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Devs Ask Space Monkeys #3

Question from Michel Ancel, Creative Director

Playing a pirate in Beyond Good & Evil 2 means having, and fighting for, the freedom to carve your own path through the stars.

Q: What types of environments are you looking forward to discovering, exploring and expressing yourselves in, as free pirates in System 3?


Radio Cheeta

Here’s a short list of some of the places we’ve been thinking about—tell us where your imagination takes you, Space Monkeys!

  • Secret Pirate lairs on asteroids, spaceports, dormant volcanic craters…
  • Black markets in city slums
  • Treacherous mining operations
  • Lush valleys with sacred temples
  • Legendary treasures hidden in uncharted territories across space

Give us your answer and discuss in the comments below or on the forums!

445 thoughts on “Devs Ask Space Monkeys #3

  1. CulturalLemur
    Personally I would love to explore some sort of canyon cities/outposts. Very rainy, neon-filled locations like the ones in the Blade Runner movies would also be nice to see! But most importantly, snowy villages and mountains! With some (hybrid?) monks to talk to!
    1. I'd like to see some temples and abandoned villages or settlements so you can ruin or save the people. That you'll have a free choice in that, and some views and quiet places, natural, as well as big main cities, crowded with a wide variety of hybrids. Can be super interesting, especially when you have such a variety of environments.
      1. Rockets-rocket
        Yeah, blade runner would look cool with a lot of hybrids walking around and doing their jobs, such as farming or working at the markets would be cool. Monks worshiping different kinds of hybrid gods would be cool. It would give the world atmosphere. Abandoned villages would be cool to explore and maybe some poor villages where the natives there are desperately trying to survive.
        1. It would be cool to have your own litle planet or some kind of moon or somthing where you can go safe and have like jour own community or small village... and i mean like you can buy or make some hard missions that you can unlock it.... i realy like fotage of the game and i hope than this game woun't be to big or planets woun't be to big but keep doing what ever you guys are doing.. it looks like going right way :)
          1. Rockets-rocket
            Yeah, maybe like build your own settlements in deserts, forests or even building base on the moon like you said would be cool and maybe the settlements are for different factions, so you can build a settlement for pirates to go and sell their loot or have a drink at a tavern, or have a settlement to help the people and give them jobs and homes to live in.
          2. mattycoolbreeze
            I think its a brilliant idea. I thought since they were toying with the idea of customizable characters, there could be some way of finding that planet that "feels like home" for your species. since a monkey hybrid would love the more lush forest environments, maybe your character would rather build a settlement somewhere like that, rather than on a snowy mountainside or dense city. I feel like this could make an interesting dynamic for when you progress through the game. and maybe the decisions you make can affect not only where your character feels comfortable but also directly affect where you want your settlement (i.e. if you are an evil pirate mastermind, maybe your character would rather move his jungle shrine settlement that he built as a young lad, to a more sinister hideout in a dark city labyrinth. Either way its going to be awesome
          3. I like that! Maybe some secret hideouts in asteroids or deserted planet where you can rest or store your tresure
          4. DevilMaster71
            Yeah I think if you can create your own town with your own community it'll be good Like homeless people you save and bring to your town where they can be who they want to be, merchant, hunter etc... a town (or world/planet) where they are free to do what they want but with one rules "no misdemeanour in the community" which say in other town or world they are free to do their crime
      2. I would love to see a undercover city hidden away from the government were everyone is scared if the government ever found them they would be put to prison
        1. You're right! that would be nice, i think it would be nice too when People witch are loyal to their "old" countrys, like for example the german, french, spanish or other european people would hide there and trying to fight against Chinas and Indias Government
        2. Under water and under ground discovery would be sweet too with lots of hidden areas or even hidden ships
    2. TheLeggMan325
      yeah i think that would be great. definitely cool to see that cyberpunk aseptic with some natural elements.
    3. i would love to see one very big popular City where many people/hybrids/robots or what ever should live there, it should happen there many criminal things and be like an dark urban cyberpunk city, with many black markets, strip clubs and so on. it would be perfect too if there would be gangs or somekind of organisations.
      1. Or one post apocalyptic planet with many abandoned cities where only live rebels and outlaws something like madmax.
    4. Younes-Jackson
      It would be fun to have lots of cities villages and a lush environment would be awesome mountains maybe also deserts some locations underwater or maybe even have your own little planet or your own city would very nice
      1. dragonrider712
        Yeah, your own city/planet would be sweet. Maybe do have something like a big "tree of life" or treehouse as an option.
    5. Yes, snowy villages and mountains would be awesome!!!! And also desserts, tropical areas and canyons. But also space stations to dock to or land on. But please without loading screens. More like pressing circle to tie your ship to the peer in AC Black Flag, that’s how I imagine being able to land my space ship EVERYWHERE. So far, the pictures and the e3 video look astonishingly amazing! Keep going guys, you are in the right direction to make a bomb!! :)
    6. I would love hazardous places like near volcanoes, very cold locations and underwater
    7. I think there should be a city with a lot of skycrapers a very crowded city this city should have the best technology a city like new york but in the future
    8. BOSSPLAYA2016
      Main character should be jesus who happens to be Lord hanuman
    9. Anything from blade runner type style to tropical beach scenes, to snow covered mountains with temples and sacred shrines, to dark dense forests hiding darker secrets to beautiful valleys like in the cover art above. Almost post apocalyptic looking regions ravaged by war or over consumption of the natural resources to treacherous deserts with amazing canyons with oasis’s. The ideas are literally endless!!
    10. Buttsamurai2099
      I would love to see a desert environment similar to the video game Mad Max where there are cities but there are also underground civilizations and forgotten areas to the contrast of the new cities also have hostile weather.
    11. Also altered carbon environments
    12. I would like to see an area like halong bay or a Big Island like New Zealand.
  2. wedgan_tilles
    Well it's hard to think about a specific environment. But I'd just hope to have places that let's us wander, and discover. Just like there is on the latest Zelda, the open world is inviting us to explore to our taste, not showing us a huge clutter of targets on the map/minimap, which in the end just try to get us do something instead of leaving us to discover things. But most improtantly, I just think there should be amazement when we get to a new area, planet, city, just like on Earth there is already some big cultural differences just for cities and landscape, the most improtant is to not feel that it's "always" the same :) I4m sure you will match that :)
    1. I agree with this, Breath of the Wild is my favourite game of all time and part of that is jumping in after the tutorial with the entire map free to explore,no restraints. The best thing about this is the excitement of seeing an interesting place or structure off in the distance and knowing I will find something there but not knowing what that thing or place is due to the lack of a minimap showing me what the place is all about. THIS IS A PERFECT ELEMENT FOR AN OPEN WORLD!!! Would love to see this implemented into BG&E, as it will definitely make the world(s) so much more misterious, while at the same time holding nothing back from the players uncovering the misteries of “what is that place over there” or “what’s over that hill” etc.
  3. Silverback1907
    I would like to see huge cities that resemble possibly that of Blade Runner. Beautiful and clean at the top but dirty and crime ridden at the bottom. Also asteroid space stations as a form of black market or space port. Uncharted planets with beautiful landscapes but some form of dark secret. A space graveyard full of sidestroke ships, possibly where a great battle took place. Military outposts to either raid or destroy. Space prisons where you can liberate prisoners to become members of your crew. Planets possibly mind and abused o the point where they are now decelerate wastelands. Finally, a nebula or shooting star that is absolutely sunning in design and beauty, not necessarily to land on and interact with but to simply look at while sailing through the stars. I cant wait to see what you have to offer. Take your time in creating this masterpiece of a game and I hope you take my ideas into consideration.
    1. Silverback1907
      When I said sidestroke, I mean destroyed. I apologize for the typo.
    2. I really want the ability to be able to build a station on a moon or large asteroid, and then have weapons like artillery built into smaller asteroids surrounding the station.
  4. Silverback1907
    I apologize for the typos
    1. We're only human, Silverback1907! Don't worry ;-)
  5. Black markets in city slums Treacherous mining operations Lush valleys with sacred temples Legendary treasures hidden in uncharted territories across space And underwater city's
  6. guest-k9Wig98E
    What I really love about the images shown is that they breathe some kind of culture and are all so diverse! You can really see how the political, economic and cultural situation impacts the environment. I would love to see more of those. Not only the slumps of a city in turmoil, but also more developed architecture of a stable prosperous city or rich districts. Moreover what I really loved about the first BGAE was that you could explore the interior of the building and discover these little secret places. Really makes it feel like it's so big you'll never find out everything. As far as environments go, I'd like to add: - Space station - Ancient (religious) wonders (like the pyramids, with a lot of mystery surrounding them) - Waterfalls - Underwater caves
    1. I really like the idea of having cultural /religious wonders like pyramids mixed with a futuristic style (like the pyramid from enslaved) and to maybe have like a enemy pirate crew in the style of the ancient egyptian animal gods like Horus the falcon or sobek the crocodile Also I would really like to see big theme based space ships like from some indigenous tribes or something more futuristic like a big casino with slot machines and games. As planetary environment i also could imagine something like a junkyard or a city build on clouds or some underwater city with human-fish type species or like in bioshock, completely abandoned but with some rare tresure And I would like to travel on my Pirat ship through space listening to some pirate songs like in assassins creed black flag but in a kinda futuristic way
  7. I like the idea of Legendary treasures hidden in uncharted territories across space with a combination of the Secret Pirate lairs on asteroids, spatioports, dormant volcanic craters which I think could work hand in hand and make the game truly unique and big in gameplay so we can travel great distances and explore as much as possible cause of the really big system which by it's nature makes you wanna explore just like in the BG&E the original game. Also I'd like you not to have the idea of collectibles and lootboxs ect ect like most of Ubisoft games nowdays ( example ; Assassin's Creed) and make it have some sort of connection to the story without it being side missions that are totally meaningless and pointless that don't impact the game and the game's story. ALWAYS keep in mind that we as a community want strong story , emotional, epic and UNIQUE that of course tells us more about the past before Jade was born and how was she born. Thank you to the team that shares content and lets us participate for this game which we've been waiting so long and I hope it is worth it.
  8. What about a city on a desert canyon, but a modern one mixed with Steam-punk element like Blade Runner with bridge and people who move across town using zip line, and in that town you could put a thief guild or an assassin's one with a quest across the galaxy, it's could be the capital of thief like Riften in Skyrim. Here's one photo i took in my recent travel into the Algerian Sahara to illustrate my idea :
  9. This question is hard, because I'd be exploring everything. But a favorite? I'd say a beautiful valley with temples dedicated to Buddha, Hindu gods or whatever fictional gods the hybrids create. To a hybrid who has lived in the city or servitude, would see death and pain for other hybrids. When they see these temples in a valley. It would make them see that there's a chance for beauty. HOWEVER. These temples aren't without their darksides either. They hold-- depending on who you ask, dangerous secrets. Prophecies of galactic destruction. Maybe a prophecy that predicts hybrid freedom, but corporations want these temples destroy, for fear the hybrids would get the delusion of freedom. Perhaps they're holding the power of ancient beings, who people (later hybrids) worshiped as gods. Like the Vaults, in the Assassin's Creed games. Latter would be a nice little reference (something Ubisoft loves doing with their games) to the AC series. Kind of like a "What if" scenario, that AC's "Ones Who Came Before" appear even in other Ubisoft games, in this case Beyond Good and Evil 2.
    1. I wonder how those religions came to be, it usualy takes a lot of time to establish a religion to the point where you build elaborate temples and effigies in the towns, but the story is set in the 24th century, and we don't really know since when the hybrids exist.
    2. PsychicPencil
      Holy shit that it perfect. Sacred Temples that the corporations want destroyed in fear that the prophecy of Hybrid freedom would ruin them. Genius. And each temple has a power source that the corporations want to ensure their dominance. Epic.
  10. Well there need to be big Cities with the black markets and slums you mentioned. Due to that illegal activity there have to be secret ways to enter places and those aren't easy to reach due to some reason like the global effects you have shown(like a sewer). Due to that there have to be a lot of wrecks found on the ocean and on the land with valuable stuff. But there are factions hidden living in peace too! But maybe they guard something that is important to them which turns out to be a treasure for us. The pictures you show there are very what I imagine the places to be. Help the people or raid them? I think we should tie it to some reputation at this point. "Dead Space" in orbit with wrecks which may or may not even are repairable to some degree and people get such things top notch to use them as lairs? Mining operation sounds cool and can be placed in space and on land! You hear about some ancient place some people found and check it out yourself! Or get some stuff for your ship? A flying City?! With people who think they are better than the ground people. Getting them to cooperate for a better future? Either forcing them or getting them to talk with eachother? Underwater City! Since we have water spaces we can use this too :) And obviously high security prisons very decentralized so you even can get captured under the right situations?! My general idea moves around a whole Cities slowly moving on creatures like a giant Snail or Turtle? A City where entry is only allowed without technology?! Therefore a Jetpack is useless. Cultists somewhere in a cave sacrificing themselfs to global effects? And you could try to convert them to stand for something with a higher goal than their god?
    1. Large fields, Mountains and Islands and that on multiple planet variations. Ice, Desert and Green Planets. Every Planet got several ancient structures which mean something and it may turns out that all those structures in the whole system are connected?
      1. Maybe we even meet ancient lifeforms?! Or a treasure planet situation with a planet in the planet?
  11. I will say a beautiful lagoon with beautiful glowing waters with different sea creatures like koi fish, goldfish, dolphins and maybe hybrid mermaids
    1. I hope for some references to Hillys, it was a really peaceful place, except for the Domz ahahah
  12. I would love to see a gothic like castle piercing over the side of a snowy mountain looking down on a snow drenched ghost like city. You can have the player feel unsettled when they visit and can lead to some nice imagery and architecture. Like something out of a Tim Burton movie would be freaking cool.
    1. Beautiful description
  13. Space Stations. I suppose that colonisation of planets is not the only thing that would exist in the world of BGE2. Maybe the inrigues would take place also in stations located deep in space. I'd like to visit them and talk to people located in civilian sectors or infiltrate them like Sam Fisher would do, stealthy gather secret data and/or steal some government technology, ships, weapons, food, etc.
  14. Sammi_Taylor
    Maybe a abandoned city that is now used by different pirate groups
    1. cool idea ! would it have to be concealed tho ?
  15. Honestly, some places I'd really love to find are places like a tranquil and serene, cultural village with a dark secret; some winding and dark cave systems illuminated with bioluminescent creatures and clear pools which which may or may not show winding tunnels underwater; amazing/weird natural phenomenon, for ex. Cenotes in Mexico; different types of towns and cities, from rural 21st century to neon sci-fi, to industrial dieselpunk, to post-apocalyptic refugee camps. Maybe even some haunted cabin/house/mansion in the woods so!
    1. like the mine you have to go to in BGE1 with the pterolimax
  16. Suspended city made with a group of suspended islands. Those artifical flying islands have windmills that with their roundabout make cumulonimbus. Location of this flying city is above a desert city in fact all of this was made by a genius to overcome dryness on that city. Who knows in particular cold days it can make possible to produce snow on a desert? This suspended city should have a radio tower with a beacon that warnings all the spaceships that not have a special permission for that flying zone and after some warns if you don't leave that area policeships and drones should approach the players or other offenders with a threatening behaviour. Those islands should have in antithesis of below city a good fauna trees and lakes(periodically filled by fastest cargoships that takes water from nearest ocean) remember to put some fireflies near the trees for a good nightime atmosphere ( deja-vu :V )
  17. Je vois bien des montagnes enneigées où se cachent des ennemis à l'abri de des regard grâce à la tempête de neige constante Ou encore une ville sous un dôme sous l'eau :) #UbisoftMontpellier
  18. I would love if the planets within System 3 would really have their own feel and aesthetic, from a very earth-like planet to a very alien planet. From a water planet with giant waves to very alienlike planet with fauna and flora with bright colors. Look at Pandora from Avatar for example, i loved how the forest felt so alienlike, just like the floating rocks! I would absolutely love it when the environments/Biomes within System 3 would enable that sense of awe. I can imagine flying over a incredible blue ocean with islands with vivid colors that stand like tall little mountains in the sea when you suddenly discover a island with a giant cave hole that goes down for miles. And when you follow it down you discover an giant cave system with it's own life and flora. I would love to see the game enable that explorer in me, that wants to check that little cave or abandoned town. But researching old artifacts or maybe civilizations of and old race/species would be amazing as well, especially in combination with the photo mechanic that Michel Ancel mentioned before.
  19. PointyMean477
    Umm... Since it's BG&E, I'd really like to be able to visit Hillys! Aside from that, the temples sound really good; and I guess a variety of beautiful locations would do!
    1. hyllis is in system 4, the game is set in system 3, there's no indication for the distance between the two tho.
      1. now that i think of it we don't really know what the "systems' are either, not solar ones for sure
        1. my bad, they actually probably are
  20. Maybe some underwater places with weird alien flora and fauna, and forgotten temples with treasures and pieces to improve your ship or gear in which you will have to construct a submarine to go underwater. Woods with secrets and a strange and hidden race and a zone with ancient buidings improved with technology were smugglers and pirates live. Maybe a zone with floating islands with crystals underneath and one of them with a white city with a lighthouse in the middle.
  21. As a space pirate a few essentials come to mind. 1) Pirate hideouts / Bars, Think of biker clubs but in space. 2) Ship on ship combat with boarding as an option and the ability to have the crew of the enemy ship join your crew or be exactitude or solid into slavery, As well as taking what ever the ship has in there cargo hold. 3) Outposts, Stations and colony's that we can attack and take over or just attack then loot. 4) What good is a pirate crew without hunting for lost treasure, Finding or buying maps that lead to valuable riches. Abandoned ancient colony's would be a great idea to explore and find codex or holologs about lost civilizations. Holologs would be preferred at least by me, I cant speak for anyone else but i play games to be entertained not to read, If i wanted to read id pick up a book! Smuggling would be a good idea as well, Perhaps a faction or mercenary group wants to buy weapons or something hard to get and we could buy them on another planet or at a station and store them in our ships smuggling hold and try to deliver them. Maybe adding some kind of system so there is a chance that the inspection team would locate the illegal cargo and we would ether have to fight our way out or bribe the commanding officer or perhaps we get arrested and have to break out of prison. I cant wait to see what you guys do, Im very excited, Please dont let this be another no mans sky! Your dedication and hard work is appreciated, My thanks to the hole team.
  22. guest-HcpU1gIN
    Underwater worlds. Cloud cities. Canyons Jungle Cities hidden in space clouds Mobile Cities in space
    1. Blaze19982017
      Yes! A city in the clouds would be perfect.
  23. Silverback1907
    This is a little additional note to the developers. When you guys release another trailer, either game play or cinematic, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you guys use the song Outlaws by Tribe Society for it. The song has a great meld of space exploration-esc ambiance and the perfect theme for a bunch of space pirates exploring the cosmos in search of treasure and freedom. Please at least listen to it and consider it for your next release.
    1. Indeed it is a great music. I'll let the developpers answer you but I'm pretty sure their artists will create their own music for the game (this is part of the game creation) Using one's music implies that you pay royalties etc. (other stuff I don't really know about).
  24. Sorry to go off topic, but in first picture, is that a monkey tail at the bottom left?
    1. Indeed it is, the guy looks a bit like a black marmoset-Human cross...
  25. stuvakronakivik
    Great questin and great list. I would love to be able to explore a planet with huge forests, with exotic wild life. Underwater huge cities with treasures and maybe even a new culture of inteligent alien creatures living there, or just ruins of an acient civilization. Exploring a flying astreoid, having to make a dangerous landing there woud be so cool. Then we could be rewarded with a cool peace of technology or new minerals. Having a tremendously huge animal that is constantly moving, wich carries a big city on its back would also be awesome. There you would have a mistical martial arts temple in wich you would learn new martial arts techniques. I WOULD LOVE IT. And to top it all, having a colossal alien spaceship flying by and being able to make contact and enter it. Exploring an extraterrestrial civilization would be fantastic. A PROMETHEUS reference would be fantastic. You could give us hints that an alien civilization visited system 3 a long time ago, opening up new possibilities for contact with an inteligent life out there, beyond system 3.
    1. we know that an alien civilization will "visit" system 4 but that won't go well...
      1. DomZ? No, Civilisation, must be a class 2, a class 3 would probably just annihilate the system...
        1. wait do you mean DomZ don't qualify as civilised ? could you explain what those classes are please ?
  26. "Legendary treasures hidden in uncharted territories across space" that sounds very exiting! Go to the places where your creativity will not be leashed! Be honest in your creativity <3
    1. I would like to see a abandoned ships or planes than you can rebuild and make them powerful and customice!!! This what you are doing is ingredible and i wanna see more!! preps :)
  27. I would like to see cities with very different biodiversity, for example cities where hybrids live peacefully with umans, with big market place fool of colours, or rural place where only "free hybrids" can enter, maybe on the top of a mountain where people live in tiny houses made of wood, or even futuristic cities with floating rich palaces divided to the flat dirty slums. Also little islands to explore, because we don't have to forget that we are pirates and we are going to find lots of treasures ahahah
  28. I am so excited by the possibility of exploring the unknown. Not necessarily environment X, but some planet untouched by sentient life just yet. Or, an all water planet we have to dive down into to discover. Finding lost treasures and meeting creatures that make us seem so small.
  29. Pedestrian vacuum tubes a-la Futurama :D Seriously though seen plenty of blade runner-esque neon city requests and i would agree :)
    1. i gotta say, i have nothing against the retrofuturist-neon aesthetic, but i'd prefer if the cities weren't full of it, maybe just the hearts of towns and/or trading areas. Also, the neon colors and atmosphere can be there without the blade-runner-esque architechture, with morne and industrial tones. I feel it would be a shame to lose the style we have going with more or less suble influences showing in the cities.
