on the ground.
    – It would also be really cool if every planet would have it’s individual terrain, Perhaps you could have an underwater planet with underwater cities or cities on islands where pirate ships stop by or where they are beeing are kept and where occasionally there are huge storms causing colossal tsunamis. Some other ideas would be having a cave planet, a desert planet, skyscraper/tech planet.
    – In addition would be nice if there would be a similar planet to hillys with hovercrafts like in first BG&E(with cities having an identical architecture/ structure of the buildings, marketplaces etc.). Three of my very favorite places from the first part of BG&E for example were the light house, market square and mammagos garage.

    I hope I could help you out on giving some of my ideas for the upcomming game.

    One last question I have is how can I upload BG&E fan art?

    1. Your comment on underwater hybrids got me thinking
      What if: humans are a base value for charachter stats, and hybrids have bonuses.
      BUT, because of hybrid segregation, it would be easier and cheaper to buy or devellop mech enhancements that could mimic the effect of the hybrid bonuses.
      Just a thought

  10. Ki_YaKarateMonster

    Add Lizard Face for me.

  11. Rockets-rocket

    If you’re going to add things from all over the world into beyond good and evil 2. Can you add things from Australia. Like spider, snake and crocodile hybrids and give them their own gods. Or be able to have pets, so you can have a pet parrot, lizard or any other animal.

    1. yeah it would be nice to see something else than Ganesha city at some point. There was an idea about a cernunnos-like deity that i like, perhaps in a rainy, windy world, planète Bretagne :).
      They did speak about Hator, the egyptian goddess at some point in the stream, and there is an egyptian crocodile god, sobek, so that’s a start 😉 .

      1. Rockets-rocket

        Yeah that would be cool. I would love to see gods from really religions like hindu and egyptian gods. As well as made up gods that they made.

        1. I think it would be cool to see gods. I can see that hybrids having their own culture.

          1. In African culture Anansi is a spider trickster god. It would be really cool to see that in the game.

    2. Yeti23, Your comment on anansi is interesting.
      Most of the hybrids we saw were part human part other amniote( vertebrates able to reproduce and live on land, such as reptiles or mammal). The most distant organism we’ve seen as part of an hybrid’s genome is a shark, which is a chondrychtian (cartilaginous skeleton, oposed to osteichtians, bony skeletons). With an exception of an octopus hybrid which i think was a fanart.
      Arthropods(insects, arachnids and crustaceans) along with molluscs are even farthest from Humans genetically. They are protostomians and we are Deuterostomians, which basically implies that our bodies devellop in opposite ways( their embryo formation begins with their mouth parts, us with our anal parts; our skeleton is inside, their’s is outside or they don’t have any…)
      The closest ancestors we share are basically jellyfishes. To Be able to select DNA from both parts that wouldn’t be impossible with 24’th century tech, but there is no telling what the results could be, or even if those hybrids could be anthropomorphic. In any case it would be far harder to produce than hybrids with species closer to Homo sapiens, that it if Homo sapiens is the species you want to cross with another.

      1. Who says you can’t learn anything from games?
        I’m learning stuff and the game isn’t even released haha
        Thanks for the small biology class, very interesting.

  12. theartofbattle

    One last thought I really wanted to share is that it would be so cool if you could create/ establish your own customizeable settlement on a planet regarding the interrior design such as for example the rooms/ interrior design aswell as the outer design.

    1. Maybe it’ll be more likely that the housing and home curtomization part of the game will take place in our motherships

  13. Belgarathmaster

    Wouah!!! C’était un vrai petit bonheur! des tonnes d’informations et des visuels!! Les concept art étaient géniaux., a customisation des véhicules et des P.J. prometteuses, j’ai hâte d’en savoir plus!!! Merci encore à votre équipe et à vous Michel de permettre que ce rêve prenne vie !


  15. Hey guys!
    I’ve just watched the update (sorry to be late!) and I want to thank you for it, it’s great to see what you’re doing and how you take us into account.
    One thing I’ve noticed is that all hybrids are antropomorphic, and I think it would be cool to see also other animla mixtures , maybe not as playable characters, because I understand that would be too complex, but as part of the fauna of the world to make it richer. Also I think it would interesting that you had to find fauna (mixtures or not) to unlock new hybrids and characters (And also get photos of them and get rewarded like in the first game!), maybe keep them as pets in your spaceship?
    I want and hybrid monkey-cat to pet

    1. Oh! and people could participate and contribute creating fauna for the world. You could even make a contest

  16. Next time I will catch the Stream! Well Updated my thread with the video 🙂
    Time to watch it.

    1. Thanks that you guys mentioned me 🙂
      I hope other questions get asked if the time is right.

      Great to hear back and that with a big livestream! 😀
      Best wishes to all devs.