      1. I agree. Everyone is expecting the neon cyberpunk aesthetic, but it shouldn't be everywhere. I'd prefer futuristic variations on 21st century Indian and Chinese architecture. Maybe even take architectural inspiration from Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and other SE Asian cultures and designs. But instead of "neon-ing" them, just apply some other futurism to it (make it of metal, make it float, etc).
  30. rainflowers2016
    Already liking the ideas! -A grassy planet with waterfalls and with floating islands where people or monks live on, like Pandora in the movie Avatar. -A jungle with huts and lairs creatively built around the high trees (maybe traversing using lianas? ;) ). -Abandoned prison or crashed cargo ship on an ice/frozen planet -Palace in a desert or steppe -Underground city/depot/station with volcanic activity and geysers
  31. I think it would be cool to see locations that reflect the themes of hybrid people. Places that make you think of human adaptability combined with great feats of nature. I'm spit-balling here, but something like a once active volcano that erupted over a jungle landscape and resulted in an entirely new environment growing through the rock and ashes. It depends on the messages you want the game to deliver. Less esoteric might be a place where humans or hybrids have made a particularly unlivable landscape into somewhere they can survive away from everything else. What's so great about the BG&E world is it's inhabitants, which I think is the reason so many people are talking about cities and civilization. I love the waterways of Hillys City and the lived-in nature that comes with citizens who participate in leisure activities (mini games and racing) that are so central to the life-style there and that the player can participate in. The main thing I want to see must be creative ways of exploring life in strange environments. When things seem odd from the outside but are completely normal to the people who live there!
    1. That would be Cool.
  32. I would love to get lost in cave systems and jungles, or get stranded in the deserts and also dive deep into the oceans if there are any treasures there.
  33. Foxtrotington
    I would love to see some crumbled ruins of old societies as well as an in depth city where you can go in buildings and etc.
  34. I would love to have a variety of different places to explore, but if I had to choose, I'd choose these two: Legendary treasures hidden in uncharted territories across space and Secret Pirate lairs on asteroids, something like Knowhere from Guardians of the Galaxy or the Black Market from Valerian would be epic
  35. I'd love to just discover the world and different characters that each place has. I think it'd be amazing to have diverse environments where each planet or zivilisation has something unique about them. For example a really beautiful place that maybe looks a little like the avatar pandora world and then something completely different somewhere else, like a really misterious place that maybe has a secret "tribe" that lives away from zivilisation like hybrids who escaped and hid in that place and built their own little town for anyone who's escaped a bad environment and they all live united in peace. So what I like to see is a lot of diverse and unique worlds and secret places who are completely different from each other and maybe have complete different species depending under what circumstances they grew up or had to live in. Or something I'd be so happy to see would be a place where women are the leaders, maybe a whole city just with females ? and then a whole different city with the same concept but where men lead ? and we could see how each city develops in their own way under females or males ? I don't know this was just an idea that came to mind while writing this I think it could be interesting.
  36. pikachu57135
    J'aimerais bien explorer une foret mystique ou l'on pourrait perdre la notion de jour et de nuit. J'aime bien aussi les régions enneiger avec de beau sapin couvert de neige :). Aussi pour faire plus original pourquoi pas une région pluvieuse comme notre belle Normandie (pardon si il y a des Normand parmi les dev).
    1. breizh atao ! notre pluie est mieux que la votre ! Mais en effet ca serais cool de voir une region pluvieuse, surtout avec ce qu'on a vu des capacités du moteur graphique du jeu ca pourrai donner des effets super avec le (ou les) soleil et les nuages !
  37. Darkside13190
    Les exemples que vous avait cités sont dors et déjà très bons et intéressants! Après même si j'adorais l'aspect aquatique du premier BGE, je pense qu'effectivement diversifié au maximum les environnements tout en faisant des zones spécialement plus denses en contenue serait une super idée. Sinon comme idée de visuel, l'idée d'une ville = une culture est vraiment cool et poursuivre sur cette voie là avec des décors spatiaux un peu plus originaux comme une ceinture d’astéroïde de glace fonctionnant comme un miroir peut rendre super bien! En tout cas bon travail aux devs et à toute la team car vous être en train de réaliser une suite à l'oeuvre qui m'a lancé dans les études de game design et du coup attend votre réalisation avec grande impatience. Merci!
  38. Great list, and I really like that first artwork! I would have all of these, but in a variety of environments, like a temple hidden in a bamboo forest, or an old pirate lair frozen in a giant ice crevasse (including frozen pirates!), or a moon with a labyrinth of tunnels filled with traps... Perhaps a circus where rich people watch hybrids perform dangerous tricks, and maybe bet on them? Also, imagine, somewhere in the depths of space, bumping into a certain slave ship with Robo-Pirates!! Confronting admiral Razorbeard and freeing the slaves. It would be such a perfect nod to the Rayman series :D
  39. FixDaDeadCat
    I think something like a pirate den with some kind of boss managing the place would be great it could be an entire planet (not too big) with ships everywhere and songs and black markets, gambling, some kind of pit fight, tavern with ships captains. I think a planet with fog everywhere hiding an ancient and enormous city with life wether it is friendly beast or hybrids something they discovered half destroyed and they rebuilt in order to call it home. And a place in space where it is said no ships went out alive, place which would be some kind of portal to another planet ( strange or creepy just something totaly different and totaly off but still serious not like the planet with colors everywhere in gardians of the galaxy 2). We could maybe find little colonies of wild beast evolving into a society would be great too.
  40. If possible it would be cool to discover a planet that is almost entirely covered in water and homes aquatic hybrids in underwater cities
    1. Indeed, I could not agree more with this recommendation. I believe that everything else should be disregarded and the developers should focus on contriving this suggestion. The bugs and glitches can be fixed afterwards.
  41. Definitely some Lush valleys with sacred temples, as those whom we find in Thailand, in Myanmar or in Cambodia !
  42. I'm excited to find hidden caves and run down areas in between lush valleys and lakes. I think what I loved about BG&E was how diverse the environment felt, with different influences in a small space. There were moments that stuck with me, like finding a giant serpent skeleton in a hidden cave. It was so large it was almost unnerving. I like how the environments were both relatable to the real world but also subtly incorporated mythical elements. Small secrets hidden within large environments, inhabited by diverse species of people with their own mythologies and beliefs would be awesome! (I feel like I totally rambled there but I hope it made sense)
  43. J'aimerais beaucoup parcourir des jungles avec les ruines d'anciennes civilisations, d'immense désert où se trouvent des oasis et des villages. Le fait de découvrir des trésors (armes, reliques...) en suivant des pistes données par des PNJS ou des cartes serait plutôt cool. Et il serait aussi intéressant d'explorer des zones et de découvrir des cachettes sous des ruines ou à l'intérieur des grottes qui nous en apprendrais plus sur la planète où on se trouve. Le fait d'avoir un monde vivant et riche est très important, les personnages du jeu ne doivent pas se limiter à parler d'une seule chose, ils doivent nous donner l'envie d'explorer différents endroits.
  44. AlexandaBleak
    i love exploring markets, lots of shops and stalls and filled with people, markets are filled with colours and shapes and sounds, different every day, i just adore that kind of atmosphere
  45. This is an interresting question, because all the choices could lead to a great adventure... - To me "black markets in city slums" sounds the most interesting, mostly because I expect much character interaction and story development in this setting! - But I definitely want to look for "legendary treasures hidden..." across the galaxy! For a real pirate, there is nothing quite like a BIG reward after having overcome big obstacles and finally finding it in the far corners of the universe! Hasko. PS: I am also really fond of underwater settings!
  46. I like what's going on with that "dragon" logo there. Thinking there May be Lizard/Bird or just Dragon Hybrids somewhere but I digress. Anyway You Say Black Markets or Secret Lairs? Awesome. Maybe Implementing some of the Establishments that controls illegal racing? Like Snowy Mountains or Canyons as race tracks. Also Maybe some Underwater Sections of Abandoned Cities or Lost monuments While We search for Secret Areas Or various species of ancient unknown creatures. Or Forest areas with some Treehouses that serve as Secret hideouts. Or An entire City made out of treehouses.
  47. Definitely a location with a real story. Destroyed cultures, cultures that survived despite significant threat (natural predators, natural disasters, asteroids) and found unique ways to survive. Even a partially destroyed planet.
    1. Thats an interesting idea!
  48. I'd love to see filled with colorus landmarks of wild and unbeliveable places. Purple form crystals caves and plains, enourmous mountains enlightened by side with morning light of multiple suns, Ocean of rainbow, Blue moonlight showing me the way thorugh endless biome made of glass...
  49. guest-1aVVvjJJ
    underwater cities relics and treasures would be amazing to find and visit. Having your own village based of your DNA with parents and ancestors would be an amazing feature in the game, environments such as the busy indian streets and a dark and gotham like city full of mobsters from the yakusa would be great in the game as well as Remote mountain villages and oddly vibrant eskmo civillisations. Another element that would be great is periodical public events like parades for certain cultural holidays or marches for civil injustice on hybrids. But the best thing i could possibly want in the game is customizable businesses shops and other interiors
    1. zippingdock2185
      yes!!!!! this would be incredible. walking through a crowded village filled with relatives and people that recognise you and ask for pictures based on things youve done in game, all in a vibrant and colurful village or city. Hybrid injustice is something i would like to see across all environments, whether that be racist comments and fights in the street or slaves found in uncharted locations in a massive city.
      1. zippingdock2185
        PS...give us a planet made out of an aliens dead head like nowhere in guardians of the galaxy and a space prison we rescue captured teammates from like in guardians of the a raccoon:)
  50. The concepts are amazing, that is the second time we have seen the 'Radio Cheetah' sign, we've seen it once before very briefly in the E2 Trailer! Would be so cool to have an actual radio station that you can tune in to, similar to Galaxy News Radio from Fallout 3... although this time the host won't be Three Dog... but Three Cheetah! I'd love to have more moments like in BGE1 where you see the Giant Snail for the first time... but on a cosmic scale! A lone planet, a lone cave, but inside hides a titanic nautical leviathan, the last of it's kind... you snap a quiet picture of this legendary creature and then leave it and it's planet in peace. Obviously the list of other places i'd love to explore could go on and on, but I think everybody in this comment thread have already pretty much nailed it. :)
    1. That would be great way to honour the first BG&E
    2. ElPrimordial
      Intergalactic Radio Station by Vangelis comes to my mind...
  51. The artworks you have been shown is exactly what i expect from your game. That kind of dirty dystopic cities are just perfect. I want to see lots of peoples in the streets, black markets, decline, massification... Space bars would be awesome as well. Talking about bars and taverns, you should give them special attention. They should be places where we should want to return periodicaly, just to check what's happening. You can put special missions or strange character that we can add to our crew. We need a real use for taverns, we are pirates after all. But I also want to see nature, a lot of diferents biomes. I want the feeling of really being on diferent planets full of secrets. I want to exploration to be rewarded. As you said, sacred hidden temples whould be fantastic, but also underwater cities, small villages with farmers, ancient tomb of some king, wonderful monsters and creatures. I want your world to be alive. You should work on both sides, on massive futuristic cities and space stations but also in natural enviroments with ancient civilizations and secrets to discover. Good luck. I hope you can do it.
    1. about that bar part. what if the thing making you come back every other day is an activity that only this bar has ? It could be a mini game like air hockey with rufus or just regular poker, or placing bets on sports of all sorts, with rewards that periodically change so that you still have a reason to come back after winning one time, like cusomisation options or parts for your ship that some guy would've placed as bet.
  52. Allexandrero
    As for me, it may be interesting to explore a place like Lake Baikal & it's environment. It is the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world, containing 22–23% of the world's fresh surface water. It's placed in East Ciberia in Russia. It's water is so clean that you can't see the difference between blue sky and the lake when looking far. Lake Baikal is rich in biodiversity. It hosts more than 1,000 species of plants and 2,500 species of animals based on current knowledge, but the actual figures for both groups are believed to be significantly higher. More than 80% of the animals are endemic. Also, the most famous animal of Baikal is Nerpa - an attractive endemic seal. It also can be used to make hybrid models. I hope you will serf the net for this place, because it is really inspiring. It also has English Wikipedia page: (please do not kill me for adding links ^^")
  53. Just thought from the second picture a place of pirates or a city covered in fog/mist even if your walking on the street you cant see too far so you have to be careful when you fly with your cruise ship to dock or passing. Another idea for a place something like a mine that has flammable gas and they use mole species (slaves) with limited supply of air filters to mine rare resource, so you cant use firearms or a flammable source that's why they use the moles to dig out the way to the resources. Might come up with more stuff hope you liked the idea.
  54. I would love to explore more tourist locations in beyond good and evil 2! such as temples that receive many pilgrims that visit often, or large statues or monuments to old earth that the wealthy or travellers visit, such as the already fantastic ganesh statue shown off! It would be great as a pirate to have the chance to deface them as well, maybe as part of a mission to get people's attention! Un beaucoup amour de la UK! Merci pour la communication fantastique en production!
  55. I can certainly imagine secret pirate bases in asteroids. Engineers working on fighters with others warehousing black market cargo. A multi-layered slum with various hybrids... maybe rat hybrids and your general outcasts roaming about. Trying to survive. Would have to look fairly run down. Then valley's, temples and caverns to explore. Would love to find treasures that end up useful either for selling at a high price or applicable to weapons or some such.
  56. Belgarathmaster
    Salut les Spaces Monkeys! Pour ma part les idées que Michel a citées me sembles très bonnes, j'y ajouterais : -des écosystèmes spécifiques (jungles, forêts, grottes, plaines, lacs, mers, ect.) avec leurs faunes et leurs flores respectives, afin de partir à la chasses aux clichés (petite référence à BG&E 1), -des décharges (pour dénicher des pièces de véhicules divers), -des épaves de vaisseaux dérivants dans l'espace à la recherche de ressources d'améliorations, de trésors ou de cartes aux trésors, -des usines de productions diverses (améliorations diverses, quêtes, dénonciations politiques ;-) ) -des marchés types souk, -bars plus ou moins bien fréquentés, -repères secrets avec des agents locaux faisant parti de notre équipage. Voilà, ce sera tout pour moi, merci encore pour votre travail ! Votre dévouement et la possibilités de réaliser notre rêve !!!
    1. the42ndnumber
      Ouah, je crois que c'est le seul commentaire français de cet espace, et en plus plein de bonnes idées
    2. ouais surtout quelques petits clin d'oeil au anciens pirates genre guybrush threepwood de monkey island de trouver un cimetiére de bateau dans des décors impressionant en utilisant certaines cultures qui existent comme la mythologie nordique - bérbére etc
  57. These are all fantastic settings. Here are some ideas I have: a high-class restaurant flying around in space (with a dark secret to investigate), an opera house (for space opera!), a toy factory where toys are made from materials "provided" by the hybrids, an asteroid that is actually a pirate ship transporting hybrids to a safer place (disguised to stay out of trouble), a single inhabited mountain on an otherwise deserted planet where monks live who will train you in martial arts. Some generic locations could include space shipwrecks, alien structures (are there DomZ around?), etc.
  58. What I would really love to see is a desert area with a locked door too travel in a parallel univers (when you unlock a key). And when you go threw the door, you discover a big black market area, like in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. And with the same door system, an underground city under a mountain. But the best thing would be to have some mysterious places that are generated only for us and totally personalised by the player to create our own treasure island and cards. That way we could play against other players. Discovering their "world", steal their treasure and defend ours. The treasures would contain objects to customize the player's avatar. Those objects would have different rarety and style that way an alternative market would be created by players... That would really be a pirate thing.
  59. Avatar-esque forests with vivid colors and sentient plants. Inner cities, run down and bathed in neon. Futuristic interiors, night clubs and space parks. Small planets with wild physics. Maybe a world that enables special powers because of its atmosphere. Buildings that belong to corporations that offer a unique futuristic service, like life-like simulated experiences, or zero-gravity bars, or indoor themepark.
    1. how do you drink in a zero gravity bar tho ?
      1. They give you Sippy cup xD
  60. YourBlueFlame
    Anything surreal and jaw dropping. I want the environment to be a total dreamscape. Anything from the dark and dirty to the light and scenic. Human manifestations such as the exploration of curious temples & cultures, statues etc. Exploration of the darker side, those dirty pirate bays & bars. Let the elements of nature guide you into the breath taking - The city in the clouds, the green hills, the cities explored by boat and rivers (I had a dream once a boat took me to the “lobby” of a sky scraper so the canals ran through buildings and cities which was super cool. Use that idea.) You’re already there. The entire developing team and Michel Ancel, hats off to all of you! If I was going to make a game, this would be it! You’re already reaching into the depths of this dreamers brain so bravo! Two VERY inspiring artists for possible environments are Thomas Barbèy and Julian Majin, known for their surreal combination techniques. Check them out ;)
  61. What I would really love to explore is a swamp area with huge trees, fog and mystic wisps, like Planet Dagobah in Star Wars. Full of exotic and dangerous wildlife and sunken settlements of an old civilisation. Maybe it could be resettled by a primitive Alien race which life in tribes, have cult places and so on.
  62. Probably you already knew about this: I'll love to raid or explorer something like this, either could be one in one of the temples we already saw in premiere trailer or somewhere else. And how about a city fusion of Angkor Wat and Hong Kong? That amazing Khmer architecture mixed with cyberpunk modernity? Well, you already did something similar in debut trailer but Angkor Wat exhume another type of aura, if you know what I mean ;) And how about floating isles made of plants similar to the ones in lake Titicaca from Uru people? The last remnant of an ancient civilization... We also need a Petra-like city, in the vast desert, a commercial enclave of refined people. Since China is included in this, are you planing to recreate the Old Summer Palace? Sadly destroyed by barbaric ignorants. Perhaps a very wealthy man/woman what to recreate it as it was in its former glory using hybrids to construct it. Or a enigmatic city lost in a vast planetary ocean similar to Nam Madol? A metropolis in the top of a mountain similar to Machu Picchu, with cyclopean walls like Sacsayhuaman (including that odd random cut pattern of the stones that seems to be a way to prevent that earthquakes destroy buildings)... or Cuzco walls. And how about the rainbow mountains of Zhangye Danxia, perhaps the home of one of the most exotic alien species we will find (BTW are we going to discover new alien intelligent species?) A town in constructed in a cliff, similar to some native american tribes. Or Hot springs on rocks like in Pamukkale, Turkey. What if there was a place like Cerrado, Brazil but instead of termites nest all those were constructions? A perfect symbiosis of technology and nature? One more option Mount Roraima, quite sui generis place, and an excellent location for a pirate hideout :D What if we have a city under a glacier? Like Mendenhall Glacier Caves, Alaska? And how about this: If is possible that a zone in our oceans could remain unaltered for 1000 years well same thing could happen in the immensity of space, don't you think? Well, that's all for today folks!
    1. beautiful palces ! I like your ideas ! We could add the Yellowstone's hot springs ( or The Rio Caño Cristale in Columbia and Fly Geyser in USA
    2. numberedcloth88
      good idea
  63. I think diversity is incredibly important. Most out world games fill the wilderness with empty deserts and repetitive forests. To myself, the two most important things are that the wilderness isn't overly repetitive ( of course it will be to some degree ), and that im compelled to explore it. Not just to find loot but also to discover more about the world. Underwater would be cool too ;)
  64. It would be interesting to find ruins that predate the arrival of humans
  65. I would love to explore an underwater civilization. Maybe we would have to work to discover it - diving and weaving through unfamiliar territory, caves until we run into a sprawling underwater city. Honestly, you can make the entire game underwater and I'd be happy. hahaha :P #toomuchwater
  66. I would love to walk inside old temples/shirnes. Looking at old paitings and sculptures from the past. To see their cultures. I would imagine walking in a shirne, nature take over, vines, flowers an animals everywhere. Maybe it could be close to a waterfall. Or a lake! Also I love to see markets! Or places where many peoples goes. To see the everyday life of those peoples. Maybe there are places where youngs gathers. Like in my country, in the capital there was a place called " the Ground". Every young biy would go there, to play football, or playing war. I would love to see a place like this in the game.
  67. Love the idea of jungle planets allows for cool bounty hunter/predator experiences, and the slums of large cities open up a lot of exciting possibilities too
  68. devilmeetsvamp
    What i'd love to see is: 1. Eskimo culture(Inuit) living on the lands of ice covers. They initially used to live in houses made from whalebones. 2. An underwater environment with huge naval mines laying everywhere. Just walking across that route with the constant fear of these explosive mines exploding any second makes me wanna play it. 3. Since so many planets are covered with just diamonds, how about some valleys completely covered with diamonds? Or simply, some beautiful diamond rains at some point and some pirates coming down to collect it. 4. A planet which is just covered with flora with huge trees all over and you wouldn't know about its surface or roots until you go beyond and find the whole dynasty living under the shady giant root caves. 5. A planet where carnivorous planets have evolved way more than the other ones.
    1. devilmeetsvamp
      Also while exploring through space, we see this huge streamline of stream/water flowing from the oceanic mountains of one planet's atmosphere to provide rain to its small adjacent planet. How about a mission where we need to rescue some species who got lost while visiting some other planets and their body couldn't react to the specific climate and while rescuing them back, we found that they weren't accepted by their planet community either? Maybe an act of crime or maybe because of infection. Or maybe because they just looked different and the infection really didn't spread. While exploring we also find that there's been going a huge war going since the beginning of beginnings between two planets or land/water habitats and our decisions in the war finally impacts the two environments. Maybe resolved or maybe complete chaos. Also a planet where due to complete air exploitations, the birds have evolved to live on the surface. Later years, lot of them got exploited for their strong foot, beaks and feathers that evolved to other legs. Lot of them for underground "pet fighting" tournaments. Maybe some act as a dancing/circus pleasure for the local streets(like the dancing monkey in the Indian streets, and a really good examples of such birds can be "the birds of paradise") Coming years they migrated near the ocean surface away from the civilization and their feather-legs evolved as light tentacles to move them in the ocean.
  69. the_lumberjack_
    I would love to see an agricultural type planet, perhaps one with great big rolling hills (like the ones near you in Southern France ;). These hills and fields could be covered with vineyards, (because a pirate always like a drink right?), farm complexes (this could even tie into the hybrid exploitation that was recently discussed with hybrids being forced to work in the hot sun doing agricultural work)., waterfalls (with hidden pirate bars behind them), great rivers with giants cargo barges ripe for plundering and exploration. I really like this idea because from the air the planet would look beautiful with lots of colours, hills, fields, rivers etc but when you get down to the surface there are some ugly things going on like bootlegging, smuggling, hybrid exploitation and plenty other nefarious activities. For a trade focused planet such as this it would be cool to have some sort of space station (or space port?) in low orbit, with plenty of traffic coming from the planet surface but also from other areas of system 3, it could be similar to the citadel in mass effect where you have different people and factions from all over the system bustling in this area for trade reasons.
  70. I would like to visit alive cities , cities that look like an amazing place but is truly hiding black markets and illegal activities. Also , visiting large natural places would be amazing .
  71. the_lumberjack_
    A jungle treehouse city or a series of treehouse outposts, hidden from the air by jungle canopy but go down through the trees, on a smaller vehicle, and you find these, outposts, towns or even jungle cities full that could be totally legitimate for pirate refuges.
  72. I like each and every suggestion here in the comments, but what I would really LOVE to see you guys emphasize on, is the beauty of simply souring through space, which is what a space pirate would really experience the most - much like how Sea of Thieves managed to make such a beautiful theme for their sea, I'd love to see dynamic and colorful space, with asteroids and space-storms and everything that could appear in space, just so we'd appreciate the sensation of simply exploring space.
  73. CaptainCoyFish
    I would like to see a planet or moon with a toxic atmosphere and sometimes low visibility which can only be explored with a hazmat suit or as a certain hybrid. Something that is deadly but riddled with treasures and gear from less fortunate space pirates.
  74. I personally would LOVE to explore a deep underground secret laboratory in the middle of some dangerous asteroid field or something like that, to uncover some deep, dark secrets... Maybe some terrifying bug hybrids or something...
  75. First of all, great art and great job, BGE2 team. I'd like to seen a place with a windy seaside, heterogenious with cliffs and beaches in front of a changing ocean, sometimes calm, sometimes in a raging storm. in this ocean you could have island, some small but others big enough to host a town. and on the dry land after the rocky litoral zone washed by the waves there would be great plateaus of ferns and gorse ,plit only by rivers diging scars in the lanscape. In the heart o the land would be a dense forest in which the rivers would take source. i also picture in my mind a montany land. its surface appears sterile if not for mosses and lichens, but its entrails are filled with caves full of strange life and mine full of precious ressources. It would be similar the the abandonned mines of the "ilot noir" in BGE1 (dunno the english for that). Actually i think after all that has been said above there's not much that i would personaly add. I assume the short list of places you've made reflects what you have been working on, and its great. Add to it some of the suggestions that have been made and you'll have an extraordinary diversity already. There is one more thing that i think would be cool. It would be kind of a waste to restrain places like bars and hideouts to certain environments, like if the only bars you could visit were all in the same style or you'd have hideouts only on asteroid-stations. What if in each type of environment there was several kind of places to go to (bar/hideout/workshop/generral store/...), there could be different things to do in a given type of place depending on which environment its in.
    1. CammyBalFell28
      I Love the picture you painted man.. especially the windy seaside area!
    2. Thanks CammyBalFell28, i live there. having different types of places to go to is great, but i don't think there will be an entire planet for each. Like the planet we saw in Michel Ancel's 14min demo of the early game after E3. It had Ganesha, an ocean, montains with monks and half the planet was frequently bombarded by meteorites. So there is really diversity within the planets, and many different environment will coexist on them. Now if those planets are so diverse and our ships are as fast as we saw in the demo, perhaps it will be necessary to get at a smaller scale to get some things done, like basic flower picking quests for some merchant in town idk.
  76. McFinkleberry12
    What we need is a rain forest with giant trees and cities or colonizations within the trees. Or boring planets with an endless mud terrain but when you go underneath there will be caves to explore full of treasures and creatures.
  77. I would love to explore Nightclubs and restaurants to cause a ruckus or have a nice time lol
  78. I would love to see major cities at the top of the technological ladder, to dust filled junk towns. Also there could be some places where they haven’t even seen space travel before. It would be cool to fly from a space hub right into the sticks where space crafts are like a dream to people.
  79. Also I was wondering, you mentioned pirate space port. Could that mean like having pirate law (honour among thieves). If this is one of the concepts you go for it would be cool to have like a outlaw part where no police will go near.
  80. CammyBalFell28
    Was waiting patiently for this next Question! BGE team; Your comment on The pirate hideouts and lairs, as well as the Lush valleys made my head explode just thinking, based on the E3 trailer, what those world's would look like. If I were to choose a part of this world to explore; it would be small villages and townships on the outskirts of the world (Because even in the world we live in, especially here in South Africa. The small places always hide the most unbelievable gems). E.g If we went into the Lush valley area you mentioned, there would be a small little village suspended in the trees, trying to survive by staying away from the Rabid hybrid's on the valley floor. Another type of place I would love to see, is a Floating City. Like something inspired by BioShock's city of Columbia. An area made for the Elite of the world. That's brimming with color and Architecture.
  81. Sunny tropical Caribbean islands with buried treasures belonging to the first pirates.
  82. Well I just recently finished “Ready Player One” and having specific PCE, PVP, or non PVP worlds is an interesting thought. The same ways that some worlds may have a culture of non-violence and others would be extremely hostile. Seein spaceports where other players can play games together or exchange photos of worlds would be cool. A new-noir world like blade runner would be awesome as well as a more grounded city like the fifth element would be equally great.
  83. Salut j'ai tellement hâte de pouvoir dévorer ce jeux !! Tout d'abord bravo pour le travail déjà réalisé et j'aimerai un environnement aquatique je jouer à subnaitica depuis quelques années et alpha bêta et dans bge2 ce serai énorme de trouver un planet avec un mélange waterworld en surface quelques villes flottante mais aussi sous-marine soit des bâtiments étanche ou que l'on accède par le principe d'un siphon des biomes différents pour se repérer et des formes de vies hostiles et passive. Sûrement très compliqué à faire mais vous en êtes capable largement !! jean suis sur. Et j'aimerais beaucoup avoir un monde genre cinquième élément le film que je trouve déjà un peu présent dans votre présentation et/ou blade runner le film et ex-human le jeux. Qu'en pensez-vous ? Si vous pouvez me répondre je serai trop content et si vous avez une place pour moi dans votre équipe pour ce projet ou d'autres je suis une usine d'imagination. Sachant que j'ai depuis peu de gros problèmes sur ma colonne vertébrale j'ai la reconnaissance travailleur handicapé. Bon courage. J'espère avoir une réponse un avis sur mon commentaire. La biz l
  84. A_Regular_Wolf
    It would be really cool to see a close juxtaposition of technology in a natural setting. Like a technological city in the treetops, or holograms that project waterfalls and other natural environments to make a harsh gritty city seem more natural.
  85. gregor-svensson
    Different climate change, storm, winter, and so on, even difrent environments as abow.
  86. PsychicPencil
    I want to visit a giant floating city high above the clouds Its design would be similar to that of our perception of heaven - giant white and gold towers - to really give you that feeling that your in the heavens where your dreams come true, where some of the rarest and most valuable loot can be found; either for raiding or earning through missions their leaders give you or defending it from pirate attacks. I would also like to build my own locations. I want to build settlements (Fallout 4 style) on planets I discover and use them to make homes for Hybrid slaves I rescue from the corporations that use them. And using all the resources I gather during my missions I can build it into one big city where Hybrids and Humans live together free from the corporations ruling the galaxy.
  87. I like a misture of Templates/Ancient buildings with Modern/Scifi buildings...
  88. I would like to see some high tech city that would have high society citizens, and having and pull some heists off there would be pretty pirate thing. and also underwater city would be also nice to have the more water based hybrids, like mineral or pearl harvesting colony., and also some wasteland planet that is a war zone or battleground.
  89. Rockets-rocket
    Exploring some sort of alien jungle would be amazing, seeing all the lifeforms wondering around and seeing the massive alien trees with strange fruit would be cool. Or maybe in the desert, it could be like star wars, have big creatures people use as mounts, or have scavengers like the jawas in big ships and land vehicles roaming around collecting stuff.
  90. I would like to explore a place like Hillys. Not for too long just maybe as an extra being able to visit Hillys in the post game or something of the like. Being able to see how Hillys looked before the first game would be absolutely amazing!
  91. lightening12010
    Hoping for an irish pub with irish drunks would be fun especially with irish banter
  92. Rabbitzman832
    I would love to see a floating city, something like a Bespin, or a Venusian aerostat, or even a whole city inside a massive blimp. We could have a literal social pyramid, with huge mansions at the top and sprawling shanty towns at the bottom. I would also love to see a tidal locked planet where live can only exist in a thin line along the equator, with one side being scorchingly hot, and the other side constantly frozen. Funny weather patterns that one should have.
  93. Ang3l0fChaos
    Yes the possibilities are endless, but what is important for me is that there is a logic story behind the planets. Why are there big cities on this planet, why are there hybrids in a underwater city on planet x what are there characteristics and how can you see that in terms of citybuilding. How does infrastructure work on this planet and how on that one. Also different kinds of gravity and how ecosystems react on it. Not every planet is likely to be populated because they are hostile or very remote or difficult to access. But the last two good also be good reasons for a hideout or secret base. Do we want that every planet is interesting or do we want boring ones as well. The number of planets and spacing between them is the real challenge I guess. I want a game without boring travel to the planets. Than a more precise answer to the question: I would like to see a planet in the progress or after a failure of terraforming attempts.
    1. Ang3l0fChaos
      Yes the possibilities are endless, but what is important for me is that there is a logic story behind the planets. Why are there big cities on this planet, why are there hybrids in a underwater city on planet x what are there characteristics and how can you see that in terms of citybuilding. How does infrastructure work on this planet and how on that one. Also different kinds of gravity and how ecosystems react on it. Not every planet is likely to be populated because they are hostile or very remote or difficult to access. But the last two good also be good reasons for a hideout or secret base. Do we want that every planet is interesting or do we want boring ones as well. The number of planets and spacing between them is the real challenge I guess. I want a game without boring travel to the planets. Than a more precise answer to the question: I would like to see a planet in the progress or after a failure of terraforming attempts. And a planet where the rich people hunt on hybrids specifically bred for being a though prey.
  94. anubisthepirate
    I just love the cities. I love when there is so much going on and we are just part of it. Like everyone is busy with their own things and not just waiting for us to show up.
  95. Deserts, with dangerous creatures and nomads surviving in harmony, thinking Tatooine/Dune. Planets/Slums/outskirts controlled by discarded hybrid slaves or escaped sentient AI. Water planets with people living on floating atolls and underwater facilities, coveted for it's natural underwater resources. If there is multiplayer: I think it's really cool if there is a huge social area that everyone can meet up in and shop/socialize, but the galaxy is huge and this is maybe unrealistic, unless it's in virtual reality. So you login to a huge social shopping area from wherever you happen to be and look however you like.
    1. FrodoSwaginns
      I like the desert idea. I think a wasteland with nomads and pyramids could be great!
  96. This is one game I truly want to get lost in & not to be rushed.
  97. I've always been fond of subterranean environments, an entire ecosystem under a planet's crust would be absolutely amazing! I also really like the stone temple ruins idea. Awesome art BTW.
    1. And some sort of huge cave with LOADS of luminous crystals. LOADS AND LOADS OF THEM... EVERYWHERE.
  98. Hunterz_Spirit
    I'd love to see half ruined Kamboja or India style temples somewhere in jungles as well as pirate lairs like the ones in "Pirates of the Carribeans". Also in could be interesting to visit Japanlike villages built as hideouts by fugitive hybrids. In the setting of the game it would make sense.
  99. jochenoost1985
    I would love to deze a black market in shape of a skull flouting in space. Like in thé movie guardians of thé Galaxy would fit perfectly in a pirate theme game. Keep up thé good work already Loving thé game.
    1. FrodoSwaginns
      Love this idea! Immediately sounds like it fits in with this game!
  100. jochenoost1985
    Or black market in huge crashes space pirate ship would be cool to.
  101. HeyItsLollie
    I gotta put in another vote for abandoned and overgrown places - Maybe not necessarily abandoned due to violence or destruction, but for more mundane reasons. Excessive bureaucracy, economic failure, even straight-up natural causes. Anything that would allow a place to look more like a naturally-preserved time capsule, rather than destroyed remnants of a not-so-distant past like so many other depictions of abandoned zones.
  102. YharuHasaiko
    I usually take a lor of inspiration from dreams and memories when I want to recreate a specific place for a story or a drawing. But I have to say that the ones that always unleash that familiar and nostalgic feeling I love and resent are always those free territories where you can run without ever stopping, maybe barefoot while you feel the grass beneath your feet and the wind caressing your body as you're imagining to fly over the hills in the deep blue sky. But I also enjoy particularly dark places too. Maybe places that have a forbideen story behind them, such as dark temples or cities, or even places that... Aren't really places but more... some sort of indefinite dimensions where you can just get lost and never come back again. And gray cities. I also like gray cities.
  103. My favourite parts of the first game were exploring the shady cities, going into bars to get info from people, stuff like that. Places where the professional, behind the scenes crime happens in plain sight. Black Markets in city slums sounds SUPER fun! But of course ancient temples also sounds incredibly cool. A good balance between the places where criminals meet, and the places their objective's lay I feel is important.
  104. I would like a place that has a Mad max kind of style with the scap metallic armor with scarce water sources in the planet . I mean EVERYONE IS FIHTING FOR WATER !! And only the rich kind of hybrids have some water sources ... (water = oil , just like in mad max the old movies) U can do missions of assasinating some rich hybrids for water so little villages that need that water can have it (your`e robin hood of that planet stealing off of the rich and giving to the poor that need it) well kinda that is my idea and if i see some kind of a thing like this in the game i`ll be very happy but i dont think it may be there ... P.S this game became my favourite game only by seeing the trailers of it haha XOXO
  105. - Trouncing through a jungle, laden with exotic flora and fauna, a mixture of rivers, lakes, waterfalls, all leading to some sort of temple or ruin. - Spelunking through a cave network. Low light. Maybe the only light being some bio-luminescent mushrooms and animals. Could lead to another shift in scenery, like the magma tubes of an active volcano or an underground society of hybrids that have escaped slavery. - Space station or a space bar. Maybe both. Space station that could be tied to some sort of government or the beginnings of the Alpha Section. Space bar for all of your outlaws and vigilantes to gather and/or hide - Slums that are integrated into parts of a city. Like having buildings/shacks built into old water systems or something like the underground water system that can be seen in Tokyo.
  106. The temple landscape looks really interesting, and isn't something that I've seen explored too often in games. The ships in the sky, on the other hand, look a bit generic. They look too similar to most generic FPS games in my opinion, and they seem to be not very interesting.
  107. We would like wastelandy kind of places with a lot of scrap yards like in the movie wall-e that has little robots that wonder around and clean up and make a bunch of scrap cubes ,also you can take some of them for cleaning and repairing your own ship at least 0-5 robots per ship .
  108. FrodoSwaginns
    I think there's definitely some potential for underwater environments, especially if you're a aquatic hybrid (walrus, shark, etc.). Or maybe we can get an underwater, submarine type vehicle? Also, it'd be cool to see the player unlock themes for their rooms within the mothership. For example, if you really liked a beach/ocean city or the jungles you could have your room within the mothership mimic that. Also, I love the idea of dense city slums and marketplaces that are packed with people and Tut-tuts. People bustling around and vendors to talk to left and right. Shady deals going down in back alleyways or special casinos and clubs that you can only access with a passphrase. Finally, some Asian inspired areas with things like pagodas and temples. Thanks for reading fellow Space Monkeys!
    1. This looks good with the ideas i braught up in the comments ;) A place like this with temples and special fauna (hybrid parrots,villages,temples,lizard hybrids, ect...) Special yet dangerous enviroments like this. this is cool ,Flying islands like this would be Amazing ! a city like tokyo but more rustic.
  109. All of the dev team ideas sound amazing, but I want to add: since this is set in space, I especially want to see places that could never exist on Earth. Cities that exist underground on planets with no atmosphere, or in domes. Places with gravity so low everyone can practically jump/float everywhere, with architecture that reflects this. Worlds that are mostly crystal, with structures built into them. And corresponding inhospitable locations where pirates hide out because nobody would ever want to live there... Lava flows on hot worlds, worlds with constant storms and acidic ponds, anything that can be imagined in a galaxy with a focus on going for really strange settings that stand out in unique ways.
  110. I would love to visit markets like the one in your BG&E2-demo where Jade runs into a buildning. I would also like to visit paradise like nature with palm trees and waterfalls. Think about resting on a beutiful beach in a sunset. And also medieval looking cities with houses and castles, but with BG&E-style.
  111. some quiet, beautiful and lively cities where everyone lives their lives With their own concerns and without realizing how the life of cities (such as the city of Ganesha.
  112. What I'd like to see would be planets with plenty of interesting things scattered all over the terrain. Ranging from things like cool looking natural formations and beautiful locations or smaller spots like temples, possibly caves, wreckage's of freighter, little huts and just things that when you find them you feel like you're the first person to ever find it. What I'd like to also see are more interesting planets other than just the basic sand, snow, grass etc. and try to get really creative with it. But with everyone talking about things underwater I feel like its dumb, it'll be a lot of work for something that most people won't care about. It's a space game not subnautica. Stick to space and planets and ignore the water things. Hopefully the game won't have the same feeling as No Man's Sky where it would be really cool to wonder around the terrain looking at everything but what's the point? If you added dangerous animals or plants or something to keep the player entertained while walking around on the planets then that would really great to make the exploring on-foot aspect better. Also something fun would be to have a mission where one of the characters tells you to go searching for a certain temple where you have no idea what planet or location its in so searching planets for specific things would be amazing. There's so much potential with the ideas you can implement into this game so this can go any direction
  113. Those 3 new pics look all amazing. It's maybe not a big help but I'd like to explore all of them! But I would especially love to walk around in a big city full of interesting characters and a lot of details ^_^
  114. A pirate needs a place to pillage and take or Robin Hood (the city) a pirate also needs a place to rest and plan and enjoy his or her hard work. I would love to see detailed cities that take you down rabit holes (the wrong ally way) that lead you into another part of your own story. Or while traveling in outter space and hitting a warm hole that takes you to a hybrid paradise. (Free hybrids have lived here for years) my mission? To free the enslaved and bring them to this undisclosed paradise.
    1. Thats very good i like the idea that your`e kind of the robin hood of the city i said that too but in a diffrent style ;)
  115. SketchArthur
    An interesting place I would like to discover is an ancient forgotten city, entirely made of crystal, hidden within a mountain in the middle of a deep ocean, with the northern lights covering the skies above. I think this could also be a perfect hideout for any aspiring pirate as well.
    1. Rockets-rocket
      That would be cool, maybe also find forgotten texts that teach you some lore on the races that used to live here or worship here, or even make it a mystery.
  116. Since it has a pirate feel to it , i would like to see a small outpost ( you can treat it as an easter egg ) have a legit wrecked sail ship close to it , have nice blue water around , calm place and add some sort of pub or tavern where you can implement features of the game , some sort of scrapped from wood type of tavern looking feel ...
  117. CosmicOfficer
    Yay! Alive and well! My brain skyrocketed from the beautiful art that would be gorgeous to explore. #1 I was even thinking if exploring a vast temple river forest that have unknown bridges that leads you to special treasure. #2 Glacier caves that would have hugh fortune materials that can be mined in great profits. #3 can be emotional having my character to head back to his origins of his parents house growing up as it has changed due to natural environment as he would still have a photo of how the house once was. Ahh OUT of Ideas! Because there will be places in the game that would be really mouth dropping. Hopping to see more updates of the game soon! Can't wait! (Literally)
  118. As a hardcore BG&E fan since its release on Xbox original, i noticed that the story revolves around the black market and human trafficing. I would love to have that experience again where being in an area i’m not supposed to be in to witness a major criminal organisation trafficing people and get that nervous feeling of being caught. For that reason i would like the thought of criminal organised mining and shipping operations which may seem innocent to begin with but as you dig deeper you begin to notice the dark and horid intent behind the containers. I would love the sotry to go in depth with the conditions the workers and people used in trafficing have to go through to five the play an immersion of dark meaning behind these criminal organisations and give the players perhaps choices on whether they can save more people or claim more rewards and have some form of altered affect from the choices you make when saving them or leaving them for your own personal gain.
  119. KillDisThing
    Ok, so I'm going to give a very general answer to this question, because I'm thinking about it in a gameplay oriented manner. Overall, when I'm exploring a world or environment I want it be one that is full of obstacles, whether that is things that want to kill the player or physical barriers. In general I think getting anywhere in any virtual space should be challenging. I've played a few open world games where you kind of just travel in a strait line to get from point A to point B. I find this kind of stuff very stale and not very engaging. My ideal videogame environment should be constantly presenting me with points of interest (some landmark, or some item), but also providing a challenge in getting to where I want to get. I want to have to go around, over, and under obstacles. I want to chart a winding squiggly path through this world that I'm exploring.
  120. Another thought but I don’t know how complicated this would be. How about a floating cloud city that floats along a planet, like an overseer city, where the elite live. Could be you have to do jobs there or steal things etc.