  17. Thank you for this live, it was awesome to discover the DNA mixer and the 3D ships models you’ve created. Can’t wait to see more, it was also very good to have feedbacks about the SMP. My favorites updates here are obviously the space Tuktuk and the shark man, I laughed so hard when I saw it. Thanks again hope to see more soon.

  18. I know this might sound dumb. I would to see a hybrid samurai.

  19. Super live ! J’espère vraiment que vous arriverez à trouver un moyen pour nous faire participer à la réalisation du jeu ! J’adorais travailler sur les concept art !

  20. Masterprocess

    Hey y’all!
    The talk about progression from a space Tuk-Tuk to a giant mothership had me thinking about the importance of progression. In the original Beyond Good and Evil, the Beluga was earned from a great deal of hard work. The Beluga was never given to the player. Even after Jade finally discovered the Beluga’s existence, there was still work to be done to get it fully operational, and when it was finally finished, it really felt like *ours*. I believe that this theme of progression and its power can’t be understated. We saw the issue with providing a crappy progression system in Star Wars Battlefront 2. It might not be a trivial task to provide a progression system, but the dividends that it will pay will almost certainly be worth the investment.

    TL;DR: Don’t just give the player a massive ship because it wouldn’t be as fulfilling as earning one would be.

  21. I’m a bit worried you are focusing on multiplayer so much. I’m not saying that is a bad idea, not at all, but don’t abandon single player mode, don’t leave it in the background. Make the solo experience as great as multiplayer one. Make the solo experience as great as in first game, pls.

    Everything else looks awesome to me.

  22. devilmeetsvampi

    Keep up the good work guys. The creative director wasn’t allowing to give a lot of infos so that’s good. There needs to be set mysteries until the gameplay trailer. And you guys actually look like a team working together. Also waiting for more questions for our inputs on here.

    1. devilmeetsvampi

      Also if we would get email notifications for stuff like these. Would be great!

  23. CosmicOfficer

    Excellent stream! I would like to say I have never been so excited for a game to be developed and discussed, how you guys make the fans and community become so involved with the game development. I was glad to hear you can create your own story that can develop how you will like it and no loading!? Unbelievable, making everything connect is one of the best things I love in the game better then just open world.

    – Furthermore my ideas would be that, when it comes to conflict with any danger, your character will get inflicted or a lost of a limb, a cut ear, scar, etc. Making you wanting to be more cautious with your character wanting to risk a wound or so.

    – Another idea is when going into another culture, planet, or tribe, you can get a rare chance of finding them doing there tradition, event, parade, etc. I would want you to be either interested in it to watch until the end or go on with your life.

    – When hearing the “hybrid gangs” in the live stream it made me wonder of them if they would either be against the human, have there own freedom else where or just cause terror.

    – My last idea is with the police force in the cities, especially big ones. Would there be a chance to see hybrids police officers, if so can we be able to become one? To protect the people and the city itself?

  24. Hey Space Monkeys!

    Fist off I think the enlightening video is fantastic and it really upholds your commitment to keeping the fans as in depth into the progress of creating the game as possible.

    Secondly, seeing the progression in technology as far as the DNA system for the hybrids as well as the diversity of options from male/female/transgender/ as well as the mixing of animal DNA is just awe-inspiring. It truly gives the sense of no boundaries as far as the limits of someones imagination in creating their own personal hybrid.

    Also, THE SHIPS! look awesome! I specifically loved how even with the ship model, in the video, at some point you used parts to create a model of a fighter to look like a BEE! I mean I know my space pirate is already going to be a WU – TANG fan so that just peaked my interest lol.

    I love that you let us know that the team is currently working on creating city’s full of life! I think this is so important to a game especially knowing how you have the solar system tech involved in creating realistic sunsets and beautiful scenes in the game.

    One detail that I hope for (as small as it is) is the ability to move around the city with some weight to the character. In example, the difference for me with a recent game that came out (Assassins Creed Origins) versus it’s predecessors was, that if felt like the character had no weight. The ability to walk around gives the player time to look at the beautiful surroundings and appreciate them. I mean whats all the work for if no one will take time to really appreciate it.

    Secondly, and I’ve mentioned this before, side quests. I understand it takes much work to create a living city and non – repetitive side quests but I feel that with BGE there are many other ways to create interesting side quests from photography missions, to stealth to full on SPACE BATTLES NOW!! simply put, one can tell if you create the same mission with a different (but the same) agenda.

    Other than that I’m super excited for the game and for the team who’s work continues to inspire (and i mean really inspire) and wow the fans.

  25. I am very excited about space monkey project , here in Grecce i think i am the only one waiting to be member of this project.
    please dont forget that you have at least one gamer in Grecee , i will help this project with all my heart !!
    wating for news ..

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