  121. Also! I would love to see a city that like float on the water. On a lake or even on the ocean itself. It would be so cool. Either it's like Venice( really Europian style, bridges, maybe some modern gondolas ) or like those hawaiian looking houses( where you have to get boats to go any house) . And I want to see a city that like Las Vegas. Bars, casinos and those type of places everywhere. It could be a really great place to meet with others, or could be a place to get some jobs.
  122. I would love to see underwater wrecks, hidden caves and sunken treasures. Or even taking adventures into large derelict hulks all over space!
  123. I'd love to see Hillys again with all it's unique places, the Nutripils factory, the abandoned slaughter house, the black isle.... Also maybe a huge space station which hovers over one of the planets...
  124. I think it would be cool to see a planet that is dominated by different hybrid tribes that are at war with eachother. Like a gorilla tribe that is primitive but still a bit technologically advanced and worship a huge Gorilla King. Maybe even throw a king kong easter egg in there too lol. Would love to see a lot of different terrain and weather. Like a planet that is rainy and gloomy with lightning with nothing but ruthless bandits killing and stealing from people, destroying everything in their path. Then a planet that is bright and bursting with life and big mountains and beautiful vegetation, with ancient civilizations and temples to explore. A big space station with an advanced civilization floating in the middle of the universe that you can explore. That would be crazy!
  125. For me the atmosphere has a huge impact on the landscape experience. A good refence is Rayman 2 (with some space pirates), the levels were using the same elements (cliffs, pirate boat structures, neaches, canyons, swamps, ruins and Plants) but they were always presented differently not only between but WITHIN the level (structures, colors, angles followed with a fantastic soundtrack). It was very immersive and made me feel i really explored that universe. Please keep the same magic for this new masterpiece. Otherwise, in term of landscape, i'll be interested to see: 1) spacioport highly oriented with military and trading facade. 2) An infiltration 'level/area' inside a fully operationnal armada. Going silently between fregates and war ship would be thrilling. 3) A multicolor desert area (similar to Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in China)
  126. In Ireland we used sport as recreation and as way of training our freedom fighters. It would be great to see the hybrids develop the same system. By mimicing the use of weapons within the sport .Ie hurls.
  127. The key thing would be to have diversity in environments, of course. That also makes it hard to pick a favorite place to explore. I think, zero-g environments can be really cool - exploring things drifting in space, and the like. But cities designs so far have been looking really good, so I definitely would want to explore some residential areas on different planets.
  128. Exploration is a key factor for me in games. I especially love when places tell stories about more than just the main story. I want to know the back story. I want to know what the locals are doing. It adds a whole other dimension to the game.. makes the world more alive. I want to know what is inside of their houses, their shops, what are their kids doing. I love when I walk past and I hear them talking about every day activities for them. It makes the game feel real, which is great whether you are an RP or not. I know it isn't a large landscape/area suggestion, but the little things count as well and this is something I would love to see in the different places we can go. Some games will have a large city area but only 4 buildings you can actually enter because they are part of a quest and it is honestly frustrating and makes the city seem dead. It takes away from the immersion.
  129. I would love to see a town in a mountain like a dwarf city from lord of the rings or in Dragon age origins.
  130. the42ndnumber
    A bridge, a big bridge, I love bridges.... A bridge in the mist where you can hear strange sounds, and where you are scared of hights as soon as you look down ... And a big palace in a mountain hot rocks in a kind of desert... I love that too
  131. Korppikiusaus
    Personally I'd like to explore huge sprawling cities that "feel" alive - as long as it's not too drab. In many games, cities are a mass of browns and greys which doesn't correspond to reality - I'll assume that cities in BGEII will be as multicultural as many contemporary metropolises and thus, rich in color and cultures. Another exciting thing would be anything related to space, be it asteroids or empty moons. After all, space is the final frontier...
  132. stuvakronakivik
    Making a ring system solid enough so we could land there. And entire populated cities living there. Maybe there's even some kind of "train lines" connecting to the planet for a cool tourist's trip. A big planet completely devastated by war would be cool. Make the sand of that planet all white because of the salt and because of all the blood spilled there, the salt land absorved it and it became red. In that planet we can scavage for a lot of equipment such as: pieces for the ship, fire weapons, blade weapons, etc. A planet with huuuge beaches of black sand from when lava hits ocean (like in Iceland). Very old extraterrestrial civilization sculpures and paintings of their solar system can be found in some caves. Also a huge white monolith is in one of those beaches, on top of a big vulcano. Making us even more curious and excited about that ancient alien civilization.
  133. Personally, I would love to see tremendous sceneries of an untouched environment with hilly valleys and temples on it. On those temple gardens you could see hybrid-monks sowing the soil. It would aslo be very cool to see some rainforests with their own tropical plants and their mysterious, creepy atmosphere in it where old secrets could be hidden... There also should be something like an "superior capital" which is not just the center of a planet, but the center of the whole system. The richest and the most famous would live here and an upper government could rule from here to the whole system. Here you would be able to find very rare and valuable stuff that you could steal from some private traders. The best and most expensive weapons, ship parts and crew members can be found here. Due to its importance, the city has to be very huge and in its center very grandiose.
  134. Both of them! cyberpunk and asian landscapes are perfect ! thanks!
  135. I know the current cultural flavor for the game is inspired by both Chinese and Indian cultures, however what I would love to see in game would be a giant metropolis spanning on a huge territory, not like Coruscant but close to, and with distinct cultural enclaves, like a middle-eastern souk, a western like neighborhood, a Slav ring, a sub-Saharan architecture block, that kind of things, with of course the possibility to explore all these environments. Regarding space, I'd like to see a space station made of space shipwrecks, a bit like the Alpha station from Valerian but with derelict vessels, and that would be a pirate haven of course.
  136. I would love to see one headquarter location on a planet with typical pirate enviroment. A tough place filled with "scum" that fight against the opressing goverment. It's kind of a mixture of the typical jungle (including secret temples, underground tunnelsystems) with some high tech elements. So reminiscent of the old pirate islands but with a touch of modern spacetechnology. A side of the HQ I would love to see some remote locations. I love the idea of secret hidings in an asteroid field. In the spirit of "Empire Strickes Back" caves in huge meteorites. And of course some hideouts in every big city slum where you have to know a password corresponding to each location. Maybe you have to find out what the current password is in the city before you can enter the location. That way you instantly create a mini-mission for the gamers. I'm so hyped for this game. I know you guys got a long way to go. Thanx for sharing and including the gamers at this early stage!!!
  137. Why not an ocean of water or liquid gold/silver/bronze filled with small carribbean esque islands? The water can be bright green like Life of Pi.
  138. Underwater cities! or at least temples / caves.
  139. Personally, I would love to see tremendous sceneries of an untouched environment with hilly valleys and temples on it. On those temple gardens you could see hybrid-monks sowing the soil. It would aslo be very cool to see some rainforests with their own tropical plants and their mysterious, creepy atmosphere in it where old secrets could be hidden... There also should be something like an "superior capital" which is not just the center of a planet, but the center of the whole system. The richest and the most famous would live here and an upper government could rule from here to the whole system. Here you would be able to find very rare and valuable stuff that you could steal from some private traders. The best and most expensive weapons, ship parts and crew members can be found here. Due to its importance, the city has to be very huge and in its center very grandiose.
  140. References are good, aren't they? I would like to see somthing close to english abandoned, but not destroyed village / town like from "everybody's gone to the rapture". Place, that has it's own mistery, and you have to explore it. May be for your own wish, or for some reason, like a crash or another incident, and while you do it, you open step-by-step this secret, and at last you get some treasure, or, more over get a new crew-member. Saved, and who have a biography, related to this place.
  141. McFinkleberry12
    I have a great idea that doesn’t really relate to the question but it’s cool. What about you can create a colony of people that could be regular people or pirates and you run it. You could colonize on many different planets and make your own flag. You could attack nearby colony’s and plunder. You could alliance with friends and their colony. This is a basic idea that everyone at beyond good and evil 2 can expand upon. Plus I think you all should have another livestream.
  142. Multi-cultural cities, like in trailer. It's the most waited part for exploration. After watching film "bright" from netflix, which make pretty similar thing, but in fantasy setting, I know, that you made a right choice. I hope it be realy big enough, and detailed, and full of characters and their stories, which we can read by our eyes, keyboards and joysticks (:
  143. I think that a place gets interesting when you build it around it's use. For example, a ring-like planet where fishermen lives. Space fishes swim in to the ring and they catch them with laser nets. Or maybe a big city full of lights behind a waterfall that use the stream of water to get energy. Houses insides statues of buddhas. A floating city because predators on the surface can jump too high to be safe. It's just question of finding why the city was build there in the first place and then coming up with a clever design.
  144. - Some absurd fantastic place, based on simple thing or idea, like chess-location in "Alice in a Wanderland", especialy it's realization in "American MkGee's Alice" - One-culture-related cities. It's difference from multi-cultural city, is that there you can know something, unique, about some race, take part in it's history. - Flying mountains / Islands. Check out "Story about my Uncle" with it's glowing runes on stones, and quiet villages of strange and peacefull people, "Flying heroes", "Project Nomads" with it's stimpunked things, "NetStorm" with it's brilliant random-bridges (i mean like a design solution, not a gameplay element) - Center of the galaxy???? A Star???? Gas Giant?? Asteriods? PAIR STARS?? Some sort of REAL space-based adventure, which make gamer to know somethings new about it.
  145. In BGE2 I would really like to see cultural /religious wonders like pyramids mixed with a futuristic style (like the pyramid from enslaved) and something like an enemy pirate crew in the style of the ancient egyptian animal gods like Horus the falcon or sobek the crocodile Also I would really like to see big theme based space ships like from some indigenous tribes or something more futuristic like a big casino with slot machines and games. As planetary environment i also could imagine something like a junkyard or a city build on clouds or some underwater city with human-fish type species or like in bioshock, completely abandoned but with some rare tresure And I would like to travel on my Pirat ship through space listening to some pirate songs like in assassins creed black flag but in a kinda futuristic way Inspirations could be one piece, assassins creed black flag, cowboy bebop, borderlands, enslaved: odyssey to the west What du you think about this?
  146. GAS GIANTS! I don't know where tech would be with this matter, but exploring the darkened dephts of a gaseous planet in search of a "lovecraftian" relic of sorts would be a nightmare! An exciting one, i mean...
  147. Well make it like a futuristic Assassin's Creed Black flag. Travelling through various cities having a specific environment telling a different story. Would love to see some space bars or taverns where pirates enjoy or work on their deals. Some fighting arenas, underwater treasures, various people to interact with, many friends many enemies...would love to build a colony or develop various regions, i mean help people and colonize areas with all the loot gathered and many more things....ALL THE BEST
  148. Italian looking Islands like in "Porco Rosso". I watch it recently and the Setting really fits the idea of space pirates. It also reminded me a lot of the first game. Was it an inspiration? And since the game is set in space I think it would be cool to see some really out there planets, with weird plant live or a hollow planet where you can fly inside. Can't wait to go adventuring and treasure hunting in whatever worlds, you come up with!
  149. Those environnements are awesome and beautiful. Do they will be over environnemnts as desertic planets, oceanic worlds covered of unstoppable storms with artificial islands/ports, or planets that Under a tyranny of an company or a mafia empire ? I hope that environnements will be in the game? but I also hope that every explorable planet will be different in their way. For me, the diversity of locations & environnements must be an important point of the game.
  150. Abandoned cities for exploring - like we have temples of long lost civilizations buried in jungles. It would be interesting to wander around places of more modern technology but turned into ghost towns and reclaimed by nature.
  151. I would love to explore mysterious cave or mystic temple on a small planet hidden in space and difficult to found without a map. And why not explore the manor of a gouvernor with lot of a treseare and information we could steal and sell on the black market. Diversity is important I think ! All your propositions are interesting;) Good job ;)
  152. dev_arinof28
    my idea of an environment i would like to find as i'm exploring a wide and vast hazardous area there will be an medium space area of a quiet and have a "zen" vibe to it in the middle of the hazardous area. where everything in that vast hazardous area scenery is dead plant or a huge skeleton of a creature lying around and maybe some wreckage of ship where you can scavenge the item. and in some specific location where only in that location is having a plant, a pond, and some god statue with moss all over it. it would be nice to find a small haven after a long journey, or maybe in that area is where a treasure is hidden.
  153. A city set on the inner walls of a huge Canyon, maybe with bridges connecting to the opposite wall.
  154. I'd like to go to a planet completely covered in water. All the things mentioned in the question can be on the planet; the temples, the pirate hideouts, the slums, etc. but everything is submerged. It'd be especially cool to be in a futuristic metropolis underwater (sort of Rapture meets Blade Runner) and see how one would accommodate all the different hybrids and humans alike. How would they all breathe, for example? Maybe something beyond the tired-out "there's a giant dome/bubble". Maybe you have to take a certain drug that allows to breathe underwater for a certain amount of time if you can't naturally and then there can some form of corruption or extortion by a corrupt group of elites of a mafia-style gang so if you don't pay, they cut off your air supply. Or if you're in a certain class or standing in society, you're only allowed to breathe in certain areas and/or for a certain amount of time.
  155. I would like the thought of exploring different vessels interiors to see the differences but I am looking more at seeing different cultured planets and seeing what's different between them and just seeing what I can do in each location. Although I would love to see a planet in the game that is sort of steampunk in style.
  156. Hi everyone !! I made a topic about north influences (uralic, scandinavians and some slaves influences) That would be amazing environments I think :) for cold areas... (around 30 draws) news coming next week !
  157. Well I for one have always wanted a game like this. There is no one environment I would like to explore though. I would only like you guys to do your best to make sure there is enough content to make the environments all feel alive and separate. Not like other games where all the areas or planets feel the same with only minor changes.
    1. stuvakronakivik
      You're absolutely right. Make all planets feel different, as well as areas in one planet. I hope they can achieve a realistic sense of scale, diversity and dynamism.
  158. I think a variety of environments would be great. I love when scores are used to really assist in establishing a strong sense of place (perhaps the gold standard being Zelda games). I like the idea of having terrestrial exploration as well as space exploration and relatively seamless transitions between being ideal.
  159. If I were to choose any enviroments to explore.. I would like different planets-travels with different nature, different fauna and animal life. Worlds that has weird trees and plants, crazy colours but still belivable appearances, (Ex: Pre historic and rich). Jungles. I would like a puzzly feel when exploring, and details added in, things/life that seems to be insignificant... but actually gives impact to gameplay when/if given attension or research. (Discover new medicines or abilities in plants, act scientific about it, seek contact with little crttiers etc). So, if you just run by and don't look or try to observe, you won't gain anything much, but if you are careful paying attension to plants/animals/behaviours and interactions, it becomes a reward. Sort of becomes a personality test if one will. I would like worlds where small details matter. I would like to meet intelligent races with whom one can communicate with in friendly terms. I don't want to fight everything and anything, if that were to be the case, I should stay home, I shouldn't be exploring. A good explorer should respect all lifeform.
    1. That would be a good opportunity to bring back the fauna inventorying of BGE :), and a good encouragement for exploration. Want some cash ? Go somewhere & take photos of life yet unregistered, then sell it to scientific institutions. Or maybe those institutions contact you & require that you go collect info on a certain organism for them.
      1. Exactly. Like collecting pearls ;) But I also liked having Secundo with me. As an informant. They said in the live stream that they will not add Secundo in BGE2, but I would have likes to have a gadget like Secundo, (upgraded), who would be helping in analyzing plants and chemicals, rocks and earth types and so on, and where/what it can be used for, then the player can choose whom to sell to. Getting different offers. Good and bad causes.. *Ahem*.. :)
      2. GHAST YA that's perfect ! I forgot about the pearls ! That's could a big objective for exploration ! Like: you have nothing to do in a given area, but you aquired a map with the locations of a pearl. You got get the pearl, but there's a riddle to get or a miniboss to defeat to finally reach the pearl. SPACE TREASURE HUNT ! And then you proceed to buy stuff from merchants who only accept pearl as currency and have unique items !
  160. I'd love to have a completely aquatic world, with thermal vents and underwater cities. Maybe the planet could be used for a galactic water supply? If not entirely aquatic then maybe frozen with small villages and hunting posts with large swathes of arctic water to dive into and explore
  161. habitable planets with multiple biomes each and different kindes of cities and towns. maybe one or two single biome planets ( the less inhabitable or you could say underdeveloped ones). And also a few undeveloped planets that are not or are not yet habitable. With habitable i am reffering to the quality of atmosphere and ecology. so you could have planets that are being mined or are under construction with just a breathable atmosphere ( predominantly populated with hybrids). And you could have have planets with diverse ecosystems that are ready for or are being settled by masses of humans.
  162. If we are pirates there would have to be places to explore, as well as valleys and temples where there are gold chests and valuable things, besides a pirate must sell that or get things is a black market, so Valles and a black market would be great, I hope and can include it.
  163. I think it would be great if we could explore wilderness with lots of fauna and flora. Also some underwater exploring or even ancient ruin expeditions! And, maybe we could, like, build a place in the wilderness, our even entire villages!! And da-a-amn, when I see the 1st photo I'm, like, full Zen :)
  164. I don’t know how DomZ are related to the game and world of BGE2. But if they are already in Space that time, I would like to find some slimy DomZ infested cave on a planet. I could also imagine a huge cave complex from extinct inhabitants of a planet with cave paintings from DomZ.
  165. I love the idea of ​​exploring the underwater ruins, although I thought of some exploration to explore cities destroyed by some type of volcano that was active, as in the case of pompeii, explore areas of the core of the earth and need some suit with protection thermal to access, it would be fantastic. Whatever they do, they make good decisions, I hope they continue to work well and encourage the team!
  166. I would love to explore planet with huge waterfall, falling from the sky and giving us impression to be underwater. With some temple looking like atlantide or other thing like this. Maybe with huge monster looking like aquatic monster but actually flying between the waterfall. Also i would love to go on system with very huge vegetation which is living and which can react when we walk on them. Or a vegetation which had they personal life forcing us to adapt or way to move or to explore : some path can be revealed only when they wake up or when they sleep or other are only possible when they eat etc... Another environment i will love to see (but i think i would be alone XD) it's snow environment that if we are looking closely can hide some forest or beach or huge sea. Like if the outside is to frighten visitor and if you are brave enough to face the danger you can have a great reward for all your hard work. Or just snow environment with huge crystal palace or snow house ^^ It will be fun to discover little safe haven on asteroid or pirate hideout hidden on asteroid. Place where we can rest and enjoy this surprise on the big void of space. Finally i think environment with a lot of surprise when we are seeking is the best if we want to have the sensation to be real space pirate ^^
  167. ColonelMassacre
    SHIPS! Again, inspire yourself from Star Citizen; high detailed seemless interior to ALL SHIPS as well as high detailed exteriors. Ships then - varrying on size - become jewels and treasures in themselves; discover, collect and, if there is a multi, in a way show off in them (rare little ultra slick one to ultra big rare legendary (but not unique at first for lore friendly; uniqueness through customization in MP?) model. a bit off subject -- Please, let ALL content be available through in game currency. Naturally, in todays' day and age, microtransactions can/should/ought to help to get more currency faster. Nonetheless, it'd be "cool" if they were directly impleted in the game itself in a funny and not so intrusive, lore friendly way (like the fortune cookie in The 5th Element for instance) and not just some other BS, over greedy, lore breaking, FY style, lazy virtual store -- my point of view though, like a dust particule in space So again and again, please, and a bit sorry for hammering this, aim to have also seemless HD (customizable?) interiors for ALL the ships. Motherships/Capital Ships would then be a major moving level themselves. Be like a proper competitor of SC from this point of view but also totally your own thing with your wonderful art, backstory and universe. Considering how big of a dev/publisher you (UBISOFT) are as a whole, i hope it's a realistic objective to have that high level of details applied to every ship (inside and out) and cool animations that make them living virtual explorable moving metal monsters. Naturally, loving the progress shown so far. Stay hungry, stay foolish, Gearhead ;)
  168. please include character customization! its necessary to compete with other games. you design the world. but i decide what my character is in your world... shitty characters ruin immersion!! dead planets, wild crazy full of wild life planets green green green bizarre trees. entire worlds of storms wild storms crashing the landscape and mountains.
  169. Sunshineskidd
    i would like to see retro and modern areas made rural everything from 16th century japan to modern day new York destroyed
  170. Lush and natural environments suit me down to the ground. I like urban landscapes getting taken back by nature too. One of my favourite aspects of Hillys was the Venetian influence and the balance between urban and rural. Most of the buildings, like the lighthouse, had an organic feel to them, as did a lot of the vehicles. It was all very gorgeous and cozy, and with the art team that BGnE2 has, I've no doubt we'll see more of the same. I'm less interested in "dark and drippy" Blade-runnery backdrops, except in the context of deliberately evil settings. If corporations are to be the enemy to some extent, then it makes sense that their venues might be a bit less organic. But what excites me more is the kind of artistic, living settings like we saw in BGnE, where the architecture and landscape/nature nestle together in beautiful ways. I hope there's a chunk of that to balance more industrial locations. There's already been talk of making explorable locations lively and lived-in, with great attention to detail. My biggest concern when I heard about BGnE being an expansive, open universe was that it would mean sacrificing the intimate detail of the locations (Let's face it; I just want more Hillyan lighthouse-orphanages). It sounds like Mr. Ancel and the team are determined to make every location have personality, which makes me keen to see the results. Cheers, all.
  171. wassimokhtar
    The environments I crave to dive into are the kinds where its inhabitants, people and/or wildlife, provide a sense of history to it, giving me the encouragement to observe, study and marvel at it. Take the first BGE game, for example: When visiting the 'Black Isle' location in Hillys for the first time, players will discover the place is an old abandoned mine equipped with old machinery and the like. They soon learn (or assume) that over the years, creatures both common and rare have inhabited the place, occupying individual territories for themselves, covering bits of the environment to account for their living conditions and more. The Isle's inhabitants and its suggested history combined made my experience really fascinating when exploring the place. It pushed me to search every nook and cranny to find valuables to collect and encouraged me to be very observant of the environment, prompting me to pull out my camera and take pictures when necessary. So to properly answer the question: Personally, I'd like to visit a place that's been locked out for the free people to enter or visit. Let's say a closed off planet home to an ancient civilization or vibrant wildlife that's being contained by an organization of government-funded scientists to acquire its riches (knowledge or treasure) for their own gain. A place where I'm demanded to fully utilise my skills as a space pirate in order to infiltrate and acquire it for myself and my crew.
  172. I would love to explore/investigate in a mining facility or underground cavern. That made the first game's world feel real and alive with strange animals and plants. I love (and I think a lot of people like them too) the "holographic" billboards, I think it gives a "fantasy sci-fy" vibe to the world that would fit well in BGE cities. It would be awesome to explore a mining facility like this :p
  173. AtticusEverett
    A Desert planet.. Specifically a giant, rustic outdoors market where other merchants and pirates sell items.... A rusty, beaten down and torn settlement full of parts and little treasures. Like how antiquing feels in real life... If some of these pirates there happened to do airship races through the desert and its dangerous rocky-formations for money, I would totally race and spend the extra time to fine-tune my ships there.
  174. SlightlyUnusual
    I would love to see a truly alien environment, maybe as mentioned above, remnants of a lost civilization with secrets to be uncovered. I would also want to be able to explore possibly for hours before finding something interesting that is not on any map and not somewhere you are directed to go by quests or quest givers. Truly hidden secret areas you can only find by luck or thorough random searching. No way points to guide the way. Some can be hinted about through rumors of their existence that could be found in books or by overhearing conversations. But finding them should be a puzzle and difficult. They should give you the feeling that once you find them, you know you are one of few who has ever been there. You should also be given something special for finding them. A trophy for your ship or unique rare equipment, even if only cosmetic. I am always disappointed in games claiming they reward exploring and once you go exploring, you always feel you are one of a million who have been there before. They can be procedural and there could be plenty of them in order to make it possible to come over them in a world/universe the size you aim for, but they should reward you with something unique and a meaningful experience.
    1. I agree there should be hidden areas. If what they're creating is truly as big as they have described, I think it would be awesome if there were hidden places that only I and like a handful of others have discovered. Although, I don't think you should find them by luck. It might take some work, but maybe as you get closer to the area, there are clues that lead you to it, like a secret path or some ancient writing that speaks of it. I also like the idea that it could be in conversations. Maybe like a side mission, but like a side, side, side mission. Like, not on a map or anything. You just come across it in a conversation and a guy speaks of whatever he knows about it - which could be only a brief description, leaving you to uncover the rest.
  175. I would love to see a snowy toundra/forest with abandonned houses and small isolated towns !
  176. i would like to see a Underwater world maybe with an underwater civilisation or a village/city under the water also it would be nice to go into a Rainforrest with different animations like rain / fog or go into the dessert with special animal that you can ride or hunt or maybe take as a pet ! THX !
  177. There's a few environments I think would be interestiong. First is a planet that once was inhabited but driftet out out its orbit and became uninhabitable. This could have remains of an ancient civilisation to be explored and where technologies and treasures can be found. Then there's the planet with a toxic and corrosive atmosphere. No carbon based life can exist but perhaps a silica based lifeform could evolve. I think it would be cool to find something deep beneth ice. No one knows what lies hidden. I would also love for a space ship from a distant star system or another galaxy came drifting thorugh space. I mean a big one, really really big. Like the moon. An addition to your excelent list would be a rich area where the corporations are located. Highrises, parks, bank vaults and such.
  178. I would like to see a space craft cemetery with hundreds of old and wrecked ships and a few rhinos who are the owners of the cemetery. That would be nice!
    1. mammago's secret source of affordable spare parts XD !
      1. I would love to see some crafting system than you can find like some scrap in the space and then craft some diferent things like some guns or wehicles or somthing like that
    2. Hey there actually is a space cemetery ! at 57:50 !
  179. This game already looks amazing! TO THE DEV TEAM..... If your looking for ideas, look at "Spelljammer". It is the original seed idea for all games, movies, and anything else with this kind of feel. Ships based on animals or insects, hybrid player characters, pirates in space... It's got it all.
  180. I really love the idea of city slums with a black market. Where there are small alleys with a lot of grim and frightening Chrakters starring at you and as a player you got an uncomfortable feeling just by walking through the narrow alleys. There is also a lot of potential with Charakters in the slums and the black market, like some sort of criminal gangs or an underground cartel or a sort of mysterious cult or something. Furthermore you could possibly buying some stuff there for your space ship or any other gear, surely for a better price than in "regular" places, but maybe its qualitiy is bad or you could get tricked or robbed by some sellers from the black market.
  181. I’ve seen TONS of stuff here I’d love to havein game, like traveling cities and a wide variety of planets. One thing I’d like to see however is detailing, and as much freedom as possible. It’s been one of my dreams as a gamer to have an open world city, comtpltely explorable. I’d love to be able to duck and weave in and out of houses, apartments, bazaars in order to throw off pursuit. I love the thought of a beautiful, living, tangible city, one that owe as gamers could spend endless hours exploring. Combine that with the space setting, where dozens of such cities might exist, and I could play this game for the rest of my life. I know that it’s be extents unlikely to see it in game, as I imagine it’d prove difficult, but omggg would I be happy if it was
    1. stuvakronakivik
      Agree. Being able to explore everything from the smallest thing to the largest would be amazing and it would go in accord with the game developers idea of a russian dool wich has smaller and smaller dools inside. This concept would work amazingly well since we would be able to enter a small house, to a building, to a ship, to an even larger ship, to a planet, to a solar system, etc. Giving detail to the smallest thing is necessary in my opinon, make everything interactive, dynamic, diverse.
  182. Dead wastelands like in Fallout with many slums and poor settlements .... Gigantic deserts where u can dig for treasures ... Cold, icey areas at the poles ... A futuristic city where thousands of random generated quests are available ... Swampy and dangerous areas, where the inhabitants coul kill u Gigantic junkyard areas where u can loot treasures
  183. As a space/pirate sim, a Caribbean inspired location blended with a dystopian cyberpunk feel would feel right. Imagine the tropical coasts along the Caribbean sea, crystal clear water, clear enough to see the ruined spaceships below the surface. The peaks of buildings that once populated a thriving commerce, now peaking above the waters surface like jagged rocks. Abandoned and populated by thieves, vagrants and mercenaries. All taken back by nature. Perhaps it was all man made, captured within a giant glass biome, now crumbling and forgotten. The fractured remains of the dome, surrounded by dark over grown swamps, trees and nature dominating what was once the space port outside the dome, now a labyrinth of vines and broken technology.
  184. I would like to see different planets with its own environment and features technology that allows the people who live there to thrive. Showcase the different animals and how the people living in the harsh environments have adapted, using the help of technology, genetic modification, or natural selection.
  185. SirKayTheKnight
    I would really love to see a city with lots of rain, neon lights, and alleys with a sort of grungey future vibe. Also I feel like a sort of claustrophibc desert bazaar filled with lots of spice stalls, people selling bootleg stuff, and exotic meat fruit and vegtable stands about would be a really neat location too. Be cool to have a really bustling place like that to explore.
  186. SirKayTheKnight
    Considering wed be pirates I think it would be amazing to have some hard place to pillage loot from, where it be robbing a bank, or a high secuity spaceport, or even other pirates places would be beyond fun if its a challenge.
  187. It would be cool to see different locations that have been changed by the differences in cultures, species and political systems.
  188. Underwater City planet!!! With large sea creatures that could eat your spaceship whole. Can't go underwater unless your spaceship could withstand the pressure so only rich spaceships could dock. You couldn't swim too far from your ship or you'll die because your suit needs some random life support from your vessel. The planet is known as the Cuisine Planet. Culture is all about food. Ingredients are harvested around the galaxy. An artificial garbage planet that has a huge magnetic core that sucks random space garbage. It's like a large trading post made of metal. You could buy random junk. Power comes from its large solar paneled wings to support its inhabitants. They have robot residents and robot culture. Desert planet with mobile cities with tracks at the bottom. Needs to move because of constant quicksand and sandstorm. The cities have large drills at the bottom to looks for water reservoir. Maybe 4 Cities on that planet as the resources are scarce. Society's main work is to use bicycle type mechanism to power the tracks. A federation of small planets that moves together by the use of anti-matter energy. Different religion for each.
    1. So all in all Underwater Cuisine Planet, Robot Garbage Planet, Mobile Sand City Planet, and Intergalactic Federation of Small Planets that moves together.
  189. I would love to see floating cities (both on the sea or in the sky). Or perhaps ones that have been constructed in around natural objects such as on the sides of mountains or in volcanoes. Having the ability to explore these spaces, discovering hidden locations which can house anything from hidden characters, treasures or just very scenic points.
  190. Hello. I'd like to see Legendary treasures hidden in uncharted territories across space and Secret Pirate lairs on asteroids, spaceports, dormant volcanic craters. Maybe, them combined. If we play as a pirate, there's a stereotype that they were looking for gold buried treasures, so (in my humble opinion) treasures would organically fit in this world. And, what a pirate story can be without other pirates' lairs and antagonists? And, I think it'll be cool to see Lush valleys with sacred temples in the game.
  191. I would LOVE to play in highly detailed underground spaces, like caverns, caves and grotto's...
  192. I personally would love to see caves/mines which are maybe even a little bit eerie (sometimes felt anxious in the caves in the original game)... Besides that, I believe black markets in slums are super interesting! Lush valleys would be a nice addition and a change of pace so you don't always see cities. I believe high/big trees would look awesome! Maybe it has ancient temples which seem to be abandoned, but inside there is some corrupt stuff going on! Also, other people already mentioned the dirty/filthy city on the ground, but beautiful and clean tops; I could definitely see that in the game.
  193. I would really like some "criminal citys" full of assasins, thieves, all that sort of people. Also places where you can participate in races or battle in arenas, make bets and get money and reputation. Also, some important places or ships for rich humans, wich you can attack to steal them and cause terror. Maybe take prisioners too! This game has so much potential! Lots of love for you the developers <3
  194. GameBoyTatarin
    To be honest, I have studied all that is! 1. Black markets in urban slums 2. Dedicated mining work 3. Lush valleys with Holy temples 4. The legendary treasures hidden in the uncharted territories in space Well, the most important thing is an open world and opportunities to study!
  195. You come across an orbiting satellite (moon) and flying into a giant crack in the surface reveals a huge settlement built into the rock walls like in PETRA, JORDAN. I also like the idea of underwater places with dangerous creatures to avoid, and finding random high value loot on uninhabited planets/moons/etc. Are there missions to fix/loot/create satellites?
  196. I'd love to see some sort of underwater city, with big glass domes and enormous wildlife swimming around it.
  197. I absolutely LOVE tropical environments! Islands, blue water, big mountains, green leaves, thick foliage, and SPECTACULAR waterfalls. Especially if we can build out our own little "outposts" in spots we find of value! Perfect for pirates of old, and new! Some failed colonies in said areas would be cool too, reclaimed by nature. We've already seen them, but deserts are important too! Finally, I see a lot of grimy city requests above, but I'd like there to be pristine, shiny, hyper-modern cities as well. Kind of like the Presidium in the Mass Effect Series
    1. I have to agree, I would love to actually find a secret pirate lair build around a waterfall type environment !
  198. First off let me say, this game is looking and sounding fantastic so far! It’s taking shape into the game I never thought I would play but always have wanted to, a truly in depth open world space adventure! As far as locations go I would love planets that are completely desert, or completely underwater! (I know it’s a big ask, but these are just ideas!) Imagine dropping a small submarine out the bottom of your mothership into the ocean to look for submerged treasure! I also love the idea of a Blade Runner style city! Dull with Rain and all! Keep working hard team, love your stuff.
  199. Big city slums would get my vote. I love dystopian "Bladerunner" cities where the poor and weak feels the boot of the upper echelons on their backs. The bleakness of it gives me a sense of righteous rage. One thing that's more important tho is how "empty" the planets are in form of smaller communities in the countryside. There is no use in having big planets with interesting cities and architecture if there are no small settlements that can contrast the bigger ones. My mind boggles at the thought on how you are going to accomplish to populate the big cities yet alone thousands of smaller settlements, on each planet! And then there is wildlife..
  200. stuvakronakivik
    Having an interplanetary MMA (mixed martial arts) championship would be amazing. Training our martial arts techniques and learning new moves in different temples across the system 3 would be fantastic. There could be a special temple in a remote place, very difficult to find. But once found, you can unlock tremendous techniques (after having to complete some basic trainning). There can also be a structure in space completely dedicated to fighting events such as tournaments and championship fights. Rich people would use hybrid slaves to fight. I believe great stories can be developed around these martial artists, all fighting for different causes: fame, glory, honor, freedom, achieving greater skill, money, etc. The matches would also take place in different planets. The winner takes a huge amount of money and/or a spaceship of our choosing. I know this was more aimed towards gameplay than worldbuilding, but i find it a good concept to implement and enrich the BG2 universe.
  201. Idea of floating city sounds amazing, but isnt it a lot of energy to keep it float? More like a fantasy than science fiction. Well whatever. Underwater city and similar is awesome. Also city like Hillys which there is water canal for ships and other water transport. Or floating citiyparts. As if a lot of ship connected to each other. With underwatercity combo maybe. Settlement on huge trees. Canyoncity is cool. Houses on the side of cliffs , like on the time machine movie. Well, maybe also some cave carving on cliff for some space and tunnels too but too deep and there is problem with lack of sunshine. And yeah huge cities with those neon lights like some said, just taller, sturdier, also sidewalk and roads and bridge on the air between buildings and stairs between levels.. A few underground places.
  202. swellerphinx2
    An interesting idea would be to add a maximum security prison on a comet so if you wanted you could break your crew mates out or find new crew members when trying to escape yourself.
    1. I really like the prison planet concept!
  203. Idea how about a space colony made inside a giant dead space organism where they feed off the body and also grow the colony from it the idea came from farscape how about that.. also the whole giant space animal colony would be compromised mostly of carnivores because the main source of food is meat.
    1. That's only possible if space meat is edible. And its not a sustainable system, since the space organism is dead, even more so if most of the population are feeding on it :/ Shame tho, because i can see the cool yet odd vibe it would'be had.
  204. Old ruins, perhaps underground. Underground city. Crash cites and abandoned spaceships floating about in space. Spooky, abandoned and broken down space stations. A city in ruins. A floating city.
  205. 1) An abandoned science facility in the middle of a jungle planet with all the vegetation taking over the science objects and furniture. High waterfalls a lot of green and in the middle of that a big building taking over by plants and roots. 2) A mining society living in an almost hollow planet so SO mined that you can see its core from the space 3) A society or group of people living Inside a HUGE HUGE space creature with 2 variations: >the beast is alive and people use it as a vehicle / house in a parasitic way >the beast its dead and the people are gathering resources from it
    1. I would enjoy seeing a version of your idea about a settlement of some sort in/on a giant creature. I think a settlement or structure of some sort on the back of a gigantic turtle would be awesome! Like some variation of the Aspidochelone, World Turtle or cosmic turtle mythologies.
  206. Maybe an underwater base on a planet coulb be very intrestiong.
  207. spaceports and the design of your city’s
  208. There was a famous pirate named Jean Lafitte who operated out of New Orleans Louisiana, he used the bayous (swamps) to smuggle into the city. I think a giant swamp of some kind would have some great qualities. I'm picturing it with massive trees hundreds of feet tall, with dwellings built directly on/in them. Also must have some crazy wildlife, alligator type animals etc.
  209. Derelict labs that still hold horrors and treasures for those foolish or brave enough to venture beyond the vault doors :)
  210. Ratchet and Clank had used many times the pirate theme for their game. Not a bad idea to see which background(s) can be redesigned or be a source of inspiration for BGE .
  211. I would be interessed in some ruines with kind of a mayan style and maybe with an technologic hybridation... Visually it could be ancient scupltures and some high tech parts in the blanks of the rock. I'm french so sorry if I don't write that well in english !
  212. sournutpunches
    I think some “unexplainable places” would be amazing. Like in the Harry Potter movies like the train station and that market place. Also places like tortuga from pirates of the Caribbean and that huge fort made from ships. But most importantly if we had like ancient ruins, be it Egyptian, Roman, Nordic. That would be amazing. Something real from our work like Stonehenge.
  213. I want to see some rainy dark planets like kamino with oceans and stuff. Also, snowy planets with outposts and things.
  214. Blaze19982017
    I would actually love an ice planet with chains of snow covered mountains.
  215. I would like to see some abandoned places as well, like old and abondoned cities. Complete underwater worlds with crazy huge sea creatures. Also completely detailed cities with layers and landmarks. Anything like COWBOY BEBOP
  216. Also some huge constructed space ports or colonies with a very city like interior.
  217. THIS: Secret Pirate lairs!! Also literally anything with bars/clubs. They create such an awesome atmosphere in gaming. Huge fan of alle the blade runner recommendations. Space ports, underground citites.
  218. I would love to see the Lighthouse Shelter/Hillys maybe under construction, I would love to meet the mother of Issam, Hal and Babukar in a land of Only rhinos where is very common to stumble In a car/space-faring vessels race ( maybe the three rhinos were very good mechanics because auto racing began in their land and this sport has grown in popularity ever since and their money currency was the Pearl) I would also love to explore the abyss of the oceon, the motherland of Sharks and Whales.
    1. I also want to thank all of the team for the making of this game. I was 5 when my father came back from deployment and gave my brother and me this game. The art was incredible and The music was so good and I remember that Home Sweet Home came on when we were leading to the Lighthouse Shelter and something just happened. I felt this rush of emotion come through me. It was so intense. We played this game ever since, non-stop. Now I'm 19, I'm a musician and this September I would love to be accepted at the academy of fine arts to became a graphic designer because I want to work with you, ubisoft. Thank you for all the memories and for the spirit of adventure that I shared with my brother.
      1. Oh I forgot. Maybe this is off topic but it would be great if characters can tell jokes or short stories while we are playing the game. Like Pey'j and the stories of Aunt Geneva. This is it.
  219. I want a library, built to contain all the information in the system that its keepers can collect. It should be built on the principle of free sharing of information, and should be so large that exploring all of it would be difficult. Within might be contained all types of treasures, depending on what you're looking for and if you're willing to look. Those who run it should also provide missions to acquire information, or perhaps provide intel on forgotten civilizations.
  220. igorstrong2011
    in advance I'm sorry that it's off topic, I think it could be a funny Easter egg. Could you add a figure of Ugandan knuckles to a secret place (google translator)
  221. The obvious and large divide between higher and lower class - the skyscraper palaces and the slums, the slaves and the revolt? maybe...
  222. SolarLeStrange
    Interactive activities, such as yearly festivities, cultural and spiritual, under water caves systems leading to uninhabited ecosystems rich in minerals and unidentified species. Vast cave systems with mazes and lost treasures. I also love a lot of the ideas being shared by other fans who like I are happy to contribute to the imaginative process and who are anxiously waiting for the release of the game.
  223. I'm so excited for this game and everything sounds so exciting but I want to hear about the guns and I want like tons of different weapons and looks to them and attachments but not nothing super crazy and I want to hear about the combat and if I want to raid ships and kill every one I can or take them as slaves and sell them or set them free and I want to be as evil as I want or be as kind as I want and I want to have like my own pirate liar or home besides the ship like a community and I want a market and a black market and haggling and prices to be different at different vendors and lead some of your pirate crew to rob a store or something but I want to send like parts of the crew on mission I want to be able to do anything I want to do good or bad
    1. I also want to be able to wear whatever I want like hat mask or glasses and just a bunch of different layers like if I want a hat then pair of glasses then bandanna and like a shirt with a vest just a whole bunch of clothing options and and bunch of different clothes to wear
  224. Ashleygrenstone
    Someone mentioned snowy mountains and a separate one of a neon cityscape, but imagine combining the two? Have the buildings in day time lrgely be of black colour so that they contrast against the white snowy, mountainous background, and then imagine at night time thoe very buildings are lit up by neon, and how that plays with lighting and colour in the surrounding snow-scapes, mountain ranges, etc.
  225. Wow have I been waiting for this one. I am just going to ramble. So bare with me. 1) A planet full of holes, looking like some1 took a ball and starter rotating it in every directions and shooting at it with a gun, creating all sorts of small/large holes, within that broken planet there are several "solid" areas (with their own gravitation) where in planet cities/villages are. In order to visit some of them you have to traverse a maze of cavern systems some might not be discover-able without the proper guiding system in your ship or simply because your ship is to large to traverse further. 2) A lush green jungle with exotic plants and creatures. Where perhaps a small hydrid/dinosaur race lives in seclusion with sings of old temples (mayan) where you can actually go into these and discover very colorful temples within. 3) A world where water flows up instead of down stream where gravity doesn't have the same impact as anywhere else rocks are magically hold together, the outer shell of the planet is an thin ocean where all the water rises up to, and a single pilar of water rushes back to the enter, in a hourglass shape. so that it can once again create these upstreams of water. (This is basically a planet inside out. the core of the planet is where the water starts coming from until it reaches the outside or planet. There are mountains stretching from the planet surface/ocean towards the core. Some floating rocks, but otherwise the planet inside it empty except for the orb or water in it's core and hourglass connected to it. There is also a "solid" hole of earth in the ocean that allows ships passage. But it's controlled by a syndicate that can disable access by enable a force-field and lasers. Within the planet ofcourse there is a major trade city.) 4) A flat disk planet. Where in the center is a huge city, the further you go outside because of the spinning of the disk you are pulled back towards the city in the center of the disk. If your in a space ship and getting close to this planet you get sucked towards it and caught in space-ship catching nets. The only way to safely leave/enter the planet is via the city, going up to the sky until free from the gravity of the disk world. There is a small colony/spacestation with a safe passing ring, to safely leave-enter the disk world (for a fee offcourse) 5) Two planets so close to eachother that they are connected by a single human build structure tower between the two planets. Its a buzzling mall/trade station on one side, and a darker/black shady part on the other. In the middle heavily guarded is a orb room where you can jump walk on the orb to change gravitational direction to the other part of the tower and visa versa. Though leaving the "good light side is easy" coming back from the "evil" side is not. The planets orbits are vertical meaning the closeby sun only shines light on the good part of the tower. Ofcourse the shady part is also the older and first build part of the tower. They are ying/yang of eachother. 6) A gas planet world, where most citizens have to use gasmask in order to leave there. There are mining colonies over the planet harvesting the gas. There is a large crater where trainlines from the mining colonies go and come from in order to bring goods to cratercity, where ships come and go to bring trade over the galaxy. Nearby is a moon, with a "heavy re-enforced" pereter where many police are protecting the shipping routes and trade. On the moon is a semi-large base that sends patrols on the shipping routes and keeps a close eye on the planet. Everything on the gas planet is controlled from that station. 7) A ocean planet where there is a small island where vessels can land. From here on out only spaceships that can navigate water can enter the ocean. Otherwise you will have to rent a ocean vessel from the small port. The ocean will be vast with a hidden Atlantis build on ancient temples. Within the ocean lives a giant eel/snake monster that devours ships that are not fast enough to outrun it. Though anything and everything within the ocean is gigantic be it a fish or a shark. Because of the layout of the ocean corals it's difficult to navigate and on a lit up path to Atlantis from the small island is safe. Ofcourse such a tubular safe path might not be for everything and some might want to venture the ocean itself. "Atlantis" is protected by rock formations and the larger holes entrances are protected by mine fields. So are large parts of the ocean. Where some hidden treasures lie. 8) There is this utopian refuge on a barren planet. The refuge is protected by an outside wall made from steelwork and solar pannels. There is lush flowers and plants and rivers and streams in the refuge. old stone temples (unchartered style) are the city foundations. The solar panal wall has seen better days. When outside of the wall you don't see the refuse at all. it's hidden because the solar panels look see through hiding the city in total. There are large alien sandworms roaming the outside avoiding the solar wall. (perhaps there is an event where one attacks the wall, cool!) The outside has some deserts/barren lands mostly and a few mountains. Of which ones might hold a interesting cave, There is a metal/tent camp near the solar wall and on the refuge side of the wall. Some researchers are there to go explore the temple complex. The temple complex is large and many many levels in size almost pyramid like. 9) An ice planet, where there is a "cheyenne mountain" research facility. There is also a very small ice-sculpting village where some nomads life and fish of the land. Perhaps on snow/spaceboard hover boards. There houses are mostly made of ice(like igloos) combined with metal. The ice is more or less formed around the metal square like structures but still looking like it's put there specifically as "bricks". There is a vast icelake that in the center has a huge hole. Perhaps someone brave enough could venture into it perhaps find a back entrance to the vents for the research facility. There is also a large ice statue of a hybrid walrus in the city with golden tusks, however one of the tusks seems to be missing a part, broken, stolen or worse? It's clear the walrus has seen many battles. 10) There has to be a lava planet filled with factories and workshops airships ride the heat surges. There is a specific factory at the base of one of the vulcano's specially designed to have "controlled" eruptions, when erupting the lava it spews contains mostly are rare molten metal that get slide from the volcano top over layers of slides to the factory floor, where buckets and wagons are filled with lava metal and moved into trains for transport. But what might happen if a space pirate gets into the control room of a volcano? This metal is all moved to a other factories where weapons are produced. The whole planet is full of military and military ships. This is not a rookie police planet but rather heavily fortified. There is also a field around it that prevents anyone getting into the planet without authorization. Ofcourse these goods have to be shipped out via the back, and can a pirate not hide on a cargo vessel entering the planet? The volcano crator itself, is fully plated up, with a walkway on several levels, though one should not stand on it when the volcano is controlled erupted. At the bottom of the crater is a large valve that shows smoke from vents around it, when openened it spuws lava up to the top where it is caught on a lower opening fill a very wide slide which sections of into many small slides. There is a dome/roof on top of the volcano which can open or close allowing spaceships entrance, but it also works as a very good safety test if the ship entering is not suppose to be there, they might just let the volcano erupt on them. Parks of the factory have doors that lead into lava caves. These are very beautiful caves with artwork and statues of naked females carved out of stone hybrids and humans alike, As to why these are here, the factory management can't care less and they never done any research on it. All they care about is money, not some old legend., As to how the management controls the lava flow under the valve is a mystery, anyone who seemed to have worked on the lower levels, seems to have mysteriously disappeared. (perhaps this planet isn't as aggressive as the management claims it to be) 11) a black hole where a planet used to be, it's a complete no-go zone around it. Laser and force-fields makes it so. But who knows what the galactic government is really hiding? The force field would have to be disabled in order for anything to pass through, how this can be done is a mystery. it doesn't seem like the space police even cares and they just blocked it off. Perhaps you can encounter someone old enough to know anything about whats behind it some claim it's the center of the universe others say the government blew up a planet other claim there is another pocket space with a hidden planet in it. (maybe depending on the players choice any of the 3 is there) Perhaps there is this one unique illusive hybrid still a live that the government has been hunting for ages is she/he a myth is she/he real? Maybe if you can find this hydrid, some light might be shed on what's behind the impenetrable wall, but that doesn't mean you are behind it yet ... or is it? 12) I have way to many ideas if anyone cares to hear it just let me know and I'll continue my ideas.
  226. Pr0fessorBEANz
    Most people I’ve seen are looking mainly at the personal stage of the game, which is amazing and I would totally go for most of these ideas. But i want to see something related to the ships and speeders and stuff you can get, racing speeders in back alleys, special police/military convoys you can raid, asteroid belts you can fly through searching for treasure, or even just a good time and other stuff related to the ships in the game. This game is going to be amazing and I am looking forward for the release whenever it comes out. Keep up the good work!
  227. I look forward to exploring sprawling cities, giant ships, ancient ruins and the vastness of space. The key with a space game is both the space adventures and planet adventures need to be open for exploration. If I pull up to a planet and there is only 1 city and maybe 1 ancient ruin on the planet for some reason... that is both unrealistic and unsatisfying. The worlds have to be populated and fleshed out, which is a difficult venture.
  228. Wow!!! Just take most of the things from this type of movies around us & plz don't make it like AC4. I would love to see floating region or areas in the air or on the water though. Besides, rainforest, space dumps/swamps, multicultural hybrid place/identity, mechanical/machine lives/places (Transformers series, Alien series etc), futuristic space or primitive space (time travel through the futuristic space or primitive space) etc would be gr8. You're doing good & make it in time, thnx.
    1. And mechanical/real/hybrid/mutant dragons or species, ancient ruins in the primitive space/world, different sky colors & effects, sunless/lightless regions, mermaids (organic/mechanical/hybrid), various water colors/Waterworlds etc.
  229. guest-Elm9Zlvn
    Maybe a planet, inspired by the real life planets, like Gliese 581 c. A planet stuck in synchronous rotation with its sun, with a burning hot eternal day on one side, a freezing cold night on the other and, right in the middle a golden zone, with a perpetual sunset. A planet orbiting a red star, whose light would create a black vegetation.
  230. tomtheleviatan
    1) a mining colony within a huge hollow Asteroid - with the risk of pressure loss 2) a Prison - almost unguarded except the entrance - with a ventilation and or tunnel system to sneak in 3) a Pirate Space station / pirate outpost made of abandoned Ships 4) abandoned / wrecked space ships 5) a superhuge generation ship with a strange alien race still in deep sleep 6) a lot of small colonys with very different cultures - to trade or to steel there
  231. I like all the stuff that if have seen from videos and reading about it. I have a suggestion that I wanted from a couple games that have big oceans and spacecraft and that is crash diving. I think it would be really cool to enter the water and either a small submarine exits your ship or your ship transforms. I can't wait for this game to come out regardless of what you add new now.
  232. I think it would be cool to have a planet akin to Coruscant from Star Wars, where it is essentially a city planet; whose surface is covered completely by sprawling cities.
  233. I would love some sort of underwater settlement/outpost maybe abandoned or maybe thriving. Also something foggy/snowy kinda hard to see when you are there.
  234. thekingofgame15
    Where would I like to go? Well... Legends says of a planet which is still has nothing compared to our technology a land especially with its isolating jungle is at the level before that of before mankind, because of that it is inhabited by rarities unknown to us. However it’s said to be one of the most dangerous places in the 3rd system some of its plants creates poisonous gases while the other might try to devourer you before you knew, but that is not the biggest threat there there is a beast hidden deep with in it is a green plant like organism with the resemblance of a puma which has thorns for hide and claws and red green colours shaping the body of the beast making it mistakeable with its surrounding environment. It is also said that the beast is like the protector of the jungle a king of sort , however many also believes its hiding something, something deep beyond it in the darkest part of the jungle. Oh and do not think you can just simply fly to it, oh no. Every time some tried to do that ended up loosing control over their ship and got busted in the forest and same for any electrical device gone as if something sucks the energy out.... At least that is what people sayin, but I would still want to visit it because despite its dangers someone might consider that places the most beautiful jungles in the system. Just like a rose beautiful and dangerous.
  235. From the galaxies of potential in Beyond Good & Evil 2, I would love to explore (and perhaps infiltrate?) locations like deep government headquarters, where the law is enforced to the fullest, where the authorities might be keeping the greatest treasures, minerals and technologies locked away? BGE has in the past expressed many elements of mystical, religious elements or beings, so I think it would be great if we could explore tribal or other mystical temples, ruins, caves, or other highly technologically advanced societies that derived from these elements to contrast with the corporate mega-city that is found in System 3! Going with the Devs Ask Space Monkeys #2 subject, it makes me more interested to explore the societal class differences in greater detail, going through the tallest reaches of the upper class businessmen and executives that may control greater parts of a city, not to mention the Hybrid Slave programs. With this in mind, it would make for excellent contrast to also explore slums where equality across species might reside the most, a place where most people want to just survive, unless criminal factions arise and turn the slums into an equal or even greater hell for lower class civilians and where hybrid slaves might be forced to perform even more degrading tasks. I would personally Love it if we got to explore the corporate world of a mega-city where hybrid slaves can be anything from bodyguards, to miners, building different kinds of perspectives to different kinds of slaves. It would further solidify my own desires of trying to get back at the salvers who exploit hybrids in the worst of ways. To not just steal from the rich and give to the poor, but to stick up for the little guys too. A lot of moral questions can arise from all this. Aside from all this, I think being able to explore lush forests, vast desserts and volcanic islands would make for great contrast in what kind of different artifacts and treasures could be discovered in contrats to stealing already-owned artifacts from within large cities in System 3. To put it simply, exploring both nature And cities would be great for building different dynamics in "How" and "What" to explore. The different reasons to Why and Where to scavenge and commit piracy would make for very interesting opportunities too. How about having your own vault among asteroids around space where it couldn't be found? Or what about Exploring the asteroids where others have stashed their treasure?
  236. How's about a massive, abandoned/repossessed military frigate or battleship? Different pirate factions control different facets of the ship, e.g. some control gunnery, some control navigation and engines. Each can give you different missions that affect the location or actions of the ship on surrounding planets or space stations. Perhaps the factions have reached a stalemate in their struggle to wrench control of the ship from each other. Maybe they've formed a tenuous alliance you can exploit. You play them against each other, or perhaps assist them towards an objective/goal of an outside quest giver.
  237. I'd like to see some lost, abandoned cities which are very rainy und kind of destroyed. Another place I would love to visit because I'm so in love with the first game, would be the planet Hillys.
  238. Honestly, if the "universe" this team is building for this game, is anything like the universe in Cowboy Bebop then to you fine people I say, TAKE. MY. MONEY! I mean if you haven't seen any Cowboy Bebop, and you are in love with the premise of space travel, bounty hunting, pirate, smuggling, just crazy-ness then.. you my friends have not done yourselves any favor. Besides being a very awesomly accurate reference to take ideas from, theres even an episode where called GATEWAY SHUFFLE. This is a description of Cowboy Bebop, Episode 4: Gateway Shuffle: A virus used by the eco-terrorist group Space Warriors in Episode 4, Getaway Shuffle. The virus acts on the 2% of Human DNA that is shared with Monkeys. Basically what it does is change the human into a monkey while all other surroundings are unharmed, (I MEAN could this possibly be a Knox origin story???) Besides all that now! I would also like to see Space ports/stations. I would be completely amazing to be inside a huge constructed space port that had it's own ecosystem, like cities and even deserts and jungles etc. Now apart from all that, I would like to see awesome space fights! *Ahem* please refer to this awesome Cowboy Bebop space dogfight scene:
    2. This is the link for the hybrid episode on CB.
    3. ALSO hyper speed gates, instead of fast travel, or as a form of fast traveling =D
    4. stuvakronakivik
      I absolutely love COWBOY BEBOP, one of the best anime in my honest opinion. It can serve as a great reference for BGE2. But i would also love a reference of PROMETHEUS or 2001 A Space Odyssey in wich an ancient alien civilization visited the system and left some artifacts such as a monolith or some paintings found in secret locations. It would work wonders for the worldbuilding of BGE, expanding upon it. Maybe even make it possible to travel to different solar systems in search of those ancient beings.
  239. ice planets with wild snow storms where you also need to keep warm and fight the elements
  240. Lush green rolling hills and high mountain scapes where ancient ruins of animistic religions remain in decay and overgrown by the surrounding ecosystem.
  241. ..... all of them.
  242. UltimaChaos1990
    So I would like to explore ancient ruins and also like in the first game certain city districts. However, in the first game I found the secret areas great, which could only be reached by airship.The search for the pearls was a highlight for me.Areas that can only be entered with certain items / equipment or keys would be awesome.Accordingly, it would be great if the opponents and traps are adapted to the experience of the player in these areas.
  243. I think it would be really cool if there were flying cities - cities in the clouds, housing the holy grail of civilization. Filled with distinct and memorable architecture, art, nature and culture. Inhabited by the rich, but smart characters, who progress civilization. I feel that for a pirate, looting/exploring/admiring such prosperous environments would be an incredible milestone worth investing time for. Also, I would love to explore some environments which are not present on earth. Maybe something similar to what was shown in the movie 'Avatar'? With dangerous wildlife, fierce natives, flying mountains, glowing-in-the-dark flora and enormous, colorful trees? As important as huge futuristic cities are in BGE2, I feel like without luscious environments, a space-pirate game cannot be complete. Maybe an implementation of cities on the bottom of flying mountains could be a perfect home-base for admiring adventurers? Ancient temples in jungle-like areas would fit perfectly into the game :)
  244. As these gentlemen, I'm agree of enjoying a great variety of maps. I think you could add a wild planet, like a jungle, where players could hunt or search for resources for selling or trade. Also would be great to see old temples, find treassures and secrets to develop the story about System. I would like to share an idea with all of you. If you create an hybrid, your character could have some characteristics and skills depend the animal you choose (agility, weapon handling, driving, and others). Do you think this is a waste of time ? I want to thanks to BG&E2 team for create this site to share ideas and comments with the community! P.S. Sorry for my english, please let me know if I can write in spanish next time.
  245. Personnaly, I'd like to see all of that because it suits perfectly to the game. But if I have to choose, I'd say that Legendary treasures hidden in uncharted territories across space could be very very cool, it could give an atmosphere like in the movie "treasure planet" and really I would love to find such an atmosphere in a game. PS : Thank you for everything you're doing for us
  246. There should definitely be a prison planet, something between one in Riddick chronicles or Osiris child. It could have survival races or gladiator fights to support themselves on galaxy tv. Also mining planets. Kind of that have harsh enviroments, so it could be the reason mutants ar produced to be able work in there. Ice moons, water moons, lava moons - you could sort out, waht to mine in them. There should be also kind of mutant laboratories, maybe on those prison planets - not all mutants became the way they are form the first time. There should be outcasts with broken dna, unexpected mutations and sicknesess. There also could be clean human planets. Kind of clean breed ideologists, that do not allow mutants on their planet or in their cities. A mist planet, that has no soil, just made of concentrated mist / steam / cloud / gas layers, that could be full of some needed chemical substance, that is extreacted there by flying laboratories / city colonies, Some kind of turbine cities, that suck in the mist, condencates it, and scraps liquidized material. Flat planet - orbital asteroid, that flyes througt solar system time to time, having artificial gravity machine, or some kind of anomally, but everyone living on that believe the theory, that worlds ar flat. Maybe it could be kind of exploded planets ruins of the city (dome), that was rebuild, colonized and lived on. maybe it could work as trading city, as it flyes all over solar system, always on the move, that lets you ship big cargo without flying your ship to the other end of solar system.
  247. I would love to see something that challenges our understanding of physics and changes the overall rules. For example, a planet which sun would change the visible spectrum, making some objects invisible from a certain point of view, and distorting the trajectories of any energy based device, weapon or ship. It would make for a great puzzle, having to distort the sun's light so it would reach certain specific areas, or hide the player's character entirely... I would aslo like a place where nothing can reach a certain velocity, making any modern or futuristic weapons useless. The people from this place would have evolved technology accordingly, they would be refined hand to hand and close combat fighters, they would still rely on animal power for transportation, but would still have access to futuristic technologies, powerful industries, modern communication... Their culture would also reflect this slow-paced atmosphere. They would be extremely independent, with a strong sense of family and tribe. Their entire philosophy would be based on the refinement of self, for the benefit of the tribe, with a certain disregard for strangers. They would only have a utilitaristic view of outsiders, how they can benefit them. As such, it would not be uncommon to meet cunning or ruthless people, and they would always be at war, not only in the traditional sense, but economically and politically. Law would not be absent however, much to the contrary, law would be absolutely everywhere. Traditions and law would be extremely strict, and people would observe them religiously, or they would appear to be. Their state of mind would be "Respect traditions, respect the law, respect your tribe, but if you do something criminal, benefit from it and you don't get caught, then you were right to do so." That's awfully specific, but one can dream right ?
  248. I would love Places that are not in common with our understandig of Physics, like in the Avatar Movie with the floating Islands for example. And also Fairy Tail like Places, where there is just harmony in everything and in contrast to that also pretty grimm Places. Just let your Fantasy run wild, you will definitely make something that will blow us away :D
  249. Legendary treasures hidden in uncharted territories across space
  250. I’d love to see Japanese style villages and temples where the hybrids could live in peace I also hope each location we go to has it’s own distinctive soundtrack and creatures to photograph like in the first game
  251. I know this was put in a post by the creators a while ago, but what I'd like to see are some different type of religion cities and landscapes besides just the Chinese like style the BG&E2 game revolves around, like American, Paris, Italian, and maybe tropical Hawaiian cultures. And maybe include some planets that had highly technological alien cultures that went extinct, either from natural causes or fights, leaving behind deteriorating cities where some of the technology still works. And maybe give us some unique bosses for such areas like indigenous alien wildlife or malfunctioning giant robots. And I think a giant space station similar to "The Guardians of the Galaxy's" Knowhere Giant Skull would be interesting, or the space station would be built into a giant asteroid or completely man-made from space debris like abandoned starships/wrecks, kind of like the pirate fortress Shipwreck Cove that was in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Here are 2 link for those of you who don't know what I'm posting about: Now if you have watched the movie then you'd think a space station similar in design to these images would be awesome looking and fun to explore right?! Oh, and here's another link for the Guardians of the Galaxy Giant Floating Head Space Station: Tell me your opinions on the Pirates of the Caribbean and Guardians of the Galaxy ideas.
    1. The blue question mark thing is where the 1st link that led to the image was supposed to be, so here's the original page where said image can be found: and the image can be found in the "Behind the Scenes" article.
  252. Grant_Danasty
    I would like to explore temples with lost relics that require a Puzzle cooperative effort to go through (traps, hidden passages etc.). Never seen that kind of concept much and I think it would fit well in this universe.
  253. Guys just give us environments like those gorgeous citys that you created with culture and depth! Also places that we can relate with BGE 1 cause we loved it so much it would be great to be inspired by the original! Good luck!
  254. dragonegglord
    Pirate owned shantytowns in backwater planets, Fugitive hideouts, Hermit"s hideouts
  255. Im looking forward to the big cities and the untouched nature. I cant wait to fly over the skyscrapers and structures and land and actually walk through these very streets I've just flown over. I'd also love to fly over endless nature with their habitating creatures running away in packs when they hear the engine of my ship flying over an untamed grassy field.
  256. WickedMind-01
    Some desolate abandoned city that is intriguing through it's eerieness, rather than it's interactivity. But obviously there should be interactivity, but sparse and rewarding. Like the starting vibe from '28 days later' (but I don't need the zombies), the dark zone in The Division (vibe was good, especially as a newbie, regardless of the gameplay debate one can have about the DZ). or perhaps as difficult as Chernobyl. A dead place to explore, but to always be on guard for live that looms in it's shadows. Perhaps populated by an highly intelligent AI that rather evades you, than confront you and posing ethical challenges when finally met.
  257. It'd be really cool if there were like sections of a city that kind of divided people, giving cities more of a life and more maybe more discrimination. Like, in cities today, all the homeless and the druggies tend to hang out together. Wether it's a bunch of guys with tents under a freeway, or a whole street filled with stoners, it's usually only in certain sections. All the rich like to go shopping downtown, and tend to avoid the poor. It's not illegal to do otherwise, its just how it is. So, in the game, maybe there could be areas for top class, middle class, and bottom class. The top class would have all these hover vehicles, expensive stuff, maybe even be living in the air. Then, as you get closer to the ground, you can see a clear change. The poor just have regular houses or apartments, as well as regular cars we have today. The ground streets would be dirty, and so would the people. Everything just looks really sketchy. I was also thinking about those black markets. When you're on the ground floor, there could be abandoned sewers and tunnels that are heavily guarded with illegal animal-hybrids, bodyguards, weapons, etc. Then, deep underground, are the black markets. This could be where all the crime bosses live. No police force dares attack these places, as it would be too dangerous for the city. Instead, they try to ignore it and act like they don't know about it. I've kinda said too much, but my point is is that adding more diversity and things like this could really give cities and worlds more life.
  258. I think there should be secret cities/outposts. First, the underworld. This would belong directly within, or under a city. The crime bosses would be here, and they would be planning their huge bank heists, terror attacks, etc. These people don't care about anyone. They just want to rule. ---------Then, there should be a rebellion, who would have a huge space headquarters. Focused mainly on saving their people and taking down governments. They are basically extremists, and they will not let anyone get in their way. ----------- And last, the pirates. They just focus on their freedom, and doing whatever they want. They're not trying to make a statement, or be the ruler of everything. They just want to explore, find treasure, and cause a bit of chaos. I think their outposts could be located in like some foggy mountains or something? Maybe like that last picture ^^^
  259. During the creation of the animal-hybrids, there was a point in time where security precautions were low, therefor, a handful of these creatures escaped the labs. They were not yet fully developed, so they were less smart. They ran off far away, and settled in different areas. From the thickest jungles to the snowiest mountains, there are now many different tribes hidden throughout this world.
  260. I am soooo looking forward for forest environments. It is such a Michel's signature I am found of. If it is like all his other games it should start into a forest, and as BGE2 will likely be mind blowing I am already ecstatic waiting for it. I hope it wont be only for the beginning and that there will be several good opportunities to get into woods. Maybe could there be some kind of ewok villages ? Of course I'm also hoping cyberpunk environments, great agricultural, desert, mountain landscapes, space pirat ports..... but hell I can't wait to be immersed into forests.
    1. Prinseslettuce
      Forests sound lovely! :) The combination of romantic nature/small villages and big neon light cities could be super cool!
  261. Great settings would definately be Secret Pirate lairs on asteroids or spaceports, Black markets in city slums and Lush valleys with sacred temples. A great adittion would be the opportunity to create own "pirate shelters" within this places/locations. Great to think about a Terraforming Pirate Tool to put your own pirate shelter in between mountain crests.
  262. I would love to see abandoned cities that have been reclaimed by the environments of the planets. This could provide some awesome storytelling potential and great puzzle mechanics. Ancient civilizations that have passed on because they failed to keep up with the times. Maybe we can have missions where we are looking for an ancient piece of tech and through that arc, we can discover what happened to the civilization and if you take the correct crew member with you, they could be a descendant of the civilization and divulge more knowledge of what happened and allow you to gain even more from the experience!
  263. I think it'd be cool if there were actual treasures that you could find that have gold and stuff, and then be able to spend it in cities or black markets, and also have your own souvenir. These treasures should have very, VERY small clues, leaving you to figure out the rest. Also, if this is multiplayer, you should be able to hide your own treasure! Then, maybe there's like a social media thing where you can announce information about it. But since you'll only be loosing money with this, maybe it could be like a gamble? Like people have to pay to participate or something.
  264. Ce qui m'inspire dans ce que vous montrez, c'est la diversités des lieux, l'impression de respirer la vie et l'air frais ! Je m'attends à voir des lieux avec des cultures différentes, des paysages haut en couleurs et d'autres plus sombres et mystérieux, des lieux avec beaucoup de nature et d'autres plus urbains. Il faut qu'on ressente par exemple dans les villes urbanisés la pollution de celles-ci à l'opposé des lieux ou la nature est beaucoup plus présente. Je pense également à différentes saisons dans le jeu, des lieux ensoleilles, d'autres recouvertes de neiges ! Il faut pas oublier que la musique doit être en rapport avec le lieu ou l'on est. La musique représente quelque chose d'important dans ce jeu, il serait intéressant que le paysage en fasse partie. What inspires me in what you show is the diversity of places, the feeling of breathing life and fresh air! I expect to see places with different cultures, colorful landscapes and others darker and mysterious, places with lots of nature and others more urban. For example, in urbanized cities, we must experience the pollution of these cities in contrast to places where nature is much more present. I also think of different seasons in the game, sunny places, others covered with snow! We must not forget that the music must be related to the place where we are. Music represents something important in this game, it would be interesting that the landscape is part of it.
  265. numberedcloth88
    please check this out, I have a ton of ideas of ideas on Pinterest e.g cool places to fly over(amazing views) spirit world type things cities in the clouds creatures that would be incredible hybrids and massive skeleton structures from fallen giants along with some other cool aspects please check it out:
    1. A lot of beautiful asian themed landacape/cities, a planet and some hybrids/creatures, good job mate
      1. numberedcloth88
  266. numberedcloth88
    you guys need to add places where every building is accessible whether you need to break a window and get in, just walk in, break the door down and loot some items etc...... please, please, please, have this. don't have places where you cant walk inside the building, even if its abandoned please allow some kind of entry point PLEASE!! (sorry I said please so many times haha) Regarding the above statement if you can enter the temples, please allow the character to gain some form of ability whether it's you entering a battle and someone shoots an experimental hybrid drug at you (for example) but since you have entered the temple and trained for so many hours/days etc.. you would be able to matrix style dodge (something like that) run away and then reveal the notes to the rhino police, giving you a side mission: undercover monk (or something like that) here is an example temple: Imagine this temple discovered in a remote area found flying with your jetpack or even as a pizza delivery man before you even join or make a pirate crew. Here's an idea: I think it would be cool what do you think
  267. Sylvain406406
    Huge dirty landfills and slums populated by very poor people. These places could be affected by famine. That could shock the player at the sight of a large number of anorexic inhabitants.
  268. Seeing the gaseous planet that was featured in the demo, I was curious as to the interactive limits with gas giants. It would be interesting to have gas processing facilities (both functional and abandoned) floating in the atmosphere of these planets. Functional installations could offer side missions and abandoned depots could serve as pirate cities.
  269. more cyberpunk slums and futuristic cities in the skies. rather not explore much green spaces because we've seen that before.
    1. Also i would love the design of the worlds/regions to be vertical instead of horizontal.. That way the world feels more dense
    2. numberedcloth88
      I think a mix of both some of the city slums the rest peacefull lush greens think of that. that would be cool flying over it with your jetpack or in your personal pizza delivery tuk tuk hehe
  270. It would be great mixing exploring uncharted territories, planets, villages with going into ancient places like temples or city ruins. Mixing Star Trek-Indiana Jones style.
  271. As a pirate, I would most love exploring, and seeing how people live on these alien worlds. Where does their food come from? What do they build their buildings out of? Is anyone selling anything useful or special here? What is the culture like here? The mood? I want to be able to walk around a local town/village/city/encampment, and see how the locals live! Maybe interact with or talk to them. I want to read their Song-Scrolls and Religious Texts. If i heard anyone playing an Instrument or Singing/Vocalizing/Humming i would Die of Happiness. Seeing the fashion of other worlds, and Maybe wearing it. Perhaps we could compare and Trade Space Loot. That would awaken my joy of Exploration. Idk if current consoles can handle it, but being able to go into so many little pointless Indoor Locations would immerse me completely. Being able to wander into a church or a Supermarket or Someone's House would be the line crossed that makes me feel the Game World is actually Real. maybe we could find a Secret passage or Chamber inside. you might find Jewlery, a Trinket, some Currency, Clothes etc. Given that we are traveling between entire planets in our spaceships, I would love to see some unpredictable, bold & interesting to explore wilderness as well. Places that look like actual worlds. I can only imagine the animals I might find on alien world after alien world.. Giant bugs, Tiger-sized eight-legged Froglike Amphibian Omnivores, Sentient Quadrupeds with Villages and Vendors, Snakes the size of dragons... It all sounds crazy, but remember that a few million years ago, there were house-sized Lizards, and Sea Monsters here on Earth! Evolution is crazy. I hope to see/fly over/maybe even walk around & explore Moss/fungi overridden swamps with 4-ft wide giant florescent moths and carnivorous, 8-foot long salamanders that hide in the mud for their prey. Maybe the same planet also has huge redwood tree forests where hybrids and humans live in Elf-y Tree Cities, selling fruits & farming up in their trees & talking about how only the bravest hunters go down to the surface. Maybe whole cities carved into huge trees? like apartments and businesses are built into skyscrapers. I want to walk along an avenue, hearing the serene background music, seeing the locals going about their business, hearing wind rustling the leaves and gently blowing around me. If this game manages to transport me to someplace Beautiful, I will be a happy Hybrid Pirate. That is why i travel, to smell the air of places Strange and Beautiful. Much love to all the developers of this Wonderful Project. Thank you for listening to our dreams. <3
  272. I think as a pirate, I would be quite into the discovery of the unknown. Meaning an overcrowded city with surrealistic levels, defying gravity. Location where (absence of gravity) let structured be built. Small question: will different planets have different gravities? Can a flying station have gravity allowing people to walk whether on top of it or head hanging down below? Astonishing empty landscapes where isolated people could be living. Underground worlds mostly natural where light and water allow crazy cavities to discover possibly with underground vegetation and underground river. I would also love to find a planet unstable full of cavities like swiss cheese with tunnels crossing the planet. to be visited with ships. Another idea would be a colonized asteroids cloud.
  273. I would like to see everything. I mean, That's the beaty about a space opera game. You can live a industrial world and just land into a primal world, untouched by tecnology. There are just so much to see.
  274. Lana_McAwesome
    As pirates and hybrids who are always seen as the lowest of the low scraping their way to top; I would like to see the 'top'. Show me who it was that benefited from enslaving the hybrids, show me their 'ivory towers', Their halls of perfect white with their statues of marble, pools of pristine waters, their tables filled with uneaten and exotic fruit. Their exquisite slaves tending to their every need. Please, show me all of this......and then let me bring it crashing down around them.
  275. Hello guys. What would you think about implementing a microcosmos?. The charakters could shrink and travel into any interesting microcosmos too. For instance travelling through any biological or micromechanical aerea.. The player could zoom in and out like he can do now but the scale could reach from very very smal to maximum of the Universe at any point of the game. One could see the relation of everything to each other if an animation of zoom in and out would be applied.
  276. I would love to see that all the hover vehicles/ships/cars could all be stolen and a smart police system. This game reminds me of Jak 2 though its a very old game it has a weird similar feel, maybe go steal some hover cars on a PS2 in Jak 2 and understand the feeling of that experience could give you some insight! Games were very raw back then and I feel like simple graphics can capture a certain experience more easily while incredible graphics can emersify you into the game but if done incorrectly, take away from that raw experience.. Id love to see dangerous alien worlds that are heavily protected or naturally dangerous - giant dangerous alien animals Underwater city on a water planet outside the transparent city walls - swimming giant dangerous creatures maybe even one that is as large as the city that swims over city blocking the sunlight every once in awhile.. lol
  277. I couldn't read all the posts, but surelly, all of them would make sense considering a galaxy with a diverse numbers of planets. Not counting the ones it's not interacable. all kinds of environment will be attractive to us all. Independent which setting will be used. My particular order of preference from the list above is: - Black markets in city slums for the biginner character - Secret Pirate lairs on asteroids, spaceports, dormant volcanic craters… in either case of the line of the character - Treacherous mining operations - Legendary treasures hidden in uncharted territories across space - Lush valleys with sacred temples In addition, I could recall some interesting planets from movies and Role Playing Games that present a great environment for gaming experience: - Cold planet (something similar to Roth from Star Wars V) - Hot planet and Dark Planet (like Crematoria from Chronicles of Riddick and Hades from Pitch Black) - A Trash Planet (this one deserves a description below) "This'd be a big planet with atmosfere and considered the dumpster of the galaxy, literaly. all the trash, either organic, solid or recyclable is sent to this planet. All kinds of people with a diversity kind of job would live there and perform all trades from make a living recycling its waste to search for an object lost. The planet would have only 2 rules as it receive all kind of unsorted items: 1-Don't touch anything you don't know and 2-Keep doubts about the things you know. Well this is some of my ideas of environments you guys can use. Hope my ideas could be of some use.
  278. detectiveplus
    Personally, I would love space stations and or space ports built on smaller asteroids and mining operations to take place on bigger asteroids. Bigger companies who own the mines could have high security to keep illegal activities and gangsters out of the mining facility, but some could sneak through and cause mayhem or even the player could choose to do that. As for the space ports they could be like a place where travelers and gangsters could rest and have a drink in the bar. It also could be some sort of safe place where the player could restock on resources, like some sort of space market and these space markets could be situated all over the galaxy and all of them could be owned by a different organisation and even by criminals who only care about making money. However, when it comes to exploring planets I would like to see multiple variety of environments on each planet, but, each planets environments would differ from each other even though they are the same or similar types so the player does not get bored of seeing the same environment all over and over on different planets. There even could be planets that are just for gathering resources, therefore there aren't many cities, maybe just a few for trading and housing the workers. On the other hand I would really appreciate planets filled with beautiful untouched landscapes with peaceful but, controlling cities and governments. These cities could be where the rich people live in the galaxy and where they control their businesses to gain there power in the galaxy.
  279. IM_A_BEAST_951
    I may be late but just some thoughts of mine. I think it would be really cool if Iris Network(or a player home/the people your sided with) had an inverse planet/asteroid(s). A planet that looks barren and uninhabitable(maybe too close/far from a star) but on the inside it's an oasis; I like the idea of a many small rebel cities hiding like this in many small asteroids scattered across System 3. I also love the idea of an player home that is secluded and unreachable if you don't know your destination(hiding in plane site). I also think it would be cool to allow us to design/modify our pirate space ships. If you put factions you must put a disguise for each. Major cities through out system 3- I imagine crime ruch and poverty stricken over populated cities with gambling/betting minigames(cards, dice, 3 cups, hologram board games), I imagine a shady guy standing in the alley trying to sell you stuff out of his trench coat/trunk, I imagine an abandoned funeral home where people now perform back alley organ surgery(reconstruction surgery/change your characters looks). I imagine tattoo parlors and prostitution rings; all attempted to be governed by 1 enormous city that's population is strickly limited, a city that has the cures to the most common dieses but chooses not to provide them to everyone, a city that is so corrupted by trying to do the right thing that they are blind to their own wickedness. Street racing. Environment ideas proposed by devs- When you say spaceport the only thing that comes to mind is the spaceport from the movie treasure planet, when you say dormant volcanic craters I imagine someone trying to tap in to the heat source and using that heat as an free energy source, black market slums-You walk up and knock *secret code* when they open the speak easy if you say anything other than *secret code2* your dead, once you get in don't look at anyone or anything, and only discuss business. There is a traveling merchant that journeys all through out system 3 never landing on any planet bc it's too risky to even come close to the planet's but he has to reach his customers. I imagine an underground city/guild as a central union point for most major crimes, something along the lines of the thieves guild in skyrim. Treachous mining operations-i imagine a prison full of inmates sentenced to a life of mining never seeing daylight again; I also see the player character(s) ending up there but finding a way to escape. Lush valleys with sacred temples-i imagine mayan/Aztec, Egyptian, Sumerian, Buddhist/Hinduism, etc temple ruins take over by thugs with only a few still being used as orginally intended. When is this game going to release, at least give us some ball park number, even if its 5 years from now.
  280. It could be really cool if there's a secret way to go to this solar system; the earth could be a snowbal because of the yellowstone supervolcan (if that this blows up it'll create massive clouds that'll act like a shield to all the energy that comes from the sun and the earth will freeze, scientific thing!) so you don't have to make the whole planet, just a snowbal with MAYBE a few recongizable places, also you can put like abandoned mining stuff in the moon, and old or maybe inhabited colonie son mars (if u really consider this u should put something between mars and the sun, because mars has no magnetic field that thing could... ok is too much to explain just search on internet solutions for the lack of magnetic field on mars) and no just on mars, maybe in some juper and saturno's moons there can be human things and places to comerciate like a dark market or something.
  281. A place like Xandar in Guardians of the Galaxy would be cool, like a fancy 'perfect' clean city with high techonoly and rich people wit a lot of hibryd slaves, like cat-womans as assistents and tigers as bodyguards. Also it would be interesting to see some space citys, those theorycal cities that are donut-like and spin to simulate gravity with g-forces (fact: it should have at least 250m radious and spin 2 times per minute around itself to simulate safely the earth's gravity) but I think this last one is like really hard to program, especially because of the gravity thing.
  282. Prinseslettuce
    Aside from the grungy ideas (like big cities, black markets, underground hideouts) and epic locations (like temples and impressive landmarks), I would love to also see smaller, more simple places. That's what I think a lot of us loved about the original BGAE game. It was all so peaceful and lovely. You wanted to fight for the people, because they were worth fighting for. I feel like in a lot of more recent games, everything had to be grungy in order to be taken seriously. Take The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for example (2011). The NPC's are all kind of dodgy (either because they're too rich or too poor) and even the environment is harsh. I would love to feel a connection with NPC's in BGAE2, as well as with places. I'm thinking smaller cities, or even villages. I loved the pedestrian district of the original BGAE. The shopkeepers, the pedestrians, the barkeep... I really liked them. :)
  283. Personally, I would like the local game-world to have a living presence that dynamically changes under certain conditions met due to something like a space battle or the winner of a tournament, etc. which should change even after that, should another space battle or tournament, etc. happen there. I feel like if this mechanic is implemented correctly it would be easy for the Dev team to implement environmental changes during holidays, events, etc. by partitioning the world-space and NPC changes in this fashion, allowing more customization and variation, similar to real-life. This would also allow the Dev team to keep a sense of relevancy to the worlds by making them a living, ever-changing environment. As for the NPC's, they shouldn't just be static quest-givers and should have daily lives, nor should the quests that NPC's give be your basic, "Kill 20 mercs and get a cookie," sort of quest. I think that BGAE2 should have NPC's that give a player actual jobs, like Bartender or Shop-keeper or a ship welder, which other players ad NPC's can actually purchase items from while the player is doing the job. Job-workers could then get something like sales commissions or discounts on products sold by the vendor for, "working," at that location. I feel like a major problem with most MMO's is the lack of life-simulated experiences, because once you get tired of killing things, what else is there? Granted, after a player has made enough as a worker, they could open their own shop and eventually hire other players or even NPC's to maintain their shop(s). This would allow the player to achieve their own merchant empire in the game and allow a static income, which should be detached from the black market. However, there should also be, for rare items and such, a black market to purchase items that the player could access from limited areas on-planet or from their ship. However, the player could only acquire the item(s) purchased by actually picking up the item from the place it was purchased. I feel like these items purchased from the black market should not be account bound, or at least not all of these items, so that if you die another player could steal that item, allowing a player-based war to incite or allow stealthier players to steal these items from ships to sell back to the black market or keep until they lose the item some way. These items should be able to be stored in player bases and in ships and be, "safe," when offline. However, if the player is offline for longer than a certain period of time, the item should be, "stolen," by an NPC and returned to the black market. That way a player can never keep one of these rare items permanently, unless they're active and defending the item from other players. The item should also have a, "Theft," timer on it that goes up the longer a player is offline, for the NPC to steal it. So if a player logs in for only an hour each day and has been offline for over two weeks, the theft timer will still rise, meaning that if the player has logged on for one hour each day, they would get 2 weeks 7 hours before an NPC steals it, rather than 2 weeks before an NPC steals it. Also, the item's value should increase the longer that the player owns it (while online) and the item's value should slowly decrease the longer that the Black Market owns it. That way there is a reason to hold the item, purchase these items, be active as long as possible and to steal items from other players or kill other players to acquire these black market items. These Items should also have different values based on where you sell the item back to. So if you buy the item on Planet A it would be worth more on Planet B, but the price shouldn't statically stay like this and should be random. The only way to check if the item would be more valuable in one place or another should be by using the Black Market from your ship. However, the draw-back would be that other players would immediately be notified, making it highly dangerous to check the price of an item unless you had a large group to defend it. On that subject, you could sell, "shares," of the item's sell value in order to buy mercenaries that could help you defend the item. So if you want a lot of defenses on the way to sell the item, you could have them. It should be optional to sell, "shares," to NPC's and Players and if you sell, "shares," to players the, "share," amount should be negotiable. Once the, "shares," have been sold, the player would acquire the in-game money when the job was done for a large pay-out. However, to mitigate double-crosses, once that player has engaged in a, "share," there should be no friendly-fire engaged on anyone who is a, "share-holder," or, "Owner" of the black market item. And if a share-holder does double-cross by sending a transmission to others, etc. then there should be a way to put a bounty on them. These bounties should remain even if the player is flagged or not, which should be how the PvP system works in the game but Players carrying black market items should always be considered flagged. I feel like personalized bases, player-homes, etc. should also be a thing that works similarly to a city and should allow guild masters to, "sell," homes and store-fronts to NPC's and players, though I feel like there needs to be some sort of system in place to truly define that region as owned by the player. These sorts of spaces should be persistent world-areas, yet they should be guild-based. This means a player should be required to be a member of a guild to own and create a player-home at a personalized base, which includes cities, yet the main backdrop of the base would be controlled by the owner of the guild. As for the personal interior of the base, building or shop, it would be controlled by the respective player which owns that particular property, which would be given by the Guild master for a price. The Guild base would also have to be purchased and registered by the Guild master and would require the Guild master to pay a certain amount of in-game money to keep the guild base; even NPC Guild Masters should be effected by this to allow for enemy Guilds to, "Buy-Out," cities and change the back-drop, similarly to how an event would change things as well. As for the players that own a personalized base or player home at the Guild base, it should be in a player shared contract if rent is required or not, and if the rent isn't paid then it would be up to the guild to hire a bounty-hunter or not on the player and/or if the player is evicted from the property. There should also be NPC-run Guilds that a new player could join and purchase a home with for a standard price on a planet, which would act as the governments and organizations on-world. This would allow players to live in the city itself and buy homes at one of the buildings on-world, etc. or eventually buy a piece of land to build a home or city on the uninhabited regions of the planet, which would require the player to acquire materials and man-power to build (Or a Guild, which they would register the city under). This should also be rent-based and instanced by having some sort of energy shield over the player home, to make it private to the player while also allowing maximum customization without hindrance on the core game-world or the instanced home. This could also be done for player-owned space stations and Player-run Guild bases, to keep these player-run areas from being limited by what is regularly programmed into the game while also keeping these regions safe from enemy guilds. Guilds could send out invasion requests to include Guild Bases in PvP instanced matches or something, but overall, the Guild Bases themselves, except for NPC-run Guilds and bases, shouldn't be affected by other players unless negotiated. These are just my thoughts on ho the world itself should be handled and how it should look. I feel like an MMO should feel alive and should be multi-faceted in function in order to be successful. I have many more ideas, as I seek to be a game designer one day, though I'm more than-happy to share. I'm also hoping that this game is cross-platform, so that players on PC, XB1 and PS4 can play together, can switch between playing either system at their leisure and provide a long-lasting value to being a member of the BGAE2 community as a whole. The way I see it, the more inclusive the world, the greater it will grow.
    1. Although this post is pretty long, I read it all and especially liked some parts. First off, I liked your description on how NPCs should act, and also the thought of having jobs or markets that a player can own. Maybe it would add some sort of competition on who makes the most profit on the black market or something, giving yourself more of a reputation in this universe. Second, I especially agree with the fact that your items should be able to be stolen and not just kept in some sort of inventory. With what you described, staying online and active would be crucial to gaining these positions and wealth. Perhaps, though, instead of there being a 100% chance that your items are stolen after a while of being offline, maybe the chances just slowly start to get higher and higher. Like, your security decreases on your ship, and people start to leave your crew, making everything more vulnerable. Lastly, I also agree with the combination of players from different consoles/PCs playing together. However, this may depend on the population of the game. If too many people play it, maybe there could be different servers you could play on. Thanks for reading, I hope my thoughts are agreeable or sparked some ideas.
  284. i would realy like to see area's where phisics don't work like they used to. like walking on walls and bullets don't have a normal way of going straight i think you can make cool idea whit this thema on some planets
  285. BinaryStryk3r
    I would be interested in Maybe ruins from our world. And plenty of Easter eggs :)
  286. I would love to see a diversity of civilizations that ranges from a world of worker/gathers/farmers to some super cool advanced type societies. It would be a nice concept to entertain the ability to assist the low-tech civilization with modernizing their society. Providing them high-tech materials and watching the society develop a progression in technological feats over time that impacts the overall landscape. It would be cool to return to an underdeveloped city and see it blossom to a high technological capable society. However I would like to have worlds keep their overall natural appeal. It would be great if one could build homes on these worlds or obtain a home for rent within the more advanced planets. There should be a city that constantly has rain and has the Blade Runner type appeal with flying vehicles encapsulating the city cape. I would also like to see a planet that is tidally-locked to another planet where it doesn't experience daylight or perhaps night-time. Perhaps cities that exists only in the clouds, something similar to Star Wars cloud city. Also cities that exist underground where there's a maze of tunnels leading to different societies and sections of underground city. Another city-type could be cities that float on Water or complete water planets, something like water world. I'm sure whatever the developers end results are, is sure to be jaw-dropping amazing considering how things look thus far.
  287. Thundr-Knight
    Id love to see a cracked planet, or an asteroid field somewhere you can hide when running from the law and other players you know i think that would be epic
  288. Give us some crazy hidden pirate lairs with the black markets that fit with them ! So being a pirate in the game is really immersive
  289. Those are the places we all want but except that big beautiful and denser forest big detail cities and open space and bounty hunters behind you would be perfect.
  290. I'd love to see something with a Dishonored vibe- like having to sneak into wealthy homes within the city to steal or commit crimes
  291. DEATHbyZOMBIE13
    I would love the space exploration
  292. I love the ideas with pirate lairs etc, that you aksed about! But i would love to see a planet with snow and trees, like a tundra planet! But also very detailed cities. Like alot of AI's etc to make it feel alive!
  293. Large fields but also i want to sneak inside to enemy space ship,i also fight with goverment and can sabotage their factories.I also want epic moments like in One Piece anime like go against world goverment.
  294. They all are awesome place to explore but city area should be so big,detail and beautiful
  295. one planet could be filled with glaciers and snowy mountains with ancient temples that have people residing in them., while the other could be covered with vast glowing bio luminescent forests and plant life with exotic creatures and hidden caverns with legendary treasures.
  296. I'd love to come across a pirate/black market city hidden under water on a planet fully covered by oceans. That planet could have ice islands on poles and liquide nitrogen volcanoes. The fauna could be giant sea monsters like the ones on the old maps. A stellar phenomenon could hide the existence of the planet from autorities.
  297. Galakseeowonder
    Places featuring different technologies level and different architectural styles like imagining how could have evolved every civilization from earth like mayans/aztecs, greeks, persian, tibet, tribes from pacific islands... If they have been leaders of technologies and have settled their style as the common one. Have some stranded places with really advanced people but with no space tech yet or really unadvanced ones and you could take one as a companion... Places with people in every place that seems unlikable like deepest ocean of unpleasant liquid or gas or in deep jungles with really aggressive fauna and flora Cities in deep holes in the ground, at the end of long under water tunnels, cities hidden under a small innocent looking village or anothe big city...
  298. I would like to spend many hours in cities, space ports, temples and anything else. I would like to see shady spaceships and space ports where the black market deals go down for all kinds of things away from the law where we can sell and buy many things eg weapons,drugs,people,tech,ships,deals,hitmen.
  299. Lol @ the life stories of some of you... 1. all of the things mentioned above 2. a planet that is toxic and barren due to nuclear war that destroyed EVERYTHING. Nothing but ruined cities with mutated scavangers and giant, mutated monsters... 3. a shattered world (broken in half). Both sides of the planet would have a nation on them and be at war with eachother, with a huge battleground over the inner side of the planet (so on the inside of the two halves). this area would have almost zero gravity... That would be awsome. The outside of the planet (regular surface) would be major cities and regular things.
  300. Thedarkbobunk
    I think this kind of game can benefit from various environments, but I think if I look at this in a realistic point of view. at the start of the game when I am just an insignificant speck in the universe i would probably be spending most of my time in the slums. and would be exploring the areas around it. but the exploration will be mainly in the slums/city where you start. and then as I strive to make a name for my self I would choose to wither the honorable path or the renegade path. either way, i would be diving in the depths of the slums or visiting the rich areas of the city to either help or steal from the fancy pants up there. eventually, i will be able to attain a better mode of transportation and will be able to reach the wildlands, at this point I could explore, However personally I would probably fly through the planet and scan the surface as I zoom past to look for areas that I would like to visit ( at this point having a built-in scanner will be nice in the ship that I am flying) . so, in short, I think more attention should be given to the details and variety of the interest points, instead of creating MANY points of interest that are all repetitive.
  301. Ancient ruins
  302. Small mountains like in Guilin High mountains with small villages and temples like in Tibet Woodland tribes I would love to see a village with small space for houses, connected by many bridges (such as near the sea, houses build on rocks, or to connect guilin-like mountains)
  303. Forgotten civilizations for example a village of natives of the planet and maybe a mix between them and hybrids. What also can be done is that an old abandoned native village is being used as a safe haven for successfully runaway hybrids a place that is racism free and hard working the opposite of the underworld which can even be nicknamed the Upperworld. A frozen village with harsh winters with a harsh set of artic hybrids that live there and are all loving and caring for family but at the same time they are tough especially for outsiders, if you want to expand upon the artic village it can actually be a city with it’s own set of militia that have strong hybrid polar bears and strong hybrid walrusses with big teeth (you can even have a russian walrus hybrid, nicknamed the Walrussian) the city of course has also a penguin hybrid mayor (just because they dress fancy)
  304. valleys and forest and some pirate bases. also maybe some city ally ways.
  305. Blue-Jade846222
    I would like to discovery and explore every single type of environments there is I look forward to in the game.
  306. I am really hoping to see some sort of built in systems in this game to allow for roleplay similar to how there are all those GTA V roleplay servers out there. Would be nice to see some kind of integration in the base game for people to do that kind of play on the scale this game will potentially provide. Obviously having many different environments to explore would lend to this kind of gameplay, back alleys in some bright city, out in the wilds of some off planet space station, the wastes and small towns that are lawless and more wild west... maybe even with some mounted beasts to ride for the fun of that. Hunting those same wild beasts (or maybe some different wild beasts that are less "friendly"). Another way I could see it being made "easy" to do that is to provide various mini game style "jobs" in the game. Tuk Tuk Taxi driver (or possibly "Uber/Lyft" style in ANY vehicle), Paramedic, "Cop" (vigilante?), Fire Fighter, bus driver, truck driver (both a box truck style and potentially long haul driver of a tractor trailer type), farmer, etc. So much possability and those are all just "vehicle based" (jump in an appropriate vehicle for the job in question, activate said job, do said job until you are done playing the mini game and want to do something else). Add all of that to some great customization of character and vehicles (and hopefully residences and spaceships), and you have all the basics for letting people RP together. Could be great for the future of the game.
  307. Sa serait bien de faire des paysages varier avec toujours des nouvelles mes aussi des trésors cacher et des villageois a qui parler pour obliger à les explorer . Mais il ne faut pas faire beaucoup de paysage trop vide sinon le jeu deviendra ennuyant à explorer pour ne rien trouver se serait une déception pour le joueur .
  308. Les planètes et les villes sont les choses que je voudrais voir le plus ^^
  309. r0gue_h5ack3r
    Hi. I would expect some kind of difficulties with looting the objects. Let's say you have traveled really far, got into this dungeon and after eliminating some bad guys - you found your precious loot. But that would be to easy right? Maybe it would be worth giving a thought in order to open such loot you would require a key code, special key, another object, or hack it, if you have enough skills or luck. While exploring the universe, I would expect to have some kind of well balanced bonus system. Let's take weapons as a example. Weapon A would beat weapon B, but weapon B won't necessarily beat weapon A, for that you would need weapon C. So while exploring space(A) you would get special set of weapons that would be effective on certain Planets(B) , but also on the planet you could go into the Temples/Dungeons(C) and find something that would be effective on Space(A) The potential of Destiny 1 + 2 was great, but Bungee made a mess out of it and completely destroyed the idea. Nice plot, nice universe and then it begun Limited loot, garbage, no NPC's that are interesting. Weapons are just blasters but that are either less or more powerful, they claim to have special abilities but in reality in a big rush that doesn't matter all did the same. Other very important mistake is making the game BORING. After a while of endless walking and looting you actually don't get anything back. You quit. For Destiny2 I played the first week 80 hours, and I finished the game basically after that I can't do really much , boring ./uninstall. - Take lessons from other gaming companies that ruined their ideas. Cities I would expect there would be some dodgy markets where I could combine and improve my items. Some nasty bazars with (hookers? :D ) ... and obviously interesting NPC's or just places. From Space I would like it to be like in the art, some dodgy-ass looking space bazaar with bunch of pirates trying to rip me off, and beat me. Criminals to eliminate and loot their garbage. Planets - that should be in my opinion a combination of semi-balanced cities, markets, npc's, missions. See (See games: EVE-online, HITMAN, Skyrim, Destiny ) Don't make NPC's boring! Please! - NPC's is what people are interested in as well. This is in my opinion very important subject. Players want to know why is the NPC there, what is his story, can we collaborate, can we do something together? or maybe long trading... and maybe he suddenly dies and I need to find another NPC and build a relationship with it. Psychology matters. That also counts for the crew on the ship, we want to be bounded with the crew right? what if we lose it? - Drama! we need to find new interesting characters with each special abilities to conquer the universe right? (See movie: HER ) people are looking for alternative relationships. Don't make it look cheap and unrealistic. We don't want this game to look like FinalFantasy or other cheap hentai games right? Make it tasty, distinguished but rough, make it dirty but elegant at the same time. Worth considering is also the challenge level. That's a difficult one, but let's assume we keep this fantasy as realistic as possible. In a somewhere far away in the space is a loot to get, that would require ship extra power, extra batteries to get there? or some alternative super charge - because with the standard cruiser you won't get that far? Oh! oh ! btw make some cruisers with cannons so I can blast others too that want to hijack my loot ;) Challenge level is important, but you would want to attract younger generation of gamers as well as the older ones. Old ones are bored with the games, they need some challenge, they need something new that hasn't been placed in other games right? But the young's must have fun, shouldn't be TOO difficult to reach desired level or weaponry. Make fractions! We love fractions/Guilds! Make some interesting interplanetary guilds, thieves, good guys, bad guys, military, monkey monks :)) ( I guess that one is already embedded ). Hope that you would pick some of these ideas :) Good luck, and looking forward to further development.
  310. Livinfly1189
    Legendary treasures hidden in uncharted territories across space Sounds like great incentive to explore and put the time in. But the best would be to not need the incentive and have space and planet exploration fun as a activity in it self
  311. ProvolonePone
    I would love to see more of what the team has in store for the different cities. I really liked the pedestrian district's style in Beyond Good & Evil 1, and would love to see how a similar city would look in the sequel. Cities with places like more shops and marketplaces, and all sorts of nooks and cranny's to explore. Space is also something i would like to see more of. Maybe we could have an asteroid field where only the rocks and the broken burnt husks of ships remain. Kind of like a ship graveyard, BUT IN SPACE! From a gameplay standpoint, however, I think a new element or game mechanic would make the game more appealing. Being a pirate in outer space is a really cool idea, and I'm very excited to see where it goes, but there are a bunch of space games similar to that out right now. I think it would be a good idea to keep what made the first game so enticing and fun. The camera mechanics, the sneaking and combat portions, and collecting pearls and mdisks are all what made BGE one of my favorite games, and I feel it would be a shame not to at least keep something similar somewhere in the game. Anyway, just a thought.
  312. Personally I like to see places like abandoned areas from BG&E. I would like to explore, for example, the mammago garage But i like to see calm spots(of course from BG&E)like this in second picture.
  313. solouncapitano
    Goes without saying there will definetly be some kind of forest/rainforest environment, but I'd like to see that made much more interesting with some kind of vast underground tunnel system inspired by the viet cong tunnel systems - very dark, cramped, full of traps and claustrophobic. Some kind or rescue mission in such tunnels would feel very intense.
  314. solouncapitano
    Another very interesting environment would be the Cenote cave systems of the Yucatan.
  315. I'd love to be able to explore intraterrestrial cities, that you can only reach through secret passages inside inactive vulcans, frozen mountains and deep underwater as well. The places being enlightened by crystal's reflections of glowing magma even deeper in, so that it's livable there. Also make characters always subject to outfit changes when reaching humanly(animaly?) inhabitable places.
  316. Warriorweirdo
    Abandoned villages, ruins, ancient civilian stuff, spiritual temples, forests to explore and hunt, caves, and overall just lots of nature to explore!
  317. Two Words: Space Castle. What would be cooler than visiting a medieval style castle on some asteroid floating in orbit. Meeting some Space Knights protecting their Space King and Queen. Which then leads you to saving there Space Princess locked away in some kind of Space Tower. It is the Space Renaissance, is it not?
  318. Caves and seas and dense cities/towns, as in beyond good and evil 1.
  319. Hello, I’m a father of 3 young boys who I have loved playing BG&E with for years. My oldest still plays it. We only play T rated games and below (wife doesn’t want certain language and graphic violence). Have been waiting for another game for years. Is there any way to add parental controls for language or consider making this a T rated game? It seemed as if one of the trailers I watched might suggest an M rating. Thank you for your consideration. I created an Ubisoft account just to post this. Please let me know anyone if there would be a better place to put this request.
  320. Exploring a volcano might be a nice callback to the first game! Also someone mentioned snowy environments, which I also think is an interesting concept to play around with. Although as you might already know many are mostly looking forward to exploring diverse cities, myself included, so I hope an adequate amount of creativity is put into that aspect.
  321. Maybe jungles or bamboos forests, which could be very rare in these contaminated worlds
  322. kingofpineapes
    i'd like to explore some old deserted cities
  323. i would like to see a plastic "continent" in the sea or something similar that could be created from your imagination. I know you guys care about ecological matters, seeing in BGE the impact years after on our current lifestyles will be priceless.
  324. IAmNumberJake
    I love the idea of being in a massively built up city then travelling to a completely untouched lush valley with a hidden temple. All whilst still being true to the game's story. A few location ideas I have. - A deserted city left behind by an old civilization in the desert. - An underwater that is a haven for aquatic hybrids but still has its dark secrets - A small forgotten moon surrounded by asteroids (making it hard to be infiltrated) that space pirates have called their own under the eyes of the law
  325. i would love to see a lot of diverse planets with different ecosystems that would be very cool e.g underwater city the possibilities are endless
  326. Xander-Blast
    I'd really like some caves like Black Isle and the mines! It's my favorite part of the game in BGAE1 when you fight and find all of the interesting creatures like the jelly's, croshaks, the secret snail, and the boss domz creature, Please, PLEASE add some domz, id love to learn more about them they didn't get a lot of story on why there were invading and where they came from.
  327. Thanos_13666
    I am a 46 year old musician, semi-retired, with a pre-cancerous condition of the stomach (not to worry, I am not going anywhere any time soon). I have been gaming since vic 20’s, and now game harder than ever thanks to my loving wife. Talking to her on the issue of environments we agree that cities do seem to be much more popular but I have to say, being able to find your way is more important than whatever you decide the people want. There is nothing more annoying than losing bits of quests or tasks because you simply can’t find something. That being said, you have got to love the little interactions that you could fill a city with, each drawing you into a game a little more. The devil is in the details. I think a lot of players are yearning for a much more immersive environment than previously experienced. Personally, I find than when many look at a painting it is easy to say you like one content choice or another, but if the brush strokes are trite and uniform, the best of content can become rather boring. That all being said, I love the idea of finding a derelict ship aimlessly adrift, immense and intimidating in the vast nothingness of space. Perhaps it has even been doing so for thousands of years and holds long lost secrets from not only another distant place, but time as well. I am looking forward to this game like no other. Thanks for working so hard on it, and for caring so much about what the gamers think.
  328. Silentkiller_50
    Since it is going to be a huge open world(and the fact that this game will have really interesting and beautiful art design), it's hard to be specific as to what i am excited about when it comes to exploring or discovering...i'll just discover and explore as i go, whether it be a dense city or an abandoned temple or a deserted planet i'll be excited all the time.
  329. I really want to see a futuristic, clean type of environment, sort of like high order, "proper" type of society with lots of shiny clean metal with grey/blue/white colors.
  330. I'd love to see many different plants and Fauna what is unique and what can't be found on earth. Awesome would also be jungles, huge cities, poor villages, space stations, space gas stations, farms, maybe steam punk tree houses, black markets in the Underground, beautiful beaches, factories, havens, oasis, satellites, catacombs in mountains, great grasslands, snowey mountain villages and cities, maybe floating/flying rocks with cities on it, volcano villages or landscape with much lava, forest landscapes with giant mushrooms, fantasy landscapes with unusual/creative Elements, of corse everywhere very many different plants and animals, a landscape with a huge main tree like in Avatar.
  331. SpiffyPie473
    I would find it super cool if there are these colossal metropolises where there are huge skyscrapers and super futuristic cars that fly around. There should be the posh part of town where all the rich people live and it is super nice, and then the slums where it is super crowded and you cant see anything except skyscrapers because everything is so tightly packed together. There should be cars zooming around the entire time and people going around doing there day to day things. I envision it like a mix of New York, Dehli, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, etc. It would be the kind of town you could get lost in and never find your way out again.
  332. I really enjoy it when games give you the opportunity to chill away from the action in more passive areas like a bustling city market, or even vast open landscapes with temples to explore and loot in your own time. Being able to take stone Idols or plants etc. (maybe even hunting trophy's?) as souvenirs on your ship would be cool.
  333. Johnspacemonkey
    Apparently scientists found out that some p1anets in space don't spin like earth. Therefore one side of the planet is constantly lit while the other is always dark. Could be intersting to imagine how life would have adapted to such environments. There'd be at least two very different ecosystems and a third one on the fringe of those two... By the way are you planning on recreating seasons ? How will you demarcate the world without making it artificial ? Could the other galaxies be too distant for the ship to reach ? Not enough fuel ? Do you need fuel to run the ships ? Cheers !
  334. Walkingdedbeat
    underground sewer towns under the major cities
  335. It would be interesting to visit very remote and dangerous places where discovering things is that much more rewarding like ateroids, planets with vulcanos, harsh jungles, places with many dangerous inhabitants etc.
  336. So many interesting concepts to ponder; one that really stands out to me is an underwater environment. This idea inspires many others for me both aesthetically, mechanically, and politically (within the context of the game.) I think the athletics of an underwater environment would depend on why it's there. Are it's inhabitants hybrids hiding from slavers above the surface? This environment might be very run down and barely keeping itself together. Characters might hold lives that are devoted to keeping their underwater home operational and secret. Maybe the underwater environment is a science facility with high tech corridors, observation areas, and labs. Perhaps it's a safe-haven for all, with a strict and strict governing body prioritizing the safety of it's inhabitants.; funded by wealthy traders that are interested in creating a safe and moral world. Depending on what kind of underwater world this could be, the players discovery could vary as well. Perhaps your ship crashes into the water and you see a distant glow of civilization calling for discovery. Maybe it's connected to a quest line and you need an underwater vessel to access. This environment might not only be packed with interesting sights and characters, but a lot of content and player decision making as well. I personally would love running a quest line to smuggle hybrids to a hidden safe place. The risk of getting caught, and having the entire environment become compromised, would be a thrill and a half. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and am anxiously awaiting to play this game for myself!

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